Anchor Butter is Bringing Back Elevenses!

And I’m in!

Well… It never really went anywhere; it’s just been a little forgotten. Anchor (and The Pink Whisk) want to inspire people who feel the need to have a nice little sit, with a cup of tea and a nibble at around 11 o’clock.

Call us crazy, but we find that a buttered crumpet or slice of cake at this time of day is just what’s needed. The kids are at school, you’ve made countless packed lunches, the dog’s been for a walk and before you start your day (as if it hasn’t already been going for hours!) you need a bit of a recharge, that’s if you’ve not already been in the office for hours.

We want people to embrace this mid morning snack, in all its glory and we want you to join us! To help bring Elevenses back we’d like to offer all the readers of The Pink Whisk the chance to win a full set of Anchor memorabilia! That’s a butter dish, a pair of egg cups, a cake stand, a cake tin, a tea towel, an apron and a toy van!

Why not hop over to Anchor’s Facebook and Twitter for a chat too?

Two lucky Pink Whiskers can win a set each, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling my your favourite elevenses treat.

(If you’re receiving this via email, you will need to visit The Pink Whisk in order to leave your comment)

Competition closes at 3pm on Friday 27th January 2012 and two winners will be chosen at random shortly after.  Winners will be contacted via email directly.

Make sure you bob back tomorrow, I’m posting my recipe for homemade teacakes – my favourite elevenses treat! x

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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239 Responses to Anchor Butter is Bringing Back Elevenses!

  1. Jennifer Shefki says:

    A nice Coffee Scroll with a cup of coffee for elevenses – yum.

  2. Ruth Ellis says:

    I spent my gap year teaching at a boarding school in Poland. Every morning we had ‘second breakfast’ which was at elevenses time, and on Fridays we always got this amazing crumb cake – a light bread dough on the bottom topped with loads of buttery crumbs and icing sugar. Amazing! Definitely my favourite elevenses :o)

  3. Anita says:

    I love a piece of flapjack or a nice oaty biscuit. mmmm

  4. Kerry Gold says:

    You could’ve at least rewritten this as The Pink Whisk instead of simply regurgitating the copy that Anchor supplied. Although I suppose if I’m gonna be marketed at, blatant and shameless is best.

  5. Ashleigh says:

    My favourite is just a chocolate biscuit – or sometimes a scone!

  6. Richard says:

    I love elevenses! Sitting at my desk waiting for my lunch break, I love to munch on a flapjack with a giant mug of coffee (it needs to be big to get me through the day!)
    Any flapjack would do but it never hurts to include chocolate, whether in chips form or as a thick coating (or both).

  7. Rebecca Whitelock says:

    By 11am i have usually been up 5hrs dashing about seeing to husband son then my liitle girl (my dog!)do the school run, do the dishes throw the hoover over then i sit look at the clock and take a deep breath thinking half an hour and i have to go back to collect the little one from nursery before i start all over again, sound familiar you yummy mummy’s? much? oh yes. i sit with the tv and radio off in complete silence indulge in my nice bit of cheese on toast with real butter!! ;P and then off i trott! peace perfect peace. Amen x

  8. Mandy Stanford says:

    my favourite treat for elevenses with a nice cuppa has to be fresh,homemade,warm rock cake spread with of course anchor butter!

  9. Tara says:

    It’s got to be a hot buttered tea cake – yum :-) Am hungry now……

  10. Kat Bamford says:

    Well, being in the West Country my absolute favourite Elevenses treat has to be Cornish Cream Tea, cant beat a warm scone with some strawberry jam & Clotted Cream, nom nom nom

  11. ruth says:

    love toast and marmalade and a nice cup of tea

  12. The bab and I usually have toast with butter (when I’m out of Lemon curd!) for our Elevenses, but we love a toasted crumpet or hot cross bun too!

  13. Nelly says:

    My all time favourite elevenses snack has to be a classic toasted teacake, I love nothing more than a warm teacake slathered with melty butter.

    Alternatively a cinnamon and raisin bagel also does the trick but just doesn’t have the same nostalgic memories associated.

    Has to be served with a strong cup of Victory Tea with plenty of milk and a dash of sugar. YUM!

  14. Danielle Dobinson says:

    What a fab idea! My favourite elevenses treat has go to be my pineapple upside down cake with a nice cuppa! So tasty!

  15. Nicola Derbyshire says:

    It’s so hard to choose just one favourite…. but todays mood calls for bakewell tart. Yummy. x

  16. Sharon says:

    My all time favourite is fresh baked English muffins with lashings of butter.

  17. Anne says:

    Ooh, favorite elevensies treat… that’s a toughie, but I think I’d have to go with almond financiers. Usually I end up with dried fruit or buttered toast (also good options), but in a perfect world where someone makes me whatever I desire, I think a financier is what I’d order!

  18. Sue says:

    Well my favourite elevenses is definitely a slice of buttered toast with marmite and a cup of tea but as a treat a slice of banana bread toasted and spread with butter… pure indulgence!

