Day 4 – Gingerbread Sleighs & Giant Men!

Two different projects for Day 4 of The Pink Whisk 12 Days of Christmas – Giant Gingerbread Men and Sleigh’s too – all using a fab Gingerbread Dough

Time to get cracking!

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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462 Responses to Day 4 – Gingerbread Sleighs & Giant Men!

  1. Dominique Lapointe says:

    MMM! I’ll have to have a closer look. I wanted to make gingerbread man for Christmas! How great that you just happen to have a recipe!

  2. Gail Bedford says:

    aaaaaahhh so cute and christmassy x

  3. Mairi says:

    I was planning on trying a gingerbread house for the first time this year, but a sleigh might be the way forward!

  4. Catherine says:

    Oooh now this looks interesting…better than the traditional house methinks!! Xx

  5. ali.b. says:

    Gosh the work that must have gone into making that sleigh x

  6. wendy daniels says:

    makes a change from a house!!!

  7. Jodi says:

    Yep will have a go at this too!!!!

  8. caroline says:

    Love it!

  9. Eileen Pashute says:

    Love the sleigh, although may be a little ambitious for me this year but am sure next year my grandchildren will love it !!!!

  10. Harry says:

    Imagine the fun using Christmassy pastry cutters with this recipe!

  11. Love the sleigh. Think I might give it a go ready for Christmas morning when the kids get their sweets.

  12. Anne Marigold says:

    The sleigh is gorgeous. How would anyone dare to break into it!!

  13. Katherine says:

    These are very cute – you have such great ideas!

  14. Michelle wilks says:

    Wow the gingerbread sleigh is amazing!!!!!
    I’d love to give this a go!!! Always wanted to make a gingerbread house too!!

  15. Linda says:

    Was just thinking the other day that gingerbread men would be fun to make with my grandson, so good timing, thanks

  16. Sandra Burns says:

    Ooh, they look like fun, both to make and to eat. Again, the grandchildren would love them.

  17. Ceri Jackson says:

    Where’s my pinny?!

  18. Kath Dumbleton says:

    My sister and I were just saying we should make some gingerbread and here we go πŸ™‚

  19. Sharon says:

    Having made your cake and chutney and now on to your gingerbread, …looks like no housework again today!!!! X

  20. Jaki King says:

    The sleigh is brilliant and might have to make gingerbread as an alternative for father xmas!!

  21. Sally Tattersfield says:

    Love the sleigh!

  22. Elaine Lynn says:

    He looks delicious!!

  23. Olivia says:

    Never made a gingerbread house but I think I’ll just ambitiously go for a sleigh!

  24. Laura Thomson says:

    Don’t think I could bear to eat them! Beautiful!

  25. Mo Silverman says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  26. Brenda Greaves says:

    Is this too complicated for me?

  27. mair owen says:

    very skillful

  28. Tom Baines says:

    sleigh is amazing n gingerbread dont last long in our house

  29. steven young says:

    Far to good to eat!

  30. PaulS says:

    I love gingerbread men!

  31. Dawn Paddock says:

    Very festive,love them!!

  32. love the sleigh me n my 2 girls made xmas trees n snowmen gingerbread the weekend deorated thm wrapped em in lil bags and they are on the tree although i dont think they are gonna last long :/

  33. Clare Conlon says:

    I was actually talking to one of the guys in work yesterday about making something from gingerbread. I will have to use this recipe. Thanks!

  34. Deborah says:

    Giant Gingerman! I’m in….

  35. Susan Cameron says:

    I’ll have a go at the gingerbread men,dressed as members of my family.I’ll put one at each place for Christmas dinner.

  36. linda june gill says:

    too pretty to eat

  37. CLARE says:

    Looks too good to eat

  38. Harriet Cannon says:

    If your gingerbread is as good as your lebkuchen, these should be delicious! Going to make these with the kids…

  39. Laura C. Martin says:

    The sleigh looks lovely, might even give it a try

  40. Claire says:

    Ooh I am planning to make gingerbread sleighs filled with truffles for teacher presents this year! Perfect timing, thanks πŸ™‚

  41. Kelly Hooper says:

    Oooo I have a 4 year old who would love to have a go at one of those!

