Flossie Crums – The Enchanted Cookie Tree

Not a recipe this time round but a great giveaway for little Pink Whiskers!

Flossie Crums and The Enchanted Cookie Tree, written by Helen Nathan, is a wonderful combination of a fairy story and recipes for little Princesses to try their hand at.  If there’s one thing I know for sure it’s that little people love to bake.

Flossie Crums loves nothing more than baking for the fairies that live in her garden.  Having saved the day with her delicious cupcakes in The Fairies Cupcake Ball, Flossie and her little brother Billie have now been asked to bake cookies to celebrate the arrival of a new fairy – the baby of the King and Queen of Romolonia. You can visit the website here – Flossie Crums

Lots of beautiful cookie baking recipes and ideas here’s George the Marshmallow Spider Cookie!

I have three copies of the book to give away – hoorah!  All you have to do is leave me a comment here, anything you like, all the names will be entered into a hat (well a virtual hat anyway) and three winners drawn at random after the closing time.

All the books are also available on Amazon, details attached.

The rules – boring but important!

This giveaway closes at 4pm on Thursday 25th November 2010, the winner will be announced shortly after.  If you are leaving a comment as anonymous please make sure you leave your email address (so that I can let you know if you have won).  If I am unable to contact you another name will be drawn in replacement.

Open to UK residents only. One entry per person.

Any problems leaving a comment email me and I will add it for you.

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

Finalist on BBC2 The Great British Bake Off

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293 Responses to Flossie Crums – The Enchanted Cookie Tree

  1. Mom-on-a-Wire says:

    What a gorgeous book! It would be a super stocking filler.

    Even though I have a little prince, I'm sure he wold love this book.

  2. hprice14 says:

    I love your blog, just wish I had more time to bake and didn't put weight on when I eat all the yummy things.

  3. tinylou says:

    OOOOOH… looks delightful.. and have just the right little girl to give it too..

    keep up the grand work Ruth

    Tina of Wiltshire


  4. wannabe cupcake queen says:

    Wow!! Totally awesome!

    My small person, aka Noodle would love to have a book that meant it got her & mummy baking in the kitchen!


  5. Christel says:

    Oh what a nice book! I do have little bakers in my house! My 4-year old had a go at icing cupcakes this weekend! It was fun!

  6. wendy says:

    This book looks fantastic my daughter would love this x

  7. peter says:

    What a fab looking book, now my daughter and i have another excuse to cook!

  8. Sarah says:

    Oh please count me in :)

  9. SusanKMann says:

    Please enter me. susankmann[at]blueyonder[dot]co[dot]uk

  10. leesamhop says:

    Never heard of these books, they look so sweet. Perfect gift for little people. Thank you for sharing Ruth and helping create the bakers of the future. Hope the telephone hotline went well yesterday. x

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow what a fab prize, brilliant, i would love to win this book, I LOVE Cookies


  12. jenny.ogden@hotmail.co.uk says:

    Hi Ruth, great giveaway!!! Loved you in Great british bake-off.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yay, first to comment:-) Book looks great. I'd love to win it but if i don't, I'll have to buy it for my 6 year old, baking daft, daughter would love this. Christmas stocking filler i think:-) Audrey Watson – a.elliston@sky.com

  14. Anonymous says:

    hi ruth, i work in a residential rest home in poynton i am the cook there, i love your recipes and often bake with the residents of the home , a copy of this book would be great for them to copy the recipes and all the fun stuff. we are having a christmas fair on december the 4th for the residents comfort funds maybe if i was lucky i could put a copy of it in our raffle thanks sue rowley poynton e mail christopherrowley3@btinternet.com

  15. Alison says:

    Looks a fab book. If I don't win one will def buy for my 2 little princesses stocking!!

  16. Geraldine Jones says:

    Oohh Im the first one! Pick me! Pick me! :)
    Happy baking to all!

    Geraldine Jones

  17. Anonymous says:

    my little girl would love this so much cos she loves making cakes, dressing up like a princess and stories. we do all sorts of baking together and she loves decorating cupcakes and of course cant wait to lick the spoons etc at the end (if she can contain herself that long) ;)
    lisa w
    ps-excuse my ignorance i dont know what a url is, my email is girlwolfy@live.co.uk

  18. Frog on the Pond says:

    like the bog

  19. Bernadette says:

    Hi Ruth
    The book looks great. I run cookery parties and workshops for children and it would help with fresh ideas and inspiration!During my Halloween workshops we made cupcakes with a character very similar to George the Marshmallow spider on top!

  20. mibs bayliss says:

    i am still a little pink whisker !!! george the marshmellow spider would go down wonerfully well with the bayliss boys !!

    mibs bayliss

  21. ellyn says:

    Hello Ruth
    would love this for my little girl and me. she may only be six weeks but i plan on her starting early, she has been watching me bake this morning!
    Ellyn Tyack

  22. Rhona Welsh says:

    What a fabulous looking book. My Little girl (21 months old) loves to bake and this would make a fab prize for her as santa is bringing her a cupcake apron and a pink whisk in her stocking this year ;D

    our favourite recipe to make is cheese scones!

    thanks – and keep up the good work. We love reading and making your recipes.
    rhonafwelsh @ hotmail.co.uk

  23. Fran says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Love the look of this book, would love to bake that spider with my grandaughter as she hates spiders and it might make her more spider friendly.

  24. Heidi Fitzpatrick says:

    Hi, this looks like a fabulous book! Love reading this site, not so good with the baking, although nothing has yet been completely inedible… Just not as sparkly as the ones in your pictures!

  25. Anonymous says:

    My son loves to bake and eat…this would be a great gift for him!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Awww, i know plenty of little ones that would love this!! Keep up the good work Ruth!

  27. Country Bliss says:

    What a gorgeous book my 4 yr old would love it.

  28. Thisisme says:

    Hi Ruth. That books looks lovely and if I don't win it, I will certainly be popping over to the website to buy a copy. I have two little princess granddaughters, both of whom love cooking, and I know that they would love this book! Don't forget to let us know when YOUR book is going to be published. Thank you.

