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Day 12 – Snowmen Macarons


Just a little delicious Christmas idea from me today!

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Day 9 – Cappuccino Truffles


A perfect after dinner treat, deliciously simple to make but dark, rich and packing a coffee punch. 

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Scotch Pancakes

Pancakes 017

Ooh hoo hoo!  Tomorrow is Pancake Day!  Always an event in our house, everyone wants a turn at flipping, tossing, pouring the batter, everyone ends up with a burn from the frying pan, tears as they’re not as good as flipping pancakes as they imagined in their head and arguments break out randomly in the frustration of having to wait in a queue of 5 for actually getting a pancake on their plate!

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How to Make Dumplings

…and a Horseradish Dumplings version too

Feb14 042

It gets to the depths of winter and I’m always in real need of a good something to cheer me up.  A hearty beef stew and dumplings is just the thing!  I’m guilty of not putting recipes on the blog because they seem to easy for anyone to be interested in but maybe you need some cheering up too,  if so get yourself a batch of dumplings on the go….

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Flaky Pastry

flaky pastry 049

Buttery, flaky, melt in the mouth – this pastry is top of my list just at the moment.  So it can make it to the top of yours too here’s the recipe with versions for sweet and savoury Flaky Pastry.


300g plain flour

225g butter, cold diced

(35g caster sugar for sweet pastry/1 tsp salt for savoury)

6-8 tbsps cold water


Measure out the plain flour into a large bowl.

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Victoria Sandwich Inside Surprise Cake

Victoria Sandwich Inside Surprise Cake 070

There’s been a lot of you asking for me to do a surprise cake tutorial on the blog after seeing the birthday cake I made for my eldest.  If you didn’t see it here it is – a giant green skittle hiding a ton of skittles inside.

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Brioche Burger Buns

 Brioche Burger Buns 040


I love a good burger on a toasted Brioche bun, trouble is it’s not something you seem to be able to buy easily.  So, with us definitely heading towards a spell of BBQ weather I’ve slightly adapted by Brioche recipe (which you’ll find in my new Bread Making book) so I can get some burgers on the go!

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How to Temper Chocolate

temper chocolate 052


I’ve managed to avoid the need for tempering chocolate until now and managed just to wing it in the past.  The time has come and chocolate is intriguing me, so in order for it to play ball I figured it was going to be important to learn how to temper chocolate.

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How to make a Chocolate Collar

white chocolate mud cake 093

Making a chocolate collar for a cake is much easier than you’d think, its an impressive way to finish a spectacular cake.  You can use your favourite chocolate white, milk or dark the method is exactly the same.  So let’s get cracking!

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Flour Tortillas

tortillas 002

At last!  It appears to be BBQ weather,  and whilst I’m stuck for Father’s Day ideas I figured a BBQ might be just the thing to treat your Dad.  Now BBQ’s don’t naturally lend themselves to baking but a batch of these flour tortillas will certainly go down a treat.

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