KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer – Review & Giveaway!


With the exclusive launch of the KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer at John Lewis in September I was asked if I would review this new mini version for readers of the blog.  As always I’m happy to try out new baking kit and see what works and what doesn’t.  But not only do I have the review for you I also have a KitchenAid Mini in Hot Sauce to giveaway to one of you lovely bakers too!



In a nutshell, the Mini is 20% smaller and 25% lighter with the same design as it’s big brother and has an RRP of £399.  The Mini fits the regular KitchenAid attachments – spiralizer, food grinder etc, in the same manner as it’s larger counterpart.  It’s equipped with the same powerful motor too so there’s no compromise on function.

The bowl has a 3.3litre capacity – 8 egg whites, 2kg of mashed potatoes or a 1.6kg cake mix (that’s roughly the size of a 10” cake).

And of course it comes with a full 5 year warranty.

The model I’m reviewing is in the Honeydew colourway but it’s available in other options – Matte Black, Matte Grey and Hot Sauce too.


First impressions from me are that the bowl has no handle and there’s no splash guard included.  I soon got used to the no handle situation and I’ll be testing the mixer without a splash guard with trepidation!

It is much lighter, noticeably so.  If you’ve lugged a stand mixer round the kitchen you’ll know that these are pretty hefty pieces of kit so the lighter version is a plus.  It means you could put it in and out of cupboard to store if you’d prefer, without putting your back out.  It takes up less worktop space -if you’ve a small kitchen then this will be a useful attribute.

The mini has the attachments you’d expect included – a flat beater blade, whisk and dough hook. A bowl with handle, splash guard and flex edge beater are optional accessories which would need to be purchased separately.

So to test it out I’ve spent a couple of weeks with this new Mini version,  I bake a lot (obviously) and I bake in pretty big sizes usually.  I have to admit I was pessimistic that a smaller version, 3.3l versus the 4.8l full size, was going to work in The Pink Whisk Kitchen…so how did I find it?

Cakes – yep all great, mixed up cake batters in no time at all and with good end results, it made a mix for a 3 layer 8” cake with no trouble at all.


The beater blade rubbed butter into flour for the making of pastry with ease, and importantly without any of the mixture jumping out of the bowl all over the worktop.

Yes it really does whisk 8 egg whites and sugar for a family sized pavlova, producing glossy thick meringue ready to do with it what you will.

dsc03518 dsc03519 dsc03520

A regular bread loaf dough is kneaded successfully and without any huge effort, in fact no effort on my part, and the mixer didn’t move an inch whilst doing it – none of this walking across the worksurface malarkey.


So my last test, and here is where I was sure I would find the Mini’s downfall, at least at the scale I sometimes bake.  Beating up a big batch of buttercream – 500g butter and 1 kg icing sugar.   With no splashguard I was prepared for a huge cloud of icing sugar to cover the Mini and the kitchen.

No holds barred here’s the video – will I be covered in icing sugar or will the KitchenAid Mini win this one too?

Well okay I have to admit there was no-one more surprised than me!  Not a speck left the bowl, the cleverly designed deep and slim bowl meant that the contents were just beaten together and not flung into the four corners of the kitchen.

So the KitchenAid Mini definitely has a place in my kitchen, lighter and easier to move around when I need it, a bowl that is easier to fit into the dishwasher amongst a plethora of other baking washing up and the fact that it copes with any quantity that I need it to means that the mini is a surefire winner with me, beating it’s bigger counterparts into relegation plus it doesn’t need that splashguard!  The only downside is that it doesn’t cost any less than the bigger version, but ultimately it is housing the same motor and inside workings as a 4.8l standard size version.  It’s a pricey investment at £399 but if you’re looking for the classic iconic style of a KitchenAid Stand Mixer but want that to take up less space then you won’t go far wrong with the Mini.


So now to the extra good bit – fancy a KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer in your kitchen?  I have one in Hot Sauce red to giveaway,  all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning it for yourself is leave a comment on this blog post telling me what #minimoment of baking loveliness would you mix up and bake in yours?



The giveaway closes at midnight on Monday 10th October 2016.  One winner will be chosen at random from all the valid entries received shortly after and contacted directly.  Prize will be sent directly from KitchenAid.  Giveaway open to UK residents only.  Full T&Cs can be found here.

Please remember if you’re reading this via email you will need to come to the website and leave your comment on the blog post – click on the pink title in the email and it should take you directly there.  Comments are left by scrolling to the end of the article and leaving your comment in the box by Leave a Reply.

Good Luck!

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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729 Responses to KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer – Review & Giveaway!

  1. Lisa lambert says:

    Kaitlin my 11 year old would love me forever if I won this and she would make an obscene amount of cakes and biscuits and finally achieve frosting of the right consistency as she tells me every time she tries if we had a kitchen aid we would be able to do it no problem

  2. Jade M says:

    I would love to make many #minimoments with my daughter this Christmas making a traditional Christmas cake and I want to improve my baking skills in general this would help immensely….Have always wanted one

  3. Debbie Graham says:

    My #minimoment I would bake if i was lucky enough to win one would be my dad’s 70th Birthday cake. He is a real fruit cake fan and i think this little beauty would make light work of a hefty 8″ round mix !. Love the review Ruth, informative and entertaining all at the same time. #pinkwhiskrules

  4. Julie Dodds says:

    Looks an amazing machine and what a great review

  5. Meg Pritchard says:

    I’d bake banana bread and pavlova for my baking #minimoment

  6. Jane Sallis says:

    Would love to mix up some great birthday cakes for my dad’s 70th and hubby’s 40th….both in October!!

  7. Annie Mackay says:

    Looks fabulous, if I was lucky enough to win it I would whip up a towering lemon meringue pie 💕

  8. J E PRICE says:

    Robustness is what I am looking for, in a mixer, when I prepare a batch of bread dough for my Roly Buns!

  9. Tanya Hutchings says:

    I’d have to make a batch of macarons with it, experiment with some new flavours and colours!! Would love to have a #minimoment 😉

  10. Kelly Horton says:

    My #minimoment would be mixing up a batch of carrot and pineapple muffins or courgette and cheese muffins with the help of my girls. We’re learning to bake healthily together with the occasional sweet treat in between.

  11. Carol Coles says:

    I would make a wonderful Pavlova xx

  12. Sarah Scillitoe says:

    I would love love to own one of these to try all sorts of breads and cakes but the first thing would be macaroons. I like to experiment with colours and flavours.

  13. Shableen Khan says:

    Would love to try meringue in this especially when you’re mixing a smaller amount of egg whites!

  14. Ellie Bee says:

    My #minimoment would be gingerbread cookie dough truffles covered in white chocolate, because it’s getting to gingerbread season now!

    • Ellie Bee says:

      My #minimoment would be gingerbread cookie dough truffles covered in white chocolate, because it’s getting to gingerbread season now!

  15. Mary Duncan says:

    My little boy and I would have a #minimoment making our famous marble cake!

  16. Ange Seddon says:

    I’d give it to my beautiful daughter who loves baking but only has a little kitchen. It would be perfect. She’d make cupcakes and cookies galore! And of course I’d get the benefit being her chief taster! Xx

  17. Alastair says:

    My first #minimoment would be to take over the reigns and make the family Christmas cake for my Grandmother who recently turned 90 – looks like the new KitchenAid Mini would be a great help!

  18. Jean Collom says:

    I have so many recipes I use but one of my faourites is an Apricot Fruit Cake. Mmmm

  19. Deborah Ridgwell says:

    Great Review. Think I would bake a coconut and Line cake. Sandwiched together with lime marmalade and buttercream .

  20. Jodie Douglas says:

    My #minimoment would be to bake chocolate cupcakes for nieces christening 🙂

  21. Carlie Felts says:

    My #minimoment would be the pink whisk best ever ginger cake recipe. The nights are drawing in, misty murky mornings and autumn colours setting in – ginger cake time!

  22. Emily says:

    My moms birthday is next week and she’s had her eye on one of these for who knows how long! It’s something we’ve never really been able to afford, I do believe she would be overjoyed if I won one for her! My #minimoment would be making cake balls!! We love to make any flavor cake balls imaginable and a mixer like kitchen aid would be amazing to have!! Thanks for the chance!

  23. Lauren Watts says:

    Our office require a constant supply of baked goods to keep up morale! Next on the list – lamingtons and melting moments. I love baking, and this would be the (hot sauce) cherry on top! #minimoment

  24. Kirsten Ralley says:

    My #minimoment would my ultimate egg white whisking to make mini meringues and pavlova for all my dedicated hard working work colleagues in our orthopaedic ward and many cupcakes as well xx

  25. Katie Dumont says:

    My #minimoment would be to make chocolate and marshmallow muffins with salted caramel buttercream.
    My little kenwood only just manages as I like to bake a big batch each time

  26. Sarah D says:

    Having made a 5 layer chocolate truffle birthday cake for my husband, iced Star Wars birthday cookies for my brother and my Dad’s 60th birthday ‘Spitfire’ cake, my #minimoment would be to treat my amazing Mum to something special for her birthday in November! She loves an afternoon tea, so there’ll be yummy sandwiches, mini scones with jam and cream, and a selection of mini cakes for her!

  27. Angela o Carroll says:

    I’ve moved into a new house and just had a baby I would love this. A friend has given me a recipe for pineapple and coconut cake which I’m dying to try out

  28. Kyla says:

    My #minimoment would be whisking up some aquafaba for my eggless chocolate cupcakes.
    My son loves to help me bake and a stand mixer would let him help me even more as I wouldn’t need to hold on to the hand mixer.

  29. Sheena Johnson says:

    Recently learnt how to make Merangue kisses, would love to use this #minimoment to make lots and lots.

  30. Kath mckeown says:

    I’m nearly 70 years old and would a kitchen aid .i would love to make Italian meringue

  31. Claire McAuley says:

    Bit of an odd #minimoment but planning to make a special dog friendly carrot cake for my pug’s upcoming 4th birthday! (Might make myself a tasty human cake too!)

  32. Gillian Bremner says:

    Firstly I would bake my 10year old’s favourite Mary Berry Victoria sponge cake recipe as it’s his birthday the day after this giveaway and he turns 11 on the 11th October. Them I would use it to bake on cake Wednesdays as we always sit down as a family with homemade cake on a tea tray to enjoy while watching bake off. #minimoments

  33. Deirdre McCracken says:

    A chocolate sponge,and banana bread would be my first things to try with this lovely kitchen aid .

  34. sarah hurworth says:

    After many years of loyalty my Kenwood has gone to theat place in the sky where hard working stand mixers go for a roast 😢 worryingly close to my parents 30th wedding anniversary!!! I love to spoil them with tasty cakes and it would be simply fantastic if I won! I’ll make them the biggest darn cake ever!

  35. Lee says:

    My #minimoment would be a pavlova

  36. Chloe Moorhouse says:


    I’d love to win this as I’ve just bought my first house and have always dreamed of owning a kitchen aid!

    #minimoment would be finally be able to make proper bread.

  37. Alison Blewett says:

    I love the idea of all that buttercream and no mess. That’s what I’d do first.

  38. Jo standage says:

    I would set to and bake my shhh Christmas cake

  39. Stefanie Harrison says:

    I would make my daughters first birthday cake in it For my #minimoment 💗

  40. Belinda Dormer says:

    I would make lovely meringue kisses in that delightful mini,what a fab idea,x

  41. Claire says:

    My #minimoment would have to be whisking up many egg whites for a rainbow display of macarons. The size of this little cutie looks absolutely perfect for this…..I am smiling just thinking about it!

  42. Michelle says:

    A very thorough review! My #minimoment would be making lots of different kinds of bread & pizza bases!

  43. says:

    I would make cupcakes!

  44. Daisy Snell says:

    My #minimoment of baking would be an amazing birthday cake for my daughters 1st birthday in January!! And as she gets older I would love for her to be my little baking assistant!

  45. Maria McCormick says:

    The first thing I would mix up would have to be classic chocolate chip cookies… Just like my grandmother used to make of course!!

  46. Marium Yaqub says:

    I would mixing a batch of chocolate fudge cake as it’s a family favourite. Looks fab if only I was lucky enough to win one.

  47. Bethan Parsons says:

    My #minimoment would be to make your yummy toffee pecan roulade for our family Christmas this year 😀 x

  48. susan lambert says:

    My little boys and I would love to cook up some sweet treats in a Mini Mixer. They both love cooking and I’d love the look of this in my kitchen- win win!

  49. Suzanne roberts says:

    Would love to win this. I would make mini meringue kisses 😍😊

  50. Denise Layton says:

    What an amazing machine, I have often looked at the Kitcheaid machines, but they would be too big for an ordinary baker, but this would be fantastic, I would love one, especially this time of year when Christmas cakes are on the horizon

  51. Emma white says:

    If I was lucky enough to win . I would spend all day whipping up lots of #minimoments ! Our all time favourite signature baking treat has to be cupcakes closely followed by Victoria sponge cake 🎂

  52. Simone Fuoco says:

    My #minimoment would be to whisk up meringues as it’s a real family favourite.

  53. Catherine Atherton says:

    My #minimoment would be meringues: big ones, small ones, plain ones, chocolate ones. It is always a little bit of magic watching them transform into mounds of shiny fluffiness!!!!!

  54. Louise Cardwell says:

    For my #minimoment I would mix up a lovely batch of fruit cake for christmas

  55. Marcia Williams says:

    My #minimoment would be a batch each of my cocktail cupcakes: Piña Colada (made with fresh pineapple and creamed coconut frosting, flavoured with a touch of 🇯🇲Jamaican overproof rum – yes the good stuff!) complete with a cherryand cocktail umbrella! Then Mojito cupcakes made with treacle, dark muscavado sugar and flavoured with a touch of dark 🇨🇺Cuban rum and finished with frosted fresh mint leaves. Tastes of the Caribbean to stretch the summer out just a little bit more!!

  56. Kirsteen McDonald says:

    My #minimomemt would be a large batch of caramel salted muffins to sell at my sons school in aid of our local cancer support charity in memory of my mum ❤️

  57. Eleanor Mort says:

    My #minimoment of loveliness would always be a classic Victoria sponge! Love the classic look of this new Kichenaid mixer!

  58. Fiona Phillips says:

    I make batches of cinnamon buns so this little wizard would be a great asset!

  59. Meringue. Meringue meringue – all day long.

  60. Gemma Wade says:

    My #mini moment would soon turn into a Maxi moment, baking is my solace! I’d start with a delicious chocolate cake! Always a winner!

  61. Andrea McLachlan says:

    My #minimoment would be a 40th birthday cake for myself.

  62. Karen Clift says:

    My#minimemoment would be making cookie dough with my 15 year old daughter who loves to bake and is always nagging me to get a kitchenaid! If we were lucky enough to win, I can’t even begin to explain how very excited she would be! 😃 #britishbakeoffgoals

  63. Gayle says:

    I’ve been promising my little ones rainbow 🌈 meringues for so long and this is clearly up for the job! With a nine year old’s birthday coming up soon I’d whip up all sorts of #minimoments, mini meringues and the Halloween/princess cake for starters ❤️

  64. Sarah Jensen says:

    Looks fabulous! My #minimoment would have to be baking the chocolate cake for my little boys 4th birthday that he has asked for! And a great plus is that the red would finally help bring a bit of colour to my otherwise white and grey kitchen we’ve had installed for 2 years now and so far haven’t managed to bring in any accent colours!!

  65. Jill Scott says:

    This would be perfect already got the daddy and mummy kitchenaid mixers this little bambino would make the family complete. I would make a cookie dough layer cake at the request of my son.

  66. Lesley Shipp says:

    I bake the birthday cakes for any family member as a gift, be they child or adult. Would love to make them with one of these!

  67. Joanne Beck says:

    Always wanted one of these, make my baking sooo much easier first of all my favourite courgette and carrot cake with lime frosting, always a winner in my house x

  68. Deborah Nunn says:

    My#minimoment would be to make my christmas cakes in this little beauty 🙂

  69. Jackie Lever says:

    My #minimoment would be an entire weekend of baking all my favourite recipes to share with my family and filling up the freezer with naughty fattening goodies. Pure heaven 😍😍

  70. Mel Marjoram says:

    My #minimonent would be baking the cookies u am making for Christmas pressies this year.

  71. Laura Blyth says:

    Anything. Everything.

  72. Bernice says:

    Ooo it’s dinky! I’d probably mix up a batch of chocolate brownies. They never fail to please in our house.

  73. Lindsay Roberts says:

    I’d love it as it’s red which is my kitchen colour and would love to do meringues, macarons, just can’t get the whisk with my hand one. xx

  74. ingrid matthews says:

    my baking #minimoment would be pavlova and I’d give it a whirl making cinnamons rolls.

