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Love Heart Biscuits

 DSC06357 You know from my last post I wasn’t going to blog these, but so many of you asked how to do them so here’s the how to…!

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Glaze Icing for Flooding and Decorating

feb projects 3 040

Just recently I’ve been using glaze icing to decorate and flood biscuits instead of the usual royal icing,  not only do I find it a million times easier to work with, it gives you great results and tastes fab too!

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Biscuits for Decorating – Non Spreading, No Chilling Required!

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This is a great biscuit recipe, one that doesn’t need chilling and barely spreads.

Perfect to make biscuits for decorating!


220g butter, softened

200g caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

1 egg, large

425g plain flour


Makes approx 30 biscuits.

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Things don’t quite go to plan.

I’m struggling, my creative inspiration seems to have disappeared into thin air.

I wanted to bring you fantastic projects for Valentines and Pancake Day but nothing seems to be working quite right.

I made these…


and these…

feb projects 3 288

feb projects 3 306

and these…

feb projects 3 319

but all have been deemed not quite up to par so they haven’t made it to the blog :(

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How to Make Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire Pudding

A few weeks ago I asked Facebook for some help due to the fact that I always have Yorkshire Pudding fail – you came up with recipes and tips by the bucket load and in response I bored you to tears with photos of each batch I created.  

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Valentines Parfait

jan projects 325

 You know what everyone loves?  Parfait!  Seeing as hidden hearts are all over the place at the moment I thought I’d hide them in this lovely dessert too.

(And yes, I know its not baking but it is larking around in the kitchen so that’s good enough for me!)

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