Round 4 – Find The Pink Whisk – The Winners

New World Wine Cooler – Helen, Port Talbot

Whitworths Fruit – Fiona, FifeWhitworths Fruit – Jen, Somerset

Whitworths Fruit – Jamilla, Cardiff
Whitworths Fruit – Sam, Dorset

Nielssen-Massey Extracts Gift Set – Debbie, Ashbourne

Making Magazine Bundle -Grace, Watford
Making Magazine Bundle –  Sue, Ash Vale

Bundle of Bake-Me Books – Julie, Somerset

Emma Bridgewater Tins – Kelly, Romiley

PiP Studio Tea Set – Liz, Witney

Pretty Party Cakes by Peggy Porschen – Katie, Maxton
Uniball Fanthom Gift Pack – Sue, Umberleigh
Uniball Fanthom Gift Pack – Twila, London
Uniball Fanthom Gift Pack – Linda, Lingfield
Uniball Fanthom Gift Pack – Yvonne, Burton on Trent
Uniball Fanthom Gift Pack – Claire, Wimborne
Uniball Fanthom Gift Pack – Kate, Newcastle upon Tyne
Uniball Fanthom Gift Pack – Rachel, Dorset
All winners have received an email to confirm their win and the prize will be sent the the address given on entry.

Thank you all for joining me today on The Pink Whisk Treasure Hunt.
Right, I’m off for a lie down and a glass of wine!
Ruth xx

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

Finalist on BBC2 The Great British Bake Off

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7 Responses to Round 4 – Find The Pink Whisk – The Winners

  1. Claudia Moser says:

    Too bad I did not win, nevertheless congratulations to those who did! Plus it was fun!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for today, it's been a blast! What a lovely idea and a great way of celebrating a fantastic first year of a brilliant site! Here's to many more!
    Sam xx

  3. PlumLeaf 李葉 says:

    What a fant-abulous set of prizes Ruth! Hope you enjoyed hosting treasure hunt! It was brilliant fun and I was unlucky to be out all day and only in time for the tricky one at the end which did flumox me! Well done! Can we have another one pls? (Heh heh heh!)

    Well done to all those that won goodies!

  4. The Girl Behind says:

    Well done to all the winners, and huge thanks to Ruth for organising a wonderful contest. Best fun I've had all week!

  5. Minty Magic says:

    Hey thanks to you Ruth. Can't believe I have won a prize! This last one was a tuffie!

    Well done to everybody.

  6. Anonymous says:

    `You deserve a rest and some wine, you must be exhausted, Thanks Ruth I was lucky in round 3. It was great fun xx Linda Hone

  7. Rachel K says:

    Thank you!!! :D So excited that I won something (this is indeed a rareity) Love your site and this was a fab idea- lots of fun. x

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