  75. wendy flewitt says:

    My #minimoment would be to use this mixer to bake my stepson’s wedding cake. It will be a big cake! My daughter-in-law-to-be wants red roses and this mixer would match her colour scheme perfectly! Perhaps it can be the guest of honour??!!!

  76. Natalie jones says:

    My #minimoment of baking loveliness would be my Christmas cake, I’ve never made one before but I’m determined this year will be my year! A lovely hot sauce red kitchenaid mini stand mixer would make it even more exciting!!

  77. Katie May says:

    I would bake my fantastic mum a lemon meringue pie for my #minimoments The perfect tool for pastry and meringue.

  78. Jill Gear says:

    How fab! The first thing I would make would be brioche from your 🍞 book

  79. My #minimoment of baking would be making Lemon drizzle loaf for my daughter, Anna. She made an Emotions book at nursery today and her happy page was “baking with mummy”. She & my mother love Lemon drizzle cake

  80. Lizzie Charnock says:

    My daughter loves to bake with me but always wants to use mummy’s mixer, this way we could both have our own!

  81. Anne says:

    I would bake up a gooey chocolate cake for my daughter and her student housemates – back together after spending a year doing lots of different things all over the world! I would also rustle up some gluten free delights for a new friend!

  82. Adele says:

    #minimoment I SO SO SO need this Ruth I dropped my mixer down the cellar steps when I moved 🏡 and I can not afford a new one so using a hand whisk and my fair hands is so 😓. P.s and it’s nearly time to make your CHRISTMAS 🎄 PUDDING FUDGE IN MASSIVE BATCHES FOR MY WORK PALS😓😓😓😓🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

  83. Karen Barnes says:

    My daughter adores baking and a kitchen aid has been top of her wish list for a while. She would definitely try her favourite Brownie recipe.

  84. Shelly Farley says:

    My #minimomemt would be making your 🍫 chocolate 🍊 orange cake which everyone loves. Fab that you whizz the oranges whole and just put together in a stand mixer. Would be even better with a new mixer that didn’t smell as if it was about to burn out when I made it.

  85. Jackie Lever says:

    My #minimoment would be a whole weekend baking all my favourite recipes to share with my family and fill the freezer with lots of fattening naughty goodies, yum yum 😉😉

  86. Denise Burnett says:

    I’d make mini merignue kisses! I have a teeny tiny kitchen so this would make life easier than having to lug out the big one! Xx

  87. Lindsay says:

    My #minimoment would be making Italian meringue topped lemon possets with a crumbly shortbread Base. An indulgent treat for my grandma’s 80th birthday celebrations

  88. Laura Norton says:

    I’d love to do my first baking since my baby daughter was born for my #minimoment and to take the opportunity to start teaching my 2 year old son the joys of baking without having to do everything by hand as we do currently!

  89. Jane Brindley says:

    #minimoment definitely red velvet cupcakes as they are my daughters favourite. Plus how fab would the mix look in that mixer!!!!

  90. Zoe Cooper says:

    Can’t wait to bake and cook with my daughters and this would be the perfect smaller portion size we would need. Until then I would use it go test my skills out (and practice for bake off) 😉 #minimoments #lovebaking #lovechocolate #lovemeringues #toomuchworkbyhand

  91. Sarah Fewings says:

    My #minibakemoment would have to be my favourite vanilla traybake but also Nutella cupcakes! They’re my two most asked for bakes from friends & family xx

  92. Flora Gibbons says:

    My #minimoment would be a batch of my family’s favourite cake: red velvet. It would be nice not to pick frosting off everything on my kitchen counter!!

  93. Jenn says:

    I’d have a #minimoment on Stir Up Sunday mixing up a batch of Christmas cakes with my mum – my favourite Christmas tradition and the best cakes and puddings I’ve ever tasted. They just don’t taste the same when we make them alone!

  94. Tracey Buttle says:

    I would love to bake up more birthday cakes for my family and friends!! Love to bake for them and to see their big smiles when the cake appears xx

  95. Debbie says:

    Where to start?! Birthday cakes for the family, pizza dough for dinner and maybe some chocolate brownies. Too many #minimoment ideas!

  96. Deb says:

    My #minimoment would be making vegan meringues. They are made with aquafaba (chickpea water – I kid you not!) and require a lot of whisking. I’m still at the experimental stage and my old electric hand whisk is just not up to the job. If I could perfect them I could consider myself a vegan baking goddess!

  97. Julia Hill says:

    I’d love to have a #minimoment mixing my own banana cake recipe my children adore; appreciated even more if they come in from school to the aroma of baked cake 😉

  98. Elizabeth Currie says:

    My #minimoment would be a batch of cinnamon rolls – my son’s favourite and the kitchen smells great!

  99. Heather Fleming says:

    Love the look of the kitchenaid and love your review, I’m really impressed with the no mess butter icing mixing 🙂

    I would absolutely love to win this, I enjoy baking cakes for loved ones and especially enjoy making cakes for charity bake sales. I work for a hospice and I am always willing to bake a cake for them to raffle off to raise funds. I would love to have a new #minimoment or two with a brand new stand mixer 🙂

    I have an old mixer at the moment that does the job but never easy to use and always produces large clouds of icing sugar when making buttercream. I have my fingers well and truly crossed 🙂

  100. Rebecca Kernick says:

    I would use it to restart my mum’s Christmas tradition of baking fresh saffron buns on Christmas morning. We lost mum in 2010 and I feel it would be a nice way keep her memory alive.

  101. Jessica Moran says:

    My #minimoment I would bake would be some unicorn cupcakes for my best friend and her little girl


    I have always been scared of doing a black forest gateau (my fave cake) but if I won promise to make a #minimoment and actually make one in one of these beauties! (dream prize!)

  103. Lauren Platt says:

    Brownies yum yum

  104. Suzanne Doe says:

    My mini moments would be my mini Xmas cakes that I make to put in hampers for family and friends.
    I made my boozy fruit yesterday and it is happily maturing in my cupboard…smells divine already.

  105. Jeanie Bergin says:

    I would ask my seven year old goddaughter to come over and invent a new cake with me… She has already invented five really good recipes.

  106. Janet Highland says:

    Cinnamon bread , bagels and buns would be my favourites things to make – I’ve got a real cinnamon. crush right now and oh the gorgeous smell 😋😋😋😋

  107. Nikki Hades says:

    My #minimoment would be baking my husband a Formula One style birthday cake for next month, also, starting the Christmas baking, which consists of dense fruit cake (booze), light fruit cake, Yule log, Christmas pudding, gingerbread house, mince pies and sausage rolls! Guess whose gonna be a busy bee over the next few months!

  108. Julie Collings says:

    My #minimoment of baking loveliness would have to be my lovely Mums absolute favourite Pink Turkish Delight Macaron with Dark Chocolate Ganache filling for her super special 70th birthday this December!

    Making Macaron by hand has always been a lot of hard work and doing them in this beauty of a stand mixer would make my lifetime!!!! Seriously! Fingers and whisks crossed! x

  109. Kath Owen says:

    I would make profiteroles, a great family favourite

  110. christine morrison says:

    for my #minimoment i would love to use the mixture to bake lots of lovely cakes with my son and for all his friends.

  111. Louise Asekokhai says:

    I would make an apple cake in my #minimoment of baking loveliness

  112. Helen Hunter says:

    I’m looking for a new mixer that does not (as Ruth says) “break my back” every time I need to use it. It would certainly be put to the test between now and Christmas as all our family birthdays and celebrations are around this time of year.

  113. JULIE KING says:

    I would mix up a lovely chocolate cake for my #minimoment

  114. Gillian Greathead says:

    I would bake our new family favourite, which surprisingly doesn’t include chocolate! Lemon drizzle cake, it’s firmly our 4 generation family favourite. All the more fluffy and light having been mixed in this mini kitchenaid, I’m sure!

  115. Ann says:

    Oooh what a lovely colour, fabulous Ruth. I would mix up a creamy jam filled victoria sponge in it. Then I would sit down with a cup of tea and a nice slice. Thank you for the chance to enter.

  116. Julie cooper says:

    I don’t have a mixer and frequently come unstuck especially macaroons etc. Would also like to bake more for my colleagues at work, currently chocolate brownie is the favourite.

  117. My#minimoment would be to bake miniature rainbow cakes for my fellow hungry student housemates. We need sugary treats to get us through our final year at university.

  118. Candice Sullivan says:

    My #minimoment would be my Christmas cake, I have already started soaking the fruit as per pink whisk instructions!

  119. Claudine Kelly says:

    I’d love one of these to bake your delicious chocolate cake!

  120. susan leyland says:

    I would kake a batch of brookies- a cross between a brownie and cookie….double chocolate….

  121. Helen McNeill says:

    Wow! I’ve never had a mixer that could handle icing sugar like that – I usually have to deep-clean the kitchen after making buttercream 😀 Now wouldn’t that be lovely!
    Oh yes, and at 4’10” ALL my moments are mini hehehe

  122. Rachel Laver says:

    I have always longed for a Kitchenaid mixer and the colour is perfect for my red kitchen. I would be like a little kid and wouldn’t know what to mix up first but my hunch would be something quick to test it, like a massive Victoria sponge which everyone loves.

  123. A retro-look mixer deserves a retro recipe – how about a classic Fanny Craddock Gâteau l’ambassadeur as a #minimoment !?

  124. Vicky Gardiner says:

    My cousins baby shower cupcakes #minimoment
    After a serious illness the news has made us all so happy 🎉

  125. Margaret Hughes says:

    Coffee and walnut cake ❤

  126. Anne Marigold says:

    I still adore baking but as a recent widow and children left home I just can’t bake the larger quantities I used to. So anything from Bread to macarons would get a beating in this machine!

  127. Judith Evans says:

    My Dad is 97 and loves to bake; we often swap recipes and ideas. He also loves gadgets so I would really like to give him a gift of this, just for being able to cook and bake at his age, and we could have baking sessions together.

  128. Jacqui Jones says:

    If I was so lucky to win a #minimoment, it would be used to make lots of puddings, sticky toffee, lemon sponge, chocolate and not forgetting Christmas pudding. Great timing 😉 with winter coming. Love your review Ruth.

  129. Chloë Hewett says:

    My #minimoment would be making a dairy-free birthday cake for my twin sons’ first birthday later this year, catering for their dairy allergy. It’s no mean feat finding the time to whip up a batter with two almost one year olds (& a nearly three year old!), so if I were lucky enough to win this it would save me precious minutes! Plus my daughter would love it as she loves to help me bake, and every moment we can get just the two of us is very special to her and me.

  130. Lizzie Scott says:

    I would bake a whole haul of Christmas goodies – yep, getting excited about Christmas baking already! #minimoment

  131. Rebecca Whittaker says:

    My #Minimoment would be making my Mary Berry Christmas cake with my 12 year old daughter. From the fruit cake to the frosting on the top. It has been a Christmas tradition for us to do it together on a Saturday afternoon in October.

  132. Christine Milligan says:

    My #minimoment would be to bake a fabulous birthday cake for my granddaughters 2nd birthday and to use it to teach her the art of baking (with lots of love as the main ingredient)

  133. Helen Saunders says:

    I have the bigger kitchen aid and I would be lost without it but we have just moved house and kitchen is much smaller so it has been banished to the utility room and I have to drag it out each time to use it but a smaller version would fit perfectly in my smaller kitchen. My rainbow cakes are the stuff of legend…..apparently so it would be much easier in this

  134. Christine Milligan says:

    My #minimoment would have to be a fab birthday cake for my granddaughters 2nd birthday and to teach her the art of baking with the main ingredient being love

  135. Rosemary McLaren says:

    My mum would just love this. My #minimoment would be a luscious pavlova with loads of cream and fruit

  136. Rae Carson says:

    This would be fantastic to win, daughters birthday on the 10th & mums on the 30th October, and to be able to do loads of backing for Halloween & Christmas, I’d be in baking heaven, just the thought of it put a big grin on my face ( the dog is giving me a funny look)

  137. Gina Pearce says:

    My #minimoment of baking lovelyness would be a spiced carrot cake for my neighbour who will be 80 on 21st November.

  138. Ruth says:

    I don’t have children o be cute with but I do have a Labradoodle and a husband for a passion for cheese scones, so my minimoment would be n extra cheesy batch if cheese scones with just a hint if hot sauce x

  139. Tracey Nixson says:

    Definitely a lemon pavlova cake – lots of mixing required

  140. Clare O says:

    My #minimoment would be pastry for delicious mince pies (mini ones of course!) 😊

  141. caroline dodd says:

    I would bake cupcakes with my 2 granddaughters, a#minimoment to share x

  142. Stephanie Bawden says:

    My hand mixer has just given up on me and this looks like it would be an amazing replacement to whip up some great cakes and bakes 🙂

  143. Lisa Hunt says:

    I would make a lovely Red Velvet cake, as requested by my daughter for her birthday x

  144. Janet Diesnis says:

    I haven’t had a mixer since my catering size Kenwood died many, many years ago. I am tempted to buy this.

  145. J Allaway says:

    My #minimoment would be making bread again as this would do all the kneading for me.

  146. Antonia says:

    I’d use it to really give my meringue mix a lift #minimoment

  147. My #minimoment would be making a drip cake for my Mums birthday in November. With the help of a kitchenaid I am sure it would be so much easier! Thank you

  148. Emma Turley says:

    Looks cute. I would bake a rainbow cake with rainbow meringues. Love to bake anything and I’m teaching my 7year old daughter, I think she would take over this one if I won. Thank you Ruth

  149. Caroline Barber says:

    My #minimoment would be to win this for my daughter who is currently obsessed with baking and she whips up a mean Victoria sponge great ways to make fab memories with my princess

  150. Vicky Clayton says:

    I have always wanted a KitchenAid mixer but my kitchen is too small and there is not enough space to leave it out on show. Now there is a mini KitchenAid I will be able to leave it out for all to see. I would definitely think of a way to use it every day. Mashed potatoes, whipped cream, lemon drizzle cake, Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, pastries, biscuits, the list is endless.

  151. Nina Johnson says:

    My #minimoment would be mixing a tray of melting moments to enjoy with my family as part of our Sunday afternoon tea.

  152. Maggie Christie says:

    My #minimoment of baking loveliness would be a bakewell tart made by my 12-year-old Rosie who would dearly love a Kitchen Aid mixer. I can’t believe they’ve made a smaller one to fit my tiny kitchen. Thanks Kitchen Aid!

  153. Helen says:

    oh wow, I love the mini version, it would look so cute alongside its big brother. I would make marshmallow in it as I often find that the full size bowl is a little too big for smaller quantities.

  154. Joanne McCook says:

    Firstly I love your blog and your review was excellent…My #minimomemt would be a batch of cinnamon rolls …love the red it would look fabulous in my kitchen xx

  155. Kate Ticehurst says:

    I think my #minimoment would be making bread. My husband usually does this by hand, but now he is building our house and doesn’t have so much time! Anything to help him and free up his time.

  156. Phyllis says:

    I would whip up some light fluffy pancakes- served warm, having this would mean being able to make several batches all at once, instead of 1 batch at a time, which is all my trusty hand mixer can cope with…..

  157. Sally Stevenson says:

    I am teaching my two sons to bake. I would love to win, as we could try lots of different things.

  158. Sally Riches says:

    I love anything in mini! This would be fantastic for smaller cakes & meringues or whipping up buttercream at the same time as making the cake batter! But I know my 6 year old daughter who loves to bake with me would be thinking this would be her own perfect mini me mixer!! A real #minimoment

  159. Jan Cunningham says:

    I would make EVERYTHING! Especially bread, I have never owned a gadget before and this looks like a space saver and sounds absolutely brilliant. I make bread by hand a lot and this sounds just the ticket for my dutch oven bread. What could be simpler!

  160. Heather Thomas says:

    My #minimoments would be to mix up a nice meringue for an Eton mess which is my boys favorite pudding

  161. Brenda Greaves says:

    I would make a pavlovely (what we call pavlova in my family) and then some bread

  162. Ann Porter says:

    I’m baking cakes for the dog these days, as well as the family. Call me crazy but my #minimoment would have to be a batch of tasty pupcakes 🐶

  163. Chris H says:

    I would love to win this to make a traditional Christmas cake as well as lots of other goodies for the festive season.

  164. Anne Rogers says:

    I’ve just had a new kitchen fitted and this would look great on my shiny new worktop. I’d make all sorts with it, especially my favourite Coffee and Walnut Cake.

  165. Maggie Wise says:

    I’d have a #minimoment rustling up some mini Victoria cakes and a batch of delicious buttermilk scones.

  166. Jude turton says:

    I have a visitor coming from the US and I am going to introduce her to the British Afternoon Tea with friends and family. Bread, cakes, pastry – this would be perfect and take all the hard work out of it.

  167. Kathleen Campbell says:

    My #minimoment would be to make floating islands for my 25th wedding anniversary family meal.

