Revealing the Pink Whisk Kitchen

I am hugely pleased, after almost a year since the work began, to reveal my completed new kitchen.


It’s been a major task from the planning, budgeting, saving up(!), demolition, rebuilding and fitting out the new space, all whilst trying to retain some semblance of normal family life and to keep working from home through the lot!  For those of you who have undertaken a similar project you’ll know how challenging that has been.

So here it is in all it’s glory the fabulous new Pink Whisk Kitchen!



As a reminder, if you didn’t already know the kitchen in our home and where I had been working from was approximately the size of a peanut, with plenty of falling down bits and pieces complete with flowery wall paper.


We decided to bite the bullet, save hard and have a kitchen extension utilising what was garage space.  Unfortunately it had to come down before going back up!



Lots of dust and challenging work, bake and cooking situations ensued before the space was even recognisable again.



Yes, we did this for a while….


I have been very lucky to have some elements for the kitchen supplied free of charge, the first being the beautiful oak effect flooring tiles which I chose from Tile Mountain – Nordic Porcelain tiles in light brown.


They have proven extremely hard wearing (good job round here) and I love the look of warmth it gives the kitchen.  We sourced a very talented fitter who completed the job in super quick time and the space really started to take shape.

And then on to the actual kitchen itself, I very much felt the pressure in deciding on a layout, kitchens are such an investment and I really didn’t want to get it wrong and so ensued planning and costings with lots of kitchen companies.

And here’s where the story goes wrong, I chose to put my money and faith with a local kitchen firm, Stanley Green Kitchens.  Their products looked beautiful, their references  and customer testimonials were good and they worked with me in the planning and sourcing of all the elements I had in mind.

Ready for the off


Unfortunately the fitter from Stanley Green Kitchens has left a huge amount to be desired.

I have a fault list as long as my arm, practically every end panel, plinth and fill panels have been chipped on fitting, cupboards have not been built up correctly, the breakfast bar was damaged by them and then fitted anyway with an attempt to hide the damage with silicone, the splashback is lit with LEDs and it was fitted with the lights facing the wall – go figure!  The list goes on and on but I won’t!  We have been on the receiving end of extremely shoddy workmanship and have been left with a brand new kitchen that is certainly not a showroom finish.  🙁

Yes, the chips, knocks and damage would happen in the regular life of a family and working kitchen but I didn’t expect it all to happen whilst it was being fitted.

When you spend a large amount of your hard earned cash on a product and service you expect the very best and unfortunately with Stanley Green Kitchens I didn’t get that.  And yes, I pointed out all these elements throughout the work and I was assured they would be rectified to no avail.  I’ve been to and fro with them over the issues ever since but the answer is basically, tough you’re stuck with it.

However, what’s done is done, if anyone is considering a kitchen from Stanley Green Kitchens then I would tell them not to bother, take your money and run elsewhere, very quickly.  The product is great but the service and quality of fit is well below par.  Their fitters have done a poor job and certainly do not take pride in their work.

It’s easy to get hung up on the stresses of a situation and I could regale you with pics of the bad bits but I won’t dwell there. In spite of the kitchen company we have created a fantastic family social space and this kitchen really is the heart of our home, a brilliant layout and design making my working day just lovely.  The children congregate here after school, and regale me with stories of their day from the breakfast bar whilst I’m still working.  I have a cosy chair and reading corner for my favourite selection of cookery books – what more could a girl ask for?


There are a ton of beautiful elements, appliances and gadgets inside the Pink Whisk Kitchen and I’ll be sharing these elements with you over the next couple of weeks – I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them.

Ruth x


Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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35 Responses to Revealing the Pink Whisk Kitchen

  1. Lynne Clark says:

    It’s really beautiful! But… I would notice the faults every time I worked there. You might want to think about taking them to the small claims court, particularly as they haven’t been at all friendly about replacing or remedying the situation. Deeply frustrating for you 🙁

  2. Lesley Bowden-Frost says:

    Hello Ruth,the new kitchen looks great,now it is finished.I too know what you have been going through with the shoddy workmanship of these companies.My fitters decided they would put an electric socket right in the middle of the splash back over the electric hob!Also had botched up work disguised with silicone.
    I think it would be a great help if the wife/girlfriend/partner of the managing director of the kitchen firms came and saw the finished job and see what she thought of the kitchen.I’m sure she wouldn’t put up with the outcome.Anyway that’s my rant done with.All the best and look forward to seeing more of your great recipes.Lesley🍰🎂

  3. Robina Mushtaq says:

    A beautiful new kitchen! u deserve the best!

