Day 10 – Hamper Giveaway – Stellar Cookware

Phew!  This Hamper is getting ram jammed full of brilliant prizes!  Today I’m adding

This nesting set of  Eazistore Non Stick Bakeware From Stellar Cookware worth £100.

5 essential baking items cleverly stacked together  including a Roaster, 12 Cup Muffin Pan, Baking Sheet, Baking Tray and Cooling Tray, taking up the space of just 1 roaster!  Cleverly nested, so that the underside of each does not come into contact with the non-stick cooking surface –  limiting the typical damage that occurs during storage, resulting in longer lasting non-stick.

It comes with a lifetime guarantee and a 5 year non stick guarantee

This joins the goodies already lined up for you :

A set of Bake Off gang signed books:- Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake, Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, Edd Kimber’s Say it With Cake, Jo Wheatley’s A Passion for Baking, Miranda Gore-Browne’s Biscuit , and of course my Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating!

A  fantastic set of oven to tableware from Pyrex in red, white or blue.

£100 to spend in The Pink Whisk Shop on products of your choice with love from me, of course

A Glass Lidded Cake Stand worth £75 and a Set of 2 Heart Oak Chopping Boards (£35) courtesy of 


A bounty of goodies from Sugar & Crumbs

Cornishware from T.G.Green – A large 168cl and small 84cl storage jar plus a couple of mugs worth £100 –  in a choice of Cornish Blue or Cornish Red with optional personalisation.

Limited Edition Collection bakeware from Great British Bakeware by George Wilkinson.  2 of each of the following: 8” cake tin, 2lb loaf tin, 14” baking sheet and 12 cup deep muffin tray

A red Christmassy k-Mix Hand Blender set worth £119.99 courtesy of Kenwood

And the hamper filled with goodies!

To enter: Leave a comment on each days recipe or prize post (from the 1st – 12th December 2012), it doesn’t matter which, and say whatever you fancy (nothing rude mind!) and that’s it you’ll be in the draw.  Each individual can enter once per day, so if you comment every day you’ll have 12 chances.

(If you’re reading this via email your comment needs to be left on the post on the website – click on the title in the email to take you there x)

On the 13th December 2012 one winner will be chosen, at random, from all the comments received and will then win the whole lot!

Rules: Entry is by leaving a comment on either the recipe, or the hamper post (from 1st – 12th December only) and limited to 1 entry per day.  Multiple daily entries will not be valid.  Individuals may enter each day from the 1st to the 12th December 2012.  All entries must be made by Midnight on 12th December 2012 (UK Time).  There is one prize available to a single winner details of which are outlined in the Hamper Giveaway Posts from 1st – 12th December 2012.  One winner will be chosen at random from all the comments received on Thursday 13th December 2012 and notified by email directly.  The winner will also be announced on the blog the same day.  No further correspondence will be entered into.  Prize is only available for delivery to a UK address, onwards shipping to an overseas address will be the responsibility of the winner.

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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613 Responses to Day 10 – Hamper Giveaway – Stellar Cookware

  1. Ashleigh says:

    Fantastic – i would love to win this giveaway!

  2. Holly Bower says:

    Oooooo fresh new bakeware…..i really hope I have to sort out my bakeware to make room for this!!!

  3. Jamie Ellis says:

    I hope I win!

  4. Christy Fast says:

    PICK ME!!!!!!

  5. Suzanne Yates says:

    They look great (and they put mine at home to shame!) xx

  6. Kim H says:

    Thanks Ruth!

  7. Rainie Bish says:

    Now this really is the business. I have a really small kitchen and am very short of storage space. Not seen these before but they are just what I need

  8. Elizabeth Buttle says:

    that’s a very clever idea!

  9. Love the idea of stackable racks & pans :) x

  10. Vicky Parkes says:

    I could do with a spacesaver like this. Either that or a new kitchen, Ha, if only xxx

  11. Kalli P says:

    WOW! Your give aways are fantastic… Would love ANY of these wonderful prizes. Perfect prize for someone who loves their kitchen! :) Just hope, if I win, that I will be able to bake as well as you do! Love your website, x

  12. Vikki R says:

    What a great set! And so cleverly stacked.

  13. Olivia says:

    What a great idea! Perfect for my cramped student cupboard!