  29. twigletmac says:

    The book looks lovely – I know some princesses that would enjoy it :)

  30. Clemmie says:

    I have a little pink whisker who would love the book – she really enjoys baking :-)
    Really enjoy your blog Ruth… have made lots of the recipes inc the beef pie and Christmas cake (I made 2!) and planning to make the Christmas pud this week.

  31. deeblythe says:

    I love baking with my little grandaughter, this book would be ideal to give us both some new ideas. I love it!

  32. Debs says:

    I'm sure you'll get a huge long list of people for this lovely looking giveaway. We're really enjoying your blog. keep up the good work

  33. Sally says:

    My friends daughter would love this book. Her cupcakes are already very good, for an almost 6 yr old.

  34. cath coleman says:

    This book loves great … my girls would love it.
    Cath x


  35. Nikki Geddes says:

    My CookieTots would love a copy of this to carry on baking with Mum! Fingers crossed!

  36. Kitty says:

    How could anyone resist George the Marshmallow spider! This books looks like great fun and an inspiring way of sharing baking with children.

    Thank you for sharing – great blog as usual!


  37. Jay @ Cake Box says:

    I have a baking 4yo who would LOVE this! Jay x

  38. Jennifer Bartram Designs says:

    This book looks great, my children love to cook and were 'trying' to help daddy with his attempt at a Christmas cake yesterday. I think the recipes in this book will be much more up their street!

  39. Lisa Shannon - Ellie and Evie's mummy says:

    Ahh!! this looks lovely, my little one is asking Father Christmas for a "baking with mummy book" – this book looks as though it would fit the bill beautifully. Please add us to your list.

    Thank you for your great recipies Ruth.

    Lots of Love Lisa x

  40. Anonymous says:

    how lovely – I had my friends' little kids over this weekend and we spent the day making and decorating cookies – they were so good at it at ages 5 and 2 that I keep thinking… what to do next time – this book would be great to come up with ideas! :)
    Thanks for sharing and fingers crossed for me to win!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ruth what a lovely cute book I am a great fan of yours and you have really inspired me to pick up my pink whisk.the book would be a lovely gift for my niece to start her off in the world of yummy baking.keep up the great work with the site.x. Sam wilkinson-stringfellow. Swilkinson-stringfellow@live.co.uk

  42. julie says:

    Yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Elizabeth Nocton says:

    My son and I have really enjoyed baking loads of your recipes from the blog… This book looks like the perfect stocking filler for my 2 year old niece to start her baking with me and her mum.

    Please include me in the draw!

    Elizabeth xxx

  44. Anonymous says:

    Please add my little girl to the draw- the 8 yr old has just started her own recipe book (after seeing Miranda's childhood book in the GBBO repeats)and so far has got fairy cakes & pancakes in it, but this would be lovely for the 6 yr old.


  45. kelly M says:

    oooh what a gorgeous looking book :) My 4 year old would love this, Thankyou for the competition and the great recipes Ruth

    My email is kelliejayne@yahoo.com

    Love kelly x

  46. Anonymous says:

    What a great book, perfect for my little princess! I love baking girly things for my daughter. She's just turned 1 and I made a big batch of cupcakes and cookies for her 1st birthday party, they went down a storm! I didn't manage to get ANY of my cookies, they all went really quickly, they must have been good! I'd love to have a book that showed me how to create really girly cookies x
    Andrea – jnandrea70@btinternet.com

  47. Alison says:

    Ohhh that looks lovely both my little princesses would love that.


  48. Debbly says:

    I have only just started reading your blog. I have a little girl who would love this book.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Great books but how do I stop little people eating the ingredients. You are a very helpful person xx. kabie at arghighland dot co.uk

  50. helen says:

    My youngest daughter is a great fan of Bake off and loves to help me in the kitchen, she would love this book! x

  51. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ruth!

    That book looks fantastic. It would be ideal for my little niece who has asked for some baking equipment for christmas.

    Thanks for a fantastic giveaway.

    Clare :)


  52. Michaela says:

    How fantastic!! My 6 year old loves to help me bake!!!
    Lovely idea xx

  53. M. says:

    Hi, Would love this for my girls.

  54. Sinead says:

    Wow – fab competition and great response! Would love this book for my daughter! It's her birthday soon. Keep up the good work! X

  55. Monkeying Around says:

    my sister inlaw would love this book. She enjoys baking any chance she gets especially with my daughter. One day they even hope to open their very own cake shop, bless!

  56. Nickki says:

    What a great looking book! I have two little 6 and 7 year old boys who would really appreciate this, they are very much into baking :-)

  57. Rachel says:

    I know two little sisters who these books would be perfect for.

    Fingers crossed!

  58. Victoria Plum says:

    Wow! Never too early to get Baby Plum into the kitchen!

  59. Andrea says:

    I'm not sure if I will give this as a present to my daughter or keep it for myself!

  60. Catherine Gordon says:

    I know a little pink wisker who could make great use of this.

  61. ann says:

    I know a little girl who would just love this book

  62. Anonymous says:

    I have a mini pink whisker who likes to be in on the action when im making your wonderful cakes, so for him to have his own wee special recipe book would be great for us both to work out of, and create some mini creations….. Loving your page….. Pauline x

  63. Andrea Honeybun says:

    Not quite a pink wisker but definitely a little prince, my son Alfie would love this! Fingers and toes crossed x

  64. Creative Chaos Art says:

    Oh my nieces and nephews would love this! Yay for giveaways :)

  65. Anonymous says:

    my four chidren would love this they bake for me now i am disabled and can no longer bake all the time they do all the cooking with there dad they love to bake must take after me.

  66. Bernice Mitchell says:

    My little 3 year old daughter would love this. We are avid readers, especially at bedtime.
    I can't do anything in the kitchen without her wanting to help. She is an expert'spoon licker'!

    Love the web site Ruth. Keep up the good work.
    kind regards,

  67. leewilliams79 says:

    my little ones loveee baking

  68. Anonymous says:

    Would love this for my little girl – every time my apron goes on so does hers!!!!


