Day 6 – Sausage and Bacon Cranberry Tarts


A little something savoury for Day 6 of our 12 Days – I’m thinking buffet table or simply scoffing them straight off the cooling rack! x

Makes 12.


1 x qty Savoury Shortcrust Pastry recipe here

225g good quality sausagemeat

100g bacon

salt and pepper

200g fresh cranberries

4 tbsps cranberry jelly


Preheat the oven to 180c (fan)/200c/Gas Mark 5.

Grease the recesses of a 12 hole tartlet tin – I love the fluted tins, they make pastry cases look so pretty!

Roll out your shortcrust pastry on your worksurface, lightly floured.


Cut out 12 circles and for now just lay them over the top of the holes in the tray, letting them sit there whilst you work.

This gives them a chance to soften a little and they start to sag into the recesses of their own accord – if you jam them in straight off the pastry will often crack and pull out of the round shape you’re after.

Once they’re all cut out gently ease them down, pressing with your fingertips to line the recess.  If they’re not playing ball and still not going in nicely put the tray into the oven for 30 seconds, out and then try again!

Pastry cases done, now on with the filling.

Dice the bacon and add it to a bowl along with the sausagemeat and a good dose of salt and pepper.  Give it a good mix up.

Now divide the filling between the 12 pastry cases.

Cut some little circles of baking paper and place on top of the filling of each one.  These little circles will stop the filling from drying out as they bake.

Now into the oven for 18 minutes.

Allow them to cool in the trays for five minutes before removing the paper circles and transferring to a wire rack.  Careful as you transfer them though there may be hot liquid fat around the filling which you can easily burn your fingers on!

Into a pan put the cranberries and cranberry jelly, heat gently, stirring often until the cranberries soften (about 5 mins)

Spoon the cranberry mixture over the tops of the tarts.

And ta dah!  They’re done!

Make them ahead of time and freeze until you need them x

Sausage and Bacon Cranberry Tarts

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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481 Responses to Day 6 – Sausage and Bacon Cranberry Tarts

  1. Kirstie phillipson says:

    Ooh they look and sound scrummy. I think they will have to be added to my Christmas dinner 🙂

  2. Claire says:

    yum yum! another marvellous combination.

  3. Nicola Thomas says:

    I don’t think these will last long enough on the cooling rack in my house. lol x

  4. Alexis says:

    These look very festive x

  5. I only have one word to describe them YUM.
    xx Merry Christmas. xxx

  6. Catherine says:

    Christmas day nibbles 🙂 nom! X

  7. Joanne says:

    I love a wee savoury tart, somehow I manage to justify eating all the sweet treats if I homebake something nice and savoury. Crazy logic, but it works for me! 😉 x

  8. Linda says:

    Perfect for Christmas Eve nibbles with some mulled wine 🙂

  9. Nicola Smaller says:

    Sound nice x

  10. caroline says:

    V cute. x

  11. Oh yum! Perfect for whipping out when visitors call round!

  12. Marie says:

    Love the idea of freezing them ahead.

  13. Mairi says:

    Not a combination I would have thought of but it’s great to try new things, pretty sure my husband is going to love these x

  14. Oh my word these recipes are cracking! Thanks Ruth x

  15. Fiona McQueen says:

    wow they look lovely

  16. Aron says:

    These look great. Can you tell me where you got your baking tray with the fluted edges?

  17. Rebecca hurst says:

    Oh these would be great for my Christmas drinks party

  18. Sue says:

    Great tip about letting the pastry circles sit, I’ve always had problems when I’ve stuffed them in straight away. Thanks. X

  19. Another great idea to try – thanks

  20. Natalie says:

    Oouu Yum 🙂 x

  21. Emma Hazlewood says:

    Nice alternative to sausage rolls! Yum x

  22. Vikki Peden says:

    Sound lovely for Christmas tea time

  23. Rebecca Blake says:

    Oooo look scrummy. May well make some for new year party 🙂 Is there anything else I can replace the cranberries with?I cook for a fussy man

  24. Sandy says:

    Mmmm these look so yummy and I am betting they taste divine…

  25. Jodi says:

    Can’t wait to try these out, look very tasty

  26. Brenda Greaves says:

    loving these recipes thanks x

  27. Lynne McEvoy says:

    These look delicious, I shall be adding them to my boxing day lunch menu.

