Day 12 – Christmas Scones

How about leaving something a little bit different for Father Christmas this year?

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Baileys & Choc Chip Scones

This lovely idea came from a chance discussion on Facebook and is courtesy of my gorgeous friend Kate.  

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Slow cooked Beef Cobbler

Slow Cooked Beef Cobbler

January is traditionally the time that minds turn to expanding waistlines post-Christmas and for many baking treats is off the cards.  However if you love baking it’s a tough one so why not incorporate baking into mealtimes?  This good ‘ole beef cobbler is perfect for that!  

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Sugar Crusted Fruit Scones

Sugar crusted fruit sconesScones – My Way!

So many of you have requested my recipes from The Great British Bake Off – so here’s the first – Sugar Crusted Fruit Scones, more recipes to follow but you’ll have to be patient! xx

225g self raising flour
Pinch of salt
50g butter
25g caster sugar
120ml milk
75g sultanas

1 egg for eggwash
Caster sugar for sugar crust

Clotted cream and raspberry jam to serve

Preheat the oven to 220c/200c Fan/425F/Gas Mark 7.

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