  69. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ruth, I left a comment last week re: how long do pudsey cookies keep. The pudseys looked so cute when i'd finished them. My son reports they were the first items to sell out on the baking table at playtime for Children in Need, next year i need to bake double!!!
    Mel Gibbons

  70. maci234 says:

    brill book count me in please

  71. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ruth, looks like a brilliant book I would love a copy for my Grandaughter Eve xx Diana


  72. Argentina says:

    I'll try my luck too :)

  73. Rachael Goldstone says:

    This would be a lovely addition to the apron and play baking set I'm intending to get my little girl this Christmas – and a wonderful excuse to bake more with her!

  74. g.kniveton says:

    Hi Ruth

    Looks like a wonderfully illustrated book. My youngest son, (age 8) loves cooking and since watching you on tv and getting your recipes downloaded on my computer he has helped me bake lots of your recipes. They have been a real hit in our house. He also has a fascination with fairies too and loves hunting around the garden when toadstools appear. x

    Gill Kniveton

  75. anna says:

    What a lovely book to have at home for baking time with my grandaughter. Keep up the good work Ruth, you are truly inspiring.:)x

  76. anna says:

    Hi Ruth I just posted a comment about baking with my grandaughter and about you being inspiring. Only trouble is don`t know if my email address automatically comes up as i`m entering through the email you have sent to me. If not it is holder.anna@googlemail.com. Thanks :)

  77. Mandy says:

    aww what a sweet book, My nieces would love this (as would i!), planning on getting my nieces lots of nice baking goodies for xmas, think they will be very happy!!


  78. Sarah says:

    Looks like a lovely stocking filler for my son! Love your blog Ruth, keep up the good work! x

  79. Claire says:

    a lovely book! my little one would definitely love it, it would make us more imaginative as well!

    we love the blog, keep up the good work.

  80. Naomi says:

    Wow – a lovely book
    Would love to win one – how is my luck???


    p.s. love reading your blog.


  81. susan tittle says:

    I have 3 pink whiskers and 2 blue whiskers, thats 5 little helpers in my kitchen, imagine that chaos! At least when they are older we will have a full production line!

  82. Becky Brombley says:

    What a lovely idea, so kind of you to offer a give away. The books look amazing, definate winners with little ones!
    Keep up the good work Ruth, I love your blog and all your amazing ideas and recipes. X

  83. thehouseofjones says:

    That book looks fab! Please can I be included in the give-away too! x

  84. Becky Brombley says:

    Totally forgot to include my email! Again, such a lovely book and give away. Thanks Ruth. becky.brombley@hotmail.com.

  85. nomes* says:

    ahh this books looks lovely. I love your blog ruth please keep posting recipes i love trying them out and sharing them with everyone.

  86. Anonymous says:

    my new little princess would love this when she is big enough to bake. after 3 wonderful boys its so lovely to be able to make girly cakes and biscuits. pink icing taste so much nicer than black!!!!!!!!!!

  87. izzy.morse says:

    Ooooooh(: Awesome, sounds pretty great!

  88. nocton4 says:

    how exciting, the books look lovely as is your blog x

  89. dawnsandell71 says:

    Hello Ruth my son would love this! He is 7 yrs old and loves to cook.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Can you add me to the draw please, as a registered childminder I have a house full of lovely little budding bakers.


    Thanks Clare

  91. Anonymous says:

    Oh looks fantastic, hope we win ;-)
    Thanks, Cx

  92. Lindyloo says:

    George the Marshmallow spider cookie – at last a spider I like!!!! great book


  93. Jen Snaith says:

    My little girl would LOVE a copy of this book!

    Thanks for the competition Ruth x x

  94. Sue says:

    My grandaughters would love this :)

  95. Tyla s-l says:

    i would like to try my luck at this offer,
    i would really help me with food tech!,xx

  96. Emily Charlotte says:

    I don't have any kids but I want this book all for myself!xx

  97. Nikki says:

    My CookieTots would really love one of these books to read and bake with Mummy!

  98. Elizabeth says:

    I want to have a baking adventure! yum x


  99. Siân Lidgate says:

    This book sounds amazing! I'd love to win it, would be perfect for baking sessions with my young cousins. If I'm not lucky enough to win I think I'll get them these books for Christmas. Siân x

  100. Ellen says:

    That's such a sweet little book! :D

  101. Anonymous says:

    Sophie and Edith say – 'Yum yum yum, want that spider cookie in my tum!'

    A lovely book for my two lovely girlies. Thank you for many happy baking sessions.



  102. Isis1981uk says:

    These look scrumptious! Would love to win :-)

  103. Elaine says:

    I love your blog and have already tried – and tested – a few recipes. The fav in our house so far is the caramel cake yummy!!

  104. Utterly Scrummy says:

    My 3 girls love helping me bake and I'm sure they would love these books too. Great stocking filler idea :o)

  105. Cherished2711 says:

    Our little one age 3 loves baking. She has her little hat and apron and will bake every day given the chance. We would love a book, lesleyann2711@sky.com

  106. Chris says:

    Can never resist a givaway & this one looks lovely stocking filler
    Chris x

  107. Mary-Ellen says:

    Looks a great book. Some of my happiest childhood memories are of baking with my Grandmother, now l love baking with my own children.
    Mary-Ellen, Ayr, Scotland

  108. clairew137 says:

    My son would love this. He loves cooking.

  109. Jo Spaul says:

    Wow this books looks fab! My daughter could do with this to get some Princess tips! She loves nothing better than getting in my way to "help" me with the baking so her own baking book would really start her off to be a future pink whisker!!!

  110. Anonymous says:

    my little princesses would love this book. Fairys and baking theirs and my favorite things. Hope your having a fantastic week.

    Cheryl x ;0)x


  111. Arline says:

    Hi Ruth

    What a lovely book! I know a little girl that would love that! Thanks for the competition…love the little spider!xx

  112. Anonymous says:

    what a great idea for a book, I work with children ages 4yrs to 5yrs in a special needs base, we do lots of cooking, and would love to be able to have one of your books where the children can listen to the story, and cook the recipes.:)

  113. furfee says:

    That looks like an amazing book!

