Inspired to Bake? #GBBO

Wow what a final on #GBBO last night!  

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Live Online Today!

 Today at 1pm (UK) join me here live to chat about all things baking and for a good look through my new book Creative Eclairs!

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Join Me Live!

 On Friday 2nd May at 1pm (UK) you will be able to join me for a live online chat for a look through my newest book Creative Eclairs.  Not only that you’ll be able to join in too asking any baking questions you need answering!

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Creative Eclairs – Blog Hop!

We’re off on a blog hop!  You’ll be forgiven for not knowing quite what one of those is.  I had to admit I didn’t have a clue when it was first mentioned so let me explain…

blog hop

To celebrate the very imminent launch of my new book, Creative Eclairs we have rounded up a great bunch of people with really lovely blogs to take a look at the book.  

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Creative Éclairs

Can I interest you in an Éclair or two?


I am sure a plateful would be gone in a flash round here!


The official launch date of my new book, Creative Éclairs  – is the 25th April 2014 but I’ve heard that they’ll be arriving in the UK early – hurrah!

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Ham & Leek Gougere

Sounds fancy, it’s not (you know me better!)  This makes a great family tea, a change from pie and casserole but still with that give you a great big hug hearty winter meal!  This is Mum’s recipe, but I’ve fidgeted about with it of course – here’s hoping she doesn’t mind too much.

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Afternoon Tea – Eclairs – Two ways! Vanilla Choc & Coffee

Vanilla Choc and Coffee Eclairs
Now I’ve done the Choux pastry how to (here) lets see what we can do with them.
Vanilla Chocolate and Coffee Eclairs
Before I give you the low down on the eclairs I thought I’d share a couple of my other tea party essentials.

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How to make Choux Pastry

How to make Choux Pastry

Choux pastry is a really versatile pastry to have up your sleeve, it gives some people grief so I thought I’d do a quick how to before using it in a recipe.

Traditionally used for profiteroles, choux pastry can also be made into a great variety of lovely things, eclairs and gougere included!

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