  19. Barbara Herbert says:

    Tea Cake with lashings of butter and a milky Hot Chocolate. Heaven – had them an hour ago!

  20. Bernice Mitchell says:

    I love my eleven ’0′ clock cuppa. Anything sweet that I can dunk in my tea keeps me happy. I have set the foundation with my 4 yr old too. She asks “is it coffee time yet mammy?” Got to start them young!

  21. Estella says:

    My favourite elevenses is hot (Anchor) buttered crumpets with a lovely cup of tea. Simple & delicious.

  22. Lisa James says:

    A cup of tea and a nibble of whatever goodies I have lurking – ideally a freshly made welsh cake (or 3)

  23. Laura says:

    Favourite elevenses has to be something spongey and sweet like a battenberg. But i’m not fussy, any cake will do!

  24. Lynne says:

    A cup of milky tea and a slice of my mum’s ginger cake – it’s the best cake ever. She even brings one with her when she comes to vists!!

  25. Rob Palmer says:

    Homemade Walnut bread with lashings of Anchor Butter!!

  26. Sue Sharp says:

    Crumpet with peanut butter…or barabrith tea bread with loads of butter…or a croissant…or – well, you get the idea. I’m definitely IN.

  27. sarah says:

    milk choc covered flapjack – for energy and decadence

  28. Barbara says:

    Love a warm buttered teacake, so looking forward to tomorrow’s recipe, but failing that, anything sweet!

  29. Jo says:

    My favourite elevenses treat has to be some homemade nutty flapjack by my grandma (: She always makes some when I go round and we sit and have a natter over our cuppas before lunch!

  30. Heidi says:

    I do have mine a bit earlier at 10 but hey ho! for me a cup of tea and some lovely buttery shortbread, or some chocolate chip flapjack, or a lovely cinnamon bun :-)

  31. Lisa says:

    A slab of (Anchor) buttery homemade shortbread or homemade flapjack with a cuppa

  32. Lina says:

    In Italy at language school we used to go to the nearest cafe to get coffee and fruit tarts…. But I think a piece of banana bread or a really sticky flapjack with a cup of tea is best, especially at this time of year.

  33. nasira yusuf says:

    mine has to be fresh hot biscuits out of the oven, its buttery taste melts in your mouth and it is a right good treat.

  34. Sue says:

    Can’t beat toast and butter anytime!

  35. Sophie S says:

    There is nothing like my mum’s Eccle cakes to give you a boost of energy to get through the day!

  36. Dawn says:

    What a lovely little set, Perfect for any soiree, For me a crumpet and tea…Perfect

  37. Claire Viney says:

    Ooh you got me drooling now. I would love a lovely warm scone just cooling from the oven with a good dollop of butter and jam. Ofcourse this is in my fantasy as I on Slimming World and that would be a trillion syns. Hey a girl can dream!

  38. Sharon Peters says:

    Hot toast with Anchor butter (of course) and home made Seville marmalade (mouth now watering at the thought)! X

  39. lexie says:

    Anything I have been baking but ideally the little individual stem gingerbreads from this years great british bake off book. I get my elevenses at breaktime at school so it is more 10:30ses but any tasty thing in the middle of the morning is a good thing in my book.

  40. Gail says:

    A yummy fruit scone for me please!

  41. Kath says:

    Just love crumpets, dripping in butter a d a lovely steaming mug of tea.

  42. Jane says:

    Malt loaf, and a huge mug of tea!

  43. Lynne says:

    A wedge of chocolate cake(gooier the better) and a brew!

  44. Sue Bartlett says:

    It has got to be lemon drizzle cake (or anything else me or my colleagues have been baking – rocky road and lavender shortbread are pretty good too.

  45. Catherine says:

    It has to be a lovely buttered hot cross bun and a cuppa tea!

  46. Zoey says:

    It has to be a crumpet with a slightly obscene amount of butter so it drips off! not diet friendly but sooo tasty!

  47. Jemma says:

    Simple hot butter toast and a cup of tea, milky, one sugar :)

  48. Elevensees isn’t elevensees without warm fresh out of the oven banana bread… With a nice mug of tea. PERFECT

  49. Jo Young says:

    It has to be good old Victoria Sandwich with lots of vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam :)

  50. Leigh says:

    For me there is no better than a home made jam tart or a cream tea scone .. Y’know the kind with whipped elmea double cream & a dollop of jam …YUMMY (mind you, I am pregnant so it could also constitute as a craving haha) xx

  51. Anna Kerr says:

    Yorkshire tea-cakes, toasted with butter and jam and a chunk of chedder! Yum

  52. Yvette says:

    A nice oaty, nutty flapjack and a cup of earl grey…if I’m at work.

    OR if I’m at home, a hot, buttered muffin…hmmmm


  53. Michelle Warren says:

    I like a nice slice of fruit loaf, toasted and spread with real butter mmmmm xxxxx

  54. Jules says:

    At the moment my favourite is flapjacks. Last night a made a big tray of them and they will be my elevensies for this week.

