Day 11 – Hamper Giveaway –

Getting to the last few prezzies to add to the hamper and today I’ve teamed up with to add in  a Bosch Tassimo TAS5542GB Multi Hot Drinks Machine, Black plus Coffee and Tea Discs!








This joins the hamper already bursting with prizes! 

A nesting set of  Eazistore Non Stick Bakeware From Stellar Cookware RRP £100.

5 essential baking items cleverly stacked together  including a Roaster, 12 Cup Muffin Pan, Baking Sheet, Baking Tray and Cooling Tray, taking up the space of just 1 roaster!

A set of Bake Off gang signed books:- Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake, Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, Edd Kimber’s Say it With Cake, Jo Wheatley’s A Passion for Baking, Miranda Gore-Browne’s Biscuit , and of course my Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating!

A  fantastic set of oven to tableware from Pyrex in red, white or blue.

£100 to spend in The Pink Whisk Shop on products of your choice with love from me, of course

A Glass Lidded Cake Stand worth £75 and a Set of 2 Heart Oak Chopping Boards (£35) courtesy of 


A bounty of goodies from Sugar & Crumbs

Cornishware from T.G.Green – A large 168cl and small 84cl storage jar plus a couple of mugs worth £100 –  in a choice of Cornish Blue or Cornish Red with optional personalisation.

Limited Edition Collection bakeware from Great British Bakeware by George Wilkinson.  2 of each of the following: 8” cake tin, 2lb loaf tin, 14” baking sheet and 12 cup deep muffin tray

A red Christmassy k-Mix Hand Blender set worth £119.99 courtesy of Kenwood

And the hamper filled with goodies!

To enter: Leave a comment on each days recipe or prize post on the blog (from the 1st – 12th December 2012), it doesn’t matter which, and say whatever you fancy (nothing rude mind!) and that’s it you’ll be in the draw.  Each individual can enter once per day, so if you comment every day you’ll have 12 chances.

(If you’re reading this via email your comment needs to be left on the post on the website – click on the title in the email to take you there x)

On the 13th December 2012 one winner will be chosen, at random, from all the  blog comments received and will then win the whole lot!

Rules: Entry is by leaving a  blog comment on either the recipe, or the hamper post (from 1st – 12th December only) and limited to 1 entry per day.  Multiple daily entries will not be valid.  Individuals may enter each day from the 1st to the 12th December 2012.  All entries must be made by Midnight on 12th December 2012 (UK Time).  There is one prize available to a single winner details of which are outlined in the Hamper Giveaway Posts from 1st – 12th December 2012.  One winner will be chosen at random from all the comments received on Thursday 13th December 2012 and notified by email directly.  The winner will also be announced on the blog the same day.  No further correspondence will be entered into.  Prize is only available for delivery to a UK address, onwards shipping to an overseas address will be the responsibility of the winner.

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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543 Responses to Day 11 – Hamper Giveaway –

  1. Lucy B says:

    I’m such a huge coffee fan…fingers crossed!

  2. Jamie Ellis says:

    This competition is great!! Really hoping I win!

  3. Jaki King says:

    Always wanted one of these keeping everything crossed!!!

  4. Corrinne says:

    Hey,another favourite thing to do while reading my cook books and deciding on the next treat is to drink coffee!!! Haha. Fab x

  5. Kezia says:

    I so hope I win this!!

  6. Shirley Cryan says:

    Great prize to go with all the others, good coffee and home bakes who could ask for more.

  7. Catherine Norman says:

    Realyy squeezing it in that hamper now….excellent job Ruth x

  8. Hannah says:

    Wow there are so many prizes! It’s exciting!

  9. Rainie Bish says:

    another great prize. The lucky winner is going to have a great Christmas

  10. Katherine says:


  11. ali.b. says:

    Ah a maker of lovely lattes – fab x

  12. Penny Hankey says:

    I’m first again!

  13. Kalli P says:

    OH MY WORD! I would love one of these… Perfect! Can see it now: delicious cheeses, served on Pink Whisk oat biscuits. Some wine. Followed by some good coffee. Mmmmmmm…

  14. KimH says:

    <3 Pink Whisk :D

  15. Charlotte H says:

    yes please!

  16. Suzanne F says:

    Hot drinks on tap. Yes please x

  17. Kelly Roberts says:

    I would love to win one of those

  18. Can see hubby being after this to take to work if I was lucky enough to win!

  19. Michelle says:

    Gosh, will anyone actually have a house big enough for the contents of this hamper!?!?!

  20. Lynn Murphy says:

    That would be a nice present

  21. patsy says:

    it still keeps getting better this hamper

  22. Debbie says:

    Count me in!

  23. Sue Chorley says:

    I like!!!

  24. Linda Rumsey says:

    This hamper must be magic to fit it all in!

  25. Ashleigh says:

    Wow would love a tassimo!

  26. Sharon Williams says:

    My Mr is really into his coffee’s, this would be a perfect addition to our kitchen!! :)

  27. Carol Peace says:

    wow this is going to be one great prize and lovely recipe’s as well.

  28. Nicola Richardson (@nicolacupcake) says:

    Ooooo a cuppa at the push of a button Very nice :0)

  29. janice says:

    Love coffee, this would be great to have at work.

  30. Pam Mackinnon says:

    yum, anyone for coffee?

  31. Jayne says:

    This is a great addition. Coffee to drink with all the nice baking .

  32. Kelly Ellison says:

    Oh yes please love a good cuppa x

  33. Corinna Mazzotta says:

    Does it get any better than this? :-)
    First all those books to read & now a machine to make the cuppa while you read through them! So exciting!!

  34. Wow!! What an addition to an already amazing collection of prizes! X

  35. Lisa says:

    Fab prizes!

  36. Mairi says:

    I’m going to be inconsolable when the winner’s announced and it isn’t me (it never is!) :(

  37. Vanessa Hallett says:

    So many lovely prizes :) x

  38. Jenny Phillip says:

    Wow! These prizes just keep getting better and better! Imagine being able to whip up a nice coffee at the touch of a button, while trying out the latest Pink Whisk recipe!x

  39. Helen Hickman says:

    Ooh yes please -I love a nice cup of coffee!

  40. Emily says:

    Oh gosh its bursting! I want it!

  41. Medbh says:


  42. Ann Schwarzenbach says:

    Looking forward to doing some Xmas baking next week with my son. Will be visiting The Pink Whisk for inspiration

  43. Flora Buckley says:

    Loving the 12 days, especially love the cookies in a jar, definitely something I’m gonna do!

