The Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating

Well, it’s just a fortnight until my book hits the shops.


So it’s definitely time to fill you in on all the ins and outs of where you can nab a copy, or get me to sign it for you…..

If you’d like a sneaky peek then head to Amazon where you can do the whole ‘look inside’ thingy….

Whilst the cheapest place to buy The Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating is looking like Amazon I have had several requests from Pink Whiskers  for signed copies.  

You can order your own signed copy directly from me – all the details are here and if you order it now I should be able to get it to you before it hits the shops (perks of being a Pink Whisker!)


I’ll be in the Authors’ Area (another EEEEEEK of terror!) at Cake International – The Cake Decorating and Baking Show at ExCeL London 27-29 April 2012 – you’ll find me in a cloud of icing sugar where I’ll be signing copies and chatting  so if you’re at the show please stop and say hello (and treat yourself to a signed copy too of course!)

Not only that, I’ve got five pairs of tickets to the show to giveaway, valid for any one day. So if you fancy winning yourself a pair of tickets just leave me a comment on this post.  Giveaway closes at 1pm Thursday 19th April 2012, five lucky winners will be chosen at random from all the comments received and will be contacted directly shortly after closing.


Winners of the tickets are:

Debbie – Leigh on Sea

Tori – Essex

Joanne – East Yorkshire

Linda – Oxfordshire

Jocelyn – Newton

Each of the winners has been contacted directly.

See you soon – I’ll be peeking at you from the shelves of your local bookshop!

Ruth x

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire


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201 Responses to The Busy Girl’s Guide to Cake Decorating

  1. Caroline says:

    Can’t wait for the book, had a sneaky peek on Amazon and it looks great! Also would absolutely love to go to Cake International so fingers crossed 🙂 All the best for the book x

  2. Joanne Baldwin says:

    Looking forward to getting a copy of your book so i can start to make my own 30th bday cake!!

  3. Helen McNeill says:

    Book looks great, Ruth – have been looking forward to it since you first announced it. Will you be coming to Telford in May?

    • Thanks Helen. I don’t think I’m going to make it to Telford in May, I just can’t fit it in 🙁 xx

      • Helen McNeill says:

        That’s a shame 🙁 Saw you at the NEC back end of last year and tried to get to talk to you, but you were being shamelessly hogged by someone else and my 3 year old got bored after standing around for ages… Got a babysitter booked for Telford (thanks Grandma!) and thought I might get lucky… never mind!

  4. Leanne McMillan says:

    Really looking forward to reading your book, going to have a peek on amazon now xx

  5. Aisling says:

    Very excited about the book, is on my wish list 🙂 Would love a day at Cake International, and if I won tickets then Hubby can’t object to me going! x

  6. Leanne says:

    I ordered my copy from Amazon weeks ago – just had the email saying publication has been brought forward. So excited for you, and can’t wait to have a good flick through!! x

  7. Sian says:

    How exciting! We seem to have been waiting for it for such a long time now… must seem even longer for you! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy x

  8. Chris says:

    Great looking book – looking forward to reading more!

  9. Gill says:

    If ever a book was written just for me, it’s this one. Good luck with it!

  10. Keeley L says:

    Ooh, the sneaky peek pages on Amazon look brilliant. Well done on such an amazing achievement! 😀

  11. Tara says:

    Eek back at you! Couldn’t happen to a nicer baker 🙂
    Hope it’s a HUGE success.

  12. jasmine walton says:

    Congratulations on the book Ruth, it looks brilliant! And it’s the perfect title to add to my kitchen library of cookery books! All the best x

  13. Alison lake says:

    Looks fab, well do e u must be very proud and rightly so.