  42. Loops says:

    Oooo, I love gingerbread! Although eating the gingerbread men would add a whole extra dimension to that Christmas Dinner question ‘do you want a leg?’!

  43. shirley fowler says:

    Wow, not sure I have the patience but might jusy take a try at the sleigh!

  44. Rebecca Hawkins says:

    cant wait to have a go this weekend

  45. Heather says:

    I had a wee giggle when I saw a gingerbread sleigh – years ago I went to a Christmas craft course and one of the things we made was a fabric sleigh to fill with sweets – it involved lots of glue, sequins , frustration and an unfinished item that lay around for years. At least if this proved too challenging it is edible πŸ™‚

  46. Janet Dring says:

    Really cute

  47. katrina walsh says:

    The sleigh is by far my fave xmas item this year – adorable x

  48. Paula says:

    The sleigh is really lovely it would be such a shame to eat it,will definately be giving the gingerbread man ago though

  49. Victoria says:

    Once again you describe it so well with the pictures that the sleigh looks easy to make!

  50. Joanne Mapp says:

    I love the sleigh. I bet it would look even better on my lips

  51. Lauren Armstrong says:

    Come on it’s lovely weather for sleigh decorating together πŸ˜€

    Gorgeous Christmas recipe!

  52. sam smith says:

    i love the sleigh xx

  53. Karen Lloyd says:

    Love the sleigh, so original

  54. andrea miles says:

    I think the sleigh is amamzing

  55. Leia Jackson says:

    Do you bite the arms, legs or head off first?! haha. Very Christmasy and looking loverly to chomp into! Nommy nom nom!

  56. Gemma says:

    Another project to add to my now ever growing list!

  57. elaine stokes says:

    i love the gingerbread man, but is he too big to bite his head off!!!!!!

  58. Lesley says:

    That sleigh is really inspired, you are really on a roll!

  59. Janet Burns says:


  60. tasmina says:

    i find gingermen so cuteeeeeee.x

  61. EMMA WALTERS says:

    this would make an amazing centrepiece!!

  62. Just about to make gingerbread men and what should pop up but these great little specimens – the sleigh particularly took my fancy.

  63. Fran says:

    Yay – gingerbread…gorgeous!

  64. Jacqui McKenzie says:

    loving the different ways of using the receipe – think I’ll try the gingerbread man first, christmas is just creeping up too quick to try the sleigh for me:-)

  65. Marycarol says:

    They look fantastic – would be a shame to eat them!

  66. Susan Crosswaite says:

    love the sleigh!

  67. Allie says:

    Oooooh so Christmassy! Totally gets me in the mood! Can’t wait!!

  68. They look so pretty! I love making gingerbread houses at this time of year- the giant gingerbread cookie looks perfect as a gift too.

  69. Claire says:

    These are amazing! How do you do it?!

  70. Sharon Carleton says:

    another fab recipe – can’t wait to try!

  71. Bernice says:

    Oh he looks like he could just jump off the page and run away singing “you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!”

  72. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    aww the sleigh is beautiful !! lovely post x

  73. Paul says:

    That sleigh is awesome!

  74. Carol Peace says:

    I wish I could make gingerbread men etc they always seem to come out wrong. What a great set you have.

  75. Jan Fisher says:

    I am loving your 12 days of Christmas so far, it’s going to keep me busy as at the moment I’m going to have to make everything!

  76. Laura says:

    Wow, these look great. I may have to add gingerbread men to the Xmas hamper I’m making for my nan (along with lemon curd and the tomato chutney!)

  77. This looks awesome, I wish i could make things like that.

  78. Rachel Ray says:

    These are so beautiful – you could never eat them!

  79. Stephanie Tsang says:

    Love this, you’re so creative!

  80. John Coughlin says:

    Very impressive

  81. renae says:

    wow looks lovely πŸ™‚

  82. kirsty hazlewood says:

    They look amazing wish my icing technique was as good as yours!

  83. Charley Foulds says:

    They look so Christmassy!Really beautiful and delicious! Must have been a lot of hard work making those!