  168. Rachel Jennings says:

    I’d bake chocolate orange cupcakes for my partners birthday. I aspire to owning a KitchenAid! #minimoment

  169. Jo says:

    It would be a batch of egg whites to make pancakes for our community breakfast. It would go to live with my friend (and baking buddy) as I am lucky enough to have a kitchen aid. I’d love to surprise her as she does so much for others – she ran cooking clubs for toddlers and their families where we made lunches such as pizza from scratch (thank goodness for safety knives) and she is great for those random ‘do you have a … Shaped cookie cutter ‘ moments

  170. Ffion Horton says:

    My #minimoment would be to making my first Christmas dinner for my family 🎄

  171. Lizi Moorcraft says:

    My #minimoment would be kneading some bread dough!

  172. Emma Cotton says:

    I would make my little boys banana cake in it. Wrists can’t handle the strain anymore!!

  173. Harriet Cannon says:

    I would whip up my granny’s beautiful airy fatless sponge – it’s much less fun having to whisk it by hand so I haven’t made it for ages! Fat-free cake – the best sort of #minimoment!

  174. Karen Atkinson says:

    My #minimoment would be mixing my banana and choc chip muffins.

  175. Jane Makepeace says:

    I think I’m only going to have a #minimoment for baking on my busiest day of the year. My husband and son share a birthday, 18th October, so if I could whizz up two fantastic birthday cakes on the same day, this Kitchen Aid Mini might just save my life!

  176. Charlene bowker says:

    We are so fortunate that our little girl has a summer birthday and we get to celebrate it with family at my Mum’s. She is only two but it is now a new tradition that we use the same sponge recipe for her birthday as she loves it and just change the decoration. We use one of your recipes! Tradition has already evolved. My Dad used the recipe to make my Mum a cake, my sister made my Dad one and my daughter and I are making my husband birthday cake. So if we had this kitchen Aid a lot of people would benefit from it for a very long time!

  177. Jane Makepeace says:

    Argh! Mis-typed my email address: should have been (I left one of the ‘e’s off!). Sorry.

  178. Leila Pilkington says:

    I would absolutely love to with this mixer – I would be more adventurous in the Kitchen. I would love to attempt to make a large rainbow cake with all different colours! #minimoment

  179. Kirsty Riddell says:

    If I was the lucky one my #minimoment would be to bake a delicious chocolate cake now my little boy is growing out of his dairy and egg allergies at last. His favourite colour is red and he loves to help me bake!

  180. Kate says:

    I have just returned from France where I didn’t bake much as I was on my own and if I made it I had to eat it! All of it!
    Now that I’m back in the UK I’m looking forward to baking for all my friends and their families. I much prefer baking to cooking and this would start off the refurnishing of my kitchen very nicely having left all of my appliances behind.

  181. Kirstie phillipson says:

    I’d really love this stand mixer in my kitchen it would help me so much. i have a lot of health problems with my joints (arthritis & fibromyalgia are a few) and I need a mixer that’s smaller than the big ones but still packs a punch this little baby would tick all the boxes to help me keep baking 😊
    Good luck everyone 😘

  182. Julia Dyas says:

    I would make a spiced toffee apple cake, always popular, love the colour

  183. Linda Rumsey says:

    I’d give this to my daughter to take to uni so she could whip up some #minimoment brownies!

  184. sue says:

    Would love it, make my baking life sooooooo much easier

  185. Ellen Smith says:

    Great review!

    As for my #minimoment it would have to be cherry fairy cakes. They’re my all-time favourite thing to bake ever since I found the recipe in a school cook book like 17 years ago. They’re great to make for bake sales!

  186. Abi Harris says:

    I’ve wanted a kitchen aid forever but as I have limited space this is the perfect addition for my kitchen. Thanks for your great review. It would have to be a gooey chocolate cake for me!

  187. Caroline Horne says:

    I would love to win this for a very good friend who’s daughter is starting to bake, she would be so proud to use this and bake with her little brother.

  188. Shubha Hebbar says:

    I would love to make a 3 tiered chocolate cake using the mini kitchen aid mixer for my daughter’s birthday. I’ve never won anything! I hope to get lucky this time! Thank you pink whisk!

  189. Penny H says:

    My #minimoment would be some macarons – it will be my first time trying them. The mini Kitchen Aid is just too cute!

  190. Joe loader says:

    My #minimoment would be making your fantastic carrot cake recipe as is huge favourite in our house and even my grandson has requested it for his 2nd birthdays cake. Also matches my red kitchen. Would be well used and loved by all the family who love to bake..

  191. Tina gill says:

    I would bake cupcakes and the make marshmallow frosting

  192. Sally Cahill says:

    My #minimoment would be to make a batch of enriched dough for American cinnamon buns with cream cheese frosting for my nieces visiting from Florida in December.

  193. If I was luckily enough to win this. my first #minimoment would be for my daughters 16th birthday, she wants a pringles tube cake.

  194. Stephanie Rainbow says:

    I make bread at least 3 times a week, so would love to give dough a go, not to mention the fact i seem to be the family birthday cake maker, so this machine would definately be my sidekick!

  195. Lynda Sanderson says:

    Oh, just in time for Christmas.
    I would like to make small food gifts for friends and neighbours who have been kind and helpful to me this year.
    Then I intend to do a ‘bring cakes to sell’, day. I would donate to the British Heart Foundation. Count your blessings

  196. Helen Ward says:

    My son is getting married, so a fantastic wedding are would my minimonent. Have such wonderful visions of the finished creation. Sounds brilliant, and would fit beautifully in my kitchen 💕

  197. Jenni Carney says:

    My #minimoment would be an autumnal batch of pecan cupcakes, giving me a chance to use it for cake and icing! It would be perfect for our small kitchen as we’re in a one bed flat!

  198. Miranda says:

    Pavlova is my ‘signature bake’ – I’d love to have a go at one in this mixer!

  199. Tracey Peach says:

    My #minimoment of baking loveliness would be chocolate fudge cupcakes 🙂

  200. Lydia Coupe says:

    Cake, cake and more cake! Large cakes, small cakes and cupcakes! Would simply love one of these!

  201. Karen butler says:

    I would make Halloween cupcakes with my granddaughter little ghosts she loves baking

  202. Jan says:

    A traditional Victoria Sponge – a family favourite.

  203. Jan Bailey says:

    my #minimoment would be different types of bread without the hard work ;0)

  204. Louise Green says:

    I would love this! I’d first use it with my little girls to make their great-grandma’s 86th birthday cake next month. I currently use her old stand mixer from the 80’s! “It’s a work horse” as she says! X

  205. Laura says:

    I’d make something really classic like a Victoria sponge, a favourite of my mums, so we could enjoy it together

  206. Emily says:

    Hi Ruth, My #minimoment would be Christmas baking because I’m going to be off work in December and plan on enjoying baking mince pies, Christmas cake & gingerbread!

  207. Sarah Claxton says:

    My #minimoment would be to bake some soda bread and a large carrot cake. Fabulous prize

  208. Yvonne says:

    I’ve just made your Raspberry Ripple cake but with blackberries, which is one of our favourites! So, if I were lucky enough to win this mini beauty then I’d be able to make two at the same time! Greedy? Nah, not where cakes are concerned 😀

  209. Sarah Gray says:

    My #minimoment would be to try out a new cake receipe using tinned chick pea juice instead of egg white ( i am reliably told this works) as a surprise for my vegan daughter. My other daughter would have a #minimoment making her favourite chocolate brownies.

  210. Bernie says:

    Lovely chewy meringues for Eton mess, lots of strawberries, raspberries and whipped cream!!

  211. Zoey Arato says:

    Got to be some pancake mixture. I have them a few times a week at least for breakfast and hense they are my only speciality!!! I’m also soaking some boozy fruit from your recipe so I could give my Xmas cake a mix in this come October!!! 🎄

  212. jenny lambert says:

    This would help with making 2 fab cakes for my mum & dads 70th birthday cakes… born a week apart but having a joint party at the end of October.

  213. Anja says:

    I mention the c- word 🙂 baking Plätzchen is a huge part of our Christmas tradition and a stand mixer would come in very useful for baking all the Christmas biscuits. Apart from the Christmas baking, making cakes and other baked goods is a weekly occurrence here and I would love to try a KitchenAid with some sourdough to bake my own sourdough bread.

  214. Grainne Redmond says:

    I would bake a cake for my lovely friend Susanna who bakes for everyone else. #minimoment – tastic!

  215. Wendy Staples says:

    My #minimoment would be making a pavlova with my girls, just like my mum taught me to when I was young

  216. Glenis Anderson says:

    My daughter is getting married and I would be able to make the wedding cake with confidence and ease. It would make a probability a certainty and make me smile 🙂

  217. Hayley C says:

    My first #minimoment – not to have to make my banana loaf by hand. Will probably need a splashguard as I am not the cleanest cook.

  218. S Hall says:

    For my #minimoment I’d bake two pretty layered birthday cakes for my beautiful twin girls, who will be 5 very soon! Thank you!

  219. Andy Lye says:

    I’d have a bread and cake bake day with my niece and great niece, family fun in the kitchen 🙂

  220. Simone knaggs says:

    Being a crazy cupcake baker – my miniimoment would have to be some crazy cupcakes – with Halloween around the corner am thinking red velvet cupcake Devils – with a hint of chilli to match the hot sauce mini mixer 🙂

  221. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    Working in a hospital, I often bake cakes to take in for my colleagues. I have a bad back and do find the original Kitchen Aid far too heavy to use. My #minimoment would be to bake a three-tier Victoria Sponge with buttercream – was so impressed to see that no splashguard was needed. Normally, not only do I need a splashguard but also a clean towel to cover the gaps in the splashguard and still manage to end up with a “snowy” kitchen.

  222. Cristina says:

    For me my baking #minimoment, I would make your yummy Christmas fudge and a lemon chiffon cake

  223. Debbie Spencer says:

    I would love this to whisk up frangipani for my bake well tarts and making naan breads for the family.

  224. Ann-Marie Guindy says:

    I would love to win this, and my first #minimoment would be a Victoria sponge with jam and cream for my dad. Probably swiftly followed by a batch of white bread dough to make a load of pitta bread for the freezer. I can’t buy shop bought since I discovered how much nicer it is home made! Love the blog x

  225. CLARE BENTLEY says:

    Ooh yum! My #minimoment would be your super recipes for chocolate muffins and ginger muffins which I’ve just read! My wonderful Dad would have loved them but we sadly lost him recently, a month short of his 93rd birthday. Anyway, we’ll enjoy them in his memory and my grandchildren can help me scrape the bowl! 🙂 🙂

  226. Anthony Harrington says:

    My #minimoment would be making a pineapple upside down pudding with my little Grandson helping, it is great to make memories

  227. Susan Froom says:

    What a great review my cakes would loved to be mixed up by this fabulous bit of kit

  228. Janis P says:

    I’d love to have one of these machines just in time to help make light work of my Christmas Cake baking with the Boozy Fruit Soak – yum!

  229. helen battle says:

    The #minimoment of baking loveliness i would mix up and bake in mine would be a carrot cake or parsnip cake and then there would be plenty more lovley cake to follow

  230. Rachel says:

    My 2 year old wants to make lemon drizzle if we win, I fancy some cinnamon rolls…x

  231. Anjuli leahy says:

    I’d make a lemon meringue cake no question ❤️

  232. Sarah Goodyear says:

    I would use the Kitchen Aid to make up a delicious batch of Dulce de Leche brownies following your recipe. I have made several batches now and they are the best brownies I have ever made. I’m pretty sure they would be even better if I could whisk the eggs and sugar in a kitchen aid!

  233. Kirsty McKeegan says:

    My #minimoment would be to mix the ingredients for my beautiful sons first birthday cake. It would be so much better than my £12 hand mixer that I have used for all my families birthday cakes over the past 4 years!

  234. Emma Shaw says:

    After being on a strict diet for over 6 weeks now I would mix a batch of olive focaccia & scoff the lot! 😀

  235. Barbara Fynn says:

    My daughters and I would use this marvellous #minimoment to mark many more family celebrations creating bakes & memories both mini and massive in my tiny galley kitchen.

  236. Gill Baxter says:

    I think a Lemon drizzle cake might be called for if I won this mini Kitchen aid, but I would definitely want to try making buttercream in it too, so probably have to make some cup cakes soon after. I’m sure my family will give me loads of other suggestions after that!

  237. Sam Waters says:

    I would make my children’s chocolate cakes in this for their birthdays in the next few weeks, which are to be covered in delicious sweets, kit kats and oreos! It would be great and exciting to win the mixer.

  238. Kate Sinclair says:

    My #minimoment would be baking a lovely lemon drizzle cake for my amazing wonderful mum who is caring for me now too, I would be able to actually ask someone else to help me to do it too because it’s a smaller size!!!! So wish I had even a bit of luck, I would love to finally win something as 37 years and not won a thing!!!!

  239. Alison Crayford says:

    My #minimoment would be making bread dough to make different bread rolls something I find difficult to do by hand!

  240. Lynne McEvoy says:

    My #minimoment would be to make a delicious cappucino cake which is one of my family’s favourites.

  241. Claire Henn says:

    Since having to move to a smaller house, my pocket-sized kitchen has lead to me losing some of my baking mojo 🙁 This mini Kitchen Aid would definitely help me start creating new #minimoments in my new life & bring icing sugar smiles back to my cake-loving daughter!

  242. Adele says:

    I will be making #minimoment cakes for Christmas gifts for all my work mates, friends and family.

  243. anthea welch says:

    my #minimoment would involve baking lots of my favourite red velvet cupcakes (using your recipe – my go to recipe!. I am making a batch at the moment for a mcmillian coffee morning i am arranging at work. But this would make it easier and very impressed that the icing sugar doesn’t go everywhere!!

  244. Heather Bassett-Jones says:

    I would make a batch of freeze dried raspberry meringues sandwiched together with whipped cream – yum!

  245. Claire Hawkins says:

    Would love this! I’d have to make some marshmallow. My fave thing to make but it’s a lot of hassle with a hand mixer.

  246. Ronna Candelaria says:

    I could bake like a pro with a KitchenAid

  247. Clare Marlow says:

    My #minimoment would be baking with beautiful girls, they love cooking up concoctions in the kitchen!

  248. Joyce says:

    I’d make batches of macarons – little mouthfuls of loveliness – with this fabulous mixer #minimoment

  249. Juls says:

    It would be really helpful with all the baking I have to do in preparation for christmas for the family such as mince pies, chocolate logs and pastries.

  250. Helen says:

    I’d make your chocolate muffins which are the best. Not too chocolately and works every time. Fantastic recipe! This machine would be very helpful in making then!

  251. Angie McDonald says:

    #minimoment I’d love to mix up an epic cake batter full of peppermint flavouring for winter cupcakes! Maybe I could even add chocolate chips and make them ‘After Eight’ themed!

  252. Charley Bayley says:

    My #minimoment would be baking for the Macmillan coffee morning in memory of my Aunt and to raise as much money for the charity and all the support they provide

  253. Jessica Bleeze says:

    My #minimoment would be making my brothers wedding cake next year with my dream mixer I have always baked and always dreamed of having a kitchenaid. This would make my life!!

  254. I’m determined to get back to making my Christmas Cake this year, a mini KitchenAid would really help with that!

  255. rebecca drake says:

    Ooo, where would I start…. mini mountains of baking – cakes, pastry, bread, tiny treats and great big celebration cakes. Fingers crossed I’m the lucky one!

  256. Emma Lander says:

    I think I’d try bread first. I always fail at bread and actually Blame my tools so I would love to see if it is the case.
    I was actually saving up for a kitchenaid but got pregnant so I think I’m going to have to use the money on a pram 🙁

  257. Kerry lynn says:

    I’d whip up a plum and marzipan cake as I’ve a glut of delicious plums still to use #minimoment

  258. Nicola Malee says:

    I would try and do Italian merengue as I have never had the courage to try it. Or even try macarons now I’m sat here with ideas springing to mind as fast as the balloon whisk attachment I’m so excited. 🙂

  259. Kay says:

    A wonderful pavlova mix and whipped cream, totally yummy 😊

  260. Zara Ford says:

    Looks a fabulous machine. Always love reading your recipes and blogs. My two little boys (6 and 5) love baking but the 5 year old loves the icing of everything best. This machine would be a fab prize to win and love the idea of not having clouds of icing sugar all over the kitchen. This happens all the time in our house :-).

  261. Cathie Gamble says:

    I’d set aside the time and whisk up egg whites and make Ruth’s Toffee Pecan Meringue Nut roulade. I’ve bought loads and love them so would make it my first priority. Yum

  262. Elizabeth Edser says:

    My #minimoment would be a wonderful soft but crisp pavlova filled with fruit and topped with cream – mmmmm

  263. debbie jones says:

    My son and his fiancée have just moved into the tiniest rented house and they’d just love me forever if they could win this! My son is an avid cook and his fiancée has just been diagnosed with wheat intolerance so bring able to bake wheat free goodies would be his #minimoment!

