Day 12 – Christmas Scones

How about leaving something a little bit different for Father Christmas this year?

A Christmas Scone  filled with cream would send him on his way just nicely!


225g self-raising flour

50g butter, cold diced

20g caster sugar

1/2 of a 411g jar of Mincemeat

1 large egg, plus enough milk to make up to 100ml

Makes 6.

This recipe comes with inspiration from my Bake Off champion Edd Kimber The Boy Who Bakes who often talked about his lovely Mum making Mincemeat Scones – I thought it was time I figured out how!  They taste very reminiscent of a Mince Pie, as you’d expect, but are a great addition to any Christmas Baking repertoire!

Preheat the oven to 200c (fan)/200c/Gas Mark 6.

Start off with adding the egg to a jug and topping it up with milk to the 100ml mark.  Whisk it together and set it to one side.

Put the flour in a large bowl and add the diced butter.

Rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Stir through the caster sugar.

Now in with half a jar of mincemeat and mix it up.  I know you’re looking at the bowl thinking how is that going to work.  It just does! Mix it up and eventually it should look like this

Make a well in the centre and pour in the egg/milk.  Using a table knife start to work the ingredients together.  It should have a light and spongy feel and may well be on the sticky side.

Lightly flour the worksurface and get the dough out of the bowl.

No rolling pin just flatten the dough out, patting on a little little flour if it’s sticky to about 1″ thick.

Now’s the time to cut out your scones.  Dip the cutter in a little flour before cutting each which will stop it from getting sticky and messy.

Transfer them to a baking tray either well greased or lined with baking paper.  Gather together the trimmings gently and carry on cutting out until it’s all used up.

Brush the tops with a little milk and then bake in the oven for 12-14 minutes until they’re  golden brown on the tops.

Split and fill with whipped cream or munch them straight off the cooling rack, don’t forget to save one for Father Christmas!

Christmas Scones

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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585 Responses to Day 12 – Christmas Scones

  1. Jill Johnston says:

    Christmas scones, yummy! X

  2. Kirstie phillipson says:

    What a lovely idea making Xmas eve more special. I know I will be making these for Santa on Xmas eve.
    I have truly enjoyed the 12 days and will be having withdrawal symptoms now its finished :-/
    Back in the morning 🙂 keep posting 🙂

  3. What a fantastic idea! I love mincemeat, but don’t like pastry really, but I love scones! Perfec.

  4. angela says:

    Oooh, lovely! You’ve saved the best for last I think! They look amazing. My three year old and I shall be making them later. The twelve days have been great, thank you for all the ideas!

  5. Caoimhe says:

    Never thought if adding mince meat to the scones will have to try these

  6. Karen says:

    Another ‘oh yummy’ I too will miss The 12 days of Christmas x

  7. Helen says:

    Oh no I can’t believe 12 days is over already!
    We’ve used your snowman cookie as inspiration
    for cupcake toppers & made your zesty lemon curd
    (A jar of which never made it to the toast, I just ate
    it with a spoon!) Thanks again. Ruth x

  8. Gail Bedford says:

    I can smell them baking now. Lovely x

  9. Dominique Lapointe says:

    mmm scones!

  10. tina Bailey says:

    So making these for the adults at our toddler Christmas party tomorrow x

  11. Rebecca Blake says:

    Amazing 12 days of Christmas beats 5 gold rings and a partridge any day. thanks Ruth

  12. Marissa Coltman (@RissaC4) says:

    I love scones but have never considered making them for Christmas. I might substitute the whipped for clotted cream though (a personal favourite..any excuse!)

  13. Kelly Ellison says:

    Another one to add to my list of I NEED

  14. Helen Milligan says:

    I put dried cranberries in mine!

  15. Will have to try these, hubby loves scones. Thank you for sharing all these fab recipes Ruth, must try more of them in the New Year when the Mad Christmas rush is over x

  16. suzette says:

    delightful and so quick n easy too

  17. Olivia says:

    Another delish looking recipe! These 12 days have flown by!

  18. Carolyn says:

    Mmm look lovely. Thanks again for a wonderful collection of 12 days of Christmas recipes, and Merry Christmas to you & your boys 🙂

  19. Sarah says:

    Mum look delicious

  20. Sally Tattersfield says:

    I always look for something new to bake for Christmas breakfast, I think I’m going to have to make these. They look great!