  84. Laura mantle says:

    So inventive I love gingerbread and can wait to try this fab item thanks very much pink whisk

  85. Rachel Hancock says:

    Wonder if I dare put them on the tree – too tempting for the kittens I think!

  86. Mark Whittaker says:

    I just love gingerbread men. In fact I just love ginger – even have ginger oil when I am having a massage !

  87. Emily Fraser says:

    Love gingerbread!! The sleigh looks so pretty πŸ™‚

  88. Sarah Cooper says:

    I love that sleigh!

  89. Michelle says:

    Looks too good to nom!

  90. janet wear says:

    there be a fight over who get it mmmm i win it i hide it lol

  91. Jo Henderson says:

    Looks fabulous and yummy! x

  92. Sally Lea says:

    That sleigh looks more comfy than my lounge furniture.

  93. Laura Bull says:

    Love the sleigh idea!

  94. Claire Shurrock says:

    I have made your gingerbread man cupcakes in the past and the mini men were a great success…think I may have to make these giant gingerbread men for the adults!!!

  95. Michelle says:

    Great prize!!

  96. Helen Huxley says:

    Gorgeous and scrummy

  97. conrad edwards says:

    Why do children imitate screams as they bite the arms and legs off the gingerbread men?

  98. Rach Woodcock says:

    I love that sleigh!!

  99. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    That sleigh is simply exquisite, almost too good to eat. Note I said almost….! x

  100. Mariel Pereira says:

    The Gingerbread man looks just like the one in Shrek!!

  101. Angharad says:

    Wow that’s fantastic. It would be a shame to eat it!

  102. Geraldine McCambridge Foster says:

    Wow, they are great

  103. Trish says:

    Looks lovely!

  104. Gemma Clark says:

    this looks super πŸ™‚ would love a go at making one xx

  105. Suzanne Cooke says:

    Love those guys x

  106. Christina Curtis says:

    They look super scrummy.

  107. Marie says:

    I can’t believe how good these look!

  108. Mark Palmer says:

    This looks fantastic

  109. tracy s says:

    We’d enjoy eating those πŸ™‚

  110. Julia Wallace says:

    Too Cute Ruth ….

  111. Leigh Larkin says:

    So gorgeous. Almost too nice too eat!

  112. Denise says:

    Aww he’s lovely, πŸ™‚

  113. Hannah says:

    That is christmas all over! Brilliant.

  114. diane findlay says:

    those look yummy

  115. Elaine P says:

    love them both – they’re brill

  116. Alison Kirk says:

    I’ve been planning a gingerbread church. This recipe will be perfect! Thank you.

  117. Laura Harris says:

    Amazing! Too good to eat, surely?!

  118. Gemma samanta says:

    Was going to go with the gingerbread house this year for the first time but maybe a sleigh would be more exciting

  119. Nikki Clark says:

    These look great – very professional!

  120. Abi Davidson says:

    This would be perfect for Christmas Day – but it would break my heart when someone broke into it!

  121. shelley says:

    definitely gotta give these a go the sleigh is amazing

  122. Karen says:

    What a fun thing to try to make! x

  123. Danielle says:

    A great opportunity to use my new found biscuit decorating skills.

  124. Kelly Dougherty says:

    I was hoping to have a try at a Gingerbread house, think Ill try the sleigh instead!

  125. Leanne Timmins says:

    Very cute πŸ™‚ and very talented!

  126. Lily says:

    Love the slegh!

  127. shell says:

    The sleigh looks almost too nice to eat

  128. Hannah Oneill says:

    Love the sleigh!

  129. Clare F Wood says:

    they look so tempting

  130. Aimee Swift says:

    my girls would love this x

  131. mandy richeter says:

    my ginger man turned into a blob but tasted great!

  132. EVA says:


  133. Tracy Nixon says:

    I adore gingerbread! Reminds me so much of Christmas!

  134. Janet Powell says:

    very inspirational. not sure which one to do first!

  135. Nikki L says:

    These are gorgeous! Especially love the sleigh!

  136. Janet says:

    So cute! And it is just about time to make gingerbread men because they keep so well and are so good to whip out when someone turns up for a cup of tea or mulled wine in December.

