Chocolate Amaretto Schichttorte & Cashew Baklava

It’s not often I get to bake something a little bit different from the norm but these two #StorkTwist recipes delivered it in bucket loads.

First up a Chocolate Amaretto Schichttorte – the method looks a little daunting, baked in layers under the grill but I have to say I loved baking it and loved eating it too! (only 12 layers for me though – tsk!)

Lemon Meringue Sept 173

And a Honey Roast Cashew and Sesame Baklava – with the option of your own homemade Filo pastry – if you’re in the for the quick option then shopbought is far easier (and I promise I won’t tell Paul & Mary)

Lemon Meringue Sept 004

Ruth x

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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