Aaaarggghhhh! I’m Having One of Those Weeks…

You know the ones, when nothing goes quite the way it should.  More importantly for you lot my ability to bake has flown clean out the window.

It happens.

Recipes you’ve baked faultlessly time and time again suddenly let you down, you leave out the sugar by accident, cakes sink, biscuits stick to the tray rendering them useless once they’ve been chiselled off with a palette knife.  Yikes!  I know it’s a lack of concentration and failure to pay attention on my part but I feel like I’ve been dropped into the Bermuda triangle,  at least my baking skills have been.

I have baked all sorts of everything, none of which have turned out right, the house is in a tip, I am being driven mad by the teen’s grunting from beneath his hood, the little boys are attempting to kill each other squabbling and poor Mr Clemens is tiptoeing around me like his wife has been replaced with a four headed monster (with a very sharp forked tongue)

Oh dear….

In times of trouble

There’s more important things in life to worry about than baking going wrong!  So could you all please cross your fingers that my baking ability has got itself a nice little suntan and comes winging it’s way back to me soon and tomorrow I’ll share with you my rhubarb pie recipe, I can’t face attempting another version of Strawberry and Rhubarb Muffins it may cause me to spontaneously combust, surely even I can bake a pie…can’t I??

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire (but not this week)

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29 Responses to Aaaarggghhhh! I’m Having One of Those Weeks…

  1. Richard says:

    I’ve had moments like that. Like the time I made a quiche. I had my pastry mix in one bowl and the filling in another and one egg. I couldn’t for the life of me remember whether the egg should go in the pastry or the filling. Guess which one I chose? After three hours in the oven I couldn’t work out why the filling hadn’t set, turns out bacon, onion and milk on it’s own does not make a good filling! I never did it again though… :)

  2. Shelly Terry says:

    :( I sympathise. Weeks like that suck. I have weeks where every card I make is rubbish, and gets shelved.
    The only thing I found that helped is to do something completely different! Hard when its your sole income, but just doing something else frees up the brain (and baking mojo!)
    I suggest you go out, go to your favourite bakery, buy the biggest loveliest cake you can find, eat all of said cake with a bucket of coffee, and have a night off. :) !!


  3. Karen Gooderham says:

    Hi Ruth,
    We all have off days. I’m sure you’ll get your baking mojo back soon!
    I once decided to make cinnamon and banana muffins when I was tired one evening, instead of mixing cinnamon with the sugar to dust on top before baking I mistakenly picked up the cayenne pepper and merrily sprinkled it over them and popped them in the oven! They were quite fiery! Love your book x

  4. Mark Tan says:

    Love the pie! Hope the mojo comes back soon. If I might be so bold as to offer a Kung Fu-ism.

    The times when things start to go very wrong usually preceed times when they go very, very right!

  5. Kim says:

    Oh dear! Well, it’s nice to know that this can happen to even the best bakers out there (sorry!!) – I am sure it is a very temporary blip, but hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

  6. alia khan says:

    Yep im having the same, all im trying to do is make a bday cake and party food and it just keeps going wrong.

  7. MrsB says:

    ha! Pimms daaaarling. that’s what you need. gallons of ;)
    carry on baking Mrs x

  8. Karrie says:

    You’re just trying too hard. You are a brilliant baker so just go back to your old inspirational touchy-feely that would taste nice attitude … maybe have a relaxing drink while you ponder / bake too? We’ve all been there though – last 2 puddings I’ve made for years have turned out most peculiar!

  9. Belinda says:

    This happens when I am pregnant! Before I even do a test my baking starts to fail. Due in 2 days with number 2. My Halloween cake pop failure was the giveaway. The bonus was a kitchenaid for first baby and magimix for second, my husband feels sorry for me! Hope your mojo returns quickly!