  137. Lorraine Johnson says:

    The gingerbread men look fun & cute!

  138. tessa says:

    What a lot of gingerbread!

  139. Caroline Praed says:

    Staying within my comfort zone, I have two children who will love the giant gingrbread man!

  140. Natalie says:

    Check out that sleigh! Wow oh wow! πŸ™‚ x

  141. Susan sangster says:

    Will definite have a go at the gingerbread men. My niece would love these!

  142. Julie Picton says:

    Love Gingerbread men

  143. Glenn Hutton says:


  144. Vicky says:


  145. Lisa Fuller says:

    Did a gingerbread house last year so I think the sleigh is the way forward this year!

  146. Amanda says:

    Very impressive!

  147. Megan Bayford says:

    those look divine!!

  148. Clare adkins says:


  149. cathyj says:

    this looks too nom nom nomity to eat lol

  150. Dawn F says:

    These look lovely!

  151. Melissa Beattie says:

    Thanks for the instructions on how to make the gingerbread man. I think this may just be one of the Christmas baking projects I complete with my little cousin this year, along with some peppermint snowflakes.

  152. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    Love the gingerbread men and sleigh – but wouldn’t want to eat the sleigh once it had been put together!

  153. Susan Bowe says:

    Wow this looks brilliant

  154. Lucy Birks says:

    Too pretty to eat!

  155. ruth hunter says:


  156. David Wilson says:

    love ginger

  157. Jamie says:

    Wow, I going to try this, this afternoon πŸ™‚

  158. Louise O'Carroll says:

    My boys will love me forever if I won them some gorgeous gingerbread, especially being that these are so unusal, gives us some inspiration actually, we normally just use cookie cutters in Festive shapes. Merry Christmas x

  159. Larry H says:

    Looks a lot of fun

  160. Clemmie G says:

    I’m loving the sleigh!

  161. michelle moloney says:

    this is getting more delishous each day

  162. Sue Robinson says:

    How gorgeous!

  163. Donna says:

    Love the gingerbread men, next on my list!

  164. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    looks almost to good to eat

  165. sophie hassan says:

    love it

  166. C Hui says:

    The sleigh is pretty impressive

  167. stacey green says:

    Bloomin’ Marvellous!

    Making my gingerbread house this weekend, so I’ll have a stab at your recipe. πŸ™‚

  168. Leanne says:

    That sleigh would make a great centre piece! What a lovely idea, different to the traditional house πŸ™‚ x

  169. Laura says:

    I love Gingerbread men – I always start by biting the limbs off and leave the head till last!

  170. Paula Lavender says:

    They look so beautiful but I’m afraid in my house they wouldn’t last 5 minutes – we’re all mad on gingerbread!

  171. Judith Tomkinson says:

    Sorry to say that I’ve never made gingerbread, but that might all change. You make things look so simple!

  172. Chloe Hocking says:

    I love the giant gingerbread men. Partially because they remind me of Mongo, the giant gingerbread man in Shrek. I might just be alone in that though haha!!

  173. kayleigh louise says:

    fab so cute xx

  174. Kieran says:

    enter me please

  175. Hayley Bolt says:

    Looks too good to eat!

  176. liz denial says:


  177. Amanda says:

    I definitely want to try the gingerbread men!

  178. Lou C says:

    Yum…. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas πŸ™‚

  179. Lauren says:

    How convenient I was going to do gingerbread men as an extra little pressie for people, these will be perfect I think πŸ™‚ x

  180. Andrew Petrie says:

    It all looks a bit complicated for me…

  181. Sue Hunt says:

    I’m a big fan of ginger, but that looks too good to eat!”

  182. andrea says:

    Another must make recipe x

  183. rosie says:

    Very fun! Another thing to bake!

  184. Andrew M says:

    Hmm…wish I had these last month! I wanted to make some tasty Mo’ Men for fundraising!

  185. Fiona McQueen says:

    a perfect idea to give to the Rainbows at our christmas party if only i had the time to make 25 of them

  186. Claire says:

    I’m loving the giant gingerbread man – will definitely give it a go !

  187. lucy says:

    Oh my – these look fab!

  188. Debbie says:

    Fab sleigh! Now where did i put my gingerbread reindeer?!