  21. Catherine says:

    Lovely!! More lemon curd made last night to get rid of the chilli chutney smell lol!! Amazing recipes and i wish everyone good luck for the hamper! X

  22. Harriet Cannon says:

    Oooh now there’s an idea for the post-Christmas-afternoon-walk tea!

  23. diane hibble says:

    Oh, deeeee—-lllliiiisshhh !! I have a 4 yr old busting to make these now, she’s seen the pictures and is jumping to make them !
    (How do you think of all this stuff ?) TY

  24. Fiona McQueen says:

    lovely idea, might try this for family

  25. Anne Marigold says:

    Brilliant idea. I too am not so keen on pastry but love scones.

  26. caroline says:

    super idea.

  27. Linda B says:

    Ooh they look absolutely perfect for a pre Christmas get together and I still have some home made mincemeat. THANKYOU Ruth, for a fabulous twelve days. Not sure how you manage to come up with so many brilliant ideas but all the Pink Whiskers are very lucky you do. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family xxx

  28. Marie Therese Hayes says:

    These look delicious. Have a load of mincemeat made so know what I am going to be making with it!

  29. Lucie Skinner says:

    These look lovely – will have to give them a go

  30. Ranita says:

    The last day? Noooo! You’ve been my morning fix with my cup of tea,my 5 minutes of peace while I send the boys up to get dressed for school.
    Thank you,I have never known any of your recipes to fail me.They all turn out fantastic, from the fudge to your brownies and your battenberg to your chocolate traybake..delicious.

  31. Lucy says:

    Mmm, I live in Devon & we do love our scones!! 😉 having a buffet with my Dad, sisters & Grandparents on Boxing Day…these will definitely be one of my contributions. Thanks Ruth, these 12 days have been great 🙂

  32. Janet Burns says:

    Look fantastic, thanks Ruth for all the recipes and giving us a chance to win some fab prizes…..Merry Christmas!

  33. Deborah Cameron says:

    These sound really good and I will try them later. Did you not need any extra baking powder, with all the added mincemeat?

  34. Claire says:

    What are we going to do? My 11 year old daughter and I have throroughly enjoyed looking at your 12 Days of Christmas. We will have to create some ideas of our own – heaven help the boys in the house!

    Wish you all, a very Happy Christmas and New Year. Looking forward to 2013 and what the Pink Whisk has in store!

  35. Nichola says:

    Am hungry for these already, can’t wait until, I finish work for Christmas to get baking x

  36. Emily B says:

    Another great recipe, Ruth. Thanks!

  37. Amanda scott says:

    Mmm lovely! I picked up a few jars of Duerrs flavoured mincemeat yesterday from b&m bargains, a chocolate mince meat for 49p and a brandy and ginger ne for 99p, will need to give these a try with those ! Thans for sharing Ruth x

  38. Clare Conlon says:

    I can’t believe that’s your 12 days of christmas over and what a fab recipe to end on. Thanks for doing this I have thoroughly enjoyed reading these each day and I look forward to trying out the recipes when I’m off work over christmas.

  39. Maggie says:

    scrumptious Christmas treats

  40. Marie says:

    Scones are yummy, and I bet Santa would enjoy the break from Mince Pies.

  41. Leanne Fawcett says:

    This recipe is amaxing!! I absolutely love scones (I have one every wknd!! Is that bad?!!) I will definitely be making these and Santa will be getting one in exchange for some nice pressies!!
    Thank you so much for all the recipes the past 12 days!! Can’t believe its now only 13 sleeps till Christmas!! Eeekk!

  42. Claire says:

    Wow what an amazing 12 days, thanks ruth I feel very inspired and can’t wait to start making these . The other half will love them!

  43. Twila grower says:

    Falalalala la la la la!!! Happy Christmas Ruth!!!!
    Fingers crossed for this hamper but will still win with all your lovely recipes 😉 x

  44. Andrea Burke says:

    I have never made scones… but my 11 yo daughter made them few weeks ago in school and they were lovely, especially the one with cranberries so I think i’ll give a try to xmas ones now, might share some with my neigbours 😉

  45. Nicola Thomas says:

    Mmmm scones, thank you for all the recipes over the 12 days, dont know what i’m going to do after today. I hope you and your family have a lovely christmas.xx

  46. Sarah Roy says:

    And …. relax x

  47. …nice for breakfast too !

