Chocolate Giant Cupcake Recipe

April 133 (Copy)

Lots of you have requested cake recipes for a giant cupcake tin,  so I thought I’d put them on the blog for you all to use. You can pretty much use any cake recipe but how much?  I have to admit in the past I’ve just made a big old batch of cake mix, filled up the tin and then used the extra for cupcakes, so you don’t have to you’ll be pleased to hear I’ve worked out quantities for you!


225g butter, softened

410g caster sugar

4 eggs, large

90g self-raising flour

280g plain flour

1 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

90g cocoa powder

300ml milk

45ml (3 tbsps) vinegar (malt or white wine vinegar is fine)

I’ve tested three different giant cupcake tins and they all take practically the same amount of mix and is the equivalent to a 10″ cake tin recipe.

I know lots of you bake the base and the top separately but in all honesty I’m too impatient for that and in fact there’s only a five minute difference between the top being done and the base fully cooked through, certainly not enough to excessively dry out the top, so shoot me the base and top get baked together!

First up prep your tin – a really important step in getting it out whole.  Spray cake release is by far the easiest but greasing with butter will do just the same, just make sure you grease every nook and cranny.

April 088 (Copy)

Place a circle of baking paper in the bottom of the base.

April 089 (Copy)

Now on with the cake….

Preheat the oven to 140c (fan)/160c/Gas Mark 3.  A longer gentler bake means that the cake doesn’t take on a hard thick crust.

Measure the milk and vinegar into a jug, quick stir and then set it to one side.

April 083 (Copy)

Cream together the butter and sugar until it’s nice and fluffy – no skimping on this stage please!  If you don’t get enough volume into it now, you won’t have enough to fill your tin.

April 084 (Copy)

Beat in the eggs one at a time making sure the mix goes light and fluffy again after each.

April 086 (Copy)

Now you need to mix in all the dry ingredients and the milk/vinegar mix until it’s evenly incorporated.

April 087 (Copy)

April 090 (Copy)

Time to fill up the tin.

Fill the top first – and roughly level – fill it to about 2cm short of the rim.

April 092 (Copy)

Now add the rest of the cake mix to the base section – this one will have slightly more space to the top of the rim but as it contains more mixture it’s got more oomph to rise.  Roughly level them both with the back of a spoon.

April 091 (Copy)

Bake in the oven for 1hour 10mins – 1 hour 15 mins, check the centre of the base section with a skewer and bake until it comes out clean.

April 123 (Copy)


Set a timer for 25 minutes and leave it for now.

After 25 mins is up place your cooling rack on the top of the tin and turn them both over together.

April 127 (Copy) April 128 (Copy)

Give the rack and tin a firm tap on the worksurface and carefully lift away the tin.

If you realise the cake hasn’t released as you go to lift away the tin give it another sharp tap until it does.

April 130 (Copy)

Now leave to cool fully on the rack.

April 133 (Copy)

Perfectly turned out Chocolate Giant Cupcake Cake – ready to trim and decorate!

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

Meet me down the aisles of The Pink Whisk Shop – for all sorts of cake decorating and baking delights!

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146 Responses to Chocolate Giant Cupcake Recipe

  1. maxine says:

    Hi this looks great thanks for the recipe, does it work in a silicon mould ?

  2. Mary-Ellen says:

    Brilliant! Thanks for posting this.

  3. Fez says:

    You’re just amazing Pink Whisk!! I was looking for this recipe for a long time. I’ll definitely try this and let you know.. Thanks so much x

  4. kacy says:

    I was given a mould for my birthday. It’s enormous. This recipe didn’t even half fill it. So I’ve boubled it. Fingers crossed it still comes out OK!

  5. James says:

    Amazing, I’ve been looking for the recipe for one of these for ages as my tin didnt come with one. One of my friends found this, worked perfectly first time. It looks amazing

  6. Eliouse Johnston says:

    hi can I just leave the cocoa powder out? my children wont eat chocolate cake. if I take it out do I have to replace with anything else? ty for your help

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  8. Emma says:

    Can you use this recipe for normal sized cupcakes?