  189. Donna says:

    I love your sleigh, I’m going to be making my first ever gingerbread house this year, I hope mine gets as many lovely comments as yours πŸ™‚

  190. Hollie Morgan says:

    Everyone needs a biccie jar for their gingerbread men!!

  191. Rachel Browne says:

    I thinking the sleigh could be an option for when the kids break up from school. A bit easier to construct than a house!

  192. lesley-anne burnett says:

    can you use this to make the gingerbread house?
    im needing a gd recipe for it and i know your recipes are delish!!!!!!! and those pieces in todays hamper look fabulous! where can i get one?

  193. k dunn says:

    the sleighlooks great!perfect addition beside a gingerbread house

  194. Katharine cadby says:

    Thanks! A great project to do with the children!

  195. christine potter says:

    The sleigh looks really good don’t know if I could manage it but would be ok with the gingerbread person!

  196. Tricia Morrison says:

    Sleigh is a bit complicated for me- but I’ll give the gingerbread man a go! Made the salted caramels last night & ended up remelting them to a higher temperature – hard crack! Now I’m putting a disclaimer on the label that they must be sucked, not chewed or I won’t be responsible for the broken teeth! They do taste delicious though!

  197. Sue says:

    Lovely Ruth, how long will they stay fresh?

    • If you keep the baked pieces in an airtight container they will last upto a month. Once you’ve made them up as long as they are wrapped up and not open to the air they’ll last 2 weeks. They will of course last much longer than that but they would taste stale x

  198. Nicky Knight says:

    Run run as fast as you can…
    My little girl’s fave story at the mo. Need a cutter, or maybe we’ll do a template… Cutter would be easier for little hands πŸ™‚

  199. jamila says:

    I love that you don’t need a cutter to make the gingerbread man and that you provide a template! Thank you!

  200. Heather Hodgson says:

    The sleigh is such an amazing idea!

  201. Toni says:

    I love gingerbread but have never been able to make it properly… perhaps this time I will give it a go!

  202. Imogen says:

    Wow! I love the sleigh – can’t see those snowballs lasting long in my house though…

  203. Donna says:

    Would love to make sleigh. Wish I had more time.

  204. Julia says:


  205. Eleanor says:

    These would be such lovely presents, they’re gorgeous!

  206. Angela Green says:

    those gingerbread look soooo good

  207. barbara says:

    love the sleigh, definately making this.and the hamper storage jars are simply super. the pink whisk 12 days of christmas recipes and competition is so much fun. can’t wait for each days new email!

  208. Lynne Donnelly says:

    These look far too pretty to eat! Gorgeous!!

  209. tamara says:

    LOVE the sleigh, will be attempting at weekend!

  210. Louise says:

    Oooo you are clever, they look wonderful..well done.

  211. Annie says:

    Wow!! they look amazing!!x

  212. Lisa Williams says:

    the sleigh is beautiful I wish I could ice like that then maybe my gingerbread men might not lok so angry hehe

  213. Sara wright says:

    I love the gingerbread men, they look fantastic

  214. Sandy Muir says:

    What fun! Ihave made gingerbread men so now for the challenge of a sledge.

  215. Richard says:

    Nice alternative to a house.

  216. Lindsay says:

    The sleigh is amazing – way too good to eat!

  217. Rachael G says:

    I love that gingerbread man – such a lovely Christmassy smell in the house when baking them!

  218. Nicole says:

    Too cute to eat!

  219. Liz says:

    Great prize!

  220. magsb says:

    MMM gingerbread, great for a cold day

  221. gary taylor says:

    Sleigh looks really cool

  222. zoe leask says:

    that looks soooooooooo cool, will def try an make that !!!

  223. hannah says:

    Loving the 12 days of Christmas with the Pink Whisk, thanks for the lovely ideas πŸ™‚

  224. sandra smith says:

    mmm bet it tastes as good as it looks! πŸ™‚

  225. Rhonda says:

    Oh wow I love the sleigh!

  226. Katrina Wakelin says:

    They all look gorgeous.

  227. spleenyone says:

    definitely making the sleigh!

