Winner of The Giant Hamper Giveaway

Thank you to everyone who entered the Hamper Giveaway and to all the lovely sponsors who have provided the prizes.

Let’s cut to the chase – you’re all desperate to know the winner!  The comment, chosen at random is from Ursula, East Renfrewshire  on the Cheese Oatcake Crackers Post who has been contacted directly.

Lucky Ursula has won herself the following prizes which are all winging their way towards her as I type -

The Green & Black’s Ultimate Christmas Hamper worth a whopping £120!

Provided by the lovely people at Green & Black’s Direct – the perfect place for all your Chocolate Gifts this Christmas

A Bosch Tassimo TAS5542GB Multi Hot Drinks Machine, Black plus Coffee and Tea Discs courtesy of

A nesting set of  Eazistore Non Stick Bakeware From Stellar Cookware

5 essential baking items cleverly stacked together  including a Roaster, 12 Cup Muffin Pan, Baking Sheet, Baking Tray and Cooling Tray, taking up the space of just 1 roaster!

A set of Bake Off gang signed books:- Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake, Mary Berry’s Baking Bible, Edd Kimber’s Say it With Cake, Jo Wheatley’s A Passion for Baking, Miranda Gore-Browne’s Biscuit , and of course my Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating!

A  fantastic set of oven to tableware from Pyrex in red, white or blue.

£100 to spend in The Pink Whisk Shop on products of your choice with love from me, of course

A Glass Lidded Cake Stand worth £75 and a Set of 2 Heart Oak Chopping Boards (£35) courtesy of 


A bounty of goodies from Sugar & Crumbs

Cornishware from T.G.Green – A large 168cl and small 84cl storage jar plus a couple of mugs worth £100 –  in a choice of Cornish Blue or Cornish Red with optional personalisation.

Limited Edition Collection bakeware from Great British Bakeware by George Wilkinson.  2 of each of the following: 8” cake tin, 2lb loaf tin, 14” baking sheet and 12 cup deep muffin tray

A red Christmassy k-Mix Hand Blender set worth £119.99 courtesy of Kenwood

And the hamper filled with goodies!

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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77 Responses to Winner of The Giant Hamper Giveaway

  1. Claireyjo210 says:

    Lucky Ursula! It’ll be a lot more difficult to start that diet now!

  2. Ceri Jackson says:

    Congratulations to Ursula – You lucky lucky gal!

  3. Kirsty Cluett says:

    Lucky, lucky woman!!

    I’m so jealous. Haha.

  4. Ursula says:

    Yay! Once again, thanks Ruth, it’s still sinking in, and its going to take a wee while to go through the mammoth haul as to what to use first…..
    Now I have to go and empty out a cupboard or five!
    Ursula x

  5. Penny Mitchell says:

    Oh my goodness, lucky girl! Enjoy your goodies and thank you Ruth for such a fun week :)


  6. Lesley says:

    Fantastic. Congratulations, Ursula. And thank you so much for organising it and for all the fabulous Christmas recipes, Ruth. Have a great time with your family.

  7. Allison Mitchell says:

    A very lucky lady! Happy Christmas all xx

  8. Alexandra says:

    Congratulations to the winner!! Its been a really great idea and has given me lots of plans for baking over Christmas, will be putting together the ‘cookies in a jar’ this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration Ruth!

  9. tracy s says:

    Congrats Ursula.. what a great Xmas gift you’re getting.. xx

  10. jamila says:

    Well done Ursula! Of course, I am completely jealous.

    And thanks Ruth for a great competition! I can’t wait to get baking. x

  11. Holly Bower says:

    Congratulations, have a great christmas x

  12. Rachel F says:

    Congratulations Ursula – enjoy all the goodies! Thank you Ruth for another great “Pink Whisk 12 Days of Christmas”, what a lovely gift to us all. xx

  13. Katherine says:

    Lucky Ursula! I’m gutted!! Best go and do some baking to cheer myself up…

  14. Vanessa F says:

    Well done Ursula! And thanks to Ruth for running the competition!

