Chocolate Orange Cake

easter2 033

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3 Responses to easter2 033

  1. Emma Mowatt says:

    Hi ruth, thanks for the recipe. I tried out the cake tonight. It has such a lovely flavour. All of my chocolate sank to the bottom. Any tips on how to avoid this? The cake seems a little underdone at the bottom where all the chocolate has gathered (did the skewer test and was clean after 50mins) 🙁 otherwise absolutely delish and will definately try again.

    • Try chopping the choc into smaller chunks or toss them in a tablespoon of flour before adding them to the cake mixture which should help to keep them up! I’ll bet you’re orange was super juicy! x

  2. Emma Mowatt says:

    Perfect, thanks for replying. The orange was super juicy, almost ready fior the bin as it was so ripe. Thought baking a cake with it was a perfect way to use it up! Hurrying my way through this cake (not hard!) so i can try it again! Thanks again, this cake is definately a favourite for me.

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