  114. Anne says:

    That seems to be a great and sute book for little girls. Might get it my niece for Christmas. I am sure she would love it and it would have the added benefit of her learning some more English. :-)

  115. Anonymous says:


    This book would be great fun for my 3 kids – just wish that when they baked they would help to tidy up!!! :D

  116. Anonymous says:

    aaaw what a gorgeous book- having been signed up as 'chief baker' on godmother duties this book looks like just the ticket to get him excited! The website looks fab too Ruth- thanks for all your yummy recipes,

  117. TatPops says:

    Nothing like baking with your daughter – delicious strawberry cake and disaterous stained glass cookies this weekend! This book would be a fantastic pressie from Santa!

  118. Kathryn V says:

    That's a sweet book, I'm sure my 5 year old would like it

  119. Emma T says:

    What a lovely book, especially good for Xmas gift! Keep up the great work with the blog :0)

  120. Karen says:

    Great book and would definitely be popular in my house! Karen

  121. tracey h says:

    hi ruth, sounds like a beautiful book
    i would like to enter too please
    thank you :)

  122. gwl.macdonald says:

    Just checked out these books and they look fab. Count me in!

  123. Anonymous says:

    This book looks fantastic!

  124. Peter says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I have a 6 yr old Princess who'd love the book! If I'm not lucky enough to win, I'll buy her one…

    Nearly all of the brandy has been fed into my Christmas cake, I guess it'll soon be time for the 'decorating the cake' instalment. Is it very, very bad of me to hope that nobody else in our house likes my (your) Christmas cake … ;-)

  125. Charlene says:

    Fab book – fab blog!!!

  126. hannah says:

    Love this book, lot's of nice things I would love to make for my kids x

  127. Hayley says:

    I would love the book. I bake with all my little childminding children and they would love this.

  128. Clare says:

    I'd love for my little girl and I to learn to bake together. This book would be a great help ;o)

  129. MaySze says:

    It is a very good idea.. food and story! Perfect for children. After the story telling, they can eat the cookies! And I have to say.. it's very creative! The spider is just inspiring! Thx for introducing it to us, Ruth.

  130. Chrissy says:

    A lovely little book that my precious little elf Isabel would adore …. Isabel a keen cook, enjoys baking fairy cakes and cookies every weekend …. sales@thebigredbox.co.uk

  131. Karrie says:

    I try not to use the 'G' word so I'll just say that these books sound perfect for my son's little girl, who loves both story-time and cooking with her mum. (Would also be cool to say I won one of them!) Thanks for posting Ruth. Your blog is so 'real' that it's become addictive LOL!

  132. Kirsty says:

    What a beautiful looking book, I know some little bakers who would love it!
    Love your blog by the way :)

  133. Anonymous says:

    This book looks fantastic for baking with my granddaughter. I love baking and sharing time with her :)

  134. Anna says:

    YOu are such an inspiration. I don't know how you manage to find time with kids. I have two little girls and only manage to bake once a week! Love your blog! xxx

  135. Anonymous says:

    I am a Grandma with 4 little princess that just love to cook in Grandma's kitchen, what a treat this book would be.

  136. Anonymous says:

    Nothing better than sharing baking stories :) i love your blog, have tried your lemon curd a few times, comes out 100% every time! Thank you for sharing.


  137. Sarah says:

    This book looks amazing. My daughter would love it. Her fav things are fairies and cooking.
    Please add me into the comp. Many thanks Sarah :)

  138. Dan says:

    Reminds me of Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes – only much cuter!


  139. kayl says:

    This book looks lovely, would be perfect for rainy days in with my nieces, we do love to bake and up north we have a lot of rainy days!

  140. Julie says:

    book sounds fab. will be another one to add to my ever growing colection. I'll be buying it if I don't win. so it's a win win situation for me. p.s. love your blog x

  141. Jo Wilson says:

    Looks like a lovely book Ruth. The gift that keeps giving! I know my children would love to unwrap it at Christmas and bake between then and the New Year (diet can restart Jan 1st!)

  142. Pink Betty says:

    Hello there Ruth,

    Loved watching you on the Great British Bake Off as I love to bake :-). I am nowhere near as good as you but enjoy it all the same! Glitter and sparkles are my favourite and I can't wait to make my little girl's 1st birthday cupcakes. Please enter me into your competition, thank you. pinkbettyenterprises@hotmail.co.uk

  143. Gilly says:

    what a great combination of adventure stories to go alongside baking -feeding minds as well as tummies! My daughter would absolutely love this, she has her own signature carrot cookies already and loves baking. Fingers crossed :-)x

  144. Lisa Johnson says:

    Wow book looks amazing my 4 year old daughter would love this book, she just started to get into baking. what an amazing prize pink whisk x

  145. Ruth says:

    would love the chance to enter my two baking mad girls would love it

  146. Ruth says:

    Bev Burrows…
    The book looks beautiful, i would have loved a book like that when i was a little girl!

    Many thanks,
    Bev xx

  147. Ruth says:

    Angela Kelly…

    Love to enter the book competition:
    Angela Kelly

  148. Ruth says:

    Claire Haythornwaite…

    How fabulous! When my boys were little we used to leave a fairy cake at the fairy bridge on the way to our favourite picnic spot. Magical!

  149. Ruth says:

    Ian Phillimore…

    What a lovely idea and a lovely story. My Grandson Eddie has started to bake and has us in stitches when he stirs the bowl as he holds the spoon and shakes his head & shoulders!


  150. Ruth says:

    Adelaide Kendall…

    Hi Ruth :)
    This book looks absolutely charming. Even if i don't win it, i will def buy it!

    Best wishes
    Adelaide Kendall

  151. Anonymous says:

    Would be a lovely book for my little princess and prince, love your web site, and have made many cakes, chritmas pud this weekend.


  152. Ruth says:

    Pat Dolan…

    Please enter me for the draw. I love the idea of a story book with recipes. They could do one with different Fairy cakes for different Fairy Tales . Adults would love it too.


    Patricia Dolan

  153. Ruth says:

    Patricia Mackey…

    A snowdrift of flour on the floor,

    Jammy handprints decorate the door,

    Squeals of delight, a full face smile,

    The joys of baking with your child.



