Kenwood Secret Family Recipes

I’m sure you all have some really fab secret family recipes, ones I would love to get my hands on!

Well, I’ve been involved with a great project with Kenwood just recently sharing some of my own family favourite bakes….

Super Sticky Syrup Sponge

Syrup Sponge 018

Roasted Red Pepper Loaf

Kenwood 044

and Farmhouse Fruitcake Slices

Fruitcake Slices6

You can find my recipes, and lots more family favourites from other great bloggers too at Kenwood Secret Family Recipes and if you head on over there now and share your own family favourite recipe you could win yourself a Kenwood Titanium Chef – how good is that?!


So dust of your own recipe books and share your secrets with the baking nation – I can’t wait to see them!


In return for my recipes Kenwood sent me a sparkly new Pink K-Mix to help in their creation – Pink Whisking non-handed yay!


Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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3 Responses to Kenwood Secret Family Recipes

  1. Bernice says:

    Fantastic recipes Ruth. The sticky syrup sponge looks divine!
    I think I could share a recipe for the chance to win a Kenwood mixer!

  2. Claire says:

    Hi just checked out your recipe for the sick syrup sponge, is this really correct that it contains no eggs?? Sounds yummy but before I make, would like you to confirm whether it contains eggs!! Thanks

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