    Thanks a mill x

  44. Helen Milligan says:

    will need a good cup of coffee to go with all that baking!

  45. Holly Bower says:

    So excited only two more sleeps!!!!!

  46. Lucy Birks says:

    This Hamper is looking amazing- wow

  47. iain maciver says:

    growing and growing will it stop at my door

  48. Hilary Robinson says:

    I so want to win this hamper!!

  49. Rhona Welsh says:

    Something to wash down all the cakes and bakes I make from your recipes Ruth! delicious.

  50. Claire Whitworth says:

    Ruth, that is a fantasic prize on its own!!!! You are really spoiling us :0) xx

  51. lisa betteridge says:

    merry christmas! x

  52. Louise Smith says:

    I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t function at all without caffeine! X

  53. Jo says:

    Ooooo lovely!! Saw these at the Good Food Show but couldn’t possibly have carried anything else!!!

  54. Yamie says:

    Wow! I am keeping my fingers crossed. These are great prizes!

  55. Lucy says:

    ohh, something for my other half too, if he can have the coffee machine I might be able to sneak everything else into out crammed cupboards without him noticing :-)

  56. Richard says:

    Coffee, cakes and cook books to look at. Perfect prizes!

  57. Nicola says:

    Wow,brilliant prize. Only one day to go :-)

  58. Sophie S says:

    Ohhhhh! That looks exciting!

  59. Theresa Aikin says:

    Merry Christmas!

  60. Milly Chester says:

    I’ve been leaving my comment on your Facebook page. Fingers crossed this gets me an entry into you fab competition!

  61. Betty Ingarfill says:

    This give away is getting better and better :)

  62. Lucy Roberts says:

    just what you would need for a good cuppa to go with all the cake you would make from the rest of the hamper… an excellent addition.

  63. Elaine Lynn says:

    What wonderful presents in this hamper!!

  64. maxine says:

    would love to be spoilt by winning all these lovely prizes x

  65. suzette says:

    brilliant..will need plenty of coffee after all the festive cheer

  66. Sarah Hutton says:

    On the Eleventh Day of Christmas The Pink Whisk gave to me Eleven types of hot drink, a 10/10 bakeware set, S’nine’d cookery books, eight Pyrex dishes, seventh-heaven in their Shop, sixth chance of winning, 5% off (Sugar and Crumbs), Cornishware ‘for’ storage, three tins plus one, two tone blender and a vodka that tastes just like toffee…… X

  67. Kylie Fisher says:

    You must be physic, this is on my christmas list as it is so versatile because there are a wide variety of hot drinks to choose from (one to suit all family members) which are perfect for these cold nights. Sitting by the open fire with lots of Sugar & Crumbs creations which are placed in the Cornishwear storage jar with a nice hot drink made with the Tassimo Hot Drinks Machine, surrounded by all the family-my idea of the perfect christmas night in.

  68. claire says:

    It just keeps getting better!!

  69. Nadia qayyum says:

    Fab idea hope I win

  70. Karen Kaye says:

    Somebody’s going to have a very nice Christmas xx

  71. Marissa Coltman (@RissaC4) says:

    Oh my goodness, this would be so smart in anyone’s kitchen. I can’t believe the amazing pressies that are in this hamper! I’d have to wait until baby no2 is born in April to get back up to my usual caffeine levels to fully enjoy this machine!

  72. valerie says:

    Cant wait to see what the hamper will contain on the 12th day.

  73. Debbie says:

    OOOh.. definately one i fancy (the coffee maker that is..)

  74. Sal Parker says:

    This is one sleek piece of equipment, I would love to have and would use it often!!! xx

  75. Helen says:

    Can’t believe these prizes! Truly Amazing!

  76. Kirsten Ginesi says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee – I’d be happy with one of these prizes, let alone all of them.

  77. Carol Coles says:

    What a wonderful prize….and such good recipes too!

  78. Fiona says:

    Oh a multi tasking hot drinks machine, sounds great.

  79. Joanne Baldwin says:

    Again a fab prize, looking forward to seeing what tomorrows prize is!

    Have been watching series 1 of the gbbo on good food channel and have loved watching you again. Just been watching your boy bait pudding!

  80. Dawne says:

    Oooooo now all I need is someone to do the washing up for me……

  81. Louise Wood says:

    Tea, coffee, cake and biscuits – no better combinations!

    We are certainly desperate for a brew, currently trundling up the A1 from South to North having seen friends and family before the festivities really kick off!

    It’s always bitter-sweet to leave them but I hope that they know my home made goodies, treats and creations are all made for them with lots of love.

    This is why I adore cooking so much. x

  82. Stacey says:

    This looks amazing, my mum would love it for christmas!

  83. Jemma Cripps says:

    Think I’ve been posting in the wrong place for the past 11 days

  84. Clare Bray says:

    Hi, can I enter the competition please, thanks very much!

  85. Clare Webb says:


  86. Maxine says:

    I would love one of these coffee makers

  87. Cherrydropstracy says:

    Happy Christmas xx

  88. Linda B says:

    Oh wow, I really want one of these but too expensive just to go and buy right now.

  89. ann weir says:

    fab prize! Please enter me

  90. Tricia F says:

    Probably beats boiling a kettle just for one drink. Thanks for the chance to win something. x T

  91. Gill Kniveton says:

    Tassimotastic!!! Would love one of these x

  92. Ann says:

    Phew, after trying to lift the hamper I’m going to need a good cup of coffee!

  93. omg so many prizes. love to have them all in my kitchen

  94. Gail Bedford says:


  95. Zoe Higgins says:

    Tea and hot choc definitely – not so keen on coffee!

  96. Anna Marie says:

    When I wish upon a star…I wake up to find The Pink Whisk Hamper gifts all surrounding me! :)

  97. Sadie says:

    This is truly the gift that keeps giving. I suspect I would need a cup of coffee if I as lucky enough to win!

  98. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I really need one of these x

  99. Debbie Blerkom says:

    Perfect for this cold weather . . . Brrrrrrr x

  100. Richard Leake says:

    Looks like a great little machine

  101. Oh my goodness I would love one of these! I can’t convince the husband to buy one as he doesn’t drink coffee… but if I WON one then he couldn’t really complain, could he?!

  102. Alice says:

    With twins .. I need a coffee maker!

  103. Silke says:

    The mind boggles with all these prizes!

  104. Angela Kingshott says:

    I love my Tassimo – I am glad to see you have added one to the hamper – people will love them… need some pods though!!!