  55. Clare says:

    my favourite elevenses treat is a freshly made, and still warm, plain scone topped with my home made plum jam and lovely cold clotted cream

  56. Pakathecat says:

    Hhmmm, well at work our ‘elevenses’ starts at around 10! We all bring things in but the treat of the moment is a Herman! Yep, we caved-in to the current trend and have been passing him around like billio and what corking treats he’s been helping to create! The best so far has been the traditional version with apple and dried fruit, all washed down with copious amounts of tea or coffee. Must go, latest Herman needs feeding …

  57. Stephen says:

    Cream tea using Mr Hollywoods scone recipe nice light scones and a good milky coffee.

  58. Ooh, I think it would have to be a big slice of coffee and walnut cake… yum!

  59. Philippa says:

    A nice buttery flapjack and a cup of tea

  60. Jane Hutchison says:

    Banana bread all the way in this house

  61. Grace says:

    Oooooh my elevenses treat would be a slice of lemon drizzle cake with a cup of earl grey tea. Perfect!

  62. Linda Rumsey says:

    Coffee and a slice or two of homemade shortbread. Lovely!

  63. Tracy says:

    I love to have an iced bun with my coffee, but only as a special treat. Looking forward to seeing your recipe for teacakes,yum!

  64. Michelle says:

    my 2 and a 1/2 year old and I tend to have some toasted bread or soda scone with proper butter and jam, mmm

  65. Emma says:

    Very difficult to decide. Could be an oath biscuit, some chocolate shortbread or a fruity granola bar made with condensed milk and lots of dried fruit. Or as recently, eating up the remaining boozy fruit Christmas cake (one cake and only one in the house who eats it but could not waste a crumb!)

  66. Rose says:

    toasted panettone buttered (anchor butter of course) and a large mug of tea. mmmmmm

  67. Mykie Leong says:

    Oh, something small like a florentine or ameretti…for the simple reason, by 11 I’m losing the will to live at work and what ever I have I’ll end up eating eleven of ‘em!

  68. Amy says:

    Can’t ever go wrong with a scone with jam and cream

  69. Rose says:

    My favourite is a chocolate, fruit & nut flapjack. Got the recipe in a calendar years ago and have adapted it slightly. Keeps you going til lunch or longer!

  70. Mags says:

    think it has to a cheese scone with loads of butter!

  71. Steff says:

    Its either got to be a buttered slice of toasted fruit bread, or a homely slice of apple streusel cake…with a cup of tea of course!

  72. Kate says:

    I love a slice of Bara Brith (Mary Berry’s recipe is my fave), with some salted butter on it. Yum, a bit of sugar but not too much before lunch, perfect

  73. Lucy Wright-Booth says:

    My favourite is a crumpet (or 2) with Anchor butter & Marmite – I’m obsessed with Marmite!

  74. Lisa says:

    Mmm you have me thinking of all the yummy things I could eat now. So much for the diet! I do love a teacake but my dream elevenses has to be a warm scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam. Usually sat dreaming of being able to sit in a quaint little cafe in a coastal Devon village…

  75. Chris says:

    Mincement and Marzipan loaf (using up the Christmas leftovers) makes the most scrummy elevenses.

  76. Craig says:

    After visiting Sweden for a few weeks this past Summer, we were introduced to something called “Fika” which is the Swedish term for “Coffee Break”
    Simply an excuse to have coffee and cake everytime you fancy a break!
    From this, I enjoyed “Kanelbulle” which is the origin of a Cinnamon Bun.
    A massive roll of sweet dough, cinnamon sugar, raisins and topped with sugar! Yummy! Wonderful memories from it :)

  77. Kay Docrat says:

    My favourite, hot(Anchor) buttered toast,and a cup of tea. yummy!

  78. Victoria Sandwich says:

    A thick slice of hot wholemeal toast, preferably homemade with a slice of Anchor butter on top.

  79. Sarah Hutton says:

    Love a slice of homemade ‘fat free’ tea loaf with a lovely spread of butter (not marg!) and a cup of tea for my well deserved elevenses after 3 kids school run, dog walking and housework!!

  80. Grainne Redmond says:

    My favourite treat is a delicious fat rascal warmed, split and buttered thickly. Yum!

  81. Nicola Bush says:

    All butter shortbread and a lovely hot cup of tea.

  82. Ohhh! Where to start on my favourite elevenses? It may be a crumpet, or a biscuit, or a cake…with a cuppa of course!

  83. My all time favourite elevenses is a croissant with lashings of anchor butter and a chunk of cheddar cheese warmed through. With a cup of coffee. Buttery heaven!

  84. Alison Eden says:

    Welsh cakes with lots of (real) butter!

  85. Abi says:

    Malt loaf or ginger cake! Loads of butter and a little pinch of salt. Delicious! Plus something completely inane on the T.V! Total relaxation.