  4. Janis says:

    Absolutely fabulous. You deserve it!

  5. KenJ says:

    Hi Ruth… Have had similar experiences with contractors, so you aren’t alone. Try not to let the bad experience mar your enjoyment of your new kitchen. It looks stunning and should be a great place for you and your family.

  6. Jac Peacock says:

    Congratulations Ruth! I love your new kitchen and understand just how great it feels to have it all finished – eventually. We’ve been through the same process and…I feel your pain! Our problems were all in the construction (I lost over a stone worrying about it all!) We were blessed though by a wonderful fitter who did us proud. It took us a full year to complete in the end and I now love working in my new kitchen. I’ve even started a baking business too! When our son is back from Uni it’s still where everything happens! I’m looking forward to seeing more about your new kitchen 🙂

  7. Hi Ruth

    Kitchen looks amazing. Such a shame about the detail of the fitting. Luckily my in-laws are kitchen fitters and I’ll be getting them to fit ours next year. We are just in the planning stage, and budget stage!

    I’m just up the road in Bramhall so I’ll avoid Stanley Green like the plague. How are you getting on with the tiles. We are thinking of wood effect tiles too. They look amazing.

    I hope you soon put that kitchen to good use and don’t get too hung up on the problems with the kitchen company.



    • Hi David! Oh now that’s a great contact to have! The planning of a kitchen is a big step isn’t it?! The tiles really are fabulous I’m so pleased with the look and feel of them, they were definitely the right choice for me! I did consider having them laid in a herringbone design which I think would look stunning but decided that the space wasn’t open enough to get the full effect. I would thoroughly recommend them x

  8. Here in northern Sweden we loved seeing your kitchen renovation, but what we loved as much was your honesty in reporting the disappointing workmanship with your installation. Good for you for telling it like it really was! We hope you have wonderful moments in your new work space!

  9. Marilyn says:

    Hi Ruth
    Your kitchen looks lovely but I am sorry to hear your fitter was so appaling. I had my new kitchen fitted in 2011 at huge expense and your doors look similar to mine. I have had a dreadful job with the doors as every drop of water that might drop on the door inserts seeps into the doors and causes the paint to peel/crack off. The company would do nothing about it and because they are not part of a kitchen associated there seems no recourse. Just thought I should warn you.

  10. Karrie says:

    Looks great but so sorry you’ve been treated so badly by a cowboy operation. Very short-sighted of them, given your online following too … happy baking! xx

  11. It’s gorgeous! I love your reading corner, it’s a brilliant idea! Sorry to hear about your problems with the kitchen fitters, it is so disappointing isn’t it? X

  12. EmmaMT says:

    Wowzers Ruth! It looks fantastic. You’re going to have so much fun baking in there! Have fun!

  13. H McMillan says:

    I sent the following to


    You guys should be ashamed of yourselves…

    Body of email;

    How could you not make good on the kitchen you installed for Ruth Clemens?

    Nothing like being famous around the world for your complete lack of honesty and integrity.

    I hope that when karma bites you in the arse, and it will, eventually, that you remember how you screwed the lovely Ruth and her family.

    All I can think of is how proud your mother must be of you at this point in your career. Of course she raised you without any notion of treating others as you would like them to treat you so it is probably, ultimately, her fault.

  14. Kate says:

    It looks lovely, Ruth. I am so sorry to hear you have had problems with the kitchen company. If you paid more than £100 of it on a credit card, you have extra rights and can approach your credit card company. They will take it up with them. You can also take them to court for (I think) breach of contract. Hope you get some satisfaction.

  15. Barbara Mundy says:

    You have made a brilliant kitchen workspace well worth the effort. It’s amazing what you had to put up with before hand, good on you for doing a fantastic job, and enjoy your new space. I know I would.

  16. Liz McNee says:

    What a shame you had and probably are still working through so many problems with what looks like a fab kitchen. It is so annoying (to say the least) that these companies take your money and then think they can do what they want. Try not to let it take the shine off the new room and enjoy what you have created. Liz

  17. Amanda Keogh says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful Ruth.. I bet you cannot wait to get baking in that kitchen. I love it. x

  18. Gail McMillan says:

    Oh no! Shame on Stanley Green Kitchens for their behavior towards Ruth. Didn’t they realize their reputation would now be known world wide? So sorry to hear they performed poorly for Ruth, a wonderful baker and person. If there is any consolation, Ruth, we have installed two kitchens here in the US and we too had issues! It is discouraging. But, onward, and good times in your new kitchen!

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