  105. Sharon Morris says:

    just fantastic

  106. Nicola Smith says:

    Another great prize there!

  107. Lynne Gray says:

    Lovely would dearly love to have a nice coffee machine!

  108. Angela Kingshott says:

    Sorry – apologise from me – I see that there are disc’s included – great choice

  109. Jemma says:

    That’s very chic! This hamper sounds incredible ! x

  110. Penny Mitchell says:

    Wow, amazing-er and amazing-er!!


  111. Caitlin Knox says:

    Amazing :)

  112. Caroline Head says:

    Omg, it gets better every day, soooo want to win! Also thanks so much for the recipes, they’re fab! X

  113. Joanne says:

    Ooh this is so exciting, cant wait to find out the lucky winner is on the 13th!

  114. Jill says:

    These giveaways are absolutely amazing!!!

    Thank you Ruth

  115. Anne-Marie Claxton says:

    These prizes are amazing!

  116. Heather Bassett-Jones says:

    Love the oatcakes – my favourtie x

  117. Rachel says:

    Very nice :)

  118. Alli Marshall says:

    Bliss, a hot drink without waiting for the kettle to boil.

  119. Victoria says:

    Ooh my hubby would LoVe one of these :)
    Victoria xx

  120. Ellie Witterick says:

    oooo lovely :D

  121. Michelle Kirby says:

    Mmmm I could eat some cheese crackers right now!!! Plus I have some oatmeal to use up from making Parkin on bonfire night, do you think that would work ok? Thanks again for all your help, recipes and ideas! X x

  122. Lee says:

    Wow would love one of these!!! :)

  123. wendy daniels says:

    tassimo hot chocolate yum yum

  124. Ann says:

    Ruth oh my goodness you will need a fork lift truck to lift this hamper, wow what super super gifts going into it. x

  125. Wendy Devlin says:

    OOh how fancy is that!!! Would look oh so lully in my kitchen, and the coffee taste oh so good!!!

  126. Jane Hughes says:

    Wow, that looks amazing!!

  127. I think I’m actually gonna cry if I don’t win this hamper!!

  128. Debbie says:

    Somebody is going to have a very Merry Christmas, this is a fabulous prize.

  129. Maria says:

    I always need a coffee in the morning.

  130. Susan Reed says:

    Hi Ruth, thank you for a wonderful website with clear and easy to follow recipes that make baking less daunting and more enjoyable. Have made your Christmas cake for the third time and it’s still a winner.

  131. Nicola Smaller says:

    Another fab pressie. Not sure where I will put it all…

  132. Lucie Skinner says:

    wow what a fab prize,

  133. Kate says:

    Oh my god, want, want, want!

  134. nadine fridd says:

    loving this tassimo. fantastic prizes

  135. Nicola Pigden says:

    Totally fantastic addition to the hamper :-) I love it xx

  136. Naomi says:

    Wow – another lovely item! I love this type of coffee and this machine would look lovely in my kitchen :-)
    Well, I don’t usually win anything in competitions or draws etc so I’ll just dream that it might be for me !!

  137. Gavin says:

    Not a cheesy fan, but coffee is a winner.

  138. jenny lambert says:

    Fab idea….wish everyone luck x

  139. Sarah says:

    My poor coffee machine broke a year ago and I’ve been craving a new one but can’t justify the cost!

  140. Rachel Parkinson says:

    Good luck everyone xx

  141. pat waites says:

    Each day you’ve brought us some fab gifts, to win one would give me such a lift.

  142. Lizzie York says:

    Fantastic prizes!

  143. Kim chapman says:

    I just want all of this!! :-)

  144. Liz says:

    An amazing collection of prizes!

  145. Ashley says:

    The hamper is going to need a truck to itself at this rate! xx

  146. pat waites says:

    This coffee/ tea machine is really nice.

  147. Lizzie York says:

    And the great prizes just keep coming!

  148. cath says:

    Ruth are you sure you’re not Santa?

  149. Celia says:

    This has been on my wish list for a long time, so maybe umpteenth time lucky…

  150. Jules says:

    Oooh, fab. I made the sausage and bacon cranberry tarts today – they’re divine!! (Well, I HAD to test one :-)!)

  151. Hollyrolly says:

    Best one yet I covet Tassimo…

  152. Sian Loxston-Beed says:

    Wow, these make LOVELY coffees! Thank you so much for organising (and donating) all this, Ruth x

  153. Joanne Robinson says:

    Ooohh lovely! I’d love one of them!!!

  154. jacquie says:

    love the oat cracker recipe – will be trying that tomorrow!!!

  155. Kay Payne says:

    I’ve been looking at these. They look amazing! Would love one of these in my kitchen.

  156. Alison says:

    Wow! Winning all those prizes will be like Christmas has come early for someone this week!!

  157. Suzanne Yates says:

    I definitely need one of these to help me wake up in the morning :)

  158. Kathryn MacRae says:

    What fantastic prizes – a baker’s dream

  159. Sarah Keeble says:

    Wow, a fabulous prize to add to the hamper. Fingers crossed for winning. xx

  160. Janet Burns says:

    Please let me be the winner, such fantastic prizes!

  161. Priscilla Christine Stubbs says:

    What a lovely variety of receipes you have given us, these crackers sound delicious

  162. lizi says:

    So much amazing stuff!

  163. Murrium says:

    I would love to win these goodies!!

  164. caroline says:

    Even more lovely prizes!!!

  165. Sharon says:

    Such fantastic prizes!

  166. Leilah says:

    Here’s to hoping I’m the lucky one… Fingers and toes crossed!!

  167. Pip says:

    Goodness! The winner will need a bigger kitchen at this rate!

  168. Aida Skinner says:

    I have been longing for one of these for ages

  169. chloe says:

    An amazing gift x

  170. Francesca Harrod says:

    What a stunning amount of wonderful STUFF!! And I thought it was just your recipes that were good!!

  171. Hollie Morgan says:

    I think that coffee machine might come in handy for sleepless nights with my baby on the way! But hopefully some time for baking too :)

  172. Catherine says:

    Wow, how nice would be Tassimo xmas coffees be!! xx

  173. Carrol West says:

    Oh I do love a good cup of coffee wen im reading my cookery books!!!

  174. Carrol West says:

    Oh I do love a good cup of coffee wen im reading my cookery books…

  175. Rachel Brown says:

    I dont think this is a hamper any more. You’re going to need a crate!