  264. Kathy Carter says:

    I would love a Kitchen Aid of any size. I have a Kenwood Chef which I bought reconditioned some years ago. The first stand mixer I have ever owned, and it has done well but as a 1970s model I find the motor is not quite powerful enough. I would bake all sorts, and my favourite recipe of the moment is Waitrose Blackberry Doughnut Muffins!

  265. Lucy Jerrom says:

    I would bake lots of Great British Bake Off inspired #minimoment s! We bake whatever the technical challenge is from the previous week and have our own mini bake off 🍰

  266. Shenaz says:

    Looks amazing! I would love one!

  267. Kirstie Rann says:

    This lovely compact version of the icon brand would fit perfectly in my kitchen! If I were lucky enough to win my #minimoment would be a batch of mini classics – victoria sponge cakes, coffee & walnut cakes, battenburgs and bakewells to serve as ‘high tea’ to my lovely girlfriends.

  268. Becky Martin says:

    I would love to do a proper red velvet cake and macaroons #minimoments!

  269. julie crane says:

    My #minimoment would be mixing up a big batch of marshmallows for christmas presents. It would make it so much more fun and easy with the mixer.

  270. Francesca says:

    You taught me how to bake Ruth and you gave me the confidence and courage to proceed with and fulfil my passion for baking. So many of your recipes have helped me along the way, my all time favourite recipe of yours is your delicious oatmeal cookies; I have made them countless times, and love doing so. They would be my perfect #minimoment bake if I won this mini-delight!! Thank you lovie for the great giveaway opportunity! Good luck everyone!! 🙂

  271. Claire Cardoo says:

    #minimoment definitely a saffron loaf mmmmmmm!!!

  272. Francesca says:

    You taught me how to bake Ruth and you gave me the confidence and courage to proceed with and fulfil my passion for baking. So many of your recipes have helped me along the way, my all time favourite recipe of yours is your delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookies; I have made them countless times, and love doing so. They would be my perfect #minimoment bake if I won this mini-delight!! Thank you lovie for the great giveaway opportunity! Good luck everyone!! 🙂

  273. Claire Pegler says:

    With both sons birthdays coming up then I’d use it to make their cakes ! Chocolate for both

  274. Lindsay says:

    I love your review and the kitchen aid mini looks amazing! My first #minimoment would be whipping up a birthday cake for my soon to be 6 year old daughter!

  275. Laura Samuel says:

    My #minimoment would have to be a Victoria sponge, nothing more satisfying than a classic cake to go with a cup of tea

  276. Kate H says:

    Gingerbread for some mini gingerbread houses ready for my two year old to help decorate #minimoment

  277. I would love to win this mixer. I’ve recently been using my aunties 1970 orange and brown retro Kenwood. She sadly passed away last year on my birthday aged 87. She was a amazing cook and used her mixer most days. Sadly it caught fire two weeks ago and smoked my kitchen out. My hubby deemed it unrepairable and it sadly went to mixer heaven. 😥

  278. Sharon B says:

    I would have lots of #minimoments , i would mix up anything and everything and I would make it feel very welcome in my kitchen!

  279. My #minimoment would be a batch of my gluten and dairy free chocolate brownies. As they wouldn’t last five minutes in my house, I’d make the most of my Kitchen Aid and whip up another batch pronto!!

  280. Daphne Payne says:

    Being on the elderly side….. to have a Kitchen Aid would be fantastic. my #minimoment bake would have to be a Pavlova full of cream and fresh fruits. It would be so good to be able to whisk eggwhites successfully MMMmmmmmmmmmm

  281. Charlotte Graves says:

    Wow! Great review for a lovely little piece of kitchen kit! For my #minimoment I’d get cracking on some tiny little mince pies, as I tend to start filling the freezer around this time of year!

  282. Michelle Conroy says:

    My #minimoment would be a chocolate orange sandwich cake. First preparing the cake and then the chocolate orange buttercream. My husband’s favourite

  283. Hattie Walker says:

    For my #minimoment bake I’d have to whip up many trays of mini meringues.Eight egg whites would make PLENTY. Filled with beaten cream, also using the mini mixer. I’d make them pink and hold a fundraiser coffee morning for breast cancer research in October.

  284. Toni sidonio says:

    would love to win this for my mum as a thank you. She shared her love of baking and passed all her knowledge and skills on to her little mini me.

  285. Fiona jk42 says:

    I love the look of KitchenAid mixers, and this mini version would fit into my kitchen more easily than the full size one. My #minimoment would be making lemon drizzle cupcakes.

  286. Kev loggie says:

    If I was to win this mixer which is in my fav colour, i would use it make an amazing star wars themed birthday cake for my parter. Just to see the look on her face when she see’s the mixer and awesome cake would be priceless

  287. kath dwyer says:

    Would have to be my gorgeous beetroot and choc cake, love it

  288. Hayley Hallam says:

    I would love to make my first ever Christmas Cake in this! I always say I will make one and never have and this amazing soux chef would help me out so much 🙏🏻 #minimoment Xx

  289. Nicola Richardson says:

    So many #minimoments but as I have a new job in a lovely cafe serving cakes I could practice new recipes to impress my new boss 🙂

  290. Tim says:

    I’d start with an old favourite of mine, cheese and chive muffins. Moreish and usually gone in hours!

  291. Sonia Gallaher says:

    This would be wonderful. I have been thinking about buying one but it is large but it would be an investment, so it’s exciting they have released a mini version. It would be very handy making cakes as I have a special friends 40th birthday cake to make and it will require a lot of buttercream. I use your giant cupcake lemon cake recipe all the time and it never fails to impress!

  292. Lucy Skerritt says:

    My #minimoment would probably rustling up a good old fahioned Victoria Sponge, as it’s my husband’s favourite!

  293. Karen amies says:

    We have started a new business to which we have started making our own buns and cakes to sell. We have been buying them in from the bakery but customers love home made so we are learning new recipes all the time, and everytime one sells I feel proud that I’ve made that and they have chosen to buy it. The recipe I am trying to master at the moment is Bakewell tart. I have also found a love for bread making which I never knew I had.

  294. Pamela Benn says:

    Just what I need now I am gluten intolerant, so I can mix up all those things I miss I wouldn’t have to pay the high prices in the shops & a yummy colour to boot.

  295. Laura says:

    My #minimoment would be to make my son’s 1st birthday cake and then to teach him and start our baking adventure together.

  296. What a great review! I’ve always wanted a kitchen aid mixer but could never afford it! I’m making do with the hand mixer at the moment but for my #minimoment I would have to try macarons! I think a great mixer wood give fantastic results 😍
    Well, I’m keeping everything crossed 🙏🏼 x

  297. Jacqui carroll says:

    I’d luv it Ruth, would make my fav death by choc cake sandwiched with White choc buttercream, smothered in lovely ganache xx

  298. Denyse Walker says:

    If I were to win this I would bake every day! Cakes and buns and scones and bread and cupcakes and puddings and tarts and muffins and…..and….! Oh yes please! 🍞🍰🍕🎂

  299. Helen Taylor says:

    Would love to take a #minimoment to bake a lovely celebration cake to welcome our new baby to the world!

  300. Linda says:

    Firstly I love this colour, I would make a batch of your wonderful chocolate muffins- the bestest recipie I’ve ever come across. I would make them for my vintage wedding celebration on Saturday!

  301. Sue Carter says:

    My #minimoment would be to make the dough for my favourite home made bread, nothing more satisfying than taking some simple ingredients like flour, milk and yeast, let the mixer get to work, and watch it transform into soft, pillowy, lovely dough.

  302. Sallie green says:

    My family have cravings for homemade pizza’s just now, so I would be making life easy by using it to make the dough. Thanks

  303. Mary Davison says:

    Chocolate cake! My girls love it😀

  304. Lydia Houghton says:

    My #minimoment would be a good, old fashioned Victoria Sponge with a big squidge of homemade jam and lashings of real whipped cream.
    I might not be able to send you a slice, but I can promise you a photo!

  305. Catherine Sendall says:

    My #minimoment of baking would have to be a good chocolate cake batter to make into cake pops ready for my nieces school fair!

  306. Julia sewell says:

    I’d whip up a load of cakes to serve at a McMillian coffee morning!

  307. Paula says:

    My #minimoment would be meringue kisses!

  308. Danielle Bell says:

    My #minimoment would be to make two beautiful christening cakes for my two newest grandchilden.

  309. Lydia Frew says:

    I would rustle up a batch of pizza dough. I have a few tomatoes still to ripen in the greenhouse for the sauce, some homegrown onions, a pot of basil on the window sill. Throw on a bit of cheese and maybe some chorizo, et voila!

  310. Emma Payn says:

    My #minimoment would be baking cakes with my three year old daughter, she already loves making treats for her daddy.

  311. Emma Hazlewood says:

    As a new mum I need endless #minimoments to keep my energy up, starting with chocolate orange cheesecake!

  312. Victoria Fear says:

    My #minimoment would be to keep trying to get my pavlovas as good an my mum’s!! #legendary

  313. Mrs Huss says:

    Love the review! And the vibrant colours. Were I to win, my minimoment would be to attempt a gluten-free, egg- free, dairy-free cake for my girl.. as with her health issues, and my not having such a mixer, it has always proved challenging to bake a cake for her!

  314. Annelies says:

    I would definitely use it for making pastry, my hands are way too hot for rubbing butter into flour without everything melting.
    This mini-version would really suit my 1 person household and I fully trust your verdict that it’s amazing!

  315. sandra carr says:

    I would make your gorgeous lemon drizzle cake. it is simply just divine 🙂

  316. Hayley Simmonds says:

    I’m baking my cake for my wedding on 10th November so my #minimoment would definitely be making that!

  317. Wendy says:

    Lemon drizzle cake my favourite 😃

  318. Samantha Lawson says:

    My #minimoment would probably involve one of ThePinkWhisk’s wonderful recipes!!😀

  319. Tracie Baines says:

    My #minimoment would making either a lemon drizzle or a meringue to be filled with lots of cream and fruit! My pooch Bertie will be at my feet waiting to see if anything “escapes” for him to lick ……… he will have a long wait!

  320. Kelly Bonilla says:

    My #minimoment would have to be a Chocolate cake with dairy milk buttercream. My favourite!

  321. Em west says:

    I would love to make some Belgian buns and mini bakewell sponges and then lots of Christmas treats with my little ones for my #minimoment!

  322. Frances says:

    Would fit nicely in my little kitchen!

  323. Rebecca yates says:

    I have been obsessed with getting a kitchen aid ever since I started watching the great British bake off which really inspires me to bake as much as I can! My first #minimoment would be to make thick fudge double chocolate cookies!

  324. Renata Eglinton says:

    My #minimoment would be experimenting with my traditional recipes to make them lower calorie recipes to aid my weight loss. I love nothing more than cake and icing, but I’ve started on a healthier lifestyle that still allows me to indulge in the healthier treat! I’m crossing my fingers!!! Always wanted a KitchenAid!!!

  325. Jennifer says:

    I’d whip up some salted chocolate chip cookies. They’re our go-to treat 🍫

  326. Bridget tompkins says:

    Wow! If only I could win, never would I be able to afford a beauty like this. My #minimoment would me mixing me a beetroot and chocolate cake, the more chocolate the better, yummy, cupcakes of all descriptions and of course my firm favourite is of course a Victoria sponge, courgette and walnut and a lovely luscious moist carrot cake amongst many other yummyness I can dream up.

  327. Denise says:

    My #minimoments would be a coffee & walnut cake treat for hubby and mini christmas cakes for the forthcoming season!Fruit is already soaking in copious amounts of brandy!!!
    Have always wanted to own a Kitchen Aid mixer…fingers crossed x

  328. Katharine P says:

    My #minimoment would be a yummy coffee and walnut cake for my lovely Mum 🙂

  329. Helen Davie says:

    I am currently teaching my niece to make Birthday cakes for her children, just as I and my mother before me made Birthday cakes for our children. We’re having great fun and it’s a good excuse to spend an afternoon together. My favorite fail safe recipe is the Pink Whisk Chocolate Giant Cup Cake recipe – lovely and moist and always a big hit with adults and children alike. I would love to be able to give my niece a Kitchen Aid of her very own to carry on the family baking tradition.

  330. Caron Arnold says:

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this wonderful looking piece of kit as 1- it would look gorgeous in my little kitchen, 2- Christmas is coming, and that means me starting to make my Christmas cakes! As a disabled lady, I struggle mixing up all the ingredients required to make my scrum my Christmas cakes – I make 1 for my sister, 1 gluten free one for my daughter and 1 for myself! The booze fruit recipe that I acquired from this site is absolutely spectacular & along with the Christmas cake recipe, it produces a gorgeous, moist, fruity cake of which I am extremely proud to give my sister and daughter!
    This mixer would make the preparation and making of my Christmas cakes and all the other cakes I bake, an absolute doddle, and I wouldn’t be left nursing a bad arm and shoulder for weeks afterwards & I could make them all up, ready for giving their little drinks-poos, over the space of a matter of a week, iinstead of it taking me weeks to bake them all because my arms & shoulders need to recover!!
    Thank you!

  331. Maureen Clark says:

    I would use my #minimoment to celebrate my daughter’s return from Australia where she is spending a study year abroad. We miss her. I will bake her favourite Daim Bar Cake (that’s what we, in our house, call your Caramel cake). It was the last cake she ate before she left

  332. Gemma Burton says:

    My #minimoment would be mixing up my signature chocolate fudge cake to take into the X-ray department I work in for a lunchtime treat for my colleagues! And that would be just the start – perhaps it would be the start of the great X-ray bake off?! 😉

  333. Sue Stevenson says:

    My #minimoment of baking loveliness would be to make a huge pavlova that we could all enjoy

  334. Kelly Clark says:

    I would make pastry! I hate making pastry because I don’t like it getting stuck to fingers & nails so I always cop out & buy ready made. I never knew you could make pastry in a stand mixer so would definitely love to try it & have homemade pastry for my pies & tarts instead of ready made.

  335. suzysunshine7 says:

    A humongous Hummingbird Cake for my Mum just because … she is my Mum and I love her and she really loves Hummingbird Cake ;o>

  336. Cpra Anderson says:

    My #minimoment would be making the special yum-yum cake for the family Christmas dinner. I also make bread. This would be a big help for me, I love it.

  337. denise s says:

    like the smaller design for my smaller kitchen, i would for my #minimoment make a lemon drizzle cake for when my older returns home for the end of october – its his favourite.

  338. Lisa Mathieson says:

    I’ve just gone on maternity leave and would love to get back into baking again. I can’t wait until my little boy is old enough to bake with me! The first thing I would bake is a big batch of cookies. They were my pregnancy craving that seems to have carried on!! #minimoment xxx

  339. Debbie Ware says:

    Looks very chic. Would go perrffic in my newly tiled kitchen

  340. Claire Urmston says:

    Definitely a batch of bread for making mini pizza rolls – my children’s favourite! #minimoments

  341. Kelly Leal says:

    My family are big fans of coffee fudge cake, my five year old included, so winning the mixer would mean a very happy family.

    I am getting married next year and doing high tea so I would love to win the mixer to bake my own cakes for the dessert element.

  342. After 37 years my Kenwood Chef “retired ” with a terminal complaint late last year, and I’m now using my mother’s replacement, that she bought after more years than that, when hers caught fire! So you can see, I’ve not really got an excuse to go and buy myself a new Kitchenaid! However it looks so lovely, is lighter and smaller – but is still good for the job I make nearly all our bread, in varying flavours, so that’d be the FIRST make, closely followed by chocolate chip fairy cakes with my granddaughter

  343. Paula Boyce says:

    Oh I would love this my sister has the kitchenaid its fab but with less counter space the mini would be great for me I’m a stay at home Mum and love baking would make brownies, cookies and my kids birthday cakes with this excited thinking of the chance to win!!

  344. Suzy Webb says:

    My #minimoment would definitely be weird and wonderful cup cakes as that’s what I make for everyone!

  345. Anne Hitchin says:

    I would practice my Christmas baking ready for the season and make my children some #minimoment Snowmen Cupcakes & hot chocolate because the chance of getting decent real snow at Christmas looks very unlikely

  346. Jo O'Regan says:

    my 10 year old son is wide eyed about this #minimum enter. He has found his baking fingers this last couple of months and bakes biscuits almost everyday. He says if ‘he’ won, he’d make shortbread and macaroons. If he ever let me get my hands on it, I would love to make meringue buttercream to top fluffy cupcakes for Christmas! Looks gorgeous

  347. Krista says:

    My # mini moment of baking loveliness would be making cup cakes for a friend who is having a bake sale and shaving her head to raise money for breast cancer research

  348. Sarah Batten says:

    Ooo it looks lush and I’ve always wanted one!
    If I were lucky enough to win my #minimoment would be trying to whip up my own wedding cake which I am going to attempt making! Hopefully this would make it a slightly quicker and less fraught process 🙂

  349. Hazel gibson says:

    The pink whisk always have great recipes, fantastic blog too! I love to bake, and usually make something off your website!
    Would love a mini kitchen aid! Great review!