  48. Chloe hughes says:

    Thanks Ruth I’ve now got to get up and go n make these before my late shift!! I think there will be some very happy midwives this afternoon xx

  49. Fiona Dobson says:

    Not made scones for ages must make them in the holidays xx

  50. Emily Mills says:

    What a great idea!

  51. Carrol West says:

    OMG!!! Can’t believe its the last day!!!
    Im going to be making all of these recipes for my wonderful family for extra special Christmas treats…. Think i might have to have a trail run this weekend! lol…..
    Wot ever your all doing over xmas stay safe and have fun xx

  52. Sabrina Smith says:

    Yum, yum and might I add… Yum! Will make these for when all the parades of friends pop over in the next few weeks. Do you think I could freeze them and then whip them out in a ‘here’s one I made earlier’ style? Thanks for some fab inspiration over the last 12 days.

  53. Sandy says:

    Oooh yummy I haven’t had scones for ages *licks lips*
    Thanks Ruth for the best 12 days of Christmas I have ever had, I can’t believe they have come to an end so quickly!!!

  54. cathy says:

    great way to use up that half a jar of mincemeat I always have left over

  55. maggie pearson says:

    Nice alternative! Got everything crossed for the hamper! even the dogs paws!!! 🙂 x

  56. Rebecca hurst says:

    Oh love this idea. Might have to add the chocolate mincemeat recipe to it

  57. Fran says:

    What a lovely way to end the 12 days – I can’t believe they’re over! This is my 1st xmas with the Pink Whisk and I’ve loved all the recipes.
    …My chutney is maturing; my cookies in jars are ready and my cheese+chutney tarts will be making an appearance on my xmas eve table!

    Wishing you a beautiful foodie xmas and a prosperous 2013 🙂 x

  58. Sandi says:

    I love how many recipes you do with so few ingredients. I think this is one to use up the ‘leftovers’!

  59. Emma H says:

    Mincemeat scones! What a great idea.

  60. Ceri Jackson says:

    Another wonderful recipe! Thank You so much for these 12 Days, I have really looked forward to seeing what Today’s Recipe is. I am very much inspired and have enjoyed being part of TPW 12 Days of Christmas xx

  61. Gemma says:

    Yummy Santa will be pleased with these in our house 😉

  62. I like the sound of these – I may have to make some this morning!

  63. Kathryn says:

    This sounds yummy,I tried mince pies for the first time this year, after living in England for 10 years and found that I like it. I will have to give this a try.
    Another lovely 12 days of Christmas, thanks a lot! Now its time for some serious baking!!!

  64. Sally Campbell says:

    Can’t believe this is the last day already! I really look forward to seeing what delicious recipies are waiting when i log in…the toffee popcorn was a massive hit!! Also the lemon curd,yummy on one of these scones i bet!!.Thankyou Ruth and i wish you and your family a wonderful christmas and Happy New Year!!xx

  65. Harry says:

    Oh the look delicious!

  66. Caroline says:

    Inspired!Great Christmas baking ideas.

  67. Claire says:

    My 8 year old son loves making scones, he will love making these for father Christmas on Christmas eve. I have really enjoyed your 12 days of Christmas.

  68. Kelly Dougherty says:

    Lovely recipe to complete the 12 days. Thankyou for all the new ideas. A busy weekend ahead testing them all out!

  69. Emma Lodge says:

    My fave recipe of the 12! Going to make these tonight 🙂

  70. Karen Cole says:

    These will round the 12 days off nicely Ruth, I did your other scone recipe and turned out lovely! So will be trying these in the holidays:-D
    Have a lovely Christmas and happy New year. X x x

  71. marcha duncan says:

    yummy!!! what a great idea

  72. Kath Dumbleton says:

    I am sure father Christmas will love these 🙂

  73. Tracy Nixon says:

    Mmmmm I can almost smell them from here! You cannot beat the smell and taste of warmed home made scones fresh from the oven!