  28. Sharon says:

    must try these so far been to supermarket every day this week ,my hubby is beginning to think there’s something going on!!!!

  29. Kath Dumbleton says:

    They look yummy 🙂

  30. Ceri Jackson says:

    They look beautiful and scrummy!

  31. Rachel Hancock says:

    Lovely 🙂

  32. Sally Campbell says:

    Yum!! These will be appearing on my boxing day buffet table! 🙂

  33. Lesley says:

    Good grief, those look amazing!

  34. Anne Marigold says:

    Delicious! xx

  35. Steven K says:

    Mouth watering!

  36. Helen Huxley says:

    Tasty & fab looking

  37. Lizi says:

    So much baking, so little time! Why does it all have to look amazing?!

  38. Sandra Burns says:

    These look delicious, ideal for Christmas I think.

  39. Diana Tucker says:

    They look lovely!
    (I’m allergic to pork, but I’m sure my mum will make these for the ‘party’ on boxing day. Thank you.

  40. Karen says:

    Much prettier than sausages rolls on a buffet table, just like little jewels shining.

  41. Janet Burns says:

    Will have to try them

  42. Georgina says:


  43. Emma Lodge says:

    Yummy, love savoury tarts. Do you think this would work with brie as a veggie alternative? Not that I’m veggie I just love brie and cranberry!

  44. claire says:

    great for parties

  45. Emma H says:

    Oh, I’m going to make these. Tasty AND good for the bladder 🙂

  46. Trish says:

    These make such a change from the usual buffet food, lovely idea

  47. Alexandra says:

    Yum, look like jewels on top! Can’t wait to try these!

  48. Laura Thomson says:

    Ooh, might do these for a starter for Christmas dinner… Thank you.

  49. Definitely for scoffing!

  50. Dominique Lapointe says:

    Those look delicious!

  51. Tracy Nixon says:

    Great idea for nibbles on Christmas Eve or at New Year – with a glass of wine!

  52. Hannah says:

    They look very pretty & festive.

  53. syma fareed says:

    OOh these are going to be on the appetiser menu for xmas!!

  54. Donna Allgrove says:

    Cool might try these for our christmas party in a couple of weeks. Right, off to the shop to get the ingredients so I can try them out before then. Thanks

  55. Victoria says:

    Love the idea of the whole cranberries!

  56. Susan Cameron says:

    As I’m addicted to cranberries in any form (my pregnancy craving was cranberry jelly and Nutella sandwiches!),these would be perfect.

  57. PaulS says:

    They look great.

  58. Emily B says:

    Just lovely. Perfect snacket to eat while opening pressies.

  59. Emily says:

    ooooh look gorgeous!

  60. Sue Harte says:

    I love your little hints and tips in amongst the recipes.This looks very delicious.

  61. Haha I’m a veggie – so I think I’ll stick to the sweet stuff! 😉 x

  62. Diane says:

    Another genius idea!! I am already making some mini quiches for over Xmas so will definitely have to add these, they look so gorgeous.

  63. Helen says:

    Ooh, yummy. I’m trying to justify these in my mind as Xmas day canapes, but I’m sure we’d just eat too many and ruin our appetite for the turkey!

  64. Christina says:

    Wow looks lovely! will be making those most definitely

  65. Juliet Flower says:

    These look so delicious! Ideal for canapés whilst opening presents.

  66. Penny Hankey says:

    Ooh, yum! I needed an idea for a “do” next week to which I have to take a plate of savouries. Thanks for the recipe.

  67. Caroline Praed says:

    These look wonderful, and so much easier to make than I thought.
    Will save me a fortune in the supermarket, where the equivalent ‘deli’ item is SO expensive!

  68. Hollie says:

    Great recipie

  69. Vicky says:

    Yummy will definitely have to make a note of this recipe!

