My New Kitchen Helper & Win Yourself One Too!

So not my usual kind of post, in fact I hardly ever review things but I’m making an exception for this one.  Why?  Because I’m seriously impressed and it’s turned into a real boost in my kitchen plus I’m treating one of you to one too!

No, it’s not a new tin, a new ingredient (or a washer upper – although one of those would be HIGHLY useful!)  It’s a Google Nexus 7 by Asus.


Yes, we have an iPad in our house, do I ever know where it is?  Well yes, I do, it’s attached to a child.  Or it’s stashed in one of their bedrooms battery flat as a pancake.

My kitchen is of the tidgey tiny variety so moving my laptop in there is just a no go, there’s just no room to bake when I’ve tried it.  So, instead I dodge between the kitchen and the dining room where said laptop resides or I peer into the screen of my phone through clouds of icing sugar which is equally troublesome.

So I set about testing out the Nexus 7 from Argos and found it was just perfect for me in the kitchen. Why I am I love with it?  Well it’s mine for one, little boys mucky fingers are banned, so it’s always where I need it.  Plus it’s been treated to it’s own pink case as a deterrent should anybody be thinking of making off with it!

I seem to live a life online, whether it’s here on the blog, facebook, twitter, instagram you name it I’m a social media addict and I can keep an eye on it all whilst I bake! I can email, facebook, tweet from the kitchen and I can see it all clearly too.


I bake my own recipes but have to look them up on the blog first, I wish I could hold them all in my head but that’s an impossible task.


I can access all my recipe docs via dropbox whilst I stir the pans and weigh out ingredients.


In a spare minute I’ll read the latest food mags online via the apps – Tesco, Morrisons, my Good Food Magazine subscription and various others I’ve collated over time.


I can convert a recipe on the hoof using an online converter from cups to grams.

Oh yes, I can watch the telly if I’m stuck in the kitchen later on at night 😉


It’s not slow and it doesn’t get stuck like some of the tablets I’ve tried out in the past.  The battery life is good, it’s got a quick start up from turned off and controlling it is pretty intuitive too – a must for someone like me!

Judging by the new Lakeland catalogue I’m certainly not alone in my tablet/kitchen revelation – they have a tablet stand and stylus making an appearance in their 2013 gift catalogue.

I’ve been ordering my ingredients shopping online with the Tescos  shopping app adding things to my basket throughout the week as recipe ideas pop into my head – saves a million lists and then forgetting to take them out shopping with me.


I’ve been ordering my cake decorating supplies whilst I’m drafting out the cake, sat on the sofa!


Plus it’s on sale for £149.99 at Argos making it a whole lot cheaper than an iPad and much more manageable in size too.  I think it’s worth every penny.

I’m not going to go into all the specs and I’m sure it’s capable of a lot more than I’m using it for but for a perfect kitchen helper – this one is top of my Christmas list, the Nexus 7 is staying put in my kitchen!

Now I wouldn’t be so mean as to tell you about something great for your kitchen without offering you the chance to own one yourself now would I? I’ve bought one for you and I’m going to give it away to one lucky Pink Whisk reader.


COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED.  The winner of the Nexus 7 is  comment

572. Lisa Cann

Lisa has been contacted directly and will be receiving her Nexus 7 shortly!

Thanks to everyone for entering



To enter:  Leave a comment on this post telling me what you would use it for in the kitchen if you were to win! (Facebook and comments emailed to me do not count -you have to come to the blog post on the website to leave a comment).  Giveaway closes at 5pm Friday 6th December 2013.  Open to UK residents only.  Only one valid entry per person. 1 winner will be chosen at random from all the valid comments received shortly after closing and will be contacted directly. Prize is a Nexus 7 by Asus, 16GB Wifi Model.

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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1,058 Responses to My New Kitchen Helper & Win Yourself One Too!

  1. Tracey Peach says:

    I would make use of a Nexus 7 in the kitchen by typing in my recipies so I can quickly go to which ever recipe I wanted to make & know what ingredients I need & how much of each one.

  2. kazza says:

    I would use it to photo and blog recipes that I have been meaning to do for ages but don’t have a tablet to do it with 🙂

  3. Angie Allen says:

    Baking Recipes

  4. caroline matthews says:

    store all my recipes in one place

  5. Allan Mees says:

    For whipping up the eggs for Xmas Pavlova can’t stand Xmas Pud

  6. Gareth Watkins says:

    I’d stream TV to it from the living room.

  7. steven young says:

    Definitely for all my recipes. My books always seem to get in the way and usually end up covered in what I’m making.

  8. Kevin Williams says:

    I’d definitely use it for reading recipes, also use it to create shopping lists when preparing meals.

  9. Darren Abbott says:

    looking up receipes

  10. Bex Allum says:

    I would use it to look at the slimming world website to help me with recipes.

  11. amanda smith says:

    Wow I’d use this for recipies and background music to cook/bake in style!

  12. julie Smith says:

    Iould use it in the kichen for recipes may then I will be able to make a cake that isn’t heavy as a brick

  13. Marilyn Greenwood says:

    It would have endless uses!
    Using my recipe ebooks (Ruth Clemens Baking & Cake Making plus Mary Berry’s Baking Bible ebooks are used virtually every day in this house!)
    Searching for recipes on line especially on of course!
    Using a weight converter on line or an app which does it for you
    Looking on google for an alternative option if I have an ingredient missing!
    If I have ingredients missing either adding them to my shopping list online or making a sticky note for later
    Sending a quick email to family & friends in between bakes!
    Listening to the radio or music on it as I bake
    Catching up on Twitter and Facebook
    Checking emails
    and so much more….
    At the moment I do this on an old iPhone and old Kindle the larger size of the Nexus would be fantastic

  14. Amelia Kennedy says:

    I’d use it to do my Tesco shopping list and to go on Facebook.

  15. Gill Bland says:

    I would use it to watch masterchef professionals while I cook…I know I know!

  16. donna davis says:

    I would use it with my children in the kitchen, and bake sooooo many delicious buns,cakes and biscuits 🙂

  17. Jenny C says:

    I currently struggle with my Evernote recipes on my phone (I don’t have a printer either) so I’d use it for recipes and keeping up with all the cooking websites I read (including Pink Whisk of course!)

  18. Sally Lea says:

    I would use it on my recipe book stand to show me my favourite recipes and difficult techniques in action.

  19. Valerie Falconer says:

    With this there would be no more hurrying from the kitchen to the computer and back every time I needed to double-check a recipe on-line (and that’s frequently)

  20. Neil Molyneux says:

    I’d use the Google Nexus 7 for watching tv in the kitchen

  21. Adam Easdown says:

    I would use this to watch step by step videos of cooking recipes as I am not a natural chef!

  22. Joanne Hughes says:

    Well that nice surface would make a good chopping board… Only kidding, it would be great for easy access to recipes. At the moment my ‘system’ involves random sheets of printed off recipes shoved in a cake box, and they are all covered with dollops of dried buttercream and batter mix, so needs some improvement!

  23. gordon says:


  24. Rachel Lean says:

    Pretty Pretty Nexus!
    I too have a teeny tiny kitchen with absolutley no room for my Laptop and trying to squint at my phone or touch it with sticky fingers (I’m a messy cook!) puts me in a mild strop!
    I would use the Nexus to experiment with lots and lots of receipes! there are so many delicious things to make and so little time to make it all!

  25. Simon M says:

    I have several recipes saved on my laptop (breads, curries, etc) that I would love a tablet for to use in the kitchen to save hauling my laptop back and forth!

  26. Carrie Brown says:

    If I were lucky enough to win I would definitely use the Google Nexus 7 in the kitchen to follow recipes (especially from The Pink Whisk of course).

  27. Greg Young says:

    I would love a Nexus 7 in my kitchen so i could watch Gordon Ramsey as i try to emulate him!

  28. Joseph Johnson says:

    I’d use it for music as I find I need to be relax and in control while baking.

  29. Harry says:

    I would use it to play youtube recipe step by step guides while I cook along with it. I currently use(try lol) my laptop but it gets in the way alot as I only have a small kitchen 😛

  30. Denise says:

    I’d use this to watch step by step video guides for new recipes as I never seem to get it right just with a recipe

  31. Anna says:

    Searching for recipes and when cooking meals I know well I would perhaps catch up on some tv. Oh the luxury of having a tablet just for me – now that is good medicine!

  32. marie watson says:

    To be able to make yummy meals without stressing out (esp at my boyfriend), using the recipes so I have all the help I need for a relaxing dinner.

  33. liz denial says:

    I’d use it to search for new recipes

  34. Ellie Bromilow says:

    I would use it to watch a video of how to make icing from marshmallows – ive not been brave enough to try it yet!

  35. Jean Maunder says:

    I would use it to check if anything I have made looks as it should 🙂

  36. Caroline Clarke says:

    I would use it in the kitchen for recipes, converting measurements, logging and tracking calories and I’d also use it to watch videos!

  37. TracyB says:

    I’d definitely use it to store and access all my fave recipes – it would certainly be easier than hauling my big tatty ringbinder onto the counter top

  38. claire blaney says:

    for help on how to cook great food as im not much good 🙂

  39. I’d use it to watch cake icing videos on YouTube when I’m decorating buns. My technique definitely needs work :o/

  40. Hannah Oneill says:

    I’d use it to keep my recipes organised!

  41. Gavin says:

    I use Evernote Food on my phone for recipes rather than dropbox. It’s a bit small so a tablet would be perfect.

  42. Georgina H says:

    What a fabulous giveaway. So many uses in the kitchen…. I would love to be able to watch Christmas movies on it whilst baking my mince pies and Christmas gifts for family and friends. Would make me feel extra Christmasey. I would also be able to use it to play music for me to practice my line dancing to (I teach and you can generally find me trying out new dances in the kitchen whilst my cakes are in the oven…. it delays the washing up a little bit longer LOL)….. you think this could help me wash up? LOL

  43. Zoe G says:

    I would use it a lot for recipes, I use my phone when cooking which can be a pain to read especially if I have flour all over my hands

  44. Stuart Hall says:

    Watching films whilst I cook !

  45. Cheryl Martin says:

    some ebook reading

  46. emma tarbuck says:

    lison to music when cooking my recipies i have googled on it

  47. Kat Lucas says:

    I would so love to use it in baking British Traditional recipes as I’m an American living in the UK and am baffled by the grams and measurements and am always guessing in my cooking now a days.

  48. Abby Bookham says:

    I would use it for following online recipes in the kitchen. I recently did your choc tray bake and with no printer was running up and down the stairs to check the instructions – this would have made it much easier!

  49. tracey ryder says:

    to look recipes up as I always forget them and have to run back and forth to the pc

  50. Jason Lowe says:

    This made for a great read over lunch – although now I think I’m feeling a bit more hungry than before? Just as well I have some of your sugar crusted scones prepared for the office afternoon brew break!

    I too have similar problems with our current tablet; it’s a bit dated and slow but its always in use when I want it and its almost never charged when its not!

    Aside from those problems, I find that I’m at my most creative when I’m in the kitchen – I think I’d like to try and channel some of that creativity with an arty kind of program. I’m very hands on and can imagine drawing inspiration from my cooking and ‘finger-painting’ some of my creations on a digital canvas.

    On a side note, I think that a shiny new Nexus would coincidentally make a great counterweight for measuring out flour for our sponges and gingerbread men – ideal for when the counters go walkies!!

  51. Margaret Sawyer says:

    Without doubt to look up recipes which would save space on all the cookery books I could remove from various shelves, drawers and cupboards!

  52. Melanie Lindsay says:

    I would use it for following my Recipes.

  53. Jenifer Lack says:

    Well I’m a member of Slimming World and always find it difficult going from my PC to the kitchen to to follow the online recipes!

    I’d love it to access to the website portably to read as I cook, and also as somewhere to store my own recipes too! (..& a few naughty cake bake ideas!) 🙂 xx

  54. Ilkem Mehmet says:

    Great Prize – thanks. Fingers crossed.

  55. Andrew Petrie says:

    I always have the radio on so I would tune into my favourite station.

  56. Debbie says:

    Wow, I would love one of these. I would look up recipies and follow the how to instructions because im a bit of a disaster without guidance!!!!
    Thanks xxxxxxxxxxx

  57. Chris J says:

    I’d use the Nexus 7 to listen to Spotify and watch some catch-up TV while cooking and cleaning the kitchen.

  58. sue hodges says:

    like the idea of being able to look up recipes quickly whilst in the kitchen – it’s not unknown for me to get part way through cooking a meal to realise that I haven’t got an essential ingredient that i thought i had – and then have to frantically think of what else to cook with the ingredients i do have!

  59. Lesley says:

    watching recipes and tv shows while cooking is its natural use. It would need a protective film cover if used while cooking 🙂

  60. Teresa Maxwell says:

    I would use it to have all online recipes to hand on blogs, Facebook etc. much easier than my current methodical running in and out of the lounge where the pic is!

  61. teresa nichols says:

    i would use this for curry recipes as all my family love different ones some like it hot while others like it mild so having this to hand would make things alot easier for me and not get into a muddle x

  62. jenny owen says:

    I would definitely use it to watch Youtube recipe videos! I am one of them people who do things exactly the same as the recipe this would come in extremely handy 🙂

  63. Maryann says:

    With this new tablet, I would sit down at my kitchen table and PLAN! I would plan meals, I would order ingredients, and I would look up recipes to suit my family of 4 who, naturally, all have different tastes when it comes to food. While the food’s cooking, I would use it to have a sneaky half hour to myself and keep up to date with news, social media and emails!

  64. lorraine stone says:

    I would listen to Audio e-books on it. A great way to take my thoughts away while I am doing the dishes!

  65. Callum Keir says:

    I’d use it to entertain the kids so I could get on with things in the kitchen!

  66. Kiya Parker says:

    Id use it for storing all my recipes, and I’d love to be able to watch a bit of sneaky Corrie in the kitchen as im usually up baking till late!

  67. Phil Darling says:

    I’d use it in the kitchen to display how to cook video’s while I try to copy the procedures to improve my culinary skills

  68. Mary Heald says:

    I would have to store all my favourite recipes on it so I wouldn’t have to rifle though millions of bits of paper to find the one I want!

  69. Nicole says:

    I would use it to watch video of recipes I am baking

  70. LEEA DUNNIGAN says:

    I have a small kitchen and would use this to follow recipes rather than have a recipe book balanced over my sink, and falling in half the time too!

  71. Victoria says:

    I’d use it to keep recipes in front of me especially while I measure out ingredients – I have the memory of a goldfish! 😀 I think it’d also be really helpful to be able to convert from ounces to cups to grams, etc.

  72. Judy says:

    Trying out new recipes.

  73. Naomi howells says:

    I would love one of these. It would be great to catch up on some TV viewing whilst slaving away in the kitchen!

  74. Laura says:

    Incredibly generous prize.

  75. Kelly Koya says:

    I’d love it for music or tv to keep me entertained while I cook.

  76. Laura says:

    Oh jeez, and now i’ve just invalidated myself by clicking Post by mistake! Please delete my previous comment (and this one too!) and i wont enter due to multiple entries. But well done for your very generous gift.

  77. Claire L says:

    I’d use it to organise and display recipes. I have so many recipe books and bookmarked recipes online, and I’d like to have them all in one place where I can find them easily. Also, the Nexus 7 has a camera, so I can photograph my baking to show my family and friends what I’ve made 🙂

  78. Megan Bayford says:


  79. Vikki Cross says:

    I would use it for new recipes!

  80. Jen says:

    I would use it to look at recipes online, without having to use up vital worktop space with the laptop or walk back and forth to the look at it in the dining room.

  81. Layla fletcher says:

    Would be to use for cooking, im useless but love to try, so I would be able to use videos, recipes etc

  82. Quickly finding recipes to suit the ingredients I have, as well as as an extra large kitchen timer and, like you, shopping list.

  83. Suaznne says:

    It would be light, portable and versatile and a great asset for looking up recipes and for much needed cooking tips and inspiration.

  84. Tracey Belcher says:

    first to do my online shopping with 2 tabs open – one with recipes I follow and one with the supermarket. Then Obviously like most I would use it to follow recipes of cooking videos but finally I would show off my creations to all my friends on social media 🙂

  85. FG says:

    I would definitely use this whilst cooking – great for using recipes you’ve found online, and much easier to keep clean than a recipe book!

  86. EMMA WALTERS says:

    i would love to have my recipes on it, i use my phone at the moment but it’s too small, leading to mistakes oopsy!

  87. Dale Askew says:

    I work shifts and I’d use it to find some easy to prepare meals i could take into work as a healthy alternative to eating ready meals

  88. Jim Rainey says:

    I would use it for recipes and listening to online radio whilst cooking.

  89. Marina Frow says:

    Wow it looks really good, would never have thought of getting a tablet to use in the kitchen! I would use it to searchf or recipes to use up things in the fridge that need eating, then I wouldnt waste as much food!

  90. Shelley Hawkins says:

    last boxing day i had what to do with a beef joint, (reading on my phone)as i don’t eat meat when i cook it for others i need guidance!

  91. Tracy Nixon says:

    I’d use it for saving recipes from the foodie blogs I follow and for creating jam labels

  92. Debbie Loosley says:

    I would use a nexus for looking at recipes and general surfing the net, reading blogs whilst waiting fit my cakes to bake.

  93. margaret martin says:

    This would make finding and using recipies on the internet and with a easy to clean screen i could bake or cook any day.

  94. Paul says:

    I think it would look great in my book stand displaying recipies – and showing youtube vidoes while I wait for things to cook.

  95. Peter Hewitt says:

    Checking Recipes,catching up on TV and the news

  96. Graeme Johnston says:

    The look at emails but also to check online receipies.

  97. Vanessa Miller says:

    I would use it for iplayer and looking for things to bake

  98. Kelly Smith says:

    Wow! It looks amazing- I would use it to pull up recipes and read a book whilst I’m waiting for my goodies to cook!

  99. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    i would find some great recipes then watch a film whist working in the kitchen

  100. Serina Patel says:

    If I won I would use it in the kitchen next to my 2 year olds highchair! She doesn’t eat a thing and the only thing that will keep her still in one place will be to put on a film on the tablet which will hopefully get her to eat!

  101. Darren says:

    cake recipes and decorating inspiration

  102. Janet King says:

    I would use it for watching TV programmes whilst cooking

  103. Claudine says:

    Would be great to replace my old folder of printed-out Pink Whisk recipes! All those delicious recipes at the touch of a button!

  104. Jane Hutchison says:

    I would use it for music as I love to sing whilst I bake.

  105. Claire Grigg says:

    Id use it for recipes and keeping up with the gossip whilst stuck in the kitchen of course 🙂

  106. Peaf says:

    to look up ways to sort out disasters I’ve had in the kitchen!

  107. Gemma Beesley says:

    Hi ya

    WOW what a fab prize 🙂
    I would use it for looking up recipes as well 🙂
    I would also definitely investigate shopping for food online as well as browsing at facebook…… 🙂

  108. anne says:

    I would give mine to my husband. Just so that he can always look up your pizza dough recipe without me having to print out yet another copy for him to loose or throw tomato sauce all over.

  109. Lucy Birks says:

    Struggle to use my laptop in my tiny kitchen too- not thought about trying a tablet- great prize

  110. Andrew M says:

    This sounds like a brilliant idea – might have to see what the battery life is on it and how resist to ingredients the device can be. I’ve tried to attach my iPad to the fridge and kitchen cabinets but its a tad heavy to be safely secured away.

