Gingerbread Popcorn!


I’m sure I’ve mentioned my family popcorn addiction in the past so this festive gingerbread version is going down a storm here!  

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1 – Lebkuchen Pud Lollies

So it’s here!  1st of December is not only Advent Calendar day it’s the start of The Pink Whisk 12 Days of Christmas Recipes!

For day number 1 I’m bringing you these lovely Lebkuchen Christmas Pudding Biscuit Lollies, lovely little gifts or just because it’s Christmas!

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Day 12 – Snowmen Macarons


Just a little delicious Christmas idea from me today! Snowmen Macarons!


1 x qty Macaron mixture recipe here

Milk Chocolate Ganache

80ml double cream

1 tbsp butter

300g milk chocolate chopped

To decorate:

Thin Christmas ribbon

Cake pop sticks

Black edible icing pen

Orange edible icing pen or orange petal dust mixed with a little clear alcohol

Makes: 16 snowmen

Mix up the Macaron mixture following the steps just here, very simply flavour the mixture at the meringue stage with a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

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Day 9 – Cappuccino Truffles


A perfect after dinner treat, deliciously simple to make but dark, rich and packing a coffee punch.  The white chocolate coating adds a lovely creamy touch just like a Cappuccino! Here are my tips for making, shaping and coating the best truffles around.

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Bread Baking at Seasoned Courses

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Mini Cakes – Santa Stop Here!


How about these miniature cakes – teeny tiny cakes made in mini baking cups from Iced Jems.  Just like the cupcake sized Christmas cakes then one full batch of 8” Christmas cake mix is going to make a ton, 50+ of these teeny tiny ones so just make a part mixture or mix up your baking with a variety of sizes, unless of course you want to make 50?!

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Individual Christmas Cakes


This is a lovely project to make for gifts – Individual Chocolate Christmas Cakes.  Waitrose is heading a #BakeItForward campaign, something lots of us do for Christmas – creating something special for friends.  I’m sending some of my individual cakes to Helen at Casa Costello and Jenny at Mummy Makes Cakes – lovely cakey friends with great blogs that I met up with recently.

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Easter Lambs – Creme Egg Animals!


cookies 180

If you remember the Easter chicks from last year you’ll know I have a thing for turning a Creme Eggs into something else for Easter,  this year it’s lambs!

You will need:

Creme Egg

Sugarpaste; white, peach/flesh/pink, black plus green and pink for flowers and leaves

Use ready coloured or colour your own using gel paste colours

Black edible ink icing pen

Pink lustre dust and soft paintbrush

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A Bouquet of Biscuits


How about rustling up some of these for Mum this Mother’s Day?  

Treat your someone special to a plate full of gorgeous flower biscuits – they’re much easier to do than they look and I know my Mum will love them!

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Day 5 – Cookies in a Jar

Day 5 of The Pink Whisk Christmas and these make, yet another, lovely gift!  Who could resist?  I’ve even rounded up some gorgeous jar labels and tags for you from the oh so fabulous Michelle Lancaster of Wink Design x


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