  176. Lynda Sanderson says:

    Oh Ruth, you are turning me into a ‘little (no big) green-eyed monster’, the coffee machine is yet another item on my wish list.
    Have you seen my Christmas letter to Santa ? or have you been talking to him?
    Tomorrow is the last day …… what will I do then?????????????

  177. Catherine says:

    This is going to be some prize for one very lucky person!

  178. Kate Leonard says:

    Not long now….got everything crossed for winning this amazing prize!

  179. Caroline says:

    Wow, brilliant prizes, I’d love to win!

  180. Melanie says:

    What an amazing entry into the hamper

  181. Alison says:

    Oh wow this hamper just gets better and better :)

  182. Helen says:

    There are always lots of festive giveaways at this time of year – but I have to admit, this really takes the biscuit (so to speak)! Crossing my fingers and toes here…

  183. tracy s says:

    OOoooo! this hamper is sooooo good. Would love to win all of these nice things.

  184. Katherine Nerdrum says:

    Such an elegant machine :)

  185. Bushra Rashid says:

    Unbelievable! My kitchen would be complete with all these goodies!

  186. Rachael says:

    After all the baking, nothing better than sitting down for a nice cup of coffee mmmmm

  187. Becky Heath says:

    I can’t get over all these wonderful prizes xxx

  188. Sam Jarvis says:

    These prizes look FANTASTIC. I have my fingers and toes crossed! Thanks Pink Whisk :) x

  189. kat says:

    Wow what an amazing prize!!

  190. Sam fearn says:

    Keep calm its so exciting tomorrow can’t wait x

  191. tamalyn roberts says:

    wow whoever wins this hamper is oing to be one happy happy person lol xx

  192. Sarah Tilley says:

    I love hampers

  193. Suzanne Bellenger says:

    We’ll need a coffee after all this baking!

  194. Harriet Cannon says:

    I am. So. Jealous. I never win anything so I know it won’t be me, but someone out there is going to have The Most Amazing Christmas!!!

  195. Amanda says:

    My husband has wanted one of these for ages!! It’s some hamper! x

  196. Amanda says:

    Oh I love this very much!!

  197. Ceri Garthwaite says:

    I want sooo much!!! Ur rainbow cake lover

  198. Jen Price says:

    Fantastic prizes today, love it!

  199. Katie Everson says:

    It all looks amazing!

  200. Rebecca Blakeley says:

    Yummy, Definatly going to give these a try on christmas eve, a good addition to our cheese board I hope!

  201. syma fareed says:

    ooh fabulous!!

  202. Gail says:

    Just what I need to keep me going, through the Christmas Season and beyond!

  203. Isabelle Chew says:

    This looks like a pretty prize!

  204. Shirley Hurrell says:

    These crackers sound like the perfect savoury antidote to all the Christmas “sweet things” i shall buy my “oatbran” and try them out.

  205. Elaine says:

    Must make some cheese oatcake crackers later this week.

  206. Deborah Bird says:

    What a brill przie! would make my christmas to win this! x

  207. Katherine says:

    Wow, yet another amazing addition to the prize haul!

  208. Chloe says:

    Merry Christmas!

  209. Ruth says:

    oh, that would look lovely in my kitchen….with all the other goodies :-)

  210. Pam Benn says:

    Now you really are spoiling us, or at least one lucky person, just the thing when you have a dinosaur in the house, now he can make his own with no problems.

  211. Sinead says:

    Brilliant prizes!!!

  212. Linda says:

    Wow, must the best giveaway ever!!

  213. Claire Dando says:

    I’d love this hamper!

  214. Sue Beck says:

    I just love coffee! I would love to win this.

  215. Gina Mcilwraith says:

    Would definitely help keep me awake!!

  216. Michelle forkin says:

    Woohoo would love one of these x

  217. Denise says:

    Fingers crossed, a wonderful hamper filled with goodies will find its way to Rochester!

  218. Tania says:

    these will go so well with Boxing Day cheese snacks!

  219. Zoe Addison says:

    It keeps getting better!

  220. Irene Johnstone says:

    What a fantastic hamper. I’d love to win!

  221. leannelong says:

    And good coffee too! This is a prize to die for!!

  222. Kareng says:

    The coffee machine is a great idea – will need plenty of caffeine to stay awake long enough to read all those books!

  223. Susanna Berry says:

    This busy mummy would LOVE that! Greta drinks with minimum effort- ahhh!

  224. Bex says:

    Gotta have a cup of coffee with all the lovely bakes from all the other lovely things in the hamper :)

  225. Lesley says:

    It’s getting exciting

  226. What a fab giveaway! Any baker would be in their element to win this :D

  227. Julie Shaw says:

    These look really delicious, I am keen to try these out!

  228. Lucy Kent says:

    WEEEEE this sounds so good ! , thank you xx

  229. Anna says:

    Ooh only one day left!

  230. Lynne W says:

    Lovely oaty biscuits

  231. Kristin says:

    Just gorgeous. This hamper must require a small van soon!

  232. Jo says:

    Oooh, that looks lovely!

  233. Julie says:

    Mmmmm! Coffee

  234. liz denial says:

    wow what a great prize, I’d love this

  235. Liz says:

    I’ve managed to catch up but your website is so popular and the prize so great chances of winning are slim – still I’ve found some more great recipes that somehow I’ve missed!

  236. louise gilpin says:

    A perfect way to start a days baking :-)

  237. Adam says:

    Well I dont really want one of these but still…

  238. Mercedes says:

    And now you can make wonderful drinks to accompany the baked goods made with all the other prizes!!!

  239. Sarah Cooper says:

    Wonderful prize!

  240. kathy says:

    Nothing like a cup of good strong coffee.

  241. Kirsty Domakin says:

    The Oatcakes look delicious!

  242. Craig says:

    This hamper just keeps better and better!

  243. Lynne Lee-Diep says:

    WOW! Such a beautiful sleek looking machine – sure you could part with it? ;)

  244. Linda says:

    Ooooh … Lovely! Fantastic prizes.

  245. Ann Henson says:

    Hot drinks machine – perfect x

  246. Sandra says:

    Geez Ruth…today’s prize is too much!
    But I can totally handle all you throw at me :)
    Can’t wait for the grand(?) finale tomorrow!
    Fingers crossed…

  247. chrissy says:

    This just gets better and better! Would LOVE to have a gorgeous coffee from this!

  248. Curly bird says:

    Another great addition!