    I’d definitely use it for recipes and measurement conversions and I think to watch “how to” youtube videos while I cook! Safer than risking the expensive macbook air…

  111. Wow, what an invaluable tool to make notes at home or away which I can use for my blog writing. I wish. x

  112. Brian says:

    I would collate all my recipes from all the books and bits of paper I have collected. At then moment they are all over the place and finding a particular recipe can be murder!

  113. Sooz says:

    OOOH I would love one of these, to be able to bake, search online, order baking goodies AND look at cute animal sites whilst in my kitchen would be just the business!!

  114. Simon Tavener says:

    A kitchen tablet – sounds ideal to me.

    In the kitchen, I would use it both for recipe display – and for providing music whilst I work!

    Outside of the kitchen – well who knows!! Probably more food research – of course!

  115. Jay Scales says:

    First of all, I;d use it when I;m in the kitchen planning menus – easy to check back on previous recipes from BBC Good Food etc to make my shopping list. Then, like you, I;d use it while baking, and of course for checking emails and Twitter whilst cooking.

    Sounds perfect!

  116. Michele Barker says:

    For playing music while I cook, converting measures and temperature settings, taking pictures of what I’ve cooked and googling ideas!

  117. Nigel Hollingsworth says:

    In the kitchen I’d use this to watch a film or TV programme whilst my Fish Fingers are cooking

  118. I would certainly use the nexus 7 in my tiny kitchen to bake along with the Pink Whisk site and be inspired by also watching the cooking programmes especially re-runs of The Great British Bake off! Thanks & best wishes – Deb

  119. ALISON M says:

    I’d use the Nexus to take photos of my 3 yr old daughter baking with her Mummy so I can show her when she’s a stroppy teenager that she DID once help out about the house and did cooking / cleaning!!

  120. Kerri Brennan says:

    All the things that I currently do with my laptop in the kitchen- watch tv, skype home, shop, email, surf and tweet. But with the added advantage that my poor laptop won’t get clogged up with Icing Sugar any more. I’m sure it’s not good for it!

    Many thanks for the comp – it’s awesome.

  121. Alison says:

    I would use it for keeping recipes on and following them, at the moment I have to scribble them down from my computer and often miss bits of information

  122. Francesca says:

    Hi Ruth; wow!! The Nexus tablet sounds great; I love how it’s small enough to carry around with you when you go shopping, but still a reasonable size to watch tv on, etc. Perfect. So pleased it’s helping you out; adding things to your ‘shopping cart’ throughout the week is such a good idea and I am sure it saves lots of time. I would like bring up recipes, I love recipe books but I don’t like getting them mucky and sticky in the kitchen and often the book closes shut. A laptop is a bit too bulky, but a Nexus is the perfect solution. Thank you for the great giveaway opportunity. Lots of love – Frankiedoodle xxx

  123. Katy Zillwood says:

    This looks great! I’d love one as at the moment I have to transfer the laptop to the kitchen and always worry about getting water in it!

  124. Su Walker says:

    What a wonderful thought – I’d be able to share my foodie ideas with my friends here and overseas, get to those all important Pink Whisk recipes at top speed and still have space in my kitchen to have the tins, bowls, mixing spoons and ingredients out, in fact be in baking heaven! Joy of all joys.

  125. tamalyn roberts says:

    I would use it to blog about my family receipes taking pics as i prepare and cook my family slow cooked casseroles. Keeping a handy note of the weights and little extras i add evertime would make it alot easier to blog about.

  126. Louise A says:

    I’d use it to stream music while using a recipe to make swedish food ^^

  127. Jack Knight says:

    If I won this, it would be used to write notes on whilst recipe testing in the kitchen, and writing rough versions of my blog posts.

  128. Corinna Mazzotta says:

    It would be so great to have one of these in the kitchen. I’m passionate about baking, but having been diagnosed as intolerant to dairy & sugar, I now have to convert every recipe I use. I’d love to be able to make a note of the changes that worked, or look up the recipe sections of the alternative product websites that I use without having to take up valuable worksurface space. I have little of that as it is & if the laptop is in the kitchen, then there is no worktop left at all! Plus there is nothing worse than having your hands in a mix & then finding that you need to type in a new search item – makes for a very messy keyboard! 🙂

  129. Audrey Black says:

    I live in a fairly small house and only have the luxury of one shelf on the bookcase which I can use for my baking books and food magazines. I think I’m going to have to start downloading baking/cookery books due to the lack of space and I could really do with a reliable device to view them on.

    My kitchen is also fairly small, so it’s not always easy to bake something and have all my ingredients ready whilst having the book sat out on the kitchen counter.

    I’d love to make better use of the space and view my recipes on a tablet. It also means that I can take my receipes with me when I go to visit family and invariably end up in their kitchen!

  130. Jaynealicia says:

    Wow – I don’t think I can top your listings. However, I think it would be an essential piece of kit to engage and retain the interest of my 5 grand-daughters in all things cooky!

  131. Nicky Borman says:

    Well I certainly wouldnt use it as a chopping board as I have seen it done before! I would use it for all cooking aspects especially your receipes and would download a timer app which would be handy for cooking timer, and I would also load a screen saver picture of Paul Hollywood!!!!

  132. Wow if I won this I would use it all the time for easy access to you and a heap load of new baking ideas on the net

    It would mean an end to fingered books and magazines as I would have access to all the baking and cooking things I would need right at my finger tips

    Wow just amazing this would bring me into the “trendy” world

  133. Remi says:

    While I would be suing all these apps at some point in the kitchen, nothing could beat Skype…to have 1 on 1 sessions with one of the best chef on Earth, my mum. She can convert measures, has a gigantic repository of recipes, respond to vocal commands and if I ask nicely she can come around to clean 🙂

  134. Betty Ingarfill says:

    I would use it to read recipes from while cooking or baking as can’t always print them out. Using my phone at the moment but the screen is too small. Would love to win this one 🙂

  135. Jan Neville says:

    Dear Ruth
    It sound a fab piece of kit and I would use it for exactly the same things as you.

  136. Moira Edes says:

    I would use it for following pink whisk recipes as more environmentally friendly than printing out recipes. Would store online magazines, ebooks and do my online shopping from it.
    And would hide from my hubby and son and keep all for myself unlike our ipad which i never get a shot of 🙁

  137. Lisa Woolfenden says:

    I would use the tablet to bake lovely food for my family as I could store recipes on it and look up new ones etc without having to get in the queue for the family tablet in big demand with its angry birds star wars, hello kitty
    and cbeebies apps!

  138. Laura Shaw says:

    I would love one of these to call my own in the kitchen – I’m forever having to battle to get the ipad back halfway through a recipe! I would use it to follow the invaluable pink whisk guide to macaroons so I can finally perfect them and start trying out more adventurous flavour combinations! Homemade Xmas presents could finally be a possibilty…. x

  139. Hazel Collins says:

    I would use it for step by step recipes to help me cook an amazing christmas day meal for our very large family – one great granddad, one granddad, one nanny, eight parents, 13 children, three grandchildren. My first time ever!

  140. Sue Todd says:

    I would use the Nexus 7 to view recipes.
    You can’t stick the pages of a tablet together with cake mix!

  141. Lisa Robinson says:

    I could use mine in my new kitchen that is being built at the moment, I love spending time in the kitchen baking for my family, I am still just a beginner really but am gradually getting confidence to try new things, my new kitchen is part of an extention we are building so my parents can come and live with us (they are 83) so I shall have more mouths to experiment on giggle, having one of these would allow me to expand my knowledge further and keep me up todate. I will keep my fingers cross, thank you so much x

  142. I would use this to assist me with looking up your recipes online whilst baking fabulous cakes and breads in the kitchen!

  143. Samantha O says:

    I would use it to look up recipes, YouTube tutorials on decorating cakes or flower arrangements

  144. Jo Young says:

    I would use it to show me how to make your fudge (I make it plain though) as it always turns out delicious!

  145. Hollie Fraser says:

    That nexus looks amazing! I have the same problem trying to bake with a laptop in the way, would love a tablet so I could have easy access to all my favourite recipies.

  146. Charlotte Butcher says:

    I too have a very small kitchen so it would be great to free up work top space from numberous cook books and the fact you can watch TV while baking is brilliant. Theres no reason to leave the kitchen.

  147. Jessica Taylor says:

    the Nexus sounds amazing and what a great idea to use it as a kitchen helper. if I were to have one, I would put all my favourite recipes into one place so I wouldn’t have to keep checking on the Main computer upstairs and then print it off before I start!!…I could just switch on the nexus scroll though and pick the one I want. Imagine the time I’ll save and most importantly the paper!! I could even get rid of the scraps of paper that hold recipes given to me by friends & Family…because they would be all in one place!!

    Fingers crossed it will be me!!

  148. Lesley Griffiths says:

    What a great idea Ruth, all my recipes that are on odd pieces of paper here and there could be stored on the Nexus in the kitchen and the laptop would not be covered in flour and icing dust!!! Also easy to add recipes from food magazines and websites and have them all to hand and to take photos of my great creations, ha ha.

  149. Kirstie phillipson says:

    If I were to win I would save all my picture ideas to it so I can design my cakes from the comfort of a nice warm bed. I would save pages with measurements on which I’m always having to google along with oven temperature and even better I could browse and shop the pink whisk web site 24/7 and see when my favourite 12 days of Christmas appears :0)

  150. Rachael Hatton says:

    I love looking up recipes whilst in the kitchen!
    Searches on internet are much faster and easier than trawling through all my books, especially when I need inspiration to create a new dish or cake.

  151. Lin Young says:

    would love to win this cool tablet
    to help me in the kitchen
    handy tips and recipes
    in oe place – now no need for biatchin

  152. Robin M says:

    I love to cook and spend alot of time in the Kitchen so this would come in hand by looking up recipes, figuring how much I need to cook for 4 people or 14 people. Plus watching tv while I cook would be great too!

  153. Tessa McKnight says:

    I, too suffer from a tiny kitchen, so a little handheld device would be perfect for looking up recipes and take pictures of my creations!

  154. Sara Harrison says:

    I would use it to read recipes and for checking my e-mails and to play games and also to find new recipes and to read your blog from whilst cooking

  155. Rebecca Fox says:

    I would use it in the kitchen when cooking as i’m fed up of my phone being covered in butter, flour and sugar when i bake recipes from blogs (which is a regular occurance) and to help me organise my cake decorating stuff. X

  156. Jo Worrall says:

    I would love to win this for purely selfish reasons! I live in my kitchen most evenings and at the weekends and reading recipes off my phone has seriously depleted my phone battery and damaged my eyesight! I’d rather spend pennies on ingredients or the endless list of stuff for my 2 boys so it would be nice to have something to hide In the kitchen that’s just mine!

  157. Clare says:

    This is fab, our tablet is dying a death and I love using it in the kitchen. I have lots of recipes “liked” on Bloglovin to try so this would be the perfect tool to try them out!

  158. sandra says:

    I would do some much needed research for some alternative Christmas day dinner recipes…. I can’t have prawn cocktail then turkey followed by trifle again!!! And the husband not worrying about his getting dirty would be nice.

  159. Carol Robinson says:

    I would love to have a Nexus 7 and Im about to start a new job baking in a new tea room i could keep all my favorite recipies on my Nexus so i dont have to carry my cook books backwards and forwards to work.

  160. hearttohome says:

    This is a funny coincidence. I was in Waterstones not four hours ago standing behind a woman at the counter who was saying to the bookseller “No, recipe books on a Kindle just don’t work for me…”

    Well, takes all sorts, I suppose. I definitely think a stand would be required if you were to use this for recipes. And how do you cope with the screen going black every couple of minutes to save battery power? I can imagine it being a bit annoying having to wash your hands so that you can switch it back on again. Maybe that’s what the customer in the shop was driving at.

    Good idea about Dropbox. I also recommend Instapaper as an excellent way to gather together recipes found on the web. You have to pay for it, but it’s very cheap.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I would try using my Google Nexus for recipes but if all else failed I’d just use if for watching cookery programmes on BBC iPlayer!

  161. Susan Reed says:

    I would love to use the nexus 7 for ideas on icing our Christmas cake this year. (made using your Christmas cake recipe, a firm favourite in our household)

  162. Christine Bray says:

    What a delightful gadget and a fabulous review.
    So much so that I want one too!
    I’m down sizing and many things have to go
    My cookery books I cannot stow. There’s no room for a TV in my small kitchenette so a Nexus 7 I have to get. (ps hope I’ve commented in the correct place)

  163. susan james says:

    I would use it to follow your amazing recipes and ideas and to shop from the heart of my home which is the kitchen, To keep up with new recipes and ideas and put them into practice as I get them would be amazing, like you would put an amazingly colourful cover on it to stop it being pilfered!!

  164. Tracy Jones says:

    I would use the tablet for reading recipes and playing my music whilst I am baking and cooking

  165. Michelle forkin says:

    I would use mine to follow recipes in the kitchen and to look up ideas and new bits and bobs to buy to use in my baking and help inspire me for entering competitions with my cupcakes x

  166. russell aitken says:

    What wouldn’t you use a tablet for in the kitchen?!! it would be fantastic to look in your fridge, google the things you have in there to find a recipe, then stick on some music while you’re reading the recipe and cooking! And after all that, you can take a picture and tweet it afterwards!! amazing!

  167. Katie says:

    It would be great for looking at online recipes rather than having to read it off the tiny screen of my phone 🙂

  168. carol cross says:

    I would use the Gps on it so my husband can find the washing machine to put his washing in, rather than on the floor just in front of it. Hes close but not quite found “the destination”

  169. JO JONES says:

    Wow, Google Nexus 7 would be ideal for my use, especially in the kitchen. Top use would be My Things To Do List. I would use it to store recipes too, and keeping stock supplies guaranteed.

  170. Wendy Devlin says:

    Oh goodness… where do I begin ha ha!! I love looking up your recipes for starters and although my smart phone is fab, a bigger screen would be AMAZING to view them on! I love the BBC Good Food site and looking at their recipes! I haven’t got a TV in the kitchen, and considering the amount of time I spend in it… the TV option would keep me glued in there longer lol (poor hubby!). Too many things I could do with this, but it would be my baking companion for sure, and my phone could just become… well… a phone again ha ha!

  171. Victoria Phillips says:

    I would use it to help me get organised for Christmas Day – ordering my food shop with Tesco and download recipes for new ideas for meals over the festive season. Sounds like the perfect gadget for the kitchen (and for me!) xxx

  172. Diane Ashcroft says:

    If I were to be lucky enough to win I would be able to keep all my recipes in one place as at the moment I have to keep them on my phone as “notes” I’ve just made your Xmas cake yesterday but took me longer to find it in my notes than it did to cook the cake.

  173. I would use the tablet to firstly convert recipes from cups to gramms, and then i would be baking my american penpals recipes and i could convert mine for hers! We’ve been friend for 30 years now! Just to be able to access my own little bit of technology would be good too!!

  174. sarah says:

    Oh wow Ruth what a brilliant prize. I would love that. Esp to watch tv whilst I bake haha as I don’t get time to watch tv.
    I hope I win. xx

  175. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    I’d use it to look up recipes on the internet to find the perfect one for me! I like to compare them to find ones that suit the number and type of ingredients I want to use and the number of calories I’m prepared to eat! Its a great starting point to then create something just for me!

  176. Cris Curran says:

    I have all cookbooks in e-book format and normally I have to print out recipes but this would be fab to look at e-book recipes while I’m cooking!

  177. Tracy says:

    I was thinking of getting myself a tablet for the kitchen, so I didn’t have to risk my laptop getting messy when I use it to follow online recipes. I’m so glad I read your review, I think the Nexus is the one I’ll go for, and such a fab price too. Thanks.

  178. Paula says:

    It would be my new recipe book. I’m very messy in the kitchen, some of my recipe books should come with health warnings because of how grubby they are

  179. Alana Walker says:

    I would use it to watch some online cooking step-by-step tutorials.x

  180. Sarah Revill says:

    I’d use it for a timer
    so i don’t burn the food
    or maybe order takeaway
    when i’m not in the mood
    I’d hashtag my creations
    I’d facebook every dish
    i’d google how to cook
    the perfect roasted fish
    My cooking would be perfect
    a little piece of heaven
    if it was that i could own
    a lovely nexus 7

  181. Deborah Cunliffe says:

    Know what I would use the Nexus for, my vast collection of paper recipes! Used to be easy when I first started collecting them as I could keep track of them but now! Folders full of them all over the place. Trouble is no matter how they are organised it still takes ages to find the one you want!

  182. Georgina Perrett says:

    I’d play some music on it while whipping up something yummy from the pink whisk! With the blog open for instructions of course 🙂

  183. Durre says:

    I would use it for everything you just said, and when guests come over i would use it especially to show it off!

  184. Susan Joerning says:

    I can so agree with all you say, and it would be just the help I need in my kitchen so I can disappear in my own little world and get on with making all my goodies

  185. Caroline Longdon says:

    If I win the Google nexus 7 tablet I would use it to do all my online shopping, recipe searches, watching how to videos on YouTube, playing music to cook to and of course keeping up to date with all your posts Ruth on the Pink Whisk.

  186. Franziska says:

    Oooh, I would love one for my baking room. At the moment I pin the recipe I’m baking from onto the shelf (my shelves are made out of old scaffolding boards) so it would be an immense improvement if I could have all my recipes in the Google Nexus 7 and to access them with just one finger. My recipe collection is a pile of print outs from the web and the ones I bake regularly are smudged with butter, sugar and flour or chocolate! And with the Google Nexus I could then also take a picture of my baked goods so that I don’t have to get my camera out. It’s an all in one helper in the kitchen. I need one, please 😉

  187. Jane H says:

    Cameron and I think this would be great for our one-to-one ‘at home, after-school cookery club’. Oh and I can watch Strictly Takes Two while I’m washing up too!

  188. glenn hutton says:

    I would use it for two reasons in the kitchen… to watch ‘how to cook’ videos and to play 80’s music.

  189. Haha, I love that you still look up your own recipes on your blog, makes me feel so much better about my scraps of paper that fly all over the kitchen when I open my recipe book! I’d love to win because you have totally sold me on the idea of having my own Nexus 7 just for me in the kitchen. It would inspire me to write up my recipes electronically, and the idea of being able to watch middle of the night tv whilst baking soundsike heaven! I could also keep up with all my cakey and crafty friends on Facebook without straying from the kitchen. Aaah bliss! And finally, (how could I forget?), I could keep up with my favourite goody blog x

  190. julie booth says:

    I would use it for checking out recipes and following recipes.

  191. Lesley says:

    Ooh, I’d love one of those. I’d use it in the kitchen, like you, and also for catching up on missed programmes on BBC iplayer, C4 OD and the like.

  192. Sarah says:

    I have a teeny kitchen so it would be very useful for me! My phone screen is too small and always ends up covered in buttercream!

  193. Claire says:

    Hi Ruth, how exciting, the Google nexus 7 sounds fabulous. I have now started baking with my two and a half year old grand-daughter and she loves it. We have made Jam tarts (she took those into nursery) and Krispie Cakes, she like to mix and lick out the bowl:0) We are moving onto Christmas Muffins next and it would be great for her to source recipes on this now (yep she already knows how to use an iPad) and as she grows older and we continue to bake together.
    Merry Christmas or is it too early:0)

  194. Diane pearce says:


  195. Kate Cook says:

    I’d load the Nexus up with my favourite baking music, find a recipe from The Pink Whisk website and get baking… If I ran out of ingredients I’d use the Ocado app to order some more, and when I’ve finished baking I’d take a photo and upload it to my Facebook page, if it was worth looking at…! I’d have to get one of those stands from Lakeland too.