  154. Ruth says:

    Jill McVann…

    Love your website – delicious recipes which are easy to follow ……….feel as though you're actually in the kitchen with me on times!

    Keep up the good work.


  155. Ruth says:

    Sally Air…
    Hi Ruth- have had a look at the books and they are truly enchanting- a wonderful way to capture a little girls heart for baking! Well done on finding them and being so generous.
    From Sally Air

  156. Anonymous says:

    Judy Taylor…

    Flossie Crumbs sounds enchanting and just the thing to aid a grandmother when entertaining her granddaughters! (And today is my birthday so must be a lucky day for me!)


  157. Ruth says:

    Lakshmi Ramesh…

    would love to have this book for my little daughter.

  158. Ruth says:

    Ann Seddon…

    My grand daughter would love Flossie Crums. Like your web site. Ann

  159. Ruth says:

    Debbie Smart…

    My comments are, that pink whisk is amazing, I have got lots of friends and clients of mint to join. It is clear with the step by step pictures and explanations..couldnt be easier. I am so pleased that pink whisk started up.

  160. Ruth says:

    Karon Sanders…
    I have ordered the set from Amazon for my God Daughters.

  161. Ruth says:

    Janet Williams…
    Crumbs! That's good!

  162. Anonymous says:

    Going to be cheeky and keep the book for me if I win x


  163. Kat says:

    What a lovely idea, Ruth :)
    I just want to say a big thank you for your recipe emails – they are always a delight! :)

  164. Sarah says:

    This is absolutely enchanting for both adults and children alike, would love to be entered

  165. lindyloo says:

    Hi Ruth Thanks !!! Hope your "Virtual Hat" will be big enough ;-) x lindahone@btconnect.com

  166. Ruth says:

    Jacquie Sullivan…
    my granddaughter is 7 and the pleasure she gets from baking, like she did for children in need, 50 cookies, to take into school, she made them all on her own

  167. Pippa says:

    What a lovely book! It would be great for baking with my nieces and nephews, and my son when he is a bit bigger.

  168. Kerrie says:

    That would be lovely for my little boy. He loves being in the kitchen with me, just as much as he enjoys playing with his trains.

  169. Gillian says:

    Flossie and little Billie are bakers extraordinaire
    They book Cupcakes and cookies with finesse and flair
    They bake for Fairies and princesses and new royal babies
    Reading Flossies adventures is the most fun we have had in ages

  170. Anonymous says:

    Our Flossie would love to bake with the fairy's

  171. Lucy Bailey says:

    I have bought these books for my god-daughter who loves all things fairy and baking so they are great but she doesn't have this one, yet… I have a 15month old litle boy and can't wait for him to cook with me. Can you recommend any cook books aimed at little boys as so many are girly!!

  172. Jayne says:

    Our Flossie would love to bake with the fairy's


  173. mac says:

    Oh, this is WONDERFUL !! My DD adores fairies, princesses, stories and, of course, baking !!! We would love to share this !
    Thanks for the opportunity !
    maclark30 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  174. Rachel Churchill says:

    Would love to win this for my daughter ;)

  175. Lucy Foster says:

    The spider cake scares me a bit!

  176. Anonymous says:

    My daughter (and me!) would love this!


  177. Anonymous says:

    From one Ruth to another i love your site and your ideas.
    Keep up the hard work.

  178. sara stanley says:


    I love the blog. great giveaway.

    thanks sara x

  179. Mandy Abery says:

    The book looks great! I have tried your Grandma's Christmas pudding recipe today, it is steaming as I type! Smells wonderful! Love your blog by the way!

  180. Anonymous says:

    Im really hopeless at baking and Im trying to start off with basic stuff. I tried some cookies the other day and they turned out more like flat cakes!? i think sticking with really simple recipes which even kids can do is probably the way to go for me! lol.

    Daria x

    email: plzsr@netscape.net

  181. Anonymous says:

    i am such a fan, i love baking

  182. Anonymous says:

    Sharon Jardine – count me in too Ruth – love baking not sure other comment been posted – love pink whisk and love baking with kids.

  183. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ruth, Love your blog. Please enter me in


  184. Anonymous says:

    Ooo – I really must make the spider cookies with my little boy George! He is almost 4 and loves baking with me. And he always rescues spiders by taking them to the spider hedge in our back garden so Daddy doesnt squash them!

  185. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ruth, have only just signed up to your blog and am loving it!!! I have 3 under 7's who are home schooled, so baking is a big part of our normal life, new books and ideas are always enthusiastically received!
    Happy baking x

  186. aw says:

    I am sure my grand princes would enjoy this just as much as any little princess. They are budding chefs when the mood takes them!

  187. Kerry says:

    I have 3 little pink whiskers and I know they would love this book xx

  188. Wendy Taylor says:

    What a wonderful book! Here's hoping…

  189. helencgibson says:

    Hi Ruth,

    LOVE your blog and recipes – they always work! Would love to win this to get baking with my niece.


  190. Anonymous says:

    What a lovely looking book – pick me!! My little princess would love it!

    Thanks Ruth x

  191. Vicki Martyn says:

    Thank you for creating this website and your email alerts. Watching the Great British Bake off and the pink whisk has ignited a new passion in me for baking.

    The instructions are really easy to follow and the end results are yummy!!

    Thank you
    Vicki Martyn

  192. Kristin Higgins says:

    It looks great, would love to win it!

  193. mary says:

    maybe we should send it to gillian mckieth, she can cook the food and maybe conquer her aracnaphobia !!! itsonlymary@hotmail.com

  194. Ruth says:

    Pat Waites…

    Wow if the Marshmallow Spider Cookie is anything to go by this book is a must, and it holds lots of fun baking both for the children and Mum`s plus nans and dads.
    Just got yo have one.

    Pat Waites

  195. Ruth says:

    Sylvia Nicholls…


  196. Ruth says:

    Wendy Mallett…


    My name is Wendy Mallett and I look forward to, in great anticipation, to my “Pink Whisk” e-mails.

    Cooking and baking is my way of relaxing after a hard week at work.

    Keep up the good work Ruth!