  350. Kate R says:

    I’d make baileys chocolate cupcakes in my #minimoment as mixing the buttercream with a hand electric mixer means I’m there for ages when I could be pouring myself a glass of baileys!

  351. EMMA FURNISS says:

    I’ve always wanted to make a rainbow cake so this would be the first thing I would whisk up 🙂 thank you

  352. Julie says:

    I would whip up a batch of courgette & chocolate low carb (damn this diet!) cupcakes to give myself a little treat. 🙂

  353. Tracy Stairmand says:

    My 10 year old son would love me to win this so he could then practice making bread, he says when hes older, he wants to own his own shop and be a baker of rustic breads…this would be a great help. Myself, I’d bake lots of cakes. 🙂

  354. Claire Beedham says:

    I would love to win this to show my 2 teenage girls what wonderful things you can create when baking, as I think baking can be therapeutic when you have a little bit of know how

  355. Debbie Creasey says:

    I would love to make a lemon drizzle cake & red velvet cupcakes, i’m quite new to baking and these are next on my list to try to bake 🙂
    Lovely blog by the way xx

  356. Catherine C says:

    My #minimoment would be to bake my grandparents diamond wedding anniversary cake for them! A kitchen aid is my dream kitchen appliance 🙂

  357. Sarah H says:

    I’d whip up my famous Guinness cake for all the work charity bake sales.

  358. Dawn Farrugia says:

    I would create many a #minimoment but especially I’d create a tower of cupcakes for my grandson who adores cake! Thanks for the chance to win it! ps Red is my favourite colour 🙂

  359. Sue Peachey says:

    What a great review! I would love to win a Mini and my #minimoment would be mixing my grandson’s first birthday cake in November. The cake will have ombre buttercream on the sides and probably a panda on the top so the Mini would be put to a lot of work! Love your blogs, so informative and full of good tips.

  360. Ian Barnes says:

    My #minimoment would be nothing more glamorous than making some pastry for a pie. Some people I know always have cold hands and would make great pastry chefs whereas I always have hot hands so make bad pastry. Using a KitchenAid Mini would revolutionise my baking 🙂

  361. Lorraine Straw says:

    I would bake a wonderful cake for my friends 25th wedding anniversary…

  362. Amanda Sanderson says:

    My #minimoment would be creating my first bake in our new home! What better way to christen the kitchen?! My daughter’s favourite…chocolate fudge cake! I often have a cloud of icing sugar in the kitchen when I make buttercream so would love to have a Kitchen Aid Mini to help me avoid this and make light, fluffy cakes every time!

  363. Tracy Jones says:

    Fabulous prize! I would bake my husband a speci cake for his 50th Birthday!! 🍰

  364. sue says:

    A lemon drizzle would be top of my list

  365. Joanne says:

    My #minimoment would be making my little boy’s first birthday cake (hopefully a zebra!) and then using it to start my own bakery business from home.

  366. Barbara Ryder says:

    #minimoment. Bread. Much easier it ha good mixer. I make small pittas and freeze most of them.

  367. Ann Roberts says:

    Would love one for #minimoment to make mini-cupcakes for a friend in need!

  368. Allyson Phillips says:

    My #minimoment would be to give my fave cake a whirl – coffee and walnut

  369. Isabel says:

    With a KitchenAid Mini I would make my Christmas cake and all the other tempting goodies needed for a great family Christmas as well as some lovely bread.

  370. Lindsay Fraser says:

    If I was lucky enough to win I would give this mini mixer to my sister so that she and my niece could bake lots of cupcakes and her amazing chocolate cake…I’d have to be Chief #minimoments Taster of course! 😉

  371. Ali Thorpe says:

    My #minimoment would be baking my favourite cinnamon rolls as, even though they take me hours, they are our favourite 😀

  372. Francesca raftery says:

    I’d just make A LOT of cakes, especially with my 7y/o mini son who’s become obsessed by bake off and wants to bake all the time. He’d love it! Red! Oh and bread and rolls and CHOCOLATE BREAD (nom nom) and buttercream…and meringue…oh, oh…the list goes on.. 😊 .#minimoment

  373. Kate Cook says:

    I’d cook up my family’s favourite chocolate cake, a recipe handed down to me by my late mum. Simple, but delicious, and it involves lots of icing sugar which my current mixer flings all over the kitchen! #minimoment

  374. Victoria Kyberd says:

    My #minimoment would be to bake up some dairy and gluten free treats for my 1year old little boy as he doesn’t often get access to safe treats and I don’t want him missing out!! x

  375. Sarah Hirstwood says:

    My #minimoment would be making my very first ever Christmas cake with it.
    Followed by some bread… and perhaps some cupcakes to take into the office for everyone :o)

  376. K.Miles says:

    My #minimoment would have to be almond choc chip layer cake – perfect!

  377. michelle walkington says:

    My #minimoment I struggle to use or a lift mixer without relying on the husband, I’d love to say its old age but its not. but this would allow my young granddaughter who’s five and myself to make and decorate cakes cookies cupcakes, scones and bread, she loves to bake. She runs to get in grandad’s car on a weekend, saying we’re baking today, I hope in passing on the passion my gran instilled in me into her, Good Luck everyone

  378. Sarah Rammal says:

    Oh I love it! My first #minimoment would be a double layer gin & tonic lemon drizzle! But followed soon by my christmas cake – for which the fruit is currently soaking of course 🙂

  379. Victoria says:

    Me and my daughter age 9 would make lemon drizzle cake, yum. My mixer died this year from years of over use and I have not baked since. We got inspired by the GBBO to make the drizzle cake, we went and bought all the ingredients which are sadly still sat in the cupboard, its hard work without a mixer and not as much fun so this would be Ideal! Good luck fellow bakers xx

  380. Kathryn says:

    I would love to make a meringue roulade!

  381. Carley Singfield says:

    This would be lovely to use over Xmas i do so much baking! #minimoment

  382. Cheryl Ambrose says:

    Oh my what #minimoment won’t I be trying. I have been without a mixer since leaving home many, many, many,many moons ago. But If I had to choose it be the beautiful Christmas chocolate cake with my kids helping. Yes I said Christmas 😊

  383. ALTAF AL- AWADHI says:

    Really Love the size .. Like to teach baking easy recipes for my 12 years old niece, she’s interesting in making cookies, cupcakes .. etc .

  384. Lorraine Hill says:

    This is just what I have been waiting for and I have a space just perfect for it in my kitchen.
    I tend to lately make smaller batches of cakes and biscuits so this would be ideal.
    Also would be great for my mini bakewell tarts that I always make each week, as I am sure it would make lovely pastry.

  385. Mairead McCrory says:

    This would be the icing on the cake for me. i have 3 eager bakers aged between 5 and 9 and all wanting to, make their own shows stopper. all 3 are entered into a local Junior bake off in November and it would be great to not have to wait turns on my food mixer. there would be lots of mini makes baked, theres being a gingerbread, decorated cupcakes and banana bread. plus loads more.

  386. I’ve no room for the full size version so this mini kitchen aid looks perfect. My #minimoment would be to try and finally perfect making bread to go with all the homemade jam and marmalade my family eat!

  387. Muss. Ahmad says:

    My daughters and I would use this to bake our family favourites: Blueberry Soured Cream cake and Fruit Pavlovas. As well as lots of ot macaroons mmmm…

  388. Kate Motyer Lowndes says:

    My #minimoment would be some lemon drizzle cake which is my husband’s favourite but I haven’t baked for ages, poor thing. It also might give me the courage to try things I have never made before.

  389. Jane H says:

    Ooh always wanted one of these to help me multitask. My #minimoment would be finally trying to make macarons- yummy!

  390. Georgina CS says:

    I would make macaroons!

  391. Deborah Nesbitt says:

    I’ve got my fruit soaking for my Christmas cake, then I need to make the Christmas pudding that is if my husband hasn’t already commandeered it for his bread making.

  392. With the holidays almost upon us, I would make my mother’s traditional applesauce cake, then make the icing as well. Moving recently from 2000 sq foot home to a 625 sq foot apartment this would fit just right.

  393. TARA SANDERS says:

    Ahhh…I need to start saving. I might be able to afford this compared to the full sized one 🙂

  394. Alexandra Sinclair says:

    Millie, my 12 year old daughter would bake us a cake:
    “I would mix up and bake a lovely rainbow cake with skittles coming out the center and a vanilla frosting #minimonent of baking loveliness 🌈🍰x”

  395. My #minimoment would be to finally get a chance to bake all the recipes I have been saving from the Pink Whisk blog.

  396. Kerry lindridge says:

    I would love to make snicker doodle cookies #minimoments with my four year old daughter, she also says we have to give daddy a lesson in making cupcakes as he is rubbish😀

  397. Sue Jones says:

    I think it would have to be my all time favourites – meringue! How easy would that be! Also, it’s my birthday on October 10th, how good would that be!!

  398. Sarah matthews says:

    With my Parents 40th wedding anniversary, my nephew and my baby both turning 1 year old and my sister in law getting married, I have a lot of baking to do very soon. I have a teeny little kitchen where everything I make is baked with love for people that me and my amazing little helper (my 5 yr old son Harry!) care about. Having something so exciting in our little kitchen would fascinate my little baker and we would certainly put it through its paces! Great review Ruth. Thank you xxxx

  399. Victoria says:

    Fab review Ruth, I’d love to perfect my macarons with the mini mixer! It definitely wouldn’t be short of use in my kitchen though . . . #minimoment

  400. Rachelle says:

    Bread! I have got quite lazy and stopped bread making and I miss it.

  401. Laura Bailey says:

    I have a really small kitchen so this would be great! I would make my trusty dark chocolate mud cake with white chocolate frosting but In would also use it to enhance my bread making skills.

  402. Nicola Mayall says:

    I would bake cinnamon rolls for my #minimoment to make my kitchen smell amazing!

  403. Helen Dart says:

    My first #minimoment would be lemon drizzle cake.

  404. Clare Desmond says:

    My #minimoment would be making loads of lovely cakes for our Pink day at work to raise money for Breast Cancer. What a lovely prize xx

  405. Marion Hall says:

    I would be so grateful to win this and bake chocolate cakes,naughty chocolate cookies,my grands recipe for Christmas cake to make my friends and family happy.

  406. Denise Cox says:

    My #minimoment would have to be minimeringues made in my minikitchen.
    And Xmas would be easier on my frozen shoulder!

  407. Kerry Oakley says:

    My #minimoment would be to try & make meraingue. I’ve never had much success but I’m sure with a mini kitchen aid, my meringues would be the peak of perfection!

  408. Alice says:

    The smaller size would be a welcome addition to my kitchen and I could bake a lot more goodies for my family.

  409. Liz webster says:

    i would make a lovely lemon cake with lovely lemony icing without the work out involved from moving my current heavy mixer 🙂

  410. Helen Huxley says:

    Perfect size for smaller everyday bakes

  411. Elaine Pearson says:

    I have managed to reach the age of 60 without ever having possessed a stand mixer and think I have missed something! I would absolutely love to win the latest KitchenAid mixer and try recipes that just sounded like too much hard work using a hand one!

  412. Lorna Adams Sofroniou says:

    My daughter Holly has already given me the greatest minimoment gift ever, watching my gorgeous Granddaughter Athena being born…. I would like to return the love by presenting her with her first mixer to ease her into motherhood and a lifetime of having as much fabulous fun baking with her daughter as I did with her xx

  413. Steph Clubb says:

    My #minimoment would merge into many. As I bake almost everyday I need to keep my gluten free recipes separate from standard. Having this would make my life so much easier. My first bake would be Lemon and Poppy Seed Yoghurt Cake, no, it would be a fruit bread, no, sorry just seen the mountain of greenhouse tomatoes I need to make into passata so a brioche style pizza dough… oh whatever I choose it will be scrumptious. #minimoment.

  414. Donna Bateman says:

    I have been hoping that Kitchenaid would eventually bring out a ‘Mini me’ version…and here it is! Ruth, your comment on “not throwing your back out” won me over as i’ve got a seriously bad back!!
    So, my mini-bake moment would be an upcoming Christmas Cake, as I make mine for all my family, so this new model would help me out a lot! Keeping everything crossed x

  415. Reba Khatun says:

    I would love to whip up some Macarons. My 6 year old has developed a taste for them since she was 4 yrs old!!

  416. Angie Pickering says:

    My#minimoment would actually be putting it on the work surface in my small kitchen! Would be fabulous to make my grandkids favourite chocolate cake with this instead of a wooden spoon! Never had a mixer before because my kitchen is just too small!

  417. Rachel Robertson says:

    I’ve always regretted not putting a KitchenAid on my wedding list and have dreamed of having one for years. Fingers crossed!

  418. emma walters says:

    It’s my daughter’s first birthday and i have bought a very cute teddy bear cake mould all ready to bake her first ever cake……so excited!!! #minimoment

  419. Bianca says:

    I would love to win this and my first #minimoment would be to make my little boys 3rd birthday cake.

  420. Steve J says:

    It’d be used to bake my own wedding cake for the spring!

  421. Siobhan Marcer says:

    #myminimoment baking cupcakes with my two daughters (age 2 & 4) and surprising all our neighbours delivering them to all, they’re all quite elderly and we do it quite regularly brings joy to there faces and my girls love it. I’m a stay at home mum so could never afford one of these x

  422. liz denial says:

    I love to create new & original cake & cookie recipes. My most recent was a banoffee cream cookie

  423. Sue Slade says:

    Looks and sounds perfect Ruth. Would be great to make your raspberry ripple sponge, your chocolate brownies, your red velvet Swiss roll ……..

  424. Anne Fendick says:

    These new Kitchenaid mixers are really cute. Just right for mini muffins, maybe banana & Ginger….

  425. Ghislaine Bedford says:

    My daughter would love this Kitchen Aid for her kitchen. She’s eight months pregnant but still finds time to bake with her 3 year old. This would be such a treat for after the new baby is born and grand daughter would love to help her mum use it. She has used my full size Kitchen Aid but it’s too large for her kitchen so this would be perfect.

  426. Faye says:

    Oh my gosh, how didn’t I know this existed before now! I am patiently waiting for the day I can afford to bless my kitchen with a kitchenaid stand mixer!
    Great review and glad to know it didn’t disappoint in any of its functionality.
    If I were to have this in my kitchen I think I would make a brioche loaf.

  427. Lily Grimes says:

    My #minimoment would have to be your amazing chocolate chip banana bread it’s now my signature bake

  428. Tania Atfield says:

    I would love one of these and my #minimoment to make in superfast time would be orange madeleines which taste so good.

  429. Chris Williams says:

    I’m always baking but my Son has just booked his wedding for next year so would love to make his wedding cake. I made my own wedding cake 29 years ago so happy to give it a go again.

  430. Angharad says:

    What a fantastic prize. I’m torn with what I would bake first if I won it but have decided my #minimoment would be your chocolate chip and fudge cake – a firm favourite in our house and frequently used as a birthday cake.

  431. Sophie Lockley says:

    My #minimoment will always be cupcakes! Exciting!

  432. Pauline says:

    I’m sure I’d sit and stare lovingly at it for quite some time. Then I’d work my way through Pink Whisk recipes

  433. Loraine Morrison says:

    #minimoment of baking loveliness – chocolate and peanut butter sponge cake, shortbread, eclairs, meringues the list is endless. Would like to have a try at bread using the dough hook.

  434. Kayleigh says:

    Oh wow, what a fab colour. I’m pretty new to baking but i really want to learn more. I’d love to learnt to make cupcakes first i think. Fab review!

  435. Louise Gilpin says:

    Perfect for me and my minis to keep on baking. Both my boys love helping out in the kitchen 🙂 #minimoment

  436. Maria Blythe says:

    I would love to use it to make mini Christmas cakes for gifts this year.

  437. Marie says:

    My children love to bake with me so this would be perfect for them. My daughter is just starting to bake on her own so she could have another go at Bananas loaf. Last time it looked beautiful but perhaps she could remember to put the sugar in this time 🙂 We put honey on and all was well.

  438. Rose Chapman says:

    I’d love a mini mixer! I wasn’t aware a smaller version was available. I only have a little kitchen so this would git in perfectly 😊

  439. Emma says:

    My 3 year old son has just outgrown his milk allergy so I would make him the best chocolate cake, smothered with buttercream icing and chocolate buttons to celebrate.