  14. Rhona Welsh says:

    That is really exciting! Good luck with the Launch. I would LOVE to go to Cake International! Hopefully see you there…

  15. Congratulations on your book! I’m looking forward to reading it!

  16. Would love to go to the cake show, and def will be getting your book – can’t wait 🙂 x

  17. Eloise says:

    Ooh! So excited for your book! Your blog posts are so easy to follow, so I’m looking forward to trying out the decorations! x

  18. Michelle Thompson says:

    Yay it seems like ages since u said u were doing a book I can’t wait to learn some tricks! I am hoping to go to cake international with my mum anyway so maybe I’ll see you there! X

  19. Debbie Blerkom says:

    Cant wait for the book to come out, it looks fab :0) hopefully see you at the show x x

  20. Gemma R says:


  21. Emma Shilton says:

    Your book looks brilliant, congratulations Ruth 🙂

  22. Miss Procrastination says:

    Book looks fantastic & would love a trip to Excel!

  23. Louise Gilpin says:

    Can’t wait for the book. Ordered my copy today 🙂

  24. ally bright says:

    Book ordered and cant wait for the show, fingers crossed for the tickets but if not see you there 🙂

  25. Valerie Woodcraft says:

    Looking forward to the book and it would be so nice to go to Excel.

    • Bushra Rashid says:

      The book looks gorgeous. I hope your next one will be more recipe based as every one of your recipes are foolproof &utterly divine!

  26. Anj says:

    Book looks gorgeous!! Would love a visit to the cake show too!

  27. Kathy says:

    Want this, want this, WANT THIS. Placing my order now.

  28. Fleur says:

    Very exciting! Looks like a great book. 🙂

  29. Maria says:

    Well congrats on your 1st book! I’m sure it will do really well. P.S. would love to win cake international tix! Xx

  30. Jayne says:

    Wow, well done and congratulations!!!

  31. Zoe Addison says:

    Book ordered – just what I need :-). Can’t wait til it arrives

  32. Michelle Willshaw says:

    Just had a sneaky peak on Amazon. Love the layout of the book, it will be added to my wish list! Best of luck with it.

  33. Eve Rubens says:

    I would love to meet you at the show and be inspired.

  34. maureen warke says:

    So looking forward to your book, looks fabulous, have fun at the show, would love to win so I could attend…

  35. LizF68 says:

    Just bought my signed copy, cant wait woo hoo! Sad to read we won’t see you at Telford 🙁

  36. Carolyn Talkes-Nicholls says:

    Finally! I’ve had the book on my Amazon Wish list for months! Can’t wait – well done Ruth x

  37. Lindy Penny says:

    Book looks totally fab! Stop saying eeek! And start saying Yay!!!!

  38. Hi, I can’t wait to see your book, it looks lovely!! Please consider me to win a pair of tickets, because I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to the show!!

  39. Sarah says:

    Amazing – can’t wait to get it 🙂 xxx

  40. Mona says:

    Can’t wait to get hold of your book, I have been following your recipes for a long long time now, and have come back for more every time simply because your recipes deliver!
    I love your cakes especially, I was a complete baking beginner before The Pink Whisk ‘whisked’ it’s way into my life, but now I’m keen to try out your ideas for decorating, they look gorgeous!

  41. Alexia says:

    I am completely self taught so lots of mistakes made along the way but that’s how I learn! Really looking forward to your book for help. Had a sneaky peak on Anazon and it looks fab!

  42. Jocelyn Bays says:

    As an avid cake decorator, can’t wait to read your book. Good luck with the book sales and at Cake International. Would love the opportunity to see you there.

  43. Sarah Dalton says:

    Firstly congratulations on your book! Secondly it’s on my birthday list but not sure I can hold out that long!! X

  44. Lesley says:

    Well done Ruth you give us all such a lot of brilliant recipes and ideas.Good luck at the show.

  45. Diane Robbins says:

    Good Luck Ruth, you deserve it. Want to buy for a very special friend and my own copy x

  46. Claire Headman says:

    Oooo book looks fab & I’d love some tickets to Excel ;0)

  47. Many congratulations Ruth! Really looking forward to getting lots of inspiration from your brilliant book!

  48. Mary says:

    Just sneaked a look on Amazon. The book looks amazing can’t wait to get hold of a copy.

  49. Teresa clanfield says:

    Looking forward to reading your book Ruth 🙂
    It looks so colourful. Can’t wait to try out the recipes and ideas with my little girl xxx all the best 🙂

  50. Rachel Parkinson says:

    Have had your book on order for what seems like forever now, soooo excited for it to arrive. If it’s anywhere near as good as your baking day at Seasoned I know I wont be disappointed!