  228. Samantha Lloyd says:

    I am going to have to make some gingerbread men they look gorgeous.

  229. Gilla says:

    I love gingerbread men. Takes me straight back to childhood. The sleigh looks gorgous.

  230. Lala says:

    Yummy,Yummy I got love in my tummy!

  231. Leila Pilkington says:

    lovely x

  232. Maria says:

    I love the pattern on the sleigh.

  233. Jen Snaith says:

    Scrummy x x

  234. Laura Sanderson says:

    Look too good to eat!

  235. Kirsty says:

    Love these

  236. Anna Aird says:

    They look super. I’d love to try making these with my little boy

  237. Maree says:

    I wouldn’t be able to hind the gingerbread men , do the jars come with a lock and key πŸ™‚

  238. Rose says:

    The sleigh looks gorgeous – would make a nice table centrepiece

  239. Maree says:

    That should say hide the gingerbread men πŸ˜‰

  240. Maxine says:

    that sleigh looks amazing – my hand would never be steady enough to make this

  241. Angela Nicholson says:

    The sleigh looks great, thanks for the comp.

  242. liz wilson says:

    I know a few kids who would just love a gingerbread man. thank you

  243. Fiona Foskett says:

    These are so adorable πŸ™‚ xx

  244. Donna says:


  245. Claire Dando says:


  246. Wendy Devlin says:

    A gingerbread sleigh… how seriously cool is that!!!!!!

  247. Robert Macolive says:

    Another great recipe! Love gingerbread

  248. Caroline Scott says:

    Oh! I was gonig to make a normal gingerbread house but I might try the sleigh now. Thank for a brilliant idea

  249. Debbie Bird says:

    The sleigh is lovely

  250. Chris m says:

    Love the sleigh! Gingerbread men great for the tree.

  251. kirsty meredith says:

    Lovely stuff as usual too good to eat!

  252. Bohdan Kuczynski says:

    The kids will love this

  253. Joan says:

    Brings back lots of childhood memories for me making gingerbread men with my mam

  254. Michelle Sykes says:

    They look too good to eat

  255. Jen Boucher says:

    Wow, the sleigh is gorgeous!

  256. Rose Grant says:

    Just Wicked! I would not want to cut it, Well done, keep up the good work Pink Whisk Team!

  257. Sheila Maughan says:

    I couldn’t let anyone eat that sleigh its to lovely

  258. maureen findley says:

    i am loving the sleigh

  259. Natalie Henderson says:

    Really lovely!! πŸ™‚

  260. Christine Matthews says:

    Would be a shame to break that sleigh, too good to eat.x

  261. Karen Railton says:

    another yummy recepi to try

  262. Angie says:

    My oven is going to have to be going at full throttle with all these great Christmas recipes! Thank you for sharing them x

  263. Steven K says:

    Looks amazing, still wouldn’t be able to resist a nibble!

  264. Debbie Timms says:

    I have to try and make the sleigh myself! x

  265. Jackie says:

    Just bought two chocolate santas and I’m ready to go!

  266. Choclette says:

    Love that giant gingerbread man. Also very impressed with your Pink Whisk cornishware – lovely.

  267. LYNN DIBB says:

    looks great

  268. victoria woodhead says:

    aaaw they look fab. gingerbread is definately my favourite biscuits to make, partly cos they were the first ones to actually go right, so will definately be trying them, bit different to the normal houses you get at christmas

  269. TracieB says:

    Just too many amazing things to make, need to learn some self control otherwise I will end up with a very portly family this Christmas x

  270. Hayley jones says:

    Wow fab gingerbread

  271. Carrie Ashton says:

    Ooh I love gingerbread – we use special cutters in our house to make ‘ninjabread’ men lol

  272. Mel Briscoe says:

    The sleigh looks great and really yummy.

  273. Amy says:

    Wow that looks amazing!

  274. angie says:

    Looks yummy..not sure i would want anyone to break it up too soon tho’. The giant gingerbread man looks slightly mad with his manic grin, how fun!

  275. Emily Mills says:

    Yum! I love gingerbread!

  276. Katie says:

    The Sleigh looks lovely,be a shame to eat it πŸ™‚

  277. Kristin says:

    Perfect timing, we are baking cookies this weekend.