  9. Jasmine says:


    I tried baking this and all went well until I took it out of the oven. After half an hour, the bottom half shrunk and the top was too big for it. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? The skewer test was clean when I took it out :/ xx

    • Just try testing your oven temperature using a removable oven thermometer to check whether your oven is running a little cool, also make sure that the bicarbonate of soda is well mixed into the cake mixture – if its uneven you’ll end up with an uneven rise x

  10. Veronika says:

    I gonna try this recipe for a dinner soon! I’m so excited to try this! Is there a strawberry cake version? Me & my friends are big fans of strawberry cake.

  11. Janet Halligan says:

    Hi Ruth, do you have a recipe for a giant vanilla cupcake.. r should I just replace cocoa powder with flour? 🙂

  12. Elle says:

    Fantastic recipe thank you, just made it and it came out perfect 🙂

  13. Nathalie says:

    What an absolutely lovely recipe this is!
    I baked my giant cupcake last night and I made 6 individual cupcakes with the mixture as I doubled up the quantities.
    I baked both top and bottom individually though as I am always getting caught out with recipes that look easy but actually never go according to plan for me!
    For anyone trying this for the first time, like me, I would definitely not deviate by speeding up the baking process, keep the oven at 140 and don’t overfill as the rise is fierce!!
    Thanks for making such lovely recipes!
    Enjoy xxx

  14. Laura says:

    I just bought my large cupcake tin today and can’t wait to get started !! Do u have a red velvet one ? Also – how do u recommend to decorate them ? Is there a desperate section on this ?? (Sorry new to website 🙂 )

  15. Laura says:

    Sorry typo – that should say separate section 🙂

  16. Hannah says:

    Absolutely amazing!! I had a disaster yesterday and the cake stuck and fell apart, tried today using your recipe and it looks and smells amazing!! Rose beautifully and popped out the mould after 25 mins.

  17. Amina says:

    Hi Ruth!

    Whenever I seem to make cakes via creaming method my eggs always seem to curdle! It’s so frustrating!
    I’ve tried leaving the ingredients at room temperature, incorporating small amounts of flour and even whisking oil into the eggs but sadly I always end up with a cake mixture which looks more like puke!
    I would really appreciate your help.
    Thank you

    • Put the eggs in a jug and whisk them together to break them up, beat them into the creamed butter and sugar a tiny bit at a time – approx 1/3rd of an egg in amount, doing it slowly in tiny amounts will stop it from curdling – making sure each addition of egg is well beaten in before adding the next. Hope that helps x

  18. Lisa Bembridge says:


    I will be trying out the giant cupcake recipe as it is, but if i wanted to make a plain cupcake do i just leave the cocoa powder out and increase the sugar, please help. i need to make one for a birthday and don’t want it to be a flop.


  19. Amanda says:

    Do you think it would be ok to make this cake the night before and just decorate it the following day?

  20. Sarah says:

    I wanted to make this cake for my friends 25th birthday and was wondering what icing you recommend? I was thinking of doing the icing you use on your red velvet cupcakes because i know she loves that, but as i haven’t tasted this cake recipe i was unsure if it would work together…?

  21. Katherine says:

    Trying out this recipe in the morning for a friend’s 51st birthday. He loves cupcakes and with your recipe I can make him the giant one. Thank you!

  22. Kate says:

    How many cupcakes does this recipe make if I wanted to do cupcakes instead? X

  23. Beccy says:

    I was wondering do i have to use the vinegar or would the recipe still work without it??

  24. Jess Emmett says:

    Hi, I’ve made the giant vanilla cupcake and it came out perfect. I was wondering why this recipe uses less ingredients then the vanilla one? Do the cakes come out the same size?