  14. Ruth says:

    what a neat set of baking trays

  15. Space saving items always a must in the kitchen :) x

  16. Clare says:

    A girl just can’t have enough bakeware!

  17. I’d love to win – pick me – please! x

  18. sam fearn says:

    keep calm day 10 only 2 left !!!!!!!! x

  19. Petra Curtis says:

    Another great addition to already amazing hamper :-)

  20. Helen says:

    This is soooo exciting!

  21. Faith Trebilcock says:

    Wow!!! Just when i thought this prize couldn’t get any better!

  22. Louise Smith says:

    Oh! How cool is that? X

  23. Lucy Roberts says:

    what a great space saving option… love it.

  24. Leanda Saunders says:

    Stellar is a brilliant make :)

  25. Nikk Malee says:

    Oh my these look awesome, would love to use even just one of them. :o

  26. Helen Rushby says:

    These would relieve my baking tin OCD symptoms! Great idea for storage efficiency too!

  27. Rachel Brown says:

    Perfect for my tiny kitchen!

  28. Lianne Grantham says:

    Wow! Is there a hamper big enough for all of these goodies?xx

  29. Sadie says:

    Wow wow wow!!!

  30. Joanne Baldwin says:

    You are going to need a second hamper to put all these gorgeous prizes in!

  31. Liz says:

    Yes, please! With all the other wonderful things accumulating in the hamper, space-saving items will be essential!

  32. hazel says:

    great space saving idea!

  33. Lauren says:

    Oooh shiny!! I hope I have a lucky Christmas.

  34. Eirini says:

    I want them all!!! :-D

  35. Nicola Pigden says:

    Whast a great Idea todays nesting set is, why didnt I think of that? hehehe

  36. Jo says:

    What a fabulous idea. Wish I’d seen theses before.

  37. Jane Ashton says:

    Wow, this really is a space saver. Would be ideal in my tiny kitchen.

  38. Emily says:

    Just gets better and better!

  39. Helen Huxley says:

    A good veggie starter or snack

  40. Karen Evans says:

    love Stellar cookware, bought a set of pans over 10 years ago, they are used daily and still like new!

  41. Sally Campbell says:

    Wow fab!:-)

  42. Rachael Cleary says:

    Mmm – these look yummy, looking forward to trying as I’m little bit addicted to houmous!

  43. Lucy says:

    those pans are so very clever!

  44. Gill Kniveton says:

    So useful – there’s nothing quite like new bakeware! x

  45. I like the stackable bakeware very practical!

  46. Karen Button says:

    The postman will have a bad back after delivering all those goodies to the winner. Who ever wins have a great time with it all.

  47. dirtgirl says:

    Imagine winning all this, it’s a very lucky gal (or guy perhaps) who gets this hamper for Christmas. Good luck everyone.

  48. Debbie says:

    Would stop mu cupboard being so cluttered!

  49. Kelly Ellison says:

    The goodies look amazing I’m a massive fan of The Pink Whisk

  50. Sal Parker says:

    These amazing prizes just keep adding up, it’s going to be a hamper and a half x

  51. Tricia F says:

    Wow. Love the stacking set from Stella. Will have to look for this It will take up so much less room than my pile of oddments and won’t get scratched. Thanks for giving us the chance to win this and all the other fantastic goodies you are adding to the hamper. xx

  52. Helen Hickman says:

    That stacking cookware is genius!

  53. Dawne says:

    good idea!

  54. Caroline says:

    Love this competition!

  55. Maddy says:

    yay non scratched non stick pans!

  56. Sez says:

    That bakeware looks amazing!

  57. Mary Rigby says:

    The goodies just get better & better.

  58. Wow, this prize looks fab, bet me and my son would have great fun baking with this lot

  59. Juliet Flower says:

    Very clever tp have every thing space saving by stacking – they’ll need to in this hamper!

  60. Diana Tucker says:

    Wow!! It really is a Christmas present for the winner. Thanks Ruth!

  61. Sue Saunders says:

    Smart idea – my tin drawer is a mess!

  62. Hannah says:

    This is such a lush giveaway

  63. Sophie says:

    Ahh, nesting cooking/baking stuff is such a great idea. We’re really short on space in our kitchen, so end up piling pans and trays sky-high – this would really help save space!

  64. Amanda says:

    Just the kind of thing that would be perfect for my little kitchen!!

  65. Jaki King says:

    What a great idea I’ve taken over most of my kitchen with all the tins I have!!