  15. Rachel Browne says:

    Congratulations Ursula – Going to start a bit of baking tonight for some festivities tomorrow Happy Christmas x

  16. Sally Campbell says:

    Well done Ursula,not at all jealous of course!! Thanks also to Ruth for lovely recipies!!x

  17. Wow well done to the winner!!

  18. Memole says:

    ;o) Congratulations Ursula!!!! It’s just fantastic you won all these wonderful prizes!!! Father Christmas came earlier to you!!! ahahah ;o) I’m so pleased for you, so…enjoy everything!!!


    Congrats winner – you are one very lucky lady! Thanks for running such a fab competition Ruth xoxo

  20. Sheikhs says:

    Congratulation..Ursula..enjoy the great gifts..

  21. Jo says:

    Congratulations Ursula, enjoy it all, I am just a tiny but jealous ;)

  22. Well done Ursula !!! no of course none of us are jealous :) our consolation prize is we don’t have to start emptying cupboards to make room for all those lovely gifts….. although wish I was :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Caroline says:

    Congrats Ursula. Hope the lovely goodies make your Christmas extra special. Thankyou Ruth – fab competition and wonderful recipes as usual x x

  24. Nicola Pigden says:

    Congratulations Ursula, your comment made me giggle on the day you wrote that post :-)…. Have fun with all those goodies (and good luck clearing your cupboards hehehe) xx

  25. Naomi says:

    Congratulations Ursula! You must be really excited!!!
    Enjoy all your lovely goodies.

  26. emma says:

    congratulations ursula! hope you both have a great christmas!

  27. Debbie says:

    Congratulations, Ursula. Enjoy your fantastic prize.

  28. Sarah Cooke says:

    Huge Congratulations to Ursula – enjoy your prize. And to Ruth – Thanks for organising such a fun competition. I’ll try again next year.

  29. Angela Nicholson says:

    Congrats Ursula and thanks TPW for the comp, have a great Christmas and New Year everyone :)

  30. Mo Silverman says:

    Congratulations to the winner, enjoy your prize!

  31. Jeannette Austen says:

    Well done Ursula Enjoy your splendid hamper and thank you Ruth for letting us all try to win it.A Merry Christmas to all on the board.

  32. Sarah Keeble says:

    Well done Ursula. So jealous of your amazing haul. Ruth, thank you very much for an absolutely amazing competition & all the lovely recipe ideas you have provided with it.

  33. Judi Delaney says:

    Well done Ursula!As a fellow Pink Whisker I feel it my duty to offer you my help in eating the chocolate….just let me know!

  34. Anna Marie says:

    Congrats Ursula! So great. What a lovely Christmas pressie come early and nice way to create community, too, for us here on the blog. Found other people’s comments throughtout the 12 Days about the recipes really fun to read. Thanks Ruth! So happy I found you x

  35. Tricia F says:

    Congratulations Ursula. What a great start to Christmas.
    Thanks also to Ruth for all the lovely things she shares with us through out the year.

  36. Shela Cain-Forret says:

    Well done Ursula – great cooking for xmas!!

  37. Helen Oliver says:

    What a great fun competition Ruth- as if your 12 days recipes aren’t enough ! And I think we can all imagine Ursula’s shock, joy and amazement at winning the prize (as I bet we all imagined what we’d do if WE won it, lol). Congratulations Ursula, post us some pictures and recipes of what you’ve done with the goodies !

  38. Kathryn says:

    Congratulations enjoy your loot!!!

  39. Mary-Ellen says:

    Congratulations Ursula, enjoy all your goodies. Big thankyou Ruth for all your fab recipes & the accompanying photos – very helpful. Hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family. Happy baking! :)

  40. Lynda says:

    Congratulations Ursula, enjoy the goodies.x

  41. Elizabeth Buttle says:

    Congratulations Ursula! Enjoy :) x

  42. TracieB says:

    Congratulations to the lucky winner! Thanks again for the fab recipes Ruth x

  43. leannelong says:

    Well done and a happy Christmas to one and all!

