Pumpkin Cake Pops


Pumpkin Cake Pops

For cake pops you need a little bit of patience, they’re not tricky but they do have a fair few steps to them.  For me that means they need to be made for a special occasion!  Halloween in our house comes a close to Christmas in the fun stakes – costumes, face painting, scary house decorating and generally having fun it what it’s all about for me (nevermind the boys!)   If you’re having a party or want to do something different for your trick or treaters then these are just the thing.

Cake pops are a whole lot easier with these buttons that you can now get in the supermarket – no more hunting down Wilton Candy Melts or having to colour your own chocolate – perfect pumpkin colour!

You will need:


Cake 300g (ish) for this you can use up excess fairy cakes, the domes trimmed from larger cakes or you can bake up a cake specially.  The flavour of the cake is entirely up to you, I’m going with chocolate which will work well with the orange flavour of the buttons.

Choc Cake Recipe follow the method here with the following quantities

45g butter

80g caster sugar

1 egg, large

20g self-raising flour

60g plain flour

20g cocoa powder

1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda

70ml milk mixed with 1 tsp malt vinegar

(Bake at 160c (fan)/180c/GM4 in an 8″ square tin for 40-45 minutes)

Chocolate Buttercream

100g butter softened, beaten with 200g icing sugar and 50g melted dark chocolate

Lollipop sticks – Available on Amazon or in Hobbycraft

2 x pkts Chocolate Orange buttons – Silver Spoon

Royal Icing –  white, green and black (coloured with gel paste colours – click on the links for the individual colours by Sugarflair on Amazon)

Here’s how…

Crumble the cake into teeny tiny crumbs using your fingertips.

Add the buttercream and mix it to a fairly dry paste like mixture.

Now comes the messy (ish) bit.  Take a small quantity of the mixture and roll it into a ball between your hands – they should be around 1 1/2” in diameter.

I have shaped my pumpkins into two shapes – balls and more upright tall pumpkins.

Line them all up on a baking tray.  If you get bored of shaping or decide you have enough you can freeze the rest of the cake pop mixture until the next time you want to make some.  These quantities make approx. 24 cake pops – did I really need 24?  Probably not as it’s the start of October and I’m not catering for a Halloween party yet but the boys didn’t seem to have the same issue with the quantity – nor did the chaps where my husband works!


So where were we, yes they’re all on the baking tray.  Place them in the fridge for half and hour or so to firm up.

Once chilled take one of the lollipop sticks and indent four grooves around each pumpkin cake ball.  You can’t do this before chilling as it just smooshes the shape so press gently on the chilled ball as you don’t want to crack them.

Now melt up the chocolate – perfect pumpkin orange buttons courtesy of Silverspoon.


I’ve mentioned my chocolate melter before but it does make cake pops much easier – in they go, turn it on, 10 minutes lovely melted chocolate!  If you’re melting in the microwave a small deep bowl will work the best, short 30 second bursts – you don’t want it to burn.


Take a stick and dip the end into the melted chocolate,  push this into the base of the cake ball.  The stick should go about ¾’s of the way into the ball.

Set it back onto the tray and repeat until all the balls are on the sticks.



Now you need to set yourself up with a cake pop stand – try an empty egg box tray it worked a treat for me.  Set it onto a chopping board and then you’ll be able to move it easily.  Punch holes through the tall spiky bits to post the cake pop sticks into.  Punching the holes initially with a skewer is much easier than trying to do it with  a lolly stick.  If you buy your eggs from a farm shop or the like they will usually let you have a tray or two!  Alternatively you could use a piece of polystyrene to hold them upright.

Okay cake pop stand done now take each pop in turn and dip it into the melted chocolate.  Twirl the cake pop around as you take it out allowing the excess chocolate to drip away.  This does take a bit of patience which is not something I have by the bucket load but it is worth taking your time.


Once the excess has dripped away place the cake pop into your stand and move onto the next.

Once all the pumpkins are a lovely glossy orange allow the chocolate to set and dry.  I didn’t want to put them in the fridge as sometimes I find they lose their shine so mine dried at room temp overnight.


Once they’re set and firm mix up a batch of royal icing – follow the directions on the box but go sparingly with the water, you need the royal icing thick enough to pipe and stay in shape.


Split the icing into three, one portion remains white and can be added to a piping bag right away.  The other portions need to be coloured green and black.  Gel colour pastes are far and away the easiest way to colour anything a really vibrant colour without changing the icings consistency.  Here are a couple of links to Amazon but Hobbycraft and cake decorating shops sell them too.  Sugarflair green gel paste  Sugarflair black extra gel paste colour.


Add the coloured icings each to a piping bag.  I have fitted piping tips to the bags but it can be done just as easily by snipping off a tiny piece of the end of the bag if you don’t have a multitude of piping tips.

Take the white icing and pipe two small balls to the pumpkins face for eye balls.  If the icing has little pointy peaks take a slightly damp paintbrush and pat them back down.

(camera setting gone wonky – sorry about that!)


Using the black royal icing pipe on pumpkin mouths – I’ve done a variety of different styles (because I get bored easily).

I should also mention at this point how much my hands shake…. You’re never aware of it until you need to pipe.  If I can do it with my tremor like hands then you definitely can!


Add pupils to the eyes, again patting down any peaks with the damp paintbrush.


Now for the pumpkin tops – my fave bit because its free form and random – shaky hands no problem!  Squiggly on the green royal icing to make the leafy pumpkin top.

Allow the royal icing to set and then your pumpkin cake pops are ready to serve! Cake pops will keep for three days at room temp or upto a week in the fridge.  Make sure they are in an airtight container before going in the fridge otherwise they will sweat when you take them out.

