Exciting Times for The Pink Whisk

First up I’m sorry I’ve not been about quite so much -trying to manage everything (and the boys as well) has been keeping me working like the clappers!


So where have I been…..?  Working on this, for you lovely lot!

A new book for spring next year!

It’s the book I held out to write.  Finished shots of every recipe, step by step pictures to help  you  along the way and recipe methods that give you full details. Even if you never wanted to bake a single one of the recipes in the book just reading through the methods and tips will make all of your cake-making even better.

Writing and shooting it has been great fun, I’m only sorry you have to wait till next year to take a look – in the meantime, here are a couple of snaps to whet your appetite!

 Did you know it is fully possible to put little boys completely off cake – even when they look this good?!

It’s already available to pre-order on Amazon here, and of course I’ll be doing signed copies available through the blog as soon as it’s released.

So with cake-making almost put to bed, you’d think things would be a bit quieter around here wouldn’t you?  Oh no,  I’ll be bringing you TWO books next year, so it’s straight on with writing the next edition.

Bread this time – anyone for cheese on toast?

 Just before I pop off again, I thought this pic may amuse you – look at what cheeky monkey Paul Hollywood did to this during my demo at The Cake & Bake Show…

and if you haven’t already nabbed a copy of The Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating, you can order a signed copy here (put it on your Christmas list!)



Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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26 Responses to Exciting Times for The Pink Whisk

  1. Bernice says:

    Well done Ruth. I shall be pre ordering my copy after leaving this comment. I have missed you blogging but everything is clear now, and well worth your absence! You deserve all the success life can afford you.
    Best Wishes, B x

  2. Helen Vass says:

    Ruth this is wonderful news. I hope it’s out in time for Christmas. Well done you. Hels xxx

  3. nelly says:

    How very exciting! I always love your blog recipes so cannot wait to own this beauty! Wil definitely be trying to get my paws on a signed copy to match my decorating one. 😉


  4. Looks amazing! Can’t wait! So pleased for you Ruth, I’ll def be buying this AND the next one, gotta keep that Kenwood in business! 😉 You deserve all the success and happiness, keep going lovely, hope to see you soon. C xx

  5. linda thomson says:

    Im sure the book will be great but hate the cover, the cake filling just looks like bad teeth to me 🙁

  6. Zoe Addison says:

    I literally cannot wait for this. Well done for holding out and I will be ordering my signed copy on the blog next year 🙂

  7. Judi Delaney says:

    Utterly thrilled for you and us!! and I’m so glad you held out (that’ll be that stubborn Nothern streak!!)Roll on next Spring.
    PS: Important inspection at school tomorrow so earlier this afternoon I used Chocolate tray bake recipe to make mini sandwich cakes….bribery? you bet!!

  8. Judi Delaney says:

    ….and that was meant to be Northern not Nothern! x

  9. rambling_rose says:

    Since your brave baking at the Bake-Off, your detailed step-by-steps, excellent pictures and wit on your blog – well, you just cannot fail! Well done, you! I have one concern – the spelling of Recipies on the front cover of your book…

  10. Put me down for a copy too Ruth it looks great.

  11. Lucy says:

    Well done you – what a great achievement. I told you that you would become the UK’s answer to Martha Stewart!! Not seen any contestants on GBBO who can match you (most disappointing this year!). Congratulations – it has gone straight onto my Christmas wish list!!

  12. Kelly-Jane says:

    One to look forward to!

  13. Katy Denny says:

    Hey Ruth – those pictures look FANTASTIC! Yum yum yum, looking forward to the next editing stage!

  14. Helen Oliver says:

    Wow Ruth, that’s fabulous – the natural successor to Mary Berry (not that I wish her any ill will of course). I still think you should also be a spokeswoman for Lakeland kitchenware, they’ve really missed a trick not hiring you. xx Helen

  15. Jemma Chambers says:

    Ruth what fantastic news! I’m so chuffed for you, it looks fab. I WANT MY COPY NOW!! Xxx

  16. Sandra Watt says:

    Just finished making e Christmas cake. Whole house smells of Christmas. Mincemeat next.
    Fabulous blog

  17. Susan Garman says:

    Hi, Ruth. I’m the “Johnny come lately”, from America. Since the Great British Baking Show started being shown here, I’ve been hooked. We’ve only had 2 seasons, and I’m addicted totally. I’m a disabled Army veteran, and my entire life was brought to screeching halt back in 2008. But since then, I’ve managed to salvage my sanity from being bed ridden for so many years by teaching myself hoe to knit, crochet, and I’m learning to quilt. Right now, I’m not yet a total

  18. Susan Garman says:

    Hi Ruth.
    I’m the new kid on your blog. First I would like to say, that I was so excited to see that you have moved into such an exciting realm. I saw the first season of the GBBO today, on YouTube. This is the only way we can see the show here in America. We get the Great British Baking Show here and so far we have had 2seasons. I was so amazed at the beautiful and scrumptious looking breads, tarts, etc, that you as well as the other bakers made. I’m so inspired to give it a try. I have cooked since I was very young girl, but I’ve never attempted the sort of goodies that I’ve witnessed on these episodes. So,

  19. Susan Garman says:

    Hi, Ruth. Hello from the United States. Just wanted you to know how excited I am to find this beautiful blog after watching you and the other bakers on episode one of the GBBO. You all have inspired me to give it a try at baking, and now at the age of 53, I look forward to my first bake. I am a disabled Army veteran, and most of my days are spent lying flat on my bed, but I will find a way to work around that. I love to cook, and I’ve done some baking, but nothing like what you all as bakers have done. But I am so inspired to give it a try. Thank you for starting such a beautiful blog, where I can visit for reference and more inspiration. Yours truly, Susan

    • Thank you for taking the time to look up the blog Susan – so glad you’ve enjoyed watching the programme! I love writing recipes so hope you’ll find plenty here that takes your fancy xx

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