  51. Francesca says:

    You must be so excited Ruth!! Congratulations. I cannot wait for my copy of your book to arrive. I’ve had it pre-ordered for months 🙂 xx

  52. midgie says:

    Had a sneaky view on amazon, book looks fab definitely going to order a copy! 🙂

  53. Sam Keeper says:

    Wow that looks like a great book. You should be proud of yourself 🙂

  54. Rebecca Heath says:

    Hi, lots of exciting times ahead for u then, u really do deserve it, lots of luck with the book. Iv pre ordered mine and I can’t wait to get it. I’d love to attend cake international so I could meet u and get my book signed.good luck x

  55. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Fabulous ideas! Book looks amazing. Tricks of the trade are always most welcome 🙂

  56. Rachel Browne says:

    Love the look of the book congratulations – love Sindy! Looking forward to reading it. Plus I really like your blog the chocolate tray bake is a big winner in our house now.

  57. Choclette says:

    Oh well done Ruth. Shows how out of it I’ve been as I didn’t know you had a book on the go. Hope it sells well. Good Luck.

  58. Jacqui McKenzie says:

    woooooowwwwww – book looking cracking Ruth, am sure loads of sweat, tears and love gone into it. cant wait to start flickin thru & having a go:-)

  59. Choclette says:

    Oops, didn’t realise this was a giveaway. Please don’t count me in for tickets, although I wouldn’t of course say no to your book!

  60. Adele says:

    Ruth I think your book is looking fantastic, I’m looking forward to purchasing it, and getting all the help I can being a novice cake baker.
    I would love to go to cake international after seeing and saying hi nervously lol at the good food show.
    Regards & good luck. Xx

  61. Emma says:

    Can’t wait to get my copy of the book, had it on pre-order for a couple of months, could do with it now for something to read whilst I’m off work poorly 🙁

  62. bakingaddict says:

    Congratulations on your book! It looks AMAZING!! exactly what I need. I will buy tickets to the cake international if I dont win these so I can get my signed copy 🙂 will you be there all weekend or only on certain days?

  63. Zoe Smith says:

    Well done !! Your book looks fantastic.Must be amazing to see your work in print,,, so jealous maybe one day, you never know 😉 Would love a pair of tickets then I could come and congratulate you in person . x

  64. Claire says:

    Really can’t wait for the book, I’d have to make lots more cakes when I get it to make sure I put it to good use! And I would love a trip to Cake International for lots more inspiration!

  65. emily farley says:

    Congratulations on your book! It looks fab.. I can’t wait to read more of your recipes and innovative ideas for decorating cakes. Excellent blog, best of luck with it all x

  66. Mary-Ellen Duthie says:

    Congratulations. Your first book looks fab – hope it sells like hotcakes!

  67. Nichola says:

    Brilliant news about the book! Can’t wait to pick upa copy and to win tickets is a bonus 🙂

  68. Lorraine says:

    How fabulous, well done!! It’s such a pleasure to see someone create & live their dream. Hopefully one day I can ditch the office and focus on my cake passion too 🙂 , for now your book is just what I need to keep me going and will be in my kitchen soon. Thank you xxxx

  69. Jo says:

    How exciting to be a published author, would love to see you at the show and will definitely be buying the book. Good luck with both the book and the show x

  70. jessie harris says:

    I have a birthday coming up so have put your book on my must have list – I’ve even copied a link to my sons so fingers crossed.

    I’d love to be entered into your cake show ticket draw too

    Keep the recipes coming – I’m hooked 🙂

  71. tracey h says:

    pre ordered with amazon and i cant wait now lol.
    been looking forward to your first book ruth.
    congratulations you must be so proud!
    tracey x

  72. Lynn says:

    I’ve ordered my copy – looking forward to it arriving x

  73. andrew.standeven says:

    Best of luck for the launch!!

  74. Bex says:

    I can’t wait for your book to hit the shelves. Looking forward to creating (well attempting to!!) some of your masterpieces. x x x

  75. Sarah keeble says:

    Book looks amazing, can’t wait to get it & would love to come & meet you at Excel.