  66. Twila grower says:

    Love it!!! X

  67. Faye Talbott says:

    Great selection of prizes, thanks for putting on such a great competition.

  68. Kelly Roberts says:

    looking good!

  69. Lynne Lee-Diep says:

    My goodness!
    Signed books by such a talented set of bakers!
    I’m going weak at the knees!
    That is a TREASURE TROVE not a hamper now! Xx

  70. Zoe Corkhill says:

    Fabulous addition to an already outstanding hamper!

  71. Janet Burns says:

    This prize hamper is brilliant, hope I win it!

  72. Phil Bass says:

    Awesome set of prizes

  73. sophie says:

    This hamper will be huge!

  74. Katherine says:

    Must be nearly at day 12… Ruth, I think you should put your feet up with a cuppa and a slice of whatever is about after all this!

  75. Nicola Smaller says:

    That is very clever. Might have to buy that if I don’t win. My cupboards are scary!

  76. Morag says:

    Nesting baking trays? That’s the one for me! Cannot believe the genius who thought up that! A real answer for tiny kitchens!

  77. fiona says:

    Oooh this would be so useful is my kitchen.

  78. Stacey says:

    I could really do with a new set of cookery books! Need some new inspiration :)

  79. Lorna Peppiatt says:

    The recipe sounds divine, off to try it!

  80. olivia kirby says:

    Missed a comment yesterday! Another fab addition!

  81. Marissa Coltman (Rissa C) says:

    I love the fact it’s stackable. My kitchen cupboard is like a death trap…you have to duck when you open it to avoid various trays & tins falling on your head!

  82. Ashley says:

    You have no idea how much I need these! I have the smallest kitchen known to man and these would give me so much more room! Ive got everything crossed!

  83. Caroline kerridge says:

    Am getting too giddy with all these prizes now!!

  84. Wow it’s all starting to add up now isn’t it?!

  85. sarah says:

    This is good, good, good. x

  86. Luis says:

    That cookware is amazing. I didn’t know that existed! :)

  87. Emma Bennett says:

    This is going to be an enormous prize! I hope you have a good courier service!

  88. We have an ‘office’ dog (belongs to one of the managers). He is a sausage dog and I recently bought a sausage dog shaped cookie cutter. Some of these prizes would be wonderful for making cookies that the office would love!

  89. Rachel Parkinson says:

    Good luck everyone xx

  90. Jill says:

    I’m so excited, these giveaways are amazing

  91. Kate Leonard says:

    How clever. I have NO storage space left in my kitchen. This is a fab idea!

  92. Sue Killick says:

    how exciting is this prize

  93. Sam Dalton says:

    What a great set of prizes and a great set of Christmas recipes! So many things to make, and so little time!

  94. Morvyn Moore says:

    Merry Christmas, xx

  95. Sue Hill says:

    Ooh Fab new baking tins I want them!!!!!

  96. Alison says:

    Yay! More cooking!

  97. Annie says:


  98. Tara Maris says:

    Wow! How clever is that stacking bakeware! This is a truly amazing prize :-)

  99. Betty Ingarfill says:

    Would love to win all these :)

  100. Dawn Lightwood says:

    Oh my word, this hamper prize pack is starting to make me very jealous of whoever wins…..simply because I could never afford all these beautiful goodies! Good luck to everybody entering!

  101. nadine fridd says:

    fantastic prizes

  102. Stacey Marie says:

    Oh my goodness, I need ALL of these goodies in my life!!!xx

  103. Ann Schwarzenbach says:

    Love that Eazistore bakeware – what a brilliant idea!

  104. Jade Azcueta says:

    Oooh, please let this be the winning post! I would really like a nesting set of trays!

  105. Shela Cain-Forret says:

    Loving it – so easy to store

  106. Linda says:

    I can’t believe these prizes, they just get better every day.

  107. Jen Evans says:

    oooo thats a nifty bit of kit!

  108. Pip says:

    I’m entering a batch of the sausage & cranberry tartlets in our Xmas bake-off competition on Friday. Wish me luck!!

  109. Penny Mitchell says:

    I can’t tell you how small my cupboard is for storing my baking things but yes, they do get damaged….this is such a brilliant idea!


  110. Andrew M says:

    Awesome additions! Every time I look at your posts I want to take the day off from work and just bake!