  249. Jane Hutchison says:

    Glad it does hot chocolate :)

  250. Ceri Bee says:

    Ooooooohhhhhhhhh I can’t believe it’s the penultimate day today, I’ve been loving the anticipation of what will be next into the hamper (or should it now be given a more substantial container?!)

    Despite the fact I know it’s physically impossible, I shall be keeping everything crossed that the Baking Gods are smiling down on me this year and I promise not to be too jealous of the winner if it’s not me, honest :)

  251. Frances West says:

    Just making my first batch of mince pies!!

  252. Jayne K says:

    I can’t believe the amount of goodies in this hamper so far! Amazing!

  253. Karen says:

    These look very good!

  254. Maria says:

    Ooh err a posh coffee machine!

  255. david says:

    a coffee machine, just what is needed while you slave away over a hot stove to keep your spirits up

  256. Alison Whittaker says:

    Flipping heck Ruth, this is the best hamper ever…. How can you top that!! Xx

  257. mair owen says:

    I would so love to win these prizes

  258. Elke says:

    You’ll need a big van just to have this lot delivered!

  259. Catherine Crocker says:

    Opening these emails is just like having an advent calender !!

  260. Jade Mulrooney says:

    I want the coffee maker!!! Argh! great giveaway!

  261. Maria Prosser says:

    Oh I would so love to win this, I’ve had a thoroughly bad ending to an otherwise good day and am so upset, I could do with a really nice coffee to cheer me up! Preferrably ccompanied by some macaroons too…

  262. Lynne OConnor says:

    What an amazing collection of prizes!

  263. Michelle wilks says:

    I know my fiancé would love this!! Also really want to try the crackers this Christmas, they look yummy!

  264. Gareth Castle says:

    Mmmmmmmm !!!

  265. Lisa Pike says:

    It just gets better and better!! Pick me, pick me ;-)

  266. Jennifer McGregor says:

    And coffee to go with all those cakes I could make…

  267. Heather Porter says:

    Love this giveaway! it gets better with every email!

  268. tracey mollet says:

    Would love to give this 1 a try! Looks like fun! X

  269. Wendy says:

    gosh..this is so exciting…all those fabulous prizes to be won! love the books and the “biccies” jar!

  270. Karen J says:

    It’s been sooooooo cold with us today that this hot drinks machine would have been welcomed with open arms!! Brrrrrrr

  271. heli says:

    I am having some very late nights in the kitchen!!

  272. simone says:

    Every day you post such wonderful things. I love them all. Simone :)

  273. Rosemary Grant says:

    Hot Drinks just what I need temp at this minute minus 7 and dropping brrrrrrrr!!!!!

  274. gemma collins says:

    This giveaway just gets better. I really want to win!!!!

  275. Jeannette Austen says:

    Oh gosh this hamper is amazing. Please choose me to win this as I so need a lift.

  276. Marie Therese Hayes says:

    These prizes are amazing. Someone is going to have a fabulous Christmas!!!!

  277. Louise Cardwell says:

    Only 1 more day :(

  278. Steven K says:

    Cheesecake, oatcake, pretty much any cake.

  279. Lynne McEvoy says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  280. Cathy Glynn says:

    This is one prize I would love to wake up to on xmas morning, so many fabulous products. I also love your shop and recipes x

  281. Jean says:

    Wow! ALways wanted one of these. What a fantastic hamper!!

  282. Marie says:

    The hamper is starting to look jam packed now! Some fantastic foodie gifts though.

  283. Maureen Williams says:

    All the Christmas giveaways are gorgeous; it would be hard to choose a favourite because they are all very desirable.

  284. Gill Baxter says:

    I do so really want to win all these lovely prizes! Please please please :)

  285. Andrea Jones says:

    I love Tassimo! I would love to win this and have the taste of Starbucks and Milka hot choc in my own home. How lovely would it be to have these yummy drinks over Christmas. The recipe for the oatcakes looks and sounds really yummy, I love my cheese and these would be great with all those lovely Christmas cheeses! Thanks for another fantastic prize and recipe Ruth xx

  286. Allie Taylor says:

    This would be for my best mate as I’ve already got one! :)

  287. Gemma says:

    Whoever wins this lot might need a bigger kitchen/house! :-)

  288. Erica Price says:

    Hubby would really appreciate this one.

  289. Jane Etheridge says:

    I’ll need lots of coffee to get through Christmas, not being anything like a domestic goddess :-)

  290. Jane Ainscow says:

    Wow, it just gets better!

  291. Caroline Scott says:

    I think I might be the only person not to have ever tried a coffee from one of these pod-machines. The fact that this one also does tea has really caught my attention though. Plus, it doesn’t look overly big and bulky for my teeny tiny kitchen space

  292. Sheri says:

    Fantastic addition to the hamper x

  293. Karl Bakeuhappy says:

    Cool a nice coffee with all the nice goodys I will be making I have a space in the worktop ready for this lol

  294. Simon says:

    If I had one of these coffee machines, it would save me a fortune!

    Just need to start saving to have the kitchen extended!

  295. Shela Cain-Forret says:

    Mmmm – hot fresh coffee at the touch of a button, lovely

  296. Sheila Reeves says:

    Another great item, love that it’s so easy to use

  297. sue foster says:

    Can’t think of anything better than a nice cup of coffee with a homemade cake (or two)!!

  298. Tracy says:

    I have been thinking of buying one of these recently. I would love to win it, and all the other amazing stuff in the hamper too. xxx

  299. Angela Nicholson says:

    This would come in handy on those colds nights! Thanks for the comp.

  300. Karen Button says:

    I think the winner will be glad of a coffee with all the baking they will be doing when they win the hamper

  301. Mike J Ambler says:

    I would take up baking if I win!

  302. Jessica Reynolds says:

    Another amazing addition to the hamper!!

  303. Sarah Cooke says:

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  304. Jo says:

    Now a coffeemaker would be cool.

  305. Jilee Patterson says:

    Oh, Yes Please!!!

  306. Tara says:

    Now a tassimo machine too?! My boyfriend has been longing for one of those since we’ve been together! X

  307. CHRIS says:

    Who’s there?
    Egburt who?
    Egg but no bacon.

  308. San Blackwell says:

    This is a magnificent giveaway! Really looking forward to it being drawn. What a fantastic Christmas present for someone this will be.
    Keep the recipes coming too please as it’s the highlight of my day when the emails come through with new things to try.

  309. Emma says:

    Lovely prize!