  76. Samantha Whitlam says:

    The book looks great! Congratulations!
    Would love to get a signed copy – at the show if I can!!!

  77. Samantha Whitlam says:

    Also- I love your photos! You should have a calendar!

  78. Lynne Lee-Diep says:

    How exciting! Book release AND signing your copies at the Cake Show! Hope you get a chance for good ol’ nosey round the show and get kitchen goodies to add to your collection! :p
    Love it when you can nosey through a book on Amazon! Book looks fab! I’d be beaming and so proud I’d burst if it was me! 😀

  79. BeckyR says:

    Would love to go the Cake Show and see you. You book looks great. Thanks for having the contest.

  80. katie yang says:

    Please put my name into the draw for the tickets, I would love to attend an event like that! Really looking forward to your book 🙂

  81. Christine Harrison says:

    Well done Ruth I know that All of your family are really proud of you especially hubby and the boys. I only started baking after watching you. I have never been to a baking show and would love the experience.

  82. Rachel Priday says:

    My super talented baker friend would love this!

  83. Kerry says:

    hi Ruth I am fairly new to cake decorating but since discovering The Pink Whisk I am getting better and better. Congratulations on the book can’t wait to get my copy Kerry x

  84. Linda says:

    Well done on your first book! It look amazing I’m sure it will be the first of many. I’m making room on my colliery shelf and buying lots of icing sugar in anticipation

  85. Sarah says:

    Wow book looks awesome Ruth.
    You should do a competition to won a signed copy. Xx

  86. Linda says:

    That was meant to say cookery shelf! Good luck at the show I’d love to come Best wishes Lin

  87. Kirstie says:

    Oo Ruth, this must be so exciting for you. I’m looking fwd to this and all I do is read your blog and bake from it!

    Enjoy it all!! And I look fwd to having you peek at me from my already slightly full recipe book shelf!

  88. Sam Fountain says:

    Dont know if i commented in the right place earlier, so just to make sure i did – So excited for this book, have ordered my signed copy! Hoping to win some tickets, would be great to meet such an inspirational person. xx

  89. Congratulations on the book!
    My sneaky peek on amazon has confirmed that it looks fab. Its my birthday the day after it comes out and it is firmly on my list and many hints have been dropped!

  90. Janet Highland says:

    Ruth – love the look of the book but I don’t know how you find the time. Your next book will have to be a book about multitasking – bring up your boys, cooking, giving us “the fan club” ideas and suggestions and still keeping sane. All the best. You deserve success for all your hard work. Regards Janet, London

  91. Michelle Wilson-taylor says:

    Wow, looks amazing, just what i need to help me make my 40th cake, my daughter’s 21st, her fiances 21st and my father in law’s 70th….HELP!!!! Good luck with everything, its FAB!! 🙂

  92. Heather Bassett-Jones says:

    Oh my gosh – I absolutely love baking & have just made shed loads of cakes for my Parents Diamond Wedding Anniversary celebrations (a tea party with a jubilee theme). However, I am still in the early stages of learning cake decorating so have just ordered your book from Amazon – can’t wait – your instructions are so easy to follow – excited ….!!

  93. Deb Webb says:

    Ooh exciting! Book looks fab & free tickets too? Would be lovely if I won! D

  94. Laura says:

    So happy to hear that the book is soon to be out – what a fantastic achievement. No doubt it will be successful and fingers and toes crossed I get to meet you at The Cake Decorating & Baking Show!

  95. Laura says:

    So looking forward to your book, ultimately it is always the presentation that lets my baking down whereas the taste is always there! It’d be great to learn in the step by step Pink Whisk way. And thanks for the tip off for Cake International; never heard of it before but will be looking into going now! All the best for the book x

  96. Nicola Derbyshire says:

    Wow that has come around fast. I’ve put it on my wish list, fingers-crossed the other half takes notice! Good luck with the signings Ruth Xx

  97. Alice says:

    The book looks fab! can’t wait! i would love to go to the cake show!