  70. Rachel Brown says:

    Oh yes, I know exactly when I’m making these for!

  71. stephanie Llewellyn says:

    would love to try these

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    These look fabulous!! Thank you

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    These look delicious…and will be perfect appetisers on Christmas day with a glass of bubbly

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    Nice to see something a bit different – and so pretty!

  75. Charley Foulds says:

    WOW I’ve never seen this recipe before- i will definitely try it out!!!

  76. Loops says:

    As a fan of savoury over sweet, this is one of your creations I’ll be making for myself and not to give awaay as presents! *nom*

  77. tamara says:

    will substitute goats cheese for sausage as veggie option…

  78. Ann Macey says:

    As far as my tastebuds are concerned eating meat and fruit in the same thing is like eating dinner and pudding off the same plate. I like my flavours separate. I’ll take the sausage and bacon in a bun and the cranberry tart for afters – cranberries are fabulous in Brownies too

  79. Jen Snaith says:

    Very nice x x

  80. Susan Crosswaite says:


  81. Donna says:

    So pretty

  82. Jaki King says:

    Need a bigger oven and more time to bake everything!!

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    They look incredible! We’re all going to have amazing feasts this Christmas!

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    yumm!!! Another fab recipe. Thanks Ruth!

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    Will definitely be making most of your recipes this christmas Ruth xx

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    They look lovely. Perfect for xmas buffet.

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    Love meat with fruit combination.

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    They look fantastic – very Christmassy 🙂

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    This has made me very hungry!

  95. Petra Curtis says:

    Thank you for a lovely savoury recipe for my hubby. 🙂

  96. Angharad says:

    They look delicious

  97. liz denial says:

    Hmm might have to try these with vegetarian lincolnshire sausage & quorn meat free style bacon

  98. Lovely idea will be making these xx

  99. Dawne says:


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    Party nibbles!

  101. Janet Powell says:

    these look SO festive!

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    I might use turkey mince aqs an alternative x

  103. Mel D says:

    Wow these look amazing! These might well be in our Boxing Day buffet (if I can conquer gluten free pastry, and they last that long!). Can I ask where you got your fluted tartlet tray from, Ive not seen one before?

  104. vidhya ramasubramaniam says:

    Definitely going to try making this, this weekend

  105. Laura Birkin says:

    wow they look great! I thought they were sweet tarts at first! x

  106. Polly says:

    They look too good to eat.

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    Look forward to trying these out and eating them!

  108. Claudine Kelly says:

    Perfect for new year’s eve party!

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    Mmm – with salad for tea on Boxing Day? Yes please!

  110. Mo Silverman says:

    Drool! These look divine!

  111. Susan Bowe says:

    They look delicious

  112. traceyh says:

    having a go at these lovelies for boxing day.
    thanks ruth xx

  113. Alana Walker says:

    Yum, looks tasty.x

  114. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    These look lovely, really christmassy too

  115. Kathryn says:

    Definitely Christmassy looking!

  116. abigail edkins says:

    yummy, these look delicious

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    look so pretty

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    Mmm I’m defo giving these little beauties a go!
    Genius! 🙂 x

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    Wow. Perfect Christmas day nibbles.

  120. Tricia Morrison says:

    These look delicious – and something a bit different from the usual susage rolls! I’ll give them a go!

  121. Nicola Richardson (@nicolacupcake) says:

    *Adds to Boxing Day Buffet list *

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    Definitely a scoff off the cooling rack lol

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    These look lovely! What a great idea!

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    They look really Christmasy – perfect for my Christmas buffet! Thanks for another great recipe x

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  132. Now these look fantastic will be a big hit with mr b – I think we’re the family that will eat them off the rack!!!

  133. Bernice says:

    Mmmm this is a combination I would never have put together but they sound quite nice after reading the recipe. Another treat from the Pink Whisk – yum! x
    I l-o-v-e the glass stand and heart shaped board!!!!!

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    These are a great idea. They look delicious

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    Straight from the cooling ack sounds good to me !