  86. Charley says:

    Well, this morning I had a banana for elevenses but that’s not usual because I really have to be in the mood for eating them! Hmmm my favourite thing to munch on is homemade oatbran & apricot muffins. surely that’s classed as a five-a-day .. ?? Haha xx
    Eagerly awaiting the tea cake recipe, gotta love easter time. With the recipe though I can indulge all year (‘oh dear’ says my ever expanding hips)!!

  87. Linda says:

    A lovely buttered crumpet and a good English breakfast blend cup of tea x

  88. Di Clarke says:

    I love a freshly baked Victoria Sponge,filled with home made jam and whipped cream with lovely strong tea in a china cup,yum yum!!!!!

  89. kelly bostock says:

    a tough one but I think I would have to choose a milky coffee and a slice of angel cake x

  90. Eleanor says:

    Oh nothing but a buttered digestive (or several) will do – love that salty sweet combo.

  91. Jo says:

    When I was little my Grandma used to make us homemade potato cakes and smother them in butter for our mid morning snack. Flippin’ gorgeous. When we are in Spain I can’t resist a cappachino and sticky, flaky Palmerias biscuits. I also stuff my suitcase with loads of packs to bring home.

  92. Amanda says:

    Has to be potato cake or crumpet swimming in butter!

  93. Ellen Smith says:

    For me it has to be a scone. I use to buy fresh cherry scones at my old workplace’s cafeteria and eat them at 11. Absolutely delicious!

  94. Jacqui McKenzie says:

    a lovely cuppa with a slice of warm apple spiced cake, yummy

  95. Molly says:

    Crumpets covered in butter – not very good for a diet but tastes amazing! Going to start trying to make them to see how nice home made are since shop bought are already so nice and home made is normally much better :)

  96. Kerrie says:

    For me, it can only be a cheese scone with lots of salted butter and a big pot of tea.

  97. Twila says:

    I must say it has to be a chocolate cupcake – seems wrong at the time… but so very right :)

  98. Markus Richard says:

    It has to be a steaming cuppa and a custard slice :)) Yum!

  99. Ali.b. says:

    Mmmmm a latte and a toasted teacake with lashings of butter (although over christmas they have been moved to the side to make way for warm mince pies with lashings of brandy butter!!!)

  100. Helen McNeill says:

    I have to keep an eye on my caffeine intake, so my preferred tipple is hot vimto squash. Food of choice would be a large chunk (slices are never big enough!) of home-made cut-and-come-again fruit cake. I also love half-coated digestives, but sadly I belong to the same school of thinking as my grandad – they only come in odd numbers, 3 or 5 :-)

    (PS Loved the putdown on poster number 4 – hope she choked on her blatant lack of elevenses and subsequent elevenses-envy heehee)

  101. Tina Ingamells says:

    Ahhhh elevensies!
    a much missed part of the day when you are working..
    BUT when im not..its got to be~ a steaming hot mug of Strong tea(*No sugar..ill have some cake instead) and a generous slice of home made Bara Brith~slightly chewy with a hint of maltiness… Or if im feeling slightly ‘naughty’ ..some Lemon & Lime Luscious… soft and Unctuous..with the wonderful sharp sweet crunch…..mmmmmmmmmmmm

  102. Rebecca Heath says:

    My favourite elevenses is a nice milky coffee and a slice of flap jack

  103. Lorna says:

    My baby and I absolutely love warm teacakes or fruit loaf for elevensies – he is up every morning at 5am so by the time 11am comes I am starting to flag and need a pick me up.

  104. tracey says:

    my fave is a cup of freshly made coffee,and a slice of homemade farmhouse fruit cake Mmmmm lovely x

  105. Jocelyn Bays says:

    To go with the theme of old traditions, it would have to be my grandmothers coconut tartlets and a cup of tea, …mmmmmmmmmm heaven

  106. Sharon B. Speakman says:

    My little girl, Isabelle, 2 yrs and I love to have a thick slice of delicious, chewy, Soreen with a slap of Anchor butter. Washed down with a lovely Cath Kidston mug of Tea. Scrumptious x x x

  107. Mary Barry says:

    On a saturday morning I make a pot of real coffee and have a slice of my homemade orange and ginger shortbread lovely!1

  108. AlleyKitten says:

    Battenburg. A classic.

  109. Islay Gould says:

    My favourite Elevenses Treats are either my Kiwi Biscuits, or my Mint-Chocolate-Chip Cupcakes, with a cup of tea of course!

  110. teresa says:

    how did it come to be called elevensies … I’m ready at 10! for any cake thats left! If I’m really lucky they’ll be a fruit bun with butter …. and I like them cold.

  111. Sarah Cromarty says:

    An Afghan Biscuit. Just got back from NZ, and they love ‘em there, so have just made some myself and about to sit down with a cuppa and one…. Will also be having another at 11am tomorrow – obviously. :-)

  112. Hannah says:

    I would have to say a nice hot toasted fruit teacake, with a huge slab of butter! Or a nice gooey chocolate brownie.