  440. Kelly says:

    My children and I would love to bake with this handy gadget please xx

  441. felicity smith says:

    I love the red. My new kitchen when I move next month I hope to make red as well. Such a great review too

  442. Grace says:

    My #minimoment would be definitely making some salted caramel brownies or my dads birthday cake whatever comes first ☺️

  443. Lorraine Foskett says:

    My mini moment of baking would be to help my nine year old son bake his two brother’s birthday cakes. He loves baking and now bakes all of the family birthday cakes. He would absolutely love to win this and it would help to take his baking to new heights! (His brothers would love it too – as we make about three tray bakes a week together)

  444. Susan Thomas says:

    My tiny kitchen would be the perfect home for this fab mini mixer. The fruit for my Jewelled Fruit Christmas Cake is already soaking and I would love to be able to mix it in this most beautiful machine. Fingers crossed 🙂

  445. Rebecca Jarvis says:

    It is my daughters 1st birthday this Halloween, I’ve ordered the cake mould but will have to either use my handheld electric whisk or borrow my neighbours Kitchenaid, which will mean carrying a full size one across the close!

  446. Shelley Hopkin says:

    I would love to make your toffee pecan meringue roulade in the #minimoment 🙂

  447. Katie says:

    I’d make cinnamon rolls

  448. Lisa says:

    My #minimoment will be making the pink whisk salted caramel bundt cake – never fails to impress!

  449. Zainab Govalia says:

    With the GBBO coming in towards the quarter finals and my youtube feed filled with baking inspiration, my #minimoment would be to whisk up a beautiful afternoon tea. So with my little crew (consisting of an 8 year old, a 6 year old and a three year old!) I’ll bake a few scones, mini carrot cakes and mini coffee cakes, viennese biscuits with buttercream and a showstopper classic victoria. Diet before Christmas? Hmmmm…i think i’ll just buy a dress size bigger.

  450. Alison Davidson says:

    I would love to win this to bake lots of lovely treats with my 4 children. Love the colour x

  451. Helenmarie Looker says:

    I would whip up a tasty cake for a child in need. I am a voluntary baker with Free Cakes for Kids Cambridge.

  452. Alison Davies says:

    If I am lucky enough to win, I will be whipping up some cream ready for my homemade chocolate eclairs….they are my Dads favourite 🙂 #myminimoment of baking.

  453. Angela mackay says:

    My #minimoment would be using the gorgeous kitchen aid to make a tuna flan with my daughter using my late mum’s recipe, a firm family favourite!

  454. l barkley says:

    #minimoment would have to be Ruth’s dough for cinnamon buns, a new favourite in our house

  455. Sandra Salter says:

    #minimoment My first bake would be the family’s favourite Autumn Apple and Ginger Cake 😊

  456. Claire Jackson says:

    My #minimoment would be making a batch of my boys favourite chocolate brownies, and not have to wrap a tea towel around the bowl because my nanna’s 60 year old kitchen aid is on its last legs and sprays flour and eggs everywhere.I’d feel so glam without a tea towel. Plus red will make my newly painted kitchen.

  457. Fiona says:

    #minimoment Whisking up a huge pavlova with no artexing of the kitchen in the process!

  458. Alison Horridge says:

    Would love to win this so I can do more baking with my grandchildren also loving the colour x

  459. Ashleigh McConkey says:

    For my #minimoment I would make lots of homemade yummies for Christmas this year. It’s our first Christmas together as mr&mrs and my husband loves to experiment in the kitchen so this mini kitchenaid would be perfect fof him and for our gingerbread house experiment 🙂 and the colour of the mixer is beautiful. It would look lovely in our new home. Fingers crossed 😊

  460. Hilary mccann says:

    Would love to win this, I sold my own mixer about a year ago and have regretted it ever since so this would give me the chance to enjoy baking again! I would be able to use it to start teaching my daughter how to bake xx

  461. Liana says:

    Cinnamon rolls for Christmas – especially after seeing how well it coped with your bread dough! They’re our staple Christmas morning brekkie and I could even make the cream cheese drizzle in it too 🙂

  462. Catherine Bond says:

    I would use the mixer to bake all my festive goodies (a lot of them recipes of yours’ that I love!) Christmas cake, gingerbread for my annual gingerbread house, festive shaped biscuits (and some to give to teachers!), mince pies…best baking time of the year!!

  463. Charlotte Appleyard says:

    My best friend just found out that she is pregnant so this would be perfect to make babyshower cakes and then for her to have it to bake with the baby

  464. Helen Hickman says:

    I would love to win this! My #minimoment would definitely be baking some cakes with my 8 year old daughter. She loves cooking and is keen to learn more.

  465. Stacey Larkin says:

    My next #minimoment of baking that I am looking forward to would have to be baking this years Christmas cake!! 💕🎂🎅🏻

  466. Elaine MacIver says:

    I could only dream of owning a Kitchen Aid, so I would love this prize, . I wonder. Could I win this time? 😊💭

  467. PaulS says:

    My #minimoment would be to make chocolate brownies with my 5 year old son

  468. Emma Gardner says:

    My husband is a Police Officer 👮 and I’m always baking something for him and his team. I’d love ❤️ to whip up a quick batch of Jaffa Cupcakes (his favourite at the moment!) or some Bakewell Slices (my favourite!) when the mood takes me. Baking is my go to hobby to relax and unwind and this would make it even easier! Fingers crossed 💚🍀💚

  469. Julie Freeman says:

    I’d love to make Macaroons, and meringues, and cakes, lots of cakes.

  470. Jessica Ritchie says:

    I’d make a first birthday cake for my beautiful girl Scarlett. And given her name, I’d have to make it a RED velvet cake 😀

  471. Edwina Wilkinson says:

    Oh yes Please, would love one of these beauties .
    Would make my baking life so much easier!
    Thank you 🙂

  472. Jane McInnes says:

    I would bake my beautiful tiny (standing just about 5ft)daughter in law to be a tiny wedding cake in almond and raspberry flavours just for her, because she’s worth it

  473. Lauren Melrose says:

    I would make a raspberry pavolva with lots of whipped cream.

  474. Barbara McWatters says:

    Ooh I have always wanted one of these! My favourite bakes are breads, treats and celebration cakes for my family. My 4yo and 2yo daughters are my baking apprentices, I would show them how to make my Granny Neill’s Lemon Fridge cake – her speciality and my favourite dessert ever. Think lemon tiramisu! Heavenly.

  475. Lynne Pirie says:

    My #minimoment would be making my husbands favourite cherry cake

  476. Nina Chesworth says:

    My love of baking started when I used to bake with my mum. I’d love ❤️ to inspire my girls in the same way – with this Kitchenaid mini #minimoment

  477. Jacquie Watts says:

    My #minimoment would definitely be to get back in my baking groove with a chocolate fudge cake! Since starting a job cooking this year I have found I do it less for fun and I miss it!

  478. Michelle R says:

    We are having a mini-party for my lovely father-in-law’s eightieth birthday at the end of the month and this mixer would be the perfect kit to help me cater for that. Here’s hoping x

  479. Claire watson says:

    Oh my! What wouldn’t I make in this? I have the original size kitchen aid and make everything in it. My 6 year old daugter loves to help me make “treats” in it and keeps asking when she can have one of her own and a mini version would be an amazing surprise for her so we could have mummy and me mixers to make mummy and me “treats” together 😍

  480. Helen Rule says:

    I love my bigger Kitchen Aid Mixer but I have a small kitchen and this would fit in just perfect. I bake for friends and family 🙂

  481. Charlotte Stratton says:

    My #minimoment would be to make delicious, mini sized cupcakes – ready for the trick or treaters this Halloween 🙂

  482. Molly Upfield says:

    My #MiniMoment would be making my sisters naked wedding cake next year (no pressure on my part)! And then gifting the mixer to her for when she moves to London with her then husband! 🙂

  483. Sue Wheeler says:

    I don’t beleive in buying cakes/biscuits pies etc so your review makes me think this would be a perfect addition to my kitchen as age is catching up with my hands! As ‘Granny to 7 hungry grandchildren who love to come and stay with their parents, I’m frequently cooking for 18 so fingers crossed…Id love to be a winner

  484. Stephanie says:

    My #minimoment is licking the bowl. If it is a small or big bake, I’ll always finish up the mixture!

  485. Annette Hood says:

    This would definitely be fantastic for my bread making.We love homemade bread .Loved your review I hate clouds of icing sugar that I get with my hand beater 😳

  486. Hayley says:

    My #minimoments my 5 year old loves baking and we’d make chocolate cake for my son would loves eating cake lol x
    We’d love to win this prize x thank you for the opportunity

  487. Amy kwok says:

    This will be great in my compact London kitchen! My children loves baking with me and this will fit perfectly! There are so may bake off inspired recipes I want to try. The one I most look forward to will be making bread so I don’t have to knead by hand!

  488. Tania says:

    Oh wow! Love kitchen aid! I’m busy making lots of hampers for friends for Christmas – this would help me make many mini moments. Meringue kisses, shortbread hearts. Mini chocolate chip bites – the list would be endless!

  489. Nors says:

    My 11 year old daughter would love for me to win this, she loves baking and makes cakes to take into her classmates at school all the time 😍

  490. EILEEN GARSKE says:

    I keep chickens so always have fresh eggs. I would use mine to make my favorite Pavlova filled with fresh fruit. Bet it whisks those egg whites up to a fluffy cloud !

  491. Helen Macleod says:

    I would love to use the KitchenAid Mini to prepare a feast of Halloween goodies with my little boy. We love baking together, although my assistant does insist on an awful lot of tasting as we go!😁 🍰

  492. Clare says:

    I would love to make hazelnut meringue!! My absolute favourite!!! Thanks

  493. Debbie Walsh says:

    I would make my sons 5th birthday cake first, we love baking together and as he has autism it’s so wonderful to have something that we both love and can have fun with that is therapeutic and relaxing for him. X

  494. Rachel says:

    I would love this. It’s always been on my wish list. Would go lovely with my new range cooker.

  495. Dawn reed says:

    What a revolutionary machine !! I would love to try it for
    Myself. My #mini moment would be helping to make my daughters wedding cake for her wedding next year !! This would really help me stir in the love ❤️

  496. Jacqueline Midmore says:

    That’s easy! My #minimoment would be classic French macarons a la the pink whisk! They were the first thing I ever made from this blog, food processing the icing sugar was the key to not continuing down the path of failed ones! This would certainly help me get those egg whites whipped to perfection!

  497. Shona says:

    Well, Christmas is coming, so my first #minimoment would have to be the cake, but then there’s gingerbread, truffles, mince pies….. so much baking, so little time!

  498. Becky Davies says:

    I would have to check that buttercream action for myself, so would whip up some mini victoria sponges and buttercream…
    I have a 1960 Kenwood chef that belonged to my grandma. I love it, but you have to mix buttercream a little with a wooden spoon before switching it on, or my kitchen and I get splattered with icing sugar!
    Or possibly try making marshmallow again. I tried that last Christmas….broke the belt on the Kenwood. According to the repair shop it was obsolete…hurray for the internet instructions and kind electrician friends!

  499. Annette Hood says:

    having one of these would mean more homemade bread which we love as well as no icing dust clouds when I make buttercream 😄

  500. Nicola Stringfellow says:

    I’ve never been brave enough to attempt pavlova, but I think I would with this.

  501. Jennifer Law says:

    The first #minimoment I would make would be a big chocolate celebration cake for my friend’s birthday with plenty of cream cheese icing.

  502. Helen Fisher says:

    This wonderful machine would help me make #minimoments bread and cakes with ease. Having recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my hands and elbows my love of baking is sadly being affected. Will keep my (or my husbands) fingers crossed!

  503. Emma Gaunt says:

    I would love to make a scrummy lemon drizzle cake!

  504. Anna Holder says:

    I would love this as a gift for my daughter. She has moved into her own flat. I would give her lessons on how to make the perfect Ruth Clemens Christmas Cake. As it’s her favourite 😊

  505. Martin Saunders says:

    My little nephew is a big baking fan and is taking after his uncle in this department! He even sits and watches the bake off with me! (Some kind of cake usually helps him concentrate). Our mini baking moment would be baking up some halloween treats together over the Halloween weekend and this mixer sounds perfect for the job 🙂

  506. I only have a mini kitchen so this Kitchen Aid Mini Mix would fit perfectly! I could make mini meringues, mini cupcakes, mini scones…everything in mini! Better to eat a mini scone than a maxi! Love it! #minimoment

  507. Mandie Anderson says:

    #minimoments would be made all year round baking with my boys. This awesome little machine would want to have a mini break, from all the baking tasks. Gingerbread at Christmas Easter Cakes at Easter and many many birthday cakes and cakes for just the fun of eating cake….

  508. Nicki says:

    I would love to try macarons and meringue kisses as my #minimoment…love the kitchenaid 💗 Great review!

  509. Claire Clark says:

    Me and my three year old daughter would have a #minimoment together as we love baking, especially gingerbread and cupcakes!

  510. Jenni Beaumont says:

    My son is 10years old and a keen footballer. I would spend my afternoon baking delicious salted caramel cupcakes for all the parents who are stood on the side line, in the wind and rain watching their little boys working their socks off! May even bake a second batch for the boys!

  511. Laura Leahy says:

    We are currently trying to keep up with all the apples from our allotment that my little one keeps picking. Apple crumble muffins are next on the list. ☺ #minimoments

  512. Carol Hodge says:

    What a fab little machine, and no clouds of icing sugar to choke on! I think my #minimoment would be getting a start on my Christmas baking, looks like it could handle the Christmas cake mix a treat, and the almond paste, and the icing….and such a Festive colour too!

  513. Tina Brooks says:

    I would love to make some melting moments with my mini if I win it!

  514. Anna says:

    Halloween goodies! #minimoment would be a scary Halloween cake for our kids Halloween party. 🎃

  515. Tracey marsden says:

    I would love this to make some mini Christmas cakes .. I make around 30 for friends and family xx

  516. Vanessa Hurtley says:

    I think I’d let my 3year old choose what to make in it first….most probably cupcakes? Then we can spend quality time together and introduce his 8week old brother to baking too 🙂

  517. Sarah Clark says:

    With the leaves starting to turn and the abundance of conkers my children keep bringing home I’d bake an autumnul mini moment. Pumpkin Spice Cake, soft pumpkin spiced cake, with fluffy coffee buttercream and a white chocolate ganache to top it off!

  518. Maria Gunneberg says:

    My #minimoment would have to be a gin and tonic cakes. Not made one for ages but now my sister has had he baby I think it is time……

  519. Jenni Nock says:

    My mini moment if I won would be finally trying to conquer making gluten free bread – I’ve cracked cakes and biscuits but not bread.

  520. Elaine O'Brien says:

    I would make a cake for my brother, coming to visit me for the first time since I moved away 24years ago! He will be arriving on his birthday 🙂

  521. Jody wilkinson says:

    I would make a batch of chocolate brownies

  522. Denise Brown says:

    I would love this as my mixer is years old and would be able to bake bigger batches of cakes for my Grandchildren x

  523. Rebecca Seal says:

    Would love this as smaller size so not to big in my kitchen

  524. Sophie reddy says:

    This would be fab to mix up a quick cake especially with a newborn work top space and time is limited!!!

  525. Trudy Smith says:

    The first thing that I would do would be to make a batch of buttercream. I hate the mess this makes even using a splash guard normally so this sounds like heaven. Think I might have to fight my daughter for it too. #minimoment

  526. Kelly Allum says:

    I’d make my sons freefrom dairy V22 Osprey helicopter birthday cake!
    It would be nice to not burn out another hand mixer in the middle of a birthday project!

  527. Sarah Etches says:

    I have 3 young daughters who love to help me in the kitchen. They would love this! Baking memories is what we would use it for.

  528. Just Jo says:

    I’d love to use it to make my god daughter a birthday cake – she’s a very special little girl and it’s her first birthday today! She’s my mini moment <3

  529. Elaine Faulkner says:

    In this lovely Hot Sauce Red KitchenAid mixer, my #minimoment bake would have to be my mum’s mini breadcakes (as we call ’em in Yorkshire) cos they were simply the best and the smell was divine … oh, and I’ve just bought some fresh yeast, so perfect timing 😋

  530. Julie Forrester says:

    My #minmoments would be to spend more quality time with my 8year old son baking some delicious goodies, he is already planning what he wants to bake for children in need, he is a star baker of the future 😊😊

  531. Julia Owen says:

    It’s my husband’s 40th this month and I’d love to make him his favourite marble cake to celebrate. My daughter is also desperate to make a gingerbread house this Christmas, so this prize would be fantastic.

  532. Derienne says:

    I would make meringue kisses as part of my homemade Christmas gifts 💕

  533. Claire Bryson says:

    I would make my favourite recipes, chocolate meringue, cherry kirsch cake and rosemary bread. A #minimoment soon. Fingers crossed.