  74. Diana Tucker says:

    I want to make them now! Shame I have to work. Thank you so much for all the recipes over the 12 days. I have loved them. I’ve just finished making ‘cookies in a jar’ to give to friends with young children, and I’m about to make the bear claws. Thank you again. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  75. Penny Hankey says:

    I’m going to make these this morning! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway and all the lovely recipes. Happy Christmas!

  76. Hollie says:

    Donn’t really like mince pies but these sound like a great alternative 🙂

  77. Hilary Robinson says:

    Must make these for my Mum – a scone addict! Have a great Christmas with your family & thanks for all your fab recipes xx

  78. Melanie says:

    Wow day 12 can’t believe it’s here already good luck everybody

  79. tamara says:

    Really original idea! V nice, shall try.

  80. mary rigby says:

    Where would we be without scones! A lovely Christmassy recipe.

  81. Mairi says:

    My husband hates mince pies, moans every year when I make them, I wonder if these might go down better, I might make them and just not tell him what’s in them!

  82. Laura Gold says:

    Great way to use up the rest of the mincemeat I have at home. They sound lovely. Thanks for all the Christmas recipe ideas. Merry Christmas!

  83. Sharon Carleton says:

    Ruth thank you so much for all the fab recipes – can’t wait to try them out once I finish work – These scones looks fab !!!

  84. steven young says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the recipes you’ve put up for the last 12 days (how fast did they pass!) and will definately make a few of them and hope they turn out as nice as yours look.
    Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

  85. Michelle says:

    I like that it makes mincemeat sound more yummier ( is that a word?) I’m not normally a fan x

  86. Alexandra says:

    Can’t believe the 12 days are over! have loved seeing the new recipes. Love edds scones, so glad you’ve done your version too, I’m sure these will be fabulous! I got a bot carried away with excitement posting comments and have commented on both the prize and recipe some days before i read the rules!! must pay more attention! Well done ruth, you’re such an inspirational baker, you should be so proud of yourself!

  87. Becky Heath says:

    My scones are never big enough so I will try these x

  88. Michelle says:

    I like that it makes mincemeat sound more yummier ( is that a word?) I’m not normally a fan but i do like a good scone your choc chip and baileys scones go down a treat in our house!! Xx

  89. Lisa Fuller says:

    Mmmmm these do sound lovely a cross between a scone and mince pie…yum 🙂

  90. Mel Webb says:

    Thank you for all the recipes, will definitely be trying this xx

  91. Sandra Burns says:

    They look delicious. Will definitely be giving them a try.

    Thanks so much for all of the inspiring Christmas recipes which I’m sure will become firm favourites.

  92. sue foster says:

    Can’t wait to try these, and I suspect you get a lovely aroma as they cook

  93. Jess Bleeze says:

    Great way to use left over mincemeat! These 12 days have been amazing well done to you xx

  94. Helen says:

    Another delicious treat, thank you so much for all these lovely Christmas recipes.

  95. Karen says:

    Thank you for brightening my December days Ruth :). In a house full of coughs, sneezes and tired children it has been lovely to escape and read your blog. Happy Christmas to you and your family…hope you enjoy a well deserved rest! X

  96. Petra Curtis says:

    Looking forward to try these with my kids, thanks Ruth for another great recipe 🙂

  97. Rachel says:

    Amazing idea 🙂 Will be trying these!

  98. Mo Silverman says:

    Another fab idea! I have loved each of the 12 days, well done!

  99. Rachel says:

    Will be trying these 🙂

  100. Karen Mottram says:

    What a brilliant twist on scones, I love it. Thanks for an inspiring 12 days Ruth, wishing you a Happy Christmas and really fab 2013, I feel there will be a lot more baking up your sleeve in the New Year……and best of luck everyone with the hamper, how exciting, only one more sleep!

  101. Kelly says:

    Wow these look amazing, think i need to print these all off and have a mini Christmas book (or you should do a quick ebook :))

  102. Jenny Cook says:

    A nice idea – I’ve just made Christams cupcakes with mincemeat – will try this next

  103. PaulS says:

    I will definitely try these out.

  104. Emma Gilpin says:


  105. hannah says:

    What a brilliant idea, I’ll be making these for pre -xmas get togethers, Christmas scones, brilliant idea!
    Thank you for all the great recipes & tips Ruth. Have a lovely Christmas with your family & enjoy all the treats you’ve been busy making X

  106. Lucy says:

    Will definitely be making these! Thankyou for all the scrummy recipes, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Father Christmas will bring me your cake decorating book!