Pumpkin Cake Pops

The Pink Whisk - Ruth Clemens, Baker ExtraordinaireRuth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire






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51 Responses to Pumpkin Cake Pops

  1. I adore these Ruth. You are very creative. x

  2. Karrie says:

    Looks like great fun. Totally unrelated but have to say that while I enjoyed this year’s Great British Bake-Off … the bakers had great ideas but the baking / finishing standard seemed a lot lower than last year. What do you think?

  3. Debbie Rodriguez says:

    They are great! I’ve seen the orange drops in Sainsburys but never thought of using them like that. My little one is having a Halloween themed birthday party this year, so I think I’ll have to be brave and give them a try. Thank you x

  4. Des says:

    Too cute….going to have to try these this Halloween. Thanx so much!

  5. I LOVE these. Must make for my girls – thanks for the step by step 🙂

  6. I thought these cake pops were fab!! Thanks for your step by step guide on making these, please keep doing more, your help is really appreciated!!!

  7. HELEN says:

    these look great – you make it look so easy!

  8. I love the look of these…so cute and perfect for Halloween!

  9. EmmaMT says:

    Fab cute little pumpkins. I’ve never tried them before but you do make it look so easy. Pop cakes here I come!

  10. nicola says:

    These are brilliant Ruth! I saw those orange buttons in Sainsburys so I’ll definitely pick up a couple of packets for making these, my boys will love them!

  11. LizF says:

    These look awesome!! I’ve made pops before so definitely going to try these for the kids in my daughter’s school class.

  12. lexie says:

    these are amazing but how long do they take to make as im not sure I would have time to bake the cake, make the frosting and melt the chocolate etc in the the time I have.

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  14. Syma says:

    Hi Ruth. I’m going to make these for the neighbours children at halloween. Do u have a good chocolate buttercream recipe for chocolate cupcakes? I’m really struggling to find one. Syma

  15. Rachel says:

    I’m going to make these for an adults Halloween party, but I can’t decide what to stand them in. Any ideas?

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  17. becky smith says:

    Thank you for doing a cake pop. I love the look of these. Iv tried before but got all mixed up making from USA book. (didnt taste to great) I made these today and there a winner myself hubby and the kids love them. Only thing i now need to make more as they where for cake day at school and not meny left. lol

  18. I’m back having another peek at these today, they really are fantastic! My daughter and I are going to have a go at making them for Halloween, thank you!

  19. becky smith says:

    So Bun day tomorow and we have ran out I need to make more. Was going to do the short cut with ready made cake and shop frosting but was not sure how much frosting to use. Whats the best split?

  20. bakingaddict says:

    These are so cute! Using the egg trays are a great idea, I’ll give it a go. Thanks for the informative tutorial.

  21. abi says:

    loved these ours tasted good even if we haven’t quite mastered the look! thanks for the tutorial!

  22. Jones says:

    Hi Ruth – I LOVE these, what a fab idea! I’ve not seen the orange buttons yet, will be keeping an eye out for those. Saw you on the bake off revisited show last night – so pleased everything going so well for you. You have talent 🙂
    Jones x

  23. Tabby Dog says:

    WOW! This is different from all other stuff I have seen for Halloween. Would really love to have these. Thanks a lot for the recipe and for the detailed instructions on how to make this. Two thumbs up!

  24. Belinda says:

    I gave them a go and failed miserably! The chocolate cake recipe is divine but my cake pops fell off the sticks in to a big soggy mess! Fingers crossed for better luck next time.

  25. sally says:

    I love these! Ruth is right about having a chocolate melter to keep the temp constant. The chocolate started to set as soon as it had melted. Also Ruth can you tell me about mixing milk with vinegar? Is it a bit like soured milk.

  26. emily says:

    i made these cakes and they didnt work at all. they are a nightmare to make!

  27. Lindsey says:

    I spent a lot of time and money onthese for refreshments and failed miserably . The bit where you have to mark them was hard even after fridging them and they all fell off there sticks after chocolating..so dissapointed ,
    Look great but not as easy as you think.

  28. Something which might be important in keeping the pops on the sticks in addition to not having super hot chocolate is making sure you use butter and not a marg for the buttercream. Marg will never set firm and keep pops on sticks. Xx

  29. Ruth says:

    I tried to make cake pops for my daughter to take into school for her birthday. I did hunt down Wilton Candy Melts but just couldn’t get them to melt to the right consistency to be able to dip the cakes in them – they were much too thick. Eventually I added some water to try and thin it down, that seemed to work but then it wouldn’t set hard and they ended up being a bit of a soggy mess! Any ideas where I was going wrong with the candy melts?!

    • Having used Candy Melts – I did vow never again! You need to add a little sunflower or vegetable oil to them once melted so that it is thin enough to use to coat. Add the oil a little at a time, as the same with water they will get to the point where they won’t set.
      I prefer to use regular white chocolate and then add powder colours to get the colour I want (Here they are on Amazon http://tiny.cc/x0um1 )

  30. Denise Burnett says:

    Hi Ruth,
    I am going to give these a try as an alternative for cupcakes for my friend’s birthday this weekend. Would you suggest making the sponge mix the day before making the pops? x

  31. Melanie Mayne says:

    Hi Ruth

    I have been meaning to try these for ages rushed home to make them and the pop mix seems too wet. They are in the fridge chilling now but they dont seem to resemble pumpkin heads! Any tips x

    • Do you have any spare cake? If you do crumble in some more until the mix is drier x

      • Melanie says:

        Thanks Ruth, I vowed not to be beaten and started again….. then I got to the stick stage chilled for an hour or more then melted the chocolate and tried to cover. The chocolate would not stick!! then the balls fell off the sticks! So I gave up! xx

  32. Amazing looking Cake pops. Great fun for the kids too do to.

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