Aaaarggghhhh! I’m Having One of Those Weeks…

You know the ones, when nothing goes quite the way it should.  More importantly for you lot my ability to bake has flown clean out the window.

It happens.

Recipes you’ve baked faultlessly time and time again suddenly let you down, you leave out the sugar by accident, cakes sink, biscuits stick to the tray rendering them useless once they’ve been chiselled off with a palette knife.  Yikes!  I know it’s a lack of concentration and failure to pay attention on my part but I feel like I’ve been dropped into the Bermuda triangle,  at least my baking skills have been.

I have baked all sorts of everything, none of which have turned out right, the house is in a tip, I am being driven mad by the teen’s grunting from beneath his hood, the little boys are attempting to kill each other squabbling and poor Mr Clemens is tiptoeing around me like his wife has been replaced with a four headed monster (with a very sharp forked tongue)

Oh dear….

In times of trouble

There’s more important things in life to worry about than baking going wrong!  So could you all please cross your fingers that my baking ability has got itself a nice little suntan and comes winging it’s way back to me soon and tomorrow I’ll share with you my rhubarb pie recipe, I can’t face attempting another version of Strawberry and Rhubarb Muffins it may cause me to spontaneously combust, surely even I can bake a pie…can’t I??

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire (but not this week)

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