  111. Silke says:

    Nesting sets are a must when your kitchen is a chock-full of baking utenstils and “toys”!

  112. Amanda Scott says:

    I love how these all fit together – so clever !

  113. Jeannette Austen says:

    Such a clever idea saves space in the cupboard xXx

  114. Gareth Castle says:

    Not a fan of homous but you never know could make me a convert.

  115. Frances West says:

    More WOW!!! Fantastic cookware and what a great idea to make it stack!!

  116. What a fantastically festive hamperific 12 days loving the prizes …and the recipes !next weekend has been earmarked for Santa’s sleigh xxx

  117. I would just love those baking trays. I saw them, but they are a little expensive for me at the moment – so hopefully I can win them :) :)
    Eileen xx

  118. Alice says:

    This cookware looks awesome! I have so many issues with storage space :)

  119. joanne says:


  120. chrissy says:

    No more clutter and storage problems – LOVE IT!
    thanks again for another great day of giveaways!

  121. Glynis Rowntree says:

    This hamper is going to be every cook/baker’s dream come true, especially mine – if I was lucky enough to win it!

  122. Rebecca Blake says:

    If I’m not lucky my 30th birthday list next year will be huge!! Tempted by it all!!

  123. Alli Marshall says:

    Another fabulous prize!!!

  124. Leilah says:

    This hamper looks awesome, I’d love to win :)

  125. Jennifer says:

    WOW – what fabulouse bakeware :)

  126. Suzanne F says:

    Just what my overcrowded kitchen cupboards need. Practical and space saving. Perfect prize for my January kitchen clearout x

  127. ali.b. says:

    What a fab idea and very useful x

  128. Angela Willcox-Kiely says:

    What a great idea!

  129. Maggie says:

    what a neat idea… a star prize from Stellar!

  130. Caitlin Knox says:

    This looks so simple even I could probably manage lol!!!

  131. Kathryn Davies says:

    Love this website! Does this enter me into the competition?! x

  132. Hayley says:

    Wow wa wee wa this prize is amazing and the recipes so far are fantastic!
    I am keeping everthing crossed to win so that I can share it with my baking pals xxx

  133. Karen Atkinson says:

    All very useful and would be great to win.

  134. Pete Metcalfe says:

    The prizes look fabulous (well done Ruth) – if I win I’ll need a kitchen the size of my current house!

  135. Louise says:

    I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this hamper!!

  136. Sarah Gardiner says:

    Stacking stuff… looks like a great idea xx

  137. Lorna says:

    With such fabulous prizes you couldn’t help but be a baking goddess! Thank you for the chance of a winning such a fab prize.

  138. Lee says:

    What a great idea :)

  139. Susanne Temlett says:

    I like that the bakeware nests together so it’s easy to store

  140. Michelle Kirby says:

    Mmmmmmm I love houmous!!!!! Sounds delicious x x

  141. Ruth Hayllar says:

    Wow, what an awesome Christmas present this would make for someone who last year was battling cancer and in th middle of chemo & this year is expecting baby number 3

  142. Mairi says:

    If you could see the kitchen cupboard which houses all my baking tins, you’d know that I truly need this prize, what an ingenious idea and one my kitchen has been crying out for!

  143. Steve says:

    Muffin tin would wear out first for me i recon!

  144. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    I love filo pastry and these rolls look great

  145. Nikki says:

    Stellar cookware, how wonderful. I have lusted after some of this for ages!

  146. pamela williams says:

    Ok – I’m going to need more than a new house to accomodate everything if I win – I’m going to need a large shed all to my own…

  147. Hollie Morgan says:

    What do you mean they’re stackable?!?! That’s amazing!!

  148. Zoe Addison says:

    This would add very nicely to my stellar collection!

  149. Michelle forkin says:

    Those tins look amazing x

  150. Eadaoin boyle says:

    This recipe looks perfect for my new years eve buffet with lots of vegetarians.

  151. San says:

    I just love Stellar pans! They are the best!¬ Sx

  152. Charlotte H says:

    great prize! Perfect for a little kitchen like mine :)

  153. Gemma says:

    It gets better and better!

  154. jacquie says:


  155. Nicola Richardson (@nicolacupcake) says:

    What a great idea I need to get me some of these

  156. Debbie says:

    What a brilliant, space saving, idea.