  98. Lauren says:

    Incredibly excited for you with this book, and of course incredibly excited to get my hands on a copy!

  99. Lucy says:

    Wow, this book looks super fantastic! I have no doubt you’ll totally OWN Cake International 😀

  100. Ailsa says:

    The best of luck for the success of your book debut! I will be getting all my baking friends to buy it too!

  101. Sam Walker says:

    The book looks wonderful! You must be soooo proud! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to use as inspiration for my 50th birthday cake (although I’ve been claiming 43 for the last few years and don’t intend to change). Do I still count as a busy ‘girl’?! Congratulations and hope it hits the best-seller list! x

  102. Lesley says:

    So looking forward to having a copy of your book Ruth,have seen the preview on Amazon & it looks “caketastic”, love your recipes & clear instructions, used loads of your recipes & they always turn out well. If I’m lucky enough to win tickets for the show that would be fab, if not I’m still planning to go so will look you up & get my signed copy. Good Luck, you have done so well

  103. Jill says:

    Well done, your book looks wonderful, easy to follow and full of those little tips that make your website so user friendly. The Birthday Fairy is attending this week and I have dropped so many unsubtle hints for a copy of your book, that I am sure the boys can’t forget. Good luck in London, you will be wonderful.

  104. Kat says:

    Looking forward to seeing the book – well done!

  105. Lucy says:

    Cant wait for the book to come out, congrats! Would love the chance for tickets and to come and say hello! Good luck with the book i think its going to do really well! x

  106. Chris B says:

    Congratulations Ruth! Your book is in my Amazon basket! It looks great.
    Tried the chocolate orange cake over easter. It was a big hit! Thank you 🙂

  107. Lexie says:

    what else goes on at cake international?

  108. Good luck Ruth. Love the design on the front and everything you have achieved so far you should be very pleased with yourself! Well done and best wishes for the launch. I bet you still can’t believe everything thats happened since bake off!!!

  109. Lucy Allsebrook says:

    Hi Ruth, really looking forward to your book, I’ve just placed my order on your site! I was at your last cupcake course in Hartington so looking forward to the new ideas! Lucy x

  110. Kelly says:

    I really want to go to the cake show! The last one was too far from London for me.

  111. Alex says:

    Huge Congratulations on your first book – may there be many more :).

    Quick question: as someone who doesn’t like roll-out icings, how much of the book uses piped and runny icings please?!

    • Thank you! Because they’re all quick projects they all use roll out icings for the initial covering and then decoration is done with piped icings etc so it’s probably not going to be any use to you 😉 ! x

  112. Beth Hockley says:

    Dear Ruth, wishing you tonnes and tonnes of luck for the book! It looks great and I cannot wait to get my own copy- whenever I am doing one of your receipes my laptop gets covered in flour, a book will be more easy to clean! 🙂 best wishes, Beth xxxx

  113. Sam Potter says:

    Congratulations on the launch of your book Ruth, it looks awesome. I made your foolproof chocolate orange cake at the weekend, and, just as you said, it makes a greet bargaining tool! Hub put his foot down at me purchasing ‘the fabulous baker brothers’ book, but gave me the green light to order yours. Hoorah! Wishing you oodles of success for the future. Lots of love xxx

  114. Diane Richards says:

    Stopped myself buying TGBBO book yesterday because I really wants yours! Love making your choc chip muffins, always very popular in our house. Good luck xxx

  115. Emma says:

    How exciting, I’ve just taken a sneaky peek on Amazon and it looks like every girl’s must have, I’ll be dropping hints to my hubby for a (signed!) copy very soon, and def be using a few copies as pressies. Should I be lucky enough to win the tickets, I think I’ll take my mother-in-law with me, as she LOVES cake decorating 😉

  116. Lesley Griffiths says:

    Hi Ruth
    Congratulations on the book launch hope you have much success. Thank you for inspiring me to bake more adventurous recipes. I baked the Chocolate Orange Cake, wow, what a lovely cake, you were right about the comments, my husband said “when are you going to make another one!!” and my 4 year old grand-daughter asks for cup cakes with pink icing and all the bits! Good luck at Cake International.