  310. Joc says:

    Still watching in amazement as the prize grows. You have done an amazing job Ruth putting this together.x

  311. Lorna says:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win these fabulous items.

  312. Vanessa F says:


  313. San Blackwell says:

    This is a magnificent giveaway! Really looking forward to it being drawn. What a fantastic Christmas present for someone this will be.
    Keep the recipes coming too please as it’s the highlight of my day when the emails come through with new things to try.

  314. Gillian Greathead says:

    Hot chocolate and marshmallows, very Christmassy x

  315. therese says:

    delicious coffee to have with cake……what could be better, you are really spoiling us Ruth!

  316. Julia mealing says:

    fingers crossed

  317. Joanne says:

    Great – you can’t bake without a decent cup of tea…

  318. Kim Whiley says:

    What an excellent addition to the prize hamper! :-) not long to go now

  319. Lucy Wainwright says:

    keeps on getting better!

  320. Michelle says:

    Penultimate day :-)

  321. Alison Clarke says:

    Oooo coffeeee, all I need now is a nice piece if cake, or two!

  322. Helen says:

    I cannot wait to see what you have for us tomorrow – so far you’ve written my Christmas list for me.

  323. Nicola Malee says:

    Mmmm! Something to go with the lovely baking :)

  324. Andrea says:

    Oo these look good will have to try them out at the weekend!

  325. Jan Jobson says:

    Wonderful prizes, yet again!!!!

  326. Leigh Mitchell says:

    Great prize, I could use a new Tassimo. :)

  327. Leah J says:

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  328. kirk wilson says:

    lovely website

  329. Matthew Wheadon says:

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  330. Carolin says:

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  331. Megan says:

    Happy day 11!

  332. Kathleen Connolly says:

    A great Hamper developing

  333. barbara says:

    think you must have sneaked a look at my christmas wish list ! this was top of my ‘wants’ from santa this year. so here’s hoping i win ths hamper .

  334. Lizzie Charnock says:

    This would be perfect for my kitchen, just what I need.

  335. Morag says:

    A perfect cup of coffee to go with all the cakes I’ll be baking!

  336. Twila Grower says:

    Oh happy day:) oh happy twelve days :) x


    Such a fab giveaway! Who ever wins is going to be one very lucky person and have a kitchen full of goodies! xoxo

  338. David Brewer says:

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  339. beccy smith says:

    Yummy !

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  341. Tracy denby says:


  342. Kate Dyball says:

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  345. elaine says:

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  346. Mark K says:

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  347. Arabella Bazley says:

    I’m sure you could set up your own cafe with that lot…. perhaps coffee mornings and afternoons teas raising funds for local causes!

  348. Morvyn Moore says:

    HO HO HO fabulous prizes. :0)

  349. Ali Thorpe says:

    I don’t really know what to say except wow!

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  354. Anna Aird says:

    I felt warmer just looking at that!

  355. Jo Dowsett says:

    I already drink plenty of coffee, but I wouldn’t say ‘no thank you’ to one of these!

  356. Smilernpb says:

    Wow! Each day the prizes get better and better – if that’s even possible.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for this one. I’ve never wanted up win anything else more in my whole life!

    Merry Christmas.

    PS Your book arrived and its fab! Love it! :) xx

  357. Rebecca Blake says:

    This haul will require a new kitchen :-s

  358. Laura says:

    Wow, this hamper is looking awesome!

  359. Carolyn Talkes-Nicholls says:

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  361. Marie Elliott says:

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  362. Michelle Gentry says:

    This prize hamper just gets better and better!!! Pink whisk you are the best xx

  363. Liz Beach says:

    Lots of lovely goodies to give my family & friends for presents this year ❤xx

  364. Ellen Stafford says:

    Wow Awesome….coffee machine is on my wishlist …would so love to win all this for when I move in with my fiancé in between xmas and new year!

  365. olivia kirby says:

    are you for real??!! FAB!!!

  366. Edna says:

    Oh coffee to wash down the lovely cakes made using the new mixer & from a recipe book donated on day 7!!!!! It’s all coming together nicely :)

  367. tammie kay says:

    Wow what a fantastic hamper, good luck everybody :-) x

  368. Angela Rough says:

    Wow! This hamper is every baker’s Christmas present rolled into one. It has given me inspiration for what’s going on my wish list, thank you :-)

  369. Angie says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas x

  370. Jack says:

    Ruth. I hear by re name you MRS CHRISTMAS.
    This competition is just getting better all the time.
    Thank you.

  371. Catherine Bell says:

    Fingers toes & everything crossed!!! X

  372. Sara Harrison says:

    It just gets bigger and bigger x

  373. Pam Gayford says:

    Been out of the country for afew days,checked email today and WOW the gifts are FAB.Winning one would be a delight but to win them all.Happy Days..xx

  374. Louisa says:

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  375. Samantha Potter says:

    Ruth…..just when I thought the hamper couldn’t get any better……you are a marvel! I’m dreaming of a PINK WHISK Christmas!! I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed, yes, a most attractive look!

  376. Amy Brauner says:

    please let christmas come early!

  377. Kate Ward says:

    I would be sooooooo happy if I won all these prizes! Fantastic hamper, well done Ruth!!!! X

  378. Gwen says:

    Beautiful hot drinks machine – just in time for the Frosty Festive Season – and all year round- Tassimo – more than enough to make Santa say Ho Ho Ho!

  379. Janet Powell says:

    what a great gift !

  380. Carol Straw says:

    I’ve always fancied one of these machines.

  381. Olivia says:

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  382. Terry Dowson says:

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  383. Simon-Matthew Bate says:

    Really good hamper now :)

  384. Catherine says:

    Making me very excited to start my christmas baking!

  385. Chrissie Brennan says:

    This has got to be the best competition ever. Magicxxxxx

  386. Sarah N says:

    Excellent addition

  387. wow! i’m crossing my fingers and toes now :)

  388. Rebecca Fox says:

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  389. Julia Durance says:

    This gets better and better. What have we done to deserve this opportunity? Here’s hoping. Good luck everyone x

  390. Jennifer Hale says:

    That’s a fantastic addition to the hamper! Keeping my fingers crossed – hope I win!

  391. Hayley scales says:

    I wonder if I’m on santa’s good list, I promise I’ve been good all year!!!!!

  392. Barbara says:

    What a fabulous range of prizes. :-)

  393. Gemma Samanta says:

    They just keep getting better! Seriously amazing prize

  394. Hannah says:

    This hamper is truly amazing! Whoever wins it is going to be one VERY lucky baker!

  395. Geoff says:

    ‘I’m dreaming of a frothy coffee Christmas…’ – it’s a dream present for me.