  113. Betty says:

    Home made warm cheese scone, nice cheesy top, little hint of cayenne and a bug mug of tea. Bring it on!

  114. Maureen Frankcom says:

    Mine would be a milky coffee and a couple of those milky biscuits (with the cows on them) their name I can’t remember, failing that a couple of rich tea biscuits.

  115. A slice of malt loaf with real butter and a cup of tea. Perfect! @RedRoseMummy

  116. How about some lovely thick bread, too much butter and some Marmite. ORGASMIC

  117. How about some lovely thick bread, too much butter and some Marmite. ORGASMIC

  118. Catherine says:

    Lovely danish pastry dipped in coffee would perk me right up around elevensies (and again at threesies…) :o)

  119. candice says:

    For me I love a slice of lemon drizzle cake and a cup of tea! When I’m at work though it’s just a little bit of whatever is on the go…there is always something yum!

  120. Mona says:

    A large slice of Anjou Pear cake, served warm with a healthy splodge of creme fraiche!

    Mmm, so delicious!

  121. Chris Middleton says:

    After taking my two Bassett hounds for their walk, then giving the cat a brush I like a nice cup of tea with a piece of homemade tea loaf with butter before doing the housework…..

  122. Jimmy says:

    A freshly baked scone with strawberry jam and butter!

  123. Elevenses takes me back over 50years ago when my Mum and I would dust around the home to “Music while you work and Mrs Dales diary”on the wireless. We always stopped, though, for tea at eleven with a slice of Mums home made cake.Oh what wonderful memories.I still have a cuppa and cake nowadays.

  124. Danielle says:

    Got to be a lovely homemade chocolate chip cookie, nice a chewy in the middle, with a cup of tea.

  125. Susan says:

    Either a toasted plain bagel (or egg if I can get it) with cream cheese or a generously buttered toasted muffin for me, please! Washed down with mango green tea in the warm months, hot chocolate in the cold ones!

  126. Simon says:

    I have to say that I am a sucker for a brownie any time of day. Tried a new combination last week – Mini Egg brownies. Worked a treat. 2 squares left!!!

  127. Isis Jones says:

    My favorite Elevenses treat would have to be a good slice of chocolate fudge cake! who wouldnt love a chocolate cake?!!

  128. Sophie says:

    I’m currently au pairing in Finland and I like nothing better for elevenses than a tasty homemade korvapuusti, which is a sweet bread made with cinnamon and sugar. Yummy!

  129. Deborah says:

    At this time of year… (no make that at anytime of year, what was I thinking?) …it has got to be ‘Ginger Comfort’ with a really cold glass of milk! As practiced yesterday at 11.02 mid decorating – and no doubt will be repeated today :-)

  130. Claire Cardoo says:

    I actually have a banana, but only because the post pregnancy body can’t take the 2 scones with clotted cream and homemade jam I really want to have!!

  131. Denise burnett says:

    It’s maybe not very elevenses to some people but banana and walnut loaf with a healthly chunk of butter…..mmmmmm yum!

  132. Hannah says:

    Hooray for elevenses! (I’m also an advocate for threeses!) I’m normally at work so a crunchy granola bar and a green tea for elevenses, or if I’m at home then it’s a slice of something sweet and a mug of builders brew tea.

  133. kiara says:

    mmmmmmmmmmm elevnses! Nice Big cup of tea and an iced finer with jam and butter and if Mr Paul Hollywood could bake it and serve it to me personally even better !;-))

  134. Lucy F. says:

    My all time favourite elevenses treat has to be Apricot Rock Cakes! Simple and fun to make and oh-so tasty straight off the cooling rack (even better with a wipe of proper butter!)

    Lucy x

  135. Jay says:

    Anything chocolate and a cup of tea….

  136. Theresa says:

    11 am I am usually ready for a nice cuppa and a nibble…I quite like cheese scones or fruit scones to nibble upon!

  137. Karen de Ronde says:

    In the winter I like a nice bowl of porridge and a cappuchino!

  138. amanda egglestone says:

    I love a cup of tea with a chocolate cookie which can take a good dunking!

  139. Franziska says:

    Not being English I had no idea there was a name for me eating a slice of buttered toast with marmite or jam at 11am ;-)
    Our toaster at work is always busy around that time!

  140. Jo Wilson says:

    Mine is a good old cup of tea with preferably something fresh out of the oven. Today the gingerbread men, teapots and teddy bears are calling my name and its only just after 10!

  141. Linda B says:

    Has to be a toasted teacake or hot cross bun… and only butter will do! Looking forward to your teacake recipe now.

  142. Julie says:

    Dear Pink Whisk,

    Unfortunately I am just about eating breakfast at my desk at 11am….but on a day off there is nothing like a hot toasted teacake!

  143. Ann Clark says:

    my heaven – a homemade scone fresh from the oven with Anchor butter melting onto my fingers and a freshly brewed mug of coffee – perfect

  144. Sue Hartland says:

    A delicious low-carb peanut butter muffin made with Anchor butter and ground almonds – delicious!