  117. Carolyn says:

    Hi Ruth, the book looks amazing, can’t wait to get my hands on a copy and add it to the bookshelf 🙂 Congratulations and wishing you every success, Carolyn x

  118. Sam says:

    Congratulations on your book Ruth. Can’t wait to get a copy and I love the chapters in book preview that are for when us busy Mums need to do a cake quickly! Also love the Cindy dolls!!

  119. Catherine Crocker says:

    oohh an early Christmas pressie I think – tickets to the show would be icing on the cake !!

  120. Laura W says:

    I have had my copy on pre order from Amazon for ever! They have just e mailed me to say it is dispatched. My 12 year old can’t wait as she finds you very inspiring and to be able to bring our book and have you sign it would be ‘in her words! ‘awesome….. keep up the fab work.

  121. Tor says:

    Can’t wait to see the new book! Would love to go to the international cake show, hopefully see you there! 😉 x

  122. Charlie says:

    Congratulations Ruth -must be great seeing your own book on Amazon! Well done, you deserve it 🙂

  123. Carrie says:

    Would love to go to Cake International as I’ve never been, but I’m definitely going to have to get your book too! xxx

  124. Lydia says:

    I’d so love to go to this show, as it is closer than birmingham. And I know the roads so well to get there it would be great.

  125. Nathalia says:

    How very exciting – cant wait to get my paws on the book.
    Cake Intl sounds like a royal iced dream to me

  126. Kristina says:

    I’ve pre-ordered from Amazon and am waiting with baited breath! Love the look of it!

  127. Michelle Kirby says:

    I can’t wait for your book to come out!!! I hope it will help me out with ideas and techniques for my sisters 30th birthday next month and my sons 5th birthday!! Don’t think my husband will be impressed though, our bookcase is about to collapse under the strain!!!!

  128. Kelly-Jane says:

    Mine has been dispatched , can’t wait !

  129. Lynetta says:

    I’m doing a 52 week Great British Bake challenge and your book would be a welcome addition. (BTW your pumped up choc muffins are the only ones I will now bake – superb). Looking forward to the book and keeping fingers crossed to win tickets as I was unlucky to be able to purchase…Enjoy your weekend and hope to meet you.

  130. Julie Shaw says:

    Love your website and looking forward to getting your book!

  131. lynne rowe says:

    Hi Ruth, How absolutely amazing. Your book looks so inviting and you look so pretty too. The perfect ingredients for a fab book. Can’t wait to buy one and good luck with it. Lynne

  132. just got my email from Amazon saying it is being dispatched today. so happy as I have had it on pre order for ages. looking forward to getting my hands on it and learning new things as only just started decorating my own cakes with icing and fondant, only used to do it with butter cream

  133. Kate W says:

    Looks great, I’m looking forward to picking up a copy. Keep up the blog, the chocolate orange macaroons went down a storm in the staff room.

  134. Lucy Connors says:

    Good luck with the book – and I’d love a ticket for the cake show.

  135. Lucy Connors says:

    Good luck with the book Ruth I’ve put my order into Amazon. Tickets for the cake decorating show would be brilliant.

  136. cleo welsh says:

    Just ordered a copy for your book for my daughter’s Birthday – thanks so much for signing it.
    Made you choc and orange cake yesterday and it was a total success – I had worried as the mixture seemed a bit thin. Also putting my hat in the ring for tickets to excel -would be lovely to come along!

  137. Jenny l says:

    The perfect gift for my pink whisk obsessed friend!

  138. LizF68 says:

    Hi Ruth, my book just arrived and I have to say it looks awesome. I love the butterfly cascade cake which no doubt my daughter will want me trying out! Thanks for the lovely note and fab little card too xx

  139. Bernice Mitchell says:

    A pair of tickets to see you would be lovely. Fingers crossed x

  140. Jenny says:

    Book looking good Ruth, looks like a new addition to my “collection”

  141. Sneha says:

    I can’t wait to get hold of your book, my family will be morbidly obese by the time the summer has finished… so much for that bikini body 😛 Looks excellent!