  25. donna says:

    Made this for my daughters 9th birthday, turned out perfect, decorated it with chic buttercream and lots of different sweets, tasted amazing, thank you

  26. Jodie says:

    My 2 daughters and I made this cake yesterday for the very first time and it came out perfect and tasted delicious. Thanks for sharing x

  27. Helen Merton says:

    Just tried this recipe for the first time & got brilliant results. Even cooked top & bottom together!!!!!! Also made small cupcakes with the mixture as so tasty. Thanks

  28. Amy says:

    I made the vanilla one perfect….
    This one I made to the tea… But when I took it out the silicon mould it completely fell to pieces the sponge was that soft, yes I did leave it about 40 min before I turned it out….. Any ideas what’s gone wrong??

  29. Katherine says:

    Struggled for a couple of years to get my giant cupcakes to turn out right, just done this recipe for my little nephews first birthday and its turned out ABSOLUTELY perfect!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  30. Natasha says:

    Hi ma’am,

    Thank you so much first of all I accidentally fell onto this website and it’s pretty amazing and lovely.I am planning to make a giant cupcake for by Best friend and i absolutely love this one.I would like to know could i use crisco (shortening) as a greasing agent both the sections as i do want to do it the right way.Any advise from you will truly be appreciated.Thank you once again Natasha..

  31. Catherine says:


    I just wanted to say, thank you! This recipeis AMAZING! the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted! And worked perfectly in my giant silicone cupcake mould. I did have to cook for about 15 mins longer than the recipe but it came out great!

    Thanks so much and what a brilliant blog!


  32. Tracey says:

    Just wanted to say, a big thank you for this cupcake recipe ! I wish I could send u a photo of it. My family Said its the best chocolate cake they have ever tasted ! Thank you again.

  33. Tina Beresford says:

    Hi, does this recipe freeze well if I make a week before?

    Thanks Tina

  34. Catriona Fox says:

    Hi, I tried making this today and the cake tastes really amazing. My only problem is that although I followed the instructions exactly, I still had problems getting the cakes out as the cake was so moist. Do you have any tips?

  35. erin says:

    How would I go about making a marbled giant cupcake?half the quantities for both the vanilla and chocolate recipes?

    • You could or make up a full quantity of vanilla, halve the mixture and stir through 2-3 tbsps of cocoa powder until the mixture is dark enough and then marble the two in the tin x

  36. wanda says:

    Hiya, I used this recipe to bake the base of a Giant and a ball pan cake to make up my sons birthday cake.. it was delicious. Just wondering if i used this for a cake it would hold fondant ok?



  37. Judi says:

    Hi doing the giant cupcake in the tin for a 21st this week, doing your chocolate version, just wondering do you a modern mixer with a paddle beater or the old rotary beaters which were the only kind around once. I have a new modern mixer but find the cake have a thicker texture when cook …….any advice ?

    • Hi Judi, I use both kinds of mixers depending on how I’m feeling! If you’re cake isn’t as light an airy using the paddle beater style mixer then its likely that the butter and sugar aren’t being creamed as much as which the rotary beaters so make sure you scrape down the bowl often and mix for longer to compensate x

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  39. Elain says:

    Looked at this chocolate version, looks fantastic, but thought it was an awful lot of sugar in proportion to flour…is it the correct amount ?…or is the sweetness counteracted by the vinegar

  40. Jenni McDonald says:

    Made a giant cupcake today using your chocolate recipe. Amazing, really moist, nice chocolate taste. Thank you. I think your book needs to go on my wish list!!

  41. Laura says:

    I’ve been searching for a chocolate giant cupcake recipe for ages, but they’ve all been dry! Finally I’ve found one, that is moist and a major hit at my sisters baby shower. Thank you!