  157. Tracy says:

    What a fantastic set of pans, great space savers. I’d love to own a set, thanks for the chance. x

  158. Cheryll H says:

    Wow – these look fab! Would love a set :)

  159. Sue says:

    My family love hummus especially homemade. The addition of carrots will work perfectly. Thanks. X

  160. Mark says:

    Just having a new kitchen fitted and these would go so well with it!

  161. Kate Cook says:

    This is looking better and better!

  162. Sandra Watt says:

    Wow. These look lovely to serve with drinks.

  163. Gavin says:

    Brilliant. Thank you.

  164. Anna says:

    :O Wow, I can’t believe there are still more days to go.

  165. Lynn says:

    Would love these!,

  166. This hamper just gets better and better and better….

  167. Louise says:


  168. Michelle Kitchen says:

    This prize is great :)

  169. Louise says:

    Would love to win this!! :-)

  170. Charlotte says:

    That’s going to be one fab hamper!

  171. Amanda says:

    Each day I would really, really, really love to win all this lovely stuff even more!!

  172. Vix Davies says:

    So good!!!

  173. Ange says:

    Love these stacking trays! Perfect for my bulging cupboards – why do we never have enough storage??

  174. Erin Lewis says:

    Not sure if I’m doing this right but loving this set :-)
    Erin x

  175. Heather Bassett-Jones says:

    Wow what a superb addition to the hamper. Love the filo rolls – will definitely make those on Boxing Day xx

  176. Kim Whiley says:

    Day 10, only 2 more to go :-)

  177. Vanessa Hallett says:

    So handy! :) x

  178. Nicky says:

    Amazing prizes! Fingers crossed! xx

  179. Heather Porter says:

    That stacking set looks amazing! what a clever idea.

  180. Emma Manley says:

    Loads of lovely prizes!! Someone’s going to be very lucky!! (Hope it’s me!!)

  181. Katherine Nerdrum says:

    Oh please, please, please :)

  182. Eileen Pashute says:

    Loving today’s addition too – great bakeware

  183. Lisa James says:

    I hope you’ve got a very big box!

  184. Alison Whittaker says:

    Oooooo a new roasting tin that would come in handy! Xx

  185. barbara says:

    wonderful, spectacular, amazing, simply magnificent, wow! love it , love it, love it, this hamper is truly every cooks dream.

  186. Lizzie York says:

    This is such a brilliant hamper and gets better and better each day!

  187. Chloe says:

    Happy Christmas!

  188. Sarah Knapton says:

    I would so love to win this hamper! (but then who wouldn’t!)

  189. Toni vann says:


  190. Leah J says:

    ….and a partridge in a pear treeeeeee. Fantastic hamper!

  191. Helen Alborn says:

    I can’t get my head around how many lovely things you have in this Christmas giveaway. All of which I’d have no problem finding a home for, and would probably use most days. ps. if to enter this competition I have written this comment in the wrong place. I concede that I am an idiot :)

  192. Clair Hallam says:

    It all looks so good just one item would do me but to win it all would make a very happy Xmas for me :-)

  193. Ann says:

    Wow the box is filling up so fast Ruth. Lovely.

  194. Sue McCarthy says:

    Another fantastic prize.

    I love the fact they all stack together, great space saving idea. I always have a battle with my cookware when I want to get something out of the cupboard or put it away again.

  195. Sue Hardman says:

    The giveaway looks more amazing every day.

  196. Beverley says:

    can I leave another reply and say how excited I am about making these? xoxo

  197. Tricia Morrison says:

    Lovely bakeware! Could do with replacing some of my old stuff.

  198. Pam Benn says:

    This is a great idea, I have a plastic box under the sink & it is just so full it is ridiculous. Stacking tins is a brilliant idea.

  199. Gillian Greathead says:

    what a brilliant idea, I have a teeny kitchen so any space saving idea gets the thumbs up from me.

  200. Jo Page says:

    Those lovely bakewares would be the perfect complement to my amazing brand new KitchenAid, I’d be all fixed up to bake constantly then!

  201. Tracy denby says:

    This hamper gets better and better each day!

  202. Suzanne Cooke says:

    this cookware looks fab!

  203. Linda Rumsey says:

    More goodies – this hamper will be huge!

  204. Katie says:

    It just keeps getting better and better!

  205. Sharon says:

    Ruth ,This hamper just keeps on getting better !