  44. Edna Grant says:

    congrats to Ursula, enjoy it all.

  45. Amanda Whitmarsh says:

    Well done Ursula, you lucky lady, not at all jealous!! Hope you get great enjoyment out of all your prizes.
    Thank you Ruth for a fab competition, think you have earned a good long rest!

  46. shelley says:

    well done Ursula, and thank you Ruth for a fab selection of amazing recipes, hope you and your family have a really great Christmas x

  47. dirtgirl says:

    Well done Ursula, enjoy all the lovely prizes. Happy Christmas to all my fellow bakers out there.

  48. Julie says:

    Many congratulations Ursula! You are one very lucky lady! And thanks Ruth for all you’ve done over the past 12 days – very inspiring as per usual xxx

  49. Mary says:

    Congratulations, Ursula. Happy baking and Happy Christmas. Thanks for the 12 days, Ruth. Am going to (try) and make the salted caramels tonight.

  50. Janet Powell says:

    well done Ursula! One lucky lady.

  51. heli says:

    Congratulations Ursula, thrilled for you, and Ruth, thanks for the recipes and fun, merry Christmas to you

  52. Sam says:

    Lucky Ursula. Thanks for giving us a chance to win Ruth.

  53. Carrol West says:

    Congratulations Ursula….
    Merry Christmas x

  54. tamalyn roberts says:

    super well done ursula! enjoy your prizes xx

  55. Linda B says:

    Congratulations Ursula… what an amazing Christmas present for you x

  56. Corrinne says:

    Ahhh. Well done Ursula. Enjoy your goodies and have a very merry xmas!!! That goes to all of you too. Xxx

  57. Melanie Hughes-Arron says:

    Congratulations Ursula,enjoy all your gifts!!! Now we’ve just got to keep on testing out all the lovely recipes!!!

  58. Harriet says:

    Congratulations Ursula! Thank You Ruth for the a great 12 days to kick start the festivity thi year :)

  59. Bushra says:

    Congrats Ursula! You must be over the moon! Thanks Ruth for providing an amazing competition…more please?!

  60. Beckie says:

    Congrats Ursula!

    I will console myself with the lebkuchen recipe from a previous 12 days!

  61. kirsty says:

    Ah well done!!!! You got lots of nice goodies there!

  62. Hannah P says:

    Wow, well done!

  63. Angela Kingshott says:

    Congratulations Ursula – WOW what a Christmas you are going to have…

  64. Becky Heath says:

    Congratulations Ursula!!!!

  65. Anne-Marie says:

    Congratulations Ursula! What a fantastic prize!

  66. Sharon says:

    Congratulations to you Ursula and thankyou Ruth for the great recipes .Merry Christmas

  67. Diane says:

    Congrats to Ursula! Thanks for the competition Ruth and most of all thanks for The Pink Whisk!!! Still look forward to your lovely recipes and the easy style in which you represent and explain how to make your yummy food….

  68. Ann Macey says:

    Congratulations Ursula! My thanks to Ruth for organising this wonderful prize.

  69. Oh my goodness Ursula, how wonderful for you at Christmas time, bet your nearest and dearest will be gathered to celebrate with you.

  70. Lisa says:

    Oh how wonderful Ursula! Great start to your Christmas.
    Thanks Ruth for the Comp, Merry Christmas x

  71. Emma H says:

    Well Done, Ursula! Have a brilliant Christmas :)

  72. Laura Finlayson says:

    Lucky you congratulations!!

  73. Fiona Harris says:

    Well done!! enjoy!

  74. Lesley Bain says:

    Many congrats Ursula, I’m sure Ruth has made this a xmas to remember for you :D xxx

  75. Lee says:

    So jealous of you Ursula, but congratulations and thanks Ruth for all the lovely Christmas ideas

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