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Chocolate Orange Macaroons

Another fab flavour Mac for you – Chocolate Orange they’re not Terry’s they’re mine!

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Raspberry & White Chocolate Macaroons

As promised here’s an ultimately delicious Macaroon – Raspberry and White Chocolate.

You will need:

1 batch of Macaroons coloured a deep raspberry pink (recipe here)

White Chocolate Buttercream
75g butter, softened
150g icing sugar
50g good quality white chocolate
1 tbsp double cream

Raspberry Filling
300g raspberries (fresh or frozen)
100g caster sugar
2 tbsp water
1tbsp cornflour

Make up the white chocolate buttercream.  

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How to Make Perfect Macaroons… (Macarons)

How To...Macaroons

Macaroons – The French type, (said with a French accent of course) are notoriously tricky little blighters and reduce lots of us to tears.
You might have seen me make them on The Great British Bake Off for the Petit Four Tower. 

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Puffle Cupcakes – Club Penguin – A How To…

My boys are Club Penguin crazy and it seems quite a few of you have Puffle Mad kids too!  My apologies if you have absolutely no interest in the latest Children’s craze, you can switch off now but make sure you come back on Friday when I’ve something nice and grown up.

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Slow cooked Beef Cobbler

Slow Cooked Beef Cobbler

January is traditionally the time that minds turn to expanding waistlines post-Christmas and for many baking treats is off the cards.  However if you love baking it’s a tough one so why not incorporate baking into mealtimes?  This good ‘ole beef cobbler is perfect for that!  

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Flapjack – All kinds of ways!

Flapjack - all kinds of ways

It’s good to have some fail safe recipes you can refer back to when you need to bake but don’t have much time.  This flapjack recipe comes from my Great Grandmothers recipe book – just to prove that the old ones are sometimes the best!

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The Great British Bake Off needs YOU!

Do you love home baking and fancy putting your skills to the test? BBC Two is looking for amateur bakers across the country to take part in The Great British Bake Off series two.

If you’re interested and would like to find out more, email or call 020 7067 4879.

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Happy New Year! Not a recipe, just a bit of chat…

2010 has been a whirlwind of a year and 2011 looks set to be just as good!

My deepest thanks goes to all you Pink Whiskers who have made the past six months an unbeatable experience, as we start 2011 there are already over 3,000 of you who read and enjoy the blog (well I’m presuming you’re enjoying it otherwise I guess you wouldn’t keep coming back) – that’s a pretty good gang of bakers by any standards!

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