Recipe Challenge eBook for Save the Children

Most of you will know that back in February I went to Rwanda with Save the Children to help support their campaign.

If you hadn’t already heard, as a result of the campaign and our efforts, the Prime Minister is holding a hunger summit on the 12th August, we are hoping he will lead the biggest ever push to tackle world hunger. 

But, I’m here to tell you about the launch of a great new e-book  ‘The Recipe Challenge Cookbook’.  All the  family favourite recipes were donated by great food bloggers back in February to my recipe challenge.

It’s packed with 20 sweet and savoury recipes including easy baked chicken biryani,  maple mustard glazed chicken and kiwi and lime bundt cake to name but a few.

You can buy and download The Recipe Challenge Cookbook  by visiting for an donation of £2.00.  All the money raised will go towards Save the Children’s life saving work helping children around the world.

I won’t bombard you with all sorts of reasons why we should do our bit, there’s lots more info on the Race Against Hunger campaign and its progress here.

Oh and please spread the word – every little action makes a difference – thank you! x


Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire


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7 Responses to Recipe Challenge eBook for Save the Children

  1. Tina bailey says:

    Just donated wish it could be more but its school uniform buying day

  2. It looks fantastic – what a great idea. Really pleased to have contributed a (slightly boring compared to everyone elses) recipe!

  3. Karrie says:

    A great cause. When my marriage broke up and we were living from hand to mouth and shopping for clothes at car boots the only standing order I kept up was to Save the Children – because there is ALWAYS someone worse off than yourself and to be honest it helped my self esteem in a strange sort of way. Well done Ruth xx

  4. Choclette says:

    Well done Ruth. I’m off to buy the book now and thank you for including one of my recipes.

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