  197. Ruth says:

    Isabel Anderson…
    I opened my email from The Pink Whisk with keen anticipation. Some new delight to try…………….and sitting there on the page, a brown spider with pink legs…………………how unexpected.

  198. Ruth says:

    Chris Bagnall…

    Couldn't leave a comment, I am a technophobe! Loved the programme, get very excited when I see an email from Pink Whisk in my inbox!


  199. Ruth says:

    Kay Cavalier…
    What a wonderful idea. I have two little granddaughters who would love this book. Best wishes. Kay Cavalier – Romsey Hants

  200. Ruth says:

    Gill Tupp…

    A wonderful idea, will there be a Hairy Book for Princes for budding male cooks? Love the recipes from you and good to see that your venture is progressing well.
    From one cook to another, Gill

  201. Ruth says:

    Caroline Kerridge…

    Hi Ruth,

    This looks like a fabulous book full of fun and enchantment. xx

  202. Sandra says:

    my 7 yr old daughter regularly writes to the fairies so this book would be perfect!
    cakes and fairytales combined!


  203. Ruth says:

    Marion Warman…

    A fairytale cake for a fairytale wedding? My daughter's- not William and Kate!

  204. Ruth says:

    Sharon Jardine…

    Love love love the Pink Whisk Website and all the receipes – inspired me and the kids to take up baking and we regularly are baking away – Children in Need we did Pudsey Bear Biscuits, Scones and Cup Cakes.
    For Christmas I am even going to try the Christmas Pudding – whoop whoop.
    Take care and hope my name is drawn out of the hat to win.
    Best wishes
    Back to Baking mum – Sharon Jardine

  205. Ruth says:

    Judith Charnley…
    The Pink Whisk My great neices often visit and bake cupcakes with me. I bought the Flossie Crums first book, which they love. Hope this one is as good! Best wishes and Seasons Eatings JUDITH G CHARNLEY

  206. Ruth says:

    Lisa Farrell…

    I would love a copy of 'Flossie Crums' as I have a very keen 3 year old who loves helping me bake. I couldn't leave a comment on the website so please could you enter me into the 'hat'! Thanks, Lisa Farrell

  207. Ruth says:

    Lisa Owen…

    Hello Ruth!!

    what a gorgeous looking book!! i always bake with my niece and nephews and anyone elses children i find! lol. Can you please enter me into ur 'virtual' hat!!!

    many thanks

    Lisa owen

  208. Ruth says:

    Susan Hill…

    Hi Ruth

    Not sure if I am leaving a comment in the right place in order to be entered in the draw for the free book.

    I love receiving your emails I watched every episode of the Great British Bake off and loved every minute. I am a novice baker and I would love to be as good as you one day.

    My god daughter has a son aged 18th months and I have bought him some baking equipment for Xmas so I am sure that book would be a great addition.

  209. Ruth says:

    Sadie Hirst…

    Hi Ruth

    Please enter me into your competion to win the Flossie book, as I collect cookery books and this would be a great one to win for my little one.

  210. Ruth says:

    Angela Nicolson…

    Oh Wow Yes PLease!!
    I have four adorable grand daughters who all love baking with me this would be so nice to share with them! Please let me have a copy!
    I have a reputation as a fun/silly Grannie to maintain! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze xxxxx
    Angie Nicolson
    Big Pink Whisk fan!

  211. Jane Morfett says:

    What a lovely book! Would love to win this for xmas!

  212. Ruth says:

    Sheila Larsen…

    I would love a copy to use with my 3 year old gransdon aged 3. see attached photo.

    A baker in training!!!!!!!!!!!!

  213. Ruth says:

    Jo Eccles…

    "I so hope I win a copy of this gorgeous book for my 2 and a half-year old…at the moment she uses my old childrens' cookbook (I Can Cook from the 1970s) so could do with a new one!"

    Jo Eccles

  214. Ruth says:

    Katy Bassett…

    my little one would love this he has cerebral palsy but he loves to help mummy bake! All good men should be able to cook lol
    katy bassett

  215. Anonymous says:

    I have 3 little monkeys who love to bake and would love this book! Keep up the good work, we love the blog!


  216. Michelle says:

    I don't qualify as we live abroad – but I just wanted to say that I am so impressed. I came browsing after watching you on gbbo and I think this blog is visually beautiful and very professional. Can't wait to see more.

  217. Happy Homebird says:

    It's Little Bird's 1st birthday in January and this looks a great book to get some ideas from for his cake which I'm attempting to make.


  218. Sophie G says:

    Aww I'm sure when my Nome is a bit older she'd love this book so here's my entry!



  219. gym jan gym says:

    Great web site and I have tried some of your recipes. My daughter went to Poynton high school with you and we followed you every week. She now bakes with her son aged 2 1/2 and waiting for the 1 year old to join in too. Good luck in your future ventures! Jan

  220. Anonymous says:

    i loved watching u on the great british bake off , i thought u should have won.u have inspired me to get baking again after a long time….its a great way to relax,though my hubby doesnt agree..lol.loving the blog and all ur recipes.

  221. CBo2k says:

    Hi top competition and great prize to have – lordswood @blueyonder.co.uk

  222. dayslikethese says:

    Even the book looks good enough to eat!..x

  223. Ruth says:

    Kelly Corrigan…
    I love the The Pink Whisk website and would love to be entered into the prize draw for the book


    Kelly Corrigan

  224. Ruth says:


    I love the "flossie crums"website with lots of interesting bits and pieces.I love your emails also and look forward to receiving them…..I hope I am one of your winners.

    love Irene

  225. Ruth says:

    Chris Burke…

    Dear Pink Whisk,

    Please keep up the good work – your emails come into my work mailbox and they cheer me up no end and give me inspiration. Today my commute to work took 2 hours with problems with tubes, then diversions with the buses and then to cap it all the office cleaner hadn’t put the dishwasher on so no clean cups for coffee. But….at least I could read your email.
    Thank you.
    Chris Burke

  226. Ruth says:

    Susan Thomas…

    Hi Ruth,

    Firstly, let me tell you how much I love receiving your e-mails – I get a ripple of excitement each time I log on just incase there is another recipe to try from my now favorite cook. I am enjoying trying your recipes which are being well received by my family!!