  145. Stacey says:

    Our homemade chocolate fairy cakes are pretty darn good! I have to remind myself not to eat them all though else I won’t have any left for lunchboxes!

  146. Ailsa says:

    Elevenses is the new Afternoon Tea and my favourate venue is Crathorne Hall Hotel in North Yorkshire and the best bit is the warm scone with home made jam and clotted cream, baked to order of course! I have a confession though I don’t do tea it has to be coffee!

  147. SUZIE says:

    hot potato cakes with butter is a must for elevenses washed down with a milky coffee!

  148. Isabelle Chew says:

    Oooh this is a tricky one. It’s between the sunflower seed apricot and cranberry flapjacks I made the other day or a slice of the pear cake I currently have baking in the oven! Preferably washed down with a nice cup of Early Grey.

  149. In the morning its a cup of coffee and a chocolate something – choc chip cookies are my favourite

  150. Brenda Lock says:

    There is nothing I like better than freshly made Pikelets (drop scones in England but I’m from Wales ) with Anchor butter as thick as the Pikelet…….. I have always been told they should be eaten on the same day, so I do my best, with a good cup of tea or coffee…..lush.

  151. Aly Foyle says:

    just one….I can’t….has to be two I’m afraid… a slice of traditional bread pudding…my nan’s recipe, so so delicious warm or cold.
    Slice of honey tea loaf with a thick swirl of salted butter…mmmm.
    Long live elenses….they’ve ner left our house… we also have what we call 4 0′clockers….same thing, tea and somethinice once the kids are home from school….have to say i just a cuppa at this point though…two cakes in on day, divine thought but definaitely not allowed on a regular basis.
    PS:Baking a hummigbird cake today to take to work tomorrow!!!

  152. Christina says:

    Nothing better than a piping hot cup of tea – can’t be lukewarm – out of a proper china cup and then hot tea cakes driping in butter or a slice of battenburg. You’ve got to love that garish yellow marzipan on a chilly day with your elevensies.

  153. Louise Finney says:

    A big chunky slice of banana and walnut loaf cake… yum!

  154. Kate Packwood says:

    A raspberry scone with jam and clotted cream and a cup of tea

  155. Karen says:

    It has to be shortbread and a cappuccino especially when it’s raining and miserable outside.

  156. Cath Basquill says:

    got to be a good cup o tea and a home made custard cream… granted not everyday..not that id ever be bothered being ‘good’ but just haven’t got the time to bake a constant supply of custard creams!

  157. Alison Milligan says:

    I love a cup of coffee and a homemade cinnamon bun!

  158. Helen says:

    An ANZAC biscuit is a mid-morning treat for all ages. The yumminess of oats,butter and golden syrup make them hard to resist even on hot days like we are having in Perth, Western Australia today.
    PS Love your blog and your creative cooking ideas.

  159. Heather says:

    I love elevenses, it’s far too long between breakfast and lunch.

    My favourite snack is a slice of pear and almond cake or some cheddar and sweetcorn scones if I’m in a savoury mood. Yum!

  160. Debbie says:

    A cup of tea with either bourbon biscuits or fruit cake, preferably homemade.

  161. Katie says:

    Hmmmm… I will eat almost anything but I think a gooey, buttery flapjack sounds good :)

  162. Una Regan says:

    all these cakes! what an adventurous bunch we are. Basically anything would do for me with a large mug of good English breakfast tea!

  163. babs dougherty says:

    an elevenses warmer at this time of year after clearing the snow and bringing in the wood for the fire is freshly made hot toast spread thickly with Anchor butter and drizzled with syrup, or a slice of home made tea loaf spread with Anchor butter with a large cup of freshly made ground coffee. mmm

  164. Luisa says:

    It has to be coffee at elevenses with toasted fruit bread and butter – the more fruit the better! Otherwise a nice homemade flapjack made with jumbo oats and lots of fruit.

  165. Sally B says:

    My favourite elevenses is blueberry muffin dunked in coffee :)

  166. Lucy Titmus says:

    A cup of tea is a must, preferably with a slice of barabrith or a teacake…. though at the moment I’m still finish off the second Christmas cake!

  167. Katie says:

    It’s got to be a lovely slice of homemade banana bread and a cup of coffee.

  168. Eileen Wightman says:

    I love a warm scone or two just out of the oven pulled apart and a dollop of Anchor Butter sitting on both halves melting slowly….delicious served with a cup of tea!

  169. Joy says:

    I love a latte & an almond croissant mmmmm

  170. Diane Tomlinson says:

    Well…it’s got to be a slice of homemade Bara Brith with a nice bit of butter on, together with a cuppa tea. Delish and has my Welsh friends seal of approval :)

  171. Kelly Dougherty says:

    A lovely freshly baked warm cheese scone with butter, accompanied by a milky coffee.

  172. katie owen says:

    Toast. Always toast dripping with butter and marmalade! No wonder I need to diet!