  196. CTerry says:

    I would use a tablet for all the conversions in different recipes, to check out different versions of a recipe and to look for alternatives to an ingredient. I need to check oven temperatures, how to guides, other peoples thoughts and blogs and of course in the post baking haze, a quick whizz round Facebook, Pinterest and mumsnet!

  197. Elaine Savage says:

    I’d use it for converting all the inevitable American “cup” measurements that come up in a all the best recipes!

  198. Karen Knight says:

    Oh my it would mean my kitchen wasn’t full of scrappy bits of paper with recipes written on them, as I only have a PC which is in the lounge not the kitchen so the bits of paper run to and fro with me as I make things!!!

  199. Amy Doherty says:

    I would use the google nexus tablet to find and compile a list of recipes for baked gifts for my family and friends Christmas presents, so that I make sure

  200. Amy Doherty says:

    I would use the google nexus tablet to find and compile a list of recipes for baked gifts for my family and friends Christmas presents, so that I make sure I’ve got the perfect unique gift for each person.

  201. Theresa O'Brien says:

    What a good idea. Like you my iPad seems to spend a lot of its life in someone else’s hand. Not only would this be good propped up on a tablet stand – with enlarged print so the reading glasses can stay in the lounge – but if mistakes were made in the kitchen, a quick photo sent off to you and get a welcome critique back. Also, not every cook/bake book has pictures of the final result, nor do they have the sort of step by step pictures that you produce that really keep me on track. Even if I don’t win yours I might just mention it in passing to Santa!!!! Just a quickie – thanks for all your posts – such creativity and good guides.

  202. Hannah Wigglesworth says:

    What wouldn’t I do with this, its porn for the kitchen, the food porn kind! I’m getting a new kitchen fitted in the house we just bought (ok, we couldn’t afford a new kitchen so we are taking one someone else is ripping out of their house, we can’t even afford the oven!), so, while I can’t afford the oven, I think I will have to look up ways to bake cake in my slow cooker! My husband is losing weight while I don’t have a kitchen or an oven, so send one fast, he can’t be thinner than me!!!

  203. Natalie says:

    Oh one of these are on my Christmas lists (together with the Lakeland holder)……I NEVER get a chance to use our iPad in the kitchen…..this would be great not only for recipes but when you need to do the deciration. You can use tutorials, which you can stop & start with a stylus to keep the new gadget sticky free!!!! Do hope I win this as even though this is on my Christmas list….I ain’t got a hope of getting one (not that I’ve been a naughty girl)…..just my little one has been a gd boy…so he deserves his Christmas wishes more than me!

  204. margaret surrey says:

    can quickly get my E. mails look at all the new recipes see all special offers in fact anything I want to do

  205. debbie graham says:

    I love tablets, they are so versatile and having no physical keyboard means flour and sugar can’t get trapped between the keys ! Super review Ruth

  206. Lauren Pilkington says:

    i would love a nexus for using when i was cooking as i would have all my favourite recipes saved on it

  207. Nicola Theobald says:

    I’d use the tablet to upload photos of my latest creations for my friends to see. I’d also look at recipes online whilst baking.

  208. Debbie says:

    I would use the nexus 7 for copying cake decorating in step by step guide to be more adventurous as would be able to enlarge details. Also would be handy to do quick search on recipes for using up store cupboard ingredients 🙂

  209. Julie Feathers says:

    I would use it to store my recipies, especially my fat free fruitcake one, as I keep losing them when I just write them on a piece of paper

  210. maureen findley says:

    I would make a lovely chocolate mousse

  211. Rebecca says:

    Hans, i really had to Lough when reading your post 😉 I am not a fan of tablets in general but I was also thinking of getting one for the kitchen… I am also running back and forth to the living room where my laptop is standing and I also bake my own recipes that I have to look up at my blog :p I found that funny first, but apparently I am not the only one 😉 what a haply world of bloggers, we are all somehow the same 😉 take care!

  212. Leo says:

    I’m new in the kitchen, have books and photocopies of recipes all about and I’m in a mess! Yup, a tidy Google Nexus7 ‘thingy’ would help me get on top of cookery-bakery-makery tasks I’m sure. So help a pensioner (yes I am!) go cyber or viral or whatever it is in the kitchen and let me win. Please:)

  213. Val Hartley says:

    I would use it for looking up new recipes, as some of my cook books are out of date.

  214. Clare says:

    I would certainly use it to access the recipes that I am constantly doing from your lovely website. I have an ipad but it always seems to be missing when I need it as well!! What an amazing giveaway.

  215. alison malster says:

    I would use it just like you Ruth in my tidgy kitchen save me running between laptop and kitchen x

  216. Sally Carter says:

    I’d photograph my cooking stages of our fave dishes and make a special family recipe book for my sisters.

  217. Tricia in Argyll says:

    ooo…. What a wonderful gift! This would give me room on my worksurface to work with ingredients instead of shuffling my old laptop from one place to another as I follow a recipe – I’m amazed it’s still operating – I even knocked over a glass of wine all over the keyboard – sometimes you just have to have a glass of wine while baking!! (hint – if this happens to you, immediately unplug,turn upside down, remove the battery and leave upside down, somewhere warm on a towel for 48hrs – the laptop that is- not you!) Wine, icing sugar, flour – my laptop has tasted it all! So thank you for the opportunity to be entered in this draw!
    P.S. Thanks for the earlier reminder to bake my Christmas cakes! I needed it. 9 done so far (big family & they all get one!)

  218. Alison says:

    I would use it to follow new recipes I have found online

  219. Deanna Durbidge says:

    I would use it to watch catch up TV and all the cooking programmes whilst I am baking. I don’t have a tv in my kitchen so I have to choose what activity I do. it will also let me cook at your recipes (the ones not in your books)as I don’t have a printer and my pc is upstairs 🙂

  220. Katie says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I normally use my phone to look up recipes or look on youtube to find out how to do something (usually piping icing, I’m really rubbish). I guess I’d use it to do that but without having to really get up close to it. I do look a bit looney with a phone to my face and a piping bag in hand :s

  221. Rosie Forrester says:

    This Google Nexus 7 sounds like the perfect solution ! My kitchen is small, I have hundreds of receipes on paper and in books – but they all take up space. I could put them all on this wonderful device and have instant access without spending the time hunting through piles ! This pile includes lots of your recipes you’ll be pleased to hear, some of which are my all time favourites (eg Rubarb and Rose Victoria sponge with cardomom)

    All the best
    Rosie Forrester

  222. Claire Bodin says:

    I would give this to my son if I won as he his in is last year at school and would come in useful

  223. Rhona says:

    We – myself and my little helpers (a 5 and 3yr old) – would use the camera app for the Nexus and photograph our “creations” after we have stirred, mixed, created, cooked and baked them!

  224. mrs ghislaine bedford says:

    Top use for me would be to store all my handwritten recipes collected since I did home economics at school (wish they would put it back on the curriculum but that’s another story). My file is falling to pieces and some recipes are barely legible with all the baking stains and fading with age. I could then store all the online recipes I keep finding and trying out. I would also keep a present list for my nearest and dearest so if I’m surfing (as you do while waiting for brownies/florentines/lemon drizzle/flapjacks etc to cook) and find that perfect item it would be straight on the list rather than being forgotten – what was that perfect foodie gift I found on L******d? I would also have one of those conversion charts readily available so when I follow a new recipe I can convert for my imperial pan scales. Lastly (but only because I have to go mend hubby’s shirt) I could have my music playing while baking – not a pretty sight, me dancing around the kitchen to my music!

  225. Jackie Smith says:

    What a great idea to have it for use in your Kitchen, I too only have a very small kitchen, I love trying out your new recipes and to read them whilst you go would be brilliant. Keep up the good work, love the blogs I have read every one.
    Jackie Smith

  226. Debbie Clendon says:

    If I won one I’d be much like you Ruth, looking up recipes, checking your site out and catching up on Facebook!!

  227. Ann Dunlop says:

    Hello Ruth I would use it in the kitchen for my bread baking recipes, I would store them on it and also do away with scraps of paper etc with lists of one kind and another written on them.
    many thanks for a chance to be in this draw.

  228. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I would use to to find some great recipes to try, my cook books are struck together.

  229. Medbh Hillyard says:

    I would use it to look up Pink Whisk recipes and listen to the radio whilst I make them!

  230. Paula Corby says:

    This would be very handy in the kitchen for making mincemeat which I have printed off from your website and am going to attempt to make for the first time and all the other receipes that I have printed and tried. Thanks

  231. Emma White says:

    This would be the perfect gift for me, being a farmers wife i am in my kitchen nearly all day preparing meals for the men and if i make it to my office upstairs i am quickly called down by the bell or phone….I have been trying to write down all my favourite adapted recicpies for the last few years but am never at my computor long enough to complete it…this tablet would mean being able to jot everything down as i do it! and maybe even play the odd card game whilst no one is looking!!!
    Kind Regards
    Gillian Harris
    (c/o Emma White my daughter who has put me up to this)

  232. Lyn Taylor says:

    Oh my god Ruth, what wouldn’t a busy mother of two use one of these little diamonds for?! I use your web page ALL the time for recipe inspiration as the school my children attend are always asking for home baked goodies for cake stalls to sell to raise funds and very few people want to help! Our laptop recently died a death on us so I am reduced to peering at my mobile for the recipes, a delightful little gadget in my very own hand would be a God send, especially on the run up to Christmas with all the delicious homemade goodies we hand out. Thanks for taking the time to read my entry, Lyn

  233. Linda Rumsey says:

    I’d love to win this! I usually have my laptop in the kitchen whilst I cook, but this would be so much easier. I’ve been putting off getting a smart phone as I don’t like the small screens, but this tablet is big enough to watch TV on! I love the lakeland stand, too!

  234. Lin Day says:

    Apart from looking up recipes, watching tv, social media, etc, I would use the tablet for Christmas shopping, games (while waiting for things to happen in the kitchen!), checking out other foodie blogs, ideas for cake decorating, particularly Christmas cakes at this time of year. I would also use it for chatting to my husband whilst he is away working.

  235. Caroline O'Gorman says:

    Hmmmm…….now, what would I use this in the kitchen for??? How about a quick read of 50 Shades whilst the cake is baking? A sneaky peek at the Lakeland catalogue and a few ‘quiet’ purchases maybe? How a bout whipping up a baking frenzy whilst looking through the ‘Pink Whisk’ website and catching up with the lovely Ruth and her latest blog? The possibilities are endless!! This item would definately be loved, nurtured and used to the max!! Who knows? Maybe the next time I read a Pink Whisk competition it could be on a shiny, new nexus 7……

  236. Adele says:

    Hi Ruth I would love to win the nexus 7, because I have such a tiny kitchen with no dining room, so my lap top is in the living room, I have to have my mixer on the top of the freezer in the cellar lol ok you get the picture, I would love to make my life easer by having a nexus 7 in my life, so I can read your recipes on it, your christmas pudding fudge is divine and they beg me to make it at work. Regards adele

  237. Sarah Blake says:

    Hi Ruth
    I would use the Nexus 7 to follow the step by step recipes on your blog: the golden syrup cake is our absolute favourite.

  238. Toni Arnott says:

    for looking up recipes and timing my cooking

  239. Glynis Rowntree says:

    I would use the notebook and immediately write down recipes I like. Even more importantly, where they can be found when I come to try them out! So much time wasted searching for that special recipe and wailing “I know it’s here somewhere!”
    Now, that’s useful.

  240. Anja says:

    Ooh – I would use it to look up recipes, check conversion tables from imperial to metric measures, from Fahrenheit to Celsius and to send pictures to my family who are leaving in a different country to me (can someone invent a device now through which I can easily send some for them to taste too, please?)

  241. Hayley says:

    Not only would I use this device to store all my recipes and save me getting my recipe books mucky when I can’t turn the page but I think it is a genius idea to use it as a mirror to check my face after I have been baking to make sure I have no icing all around my chops like a usually do!!! 😉 xxx

  242. Steve Thomas says:

    i love Facebook so would never have to miss a thing!!
    Sad I know 🙂

  243. Renate Kriegler Edwards says:

    First and foremost: the mother of all recipe books!
    Then it will also come in handy for weight, volume and temperature conversions.
    Lastly, I can use it to instagram my culinary creations, of course!

  244. Laura Boyes says:

    It’s got to be for recipes!

  245. Grainne Redmond says:

    I would use my Nexus to show my poor husband
    photos of what my attempts at cooking/baking should have looked like…..

  246. David Vessey says:

    I’d use it for surfing for new recipe ideas.

  247. Ann Crabb says:

    The iPad situation in my house is exactly the same as yours! Would love to have something that was “just mine ” for all things baking xx

  248. Anjela Bhachu says:

    Mine’s in the kitchen where i use it to bake cakes using your recipes x


  249. Bex says:

    I need all the help I can get in the kitchen! Downloading instructional videos would be great. Even better if I can do my shopping online in preparation too!

  250. Sean Brady says:

    I would use it for referring to recipes online, as it’s easy to use and wipe clean.

  251. Claire Smith says:

    I’d save all my favourite recipes on it – saves being on scraps of paper.

  252. Joe banks says:

    It would help me to follow your recipes while cooking as I only have a small kitchen no room for laptop it would make life so much easier for recipe search on pink whisk

  253. Bev says:

    I’d access online tutorials/ videos to help me to learn and improve my skills. I’d then take pictures of my scrummy results and send to my friends and family to encourage them to cook and share. Lovely!

  254. Louise Cardwell says:

    I would use it for everything from baking to relaxing x

  255. Bev dunstan says:

    Sounds a wonderfully handy piece of technology, I would download some music to listen to when baking! especially the Great British Bake off theme, that would really put me in the mood.

  256. Laura Symons says:

    To watch a film on whilst my gorgeee hubby cooks!

  257. Therese jones says:

    I would definitely use one of these for looking up recipes. I’m completely fed up with running from the PC in the living room to the kitchen or trying to read it on my tiny iPhone screen. I like your idea about being able to watch the telly too.

  258. Clare Willcocks says:

    Im partially sighted and this tablet would take the strain out of trying to read a recipe book, i love to bake, i find it calms me, this would be a lifeline!

  259. Caroline says:

    I would use the Nexus for keeping in touch with my family which seem yo be dotted here there and everywhere, Skype and emails and Facebook.
    Being able to share all sorts of things including recipes a over the world would be great.

  260. Shazza says:

    oooh love the idea of accessing a recipe right beside me. Like you I would use it for me as the ipad is usually commandeered by my boys. Thanks for the chance to win x

  261. Keith S says:

    This would be great in the kitchen as I could watch how to cook videos while I’m actually trying to make a dish, which will hopefully improve my limited cooking skills no end !

  262. Ashleigh Allan says:

    i would use it to read recipe books!

  263. Elaine Buckley says:

    I love the way I can keep all your recipes handy on my iPad. A Nexus would mean that I won’t have to de-sticky it after I have struggled to get it from the children. It would be all mine.

  264. Paul Wilson says:

    I think it would be brilliant every time I make something from a recipe in the kitchen. I’d probably get a little stand so I could check the recipe without getting marks all over it.

  265. Mum says:

    It looks very versatile. Unlike a laptop it could be propped up on a shelf out of the way rather than cluttering up the counter top – of which I don’t have much. Like you storing recipes is a must with one of these devices and I could always look up new recipes to try with ingredients I have to hand. Yeppydo – very versatile indeed. Hope I have a chance of winning.
    Love from Mum

  266. Valerie says:

    I would love this in my kitchen as Im new to the baking and decorating side of cakes it would be a handy tool to look up stuff quick and bookmark stuff instead of flicking through endless pages of books. So please consider me in your decision. And happy baking to all x

  267. Yasmin Samaraweera says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Would love to win the Nexus 7 as this would save me dashing into the Lounge to look up ingredient quantities and method everytime I do a new recipe. It may also help me overcome my ‘techie phobia’ as it comes by way of a personal recommendation – the best sort.


  268. kathleen waite says:

    I would use it to keep all my favourite recipes safe and look for new ideas.

  269. Rosemary Grant says:

    I would use it to take pictures and videos of me cooking and baking to give to my daughter so she can copy them. 🙂

  270. Kerry Partridge-Tier says:

    I would use the Nexus so that I can work my way through even more ‘Pink Whisk’ recipes. The iPad is still slightly sticky from making your recipe for Christmas mincemeat!

  271. I would use this for everything …but especially for creating recipes and storing my drafts for my pipedream recipe book ….. oh and for updating my social media addiction ….and talking to my overseas family ….and and and …..oh it would be fabulous xx

  272. Sarah Woodrup says:

    I would use this to get all the wonderful recipes my mum left behind in one place rather than on scraps of paper all over the place. I might finally get to make them. My kitchen is so tiny laying a recipe folder out or a cookbook is impossible. I lose precious workshop space.

  273. Sarah says:

    My kitchen is tiny. It’s approx 2m long and 1.25m wide – compact doesn’t even come close as a description. I love to cook & bake and now have nowhere to rest my recipe books – the only available worktop space is approx 0.5m squared! Propping it up at the back of the cooker is dangerous which I discovered after pretty much setting one recipe book alight. Lesson learned.
    I’d use this to put all my recipes on (lovingly photograph each and every one from all my books) and download new ones to it – a recipe bible. It would neatly sit on top of the tea caddy in perfect line of sight when making & baking.
    I’d take it everywhere I go so that I can gather more recipes from friends and family as well sharing the ones on it with them. It’s a handy size to pop in the handbag!

  274. Christine says:

    Hi, I would use it for look at pictures of cake decorations whilst I copied them, cheers Christine

  275. Helen Hunter says:

    The Google Nexus 7 from Argos would be an asset for me as I look after my small grand-daughter, Alice, and she loves to cook with me. Instead of having to refer to a boring old cookery book which means nothing to her, we can just check out the pictures/details on the tablet – she’s already familiar with using her mum’s IPad – (aren’t all the little ones these days?) – so she’ll be able to bring me into the 21st century and we’ll be able to save our favourite recipes.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  276. Nikki Weller says:

    Hi Ruth, I know what I’d use this for if I were to win – storing recipes! My shelf is chock full with pieces of paper, either printed or scribbled down. I’m trying to keep order, but think I may need a gadget to help me lol! X

  277. Lacey Williams says:

    I’d take pictures on it of ‘Wednesday night flapjack night’ our new weekly family cooking session (tonight weve made your naughty condensed milk version!!) and then I’d upload them to twitter and Facebook for all of our family and friends to drool over 🙂 x

  278. Jen Schofield says:

    For showing recipes

  279. Helen says:

    I would use it with my 3 little helpers to find recipes we can cook together 🙂

  280. Helen says:

    Definitely for accessing recipes easily! I currently balance my laptop on a stool with the power cord trailing around – not fun!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂
    Helen x

  281. Heather Bassett-Jones says:

    Oh my gosh I would so love to have this! I absolutely love baking & cooking. I work full time and am Mum to two lovely boys – now both teenagers. I spend most of my time in the kitchen (where TV is banned) as sport already takes over my life! This would be ideal for me to catch up with things that I would like to watch whilst cooking up some yummy treats for my boys. It would make life so much easier to view recipes on here and wipe clean afterwards – result!