  107. Zoe says:

    Ok I am drooling at these, they look so good! Will be making for Christmas Day breakfast I think – will warm them up with some homemade Cornish butter from my dad’s girlfriends sisters cows,

  108. Love the idea of leaving Santa a home made goodie this year – thanks Ruth! All good wishes x

  109. Lesley says:

    Thanks so much for all these great Christmas ideas, they’re really inspiring.

  110. Jen Webster says:

    Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning – sorted! Thank you so much for your twelve days Ruth…you are the calm amongst the storm of holiday food preparation. Have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless xx

  111. Rebecca Drake says:

    Having recently relocated to Devon, scones have become my signature dish – I will definitely be giving this mincemeat version a go. Thank you for our 12 days of treats!

  112. Janet says:

    What a great idea! I make mincemeat every year or two and after going to that trouble, I don’t like to see one bit of it go to waste, so this is a fantastic idea for what to do when I end up with just half a jar left.

  113. Phil Bass says:

    Yum, but would replace the mincemeat with chocolate chips and some cinnamon for and xmas taste

  114. Amanda says:

    I love scones….and mincemeat – what a fab idea!!!


  115. Lee says:

    what a good idea – I’m sure my husband will love these – I’m going to miss daily installment of the 12 days of Christmas recipe’s, it’s given me some great ideas – I think I am going to be busy cooking as soon as I finish work for Christmas

    Hope you have a good one x

  116. Susan Crosswaite says:


  117. Trish says:

    Definitely for Christmas Eve baking with my daughter, thank you x

  118. Lianne Grantham says:

    Scones for Christmas, love it!

  119. Claire Shurrock says:

    Delicious! Another must try….thank you for so many amazing recipes not only the last 12 days but this year. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  120. traceyh says:

    i think santa will love these.
    thankyou for another fab 12 days of christmas ruth.
    merry christmas to you and your family !
    thanks for all your hard work, from a pink whisker xxx

  121. Lorraine Johnson says:

    These look fun to make & delicious to eat!!

  122. Rachel M says:

    Wow. These look great on these cold winter days!

  123. Katie Everson says:

    Mmmmmmm, yummy!

  124. Maggi says:

    Welllll…… Christmas scones eh??

  125. Nikki Clark says:

    Great idea – nice twist on the traditional scone but still with lots of cream – yum!

  126. Maggi says:

    Welllll…… Christmas scones eh??

  127. Maggi says:

    Welllll…… Christmas scones eh??

  128. Angela Peel says:

    Now these definitely look worth trying.Am drooling as typing

  129. Gina says:

    How clever! I’m still addicted to making your baileys and chocolate chip scones! I’ll give these a whirl on the weekend 🙂

  130. lesley-anne burnett says:

    aw woaw really want to make these for the hubby, im not a fan of mince meat but he loves it so these will go down a treat! thanks so much for all the recipes 🙂 You have a real gift1

  131. Deborah Nesbitt says:

    Another beautiful recipe. I will be making these with the boys on Christmas eve.

  132. Brenda Greaves says:

    Thankyou for this great collection of recipes. What a super competition this has been. Whoever wins this will have the most marvellous time with this fantastic prize. Good luck to everyone who has entered.
    Happy Christmas Ruth and I look forward to another great cooking year with The Pink Whisk xx

  133. Georgina says:

    These look amazing, might try with brandy cream since its christmas!

  134. Freya says:

    I will definitely be attempting a dairy and gluten free version of these for my specific santa’s dietry needs!

  135. Vikki R says:

    I’m definitely going to have to try making these!!

  136. Sarah Tilley says:

    They look yummy, I think i’d have them with some brandy butter!

  137. Janet Powell says:

    12 days over already? Noooooo! I shall be making these scones & putting a big dollop of lemon curd on them.

  138. Ursula says:

    What a great recipe to finish on Ruth, I have really enjoyed the 12 days, lots of fab ideas and I am looking forward to trying more than a few of these this Christmas. Thank you x

  139. Kalli P says:

    Mmmmmm, great end to the 12 days – will miss the 12 Days of Christmas! 🙂 Has been like my own little advent calendar… Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! x

  140. Loops says:

    As tasty as these look (and they do look tasty! I can just see me and mum tucking into some on Christmas eve, with lashings of clotted cream…), I am also sad because this means it’s the end of the Pink Whisk 12 days of Christmas… 🙁

    My waistline will be pleased though!