  534. Anna stanley says:

    Unfortunately my kitchen isn’t as big as my passion for baking! Which sadly means for years I have envied those bloggers, Instagramers and all my friends who have a snazzy kitchen aid proudly displayed on their kitchen aid on their worktops. I was thrilled when I heard they had made a mini version meaning those like me who live in mini mouse size houses can join the club! It would be amazing to win one so I can whip up baking show stoppers (well I’d try) for all my friends and family, especially over the festive period. Keeping my fingers crossed for winning my own mini kitchen aid to show off my baking skills to my friends and also with a snazzy filter on Instagram, it would be rude not to after all 🙂

  535. Georgina says:

    I would make the river cafes mini chocolate nemesis- my favourite! #minimoment

  536. Esther Audsley says:

    As the mum of two boys 6 & 7 we bake together a lot which is great fun but hubby is not happy about our icing sugar dust balls and bomb site that we create so winning this could make for a much happier home ….and Ollie is eager to improve 3rd place in the schools bake off this year : )

  537. Georgina says:

    I would whip up River Cafes mini Chocolate nemesis- my all time favourite chocolate cake! #minimoment

  538. Shani-Ann says:

    This would be perfect for our family gingerbread house we bake and decorate together each year. Plus all the bread, cakes, cookies and other yummies we love to create.

  539. Michele Tsirimiangos says:

    Would love this, mine is so old and my daughter is always asking for baked goods for school!

  540. SUSAN WILSON says:

    Oh my, how much easier the 150 wedding cupcakes would be for my nephews wedding party if I could use this for that #minimoment

  541. Jane Earthy says:

    My #minimoment would be some melting moments! Melt in the mouth gorgeousness whipped up in moments….

  542. Kate adams says:

    I would love to make a chocolate treat to celebrate mine and my husbands first wedding anniversary and first year in our new home

  543. Nicola Riley says:

    My little hand whisk given to me when I went to university in 1985 is really on its last legs. I’ve coveted a kitchen aid mixer for almost as long! The thought of all the gorgeous making and baking possibilities for friends and family makes me a bit giddy! but where to start? it might have to be chocolate fudge cake #minimoment

  544. Kim Auckland says:

    I would make some cake for harvest festival at school which will then be donated to the local food bank – a very worthy cause

  545. Jane Harvey says:

    Lovely and compact to suit my small kitchen, I would love to use the machine to extend my baking range, including bread.

  546. Samantha Leliuga says:

    After getting out of an abusive relationship Im renovating my house on a budget of zero and have almost finished my first room; the kitchen, even teaching myself how to tile it with youtube. This mixer would be the crowning glory as I love to bake and it especially when Ive had a tough day. My #minimoment would involve me just being able to bake with my children in a lovely finished kitchen that Im no longer ashamed of.

  547. Caroline Hogg says:

    My 9 year old daughter bakes with me and absolutely loves it, I lost my mum last year and so my husband, my 2 children and myself have moved in with my dad to help him so winning this would mean something special as my we use my mums old white kitchen aid but being able to say to my daughter that we have won a new one and I could give it to her would be amazing. My mum got into baking quite late when I starting taking baking up as a hobby and her favourite bake was rock cakes and soft centre cookies and that is a recipe we love to use, as she passed away at just 58 we would love to carry on with her love for making these. 🍪

  548. Ros Royston says:

    My #minimoment would be making little Christmas cupcakes to give away as gifts x

  549. Karen FarrMacdonald says:

    Ooh would definitely use a #minimoment to make my Christmas cake. Come to think of it, I’d better get my fruit soaking in some gorgeous rum!

  550. Helen says:

    I’ve always coveted a kitchen aid, my grandma had one and my fondest memories as a little girl were making fairy cakes with butterfly wings, and my gran’s famous (in our house) wholemeal bread, and gorgeous Christmas cakes. I’m a keen baker myself, mainly cake based these days as my boys love it, but with the #minimoments kitchen aid I think I would try venturing out into the world of bread…

  551. Lauren baillie says:

    I’d definitely be whisking up some Christmas treats to leave santa and his reindeers! Red and white mini meringue kisses are my favourite #minimoment!

  552. Hannah Johnson says:

    I would definitely make my coconut, cherry, raisin and chocolate tray bake. It is a family recipe that has gone down the generations and changed slightly with each person to suit their taste. Oh actually, if I won and got it in time I would have to make my hubby’s birthday cake in it 😀

  553. Cat sheil says:

    It would match my new kitchen perfectly. I would be use it to make lots of mini Halloween treats, it will prevent me having #minimoment when icing sugar flies out of the bowl when I use a hand whisk!!

  554. Nicola Malee says:

    Best of luck everyone xxx

  555. I would use this to mix up some lovely Christmas cakes for me and my boys and I would use it every year for their birthday cakes. I swear if I have to cream together another batch of caster sugar and butter my arm might just fall off! This year I had to mix 1kg of butter and sugar by hand, I even roped my 65 year old mother in to help me!

  556. Rebecca McKee says:

    What a thing of beauty it is! I think my #minimoment would have to be a lovely sticky gingerbread, perfect with a cuppa during these darker nights!

  557. Caroline Hooper says:

    My #minimoment would be making Christmas cake with both my daughters as my gran used to do with me, it’s so lovely to pass on a family tradition 🙂

  558. Joanne McCook says:

    I would make my family’s favourite cinnamon rolls…love you blog xx

  559. Colena says:

    Well I’m coming to the end of baking my own little bun in the oven and would love to bake some lovely little macarons next! Much quicker than the nine months it’s taken to bake this little bundle of joy!

  560. Gillian Wood says:

    My friend is due her first baby next month so I’d definitely make her a cake for her baby shower. Then I’d make our Christmas cake! 🎄

  561. Emily Garratt says:

    My #minimoment would be to whisk up a batch of cinnamon rolls

  562. I’d use it to make my late mother in law’s famous lemon drizzle cake. Her drizzle is made with icing sugar so I’d no longer need to clean up clouds of white powder from my black quartz worktop! #minimoment

  563. Anne dyer says:

    I would love to bake cookies with my grandson when he visits from Australia.

  564. Gemma Tulett says:

    I would love to make lots of Christmas goodies with this such as biscuits for my son to decorate so we could give them as presents to his friends! I would also like to use it to make some of the recipes you post!! Xo

  565. Liz Faulkner says:

    Hi Ruth, my daughter’s 11yrs old and has just decided she’d like to go to culinary school which is awesome so I’d love to win this for her so she can practice all her own #minimoment bakes. Thank you!

  566. Gill Price says:

    Rich shortcrust pastry. Jam tarts and mince pies. The pastry melts in your mouth.

  567. Shirley Fowler says:

    I would love to bake chocolate brownies for my wonderful work colleagues as we have a difficult job sometimes, and food has a way of making everything right in the world 😀

  568. Gill P says:

    Rich melt in your mouth puff pastry for jam tarts and mince pies

  569. Shirley Fowler says:

    I would love to make chocolate brownies for my work colleagues who have a difficult job and chocolate brownies always make us feel better!

  570. Lauren Hawkins says:

    My mini moment would be anything with chocolate, current favourite thing is brownies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  571. Louise says:

    My #minimoment would be to make a batch of walnut brownies for the team at work (plus sneaky extras for my husband!)

  572. Sanaa Shahid says:

    Just saw this post now, it came up on my fb timeline. I have started baking and there’s no way I can afford the mini or even the standard size mixer! Would love to win and recreate the rainbow cake I tried to make, for my sons birthday as he loved my first (shaky) attempt. Seeing his face cutting through it and enjoying it will be my #minimoment.

  573. Kirsten says:

    I would love to use the mini to keep on baking lovely dark breads in my mini kitchen #minimoments

  574. Samantha Lawson says:

    I have wanted a food mixer for so long! I do a lot of baking and only have a hand whisk! If I won this my first #minimoment would be a lovely chocolate cake for my family❤️

  575. S Lawson says:

    I have wanted one of these for soooo long! I do a lot of baking but only an electric hand whisk. If I won this my first #minimoment would be a great big chocolate cake for my family ❤️

  576. Sarahl Fretwell says:

    My #minimoment would be baking for the first time in my new house, probably a yummy carrot and walnut cake with orange cream cheese frosting, because it seems to be my signature bake 😋❤🎂

  577. Nikki says:

    I’ve been pining for a kitchenaid mixer for so long. I’m an avid baker and there would be so many #minimoments to bake. It will make cakes, mousse and even mashed potato so much easier! Fingers crossed x

  578. Caroline says:

    My #minmoment would be my twins birthday cakes one each of course pirate cake for one and odd bids cake for the other.

  579. Eleanor Hambly says:

    I would bake a #minimoment with my #minime 8yr old son, who loves to bake banana cake with me – hidden fruit is always a winner!

  580. Claire haynes says:

    Loving making Indian inspired scones for a charity coffee morning.. A chance to come together for a good cause and share my love for diverse cultural baking influences .. A vibrant coloured mixer would reflect my love of all things wonderfully different .. Fun comes in small packages!!

  581. Heather says:

    Trying to encourage my 3 boys to bake, this would definitely float their boat 🎂🎂

  582. Emma says:

    One of the first things I’d make with the help of my two girls would be our Christmas cake, along with birthday cakes for all the family birthdays we’ve got coming up in the not two months…It’s a beautiful looking piece of kit💛

  583. Gemma Norman says:

    My #minimoment would be making our family Xmas cake. This would save me so much time using the KitchenAid Mini rather than my trusted wooden spoon and lots of elbow grease! Fab prize. Fingers crossed x

  584. Olivia Gregory says:

    Hello! My son loves cookies, especially chocolate ones so that is what I would be making!

  585. Julia dilworth says:

    For my #minimoment I would love to have another go at a hazelnut meringue roulade inspired by this week’s bake off. X

  586. Jess says:

    Fab review, my kitchen always ends up full of icing sugar! would love to have a #minimoment with my daughters and make all their favourite cupcakes!

  587. Anna Young says:

    My #minime and I would love to spend #minimoments making #minicakes #minitarts #minimuffins and the full size versions too, she and I are baking crazy!

  588. Jamie says:

    My wife would love this and I would be in her good books all year if I could give her this for Christmas, she makes the best carrot cake ever! #minimoment

  589. clare Thompson says:

    I’m desperate to try making macarons so this would be perfect for a spot of mini baking magic #minimoment

  590. Kay bell says:

    I would love to win as I’ve only just started baking myself due to really ill health, my baking keeps me going and gives me an extra purpose in life.its been my saviour Good luck everyone xxx

  591. Ger Taylor says:

    I would make tonnes of pizza dough 🍕 #minimoment

  592. Hefina Evans says:

    Winning this would be absolutely incredible! I ❤ to bake & decorate and my eldest son, 11 years, loves it too. We would share this if we won!

  593. Ailsa says:

    My minimoment would be trying it out on Christmas bakes for the December school fair

  594. Caroline Cartwright says:

    Meringues … I need to master .. Mini kitchen aid I need your help!

  595. Claire Kingston says:

    I’d love something to help me with the baking I do to help raise money for my son’s football club, not sure my hand mixer will last much longer with all the strain I’ve been putting on it recently.
    Not so much a #minimoment but more like a massive moment every Friday…..

  596. Mary says:

    My #minimoment is when my step-son asked me to help him bake a birthday cake for his mum!

  597. Shima Wiltshire says:

    My #minimoment would be to make a lemon drizzle cake for my boys 2nd birthday in November! It would be lovely to use it to bake things with him too and increase his love for cakes!

  598. Jill m says:

    My girls love baking and they love cupcakes so we would definitely bake some cupcakes xx

  599. Yamie Boakes says:

    Ooh this would look amazing in my new kitchen!
    #minimoment would be delicious Victoria sponges mmmm!

  600. Shalini Dykes says:

    I would love the (lack of weight of) the mini! I bake lots with my little boy- but struggle with heavy lifting due to my wrist/ hand arthritis. Even hand mixers are quite literally a pain. Having a lightweight stand mixer for mid week spontaneous bakes would be a god send.

  601. maryam says:

    When i win the dreamy red kitchenaid first i will just stare at it for a couple of hours with dreamy eyes….. then my n my 2 boys will bake a gingerbread man cookie hoping the red kitchen aid magic will make the cookie jump out of the oven n run….. it would be the start of a whole new era at my house!! :o)

  602. Liz Orme says:

    My #minimoment would be mixing up a super scrummy and slightly scary Halloween birthday cake for my little boy – his birthday is 31 October!

  603. Kerry Hanson says:

    My obsession at the moment is cheesecakes. So would love to mix up the family favourite of a Custard Cream cheesecake in one of these 😊

  604. Claire Flood says:

    I’d make Swiss merangue in mine as I’ve never made it before and fancy a new challenge! I’ve got my Granny’s old Kenwood chef but that does the icing sugar cloud thing so I don’t use it very often.

  605. Caroline giess says:

    To make my sister wedding cake in it and try make one that marry berry would like

  606. Nicola Davies says:

    After a long 5 years we were blessed with the arrival of a little girl in January. I’m really looking forward to baking with her and setting up traditions of baking lots of lovely things. I’m particularly looking forward to baking her first birthday cake this year and maybe a mini #minimoment cake for her to smush!

  607. Jenny S says:

    My #minimoment would be helping my 8 year old daughter make her next cake design a reality 😊

  608. Carolyne Curtis says:

    My husband makes the most amazing Pistachio macaroons but our last mixer broke before we moved house on the Spring and it hasn’t been replaced. It would make his day to win this and get cracking with those macaroons again. I miss them!

  609. Debbie Foxall says:

    My #minimoment would be to make a gorgeous coffee cake with this mini kitchen aid. Love the vibrant red colour too! Xx

  610. Wendy Atkinson says:

    Ive just been on a bread making course and would love to try out my new skills in this.

  611. Diane Tomlinson says:

    I would bake with my mini baker (who is 25% smaller/lighter!!)😀

    Chocolate Swiss roll with whipped cream for us!

  612. Karina Mcloughlin says:

    I love all things mini (studied model-making!) so this would be a lovely prize to win if I’m so lucky 🙂 I’d bake up some mini butterfly cakes to start and then some macaroons!

  613. Janet says:

    I would love to use this to make fluffy meringue butter cream for my wedding cake next spring.

  614. Verronica Walbank says:

    My children and i would do all our christmas baking, we are going to make a christmas cake and gingerbread hous.

  615. Veronica Walbank says:

    My children and i would do all our christmas baking, we are going to make a christmas cake and gingerbread house

  616. Jenny says:

    Birthday cake!

  617. Tania Waite says:

    Wooo red velvet cake, cookies and cream cake. Just to name 2. Plus all the fillings and frostings. My Bosch mixer is good but seeing as I’m baking a lot more for my church family for their special occasions a bigger o e would be awesome,.

  618. Amanda Caldwell says:

    Words cannot do justice to the excitement our home would experience if we won this – bring on the baking 🙂

  619. Lorraine moore says:

    My #minimoment would have to be christmas goodies. We will be having a homemade chrimbo this year. So this would get some good use with my girls and i making all those gifts for family xx

  620. Tessa Rugg says:

    My #minimoment would be banking my first cake in my new home.

  621. Samantha Lavin says:

    My #minimoment would be to gift it to my best friend who has attended baking classes with me as I am disabled,and we both love this new hobby. She is also very jealous as I own the big brother of this mixer which has pride of place in my kitchen.

  622. Marion says:

    I’d have my scrumptious wee granddaughter for a sleepover and we would bake beautiful cakes. Best bit would be no beating sugar and butter together with a wooden spoon! Bliss!

  623. Joanne Scott says:

    We run bake sales in work for our nominated charity. My masterpiece is always your raspberry ripple cake, I get such compliments and they think I’m some master baker 😂 There are fights over slices! Only problem is I’m prone to leaving the greaseproof paper in oops! #minimoment

  624. Lucy Bartram says:

    I put together a christmas hamper every year for my gran and grandad, so the mixer would be great for making some great homemade cakes and breads to put in their hamper. Would make it extra special!

  625. Sonya says:

    My #minimoment would be double decker brownies 💖

  626. Emma Smith says:

    What a gorgeous giveaway! The first thing I’d make in it would be old fashioned jam and coconut sponge (with custard of course!) xx

  627. Susan Clarke says:

    This would be an ideal size for my choux pastry – I’d love to mix the eggs into the pastry with this, rather than by hand, particularly as I’ve had to cut back the baking due to ill health. Red too – now that would look lovely in my cream kitchen! ❤️❤️❤️

  628. Laura Bland says:

    I would whip up a #minimoment batch of brownies, just big enough for me to have a big ol slice.. But not enough to share 😛

  629. Rhi says:

    Lovely chocolate brownies!!! Hubby is looking forward to lots of lovely home bakes!!!💜

  630. Sarah fairhurst says:

    Aaahhhh Ruth after the day Ive had to today I would love to bake in the #minimoment a simple Victoria sponge. I have just had the busiest week caking with a whopping wedding cake and biscuit favours as well as others, but today my edible printer just died….. literally just died. I had 70 edible images to print off for wedding favours and I have sent the hubby bless everywhere today to get me a replacement. So with me making everyone else’s celebration cake I would love to just make a simple Victoria sponge……. just for me lol. Well I may give the hubby a slice xx

  631. Kathryn Waites says:

    I’d get my Christmas cakes all made in a flash, we have to make a few or hide them otherwise they never make it to Christmas 🎄!!