  42. Lisa says:

    Will cake release spray be ok to use on my tin?i am
    Going to do this at the wkend.the sticker says to fill the base and put in the oven and put top in a little while after!i have the same Tin as urs! Wot do u think? Thanks

    • My tin doesn’t come apart so they both go in together – the difference is very little in the bake time but you could always take the top out 5 minutes before the base if you’ve checked and it’s cooked through

  43. Tracylillian says:

    Hi, I made this cake yesterday exactly to your recipe and it turned out fantastic! It was my first giant muffin in my new tin. It certainly will be the first of many xx

  44. Nina says:

    An amazing recipe, worked really well and tasted amazing. Your extra tips like no skimping on the creaming the sugar and butter together i think made all the difference as i sometimes do skimp on this 🙂

    Thanks, a brilliant website

  45. Emma says:

    Just tried this and it’s all overflowed out the tin ha ha… Must be doing something wrong 🙁

  46. Leah Thompson says:

    Hi i just made this and it all stuck and fell out of the pan broken. Do you think it was because I only greased the tin with olive oil. When I made the vanilla one I used butter and flour on the tin and it was perfect.

  47. nat Harris says:

    Can you use Margarine or other spreads or does it have to be proper butter?

  48. Cat says:


    Just wondering, i have a silicone mold with a insert for filling, how much do i need to fill the base?


  49. Anwen Davies says:

    Hi I was wondering why do you put vinegar into the mixture?


  50. Aimi says:

    Hi. I’m planning on making this cake for my sister’s birthday. However, I have never baked a cake with vinegar in it before! 3tbsp seems a lot! I’m worried that you may taste it slightly?


  51. beth says:

    im doing this recipe for an exam, im quite nervous. Would it be best if I doubled the recipe. I have silicon moulds.

  52. Louise Moore says:

    This is a fabulous recipe!!! It turned out perfectly. Very moist and chocolatey. I too worried about the vinegar especially the smell that it generated when mixed with the milk, but it obviously does what it is meant to. And you wouldn’t know it was there if you hadn’t added it yourself. I will be looking out for your book.

  53. Nicky bradley says:

    Perfect!! My cakes came out really light and fluffy.not too chocolatey either
    Thank you 🙂 my son is going to love his birthday cake x

  54. Sophie says:

    How many normal sized cupcakes would this recipe make? x

  55. Sue says:

    Brilliant and rose amazingly. Be warned don’t overfilled till. I just used all mixture not believing any cake I made would rise that much. Super shall use this recipe very time

  56. Shelley silver says:

    I just made this cake but cooked it in an 8″ square tin. It took longer – 1hour 35 minutes at 140. But it still came out lovely and smells gorgeous. Wasn’t sure if it would work but it has. Great recipe as is the vanilla cupcake recipe. I’ve not long been cake baking and have been having trouble getting sponges right but I’ve tried both cupcake recipes and they have turned out perfect!

  57. Lynia says:

    I love your blog! Have u ever done a giant carrot cupcake? A friend asked if I could make one and not so sure of the mix.

  58. Ruby shah says:

    Am I reading this correctly. Is it only 90gms of self raising flour??

  59. Margaret says:

    Hi cake recipe is great ….but I had problem getting cake out of tin. It came away when I lifted tin of cake couldn’t make a cupcake as top broke to 🙁

  60. emma says:

    OMG it turned out great absoltly fabloulos
    be making i again.Just wondering do you have a recipe for Rock candy im dying for a shot on making it!!!

  61. Elora says:

    Hello, I love this recipe I’ve used it a few times and it has always worked perfectly for me and always gets fantastic reviews, however I’m making it for a friends daughters birthday soon and she wanted to know if I could make it more chocolatey, do you have any suggestions on how to do this? I currently use the Bournville cocoa powder which is quite a strong taste, so I don’t know whether to add more but reduce the flour? But which flour or should I use actual chocolate instead?? Help!!

    • You could try reducing some of the plain flour and replacing with more cocoa powder but it does have a tendency to start to make the cake dry. Better to add more chocolate taste with a ganache or chocolate buttercream or filling when you’re decorating the cake.