  141. Helen Cosby says:

    Lovely idea, now there will be more choices of scones and still none left over!

  142. Vicky says:

    What a delicious idea

  143. Kat says:

    Gawd, these are a great idea. I now have a menu as long as my arm for xmas eve!
    Really enjoyed thses 12 days of Christmas. Not joined in before with this, but will do from now on. Merry christmas, and a peaceful new year.

  144. Maree says:

    I’m going to make these and take them round to friends when dropping of Xmas presents. Merry Xmas all x

  145. Leanda Saunders says:

    Got friends coming round later, guess what they will be having with their cuppa 🙂

  146. nina says:

    I must try this recipe as it has mincemeat in it which I love, thanks for the recipe Ruth.

  147. tasmina says:

    another must bake..

  148. Vanessa Belcher says:

    These would be good for my winter afternoon tea this Sunday

  149. Theresa Waugh says:

    I’ll be making these this avo as a surprise… Ssh!

  150. Charley Foulds says:

    would love it with a cup of tea xxxxx

  151. Sonia says:

    Fab idea – on the huge baking list!

  152. Elizabeth Buttle says:

    Great idea for Christmas day tea for those who are too stuffed to fancy a piece of fruit cake 🙂 Om nom nom nom!

  153. Memole says:

    I love scones!!! This recipe it’s SO yummy!!! Look forward to make it!!! Do you think I could add some fresh nuts?
    By the way I now am going to bake some (mouthwatering) chocolate muffins following your recipe(march last year)… I think it’s honestly the best chocolate recipe ever…Just amazing!!! Love Christmas time! ^_^ Thank you so much and…have a wonderful Christmas!!! *Memole*

  154. Lynette Duxbury says:

    What a brilliant idea. I’ve often made mincemeat cake before but never used mincemeat in scones. My husband will adore these.

  155. andrea says:

    They look lovely Ruth, hubby doesn’t like mincemeat so will have to eat them all myself hehe, have a lovely christmas and thank you for all the inspiration and ideas xx

  156. Jane Walters says:

    Thanks for the recipe 🙂

  157. Sam Wilkinson says:

    Love scones and these look fab!!

  158. Lucy Spencer-Watkins says:

    yummy with brandy cream or brandy butter can’t wait to make these 🙂

  159. Helen says:

    What a great idea – we always get fed up with mince pies when there’s at least one jar of mincemeat left in the cupboard! Thanks for another brilliant 12 Days this year, your recipes are so fab.

  160. Rowenna says:

    Lovely idea for boxing day afternoon tea – I look forward to trying them!

  161. Rachel F says:

    Thank you for giving us another reason to smile Ruth 🙂 Looking forward to making this recipe part of our Christmas tradition. Have a blessed Christmas time with your husband, Little Ones, family and friends. xx

  162. Christa says:

    I lurv scones!!! But I am always a bit challenged when it comes to making my own, they never seem to come out soft & fluffy but a bit dry & flat. So thanks for the step-by-step recipe, I’m sure it will be really helpful!

  163. Abi Wood says:

    Another great idea!

  164. Laura says:

    I only made scones for the first time a month ago, these look so good shall be making these for Christmas Eve!!

  165. Zoe Hope says:

    Wow Ruth – these look amazing. Ideal for a Boxing day treat x

  166. Sue Robinson says:

    Another fab recipe

  167. Gillian Greathead says:

    These look delicious, I don’t think I’m going to fit in my Christmas Frock this year! X

  168. Susan Cameron says:

    Brilliant idea for using up leftover mincemeat-I’ve still got a jar skulking around from last Christmas!I’m going to have a go-might add strong tea (or even booze for the grown ups.)

  169. Jo Perry says:

    Gorgeous !

  170. Rosie says:

    I’m so sad the 12 days are over!! I’ve already made two batches of caramel and some are currently wrapped up for my secret santa!