  282. Karen Atkinson says:

    I would use the Nexus 7 to have all the recipes i love at my finger tips and would be able to order ingredents and find new ideas easily while cooking.

  283. Freda G says:

    Hi I like the idea of the tablet in the kitchen, takes less space than the computer and on hand for the recipes too.

  284. Mandy Rawlinson says:

    I would definitely use it to look up the recipe I’m cooking, but also to read a book while waiting for the kettle to boil, or the microwave to go ‘ping’.

  285. Tracy S says:

    Like you Ruth, I’d use it for recipes and converting ingredient weights, along with shopping lists for food, but what I’d really like is to be able to take a good photo of my efforts in the kitchen so I can show my friends, etc. 🙂

  286. Gillian Greathead says:

    I love hunting through websites for new recipes and then have to scribble the recipe down. If I won this I’d be able to keep everything together on my new swanky tablet. Thanks for the chance x

  287. Louise Smith says:

    I would have all my recipes stored on it, together with apps for even more recipes and all the supermarkets, so everything I need is at the touch of a button (including websites on how to save a baking disaster)!

  288. Debbie R says:

    I’d use it to convert from electric to gas mark temperatures for the oven…..might prevent me from guessing and either burning everything or waiting ages for things to bake!

  289. Sian Loxston-Beed says:

    This looks fantastic, Ruth. You’re using it for all the things I would! (Thank you for thinking of us x)

  290. Spleenyone says:

    I would enjoy not having to prise the I-pad out of my son’s fingers every time I want to bake a pink whisk recipe!

  291. Alison Blewett says:

    I would so love to win a fab NEXUS 7, I’m just starting to learning lots of cake decorating skills and to be able to view the fabulous online tutorials whilst in the kitchen would be amazing. Thanks for the opportunity xxxx

  292. Andrew says:

    I would use the Nexus to take pictures of everything I bake and share it on Facebook. I would also have the recipe right there whilst I bake

  293. Carly says:

    I’d use it for watching YouTube cake decorating tutorials as I’m learning everything to make my own wedding cake next year.

  294. Vicky S says:

    Listening to music whilst I do the washing up – it seems to make it much faster and painless!

  295. Cherie Trahan says:

    I would use it for the exact something you are. To price out my cakes and ordering supplies. Thanks for sharing!!

  296. Rachel Holburn says:

    I would so love one!! Something I can QUICKLY access for recipe finders,blogs,ideas,reading my emails from ‘Pink Whisk’.
    The access to a quick converter would save so much time,We have a laptop but’ oh so old’ and ‘big’ and takes for ever to fire up and get me anywhere!
    And do you know what ,sometimes I am so pleased with my ‘bake’ I would love to take a photo and keep my own record of bakes.
    Love the website!!

  297. Tarlochan says:

    I would use it in kitchen like you I dash from kitchen to living room looking at your receipts to cook they inspire me xx

  298. rod says:

    talking to my mam on Skype, so she can help me when I am doing a meal

  299. Diana says:

    Looks like a must-have!!! I would certainly use it for recipes, internet, email, Facebook (of course!) online shopping and does it work with Skype? And I am sure I will find loads of food apps to inspire my everyday family meals! Thank you!!!!

  300. anna holder says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Having just doing up our new house in a move to the edge of Dartmoor. (My new small but beautifully formed kitchen is half way to being finished)I would use an Ipad to search for lovely new things I can add to our home. I would use it for recipies that I religiously save and are starred in my gmail from you “The Pink Whisk”. Though some of your early recipies I printed off and stuck in my trusty recipe book. Include your very trustworthy Christmas cake and your gorgeous Monkey bread. I would be sneakily catching up on facebook and twitter over a cup of tea and a cheeky biscuit. I would love an Ipad it would sit at the end of my trusty bookshelf with a beautiful pink cover to remind me it was from you 😉

  301. Angela Walker says:


  302. claire-louise o'neill says:

    I would use mine to to check recipes as i cook because there is no space in my kitchen for my laptop! It would allow me to also comp while I bake instead of afterwards saving me some time!

  303. traceyh says:

    oh my days ruth,
    what a fantastic prize !
    i would use it for every purpose as you.
    my kitchen is by no means big either so this would be ideal whilst baking in my kitchen.

  304. John Tingay says:

    The main thing for me would be shopping lists, but I often find I have a few minutes waiting time here and there during cooking and I could check emails etc if I had a good tablet.

  305. Sarah Hutton says:

    To be honest Ruth, I’m not sure I can think of anything more to use it for in the kitchen than you have described – and I’d definitely invest in one of the Lakeland stands too! Great idea and about time I tried out a tablet x

  306. Rebecca D says:

    I would use it for everything, recipes, watching step by step cooking recipes on YouTube, music to keep me going whilst cooking, programmes to keep the little girl occupied whilst I’m busy, it would get used constantly! Fingers and toes crossed x

  307. Ceri Graham says:

    Hi Ruth – this looks fab! I’d definitely use it for displaying the latest and greatest toddler friendly recipes when baking with my 2 year old daughter… and then looking up how to get chocolate stains out of fabric, how to wash jam out of hair, tricks to remove flour from every crevice of the kitchen and the price of a new kettle after mine has had 2 eggs smashed inside it! 🙂

  308. Julia Clark says:

    Chocolate cake

  309. Chloë Hewett says:

    That looks like a very good use of a tablet! I especially like the pink cover for it – something no Pink Whisk Helper should be without.

    If I were to win, I would use the tablet to browse for recipes whilst pinned to the sofa by my baby (due January 2014),when I will have one hand or less free to work with ready to bake when I get a few spare minutes to spend in the kitchen.

  310. S Osborne says:

    I use my partner’s tablet to set multiple timers when I cook something complicated – if I had a tablet of my own I could do that… and read recipes, watch videos of complicated ‘procedures’, catch up on some TV viewing etc. without guilt!

    Wonder how ‘flour-proof’ those Gorilla Glass screens are?

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  311. Liiiine says:

    I would use it to bake more and test recipes. At the minute, I look up the recipes on my computer, copy them on a piece of paper or go endlessly between the kitchen and the laptop on the dining table… I’m sure my guests will thank you deeply if I stop forgetting one key ingredient or key step because I was too lazy to go and check…

  312. Francesca says:

    a nexus 7 would be a fantastic addition to my kitchen, much more up to date and portable than my laptop, too much damage to occur on the laptop, and I could get the lakeland stand too, as I am a bit messy

  313. adelle gow says:

    i would use this to make fun dinners and desert s with my kids they love to help in the kitchen and its good to get them involved

  314. Jo says:

    I often have a seasonal ingredient in the fridge that I want to find a new recipe for. Or a well loved ingredient that I want to do something different with so I often look on line rather than trawl through my cookbooks. I currently do it on my phone but the screen is so small when you’re trying to cook a recipe from it so a Nexus 7 would be an amazing tool for me.

  315. MISSYAL says:

    A fab find, and reasonably priced too! Although winning one would be pretty awesome 🙂 As well as for searching recipes for inspiration, it would be great to save all my favourite recipes in one place instead of sharing the laptop five different ways! We don’t have an ipad (Santa might give us one for Xmas!) and I’m not very technically savvy to be honest so the Nexus as you described sounds perfect. Aiming to be very organised next year with all the kids activities too!

  316. Gill Kniveton says:

    I would love being able to view recipes in larger print. It would be so handy to be able to carry it around and work on anywhere in the house. I would be great to be technologically up-to-date!

  317. Would it double up as a trivet, Ruth?

  318. Joanne says:

    Hi. I would use the Nexus 7 to look up your recipes and to try some new ones from your website. I have a tiny kitchen too that I can just about bake in, let alone spare any room for my laptop (it is usually on the stairs while I read the recipes from it!).
    Keep those yummy recipes coming!

  319. Laura says:

    I’d use it for recipes & conversions when we are baking

  320. Kimberley Stone says:

    I would use it for my daughter to make more yummy cupcakes! Her baking capabilities are far better than mine!

  321. That looks amazing! I would use it for baking from online recipes- at the moment I have to copy recipes down onto scraps of paper as I don’t have a printer. Actually it would be fab for cake decorating too- I often watch You Tube videos of how to make sugar paste things (penguins/ robins etc) and having to go back and forth makes it hard to follow.

  322. Emily says:

    Hi Ruth,

    If I had a google nexus I would use it to help me convert my weights and measurements while I’m baking because I’m not very good at doing that in my head!
    I am in love with pinterest at the minute so I would take some pics of what I have made and pin them to my board of fave foods and good recipes – the pink whisk has been referenced there of course lol!

  323. Lucy Thomson says:

    I would use it in the kitchen for cooking and baking, but also for reading my favorite blogs and forums on the sofa or in bed.

  324. Rob P says:

    I would use it as a chopping board, incorporating it into the ‘Fruit Ninja’ game, just for a more 3D experience. 😉

  325. Leanne says:

    I want a pink one too – that might keep it just for me. Love the idea about creating a shopping list while you browse the recipes – I tend to do the walk up and down the aisles till I remember. Please may I have one?

  326. Izzy says:

    It would be great for reading online recipes and listening to music whilst I bake!

  327. Jo Chapman says:

    I’ve soon got the task of baking my sons 3rd birthday cake! I’ve given myself the challenge of a Lightning McQueen themed cake – im going to need all the help I can get! A tablet would be perfect for online icing tips – my weak point!!

  328. Suzanne Doe says:

    My two teenage boys have a laptop. My husband has an Ipad.
    I have access to all of their devices during the day as they are at school/ work.
    However, I work part time and when I’m not at work I’m catching up with housework/ packed lunches/.dinner….you will know what it’s like as I know you’re a busy Mum too.
    Baking is my passion. Evenings are the only time I have the time to search out recipes, pore over photos of cakes,,read baking blogs, order cake supplies online etc. I love baking and reading baking blogs, especially yours.
    To win a nexus 7 of my very own would be a dream come true I wouldn’t have to wait until one of my family reluctantly agree to lend me a screen…….I could retreat to my kitchen, hibernate and look at cookery sites any time I like.i would be able to store recipes and cake photos on it without someone deleting them because they’re…..clogging up the computer. Bliss.
    Thanks for reading.x

  329. Stephen says:

    I would use my new tablet to hold up pictures of how my home baking SHOULD look like up against the final result. I can then play the game: Spot the similarities!

  330. Dan Gill says:

    Looking up the recipe for Yorkshire Puds as I can never remember it!

  331. Lesley Reynolds says:

    If I had a Nexus 7 it would have a permanent home on my kitchen worktop, where I could have easy access to all of the Pink Whisk recipes.

  332. Jenny smailes says:

    I would prop this up and call up a pink whisk recipe away I go, no print outs – hurrah!

  333. Kristina Togneri says:

    I would use it to listen to my music while I dance around the kitchen, whipping my eggs for the gorgeous Nutella Flourless Cake I have perfected. I need to whip for at least 8 minutes to get my eggs fluffy enough.. Can fit in at least 2 songs (And a good dance workout too! 😉 )

  334. Leanne V mckenna says:

    I would play music and use it to read new recipes!

  335. Samantha Lea says:

    I love trying new recipe’s so I’d use it as my online cook book , maybe cook up a nice curried mutton mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  336. Lizi Moorcraft says:

    I’d use it to help write my packing list for moving house!

  337. Ann Dawson says:

    I could use this in my kitchen to show me the recipes that i will follow anf of course it will wipe clean

  338. morag medwin says:

    I’d skype my mum(in Australia) so she could join in the cooking fun.

  339. Ane S says:

    I would use it to check out recipes when baking cakes, and watching some tv when I give up 🙂

  340. Jocelyn says:

    I would use this for all the things you have said and more. This age thingy catches up on you and I really struggle to hold information and recipes in my head. Can’t thank you enough for highlighting the possibilities of this ‘gadget’ Fingers crossed x

  341. Robert Rathbone says:

    I would use it as a meal planner, ingredient database, shopping list and recipe collection.

    I could sync with my mobile phone and create shopping lists and track inventory on the go and share all in real time with friends

  342. David king says:

    I would use it for all my favourite recipes. Soups, broths and stews at the moment!

  343. Cheryl Edwards says:

    I would build up a recipe portfolio on it and use it all the time. Much better than thumbing through books.

  344. Mr Matthew Deaville Powner says:

    I keep photos of all my regular recipes on Evernote. I would use the Nexus to access these recipes whilst I’m cooking.

  345. Sandra Paananen says:

    Like you, I would use the Nexus 7 in my kitchen for recipes and answering emails. I have a laptop, but it is very cumbersome and hard to use in the kitchen. Please enter me in your giveaway.

  346. Kirsten Barthy says:

    So I can watch you tube videos to help me with some advanced cooking techniques

  347. Svetlana Lemantovic says:

    as a recipe book

  348. michela says:

    I’ll definitely use it to view Paul and Mary’s masterclass on youtube while I’m trying to bake their recipe. Usually I bring my laptop in the kitchen but I’m always worried to spill something on it or to hit it with the rolling pin. Cheers!

  349. PaulS says:

    I would use it to watch some YouTube videos on tutorials for practising my cake decorating skills.

  350. Kerrie says:

    I am the same as you. Surfaces are at a premium here so I end up going back & forth from my desk to the kitchen when I am baking.

    By the way, was thinking about one of your recipes today. I’m going to try your chocolate tray bake with bits of stem ginger through it. Hoping it works!

  351. Sharon Ishizaki says:

    As a working mother, I would find the Google Nexus 7 indispensable in the kitchen. I would use it for my aspiring baking business and for accessing recipes for family meals. The Pink Whisk Blog would be the first addition to my home screen!!!

  352. Kerry V says:

    I’d listen to music on it whilst cooking.

  353. Catherine Warburton says:

    I would love to use the google nexus for all my favourite recipes and how to grow kitchen herbs so I can cook with confidence

  354. Samantha Gunn says:

    Recipe’s about would be handy 🙂

  355. Bernice says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Brilliant giveaway. If I were lucky enough to win one of these lovely tablets it would be great for browsing my recipes. Although I think I would be likely to have it ‘pinched’ by my six year old to play her CBeebies games!

  356. Ruth Lurring says:

    I would use it to blast out music to dance around the kitchen to whilst baking.

  357. Megan Heffer says:

    I would use it to save all my favourite recipe so I can easily share them with my friends and families 🙂 I could type up each of my favourite recipes from my many cookery books so I will always have them to hand !

  358. Diane S says:

    I would use it to access recipes from all my favourite blogs and websites. My laptop is too bulky for my tiny kitchen and I end up with loads of scrappy notes or print outs of the recipes instead. I love the fact I can stand it up so that it takes up even less of my precious worktop space!

  359. mary Jones says:

    Looks Fantastic. No more running up and down stairs to the computer for recipes or struggling to find that special one that I cut out and put into ‘which’ folder!! I keep forgetting which one.
    Great for shoppping lists too. it will make my life so much easier.

  360. Joy Aitman says:

    I would share it with my baking mad son. He loves finding new recipes to experiment with. It would save my sticky books!

  361. Alison Joyce says:

    I’d use this to look up recipes to try and to use as a reference in the kitchen.

  362. Nicky Knight says:

    Oooh I’d love one of these to take photos of my bakes with! Maybe even the sneaky snaps of my 3 year old when she’s helping (she’s very anti having her photo taken ATM!) would certainly be a welcome addition to our family :-))) xxx

  363. Yvonne says:

    Everything, just like you suggest with yours, recipes, conversions, shopping and of course reading your blogs

  364. Jana Janovickova says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I would use it to bake some of your baileys mince pies – I’m hoping to be able to wrap them up nicely and hand them out as Christmas presents with some additional goodies. Some radio entertainment while I’m cooking would be sweet, too.
    All the best,

  365. This looks fab. I can never get on my iPad either – daughter playing Minecraft or husband reading his paper – so this would definitely be MINE to use in the kitchen for all my favourite recipes, or anything else for that matter!

  366. Pavlina Watts says:

    If love one! My hubby is always hogging our tablet! I’d use it mainly for reading recipes but I’m often accused of not writing down my experiments and think not’d come in handy for that too

  367. Polly says:

    I’d probably use it for everything, just like you.

    I see yours even has the obligatory pink cover 😉

  368. Debs hughes says:

    Hi Ruth, if I won this prize I would use it in my kitchen to sooth and comfort me when times in the kitchen get tough! (which is often)It could be my recipe finder, my calming music player, my inspiration for all things needing organisation! Ooh fingers crossed!

  369. Val Swift says:

    I’m always trying to balance the laptop in the kitchen whilst reading recipes and trying to cook, so would be handy to have a nexus as it would fit a lot easier in the kitchen

  370. Vicki McLean says:

    I would use mine to keep a note of all my new tried and tested recipes, so I could bin all the scraps of paper in my cupboard!! 🙂

  371. Sam Nowog says:

    I would use it to help me with baking some delicious cookies

  372. Daniel says:

    I would install the Amazon Kindle app and buy The Pink Whisk Guide to Cake Making!

    I could then follow the recipes in the kitchen. Much easier than trying to turn pages with floury fingers!

  373. Marion says:

    I would be very pleased to win this as I bake a lot at home and I could put all my recipes on to it and it would be a lot easier than lots of paper all round the kitchen. I would be more organised as I have a busy life with my disabled husband and a disabled child.

  374. michelle mccole says:

    id use it for searching for a recipe for lamb curry

  375. Melanie Gardiner says:

    I’d be using it for recipes while baking, or like tonight watching Nigel Slater’s new show while cooking dinner 🙂

  376. Karen ULPH says:

    I’d use the Nexus 7 to view recipes online

  377. Wendy Brown says:

    this would be handy for many many recipes and for managing timing of things like cakes and when to put the rice on once the vegetables are near roasted.
    i’d keep my recipes in a recipe folder and have it play some motivational Beethoven to inspire me to cook better (and not burn my cakes!)

  378. I have been umm’ing and ahh’ing over getting a Tablet or iPad for sometime now, and I think you have well and truly sold this to me. It just seems so handy, I would definitely use it in the kitchen to look at recipes, the laptop is so big and in the way when baking, plus it gets all messy… but like the Lakeland catalogue it’s just ideal with a stylus and stand! Definitely on the top of my wish list regardless! Also be a personal organiser instead of a diary and lots of to do lists!

  379. Dave Edge says:

    I’d use it so I could quickly check a recipe as I’m cooking.

  380. Ellen Smith says:

    Very difficult question.

    When I’m baking I love to listen to music, so that would definitely be top of my list. It’d also be very useful to change measurements, I can never work out conversions in my head.

  381. My sister has a smaller than she would like kitchen too. She lives in the Uk and is forever popping in and out of her dining room to read recipes, check emials, read other blogs, the same as you. I would just love her to have one for Christmas it would make her life cooking for my parents just so much easier.
    What a great size.

  382. Deneice says:

    The Nexus tablet would be a perfect addition to my kitchen. I too have a tiny kitchen and as I only have a desktop computer, dragging that into the kitchen is mot an option. At the moment, I’m trying to expand my repertoire of recipes and so I’m trying a lot of things from the Internet. Being able to look things up while I’m in the kitchen would be brilliant.

  383. barbara dougherty says:

    with all the wonderful things this new addition to my kitchen will bring,we will be able to have a new recipe for every day of the week . husband will be pleased too as he loves cooking
    -we will be never be out of the kitchen !