  206. CathySloan says:

    Oooh me please!

  207. Lynne Gray says:

    Would nicely stock up my small collection of baking tins.

  208. Angela Nicholson says:

    A lovely cookware set, Thanks for the comp

  209. Carrol West says:

    Would reaaly love to win this prize so i can get on with my cooking!

  210. Nikki says:

    These are fabulous x

  211. Rebecca Blakeley says:

    Wow!! These would go great with the Kitchenaid I keep dreaming of getting for christmas , well a girls gotta dream ;o) x

  212. Angharad says:

    Stackable bakeware is such a good idea. This hamper just keeps getting better and better :)

  213. Corinna Mazzotta says:

    Now there is a fantastic idea! Would sort out my baking drawer a bit! :-)

  214. Sue Kershaw says:

    What a fantastic idea, stacking bakeware. It usually takes up so much space

  215. Helen says:

    What fantastic tinware. I would love to test this. Those berry brownies look nice on the other page too.

  216. Clemmie G says:

    Wow the prize haul is AMAZING!

  217. Karen J says:

    What a niffty idea, no more opening the cupboard to an avalanche of baking tins!! Getting better and better every day. Thank You.

  218. Kirsten Ginesi says:

    it’s getting quite epic … more importantly, I’m looking fwd to more Chrimbo baking Ruth!

  219. Helen says:

    Oooh I need a roaster for my Christmas Eve pork joint!

  220. wendy devlin says:

    What a great idea! My kitchen is small & space at a premium, so these are great!!

  221. Caoimhe says:

    Wow what an amazing hamper, someone very lucky is going get this!!!!

  222. Amy says:

    What a great selection of prizes! Happy Christmas.

  223. This looks fabulous, anything to save space in my cupboards!

  224. Clare says:

    Non stick is always the best way to go.

  225. Rebecca Andrews says:

    Only a few more days til the draw!

  226. Catherine Crocker says:

    This prize gets better and better !!

  227. Andrea Jones says:

    Wow! what a fab set of cookware! I would love to win these Ruth, this hamper just keeps getting better and better! A really different idea of filo rolls, I love hummus and I bet they will be really yummy, thanks again Ruth for another cracking recipe and prize xx

  228. Allie Taylor says:

    Ingenious bakeware!! Love it!

  229. Bushra Rashid says:

    The bakeware looks amazing as do all of the other goodies!

  230. Jennie Moore says:

    Perfect for my crammed cupboards!!

  231. Carol Straw says:

    Very clever idea. Good space saving bakeware.

  232. Beth Hockley says:

    Ooohh looks very clever!

  233. Tracy lee says:

    Love these daily posts, made the cookies in a jar yesterday they looked great, fantastic present idea especially as I’m cash strapped this year, thanks for your wonderfully inspirational ideas and expert tips!
    Keep up the great work! T x

  234. nicola says:

    wow hamper is super fab now!!!!!! x

  235. Sharon Mckay says:

    What a brilliant idea!

  236. Lesley says:

    I really need to win!! ;-))

  237. Alison Clarke says:

    Wow these would save room in my cupboards

  238. Maxine says:

    This giveaway is fab

  239. Clare caine says:

    wow this just gets better & better

  240. Gemma says:

    Great giveaway :-)

  241. cath says:

    With this hamper “soggy bottoms” would be a thing of the past.

  242. Kylie Fisher says:

    Such a brilliant idea, my cupboard is packed full of differnt trays and tins that thay all fall out and most have lost their non-stick, this is perfect to create more storage space. Also new trays means new recipes i will be able to create from your collection. By the time the twelve days are up you will need a trcuk to deliver this astonishingly brilliant collection of baking must haves.

  243. Hannah says:

    I love the nestability of this set, space saving is gooood! I only have a tiny kitchen!

  244. Karl Bakeuhappy says:

    Love the look of these my partner always moans that my baking stuff is taking over the kitchen these would be a great addition that she can’t moan about the space lol ❄⛄

  245. Sarah Keeble says:

    Not long to go now till winner announced. So exciting.

  246. Louise Wood says:

    Mum’s ‘cobbled together’ Xmas cake was handed over with lots of ‘ooooing and aaaaarring’ – not farmer-style noises but those of appreciation.

    Phew. Mind you, I had plied her with my homemade limoncello first!