  171. Sarah Gardiner says:

    Think me and my toddlers might be trying this on Christmas eve, we are still working on what to do for our Christmas traditions and these look perfect to try with them :)xx

  172. Caroline says:

    Definitely making these on Christmas Eve, for treat after we’ve been on Santa express train along with mulled wine! Have thoroughly enjoyed the recipes and trying some new ideas. Hope you’ve got more lined up for new year. Not sure if my waistline will cope though. Have a lovely christmas

  173. Richard says:

    I don’t think that there’s many things that mincemeat won’t make better!

  174. Alana Walker says:

    I love scones at any time of year!x

  175. Rose says:

    Those just look soooo good.

  176. Lynne Lee-Diep says:

    Oh what a lovely finish!
    Shame it had to end! Such a lovely collection of recipes and ideas – it would truly make for a fabulous book! So generous of you to share and it won’t be the same not having your lovely posts to drool over each day!
    Have a fabulous Christmas & I look forward to trying out some of your ideas and recipes 😀

  177. Karen Chaudhry says:

    Wow 12 days worth of really fantastic recipes. Thank you so much. Good luck to everyone that hamper is sure one special Xmas treat! Happy Christmas.

  178. Lisa Armes says:

    Wow! These look delicious definitely will be making them for Santa!!

  179. Rach Woodcock says:

    Another delicious recipe! I can’t wait to try this one too! 🙂

  180. Cheryll H says:

    Don’t think the girls will agree to scones instead of mince pies… but I’m sure they’d be willing to make them AS WELL 🙂 Look yum x

  181. Kerrie Heath says:

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    I love scones. I was surprised to learn a couple of years ago that authentic British scones are small like yours are and neatly cut out with a cutter; in Sweden we just roughly shape the dough with our hands and flatten it on the baking tray, making a huge scone that about four times the size of yours.

    (Needless to say, I prefer the U.K type, you can eat more of them that way…)

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    Gotta try it x

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    Loved the whole 12 days and what fantastic prizes you’ve managed to muster as well.
    Have a great Christmas with your family. Make sure they do the washing up so you can at least put your feet up sometime. Well done. I must now make the marzipan for the boozy christmas cakes so it can dry out for the decoration in time.

  376. Bhavisha Bhowruth says:

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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours xx

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  522. Thank you for your inspiring recipes, each day I am compelled to look up your latest. Today’s recipe is a lovely twist on a favourite of mine! I have also been inspired to make the toffee recipe for gifts thank you. The way you guide and use phots of each stage of the recipes makes it so easy to follow them. I also want to make the marshmallows ….you have inspired me to get out my pots and pans and get baking…thank you !

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    Merry Christmas, and thanks for all the tasty treats for this season.

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  530. Sue M says:

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    Another fantastic recipe for the Christmas holidays.
    Thank you.

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    Thanks Ruth & Merry Christmas xx

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    I have followed your recipes pretty much from the beginning. I love them!!
    I started following a Paleo lifestyle 18months ago which has changed the way I bake. I make things gluten free, avoid processed sugars and dairy. But I still enjoy your recipes because they give me ideas that I can tinker with and make my own version.
    The pudsey bear cookie recipe (yours – i didn’t adapt it) has been a big sucess for the last 3 years at the kids school baking table.

  541. Lisa Cann says:

    I’ve pinned these – such a great riff on fruit scones, will ahve to try them when its cooler though, its 35 deg C here in Melbourne today, I wouldn’t put my oven on for all the tea in China!

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    wOW! Love scones as a fast light meal – and these look particularly good!

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    What a fantastic recipe to finish on! These will definetly be on the Christmas ‘afternoon tea’ menu at my house along with all the other bakes! Thank you Ruth for all the amazing recipes and Christmas Cheer 🙂

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  551. katherine says:


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  556. Bernice says:

    Thank you Ruth for your lovely twelve recipes and great fun with the hamper giveaway.
    Hope you have a wonderfully magical christmas with your family.
    All the best
    Bernice x

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    Another lovely recipe.

  558. A. Harrington says:

    these look yummy too! I love scones with lashings of butter and strawberry jam.

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  563. Michael Long says:

    Love these Thank you

  564. Jennifer antonelli says:

    Hi Ruth
    I run a small tearoom in bucks and your Xmas scones have gone down great this week, also your chocolate chip cookies are a weekly feature and your ginger cake goes down a storm. Looking forward to your ideas for 2013.

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