    I am a wife, mum, nana and Brownie Guider and so have lots of opportunities for baking for and with little people. I have one big prince, Matt, who is still at home (aged 17) who is a real foodie and my husband Peter (I suppose I should crown him King). my daughter, Nicola, has two princes of her own, Josh (5) and Elliott (3) and a newborn princess, Daisy who is just 3 months. My boys love to cook with me when they come over and I would love it if you could enter me into your lucky draw as I am sure I will be able to put this beautiful book to very, very good use.

    Once again, Ruth, many, many thanks for all you hard work with your baking and website – am waiting for a book maybe?? In the meantime, I will keep on printing out your pages and clipping them together.

    With warmest wishes to you and all your boys,

    Sue Thomas xx

  227. Ruth says:

    Celia Smith…
    'If unsuccessful in the competition, I'll definitely be buying my not-so-little princess a copy. Aged 16, a great baker but I know she'll just love the book.

    Thanks for the recommendation'.

    Kind regards


    PS Have made your fabulous lemon cake three times now and it's gone down a storm with everyone. Can't wait for the book !!!

  228. Ruth says:

    Annette Carraher…

    the message I would like to leave you on behalf of my son Owen who loves baking, is thank you as we have made a few of you receipes from your site. Owen is currently perfecting his butter icing. Hope he wins thank you

  229. Ruth says:

    Zoe Cronshaw…

    Hi there, well done on your website, my little princess would love and appreciate the book. Thank you for entering us x

  230. Anonymous says:

    Hiya Ruth – my name is Lorraine,
    excellent book..thanks for the chance to win. Great website btw x


  231. Anonymous says:

    Looks a fantastic book for my daughter who at nearly 18 months is a great helper in the kitchen. Love the website and look forward to getting my email updates.


  232. Karen Masters says:

    My daughter would love this. When I find time (she's 3 and I have a 9 month old too) I'm waiting to try out your Blueberry Boy Bait on my husband.

    klmasters 'at' gmail 'dot' com (just in case).

  233. aileen says:

    Love the website – all the hints and tips; please keep it up!

  234. Catherine Gregory says:

    Thanks for the fabulous comp, I would have some fun with this prize, I love cookies

  235. NikkiNoo says:

    The books look fab! Brilliant for little princess' at christmas!

    Please enter me into the competition.

    Keep up the good work Ruth!

    Nikki x


  236. amylane says:

    Looks like a really cute book – my girls would love it :-)

  237. Christine says:

    Love reading the blog :-) My daughter (aged 8) and I eagerly watched 'the great british bake off'. Whenever we cook now she pretends to be a judge, and passes (harsh!) comment on my efforts!

    Christine (creardon at rm dot com)

  238. Kipps says:

    Thank you so much for highlighting these lovely books for me – if I am not lucky enough in the draw, I'll be on Amazon!!
    Thank you for your lovely blog too!!

  239. Francesca says:

    Looks fab, my two little girls would love it.

    Fab blog Ruth x

  240. Jayne says:

    My nieces would love this book.

  241. Happy Homebird says:

    Could this book help me with ideas for my little bird's 1st birthday in January….it looks very cute.

    I've just started baking inbetween all the baby duties.

  242. donna says:

    What lovely books. I have two boys that love to help me bake, I'm not sure the kitchen is so keen though.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  243. Anonymous says:

    cool site and great prize!
    greig spencer

  244. Anne Marie says:


    I so enjoy your "Pink Whisk" emails – very addictive :o) and I love keeping up with all the goings on at your website

    My little ones would love this book !

    best wishes,
    Anne Marie

  245. toumisami says:

    daughter would love this book

  246. Anonymous says:

    My 2 yr old daughter saw the spider picture while i read my mail, she was thrilled at a "sweety spider!!" I hope the big FC brings me one. merry Christmas. x

  247. Ruth says:

    Louise Barty…
    I just love to bake cakes & sweet goodies but spend so much time at work I have little time to bake. However, I love to buy cookery books to read and lust over at lunchtimes snd odd spare moments.

    Love Pink Whisk too cos I can read on my iPhone anywhere I go.

    You're a FAB inspiration Ruth, congratulations!


  248. Ruth says:

    Janice Toyne…

    I have tried to enter your competition form you fantastic website but I am not very good on the computer.

  249. Ruth says:

    Katherine Firby…

    Hi Ruth,

    I just wanted to email you and tell you that I think you were brilliant in the Great British Bake Off and I love your website!

    Good luck with everything.

    Katherine Firby

  250. Ruth says:

    Kate Osborne…
    Just wanted to say my partner and I were rooting for you all the way through the Great British Bake Off and CONGRATULATIONS on making it thru to the final.

    Thanks for the Monkey Bread recipe which I hope to try this weekend.

  251. Stacey says:

    Would love this for my little lad – he loves baking, but does more batter eating than mixing!!

  252. gillygang says:

    I know a lovely little girl (my daughter) who would love that book for Christmas.

    Loving the recipes Ruth ;)

    Thanks Vicky (pcvicky@hotmail.co.uk)

  253. Anonymous says:

    As a Child i spent time with both my Nans who are now nearly 90 cooking at weekends, this love of cooking passed to my Mum, and now myself who greatly enjoy making celebration cakes together for others. Your e-mails and ideas are now helping me to spend quality time with my kids, doing what we love the most!! Thank you, Your work is an inspiration to all!


  254. Rebekah Rand says:

    Ahh if only there was really an enchanted cookie tree!! Baking really is the new Rock n Roll… in my house it's what we live for, our raison d'etre!

    Can't seem to get my URL on here so my email is rebekahandgraham@mac.com

  255. Lauren M says:

    The Great Bake-Off just enhanced my need to bake often, and that's what I've been doing- so I should give credit to you Ruth, and everyone on the show for getting me in the baking zone.

    4 batches of Shortbread, 6 of Cupcakes, 2 lemon drizzle cakes, 2 marmalade loaf and a Victoria sponge later and I'm my whole family is now blaming you guys for their fuller middles! I may be a Student, but it doesn't stop me putting on the apron. :D

    laurenmayor89@ gmail.com

  256. Alison says:

    This book looks lovely… would be a lovely accompaniment to the Rachel Allen Childrens' Baking Set I have bought my niece for Xmas!