  247. Kylie Fisher says:

    Such a brilliant idea, my cupboard is packed full of differnt trays and tins that thay all fall out and most have lost their non-stick, this is perfect to create more storage space. Also new trays means new recipes i will be able to create from your collection. By the time the twelve days are up you will need a truck to deliver this astonishingly brilliant collection of baking must haves. You should make hamper making a part time occupation as you have already created the best hamper that has ever been created.

  248. Ann Henson says:

    Stellar cookware – how posh! X

  249. Freya says:

    Does this hamper fit somewhere in your house?!?!

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    Carrot and hummus rolls- at last something a bit different that I can eat as a lactose-intolerant vegetarian.

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  264. Ceri Bee says:

    I am LOLing at this one as my other half would love you forever if I won this set of baking goodies – he constantly moans that my tins etc always fall out of the cupboard when he’s trying to get other items out so this would be ideal! No more crashes/cursing will be heard from the kitchen :)

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    Can’t wait to make these. Just need to find out if I can find lacto-free houmous, so my daughter can have them as well.
    Ruth, I love you variety of ideas …… shame we only have 2 days left

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  325. Kay says:


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    D’you know I have never had a set of “good” pans or baking trays. Mine are always cheap things that warp and rush within a couple of months. These look fabulous. I might even be able to get a decently risen Yorkshire pud out of them!

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    He can t wait for me to get home from shopping tomorrow night!!! Hahahaha!!!!!!

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  394. Ceri Jackson says:

    My list of baking is backing up! And I will definitely add these rolls to it. AS for the Hamper – magnificent!

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    great cookware, i love how it all stacks together for easy storage, i have lots of them but different sizes and they make a mess in y cupboards lol

  400. Sarah Hutton says:

    On the Tenth Day of Christmas The Pink Whisk gave to me a 10/10 bakeware set, S’nine’d cookery books, eight Pyrex dishes, seventh-heaven in their Shop, sixth chance of winning, 5% off (Sugar and Crumbs), Cornishware ‘for’ storage, three tins plus one, two tone blender and a vodka that tastes just like toffee…… X

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    I keep failing with my Yorkshire puddings, I either burn them or they stick to the pan and refuse to be removed. My mum says its my cooking but I totally blame the tin. ;) I think new non stick bakeware would possibly solve my problems (And a better attention span) xx

  489. Toria Hargreaves says:

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  518. Zoe Higgins says:

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    Victoria xx

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    As sad as this makes me sound I LOVE bakeware, mine is all bent out of shape because its cheap but Stellar bakeware is the icing on the cake (pardon the pun)

  535. Anna-Lisa Moxon says:

    Fingers are crossed x

  536. Cheryl Tinker says:

    Would love the mixer ! No more lumps !

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    A gooseberry in a lift.

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    Such a fab idea! xoxo

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    Lovely prizes fabulous :))

  547. Lisa AM says:

    Fab prizes!! The stacking pan set looks like a really good idea!! :)

  548. Janet Powell says:

    my cupboard would look SO neat with these in them – certainly not what it looks like now! great idea.

  549. Rebecca Fox says:

    Another amazing prize!

  550. Anna Clark says:

    this hamper is amazing!

  551. Wendy Hallett says:

    What a fab idea! x

  552. Leanne Hallett says:

    I love tins :) x

  553. maggie pearson says:

    these look fab!

  554. Paul Dalton says:

    How are all these prizes going to fit in a hamper ? It needs to be the size of a Skip !!!

  555. Claire Challis says:

    This all looks fantastic!

  556. Jayne says:

    Great present to win!

  557. Carolyn says:

    Lovely set x

  558. Michelle says:

    what a fabulous idea, the prizes are awesom, thanks for the chance to take part xx

  559. Jane says:

    Would love to win these…

  560. Lisa Cann says:

    You can’t tell me you wouldn’t like to keep this stuff Ruth!!

  561. Angela MacRae says:

    Wow I pity the poor delivery driver who has to carry all this…

  562. Kirsty says:

    what a clever idea! Perfect for mini-storage kitchens!

  563. Zoe says:

    This is SUCH a good idea, my kitchen is tiny!

  564. Emma Gilpin says:

    this would fit lovely in my tiny kichten

  565. I love this competition Ruth. Can we have another one for 40 days of lent?

  566. Angela Peel says:

    These look superb.And just what I need as the cupboards are already crammed (most of it unused but can’t get rid)

  567. Maria says:

    Wow these look fab

  568. Hannah says:

    Such a great prize! Would love to win it.