  62. Katie L says:

    I am going to have a go at your gorgeous looking chocolate giant cup cake for my daughter’s 9th birthday but not sure how to decorate it. Just use a chocolate or vanilla buttercream on top? Any ideas? No idea how much to make. Help please. Love the website x

  63. danielle gregg says:

    Hi just bakedbthe cake it looks and smells delish. This is a practice run for my daughters birthday cake I’m using fondant toncover the bottom and then the top to make a mushroom house. Will this cake take the weight of fondant or will it need to have support in it. Ive never had to support a cake before either so I’m not totally sure what I’d need to do. Many thanks x

    • Hi Danielle, the cake will easily take the weight of the fondant so there’s no need to worry about adding any kind of support. Just stack the top and the bottom and it will be fine x

  64. Nancy says:

    Do you have a recipe for chocolate icing?

    thanks! 🙂

  65. Helen Panayi says:

    I used this recipe for a giant cupcake and it turned out perfect. Could I use this recipe for the Wilton 9 x 13 rectangle tin ?
    Thank youx

  66. Elise says:

    This recipe is amazing and the cake is very moist and smells delicious I will defenetly use this recipe again and tell my friends about it x

  67. Amanda says:

    Hiya, quick question, I’m planning on making this cake for a friend’s birthday. I’m assuming the milk is full fat, rather than semi-skimmed or skimmed? Would that be correct? x

  68. Sam says:

    I have used this recipe on a number of ocassions and even given it to friends. It is the most delicious chocolate cake recipe and even passes ‘the husband’ test (he is a serious chocoholic!). I just make sure I make the cake the day before I want to decorate it and leave it in the mould for at least 12 hours to avoid it falling apart!

  69. Jayne Pollard says:

    Fantastic recipe never dreamt of adding vinegar to a cake recipe. I made 10 buns as well my tin must be smaller than most. Cooked for

  70. Rania says:

    After failing my first attempt with a different recipe, I tried yours.I am happy to tell u that I just got it out of the mould, and it is perfect.Didn’t leave even the minor crumb on the mould. I am so Happy :).. u saved my easter cake.for all readers I am using the silicone mould just grease it generously and wait a good 40 minutes before attempting to release it and you will be as happy as I am.Ingredients are perfect so don’t attempt to add or remove even if u find the vinegar odd.

  71. Shanai says:

    I’ve just finished assembling my giant cupcake and this recipe is awesome! The cake is very moist and spongy and the chocolate taste is great. I’ll be looking to do the vanilla and any other giant cupcake recipe you post!

  72. noelene says:

    thanks.. I am like you and am too impatient too. I have always cooked top and bottom together without any drams.. Look forward to trying your recipe..

  73. Sandy says:

    Hi, just made this and couldn’t get it out the tin. I did leave it way longer than 25min as I popped out to the shops. The base broke in half whilst trying to get it out. I’ve run a knife around (scratching the tin unfortunately) and it’s finally out. Looks lovely and moist though. I used a very genorous amount of butter to grease the tin. Why did it not come out properly?

  74. Christine Stuart says:

    Thank you so much for this recipe. It’s the best chocolate cake I’ve ever tasted. It’s rich, moist and thoroughly delicious. I used a silicone mould. I brushed melted butter into every bit of the mould and it worked a treat. Even with the silicone mould it’s best to leave it to cool a little before removing otherwise the cake breaks

  75. Tarnya says:

    Hi I made this first time and it come out perfect, cake mix tastes amazing too. I even use this cake mix for my cupcakes and had so much good feedback saying the sponge is moist and very spongy. Thank you for sharing your perfect receipt.

  76. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the great recipe, cake came out perfect first time!

  77. Michaela says:

    Baked as a GCC this last weekend, flawless.
    Because it tasted delicious I have just baked this complete recipe as a 9″ square – perfect!

  78. Kimmyginger says:

    Makes a really lovely, moist chocolate cake! Definitely recommend using this recipe. X

  79. Vicki Owen says:

    Hello pink whisk, can I replace the bi carb with baking powder? Thanks x

  80. gemma says:

    Hi, great recipe, was going to use for cupcakes but do you know how many it makes and roughly how much to fill baking cases. many thanks

  81. gemma says:

    Great recipe, have used for a giant cupcake and normal sized cupcakes. Made about 30 cakes in cupcake cases, could have maybe filled slightly more though if you want them nearly to top of case, will probably 2/3 fill next time and be careful with sinking as one started to sink a little but you cant tell once frosted anyway.