  384. Janine Bond says:

    The Google Nexus 7 would be really useful for me other than storing and retrieving all my recipes, weight conversions and surfing the internet for new recipes. I would use it to shop for supplies, looking for new kitchen gadgets to make my life easier. Plus do some retail therapy whilst I’m having a coffee and waiting for my cake to bake in the oven. It’s also slim enough to hide so it’s for my use only! Hee Hee 🙂

  385. David Vickers says:

    It would be most useful for storing all mine, and my mothers old recipes, which are currently contained in several shoe boxes.

  386. jonathan jones says:

    We would use it to inspire our young daughter to cook. We’ve found that using technology has helped teach her and hold her attention in doing so. Having recipes and pictures in the kitchen whilst cooking will keep her engaged to learn. Brill.

  387. Jennie says:

    I would definitely use it to look up recipes which would save my hubby moaning about messing fingerprints on his iPad!

  388. Audrey Tarver says:

    If I won the Google Nexus 7, I too would use it in the kitchen to keep a record of my favourite recipes and to keep up to date with the latest baking blogs. It would be really great to have everything to hand, instead of having to run upstairs to where my computer lives, if I need to check something out.

  389. Charlotte says:

    what a luxury baking aid that would be!

  390. Dee Williams says:

    Would use nexus 7 to store recipes, quotes of cake prices, photographs of work and happy customers with their cakes, testimonials, shopping for cake ingredients and equipment. Family photos and videos

  391. Lisa says:

    What a great use of technology in the kitchen. I would definitely use it for inspiration in the kitchen along with the ability to follow on line tutorials for new recipes. The kids and I could also follow recipes together, they love helping make the flapjack bars, Yum! Also when I am truly busy flying around trying to do the tea after school it could keep my toddler busy watching a show so she’s safe within sight or indeed help me help the others with homework. Love the post and that chocolate roulade looks delicious.

  392. liz w says:

    I often cook recipes I’ve found online from blogs, BBC Good Food etc, but don’t have a printer so either have to dash in and out of the dining room to check the computer, or my poor iPhone gets a layer of flour and grease stuck to the screen, so I would use the Nexus as my very own recipe library, full of bookmarked recipes, food blogs on a blog reader and grocery shopping apps. No more abused iPhone and no more trail of flour into the dining room! Perfect!

  393. Maria says:

    Well Ruth, I would most definitely use it to see your recipes whilst I am baking them!
    Maria xx

  394. Carrie de Silva says:

    Would use the Nexis to easily access recipes from my own files and the internet when I am in the kitchen.

  395. Lauren Murphy says:

    One of my favourite recipe books us from . America do I’d use it to manage the conversions from us to UK while ingredients!

  396. Sue says:

    I’m typing this in a hotel bedroom in Siem Reap coming towards the end of a fabulous trip around Vietnam and Cambodia. Having eaten my way through the menus of some fantastic restaurnts I would use the Nexus 7 to source the delicious recipes from these two wonderful countries. Oh, it’s also 34c at the moment, not that I want to make anyone envious. X

  397. Suzanne F says:

    I’d use it to watch catch-up TV while cooking. Multi-tasking at it’s best.

  398. Becky R says:

    I’d use it for similar things to those that you do – ordering my shopping and ingredients online, and then for recipes when I’m cooking. I often use online recipes, and have to keep popping through to check the laptop at the moment!

  399. Karen de Ronde says:

    I would use mine to do an inventory of my cooking ingredients and compile a shopping list – I think that is a great idea!

  400. Claire Davies says:

    I think you have shown it off perfectly! I would use it in the kitchen while cooking for my recipes and also to do my online shopping. I would also be able to play music while I cooked and take photos of my finished creations!! Ideal :-)))

  401. Jayne Bird says:

    I am gadget crazy & i would use this to look at the amazing recipes you have created & while they’re cooking I check out facebook..

  402. Elizabeth Buttle says:

    My adult sons have been trying to persuade me to get a tablet but I’ve been unsure until now. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and you’re right in saying a lot of time these days is online. My recipie books have a tendency to close themselves when I’m up to my ears in dough, or they sneakily creep closer and closer until they get a dollop of cake mixture splatted on the pages. I, too, find I’m in the kitchen late at night and have recently discovered how to use TV Catchup, so all in all, one of these bad boys would be extremely handy and all mine, all mine, ALL MINE, mwah ha ha ha !!!!

  403. Kate Scott says:

    I’d love one of these! I’d download the Bake Off app and attempt some of Mary and Paul’s recipes – hopefully some of yours are on there too?!

  404. Sandra Watt says:

    I use my I-pad every day in the kitchen. Great for storing recipes and not having loads of magazines in the house. Only downside is the wi-fi signal is sporadic because of the very thick walls in our old house!!

  405. Donna says:

    I’m exactly the same with my netbook and have been using my kindle online to follow recipes in the kitchen but that’s not ideal by a long shot so I’m regularly running from kitchen to office (I’m too tight to print things off)
    A Google Nexus would be a fab addition to my kitchen and help keep me sane with the recipe plans I have for Christmas Dinner this year 🙂

  406. Joanne says:

    I am just like you and have to run back and forth to the dining room for the laptop or try to find the ipad. I would find it so useful when baking – there are some apps out there as well that allow you to voice control them so you don’t even need to touch the screen when covered in flour, butter etc

  407. Lucy Azanon says:

    Hello. I am suffering like you – my IPAD is also constantly stuck to a child somewhere or stashed away in their room. I would love one of these new Nexus 7. My husband has a Nexus phone and raves about the quality of the screen over the IPhone. I would use this Nexus 7 to hide away in the kitchen making loads of wonderful baked treats whilst getting super quick access to all my recipes I have stored – my special time to switch off and relax.

  408. LAURA SWEETMAN says:


  409. Lucie Skinner says:

    I would use it for what you have been doing as my laptop is too big to have on the work surfaces in the kitchen so I spend my time going from one room to another to read recipes which is a real pain

  410. Richard says:

    wow! This is a brilliant prize! I would love one of these (and that Lakeland tablet stand is pretty nifty too). I’d use it to display my recipes when I’m baking. My recipe books always seem to close themselves as soon as I take my hands off them so this would be a godsend!

  411. June White says:

    I would use my nexus 7 for easy christmas shopping and to check availability of stock in store saving me a wasted trip. It would also be brilliant in the kitchen for checking recipes and quantities. I love to find new easy recipes for dinner and am often running from kitchen to computer goggling easy pork/apple recipes etc. I wouldn’t have to miss the end of “come dine with me” to check on the dinner or find the chilli has started to stick to the pot. Most of all it would be great for when the kids ask me a question i pretend to know and then have to quickly look up the answer 🙂 ( I swear they get cleverer everyday) Plus i could have a sneaky peek on Facebook, hotmail without someone closing my page.
    Good luck everyone and congratulations to whoever wins xx

  412. Georgina Edwards says:

    I would use it to try and work out conversions for all the pesky American recipes with cups!

  413. Georgia Davey says:

    The idea of having a handy app to convert cups to grams is genius – there are so many delicious looking american recipes that I haven’t made because I’ve lost the will to live trying to do it by hand!

  414. Ann Marie Lamb says:

    I would use it to enter your great competitions! But seriously, besides using it for all things cooking, I would use it to watch films or TV whilst ironing – the chore I hate most.

  415. Ali Pali says:

    Hi Ruth, this would be a great tool for me in the kitchen. My recipes are so disorganised and all over the place so this would be exactly what I would need to sort them out. ‘Organise recipes’ has been on my to do list for about 6 years!! Plus I want to make a recipe book for my boys when they leave home so they know how to cook and bake! (Even though they are only 5,3 and 1!) xx

  416. alisha barrett says:

    i like to have abit of a boogie in the kitchen while im doing the dishes so i would plug it into a speaker and have abit of a sing along with the kids lol makes doing the dishes so much fun! i would also use it to find some new recipies for dinner times. im starting to run out of ideas and having something at your finger tips you can take with you makes a big difference

  417. Jemma McLaughlan says:

    OMG if i had one of these it would save me soooo much energy. I have a desktop computer, and i’ve thought about buying a laptop for the kitchen, but hey, they’re expensive. Thing is, when i’m following a recipe online, i have to keep running back and forward from kitchen to living room, where my desktop is, then i forget a part and have to run back again. It’s too much trouble to write every recipe down, i don’t have a printer (it broke)and i end up feeling like i’m in some slapstick comedy and it’s not real, but it is, and it exhausts me and i’m gonna burst from the pressure. You gotta save me, purlease! 🙂

  418. Cathy Monelle says:

    In the kitchen, I would use it to sing along to while it shows the recipe. In the bedroom I would use it to google while I read. On the train I would use it to watch a film while I keep up with the train times.

  419. Tracey Pender says:

    If I won the Nexus 7 as well as using it to find recipes and tips I would listen to the radio on it while I did the washing up!

  420. Karen says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I would use it for all that you d and to do the 2 things I have meaning to do for years.
    Firstly to create a storage for recipes i love and forget about, so that i can search my own favourites by an ingredient or theme.
    Secondly I will plan a 6 week menu for family meals for those working weeks where meal planning is hard to fit in, that covers healthy food we will all eat, without waste and avoiding too much eating last nights leftovers! incorporating a shopping list of course.
    Keep up the good work!

  421. Jo Shepherd says:

    More and more I find I use a tablet as a ‘recipe book’ in my kitchen and as we just have one tablet divided between my husbands business and 2 children, I hardly get a look in. I would love one to dedicate to the kitchen. (I have been known to watch a bit of telly on it or listen to a pod-cast, when no-one’s around!)

  422. Lisa Collins says:

    I’d use it to play festive music whilst cooking my family’s Christmas Dinner!

  423. Cat Caldwell says:

    I’d use it to get me back into baking mode! Since having my son I’ve really neglected the kitchen as it seems like a hassle – getting out the books and all the other bits but this would really help me to get back on the baking wagon!!!!

  424. Michelle says:

    I would love to win one of these! Having a tv in the kitchen to keep me company sounds like a great idea! 🙂

  425. Esme impey says:

    Deffinately for conversions!! My kitchen is full of old cook books and American cook books etc and the weights and cups drive me crazy! I spend hours like you peering through an icing sugar haze at a very sticky mobile screen covered in finger prints trying to work it out! Would also be great to view pictures for the cakes I’ll be making! Much better than my teeny phone screen! X

  426. Hayley Scales says:

    Like you I all so share an iPad with a 9 yr old son and a football mad husband!! I would love something of my own to hold ally info and contacts!! I’d love to have my own space for photo’s of all my cakes, cupcakes and bakes without pics of cars monster and batman being there!!!
    Ps love your blog x

  427. Stephen leach says:

    would use it for resipies

  428. Rosalind Sargent says:

    If I were to win I would use it to further my cooking skills in the kitchen and find recipe’s

  429. Joanne Baldwin says:

    I would definitely use it as a recipe source – I currently research recipes on the PC but then find myself running between kitchen and living room to double check quantities etc. A Nexus would help enormously! And being a multi-tasker I could keep up to date on facebook while stirring the soup too!

  430. mandy waller says:

    I would use it for new recipes that i would love to try out for the family meals

  431. Emma Blessing says:

    Display recipes for me to follow as I bake!

  432. David Holland says:

    I would use it to be able to make recipes (I am terrible having to run to the study and back to read online!)

  433. julie dixon says:

    with 2 21st birthdays, 2 18th birthdays a graduation, exam stressed out teens and 1 uni move and 1 uni return i have some serious baking projects to do this coming year. Not forgetting the christmas bakes for my entire family. I need lots of baking projects designs, equipment, recipes, shopping apps and general soothing music to restore the sanity after my mammoth baking tasks. been hinting at my husband to tell santa to bring one for my stocking – think i can guarantee a better chance of getting one if i ask santas helper Ruth for one. pretty please with glitter sprinkles.

  434. Nicola lock says:

    This would be brilliant at this time of year! Spend so much time in the kitchen whilst the kids argue in the lounge – i could use this to play really loud music and block out all their noise!!!

  435. Kate Saunders says:

    What a fab idea – I love cookery books, but looking up the ingrdients you have in he house and then finding an online recipe would be SO much simpler!

  436. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    id have to use it to store my recipes on and for looking up new recipes . Ive never thought of using this sort of technology in the kitchen ! what a great idea

  437. Ritakd says:

    I have so many fab recipes I’ve collected over the years. The problem is they’re all on bits of paper that I’ve either printed off or are hand written & stashed into a plastic wallet. It would be w o n d e r f u l to have them all in one place, smear free to browse & use at any time! Don’t no why I never thought of it before.

  438. Lesley says:

    Would be great to have all my recipes in one place! 🙂

  439. Aquiline says:

    I’ve just bought myself a slow cooker and new baking set so I am serious about moving into my kitchen over the next few months! With all the biscuits, jams, chutneys, cakes and casseroles I’m going to be producing I can’t have any distractions or nosey fingers dipping in. So if I won, I’d put the Nexus into a lovely thick case, shove it under the wonky kitchen door and wedge it shut so my sneaky housemate couldn’t get her hands on my delicious food until I’m finished!

  440. Wendy says:

    I would use the nexus 7 to hold all my recipes, my music too, great for cooking to music

  441. Loretta Cerioli says:

    Santa left an early package – silly me ‘fried’ the tablet! But that’s another story…..
    My cupboards and bottom drawer are groaning under the weight of all the books and recipes, which would be collated in a neat, portable, and hopefully failsafe package. Watching the tutorials would be a bonus without dashing from one room to another. No need for the endless pieces of paper in my bag, reminders on the computer, etc. Bliss.
    Merry Christmas Ruth, glad Santa sent you an early ‘little helper’.

  442. Moira says:

    The first thing I would do is scan all the recipes I have collected over the last 37+ years (since I got married) They are currently stored in about two dozen box files!
    Together with the tablet stand and stylus it would be the perfect finishing touch to my brand new kitchen.

  443. Helen says:

    Oh yes! An invaluable kitchen resource! My phone is usually engulfed in floury fingerprints so one of these would be ideal! I do love your giveaways, Ruth! X

  444. Marilyn Wilkinson says:

    I would use it to gather all my favourite recipes in one place rather than having them in different books and odd pieces of paper. Also look up new ones and have them handy to look at – plus listen to music

  445. Alice says:

    At this moment in my life this would be a great help! Every time I get a recipe book out to do some baking with my 3 year old granddaughter she runs of with the cook book to ‘read’ the story to her ‘bunny’ – usually the 3 bears and ‘very very hot porridge’!Maybe this device won’t be so appealing to her as a book so I won’t have to chase after her to check the measurements for the recipe each time(usually leaving a trail of flour or icing sugar) – though I guess it won’t be long before she would take a fancy this instead!

  446. Zain says:

    This would an awesome handy dandy tool for keeping recipes safe using it in the kitchen when creating and baking yummy things I’d use it as a timer also my converter watch recipes on videos while baking along wouldn’t have to go back and forth to the computer as it’s portable x

  447. Caroline H says:

    I’d love to have all my favourite online recipes to hand but I think the most useful thing would be being able to convert cup measurements really quickly. I often find great recipes but they’re in cup amounts.

  448. Tanya Hutchings says:

    There are so many ways I’d use this!!! I would use it to watch programs whilst I was cooking, to look up recipes whilst I was baking, to watch tutorials on decorating my cakes (sadly not my strong suit), putting all my recipes into one place, and taking photos of my creations to put on facebook and show my friends and family why they should come over mine for coffee and cake!!!!!

  449. shirley stevenson says:

    My son is Celiac, allergic to gluten, and I have great difficulty buying food for him. I try to convert recipes but the next time I have forgotten what I did. A small device would be great to convert and keep recipes as my computer is in dining room and too much trouble to run in and out.

  450. Elaine Handford says:

    Why, I’d be baking all those fabulous recipes from Pink Whisk of course!

  451. I would use it for following recipes whilst I bake & cross referencing recipes as I often like to combine recipes.
    It would great for down loading & storing slimming recipes then posting new ideas for my slimming group.It would even be possible to check on the calorie content & syn values of foods.
    I am a great one for TO DO lists this would be ideal. No more little bits of paper.

  452. Ruth says:

    How amazing to be able to look at recipes online on a screen you can easily read 🙂 i’d also transfer all my recipes from bits of paper to the big screen!

  453. sam fearn says:

    would love to use this just so i can prove to myself i can use it (because i know my 11 year old would have no problem)technology + me = hardwork x x x

  454. Nikki Stewart says:

    I would use it for youtube tutorials. I love cooking/baking but I’m just not very good at it so I need all the help I can get!

  455. Starry (@Orangeblossom78) says:

    I love cooking and always have my phone with me to search for recipes. This would be so useful so I could look things up without having to squint at the text.

  456. conrad edwards says:

    It would be good to have an app that gives you recipes based on ingredients you type in

  457. Laura Birkin says:

    I would definetly use it for watching TV and listening to music whilst Im baking and also for my on line shopping, on line shopping is the future! P.S Loving the pink case!

  458. Sarah O'Donnell says:

    This would be amazing in my kitchen freeing up space, no more flicking through pages of books and trying to find the right page again. I have got a family 60th cake to bake on the 13th December and a 40th on the 14th december and will all of the other Christmas baking wow this would be sooooo very useful.

  459. Natalie Phillips says:

    too look up recipes and to do weight conversions when baking

  460. Fiona Dobson says:

    Oh Ruth you have to pick me as I just love baking and this new Nexus would make my life complete. I could add all my recipes to it and easily access all your wonderful ones from your Pink Whisk web page at a click of a button.I would get a bright pink cover for mine too xx

  461. Sharon mead says:

    I would use it for my shopping list and up to date priced from

  462. Syma says:

    I have to say I would most definitely use it for recipes as it would be so handy but the most important use is putting on cbeebies or the Disney channel for my 8 month old during mealtimes! My gosh it’s hard work feeding her at times and distraction is the only thing that works. We don’t have a tv in the kitchen so a tablet will be the gadget of choice! Plus I’m certain a you tube version of “the wheels on the bus” would be far more entertaining & much more in tune than me or her daddy He he!!

  463. Louise Gilpin says:

    I am always using my phone to look up and follow recipes, so the bigger screen would be brilliant.

  464. Jennifer Pullin says:

    This would be great for me as my kitchen is tiny and if I have the laptop out it takes up loads of much needed worktop space where this would be really handy especially as I have lots of Christmas baking to do and I, like you cannot always remeber recipes x

  465. Sarah Morris says:

    I would definitely use it to look up recipes, it would also be useful for doing conversions of measures of ingredients, as I am useless at that sort of thing.

  466. helen says:

    Hmm. I’d use it to keep myself occupied whilst waiting for stuff to bake instead of perpetually opening the oven often leading to catastrophe. I could also keep checking my recipe for the cooking time! X

  467. Caz Ambrose says:

    As I don’t have any technology to help me, no ipad/iphone only a laptop and a huge pile of years of Good Food and Delicious Magazines filled with fab recipes, I think the Nexus 7 by Asus would be a truly wonderful help to me both while baking in the kitchen and looking for recipes and inspiration!!!!!

  468. jo says:

    I would use it in my kitchen for easy access to recipes as I find it really annoying when cookbook pages close on you when you are part way through a recipe and up to your elbows in dough!

  469. Kath says:

    Like most Mums I’m a multitasker so there’s no way this gadget would only be used for recipes in the kitchen. I do use blog recipes loads via my phone at the moment (buttery fingers + screen isn’t great like many people above say) but this would be so much easier on a tablet. As well as using it for recipes and inspiration I’d also be checking my email, compiling lists (I am a list addict), tweeting, and seeing what everyone’s up to on facebook! I’m part of a baking club called “ladybake club” as well and we often email each other with baking dilemmas so it’d be great to reach the other girls from the comfort of my kitchen!