  632. Michelle Robertson says:

    My #minimoment would be the Christmas cakes this year. I normally make two but since having my son two years ago I haven’t got to making them. It’s time I got back into that as they are for my parents and my uncle 🙂 xx

  633. Sue reed says:

    My #minimoment would have to be getting the Christmas cakes and puddings ready

  634. The #minimoment id bake would be my grandads favourite Victoria sponge, a classic that always makes me think of him and how he loved his sweets.

  635. Jacqueline mcbeth says:

    Honestly.. my arm is falling off creaming butter and sugar with my hand held. It goes all over the wall and all over me. It would be heaven to press a button and stand back. #minimoment

  636. Alyson Leslie says:

    I would love to make #minimoments by baking sticky toffee pudding for my works reunion. It would bring back many happy memories of the cakes we enjoyed over the years

  637. I would like to make a massive chocolate cake like the one in the film Matilda all gooey and sticky and tasting just yummy lol !

  638. Karen Mitchell says:

    Did someone say CAKE??!! Don’t mind if I do … Might even push the boat out and make one myself with the ‘aid’ of this beautiful machine 😃

  639. Katy Webster says:

    Some kind of Lego Ninjago 6th birthday cake for my wee boy #minimoment

  640. Steph Harvey says:

    My mini moment would be making lots of brownies. They would be just perfect made in a mini kitchen aid 🙂

  641. Michelle hough says:

    My daughter and I make the recipes from The bake off. My daughter loves cooking and we are so rubbish at it. We made the jaffa cake recipe but our chocolate just slid off. My daughter is blind but she still has so much energy and enthusiasm for cooking.

  642. Laura Babey says:

    I’d make a traditional Victoria sponge, yummy jam and buttercream- old school but a winner in our house

  643. Heather Reading says:

    my #minimoment of baking loveliness would be a batch of bitesize scones with yummy chocolate drops in them x

  644. Oh my gosh, winning one of these would be truly fabulous. Definitely would get a place of pride in my kitchen.

  645. Victoria Copestake says:

    My 3 foster children love a bit of baking after school (and they are usually joined by a friend or two). At the moment they’re whipping up treats from what they have been watching on Great British Bake Off, they are big fans of the bake off tent and the iced biscuits were a particular success.

  646. Heather Norris says:

    I’m always having to whizz up a cake mix at short notice for church events, it’s got to be quick as I’m very busy so cupcakes are always a winner or cinnamon buns never fail to please! This would be a lifesaver!

  647. Emma Thomas says:

    Would definitely be mixing up some lovely cupcakes for the ladies in work. And my boys of course 😊😊

  648. I could use this mini to throw in equal amounts of peace, love and understanding to make the family a wonderful cake of happiness- good things come in small packages!


    This would be my ‘go to gadget’ in use most days in creating simple yet wholesome bakes. The hot sauce colour would certainly raise temperatures if in use in my kitchen- the excitement- would love to win this .Thanks for the opportunity.

  650. Jessica Bate says:

    I’d be whipping up little batches if meringue kisses to top my cakes in this beauty.

  651. Ray says:

    I would love to win this for my wife. She bakes for all her friends and family’s birthdays as well as all their children’s birthday cakes, and does baking for charity bake sales at work. She currently does this with a hand mixer. The first #minimoment would be our nephews 3rd birthday cake as well as hopefully my favourite chocolate mousse 🙂

  652. Nikki says:

    Winning this would be a dream. I currently bake using a hand mixer but could really do with a stand mixer. I bake for all sorts of bake sales and for family, friends and colleagues. So many #minimoments with lots of birthdays coming up, including a Scooby doo cake for my nephews birthday!x

  653. Amber says:

    I would love one of these as my kitchen is small and compact but I love to bake. My #minimoment of baking would be to teach my baking skills on to my daughter and having this would be wonderful help. We would start with chocolate brownies and I would love to make chocolate yule log with her at christmas

  654. Kerrie Wilkes says:

    I love to bake with my children and my friends children this would be a fantastic win for us all X thank you for the opportunity to win this fingers crossed 🍀

  655. Steffhow says:

    I’d love to try a baking mini moment to whip up some cakes for work, nothing gets you through the long nights on an ambulance better than home made cakes!

  656. Julia says:

    Christmas cookies!I just started looking at my Christmas cook books again. Cinnamon stars, gingerbread, flap jack hearts and butter cookies (for cookie cutting with the kids) – so many doughs to make, so many #minimoment(s).

  657. Julia says:

    Christmas cookies!Cinnamon stars, gingerbread, flap jack hearts and butter cookies (for cookie cutting with the kids) – so many doughs to make, so many #minimoment(s).

  658. Janet says:

    I would bake a chocolate kit Kat flower cake for my daughters birthday. I would love a kitchen maid they are the best

  659. Sam Ingamells says:

    I would make cupcakes with my 5 year old, it would much safer then my current mixer which is broken 🙁

  660. Yvonne brodie says:

    I’d love to whip up some lovely rainbow 🦄 Meringue kisses.

  661. Katie Jackson says:

    My 7 year old is applying to go into the junior bake off. She makes such lovely cakes, but my mixer is just too big for her to manage on her own, so this would be her dream. Thanks Ruth x

  662. Elizabeth Parker says:

    Great review! Makes me want one even more! My #minimoment would be shared with my 6 year old who I know would love to help me whizz up something tasty (and probably chocolate) using this!

  663. Carly Fordham says:

    #minimoment. What I wouldn’t bake in this 😉. I could start on all my Christmas baking or more importantly my son’s first birthday cake.

  664. Paul says:

    My #minimoment would be practicing for a wedding cake. I’m getting married next year and want to bake the perfect cake for my wife to be for our big day!

  665. Sophie Kellett says:

    I bake all the time. It would be less time consuming with this mixer.

  666. lynn savage says:

    My #minimoments would be baking with my grandson, he lovesmaking cakes and biscuits too. We would love this gorgeous mixer to make lamingtons, they’re his favourite.

  667. Sara Fisher says:

    My first #minimoment would have to be mixing up this years Christmas cakes…one for us and three more for family members. The jewelled fruits are boozily soaking away and the smell is just divine. Love you recipes Ruth…keep up the good work!

  668. Jocelyn says:

    My #minimoment would be to try lots of recipes including pumpkin especially with my little Halloween pumpkin grandchildren who love to bake with nannie

  669. Kim Phillips says:

    My 6 foot by 8 foot kitchen means every time I enter it I have a #minimoment . My speciality is cupcakes and my favourite are red velvet, so a lovely red mini mixer would be fab as it would show up any splashes of food colouring! 😀

  670. Donna R. says:

    I would love to win this to gift to my daughter at her upcoming wedding shower! She LOVES to bake and this would thrill her no end. Thanks so much for offering this lovely gift!

  671. Dani says:

    What a gorgeous colour! My mini-me son and I would love to create a #minimoment bake of a simple vanilla and chocolate marble cake with buttercream icing, his favourite!

  672. Imelda says:

    My kitchen has been completely ripped out and is gradually being rebuilt painstakingly by my lovely partner. I’m dying to start baking again with my young boy and little girl and my #minimoment would definitely involve them covered in flour, making a chocolate cake, particularly your chocolate orange cake; a favourite

  673. Victoria Grant says:

    My #minimoment would be baking a birthday cake for my mother and grandmother celebrating their 60th and 80th birthday on the same day.

  674. Joanne says:

    My #minimoment would be a delicious carrot cake made by my darling children for my 40th birthday Saturday 15th October. I would love to win this for my Triplet daughters who turn 11 on the 26th October they could bake their own cakes!!!x

  675. Anne Simon says:

    My #minimoment would be making a mess oops o mean panda bear macaroons with my daughter 🙂

  676. Lydia Ashworth says:

    I would love to win the mini one, so my large one could go and get serviced, it is sounding sick. I’m sure the motor in the machines are now allot quieter than mine that was bought 14 years ago.

  677. Claire Hoe says:

    Would love to win, I only have a hand whisk!!

  678. Sam says:

    My #minimoment would definitely be making buttercream without covering the work surface in icing sugar!

  679. Kerry Gilchrist says:

    My #minimoment would be cupcakes for my friend’s daughter – she is currently giving birth to a baby she thought she would never be able to have, because she has a chronic heart condition. But she’s proved them all wrong!

  680. Hannah Grace says:

    The #minimoment I would bake would be my granny’s coffee and walnut cake. It’s a firm favourite in our house. X

  681. Karin Muir says:

    My #minimoment would be to make a mountain of bread. My last mixer broke and I haven’t made any since.

  682. Rachael martin says:

    This woyld be a dream for me! My stand mixer is in its last legs literally(different brand) the base of the bowl is broken so i have to stand and hold it while it whisks 😫 And is so loud! My nephew calls it the loud monster 😂
    I would just love to make my cakes with a kitchen aid 😍😍 and i can stop nagging for one for Christmas ir birthdays 🙈

  683. Linda king says:

    My hubby is the cake maker in our family so would love to win this for him and I am sure his first bake would be a Victoria Sandwich filled with our homemade jam.

  684. Rachael martin says:

    My #minimoment would be making silent cakes 😂
    This woyld be a dream for me! My stand mixer is in its last legs literally(different brand) the base of the bowl is broken so i have to stand and hold it while it whisks 😫 And is so loud! My nephew calls it the loud monster 😂
    I would just love to make my cakes with a kitchen aid 😍😍 and i can stop nagging for one for Christmas ir birthdays 🙈

  685. cheryl laing says:

    My #minimoment would be a 101st birthday cake for my nan admittedly that’s not until next July but I need the practise lol

  686. Stefanie Harrison says:

    I would make my daughters first birthday cake for my #minimoment with my 2 and a half year old eldest daughter who is fast becoming a mini baker herself!

  687. Nicola Barnfather says:

    My #minimoment would be mini macaron as I’m just trying to perfect them for Christmas gifts!

  688. Deborah Dinnie says:

    My #minimoment bake if I was lucky enough to win this would be making superhero cupcakes for my wee mans birthday party. I wouldn’t need a red cape because I would have an amazing red mixer that will turn me into an amazing supermum

  689. Helen Bishenden says:

    My #minimoment would be to give this to my 8 year old so she can bake me some delicious mini muffins for my 40th in December!! Thank you

  690. Emily Brennan says:

    My #minimoment would be The Pink Whisk vanilla fudge, as this makes the perfect gift to give away to friends and family. Delicious!

  691. David Gallagher says:

    A brilliant mixer that would fit in to my ‘compact’ kitchen brilliantly. I would use the mixer to make my Bara Brith entry for the world Bara Brith Championship in Llandudno in November! Having just won ‘Bake Off’ on my street for McMillan Im hoping im in with a chance – but this little beauty would make all the difference! 🙂

  692. James Mackenzie says:

    I would love to win this so my wife and daughter could spend lots of time together baking my favourite lemon drizzle cake 😊

  693. Annie says:

    I would make a beautiful Victoria sponge cake for my sisters and I too have for afternoon tea. Have always wanted one and this mini version would be just the icing on the cake for me. X

  694. Sue Boldero says:

    I would make cakes ,cakes and loads more cakes I give them to family, friends work colleagues anybody who wants cake. I love making cakes and with the mini mixer it would be a doddle!

  695. Karen Girdler says:

    My #minimoment would be really well used when we have a bake off with three friends on a recipe we’ve all wanted to try. Next in the diary are marshmallows – this mixer would be perfect please!

  696. Tracy Jones says:

    My #minimoment would be lots of minimoments…I’d be baking non stop 🍰

  697. Nikki Tarry says:

    My #minimoment would have to start with some gorgeously gooey chocolate chip cookies to have warm on these cold evenings! My boozy fruit is already brewing for this years cakes for the family so then I’d be mixing up your divine Christmas cake recipe! Once I get baking I can’t stop so then I’d be doing all sorts of mini cupcakes and mini gingerbread men! #minimoments #kitchenaid

  698. Julie Dixon says:

    I do a cake Friday for charity at work. So this would help me make more goodies and raise more for good causes. #minimoment makes more.

  699. Catherine Bissessar says:

    My #minimoment would be making chocolate brownies for my husband!

  700. Barb says:

    My #minimoment of baking loveliness would be a stollen. I tried to make one last Christmas but it didn’t come out well so maybe with one of these it would!

  701. Ruth clarke says:

    In my #minimoment I would make a very special little girl her 2nd birthday cake! Something we never thought we would be doing!

  702. Louise Allen says:

    My #mini moment would use the mixer to make pastry for mini fruit tars and then to whisk the cream to go on top. Love a multi purpose tool – especially one that look so good.

  703. Nicola Diplock says:

    I would have a #minimoment and bake a chocolate cake for my daughter who’s just gone away to uni for the first time and is full up with fresher’s flu

  704. teresa says:

    My current mixer is not up to the job and i love to make my favourite swiss meringue buttercream

  705. Becky Smith says:

    Would love one of these for my blossoming small cake business. The perfect size for rustling up meringues and small batches of cupcakes.

  706. Helen Oliver says:

    My #minimoment would be my first attempt at my Aunty Beryl’s lemon pavlova – light as a feather. But I’d use the Pink Whisk tried and tested (many times) lemon curd recipe.

  707. Christine Jeynes says:

    My very first minimoment would be
    mini cupcakes for all of my family and of course me,
    But baking apart, Hot Sauce Red is so smart,
    The KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer keeps on giving you see

  708. Anna Jones says:

    My mini kitchen is too small for a full size kitchen aid mixer but this would be perfect! My #minimoment would be making cupcakes with my little boy and decorating them – loving the video of the buttercream icing mix!

  709. Annie Drew says:

    Would love one of these in my small kitchen! Really helpful review thank you x

  710. Kathryn says:

    I would love to make a perfect gluten free cake for my daughter who spends her time baking for the rest of the family😄

  711. Natalie wilson says:

    I would share this beautiful kitchen aid with my reception class with whom I love to bake!! I’m a teaching assistant who wants to give children a love of baking, with a bit of maths thrown in too!!! This would revolutionise baking with 4/5 year olds!!

  712. Anna Phillips says:

    I’ve recently started University and absolutely love baking! However, I have had to leave all my baking equipment at home and just settle for watching ‘Bake Off’ in student halls instead due to it all being quite crammed! This little kitchen aid delight would allow me to have my #minimoment of happiness in my Student Kitchen due to it being light and compact allowing me to continue my hobby and start baking again!

  713. Fiona says:

    #minimoment I am going to make the bunch of homeless guys who sleep in our local car park a Christmas cake, because no matter what their circumstances, they are all so friendly and clearly look after each other, and groups of friends deserve good cake; then I’m going to give the mixer to my sister who is buying her first teeny tiny flat that will be all hers and will need a perfect teeny tiny mixer to go with it (so that she can then bake her big sister the cakes!) x

  714. Amy Brauner says:

    My #minimoment would be to use it for everything! Not that keen on meringues but would make loads of them as I wouldn’t have to stand there with the hand mixer!xxx

  715. Sue Hughes says:

    My #minimoment would be seeing my new, beautiful mini daughter-in-law’s face when I give her a mini mixer.

  716. Anne Wong says:

    I will have my children’s yummy birthday cakes baked in no time, no more elbow grease and hand mixing!!! Yeah!

  717. Christine Jeynes says:

    My first minimoment would be mini cupcakes for family and me,but baking apart, Hot Sauce Red is so smart, the KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer keeps on giving you see

  718. Gillian Ridley says:

    My #minimoment would involve baking anything and everything with my granddaughters – mine on a kitchenaid scale, theirs on a mini kitchenaid scale 🙂

  719. Beth L-M says:

    My #minimoment would be to make fresh bread with my children!

  720. Louise Carter says:

    I would love to win this, to share it with my 12yr old – she loves to bake…. Fabulous prize, thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  721. Maria Antoniou says:

    What a fab giveaway! My first #minimoment would have to be baking chocolate cupcakes with my 9 year old twin boys who are really loving cooking and baking at the moment.

  722. Deirdre Johnston says:

    our kitchen aid we’d use to make
    All things sweet and lots of cake
    The mini maker would be grand
    Then we needn’t do it all by hand
    My kids would love it if we could
    Win and perhaps inspire the next PaulHollywood

  723. Ceri says:

    My #minimoment would be whipping up a not so mini batch of cupcakes when I move in to my brand new home!

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