Time to Get Your Christmas On!

Yes, really it’s that time of year!

For those of you who’ve baked Christmas cake with me the past few years you’ll already know that I soak my fruit for a good length before baking it into a cake.  Well now’s the time to mix it up (if you haven’t done already).

Choose from the original boozy fruit, jewelled boozy fruit or the more fruit boozy fruit – sounds like I’m talking in riddles!  Read through my post here for all the info you’ll need – Boozy Fruit Soak. And get that fruit added to your shopping list 😉

And when the time comes – I know you’re all eager Beavers here are the cake making instructions for turning your Boozy Fruit into your best ever Christmas Cake.

Ruth xx

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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10 Responses to Time to Get Your Christmas On!

  1. Oh no not Christmas Cooking already!! I have never made my own Christmas Cake or Christmas puddings. Maybe its time I should start.

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  3. Sharon says:

    Had coffee in a cafe by the harbour on gloriously hot hot sunny morning and then started your lovely recipe this afternoon ready for Christmas !! Probably Snow next week!!!! My third year of making this lovely cake! Always get good raves about themThanks again Ruth x

  4. Heather says:

    Hi Ruth
    This is probably obvious but….
    In your instructions for the bulk Boozy Fruit Soak you say to take out 1020g of fruit mixture – which , if my Maths is correct, is a couple of hundred grams more than the amount of dried fruit – is that because of the soaking liquid that’s been absorbed?
    I’m baking six for gifts and can’t wait :).

  5. Charlotte Wright says:

    Afternoon Ruth – just a quick question. I duly have my boozy fruit soaking and will be baking on Friday. My other half loves glace cherries in fruit cake but I used the traditional boozy fruit recipe and haven’t put any in. Would it alter the mix too much if I added some in to the cake mix?? Unsoaked? Would I need to alter the cake mix quantities accordingley? Many thanks! 🙂

    • Just chuck the cherries in when you’ve mixed up the cake, no need to alter any quantities – just as many as you’d like, it shouldn’t alter the cake or the baking time too much and they’re fine to go in unsoaked – sounds lovely to me – save me a slice 😉 x

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