  278. Allison Mitchell says:

    I wouldn’t want to eat it after making it πŸ™‚ But might have to have a go x

  279. Alexandra says:

    Can’t wait to make these beauties!

  280. Kristin says:

    Perfect timing, we are baking cookies this weekend. (Sorry if this posts twice, this site seems very poplular today!)

  281. helen says:

    I love all things gingerbread men; I even have pictures of them on my wall – oh how I would love to win this and have a gingerbread christmas

  282. Beth says:

    Oh no! Had planned to make a basic house this year but the sleigh is so tempting and cute πŸ™ Decisions…

  283. Sue Chorley says:

    I now have my weekend baking planned!

  284. Lesley says:

    Another excellent recipe!! Thank you πŸ™‚

  285. Sue Saunders says:

    Already shared with my daughter at Uni who has promised to make it when she comes back!

  286. Tammy says:

    The sleigh is just amazing!

  287. Primrose Mbangatha says:

    Love it!

  288. Rebecca hurst says:

    Going to have to make the sleigh to go with my house x

  289. pet norris says:

    will attempt the gingerbread man. He won’t look as cute as yours but will definitely have a smile on his face

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    Before you posted up the step by step recipe, gingerbread (made into shapes) sounded and looked very daunting, but shall definitely give this a go one weekend with my 5 year old

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    They are fab! Mine wouldn’t look as good as them I know! xoxo

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  348. Louise Turner says:

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    …never made “ginger” man (or biscuits) ever, never really liked ginger itself but for some reason past couple of years i took to it and i think i just might give a go with few kiddies – my daughters & friends in a week or two…
    …the cupcake making & decorating has been real hit with the kids so why not ginger man or maybe sleight…?? …hmmm.

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  376. Becky Churcher says:

    What a great idea! The sleigh looks fantastic. Btw I watched the Bake Off repeat from the series you were on the other day and got inspired by your scones. I made a batch with some mixed dried fruit, mixed spice and dipped them in egg then caster sugar & cinammon for the crunch & they were great for Christmas! The kitchen smelt lovely as well.

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    Gingerbread men are perfect gift ideas x

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    I love gingerbread. I have been away on my jollidays so am just catching up on your posts now. Last year I made a lot from your 12 days of Christmas for presents and they went down a storm.

  388. Thank you so much. I was looking for a good and trustworthy gingerbread recipe (for making reindeer cookies) and now I know which recipe I’ll be using!

  389. Susanna Berry says:

    3 little boys here who would be blissfully happy to get these!

  390. Wow, the sleigh looks amazing! Almost too good to eat!

  391. Alex says:

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  403. Adam says:

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  404. Sara Harrison says:

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  408. Amy says:

    I love Gingerbread!! Although I prefer it to be soft with a lil crunch! Sometimes when you buy it it’s really crunchy!
    I may give this a go and have some on Xmas eve πŸ™‚ thanks for the recipes and ideas!!
    Amy x

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  410. Louise Brown says:

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    You’ve really re-inspired me to bake again with these 12 days so far, was just doing the same recipes mostly but Christmas gives me a chance to experiment and share the love!

  419. justine meyer says:


  420. Jo Hughes says:


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  426. I’ve recently rediscovered gingerbread and have been using it to make decorations and gifts. I have my heart set on making a gingerbread house but not quite sure when I’ll fit that in!

  427. dirtgirl says:

    Great gingerbread recipe, will be trying these out with my little mini masterchef, grandson aged 4. He loves to bake.

  428. Cenders says: Granddaughters and I will make for Christmas!

  429. Natty says:

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  434. These look gorgeous, and so intricate. Very impressive. I’d say the sleigh could be used as a centre piece at the xmas dinner table and then for after the whole family could demolish it πŸ˜€

  435. Anna Marie says:

    Totally Adorable! πŸ™‚

  436. Rebecca Fox says:

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  438. Rachel F says:

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    Those Gingerbread men are enormous!!! I think I’d have to only give my little boy a limb at a time!!!

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    A good idea and makes a change from doing a house every year. My little one will love this πŸ™‚

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