Stars and Sparkle Christmas Tree Cake

Stars and Sparkle Christmas Tree Cake

 You will need:

1 x Cake, marzipanned and covered with white sugarpaste, instructions on how to here

Sugarpaste, white and dark blue

Small sugarpaste star cutters  and medium star cutters

Silver balls

Edible cake sparkles in white

Begin by rolling out the dark blue sugarpaste on your worksurface lightly dusted with icing sugar or cornflour to prevent it sticking.

If you have a large enough circular cutter cut out a large circle for the top of the cake, if you don’t (I really don’t know why I do!) Use a plate to cut around.  Don’t worry too much about the state of the edge, it will be covered as part of the decoration!

Using a paintbrush dampen the top of the cake with a little water.

I use a nifty water pens for cake decorating, they hold the water in the chamber of the pen (a)  I use these because 1. They’re dead easy to use 2. Children steal paintbrushes!

Lift the dark blue sugarpaste circle into place centrally on the cake and smooth the surface gently with the palm of your hand.

Now take the white sugarpaste and roll out nice and thinly on your lightly dusted work surface.  Using all these cutters stamp out a million stars in all sorts of sizes, you’ll need plenty to be working with.  It helps to dust the cutters lightly with icing sugar or cornflour and will stop the sugarpaste star from sticking in there.

Leave the stars to one side for a few minutes to start to firm up.  They are much easier to handle and don’t pull out of shape once they have dried for a short while.

A note on plunger cutters – make sure the sugarpaste you are going to cut out is not stuck to the surface first.  Cut out the shape pressing right down to the worktop/table.  Keeping the contact between surface and cutter jiggle it about to get a nice clean cut.  Release the contact and press down the plunger to eject the star.

For the non-plunger cutters, if the star gets stuck in poke it with the wrong end of a paintbrush, against the very edge of the star to help release it.  If you poke in the centre it will end up with a mark.

Cut yourself a triangle christmas tree template out of a piece of paper.  Lay it onto the cake and mark around it with some pin pricks – these will guide you when it comes to filling with stars.

Applying tiny dabs of water start lifting the stars randomly into position and secure in place with a light press of the finger.  Start at the top and work your way down.  Alternate the size of the stars as you go.

When you get to the bottom add in a couple of stars for the Christmas trees trunk.

Now in the gaps of the stars using the wrong end of paint brush make a little indent, add a dab of water and then drop in a silver ball.  A light press of your fingertip should secure it in place.

Now cut out some more large and medium stars, you will need a fair few!

Position them around the outside of the dark blue circle, overlapping them onto the white of the cake in alternating size order.  Secured again with a dab of water.

Add silver balls between the stars, both on the blue and on the white using the same technique as you did for the christmas tree.

Finally finish with a  sprinkling of holographic white sparkles to the tree and trim with a lovely ribbon.


Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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34 Responses to Stars and Sparkle Christmas Tree Cake

  1. Auds says:

    Yaay, made your cake this year can’t wait to get icing.Have 3 boys so repurposing baking stuff happens a LOT here, spatulas as light sabers is the big thing at the moment ( i secretly love it though) Thanks

  2. Nicola Noble says:

    Stunning, stunning, stunning. So beautifully simple. Will have to remember this for next year. Thanks x

  3. Bernice Mitchell says:

    Beautiful cake Ruth and the other ideas are great inspiration too. I have 3 large cakes and four minis to decorate this year – gifts for family, friends and teachers. Thank you, again.
    Had difficulty getting tutorials for the other cakes – just thought I’d let you know.
    Best wishes x

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  5. Debi Williams says:

    Thank you for this gorgeous idea!!!! Going to start on it now. So excited xx

  6. Elaine says:

    I love baking and have made your Christmas cake recipe this year. I’m less adept at the decorating but the tree looks stunning and relatively simple. Will give it a go.

  7. This is the most beautiful Christmas cake design I’ve seen!

  8. Francesca says:

    Hi Ruth… Once the cake is decorated and finished, how should it be stored? Thank you. Hope you are looking forward to a fun Christmas with your boys xx

    • Hi Francesca – yes the boys are very much looking forward to Christmas and I’m looking forward to spending some time at home! Store your cake in a cardboard box or something similar. It shouldn’t be air tight but just something to keep it safe! x Happy Christmas! x

  9. Medbh says:

    Hi Ruth, I’ve recently found your blog and have got your book! I love all your ideas and you explain everything so well! I can’t wait to try this design on my Xmas cakes! When will you marzipan your cake? And how long do you leave it for before icing? I have 7 cakes to do and was wondering how long before Xmas it’s ok I start icing! Thanks. Medbh

    • Thank you lovely! I’ll be marzipanning and decorating next week, I tend only to leave it 24hrs before adding the icing to the marzipan (loads to do here too) as I like to get it all over and done with. Anytime now is fine to get going xx

  10. Rachael G says:

    All of the cakes are lovely, but I particularly love this one. So elegant and classy, but a bit different too.

    Anything with sparkles is a winner with me though!

  11. Christine says:

    Such a beautiful design – will definitely give it a go this year!

  12. Louise Sabel says:

    Love the stars and tree – so simple but really effective 🙂

  13. Sarah Caley says:

    Hi Ruth, I live this cake! Such a simple idea but looks amazing. I have some wedding cake left over so haven’t made a christmas cake this year, but think Might have a go at re-decorating it a bit like this! Love the site ‘ looking forward to the next 12 days recipies! X

  14. Tammy Wilkinson says:

    I saw this last year an thought yup this is the one for me. Simple and efective. Your really talented, and I enjoy looking at all your recipies.

  15. anne says:

    Just love the look of this amazing cake design!

  16. Maria says:

    This is soooooo pretty.

  17. Rachel says:

    Stars and sparkle for me!

  18. Mrs P says:

    Love the colours and simplicity

  19. Julie Warrender says:

    I also am decorating 7 Christmas cakes. I am making 6 of them as Christmas presents. I just hope that they like them. Have started the marzipaning of 4 of them today and I will do the rest next week Cant wait to start the decorating of them can I cut the stars out in advance or would i be better doing them a cake at a time?

    • You can get ahead and cut them out in advance – when cut out sit them on a tray or spare cake board lightly dusted with icing sugar so that they don’t stick as they dry out, store them in a cardboard box or something similar while they dry out (not airtight or they’ll go soggy) x

  20. Rachel Teijlingen-Bell says:

    Awwww this cake is Gorgeous Ruth! 🙂
    i dont kno if ill have time to decorate mine… i made it yonks. Will have to book the cake an appt 😉

  21. Alex George says:

    I love your design. I’m a new hobby baker and feel really confident to do this after reading your instructions! Fingers crossed I manage it 🙂

  22. Vanessa taylor says:

    Loved this idea, have just iced my cake exactly the same .. But red x love it love it love it. Thanks Ruth x

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  25. Kirsty Lander says:

    Hi, this cake is beautiful! Please can you tell me which blue fondant in particular I should get to create the exact same look. I’m looking at the Renshaw Regal Ready to Ice ones, which blue would I choose?

  26. Marion says:

    A gorgeously decorated Christmas cake. I am just working on it now. I found an easy way to put the Blue fondant on. Roll it out on waxed paper. Cut out a circle and invert it on top of your cake after marking out where you want it.

  27. Pauline says:

    Absolutely stunning, just might attempt this on my Christmas cake this year, thank you:>)

  28. Pauline says:

    Absolutely stunning, may attempt this for my Christmas cake this year, thank you Pauline:>)

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