  470. Michelle Youngs says:

    A nexus 7 would be awesome. I have a teeny delapidated kitchen and two small children to conjur up delights for… I would bookmark your blog for certain!

  471. Alexis says:

    Hi Ruth u always give away such good prizes 🙂
    I would use it to help me make my cake decorations i use a lot of utube videos and having to stop and start would be a doddle using this.
    Take care alexis x

  472. Rebecca Maddocks says:

    It would be great for saving all my favourite recipes and researching new ones.

  473. Donna McGrath says:

    I’d love one of these, great to find alternatives for that missing ingredient I always discover half way through baking…

  474. Geraldine McCambridge says:

    A must have to be able to follow recepies and then get back into the swing of cooking again. Thanks for the competition.

  475. sue says:

    Dear Ruth
    If I won the Google nexus 7 I would use it to follow your recipes of course
    many thanks for all your wonderful ideas to follow , best wishes Sue

  476. Sarah Newman says:

    A tablet would make the world of difference to me with baking. At the moment I use our old laptop, which isn’t ideal. The battery usually runs out before I’ve reached the end of a recipe leaving me frustrated with hands covered in pastry (or whatever I’m making)! It would also be great to have somewhere to store all my recipes and have easy access to them, as quite often there’s not room for the laptop on the counter.

  477. I too have a teeny tiny kitchen and currently use my phone to look up recipes, this would be so much nicer !

  478. fiona taylor says:

    2 main reasons , 1 so I don’t have to keep writing out your recipes to try them and 2 encourage the children to bake…..anything that involves an ipad!!!!!

  479. Carolyn says:

    I would use it to display recipes from wonderful blogs like yours, and the fab good food website to save going between kitchen and lounge as like you dont have room in kitchen for a computer! Also to play music when I’m baking – makes it even more enjoyable experience!

  480. Alison Eden says:

    When I’m lacking inspiration in the kitchen, it would kill two birds with one stone. Rahther than having to sitch on my computer and start searching I can do it there and then whilst checking for ingredients in the store cupboard. and then no need to print the recipe out – just use it straight from the Nexus! Would definately need a stand though and a cloth nearby to keep wiping my hands!

  481. Jo Bird says:

    Hi there, I think it’s a case of what wouldn’t I use it for! What a wonderful little gadget, I could have all the Pink Whisk recipies to hand rather than trying to find the last print out!

  482. Richard S says:


  483. Elizabeth Chapman says:

    I’d love a google Nexus in my kitchen to help me record all the recipes I keep printing off and trying out, but then lose the pits of paper…it would help me record all the successful tweaks and amendments and mean I’d have recipes to hand when I have a glut on my hands-eg large amounts of root veg from the veg box, scrumped apples to make chutney with and hedgerow pickings! It would also help me record what I need to put on my shopping list, as as I don’t have a car and cycle about 5 miles to the nearest supermarket it’s more than a little annoying when you return home to realise you’ve forgotten something!

    Plus, it will be incredibly useful to record what I bake and create in the kitchen, as only too often I never get to share with people what I create!

  484. Adrian Savory says:

    Aaargh! No more gadgets. Our kitchen paraphernalia expands to always fill the kitchen. However we are gradually being seduced by a cheapo Lakeland electronic scale which is edging out the large balance scales and the induction hob is brilliant as a book rest even whilst the rings are in use. Maybe I could learn to love a tablet.

  485. Katy Mickler says:

    Great idea to use in the kitchen. I’m always looking up recipes on my phone due to either the husband or 2 year old demanding use of “my iPad” and the screen is way too dinky for a whole recipe so I’d love a tablet of my own to save squinting at a tiny screen or arguing with a toddler as to why it isn’t really his iPad…!

  486. Elaine Handford says:

    I’d use it to make all those scrummy Pink Whisk recipes!

  487. wendy stanger says:

    I would store all my fav recipes that at the moment are on various scraps of paper!

  488. Maria Webster says:

    googling for recipes that could be made using whatever ingredients I have left in my cupboards! I have a very limited imagination when it comes to cooking, I need some help!

  489. wow, this would be amaaaaazing to keep all my recipes in one place and to showcase them, what a fab idea !! 🙂

  490. Catherine Rawas says:

    Oh that looks perfect! well, I can think of a hundred uses in my kitchen, everything from keeping my shopping list and meal planning, to recipe collections (organised at long last in to categories!) and watching tutorials for the ‘tricky bits’ on birthday cakes or failing that music and catching up on my favourite TV shows so my boys get to watch even more Dr Who 🙂

  491. Frances Grainger says:

    I’d love to win this so it could help me set up my new business. With working to such a tight budget, there’s no way I could get something like this anytime soon but it would make things so much easier!

  492. As I am juggling my love of creating cakes and bakes for my family and for others, I am also juggling getting snacks, dinner and packed lunches for my two children (6 and 7), so having something like this on hand would be great to stop me losing my place in recipe books or even worse, putting ham in a red velvet cake instead of the kids’ sandwiches! Though maybe that could actually work on some level…!

  493. jacky Howard says:

    I’m a big fan of trying out recipes from the BBC Good Food site and as printing out recipes is more expensive than buying a new printer having a tablet to read the recipe from would save me having to run to and from the computer to follow the recipe on screen! thanks.!

  494. Anna Tuckett says:

    I have been wanting one of those! I’d use it as a recipe file and to watch masterclass videos.

  495. Louisa Dunham says:

    I would love one of these – we dont have any tablets in the house – But love the sound of being able to put all my recipes in one place and have only 1 (book) to refer to rather than a book case full and a folder full of bits of paper with recipes saved from over the years.
    SUCH A FAB USE I think.

  496. Adelaide Kendall says:

    Hello Ruth 🙂
    This is such an exciting prize!! I would use mine for recipes primarily, and transfer my recipes into it so I could then get rid and make more space in kitchen and therefore have more space for baking as this would take up a very small footprint PLUS being portable is fab too. I would also put some photo’s on aswell, so can still order things on the go, read on the go with e-books. I have been looking at something like this for some time, so this would be a fantastic addition. Making, baking, calculating at the touch of a button..magical! Thx for putting up this prize 🙂 Good luck all who enter too.

  497. Debs Brown says:

    Wow! What a giveaway! I have rather dodgy wrists and can’t carry my laptop around – so my cooking usually involves me running up and down the stairs, to check the laptop in my room, and cook back in the kitchen! This would save my calves, and prevent multiple kitchen mishaps! hehe.

  498. Laura says:

    I love it and I dont have one yet. I would use it in the kitchen because I cook very often recipes from the internet. Also if I´m not from the UK I wanna partecipate. I have a friend she could send it to me if I win.
    Thank you 🙂
    have a nice day, Laura

  499. steph o'neill says:

    I would donate it to The Hotspot Cafe at Redcar Teesside. Its run by volunteers on behalf of Redcar and Cleveland MIND to raise money for the services they provide. It would be great in the kitchen so volunteer cooks would have all the recipes to hand. They would then be able to dispense with the hundreds of pieces of paper kicking around the kitchen at present!! :0)

  500. Janet Carr says:

    This would be a huge help when I’m baking for fundraisers for our local music service, I could have all the recipes in the order I need to bake them instead of having printout’s stuck to the cupboard door 😀

  501. colleen says:

    How lovely! A gadget that I could use in the kitchen without the little fingers and hands steeling it , removing it and playing on it!
    Sounds like heaven, not that it’ll never happen as I’m always harping on bout sharing! ha ha.
    Cheers Ruth

  502. Louise McCormick says:

    I would definitely use it to do my shopping, I don’t drive and find multiple trips to the supermarket a pain. This way can do it online and get it delivered! Also great for looking up advice when having a kitchen emergency ( happens more than it should, especially when I have forgotten some shopping!!)

  503. rachel vaughan says:

    I would love the opportunity to win this nexus 7 tablet. My partner manolpolises the tv with xbox games, football and the simpsons (I don’t have children but it feels like it sometimes) so I scurry over to the kitchen in our open plan attic conversion to watch pauls pies and puds, or re-runs of bake off, or any food show I can get my hands on…on my teeny tiny phone as we have no laptop or tablet. I look up all my recipes on my phone and save them all on Friday its dwindling storage.

    I would love to have a tablet to save more inspiration for baking and caking, to fully appreciating the technique of watching YouTube videos on how to knead my foccaccia correctly!

    I’ve been awfully good this year santa Ruth…

  504. Louise says:

    Brilliant idea to keep all recipes together! I’d use for receipes but also to sneakily read a book or shop! while in kitchen!!

  505. Oooh I would love one of these in my kitchen to use as a reference for all aspects of baking. I too would use it for entertainment purposes in the kitchen whilst baking.

  506. Dawne Smikle-Ambrose says:

    I would use it for mostly the same reasons you have posted about.
    Watching the TV whilst sorting out the kitchen (I’m behind on nearly all my programmes) or Internet radio, looking up recipes,YouTube how to videos, Facebooking, Tweeting, storing baking pictures on (portfolio) and I’d ban the kids games from it and it would wear a lovely purple cover. 🙂

  507. Wow what a fabulous prize!
    I’d use it for so many things!
    Trawling Pinterest (one of my favourite past times) for recipe and picture inspiration.
    Keeping up to date with my social media, especially fb and twitter.
    Answering emails and checking messages.
    I’d use apps like a timer for making sure everything is baked to perfection while I’m busy multi tasking!
    Keeping in touch with friends online, baking can be a lonely pasttime at times.
    A space to keep all my recipes, notes and photos in one place- I have a habit of spreading them far and wide and not being able to find what I want when I need it.
    Ordering supplies and equipment when I can resist no longer.
    And probably a million other things too, what a valuable tool to have in the kitchen 🙂

  508. Karrie says:

    If I won this it would motivate me to put all the handwritten family recipes into digital form and I could share them with next generation. I could take photos as I cooked and add them to the recipes and then turn it into a printed book even … the possibilities are endless!

  509. Alli Marshall says:

    I would use it to read recipes when my Daughter, Emilie, & I are baking together in the kitchen. Currently we have to rely on my phone to read the recipes from as our iPad is usually attached to a male member of the household!

  510. Michelle Lawson says:

    I would use it as my recipe book and for playing music while I am baking 🙂

  511. Becky knight says:

    Would use mine to store all my recipes and then use kindle on it too so that all recipes were in one place instead of what seems like here there and everywhere. 😉 also would be great for the kids to use to do cooking with me, as they are keen to learn baking.

  512. Fiona says:

    I would use it for recipe searching too, especially when you have odd ingredients in the fridge to use up. I use my phone now, but too small for recipe use!

  513. Sue says:

    I would use it for finding lots of yummy recipes for my 2 1/2yr grandson to try. He loves cake, but not vegetables so need to bake lots of cakes with vegetables in.

  514. Leah says:

    I would use it to collate all my recipes together as they are currently in a million different places 🙂

  515. Ruth Goalby says:

    I would use it to help me plan my much needed
    new kitchen. I don’t have a proper oven, just one of those big round glass dished with the halogen element in the lid, and a plug in electric hob. I do manage to bake in the halogen oven, but desperately need a new kitchen.

  516. Zoe MacDonald says:

    I would use it to access recipes in the kitchen and it is always so handy to be able to find a quick solution to a problem like the other day when my ganache split! Managed to save it thanks to some quick googling!

  517. Angela Peel says:

    I would be using it for all the things I practise as I use a lot of online tutorials from everywhere.My kitchen is a bit tidgy too so having a laptop taking over half the worktop is a necessary evil.I did try having it on the dining room table but running in and out whilst trying to make a sugar rose was not really practical lol.Sooooo this would be perfect 🙂

  518. Angie Cannell says:

    My kitchen is my haven, peace and quiet reigns. It would be used to help me get organised and to listen to all my music – rocking whilst baking love it!

  519. Cristina says:

    I would give it to my 12-year-old son, who is a keen baker/cook and is desperate to have a recipe book of his own (he’s asked for one for Christmas!). I think this tablet would definitely make his Christmas!! Recipes, cooking ideas and a whole lot more… Thank you very much x

  520. Hena says:

    I would use this for looking up/following recipes whilst baking – and give my poor (and very floury) iphone a break! 🙂

  521. tanya mahon says:

    I would love to win this, I would love it in my kitchen, my laptop died a death a few months ago, so now I have to go t My mum’s to get my recipes off her computer as I can’t load them up on my phone, and 99% of the time my youngest is using my phone either playing games or watching Tom and Gerry, than you for giving away an amazing prize xx

  522. Nicola Richardson says:

    I too am often found running between the dining room and kitchen to bake a TPW recipe or check twitter and it’s more than frustrating when the iphone locks whilst I’m in the middle of using a recipe
    As an added bonus I could plan my charity ball on it, make notes, jot down ideas, prepare my speech and try and keep abreast of my budget as well as seeing what our final total will eventually be !

  523. helen gillett says:

    If I was to win, it would be one of the most valuable item in my kitchen for I would be able to search New recipes to try out and help me to be even more creative in my kitchen, for my kitchen is my world I spend a lot of time there making and creating cakes and new dishes

  524. Michelle Howard says:

    I never thought of using one for my recipes. I am a collector of recipes. I have alot of recipes and they are scattered all over my house. I have alot stored on my computer and I have alot of hand written on cards and stored in boxes. This has been a hobby of mine for about 35 years. I really would be nice to have everything in one place.

  525. Zoey says:

    I would use it to help me master Yorkshire Puddings. My man loves them but I am terrible and feed him frozen ones!!! I would love to have something like this in my tiny kitchen to help me 🙂

  526. Gemma Collins says:

    Ooo what wouldnt i use it for…
    It would be great for recipe books, taking photos. Checking food websites whilst in the kitchen. The amount of times ive had to look things up on my phone! I could download apps like conversions etc.
    Fingers crossed

  527. Michelle says:

    This is a fantastic idea! Although I try to be organised with my recipes I can never find them when I need them and have to search the internet (again!) for it. Being able to have one place where I can find and save these would be perfect. Like you have a very small kitchen (in a one bedroom flat!) and lack space. This would be perfect. Fingers crossed! X

  528. Helen Springall says:

    Wow – where has this been in my life? This would be perfect for me as I make Lists for Lists! I’m forever getting ‘told off’ for using scraps of papers with scribbled notes on – which 9 times out of 10, I loose! 🙁
    Being a military family – we move about A LOT and are not given the best Kitchens to play in….ahem, I mean work in. So if I could keep everything in one place – neat and tidy and ‘throw-away’ safe – this would be a godsend 🙂 Sending Jingly Christmas Pink W(h)is(k)hes X

  529. lisa betteridge says:

    Hi I would use it as a great way to keep reading while baking 😉

  530. Sinead says:

    I love baking with my little girl who’s two… Sticky grubby fingers trying to look through daddy’s good cook books doesn’t go down well! We would use it to save all our baking pics linked to recipes for easy use!x

  531. Jen says:

    I would use it to read your blog of course 😉 and create new recipes! What a wonderful prize.

  532. Helen fisher says:

    Hi Ruth, I have recently been diagnosed with needing a gluten free diet and I am forever looking up recipes to fit in with this and then writing them down the old fashioned way on paper! I use my phone at present because my laptop has just died (taking my wedding photos with it) 🙁
    But the screen is so small and my eyesight is getting worse!! One if these would be fab and would make my life so much easier! Fingers crossed xx

  533. Claire Smith says:

    I work from home and have 2 children at 2 schools, whenever I turn round one of them has hopped on my laptop to do homework, this would mean I can keep up to date with my business and personal emails and social media. I love using recipes online but have had a tendency to print them so this would be a real paper saver! I can think of so many things I can use it for, but for once I am just going to be selfish which I never normally do and say I would use it so I can look up and do what I want, when I want for a bit of that precious ME time!

  534. clare caine says:

    I would use it to do meal plans for the family & also keep a track of what is in the freezer!!! As i always buy things and double up!!!

  535. Wow what a great prize! I look up recipes on my iphone but as I get older the zoom facility is difficult with floury fingers so a larger screen would be most useful! Also I love looking for gadgets on ebay so I’d use it for that as well as converting those american recipes to good old pounds and ounces 🙂

  536. kath says:

    Well, apart from looking up and preparing fab recipes I have recently taken up sewing. I am currently making xmas stockings for the family and am about to start making mini ones for my daughters playgroup. I would love to take pics and upload them instantly of all my makes as at the mo im as pleased as punch with myself (late starter at 43). As im writing this Ive got a batch of mince pies in the oven and they smell divine. I used the recipe that you shared recently and was really happy with the outcome as I had never made the mince for my pies before (will be taking pics), would be lovely to take pics and upload straight away again with this fab prize. (Thanks for the tutorials) x

  537. Linda Revell says:

    It would be so much easier to use instead of a pile of cookbooks. Easy to stand on the work top, no propping pages open and getting flour and other grottiness stuck to the pages! It wouldn’t replace your book tho Ruth it takes pride of place in my kitchen! I love to have a sing along whilst baking to and I would be able to download some good old 60’s tunes to bake a long to!

  538. Amal bolbol says:

    I could really really do with one of these 🙂 I’m a full time mum to two kiddies and this year I’ve finally taken the plunge and started my own home baking business…eek! Trying to keep all my documents/orders and recipes in my old (dying) computer is a nightmare and now resorting to lots of folders! Pretty please I’d love one 🙂 x

  539. alex flint says:

    After years of waiting I’ve finally been able to buy my first house with my boyfriend and am going to have my own kitchen at last!! I’d use the tablet to follow all the amazing recipes online now that I’ll actually have my own oven!!! Xx

  540. diane hibble says:

    I’d look up all the calorie content of the food I was making – then eat it anyway ! Because I can 🙂

  541. Ali says:

    I would use mine to do the very same, access my recipes from my blog whilst I cook! The amount of notes I have in my written note book of recipes I make regularly, well fills more than one book! One day I will get them printed out but this would be great till that one day that I get organised, which isprobably never! 🙂

  542. Louise Whitehorn says:

    I would definitely go down the route of a nice pink case as well, in the hope that it would keep my 3 boys away from it! I have a laptop (when someone doesn’t need it for homework!)but it would be lovely not to be cleaning flour etc off the keyboard and screen!x

  543. janne regan says:

    I would use it to keep my 2 boys entertained (and not killing each other) so i can actually get into the kitchen and made the dinner 🙂

  544. Carol says:

    Brilliant idea, my cookery books are splattered and splashed with all kinds of various cake batter, pastry, icing oh and egg..sticks the pages together better than any glue known to womankind! This tablet would be great, keep all my favourite recipes to hand, and clean! Of course, any tablet in my kitchen wouldn’t be complete unless it had a few Pink Whisk recipes included! Yes, this would indeed be a great addition to my new kitchen 🙂

  545. Elisabeth says:

    I would use it to download audiobooks to listen to whilst baking/cooking etc. For me they are the perfect accompaniment – not too distracting like TV but they keep me entertained and my energy levels up!

  546. Becky Bentham says:

    I love looking up recipes online – I am gluten & dairy free, so I am constantly looking for new things to cook to replace the missed favourites. I like you don’t have room to have the laptop in the kitchen, so I end up running between rooms trying to remember the recipe!