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    Anything with bacon goes down well here 🙂

  138. nichola says:

    Might make a tray of these on saturday, what do you think the cranberries would be like with a brie filling for vegies?

    • I think they’d be superb! Would probably blind bake the pastry cases before adding the brie though and then just warm through with the brie and cranberries added (that’s if you wanted to serve them warm ) x

  139. Alison Barker says:

    They look gorgeous

  140. Caroline Scott says:

    Oh, they look wonderful. Do you think it would be acceptable to use cranberry jelly on its own without the fresh cranberries? I’m going to give it a go

  141. JillyMac28 says:

    I’m not wild about cranberries either, nor do I fancy the apple, but I was thinking a small teaspoon of Branston (or similar) and a cooked star of puff pastry or thinly rolled out cheese straw mix, with extra egg wash to make nice and shiny.

  142. Lynne Lee-Diep says:

    My word! They look divine! How you make something look so fabulously “Premium Range” but easy at the same time is amazing! Xx

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    Oooh they look lovely – any excuse to have more cranberries at christmas sounds good to me!

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    Ooh, I don’t have a great history with cranberries (ruined many a nice muffin!) but I will certainly try it with the apple combo!

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    ooooh yum these look amazing..yet another fab recipe to put my diet on hold for – well it is almost christmas lol

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    What an unusual idea! Nice to have savoury things to bake as well as sweet!

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    Pastry. Bacon. Sausage. Cranberry.

    Four words. One little tart = HUGE craving these sound so good.

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    Interesting combination for sure..

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    Very tasty!

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    these look delicious…thanks for the ideas

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    They look super delicious! Another mini treat to add to my list to try over Christmas.

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    nom,nom,nom,nom 🙂 xx

  156. Karen Evans says:

    Definitely making these, they look so delicious and much easier than sausage rolls!

  157. Sarah says:

    Look delicious. This twelve ‘days of Christmas comp is baffling me’. Unsure of where I have posted comments. Do know that I made your fudge last year and will be making it again this time. It was lovely.

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    Wow – I’ve been busy creating unusual ingredient pairing recipes for the festive season but never thought of this. Delicious!

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    They look lovely – nice change from pigs in blankets!

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    They are so pretty. My mouth is watering

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    These look delicious and certainly a bit different

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    Spent hours this morning scanning various supermarket aisles for inspiration and being horrified at the prices and ingredients added – these are exactly what I want – you’re a genius!

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    Oooh these look fabulous!

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    They sound fantastic.

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    These are a definite for my Christmas buffet table. They are bound to be a big hit with all the family.

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    Ummmm, as I could sole shoes with my pastry I will just admire these

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    Hubby heaven – all of his fave things in one!

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    They do indeed look completely delicious!!

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    More savoury recipes please! These look great.

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    These look fabulous! I agree with a comment above- perfect for Christmas Eve 🙂 x

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    At last a savoury Christmas nibble that doesn’t involve mincemeat! Thank you.

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    I cannot get enough fresh cranberries. I just love them. Thanks for another great way to use them!

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    They do look lovely xxx

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    beautiful! And so original. Perfect for parties.

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    they look so pretty! we’ve got friends staying over this weekend for festive cheer, I think I’ll whip some of these up, they’ll be a big hit for sure!

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    Cranberry and bacon? Strange combination but interesting to see how they taste. Thanks for the comp.

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    They look lush!!!

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    Something else to add to my shopping list! I don’t know how I am going to find the time to make all these treats! Ruth, stop spoiling us ! (ps I don’t really mean it)x

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    The fluted tin is amazing! I have to get one.

    What diameter cutter do you use, Ruth? I always feel like mine is too small.

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    I’d eat them straight off the rack 🙂

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    My first order from the pink whisk shoppee has just arrive woooo hoooo away to make the day 1 elves although these tarts look lovely too x

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    Really loving the Xmas countdown, these look flabby. Really love the website and carrot cake is my all time fave. Keep up the good work. x

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    Another lovely savoury food for my christmas eve buffet to sit next to the pork and apple sausage rolls which you shared with us last year.