  82. Jayne Maddison says:

    Just wanted to say thanks so much for this recipe, it works a treat!! I made in on Thursday for my daughter’s 19th birthday and it is still moist and delicious today (Monday) – she really was over the moon with it!! I will try your vanilla recipe next time!! Thank you again – great website 🙂 x

  83. Lindsey says:

    Excellent recipie, makes a beautiful cake and is now my favorite chocolate recipie and used by lots of friends of mine!xx

  84. Fae says:

    Hi i have used your recipe several times and always have great results. Just wondering if this could be adapted so that it would work as a normal 8 inch square cake as it really is the best chocolate cake ive had. Any ideas much appreciated. Thank you

  85. Nadine says:

    I’m now on my 3rd attempt at this recipe….. It cooks brilliantly however every time I turn it out it won’t. It just ends up sticking. I’ve buttered the pan and left for 25mins the first time, still stuck but still seemed very hot, second time I used non stick spray and left it to cool for 40mins. Still stuck. I now have my 3rd attempt in the oven. I’ve buttered and floured the pan…….I really hope it works this time. Cake tastes good, it’s just coming out in bits though 🙁

  86. Amy says:


    Having made several chocolate cakes/cupcakes over the years and never eating them myself as they were too dry/rich etc I am pleased to say this turned out perfectly and I ate the biggest slice. Even after 4 days it was still so moist and soft.
    I think the recipe is perfect and I could notice the difference even when mixing the ingredients, it was smooth and silky. I must admit at first I was concerned that it was plain flour mostly, thinking it would not rise!
    How wrong was I! I would go so far as to say this is the best way ever!
    My question is I want to try the vanilla version and start experimenting with different flavours etc but noticed the recipe is different and use’s mostly SR flour? Would the same structure used for the chocolate cake not work on the vanilla?

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  88. Pingback: Recipe metric measurements for filling a large cupcake Cake baking tin with out making too much or too little - Zuzi Cooks

  89. Joe says:

    can this cake be frozen?

  90. Sarah says:

    I would like to make a choc raspberry version of this giant cupcake. Is this achievable and how would i do it?

  91. Katy says:

    Hi how come vinegar is used and can you taste it? Sorry if silly question! I have previously made the vanilla version and it was beautiful. Thankyou in advance xx

  92. Cathy says:

    This cake turned out fab for me! (And I’m a total novice!) The only thing I’ll say is this mega rose for me. Like right over the tin. But I cut it down to size.
    You can see pictures here:

    Thanks for the recipe!

  93. Sarah says:

    I LOVE THIS RECIPE! I am a complete beginner and I was given the double tin/ mould recently, so today thought I would try it out. Yes the mixture is wet but when cooked and cooled, it is the most scrumptiously moist chocolate sponge. It not only filled both sides of the mould fully, but it also made six little fairy cakes! If you follow the instructions as they have been written and not bung everything in at once, spend the time creaming the butter with the sugar, add an egg one at a time… then you too will have the perfect giant chocolate cupcake cake! This will be the only chocolate recipe I will use in my shaped tin, no need to hunt around for another, I have found THE ONE!

  94. Debbie says:

    I am planning on making this as a White Choc Mud so fingers crossed it turns out…I also definitely plan to save the recipes and try for next time =]

  95. Bert says:

    Great recipe taste really nice .id recommend it to anyone =)

  96. Carly hefferon says:

    hi I have tried the vanilla version of this recipe and it is just amazing! I am wanting to attempt a chocolate one for my friends birthday but do you have a gluten free version? I’ve never made a gluten free cake so want a tried and tested recipe. Thank u! Carly x

  97. Rudo says:

    Hi Ruth could I use sour cream Instead or do you have some recipes that use sour cream??

  98. Tracy says:

    Hi, Thanks for the recipe… Could you add choc chip’s into the mix?

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