  547. Mary Khagerian says:

    Ahhhh….categorized photos and inventory of my cookie cutters, inventory of my ingridents so that i don’t run off to the supermarket for icing sugar or lemon for zesting 🙂

  548. Chris Page says:

    I’d love to have my computer at hand, whereever I am!! Quick, easy and mine, especially while baking or waiting!! Recipes, research, social networking? Absolutely!

  549. michelle atherton says:

    I would use it more or less the same way you do, for one I could just look up the recipes I am baking instead of routing through books or going back and forth to our computer (which the kids are on most of the time)

  550. Lucy Gane says:

    Oh my! this would come in so hand in my little kitchen, I am forever losing my phone (with the recipe on) underneath things I’ve had to move to make space for all the mess I make! As this is a little larger I would have less chance of losing it when cooking form online recipes 🙂

  551. Ann unwin says:

    I’d used mine to Skype my friends and family near and far while I’m cooking up a storm! Good luck everyone !

  552. Laura Shaw says:

    I would love one of these to call my own in the kitchen – I’m forever having to battle to get the ipad back halfway through a recipe! I would use it to follow the invaluable pink whisk guide to macaroons so I can finally perfect them and start trying out more adventurous flavour combinations! Homemade Xmas presents could finally be a possibilty…. x

  553. Sharon says:

    I would finally be able to declutter my kitchen of all the recipes stored on pieces of paper and therefore get me more organised to plan family meals so we can spend more time together as a family What a great idea this is. I hope I win. – finger crossed. Xxxx

  554. Carolyn Colvin says:

    Oh this would be a huge addition to my kitchen utensils for sure. Storing my favourite recipes, everything in one place, making adjustments or changes and saving them immediately, no pieces of papers getting lost, finding new recipes quickly and then photographing the finished product. One piece of baking equipment that can do so much making my baking experience even more enjoyable. Please Santa, let it be me xxxxx

  555. Karen Rowland says:

    Would be excellent to store my recipes and look up new ones to try : )

  556. Angela Watt says:

    Hi Ruth, what a lovely give-away opportunity. I’d use it to watch You-Tube videos to help me line a cake tin for my Christmas cake and then learn how to ice and decorate it too. Also it would be great to have some Christmas tunes playing the background to ease any frayed nerves during the process 🙂

  557. Carrol west says:

    Fabulous idea!!! I would love one of these!!!
    I have to cross reference all recipes as I’m coeliac & have to adapt most recipes. Thus would make my life so much easier.

  558. sue foster says:

    Like you Ruth, I also have children who take over the iPad. Therefore, if I were lucky enough to win, I would use the Nexus to access recipes whilst cooking. I would also use it to read a good book whilst I have a few spare moments whilst lovely things cook xx

  559. Helen Huxley says:

    I would use it as my recipe book, my timer ,my converter, my photo album,my design inspiration, how am I managing without one!

  560. vicky dale says:

    if i won a nexus 7 i`d feel like i was in baking heaven, everything would be stored nice and clean not a hint of eggs or margarine, recipe pages all covered in gunk, no more scribbled out notes and papery junk. Quiet time just for me, when the children are sitting and having their tea, cakes in the oven and kitchen so warm , i will hide my nexus so it comes to no harm. Please let me win one and brighten my day whilst i decorate that chocolate cake for someones birthday.

  561. Julie Johnson says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, what more can i say? Other than YEAH YEAH yes please, a place to keep my recipies, i print them off meaning to get a binder but never do and cannot find half of them

  562. Jill Boorman says:

    I’d have a beaming smile as I cook using the recipes displayed on the Google Nexus 7. I usually don’t have a beaming smile as I have to cook in a very small and cramped kitchen whilst reading recipes off of my mobile phone! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me win this wonderful item and make my Christmas baking a more pleasurable past time.

  563. Amy says:

    This looks fantastic and you speak so highly of it!!! Hmm what would I use it for if I had one of my very own???

    Well I would use it to become a superb baker!! I love making cakes and trying new things but never have anywhere to put anything!! This would help me experiment and become great!!!

  564. Haha, I have to look up my recipes on my blog too!
    I would use it in similar ways to you…probably as a notebook when making up recipes in the kitchen and watching the television when stuck in the kitchen on my own, once again, late at night whilst baking

  565. Sal Bolton says:

    I’d use it to store my own recipes, to look for more, to browse for ideas, to order stuff and to keep in touch on Facebook obviously! 😀

  566. Tracy A says:

    I think like you I would watch TV while I work, listen to music and collate all my lists – I have them all over the house and often miss things. I’ve now taken to making lists of list too :/ So to win won of these would be fab-u-lous! x

  567. Judith says:

    In the early days of computers I used to think why on earth would you want a computer in the kitchen. Now things have moved on and there are wonderful sites like The Pink Whisk. If you need a recipe you can look up a recipe and if you had a tablet you can just sit at the kitchen table and find what you are looking for and then just get on with checking you have the ingredients and when you are ready you have the recipe to hand. No need to print it out just have it saved on the tablet with the rest of the recipes you use in a folder. How did we mangage before!!!

  568. gemma norman says:

    A great aide to my kitchen, accessing recipes and uploading pictures of my creations straight to Facebook to share with friends and family 🙂

  569. Sharon Butler says:

    I would love this tablet for using in my kitchen. I love the idea of adding all of my family recipes (From a few generations)alsong with my favorite books too. The fact that you can put items onto a shop order just makes it beyond …… WOULD BE LOVED VERY MUCH XXX

  570. Lisa cann says:

    Would be great to have everything in one place, I have Dropbox but the phone is too small and the laptop too big. Another thought is don’t retype recipes, just photograph your nans and name the photo file accordingly! Real useful, yes please! Lisa

  571. Jane Faulkner says:

    Well……..where do I start?

    I’d use it to look at all my recipes, order all the Christmas presents, watch some catch up tv, do some work, chill out, play games, and generally immerse myself in the web to avoid the family – do I sound like my teenage children now? And, all this is because I have no Ipad, the laptop has lost its way back down from previous mentioned teenagers bedroom, the PC has been commandeered by the soon-to-be teenager, and when I think I’m allowed on any of them, the husband is there, or the 4 yr old playing dress up princesses has stolen it, or finally the 7 yr is loking at history homework videos……

    So, in a nutshell, I would do everything on it. Mostly recipes, and never let it out of my SIGHT!

  572. Amanda Egglestone says:

    That looks amazing, I think too I would use it to look up recipes and follow them while i’m cooking rather than having recipe books all over the place getting messed up!

  573. Clare Gray says:

    I would love a Nexus 7 tablet to use when I’m baking and in need of inspiration and be mine and no one else’s! I might just have to put it on next years Christmas list though. Huge vets bill for my Daisy dog last week has scuppered and chance of any presents for me and hubby 🙁 . Main thing is my dog is ok now 🙂

  574. Nicola Heppenstall says:

    I would love one of these for my kitchen, I’m the same iPad always with the children and if their not using it, it’s on charge as they’ve run the battery flat! This would be my kitchen gadget….. recipes all in one place, able to find new recipes to try and then share with family. It would be lovely. 🙂

  575. Linda Dodd says:

    Well it’s nearly Christmas and then it will be the New Year and we are all going to start thinking about losing weight aren’t we.
    So I would use this handy little gadget in the kitchen to convert all the lovely recipe’s online to low calorie count options and be slim in no time. 🙂

  576. Sammy Sagar says:

    What a fab little tablet! Im currently dragging an ancient laptop across my kitchen with my christmas cake recipe on! It’s not fast – takes about 15 minutes to start up :o( and I can’t watch the tv on it either! Lol! I would use a new tablet to speed up my baking, and use the internet for new ideas and recipes. We have just moved house and 2 days in the boiler packed up – right ontop of christmas so theres no chance of Santa bringing me a new tablet this year!

  577. Emma Hughes says:

    I listen to the radio whilst in the kitchen during the day, but if I’m there in an evening…sometimes till early hours, tv would be great. What a fab idea…please put it in my stocking this Christmas X

  578. Kelly says:

    I would use it to start a baking blog with my daughter. She is 2 and loves baking. Her dad is a chef but he’s always at work so it’s down to me to teach her the importance of baking. It’s a special time for us. Starting a blog would mean we could share our achievements with everyone 🙂

  579. Helen Jones says:

    I’d use it when cooking to look up recipes, I’d love one x

  580. Emma standbrook says:

    I would love to win this so I can catch up on tv while I’m cooking, especially after school when the children are hogging the tv!! 😉 It’d also be great to have the Internet full of recipes at my fingertips!

  581. rose says:

    I to am a baker and quite often search for recipes so that what i would use it for xx

  582. Marc Casson says:

    I would use it in the kitchen when cooking as i’m fed up of my phone being covered in milk, flour and sugar when i bake recipes from the internet

  583. Lisa Fuller says:

    I have finally got a sparkly new kitchen after waiting 10 years and one of these little beauties would fit right in! I could also take all my cake pictures with me wherever I go, much easier than carrying a heavy folder. Would be lovely to have all my recipes in one place instead of searching for that old receipt that I scribbled a recipe down on 6 months ago! Would be like having a whole library of cookbooks at your fingure tips 🙂

  584. Emma B says:

    I love it! I’m always telling friends about recipes I’ve found in books etc. However with this device I would be able to email the ideas to them and keep a copy for myself too!

  585. Emma Atherton says:

    I have the tiniest kitchen ever at 10ft x 10ft so this would be a god send! I love baking and make lots of things for friends and family but really do struggle for space. Most of my recipes are my own which are stored in a hardback note book, which is now full of cake mix splodges, buttercream splats and ripped pages from them sticking together with various concoctions leaving the mixing bowl as they please!! A nexus would be fabtastic for me, it would stand on my fridge looking down at the chaos i always cause when baking, safe in the knowledge that is full of good recipes and NOT full of my latest cake or biscuit mix 🙂

  586. Nikki Tarry says:

    I would absolutely love one of these! What a fantastic idea! I would be able to put all my recipes in on place, have pictures of all my creations (good and bad!) and if be able to use it to research new recipes and techniques to improve my baking skills! I’m currently making your boozy Christmas cake and I’d be able to use the tablet in the kitchen and have the recipe and all the decorating ideas right at my fingertips! What’s more, if I’m out of ingredients, I can order more right from the kitchen using the tablet! What a great idea!! I know what’s going on my Christmas list!!

  587. lazylol says:

    What a fab prize! I would use it to access my recipes too and watch youtube clips while baking 🙂

  588. I would use it to collate all my mum’s and grandma’s recipes that are on various pieces of paper; keep all the ‘must have’ recipes for favourites such as failsafe cheese sauce and the best ever banana bread in one place rather than trying to remember which book it is in; plus business use for staying in touch with my customers and updating my facebook page with scrummy photos, recipes, products, hints and tips.

  589. Jacquie Barker says:

    I would use it to store all those really easy recipes that make my mother in law believe that I am the most gifted of cooks(Nexus would help the illusion).

    I would also store all my cooking secrets that will help me win Master Chef and the GBBO……and when I wake from my dream I can just browse recipes that I can make !

  590. Sue Bone says:

    That’s a very good price. I’d use it to look up recipes to refer to as I bake or even better, get my daughter to bake.

  591. Michelle Warren says:

    I would use it to watch Paul Hollywood, sexy silver fox that he is, while he teaches me to bake yummy goodness from his new show! xxxxxxxx

  592. Emma Lawson says:

    I would love to use this for ordering my shopping online whilst actually looking in my cupboards, brilliant! And searching for new recipes – you can never have enough food inspiration x

  593. Sarah says:

    I would use it when baking with my Girl Guides. Thry love to bake and it would ecpand what I could do with them, letting them order ingredients for the next week, and working out how to amend the recipes when they forget an ingredient!

  594. Amanda FOX says:

    I would use it for recipes..research..watching old bakeoff episodes, reading and singing at the top of my voice, along to Adele and take that songs whilst baking !!!!!!!
    I would never need to leave my kitchen 🙂

  595. Donna Bateman says:

    I would so love to be lucky enough to win one of these, as my kitchen is teeny-tiny, and my daughter, who is dyspraxic, could use it to help her with reading the recipe and counting out measurements, this would really help her out a lot. Keeping everything crossed!! 🙂

  596. Suzie smith says:

    Ah Ruth, what would we use it for? Like you I have small people at home with sticky fingers and a need for all things technological. But unlike yours, mine are of the pink variety and boy oh boy do they like baking. In a teeny weeny kitchen there is minimal space for 3 cooks and 3 recipe books open at the same time , let alone the flour, sugar and all things messy that get spilt everywhere. With a tablet and stand (good old Lakeland!) we could all have our recipes open on different tabs and flick between them easily…..leaving more room for baking goodies! A day doesn’t go by without Mary Berry coming to tea with us in one way shape or form!!!!

  597. Victoria Fama says:

    When I am busy with cakes I can sometimes get fuzzy with all of life’s other details 🙁 I would use mine to make notes and set reminders…….like doing the school run!

  598. Hilary Robinson says:

    I’d use it to keep safe all my favourite recipes, like the ones I recently inherited from my long-departed Grandma. Then I’d have it play some dreamy Laura Mvula, reggae, pop or classical music depending on my mood and the vibe of the bake. When I’d finished in the kitchen it would then be a godsend for my poetry writing. I may even put together my application for that MA in Creative Writing I keep meaning to do. Fingers crossed !

  599. Liz Kelsall says:

    To be honest I saw a clip of Edd using his iPad in the first Bake Off series and thought, how could he use an iPad there, it’ll get wet, have stuff dropped on it etc. Clearly I have a touch of OCD. However, I am now firmly of the belief that tablets are a brilliant addition to the kitchen. Most of my recipes are in books or on scraps of paper. How much easier is it to get the recipe online and be able to zoom in to see what the quantities of the ingredients are rather than trying to try to find my glasses. Would love to win the Nexus but good luck to all!

  600. Suzanne Pearson says:

    I’d use it to skype friends so we could try out new recipes together even when we are apart.

  601. Jane Allen says:

    I’d LOVE to win one of these because reading your comments it looks like it is just what I need in the kitchen at the moment. I have to use my old laptop at the moment to look up receipes online, so a small handheld device would be fantastic and I could even watch TV while I bake? Oh wow!! I guess I could probably listen to music too while I bake!? I won’t ever come out of the kitchen!! xx

  602. Yvonne Leighfield says:

    What a great prize and a perfect size! I have an idea too, for recipes alone, this would be perfect, but to jot my musings and plans whilst on the go, a Nexus for all that I do! Good luck everyone x

  603. Becky Mckeown says:

    I would hide this in the kitchen and use it for viewing cake decorating vids on tube. As going back and forth to a different room to check the mac takes forever. Then the kids jump on and use the mac for games and I lose my link and where I’m uptown. 😉

  604. Cheryl Burr says:

    I would use it to look up baking and crafting ideas/recipes for me and my little 17 month old girl in the kitchen. Like homemade playdough, salt dough, paint and glue so i don’t have to keep running off into the other room to check on the computer. As she’s getting a little older can’t wait to do some proper baking with her 🙂

  605. claire c says:

    I would use it to save my eyes squinting at my tiny screen and it would also be easy to hide from my little #tinyfeet when im baking around her – she loves all things that shes not allowed to play with.

    I follow most recipes online, despite having a huge collection of lovely books – i dont wanna get them messy. Also save a lot of cake designs to my phone from emails and fb messages so much easier to see all the detailing on a larger screen. This little gadget would be a fab addition to my kitchen. Maybe i should send this to santa too to see what he can do 😉

  606. I too have a tiny kitchen and I don’t want my laptop to get messy and covered with my ingredients, this would be so handy as I could stand it in the window out of the way of sticky fingers, and it would be a great place to store all my recipes instead of the pieces of paper, post it notes etc that are stuck in the front of numerous recipe books! Merry Christmas x

  607. Katherine says:

    After I’ve used it to find your recipes, followed the recipe and the baking is in the oven, I might just play a few games while waiting for the timer to buzz!

  608. caroline Hooper says:

    I would use it for following recipes like yours that I have tried on the Pink Whisk like your Halloween meringues, yummy!

  609. Catalina McCall says:

    Wow, this would be a great help! I spend a lot of time in the kitchen so, just to name a few, I will use it for Recipes, To do List and TV.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Catalina x

  610. Hannah says:

    Sounds like a great idea, I’m often dragging my laptop into the kitchen to try out a new recipe that I found online.

    I like the fact that these are small and handy,I’m bit like you and always online and sometimes it would be easier to use this than getting my laptop fired up each time.

  611. Vivian says:

    My daughter and I live hundreds of miles apart so with the Nexus I could let her see what I’m baking and what recipe I’m using and vise versa.

  612. CC says:

    oooh what a good idea, I wouldd sync with my dropbox and list all my tins and cake mix sizes. I would also share it with my husband who makes the most gorgeous bread and is always looking up new recipes to create.x

  613. Rachel Brown says:

    I’d use it whilst juggling my 8 month old boy, in my kitchen thats just too small for us 🙁

  614. Lauren Proffitt says:

    If I were lucky enough to win, I would use this lovely, shiny gadget as a portable recipe file – linking my “one day I’ll make…” ever expanding Pinterest recipes so I no longer have to write them down when baking (no printer). I could watch tutorials on youtube as I’m cooking, follow along with blog recipes, check my emails when killing time when stuff is in the oven and have the age old dilemma of converting American to UK measurements right at my finger tips!!! So, to sum up, this tablet would be like another utensil in my baking collection, sitting right along side the rolling pin, vanilla, flour… (not too close though as Mr Nexus needs to keep clean!)

  615. Marianna Camilleri says:

    I would love this. I would use it to build my new website if I can get my little home cupcake business running efficiently. It would give my business some great tools to use because lets face it, someone is always on the family laptop or iPad and this would be just for me. But I would probably use it mainly to catch up on TV in the kitchen while I bake as most of my baking is done on a weekend and we all hate to miss Eastenders……don’t we?

  616. Sophie Chapman says:

    I would love one of those. It would be really helpful to find yummy and inspiring recipes to use up the odds and ends in my food cupboard and fridge. And useful to look up ideas for my kids birthday cakes eg. T-Rex cake for my 6 year old. Also like you the rest of my family seem to be on the iPad! I like the tablet stand at Lakeland. Might have to get myself one of those. Thanks

  617. Rachel Killoran says:

    I would use this to follow tutorial videos on cake decorating and some of the more complicated bakes. I would also clad it in pink with a large NO BOYS ALLOWED sign on the cover (1 man & 2 boys in this house!) 

  618. Helen Milligan says:

    well, simply, I wouldn’t feel so left out when I am in the kitchen and everyone else is in another room, I’m sure I can’t even imagine all the things I COULD do with it!

  619. Mary Quinn says:

    I would use it as my baking companion. More reliable than my memory.

  620. Kelly hall says:

    If i had one of these I would give it to my mum to encourage her to expand her technical ability and find new recipes online, especially cakes as my dad says she doesn’t bake enough!

  621. Liz tone says:

    I’m a hobby baker and like to try new recipes and ideas this would be really helpful to me in the kitchen as using my phone and it a nightmare

  622. Hannah Moreby says:

    If I was to win I would use to it to brainstorm recipes for my baking sessions! I have just had the best most prettiest mixer bought for me .. so I am going to be spending plenty of time in the kitchen and this would really help with the recipe searches and ideas so I can stay in there even longer! 😀

  623. Mary Davison says:

    I would use it for when I’m cooking using Internet recipe’s, which I seem to be doing increasingly. It will be so much easier than using my mobile as I do currently.