  173. Lisa Shannon says:

    Mmmm warm Baileys and chocolate scones or, toasted tea cakes and coffee or, thick toast and honey or, lemon drizzle cake or, chocolate flap jacks or,…..(oops showing my true, greedy, colours).

  174. Rhiannon says:

    a scone with jam and clotted cream, or a piece of tea soaked fruit cake!

  175. bakingaddict says:

    I love anchor butter and buy them in bulk for my baking! For elevenses it would have to a biscuit, preferably a chocolate one or a peanut butter one. If I’m feeling indulgent then oreos :)

  176. Vikki Peden says:

    My favourite elevenses is when I am out in Spain visiting my Mum and we have chocolate and Churros

  177. Libby Milne says:

    Freshly baked Ginger Bread Men. They are a perfect shape for scooping the chocolatey froth off the top of a large Cappuccino

  178. Nathalie Jade Hudson says:

    The perfect Elevenses has to be sitting down with a mug of tea and a slice of raspberry cheesecake.

  179. Helen Oliver says:

    Eccles cakes for me too (or should that be two !). Home-made from an ages old dairy diary (with double filling of course and so much hot butter dripping through it it puddles on the plate) or bought (M&S are divine but SO expensive – a real treat just for me when everyone else is at school & work).

  180. Lisa Jupp says:

    ooh, I love a slab of lemon drizzle cake which I got from my old home ec teacher (who I now work with!) Yummo!

  181. It would have to be my homemade lemon drizzle cake. I just about manage to get a slice myself as my husband and two boys pounce on it almost before if is out of the oven!

  182. carley says:

    i have an elevenses treat to celebrate finishing housework before i pick up my youngest from pre-school i get to enjoy my hard work whilst i indulge in a vanilla creme danish.. heaven lovely with a latte. When i lived in italy i used to have a brioche which i cant find an authentic version of in the uk so if you have a good recipe could you post it please ruth.

  183. Angela chung says:

    Elevenses is my “quiettime”. I love my chunky slices of freshly baked seeded wholemeal bread with a generous helping of real butter. Accompanied by a big mug of strong tea. Doesn’t matter If it’s been a hectic morning or I’m having a lazy day, I always make time f

  184. Nicki S says:

    For elevenses it would have to be a bit of brioche (served warm) with chocolate spread. Plus a strong cup of coffee.

  185. BEv cooper says:

    I know its old fashioned but date and walnut loaf, with butter of course

  186. Charlotte Graves says:

    A piece of buttered seeded bread, toasted, with a cup of tea!

  187. Helen Huxley says:

    you cant beat a freshly baked buttered scone whatever time of the day it is

  188. Angela says:

    Has to be homemade banana bread, still slightly warm. Nomnomnomnomnomnom….

  189. lorraine d says:

    I love the recipe you have had for Harvest Apple Cake so I make this at least once a week.

    The kids think it’s a big treat when they see it in there lunch boxes. We grow our own apples so it’s the perfect recipe to make use of them!

    I love to make the best of fresh seasonal produce so it’s perfect recipe.

    Would love to win the anchor cake set to display my new found baking talent!

  190. steve worrall says:

    My favourite elevenses treat is toasted apple and cinnamon muffins – delicious.

  191. Sarah says:

    Pineapple jam on toast and a cuppa!

  192. Sarah says:

    I’m currently finishing off the last of the christmas cake. It was my first attempt at making one and using a recipe that my Mum has used since she was in school. Absolutely delicious!

  193. Ulphy says:

    Homemade flapjack and a mug of coffee for me please!

  194. Keeley says:

    Mine is a slice of hot, buttered toast with peanut butter spread thickly on top!

  195. Caroline Riley says:

    Simple tastes here – hot toasted English muffins or crumpets but they have to have real butter on them …

  196. JOanne Baldwin says:

    A nice big cup of tea and a wedge of victoria sandwich (homemade of course!!)

  197. Hannah says:

    A toasted tea cake or hot cross bun with a chai latte. Yum yum

  198. Lindsey says:

    My favourite elevenses treat is homemade Danish pastries…mmmmm – they take so long to make that you appreciate them all the more when you have them :) x

  199. For me it would be a nice cup of coffee, preferably a Latte with a nice piece of Dutch applepie. Either with some custard or whipped cream. And since I visit the Gym from 9 to 10.30, I guess I deserve it! ;-) Keep up the good work, lovely Ruth!

  200. Kate says:

    I have to say my favorite 11′sies treat is a large coffee (probably my 5th of the morning by then) and a chocolate covered granola bar :D yum i think everyone needs a little treat at 11

  201. Rachel says:

    A lovely homemade jam tart or a raspberry bakewell. Yum!

  202. Mercedes says:

    Toasted tea cakes with lashings of butter… Yum yum!

  203. katie says:

    The best is a cup of tea and scotch pancakes with my 2yr old son whilst he looks at one of his books and I have a quick read of the paper.

  204. Linda Hughes says:

    For elevenses you can’t beat a freshly baked warm cheese scone with lashings of butter and a cup of coffee!!