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    these look absolutely delicious, I am finding catering for veggies more of a challange

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    Vibrant reds on a savoury tart. Just don’t get them mixed up with dessert.

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  240. liz wilson says:

    I say scoff from the cooling rack too

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    How Yummyish

  243. Ann Quinn says:

    Very Christmassy

  244. Claire Dando says:

    These are interesting.

  245. Jen Webster says:

    I am going to follow your recommendation by making these ahead and freeze them until needed.
    Would you reheat them from frozen or defrost first? How long for and oven temperature?
    I guess I like to be careful reheating meat products since my poor dad years ago got food poisoning from not re-heating a sausage roll properly!!
    Or should I just let them defrost and eat cold, like a pork pie? Twenty questions, Ruth :0) xxx

  246. lynn lewer says:

    they look yummy

  247. Michelle wilks says:

    Wow not a combo I would have put together, but they sound amazing!!! Definatly going to try them, love all those ingredients, thanks Ruth!!

  248. Sandra Watt says:

    Very tasty they look. Will try them for Christmas nibbles

  249. Kathy Akroyd says:

    I have a great tart tin with 24 mini wells so might do these as little canapes! Fab x

  250. Bev says:

    Fantastic idea…..beautiful colour for the festive table

  251. Sian says:

    These look and sound delicious! *tummy rumbles*

  252. Jasmine says:

    these sound really scrummy!

  253. Louise Laggan says:

    ….and now for something completely different! look fantasfic and great to have in freezer. thank youx

  254. Hannah says:

    Loving the cranberries on top, I have them with all things savoury! X

  255. Sarah Caley says:

    You’ve just solved my issue of what to make/bring as “nibbles” to the WI Christmas party on Monday thanks.

  256. Ruth Garland says:

    How beautiful do these look?! Very eye catching and tempting! x

  257. Marie Belfort says:

    They look so festive. They wouldn’t last long on the buffet table.

  258. tessa says:

    Never would have thought of sausage meat and cranberry; but why not!?

  259. Joan says:

    Ideal to eat on boxing day when all of the family come round

  260. Fiona Dobson says:

    They look yummy Ruth x

  261. Maria says:

    These look good! I have been looking for a tartlet or patty tin for a while. Can’t see one on TPW shop, do you know if you will sell one eventually? Xx

  262. Soraya says:

    These look so tasty, nice one Ruth x

  263. Clare H says:

    they look delicious

  264. Jayne says:

    These look great. Will be good for a buffet along with your cheese and tomato chutney tarts. Can you freeze them too?

  265. Jennifer says:

    Your pastry cases look fab!

  266. Rainie Bish says:

    Sound delicious, will be trying them myself

  267. Rainie Bish says:

    Sounds delicious, will be trying them myself

  268. kerry s says:

    a nice Christmassy nibble 🙂

  269. Sarah Gosling says:

    I’m sure my partner would love these, but I’m not keen on cranberries. very chrismasy tho.

  270. Christine R says:

    My other half would love these!

  271. Annette Hanley says:

    These look really nice a fab alternative to the sausage rolls we usually make at Christmas.

  272. Kareng says:

    Going to make mini ones as canapes!

  273. Aine grant says:

    Santa Claus will be getting a nice treat with these!

  274. Lauren Armstrong says:

    Aw, how fabulous, and super convenient from the freezer!!

  275. Helen Cosby says:

    Another winning Christmas recipe. Yum!

  276. Sian summers says:

    I like the idea of something savoury to bake. Everyone in the family but me is a savoury junkie. This should keep them happy.

  277. cathy says:

    Now i know what to do with the cranberries that have arrived in my veggie box yum

  278. kathleen hooper says:

    i wouldn’t have thought of this combination, but will try it now

  279. Maggi fletcher says:

    Look amazing. Great addition to Xmas eve buffet table.
    Thank you Ruth x

  280. Hannah P says:

    Ooooh, they’d be great for fun party food

  281. Tashi Harding says:

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    Amy x

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  408. Carrol West says:

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  438. Sue Slade says:

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