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Chocolate Biscuits – Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Chocolate Biscuits for Breakthrough Breast Cancer

If you bake then I’m sure at some point you’ll have baked for a good cause!  

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How to make a Rainbow Cake

How to make a Rainbow Cake

This is a really simple surprise to rustle up for a birthday cake – I made this one for Dylan’s (one of my boys) birthday recently.  

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Boozy Fruit for your Christmas Cake

Boozy Fruit for your Christmas Cake

Those of you that were already with me this time last year will know that now is the time to start on your Christmas Cake (yes, really!).  Soaking the fruit for a good six weeks before we even bake the cake.  

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Cake in a Mug – Just for Fun!


Baking doesn’t always have to be serious – sometimes it’s good to have a bit of  a lark – you can certainly get that with a cake in a mug!  It’s tongue in cheek baking – a quick whip up in the office kitchen or something just to amuse the kids with.

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Black Forest Fruits Puff Pies

Buttery, Puffety Pastry mini fruit pies (yes I know that’s not a real word….)

Eat them warm, eat them cold, pour with cream, with custard, just don’t eat them all yourself!

Makes 12.


1 x Block of Puff Pastry (recipe here)

450g Black Forest Berries, frozen

100g caster sugar

A little milk and caster sugar for glazing.

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Palmiers – using up Puff Pastry Trimmings

Palmiers – the cooks treat, perfect for using up Puff Pastry Trimmings!

Traditionally you shouldn’t re-roll puff pastry trimmings.  It disturbs the buttery layers within the pastry which you’ve worked so hard to create.  However, you can.  In these times throwing away pastry trimmings is wasteful and I just can’t do it.  

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