Choc Mint Saucy Pud & Limoncello Layer Cake



Two more #GBBO inspired recipes with a #StorkTwist to share with you today

If you’re after a saucy pud then these Dark and White Choc Mint Puds might just hit the spot

And a fabulous Limoncello Mascarpone Layer Cake to impress your guests – just remember you get the biggest slice!

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Chocolate Caramel Shortbread

chocolate caramel shortbread 094

Officially hailed as ‘one of the best things you’ve ever made Mum!’  I reckon this is a recipe you don’t want to miss out on.  A twist on the classic Millionaires Shortbread but with a brilliant chocolate caramel instead.  Four full batches in our house this week (and I’m sorry to admit I only gave one of those away) – better add the ingredients to your shopping list!

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Chocolate & Salted Caramel Bundt Cake

Feb14 043

See this cake?  I blame you lot….entirely!

I asked you your favourite flavour combinations over on Facebook and this came up time and time again.  It had mind altering effects and before I knew it you had brainwashed me and I was baking you this cake.

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Day 8 – Choc Cherry Panettone

Christmas 2 110

Dark Chocolate and Cherry Panettone for my Day 8 recipe – made in a cupcake/muffin tin.

Make them now and stash them in the freezer!  This one’s a long slow one, very little hands on to be done and plenty of get on with other stuff time – now that’s my kind of recipe!

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Day 5 – Chocolate Reindeer

Christmas 2 262

I have had so much fun making a herd of reindeer for Day 5 – I very much hope you’ll love these cheeky chappies as much as I do!

The body is a round ball Christmas tree chocolate!

Christmas 3 037

You will need:

Ball/bauble christmas tree chocolates

Chocolate sugarpaste (Sainsburys)

White, red, orange and green sugarpastes

Black icing pen

Pink lustre dust

A little melted chocolate


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Day 2 – Christmas Pudding Chocolate Covered Oreos

Christmas 2 026

Mmmmm!  Christmas pudding shaped Chocolate Covered Oreos!

Now you can get specific chocolate oreo moulds that are a good deal smaller than the way I’m doing these.  I don’t have one, my kitchen is bursting with equipment and I may be the recipient of an angry husband should any more essential bits and pieces make their way into our house!

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Chocolate Oreo Pears

Bonfire 13 536

Not so much a recipe, more a gathering together of things!

(No panic, there’s a recipe coming tomorrow too)

These pears decided not to let apples have all the fun this Bonfire night and jumped onto sticks too!  Of course if you’re after a traditional caramel toffee apple recipe then I can help with that too – just see the recipe here.

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Spiderweb Millionaires Shortbread

Halloween 13 049

Individual Millionaires Shortbread with a hint of Halloween – Yes please!



80g butter

40g caster sugar

140g plain flour


90g light muscovado sugar

90g butter

315g condensed milk  -  use a squeezy bottle for no waste, if you use a tin and have some left over try it drizzled over icecream, add it to tea/coffee/hot choc for a creamy sweetener or indeed eat it with a spoon ;) – Thank you Hevz Tasty Treats for the top tips Xx


200g milk chocolate

50g white chocolate

Makes: 12.

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Giveaway – Win 1 of 5 Pink Thermapens

So here’s your chance to get your hands on a great bit of kit,  a Superfast Thermapen!  I have 5 pink Thermapens to give away to you lucky lot courtesy of the team at Thermapen - it’s honestly a bit of kit I wouldn’t be without.

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How to Temper Chocolate

temper chocolate 052


I’ve managed to avoid the need for tempering chocolate until now and managed just to wing it in the past.  The time has come and chocolate is intriguing me, so in order for it to play ball I figured it was going to be important to learn how to temper chocolate.

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