  569. Charli says:

    This stacking cookware is a great idea. Ohhh how I’d love to win this “hamper” (more like shipping crate!!) xx

  570. Claire says:

    what a fab product – my bakeware drawer is rammed!

  571. Kelly Ellison says:

    I keep looking at these lol

  572. Rachel F says:

    Perfect addition to any Pink Whisker’s kitchen!xx

  573. Karen Royle-Cross says:

    Gorgeous Hamper!! Whoever wins it will be one very lucky person! Fingers crossed its me :-)

  574. Joanne says:

    I did not know something like this existed!!

  575. fiona says:

    brilliant idea!

  576. Jack Hughes says:

    Winning this would make my Xmas hehe

  577. Deborah Gaunt says:

    They would be brilliant for my teeny tiny kitchen

  578. Viki Seward says:

    Wrote so many comments hope you have got lots more likes as well :-)

  579. Viki Seward says:


  580. Naomi Taylor says:

    These look like a really good idea!! Hate that mine are all different sizes!

  581. Lise-Jane Hassell says:

    It would be so nice if this lot was waiting for me when I got out of hospital. Something to aim for I think.

  582. Quick tip for anyone without super cool nesting non-stick bakeware – put a layer of paper towel between each item to protect the non-stick surface.
    But I’d still love to have the super cool non-sitck nesting bakeware ;)

  583. aine o flaherty says:

    looks like such an amazing prize!

  584. sue p says:

    So useful!

  585. tessa says:

    Lovely stuff!

  586. Donna Owen says:

    Would be great for my tiny kitchen!

  587. Liz says:

    What a brilliant idea!

  588. Chris Harrison says:

    gonna need a huuuuge lorry soon

  589. Chris Harrison says:

    gonna need a huge lorry soon

  590. Elspeth Woods says:

    These are the solution to my messy baking / roasting tray drawer disaster!

  591. Hannah says:

    What a lovely addition to my cupboard they would be :)

  592. Katie says:

    Yes please. But all this prize giving is making me hungry!

  593. Elspeth Woods says:

    These look like the perfect solution to the disaster that is my baking / roasting drawer!

  594. Sarah G says:

    Good luck to all, this is one hell of a hamper!

  595. Mia Jacobsson says:

    This hamper would really make a difference to our Christmas. Please pick me. I don’t know what to say to really express how badly I’m hoping to win this. I want it so badly that I can feel it in my entire body, it’s a longing and a hope.

    It would mean so much for me and my family and it’s just not for items in itself. The past year has been so tough on all of us with death and a life-threatening disease after the other. I just lost my amazing uncle and two days before his funeral my grandma got a serious cancer diagnose. Everyone is a complete mess. Cancer is a such of crazy, evil disease and seeing a loved one slowly be taken away from life is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. The cancer killed his soul and personality long before his heart stopped beating. We all just stood there, trying to do the best we could. We did everything we could to make it more comfortable for him, but it was just not enough. The doctors had already given up on trying to save him and we were all just waiting for death in a plain boring hospital room.

    I am not going to make a long and sad story, but winning this would really make a massive difference for us. You have no idea how happy we would be in that case. My entire family really needs a break from everything. Nobody have had the time or energy for preparing for Christmas. It’s just been too many other things going on. This is however the time that we need a good Christmas more than ever; to spend quality time together, be happy for a moment and regain some energy.

    I would like to give my grandma some of the kitchen tools that she is longing for. She absolutely love baking (and makes the worlds best cinnamon buns) and it would help her keep her mind occupied during her treatments. My 17yr old brother would be absolutely thrilled about the coffee machine. He is always trying to convince our parents to replace the other one that (according to him) is “from the stone age”. My mum would be so happy if she got the cooking books, she always likes trying a new recipe. It would be a dream come true if I could give them all this for Christmas. Please help me, so I can help my family.

    Ps. Thank you for a really good blog and cool recipes.

  596. Sarah Blom says:

    My baking cupboard really NEEDS these ;)

  597. Debbie says:

    Great baking set.. I soooo need some of these xx

  598. Claire says:

    Wow – this hamper is amazing!

  599. Elaine Baldwin says:

    These look fab brill idea to save space for even more baking stuff!

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