  396. pamela says:

    OK, make that a new house or two sheds needed to store the prizes

  397. Yvette Scott says:

    This will keep me going while I am waiting for everything to bake!

  398. Isabel says:

    The Cheese Oatcake crackers look delicious and the hamper is amazing and a Bosch Tassimo included. Wow!

  399. denise cross says:

    We run on coffee in this household so please enter me for this comp

  400. Hannah Welsh says:

    Had my first baby on Saturday and have really missed good cheese and biscuits so when I’m more human these will be high on the list of things to make!

  401. Wendy Hallett says:

    I love hot chocolate! :)

  402. S Burgess says:

    I can’t imagine the size of the box this hamper would arrive in, good luck to the postman!

  403. andrea says:

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  404. Kathy says:

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  407. rhiannon says:

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    (this giveaway is getting bigger and bigger its irresistible!) xx

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  413. Diana Cotter says:

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  414. Helen says:

    It’s gonna be a big hamper! :)
    Helen x

  415. Lesley G says:

    Unbelievable!! Your Christmas hamper just gets better and better. How lovely to know you will make someone SO happy :-)

  416. Claire Challis says:

    Wow this is amazing!

  417. gemma says:

    Perfect, some coffee to keep us all awake!

  418. Julia B says:

    Cheese-tastic recipe today Ruth! Looking forward to trying that recipe…and a nice coffee to follow would be ace!

  419. Karen Atkinson says:

    This competition is great what a wonderful selection of prizes

  420. Kim Wilkins says:

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  421. Theresa Waterlow says:

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  422. Michelle L says:

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  423. Sarah says:

    This could turn out to be the Christmas of my dreams. “I Believe, I really truly Believe”

  424. Julie Gibson says:

    Today’s addition would sort hubby’s Christmas prezzie!!

  425. Emma Bennett says:

    Ooh, I’d love a proper coffee machine, everyone else drinks tea at my house so I can’t justify buying one just for me!

  426. sophie says:

    I feel bad for the postie!

  427. Nat says:

    My rich brother has a tassimo boo hoo! Lovely latte tho and the kids like the hot choc. X

  428. Diane says:

    Wow! Such an amazing hamper and thank you for all your lovely recipes – I’m very distracted by them and wish I had time to make/try them all – thanks again xxx

  429. Roz says:

    What a fab competition! :)

  430. Suzy C says:

    Another lovely addition to the already amazing hamper.

  431. Jess H says:

    What an amazing competition! Whoever wins is going to have their Christmas made. Good luck everyone!

  432. Chris B says:

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  433. Helen McIntosh says:

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  434. Chris B says:

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  435. Emma says:

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  436. Joanna says:

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  437. claire says:

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  438. Lala says:

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  440. Beth Hockley says:

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  441. Ellen Smith says:


  442. Cherith Pollock says:

    Enter me please :-) exciting presents!

  443. Michelle says:

    fantastic prize, thanks for the chance to take part xx

  444. Jill Scott says:

    That would be fab especially as you can now get costa pods x

  445. Yvonne says:

    how much better than lords a leaping, drummers drumming and ladies dancing , i love 12 days of christmas

  446. Jane says:

    Hope I get to win this :))

  447. Lisa Cann says:

    Tea discs I’ve never seen tea discs! YAYAYAYAY

  448. deborah godbolt says:

    what a wonderful prize finger crossed i win
    thank for a great website

  449. Kyla Samuel-Ho says:

    Wow this hamper gets more amazing every day.

  450. Claire Starling says:

    Going to need something to make me a cuppa while I try all your lovely recipes

  451. Shelley Jessup says:

    Oh my goodness this is amazing, thanks for the chance to win all these goodies!

  452. Nicci says:

    I’m currently living in china with no oven and no means of baking. I’m counting down the days till I can come home and bake everything in your recipe book, and use all the hamper goodies, fingers crossed

  453. Lynne Webb says:

    This would be the best Christmas present ever! X

  454. Angela MacRae says:

    Another stunning addition to the hamper !

  455. Caroline Praed says:

    Not so much a hamper as a Treasure Chest!!

  456. Eleanor says:

    I never win anything – but am the eternal optimist!!

  457. Kirsty says:

    What an amazing amount of effort you’ve put into this!

  458. Silvia says:

    It’s soo cold today. I’d rather stay at home and bake something than going out to work!

  459. Elaine says:

    Ohhh.. what a hamper .. hope the Christmas Angels wing it all the way to Dublin to me … PS Looooove the Pink Whisk emails

  460. Ange says:

    Would love one of these coffee machines !

  461. Kate says:

    Impressive hamper now!!!

  462. jillbaker says:

    The wedding roses how to have inspired a wedding cake where as many friends of the bride as possible are making a rose to decorate. (Even the groom!)

  463. Emily B says:

    Amazing prizes!

  464. Laura says:

    I know someone who will love that coffee maker

  465. Sue Hill says:

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  466. carol spicer says:

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  467. carol spicer says:

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  468. Emma Gilpin says:

    would love this

  469. Zoe says:

    Wow, my coffee machine broke recently so that makes 4 things from my wish list in this hamper!

  470. Angela Peel says:

    I could use this,better than the silly complicated thing I have that is now a dust collector.

  471. Deborah Nesbitt says:

    This prize package will really be like all your birthdays and Christmas’s at once.

  472. Maria says:

    Wow I didn’t think it could get any better but this is amazing x

  473. Freya says:

    I don’t know what a tea disk is, but I love coffee…

  474. Angeline says:

    Thanks so much for this amazing competition!

  475. Jen Evans says:


  476. Hannah says:

    Fabulous prize!

  477. Sally-Jane Davis-Mann says:

    these prizes are amazing! Someone is going to have a very happy Christmas!

  478. Charli says:

    Been thinking about getting one of these – what a great addition to the bundle! Amazing work getting all these brilliant prizes xx

  479. Lisa fielding says:

    Merry Christmas Pink Whisk!

  480. Claire says:

    Always wanted one of these!

  481. Rachel Crosbie says:

    Yummy Christmas Cheese biscuits. We made ours into stars. Lots of mess with my little boy, but lots of fun and passed a cold afternoon. Fingers crossed for the hamper and a lucky 13th!!