  205. Gill Bedingham says:

    I would love a very squidgy chocolate brownie (made with Anchor butter of course!!!) together with a very strong cup of filter coffee. Delicious.

  206. Wendy says:

    Coffee and biscotti if I’m being good, teacakes, crumpets or chocolate cookies if not! *toddles off to kitchen*

  207. Jessica Mitchell says:

    My favourite elevenses treat is a nice piece of lightly toasted fruit loaf packed with sultanas and raisins dripping with butter! washed down with a cup of tea xx

  208. Isla Davidson says:

    Toasted tea cakes and a cup of tea.

  209. shirley fowler says:

    mmmm crumpets and nice stong cup of tea…don’t get me started!!

  210. Hazel says:

    I get up at 5 o’clock to work before the kids wake up. So I’m hungry by 11. I like a mug of very hot, very strong tea and a couple of teacakes, toasted and cooled just enough so that the thick layer of butter I administer doesn’t melt entirely. Mmmm.

  211. Fay says:

    Tea and Crumpets with lashings of Butter. This has become a must for tea break time in work, we take it in turns to bring in crumpets and then feast on them. Everybody loves crumpets!

  212. lyn brown says:

    i love my homemade scones at 11ish with a lovely cup of hot coffee and lots of butter on them cant get any better thanks for the recipe ruth yumm

  213. libby hughes says:

    Mmm, a scone with clotted cream and jam. followed by a lovely cup of tea! PERFECT!

  214. Sarah says:

    Well, I wasn’t hungry but now I am!! A nice muffin packed with juicy apple and lashings of cinnamon. Yum!

  215. Alex Reynolds says:

    Mmmmm, its 11:20 now…. tea time! My favourite would be a cup of fragrant Earl Grey tea with a Viennese biscuit or 2, or usually 4! But sadly today I have no more Viennese swirls in the house due a lot of elevenses had this week! So on to my next fave, thick slice of homemade bread with lots of butter, maybe even a bit of raspberry jam (to compensate for the lack of raspberry viennese!!)

  216. Sophie Farrow says:

    My favourite elevenses treat is a cinnamon swirl and a latte!

    • Jennifer Pullin says:

      Oh I am salivating at the thought of a slice of coffee and walnut cake with buttercream icing, sprinkled with loads of cruncy crushed walnuts and a lovely cup of hot coffee with 5 minutes peace would be heavenly!!

  217. Annie says:

    My favourite teatime treat is scones w/clotted cream and strawberry jam. Yum.

  218. Julie Beckett says:

    Our office is obsessed with tea and cake, I make cake for 19 of us every week! The things we love most are chocolate brownies, victoria sandwich, lemon drizzle,scones with homemade strawberry jam and crumpets with lashings of butter and jam. And whenever there is a birthday I make them a cake for that too!

  219. Jen Snaith says:

    Definitely a nice strong brew and a toasted teacake with lashings of butter, yum yum x x

  220. Sue Bone says:

    Crumpet with lashings of butter.

  221. Laura Birkin says:

    A big piece of homemade Victoria sponge with a nice cup of tea!

  222. Fiona McWhinnie says:

    I love a local product called Selkirk bannock and butter, with a good cup of tea. That’s my elevenses treat

  223. Fiona McWhinnie says:

    I love a local product called Selkirk Bannock and butter with a good cup of tea, that’s a real elevenses treat for me.

  224. Hannah Wigglesworth says:

    Love a nice cup of tea with one of my home made gingerbread biscuits or a home made white chocolate and cranberry cookies. The men at work love the fact I bake and they always have elevenses.

  225. Leanne says:

    Definitely a cuppa tea and a nice syruppy flapjack – preferably with chocolate chips! Simple, but perfect :)

  226. Wendy Kirkland says:

    Ooh it has to be hot toasted crumpets with lashings of Anchor butter. I’ve tried having them with diet spreads but they’re yuk! Just have to have some kitchen roll handy to mop up the drips.xx

  227. Nee says:

    Mmmmm….hot buttered toasted teacake with a lovely cup of tea!

  228. Rhianna Jones says:

    This is so difficult, I love cakes and biscuits and am happy with pretty much any of them, but today I would choose a lovely thick slice of barm brack with lashings of butter, accompanied by some fresh orange juice to make me feel a little bit less naughty…

  229. Laura Thomson says:

    Toasted crumpet with melted butter is my top elevenses treat, closely followed by a scone (to rhyme with gone) with jam.

  230. Bianca says:

    I am rather partial to a cupcake with my cuppa, but a cake pop is rather nice on occasion too.

  231. Cathy says:

    A slice of bran loaf and a cup of earl grey. The loaf is low fat so I don’t feel guilty.

  232. Adrienne says:

    I love a piece of louise cake and a cup of coffee at my desk. Perfect.

  233. So many to choose from, something lemony is always good. but my ultimate has to be a piece of good coffee cake, or is that a good piece of coffee cake! xx

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