  257. Rockbird says:

    Looks lovely. But then any recipe that doesn't have me chewing my lips in horror as my 2 year old attempts to spoon half a bowl of cake mix into a mini muffin case is fine with me!

  258. Anonymous says:

    I would LOVE a copy of this book Ruth!! Also waiting for YOUR book to come out ;)
    Love your blog and all your wonderful recipes,keep up the good work Ruth :)


  259. geri fortune says:

    what a beautiful book, I just hope they have it here for sale in Ireland ( if I don't win it )
    xxx Geri

  260. Anonymous says:

    my 3 year old and i love making your yummy cakes xx
    Emma White emma2white@fsmail.net

  261. Anonymous says:

    Would love this book for my two girls. Made your teacake recipe last week and was finished within 2 days.

    You are a true inspiration and love reading your blog.

    Happy Baking


  262. Anonymous says:

    There is certainly a niche in the book market for these stories. I have a 2 year old daughter who would adore this book (and a 4 year old boy who would too). Love the work you do. yvonne.beattie@virgin.net

  263. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ruth

    What a great looking book, love your recipies and can't wait to eat the christmas cake

    Sharon x

  264. Anonymous says:

    Hi ruth,
    loved watching you bake all your scrummy thing's on the great british bake off!!
    my 15 yr old son was pretty inspired at how easy it is to throw a few thing's in a bowl and 20 minutes later out pops a beautiful cake…etc
    he has never had the patience to help and watch me , well not for the last few yrs anyway!! but he actually want's to make some scones now ..wooop
    my 5 yr old boy also loves to bake, would be amazing if you could write a lil boy's version of the book..won't matter though as my lil boy loves pink..lol
    take care and keep up the excellent work with the blog..love it …sharon wright

  265. Anonymous says:

    Good luck to everyone who's entered the competition.

    Unfortunately I haven't been blessed with 'little pink whiskers' of my own but love cooking up a storm with friend's children! It's amazing how many fruits and vegetables you can cook into baked goods that they'd never touch otherwise!

    Loved watching Ruth on Great British Bake Off and think she should really have her own show!

    Good luck everyone,
    Victoria (victoria@markandvictoria.me.uk)

  266. Ditney says:

    some excellent ideas I would try with year 7 on here…..

    Hope I can win the flossy book!


  267. Amanda says:

    Hey Ruth you've turned me into a mother that bakes rather than a mother that gives lots of excuses to her little one about being too busy because I never thought I could! Thank you as you have provided me and my family quality time getting together in the kitchen baking, experimenting and enjoying the fruits of my labour xx

    amanda james – missihaha@googlemail.com

  268. clarecaine says:

    go Ruth go! Looking forward to icing my Christ,as cake, may put in an SOS, as I am a novice! xx

  269. Matthew says:

    My boys and I would love to win this for Mummy.


  270. Carolyn says:

    I am such a fan and would just love to be able to give this to one of my nieces who just loves baking. Keep the recipes coming Ruth, thank you.

  271. Anonymous says:

    With excitement said sweet Flossie Crums
    Let’s go bake some heavenly buns
    To welcome the fairy
    With cupcakes so airy
    And bring smiles to all of our chums!

    Kerry Westworth, novice baker and Mum to Dharma & Gaia

  272. Debbie says:

    My little girl would love this book. She loves food, takes after me!

    email: debbie.clendon@gmail.com

  273. lindsey lawrance (pink whisker) says:

    hi even though my daughter is the older side of 11 her dram is to go to catering school and be a baker she would love this book as she can share the story with her little brother of 2 years and bake the goodies too, she is a great help when im baking for my cupcake buisness

  274. Anonymous says:

    this book is just what I need to get my eldest Prince into the kitchen!! it looks fab! love the Pink Whisk!


  275. zoe harrison says:

    What a fantastic looking book. my kids love to bake and my 9 year old son won" chef of the week" at school last week. He would love to have a go at some of the recipes in your book!! thanks zoe xx

  276. TopCat76 says:

    Looks like a lovely book! Tracey x

  277. Hayley says:

    Looks fab!

    Hayley x


  278. Sherriden says:

    Looks fantastic. As a new member of your baking posse I'm loving the blog!! Will be great to meet you in February at Alexanders charity ball too x

  279. Anonymous says:

    What a Lovely thought
    Thanks Ruth
    Good luck everyone! x

  280. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ruth, love you recipe for the scones and would also love to have this book. Keep up the good work Cheryl :)


  281. Anonymous says:

    ooh just the book i need for teenage sleepovers, seem to have them almost every week, and they always raid my kitchen and have a cook off. please. thanks
    Julie dixon.x


  282. Anonymous says:

    My daughter would love this, we spend many weekends baking together..

  283. Anonymous says:

    I'd like to enter the competition for the lovely book please! My e-mail is strictlykim@hotmail.com,

    Many Thanks

  284. Anonymous says:

    Looks like lot's of fun!

  285. Anonymous says:

    I think your website is a breath of fresh air – great thumbnails on how to cook the item – easy steps and straight forward. Keep up the great work – will try out your Christmas pudding – fantastic.


  286. Julie says:

    a lovely book – my 2 little girls would love that – but my wee lad would love a little prince book- we should pass that idea on to the authors:-)
    loving your web-site and recipes – keep up the great work! x Julie Davidson

  287. Ruth says:

    Sally Stevenson…

    I would love to win a copy of this lovely little book, I have to small boys who both have food allergy's so it is nice to see different children's cookery books, most of the time I am able to adapt recipes.

  288. Ruth says:

    Louise Allan…
    My little daughter love baking in the kitchen & would love this book !!

  289. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a wonderful way to keep my little Prince entertained during the school holidays. Only the other day he asked if I could teach him to bake…. a proud moment!


  290. Ruth says:

    Competition is now closed xx

  291. Brian Brooks says:

    Rosie would love santa to drop acopy of this book in her stocking as she likes baking with her mum.

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