  10. Jacqui McKenzie says:

    its a wee blip…the rain is putting everyone off their game – you’ll be back in full flow in no time – keep the bakers faith :-)

  11. emma says:

    Having one of these weeks myself, must be something in the air – glad to know it happens to the professionals too!!!! Keep going, it’ll all come right in the end, or so i keep being told x

  12. Chrissy says:

    TOTally sympathise! It usually happens to me when I am doing a birthday cake or something with a deadline, think the mixture can feel the stress!

  13. Nadia says:

    Oh, I’m so glad this doesn’t just happen to me! Sometimes you can’t even figure out why it’s all going wrong, which makes you even more frustrated! Maybe there are evil Kitchen Gremlins intent on causing mischief. Anyway, I agree, a break, a glass of wine and some quiet time is usually the answer. Don’t give up Ruth, we all love you!

  14. Lucy says:

    It could be so much worse Ruth, the kids here are on their 4th week off school…. Only 8 more to go x
    Back home in three weeks, will have my book for u to sign! Xxx

  15. Denise says:

    Well what else can you do but keep calm and bake a pie – love the look of this. Is it a template or individual cut outs?

  16. Diane Hennessy-Walsh says:

    This is just a little ‘blip’. Probably what you think is ‘orrid, we would think is really good. You’ll be fine – just look at all the recipes you have churned out and your book, well it makes us all fabulous patisserie chefs and so easy to follow. Enough woffle from me, really looking forward to your next invention!! x

  17. clairetweet says:

    I am in a bit of a cooking and blogging ‘lull’ at the moment so I understand how you feel. I think this weather doesn’t help. At this time of year we should be getting inspired about beautiful produce from the garden to be baking with but I just keep watching the blackbirds stealing the red-currants in the rain and making wintery comfort food.

    Your rhubarb pie looks fab and I must make one next time it’s someones birthday instead of a cake.

    Onwards and upwards! I’m sure we will be back in the groove soon :)

  18. julie g says:

    hello Ruth,
    hey we all get those days :( probably worse for you,but youre only human,
    its recipes that you have made year in year out that get you,especially when its for someone or friends coming over,
    but hang in there you will soon be back with another cracking recipe for us all to try,
    guess you need a break from the kitchen
    nice glass of wine and a good book ;) xx

  19. Gloria King says:

    We all have times like that – sounds like you need an inspirational break to me! Go back to grass roots and think about why you liked baking in the first place. Do something ‘cakey bakey’ just for fun – experiment without worrying about the outcome. Play! Or try something like yoga to de-stress you – that can really help you to switch off, empty your mind and create some well-earned ‘me’ time – for an hour at least! Love the pie! (Your beef and onion pie has become a firm favourite by the way!) I’m sure everything will go right again soon. x

  20. Amanda says:

    I’m a firm beliver in being in right frame of mind to bake, I made some cookies a month or so ago and I set the oven at the wrong temperature…twice!! I definitely had a bad heart that day.

    The most embarrasing mishap was last weekend when I did my first one to one baking workshop, both the recipes I taught didn’t rise, they were just a basic Victoria sandwich and some chocolate cupcakes!! I never have any problems with my own cakes rising…why in front of someone that came to me for help??!!!

    The mysterious art of baking!

    Mandy xx

  21. Pauline Fleming says:

    Hi Ruth, we saw you today at Tatton Park but only because we were in the wrong tent! Ha ha. However our mistake turned out to have some really good positives. I am rubbish at baking but after looking at your website and seeing some of your step by step instructions I am going to give it a go. You have truly inspired me!

  22. sheila says:

    Ruth, don’t we all have those weeks! You start off with all good intentions and nothing goes right, then you want to throw it all in the bin. One thing I am glad to hear though, it happens to the best of cooks, but still feel really sorry for you :).

  23. Kemi Wilson says:

    Please Help!!! I ust realised that I used a 1:5 Ration for my sugar syrup for soaking sponge cakes instead of my 1:2.5 Ratio. Its a lot of cakes!!! Do I rebake? What is the downside of an extremely light Sugar Syrup Ratio???

    • The downside is that possibly you have just wet the cakes rather than sugar syruping them! Only way to know is to test one and see – hope you don’t have to rebake them all x

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