  482. Elizabeth Buttle says:

    I joke to my very good friend that I’m only friends with her because she has a fab coffee machine! How great would it be if I had one too ? :)

  483. Susan Otten says:

    Looks amazing

  484. Rachel F says:

    What a perfect addition to the hamper! Love coffee and love baking…perfect accompaniment to a slice of Boozy Fruit Christmas Cake, and in an instant too!x

  485. Jo Perry says:

    Fantastic prizes I need to win this hamper

  486. Sarah Gardiner says:

    What another amazing prize, would warm me up a treat in this freezing weather (the snow has just started again) xx

  487. Karen Royle-Cross says:

    Gorgeous Hamper!! Whoever wins it will be one very lucky person! Fingers crossed its me :-)

  488. Sue says:

    May tempt me away from the teapot

  489. Samantha Keeper says:

    This would absolutely make my year!

  490. fiona says:

    looks so good!!

  491. Deborah Gaunt says:

    What a great hamper – full of lovely goodies

  492. Jack Hughes says:

    Great prizes again Ruth!

  493. Lauren M says:

    If i knew you could get hot chocolate in a tassimo too I’d have bought one ages ago!

  494. Caroline Frankel says:

    What a fantastic Hamper. Thanks for doing this Ruth.
    Caroline x

  495. Lise-Jane Hassell says:

    The world would be a very dull place without coffee

  496. Charlotte V says:

    what a chocoholics dream. Just think what chocolate bakes you could make with that!

  497. Sophie says:

    Wow these prizes are amazing, especially the chocolate hamper, which will all be used in baking and not at all for me to eat by myself- ahem!

  498. This would be so much easier than my current coffee making method – whisking it half to death with my dinky little hand whisk ;)

  499. Jayne Bird says:

    I’d like this :)

  500. Carolyn says:

    Must be nearly time for the draw!!!! x

  501. sue p says:

    What a fantastic prize!

  502. Rachel Norris says:

    I feel sorry for the post man with all of this!

  503. tessa says:

    Do like the tassimo stuff!

  504. Catherine Crocker says:

    Love this hampser !

  505. Donna Owen says:

    Another lovely prize :)

  506. carol phile says:

    what a fab comp, thanks and Merry Christmas x

  507. Gillian says:

    The hamper looks impossibly big – fantastic!

  508. Michelle says:

    wonderful prizes thanks for the chance to take part x

  509. Sarah says:

    this is too good to be true!

  510. Amy Pounder says:

    Love it!

  511. Jenny says:

    This hamper is adream gidt

  512. Liz says:

    I can bake good cakes, but I can’t make a good cup of coffee (too much effort for a non-coffee drinker!). I’m sure my visitors would love me to win this!

  513. Chris Harrison says:

    Ooh yes pls!

  514. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful prize, who ever wins this will be so lucky. Have a great christmas Jackie x

  515. Elspeth Woods says:

    Just the thing to get you started in the morning after being up with a ten month-old!

  516. Chris Harrison says:

    I love a nice coffee before baking

  517. Hannah says:

    A perfect wake up on Christmas morning!

  518. Katie says:

    I’ll really be needing this, time to cross all my fingers!

  519. All4meggymoo says:

    Just need cakes to go with tassimo

  520. Catherine Kane says:

    this hamper will need to be very big and very strong to hold all of these lovely things

  521. Sarah G says:

    This would be an amazing addition to our new kitchen… great prize for whoever wins the hamper!

  522. Mia Jacobsson says:

    This hamper would really make a difference to our Christmas. Please pick me. I don’t know what to say to really express how badly I’m hoping to win this. I want it so badly that I can feel it in my entire body, it’s a longing and a hope.

    It would mean so much for me and my family and it’s just not for items in itself. The past year has been so tough on all of us with death and a life-threatening disease after the other. I just lost my amazing uncle and two days before his funeral my grandma got a serious cancer diagnose. Everyone is a complete mess. Cancer is a such of crazy, evil disease and seeing a loved one slowly be taken away from life is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. The cancer killed his soul and personality long before his heart stopped beating. We all just stood there, trying to do the best we could. We did everything we could to make it more comfortable for him, but it was just not enough. The doctors had already given up on trying to save him and we were all just waiting for death in a plain boring hospital room.

    I am not going to make a long and sad story, but winning this would really make a massive difference for us. You have no idea how happy we would be in that case. My entire family really needs a break from everything. Nobody have had the time or energy for preparing for Christmas. It’s just been too many other things going on. This is however the time that we need a good Christmas more than ever; to spend quality time together, be happy for a moment and regain some energy.

    I would like to give my grandma some of the kitchen tools that she is longing for. She absolutely love baking (and makes the worlds best cinnamon buns) and it would help her keep her mind occupied during her treatments. My 17yr old brother would be absolutely thrilled about the coffee machine. He is always trying to convince our parents to replace the other one that (according to him) is “from the stone age”. My mum would be so happy if she got the cooking books, she always likes trying a new recipe. It would be a dream come true if I could give them all this for Christmas. Please help me, so I can help my family.

    Ps. Thank you for a really good blog and cool recipes.

  523. Sarah says:

    Ooh that would be lovely x

  524. Debbie says:

    Wow.. great coffee machine…
    Mmmm think of all the coffee cupcakes I could make xx

  525. Hannah says:

    This competition is brilliant, i just wish there was more than one prize, because knowing my luck, i wont be the winner. However i will keep everything crossed that mine will be the lucky name that comes out of the hat, Thanks Ruth for all your yummy recipes, you are a star.

  526. Elaine Baldwin says:

    Amazing prizes keeping my fingers crossed x

  527. Claire says:

    Completely amazing!

  528. Jayne Dickson says:

    On the 12th of the 12th just before 12 I thought I would say thanks for the fabulous recipes and hope the next 12 days to Christmas Eve are as great as the last 12 days! Merry Christmas x

  529. Beckie says:

    Immense! This is going to be a shipping container indeed!

  530. Harriet says:

    This looks great too! Fantastic for Charity Coffee mornings to give a different option other than normal tea or coffee!

  531. Holly Soole says:

    I would love to give this to my mum for Christmas – she’s had her eye on one of these for ages! x

  532. katherine says:

    wow! this hamper is amazing.

  533. Alison Makin says:

    Ooh, made me need to stop for a brew admiring that machine!

  534. jaynealicia says:

    Mmm coffee – but don’t you need to sit down and enjoy one Ruth? I just don’t know how you find the time for all this but trust you may have a few house elves over the Christmas break to share the chores.

  535. clara cort says:

    another lovely gift to the hamper, fingers crossed! x

  536. Shazza says:

    woo-hoo this is posh!!

  537. Laura Finlayson says:

    Can’t. Wait to try these they look very tasty! X

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