  624. Kate Motyer Lowndes says:

    I would be able to enjoy all the cooking programmes which I never normally get to watch, but I would value it most for helping me finally to organise the huge collection of recipes snipped from magazines by my mum and me over several decades.

  625. Sharon says:

    This might sound selfish, but I would keep it just for me and put it to great use in my kitchen ! It would be such a joy to have something just for me for once !!

  626. Tracy says:

    Mmmmm I’m in exactly the same position to you
    Small kitchen, love looking up recipes, but getting
    Hold of the computer let alone fitting it into the kitchen
    Is ringing some “jingle bells!!” For me! My son monopolises the computer so it’s hard to get a look in:-)

  627. Well Ruth, I think you may have been stalking me (or perhaps the other way around) because I would use my Google Nexus 7 for all of the things that you use yours for! I don’t have a laptop or a TV in my kitchen and I’m tired of knocking my recipes and books into the sink or trying to suspend them from a cupboard handle using a skirt coathanger! I could stand this in the corner next to my scales and it would be safe. If I won this, I wouldn’t have to beg to borrow my daughters or my husbands laptop to try and make a Mr Tumble or follow directions for making little shoes to go on my cupcakes and I wouldn’t have to work at the living room table or keep nipping in and out. Yes, I could definitely do with one of these….Thank you very much. Sue

  628. Becky Griffiths says:

    I am an avid follower of your website and blog and I am often trying out the recipes that you post, resulting in printed copies of your recipies all over the kitchen! It would be fab if I could take the nexus into the kitchen with me and read while I bake! It would also be super handy to keep my favourite recipes in a file ready and waiting when I need them, instead of rummaging around my box looking for them. I tried out your chocolate tray bake this week as as welcome home surprise for my partner who has been working away for 9 months and he said it was he favourite yet! My mum wanted me to send her a copy of the recipe so it would be great to instantly share it straight away on facebook. It would also be handy to skype my mum for cooking tips while i’m in the kitchen and also my partner whilst he’s away so shown him some home comforts! All in all it would be super handy!! Thank you for the opportunity! x

  629. Maylinn says:

    I love to get recepies from the internet. That would make it so much easier then printing it out or just scrolling along on my little phone screen. It’s great. Thanks for this chance xx

  630. Brenda Greaves says:

    storing recipes then follow them on screen
    Nice idea Ruth

  631. sarah kerr says:

    I am a relatively new follower of yours! I am a farmers wife and busy Mum (and Dad alot of the time – the cows see more of him than we do!!) to 3 children, all of whom like to bake when I get the time. However my eldest (and only daughter) has recently discovered a love for baking. Unfortunately we don’t get the time to be very adventurous with our baking. However, since we’ve found your website, we’ve really enjoyed the fun bakes (spider web millionaire shortbread and green striped meringues went down a treat

  632. Zara Royle says:

    I would use it to take pictures of all the yummy things I’ve made then upload them to Facebook and Twitter to make everyone’s mouths water! xXx

  633. I would use it to follow my recipies that I find on your website and a few others that are on facebook. My computer is stationary in the office so I am always running back and forth to see whats next. Would help when my grandkids are down and we do crafting as well. Thanks for this oppertunity to win one!

  634. Clare Slane says:

    I would love a tablet for the kitchen not only for the easy access to online recipes and the pink whisk blog but also so that I could load up skype and do some synchronized cooking with my family and friends!

  635. Dawn says:

    I’d use it to follow my favourite recipes from The Pink Whisk. I normally print them out but they always get lost and then I have to print them again!

  636. Susan Ridley says:

    I am just a hobby baker, but over the last couple of years I’ve collected a few recipes. I would transfer them all onto here so they were all in one place and not covered in cake mix!!!!! Also use it to order my cakes things from my nearest cake shop xxx Possibly even put some music on it as well so I don’t have to have my iPod on anymore xx

  637. Lynne Lee-Diep says:

    WOW! Love that you can watch TV in your kitchen too! Sounds perfect as I TOO flit from kitchen to lounge peering at the recipe on the laptop. Or continually poke at my phone with a buttery finger and straining at the screen!
    I would get me a comfy kitchen stool, have my cake baking and settle down to catch up on iPlayer – fave shows like Junior Bake Off, Masterchef…. 😀

  638. Charlotte Fort says:

    I would use this for searching and bookmarking all my favourite recipes, and being able to take it in kitchen and have them all in one convenient handy place would be excellent. Will be great for ordering the family shopping, and all those essential baking items.

  639. Elaine Dale says:

    my kitchen is miniscule so this would be ideal to store recipes on instead of loads of recipe books so can look things up in an instant

  640. Alexis says:

    I would use it to condense all my favourite recipies and bookmark all the baking blogs I love!
    Then, whilst the kitchen was full of delicious baking smells and treats in the oven, I would watch re-runs of the Great British Bake Off!

  641. J PRICE says:

    I would really like ‘my’ Nexus to be an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, but failing that it could entertain me with soothing music instead!!!

  642. Gemma samanta says:

    I get nearly all my recipes from blog nowadays and trying to follow the recipe on my phone is definitely not ideal. As with yours our iPad always has a flat battery so I’d use it for my recipe book!

  643. John Foster says:

    I would use it to search for recipes based on the ingredients I have which need using up, also to follow recipes which would be so much easier in my tiny kitchen than my current method which is wedging a cookery book open behind the taps.

  644. Denise Burnett says:

    I would love one of these for in the house, Never mind the kitchen. I like to make hampers as gifts so constantly feel as though I have a notebook, laptop/smartphone lying about the house(The bad side is you don’t pay attention, trip and drop said laptop on a tiled floor!). So if I had one tablet it would mean no cook books everywhere! If I am lucky and win I promise to try not trip, drop and break it!

  645. Kate Hopkins says:

    Please pick me, you really must
    I love the website; the mixer’s bust
    Now I baked the rainbow cake
    Kindly helped by my hubbie
    Whisking the filling made him ache
    Heaven, was my son’s face
    I had created a Scooby Doo Mystery Van
    So another tablet will not do; I need the Nexus sent from you
    Kitchen helper, knowledge shared, for your 12 Days of Christmas, I am prepared!
    (Please read as an acrostic poem)

  646. Leila says:

    Wow what an awesome little device. I have not had the pleasure of using a small hand-held device such as this. I usually print off my recipes from the internet so they are all on scratty bits of paper.
    Not only could i store recipes on it I am guessing i could take photos of my finished products with it too?
    Going to go and read some reviews, looks very interesting indeed!

  647. Donna Allgrove says:

    Wow one of these would be great for when I am baking it would be so much easier than balancing my laptop on the hob. Thanks for the chance to win.

  648. Diane Ugo says:

    I would love a tablet like this to reference recipes, store my own ones and take pictures of my creations. My current tablet is so slow that I can’t be bothered to use it sometimes.

  649. Joanne Lyon says:

    I would use it much the same as everyone else, store my recipes & have to hand whilst baking, also searching for inspiration on internet, watching repeats of my favourite shows & listening to my favourite songs x

  650. Louise butler says:

    Hi what a fab idea. With 1 hungry husband & 4 hungry kids this would be fantastic in my kitchen plus the kids could help look up new recipes & help me bake as they could look for their favourite recipes. The oldest being 16, 13, 5 & 1 it would be so much quicker to look things up. So pretty please with a huge cherry on top fingers crossed!!!! Xxx

  651. Lizzie says:

    Great Idea, I quite often use the ipad and then get told off for covering it in icing sugar! This would be perfect to look up pink whisk recipes for my Christmas hampers this year.

  652. Emma Gaunt says:

    I would love to use one for all the reasons that it offers but ultimatly for taking pictures and videos of my boys helping me cook and bake as these are my treasured memories.

  653. Ruth Burnell says:

    Oooh what wouldn’t I use one of these for?! Much easier to read recipes from blogs on than my phone, saving my poor well-splattered cookery books, reading ebooks, catching up on the telly, checking things on the internet and catching up on work. Currently having to do everything on my phone as our laptop is older than the dinosaurs!

  654. Anthony Webster says:

    it would be my ideal recipe holder and display memory like a sieve so perfect!

  655. Rebecca Drake says:

    Oooooh, the possibilities are endless – I too do the kitchen-sitting room dash to read my laptop, which meantime has gone to sleep or crashed, usually at a critical point. I love the way yours are real-life reviews so I know exactly what to expect from a new product. I will keep fingers crossed for being the winner!

  656. Rebecca Hawkins says:

    Recipes! I would love to have all my recipes in one place…organized!!!

  657. Julie Thatcher says:

    Ruth, it would have so many uses. Quick and easy access to all my favourite recipes, without taking up most of my limited workspace, I could order items I’m using up as I go along, take and upload photos of fab creations but more importantly, be able to easily Skype my 21yr old daughter to help with teaching her baking/cooking – one of the most important lessons a mother can give her children xx

  658. Kathryn Muir says:

    Love baking….don’t love trying to keep my books open at the right page!! Without exception all my recipes are covered in sticky fingerprints and pages stuck together with icky stuff!! A kitchen helper would be a godsend!! xx

  659. Cheesebadger says:

    I would use it in the Kitchen as an encouragement for my daughter to join me and get her to choose the recipes herself to cook. Hopefully nothing too complicated!!
    Much better than getting the cookbook grubby with floury fingers and then losing the page because it’s turned itself over.

  660. Nicola Smaller says:

    I would use it for looking up recipes. My husband would like to reclaim the space taken up by the 175 cookery books in the kitchen, so you would be making two people very happy!

  661. Lynda Howard says:

    Wow what a brilliant giveaway, thank you for the opportunity Pink Whisk! If I should be lucky enough to win I can see it being covered in flour in the kitchen with me pouring over your fab recipes! Hopefully the Nexus is easily wipeable!! Currently ‘feeding’ my boozy fruit cake, are you sure the cake deserves all that brandy? Can’t it be 1 teaspoon for the cake and one for me? Hic? Thanks for all your great recipes, it’s great fun testing then eating them! Good luck to all the Pink Whiskers!

  662. Clare says:

    This is a wonderful tool and would clear a whole set of drawers in my kitchen and save hours of looking through books and bits of paper before I could get down to some serious baking.

  663. I would love this for my kitchen, My kitchen is small and i dont have places to store recipe books so i troll the internet and write what i find on spare pieces of paper … which i can never find again once i have made them once (very annoying) we as a family used to have an ipad but unfortunately had to sell it as my husband lost his job among other this, and havent been able to afford a new one. This would be the perfect thing to brighten up my days in the kitchen and help make tasty bakes for my small family. Thank you for the opportunity to enter xx

  664. Carolyn Beddoe says:

    This would be fantastic for when I’m following a tutorial on sugar craft. I tried with my laptop but there just isn’t enough room on the worktop. I love baking but my skills need all the tips I can get 😀 good luck to everyone, what a great idea x

  665. elizabeth lander says:

    wow what a great little gadget ive never had a tablet it’s on my dream list but with 4 kids a distant dream lol! i would use it for recipies and pictures and to do my tutorials, i have a tiny kitchen so this would be great for me i have to depend on my phone and it’s a nightmare trying to peer at it while working. im self taught but try to do tutorials as much as possible to help others not for any profit, a gadget like this would make my life a easier!

  666. ashley says:

    If only I could win one of these. maybe then I would actually be a ble to successfully create a devine recipe for my ever suffering hubby. my recipes get all mucky, wet and torn then thrown away and I never ever remember how I made things and do you think I can find them again> with this handy little tool, I could save and store them all… hubbys full and satisfied tummy = happy wife = happy life 🙂

  667. Simon Harris says:

    I would love to win, this would be great to look up recipes and youtube videos of how to cook things

  668. David Paterson says:

    Looking up recipes

  669. Linda says:

    Briliant! No more splash splattered books. No piles of paper where I’ve printed off a recipe and it’s on pages 1 and 2 of 125!!!!
    Could free up a whole load of kitchen.

  670. Jenny cook says:

    I’d love to have one of these when I’m baking. Loads of recipes and ‘how to’s at my fingertips and that’s just the Pink Whisk website 😉

  671. Naomi says:

    Wow Ruth – it looks like a great device – would be perfect in the kitchen with all my favourite receipes on it – would save me having bits of paper all over the place that get covered in butter or flour and you can’t read them anymore!!!!! Would love to be a winner!

  672. Sarah Harris says:

    What a generous prize. I too have a child who is always using my iPad. Your review of the nexus sounds like it would be a great addition to my kitchen

  673. kayleigh beirne says:

    reading recipes and playing music

  674. Valerie Rettie says:

    That would so suit me! I have a terrible memory these days and have to keep going back and forth to my laptop when following your recipes…and I like to keep up with my FB friends while I am cooking etc. 🙂

  675. Tammy Tudor says:

    to read recipes online 🙂 and play games while i’m waiting for the oven!

  676. Melanie Murray says:

    A novice baker I need all the help i can get. Everything at my fingertips would make my life so much easier. A lady for lists perhaps I could go to bed with a clear mind knowing that help is always at hand. Love you tube, blogs, and any advice I can get and what better way than through mummies own little helper x

  677. I would most definitely use one of these for looking up recipes. I am always filling my laptop keyboard with flour or getting the screen mucky because I currently have to use that. But once you have one, you find dozens more uses, so I could buy my kitchen supplies (mostly from Lakeland) and also look at their catalogues. I would love to subscribe to Good Food magazine on the tablet too!

  678. Jacqui Plumb says:

    Hi Ruth, I’d love to win this, the draw is on my birthday! would use it in the kitchen to follow recipes, especially ones on the pink whisk, saves having to constantly print off, thus saving on paper! I would also save my recipes that I have on odd bits of paper stashed in other recipe books! Keeping my fingers crossed xxxx

  679. kathie kauffman says:

    I would definitely use it for baking and cooking. And for saving my favorite recipes. I started writing my favorite recipes in a blank cook book but it takes to long. This way I could save the recipes I want and get rid of 75 cookbooks.

  680. Correna says:

    The first thing I would do is buy and download the fabulous image app that allows you to alter and trace your designs right onto your cookies/cakes/creations! It’s like a cheats version of the kopykake!

  681. Helen Hart says:

    Ooooooo what would I use it for?….what WOULDN’T I use it for is probably more like it – recipes, tips, music, keeping up with blogs,shopping ;)…once I had worked out how to do it – theres a chance there would be a lot of staring at it with my tongue poking out in concentration mode haha 😉 …my hubby has his ‘mancave’ with all his tools n gadgets that I’m not allowed to go near, if I won, I’d have one too!!! oh my goodness that would be bliss! he’d go nuts if I had something he couldn’t play with with his oily, mechanicy fingers 🙂

  682. Nikk Malee says:

    I would use it for watching re runs of Great British bake off and pick up as many tips as I could, store then all and use it for Pink whisk step by step too instead of having to write things down and having boxes of bits of paper notes that I use 🙂

  683. Karen Wilton says:

    If chosen I would like to take photos of my creations and blog them so I could share them and the recipes with anyone who visitd my blog.

  684. Sarah Russell-Giles says:

    Where do I start, my mom would absolutely love this S she loves to bake for family and friends plus my son, her grandson we save recipes for Nana to bake and we always love baking with my mom. My little boy even collects some recipes for baking and rather them being in a folder this would be great for nana to use as all of the recipes would be in one place. Fingers x

  685. butterflyflutterby says:

    Doooooohhhhhhhh i would spend all my time baking in the kitchen instead of doing what you so carefully have described. the madness i do but i take it to another level i get so lost doing the research its bedtime before ive cooked. what i would do is spend less time pintresting things i want to do then get so lost ive pinned so much stuff i cant find it. Last weekend i spent three days printing out a blog i love recipes and putting it into plastic sleeves and folders because i always end up running the one ive printed out or loose it. my laptop is full of folder and recipes thats my poor laptop cries it running so slow.

  686. Ellie Boyde says:

    I would use it for finding recipes to use up what is left in the fridge, with two of my children just left for Uni, finding it harder to make for three and need some inspiration.

  687. Louise Matthews says:

    This would be great in my kitchen, especially for following your recipes

  688. Lisa Williams says:

    Looks like a great gadget, I have a tiny kitchen too and use my phone which is also tiny screened and gets very sticky!! So it would be a great inspiration tool

  689. Definitely would use it for recipes!

  690. Ruth Kilburn-Doxey says:

    I would use it to find new yummy ways to use the ingredients my family already likes! And to pass the time while stuff is cooking.

  691. Fiona Wingent says:

    I’d love a Nexus 7 to help me in the kitchen – my children like big designs on their birthday cakes and I could keep all my ideas in one place (without the kids trying to change things for me!). My lovely hubby has promised me an ipad when I hit my target weight (nearly lost 2 stone so far) but this is a very slow process so by the time I do get there tablets will probably be a thing of the past and something new will be out – so a Nexus 7 now would be brilliant. Best wishes – love the website. Fiona

  692. Claire Tucker says:

    Keeping track of my kids activities

  693. Katren Lizzie says:

    I would love one of these to stop my husband pinching mine, even the pink cover doesn’t put him off! These are absolutely the most usrful things, can’t do without mine, recipes, shopping, craft, fsntastic thing. Ehat a lovely giveaway.

  694. MARJI SCOTT says:

    HI there i would love to own one of these wonderful items as i have had a knee replacement and was out of action for a few months,so it would be great to have it proped up on my table from where i do my bakeing from,i would be able to do what you do follow recipies without wondering away to read them.amas is a coming.

  695. Andrea Burke says:

    Great present! I am actually getting one for my 12 yo daughter for xmas as she was encouraged by her nurse to write a book of recipes for her ketogenic diet (low carb high fat) she has been on over 2 1/2 years, …I am hoping that it will give her boost as at the moment with 6 yo slow-couch laptop she just about finishes her homework… 🙁
    …but if i could win it here would save me some money and i could treat my both girls to a Winter wonderland day trip. Ho Ho Ho!

  696. abigail edkins says:

    watching vampire diaries (mmmm) and attempting to learn to make quiche…I fail miserably every time I have tried so far

  697. Karen Scammell says:

    Oooh yes for looking at my recipes for while cooking, much easier than the laptop which is too bulky to put anywhere and the phone which is hard to see and need to keep scrolling and unlocking making it sticky!

  698. Elizabeth Lee says:

    As i’m not adventurous in the kitchen i would use this to run through recipes step by step.

  699. Maxine Jefferies says:

    I currently see my iPhone which is a bit small to see. This would be much more useful for following recipes. I frequently make your chocolate muffins which are delicious and oh so easy.

  700. Natalie Elliott says:

    What a fabulous competition! It would be great to have access to all my recipes. Which correctly consists of loads of paper that looks worse for wear as they’re covered in cake and cream and what ever else seems to be hanging around my kitchen at the time. Thanks for this competition. Thanks for the wealth of information on your website. Keep up the good work Ruth!

  701. Bakes-A-Lot Sue says:

    I’m sure I’d use it for wasting more time..well at least I’m honest!! I’d be looking at recipes, watching cooking programmes, converting measurements, saving little tweaks I’d make and browsing all the wonderful stuff I SHOULD be doing 😀

  702. Amanda Johnson says:

    I would use it for recipe ideas and more so videos as I find it easier to follow by example and demonstration as opposed to reading. It also means the kids would be more likely to get involved too.

  703. Catherine Crocker says:

    The list of uses would be endless………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  704. Jeannette Spracklen says:

    My Delia Smith cook book is 24 years old and well worn therefore, looking up the family favourites on a wipe clean screen will be a bonus.