  142. Wow you must be super excited to have your book out soon! congratulations!
    I have pre-ordered my copy and cant wait to get my hands on it and devour the pages and recipes!
    thank you for sharing with us xxx

  143. helen long says:

    ruth ,, i cant wait to look in the book and get loads of ideas ..
    oh i also really hope to win the tickets woulkd be fun x enjoy all the orders x

  144. helen long says:

    yippeeee would be great to win the tickets and get a book signed x

  145. Nikki says:

    Hi Ruth,
    Have to say I love the website… next challenge is going to be to tackle macaroons (fingers crossed 🙂 ).
    I’ve just been flicking through the book on Amazon… can’t wait to get a copy (I’ll be sending hints to all of my family memebers!).
    It is websites like Pink Whisk that are making me follow my dreams of becoming a Patisserie Chef! Keep inspiring us Ruth…

  146. tracey h says:

    yay my book came in post today !
    i adore it, it’s beautifully done.
    it’s now got pride of place on my cookbook shelf !
    thanks again ruth and well done
    tracey xx

  147. Ailsa says:

    Wow my book arrived yesterday! How quick! I was so excited i was like a child! Have been showing it off at work and you now have several new fans! I think they may have already ordered one! I’m not sure any of mine will look as good as your pictures but here goes! I am sure it will be a huge success, good luck x

  148. Nichola Tearle says:

    I loved the book, contemplating buying one for my dear mum 🙂

  149. Lucy says:

    I can’t wait for this book, you are my go-to person for everything baking!

  150. Tori Porter says:

    Congratulations on the book! Must remember to order it… Looking forward to the cake show – very excited that I won’t have to trek to Birmingham!

  151. AuntyBeaky says:

    Your book looks fab…I might just be able to beat my nemesis – cake decorating! And what better than a day of cake at Cake International?! x

  152. Nicola Richardson says:

    Eeeeekkkk Tickets to Cake International …Fingers crossed and best of Luck in the ‘Authors’ Area Ruth you more than deserve it

    Note to self : Order a signed copy :0) x

  153. sally says:

    Best of luck with your book launch…I am sure it will be a sell out…looks a fab book! (I think I’ll manage to squeeze into my book collection…lol)

  154. Chris Watterson says:

    Some say that all good things come to those who wait, well hasn’t the wait for the book all been worth while! Absolutely delighted with it. And even if I have a signed copy Id love to finally get to meet Ruth in person. Hopefully see you soon x

  155. Donna Clarke says:

    can’t wait to get the book, its in my basket waiting for pay day. good luck for fabulous sales so we get another book from you!! hee hee! xxx

  156. Paridhi Bhushan says:

    Good luck on the book launch! Would love to win the tickets! 🙂

  157. Hannah Wigglesworth says:

    Massive thank you for my signed book! Was my evening reading last night! Can’t wait to get started. A friend of mine is struggling to afford her wedding day so has asked me to make her a wedding cake (scary) so this really is perfect timing. Massive thank you again.

  158. louise hall says:

    Congratulations on your first book, im sure it will be the first of many !! Cant wait to get my copy x

  159. Hayley Smith says:

    Just received your new book!! I’m so excited can’t wait to try it!! Thank you x

  160. Mandy says:

    Hi Ruth, Your blog is fabulous. I love the photos of every stage of baking, it’s so reassuring. I made your chocolate frosted tray bake, it was unbelievably simple but very impressive. After taking it into work I gave you web details to several people who have since become fans too. I can’t wait to see your book & hope that you can compile your other recipes into a follow up book as for those of us without lap tops it would save the dashing to & fro to check the recipe on the computer in the study!! Good luck in all your future ventures. Mandy XX

  161. Zoe Overing says:

    Congrats on achieving your book, All the best of luck on your launch, hoping to win tickets & be one of your customer to get hand of your copy book at Cake International Show. Wanna to start baking straightaway after I get one of your book on my palm hands! 😉

  162. Jess Smith says:

    Loving the blog Ruth! Recipes are so wonderfully accessible to even the most novice of bakers (like me!) So thank you for making me feel like a confident & competent baker! The Pink Whisk is my secret weapon! I look forward to using your fab new book in the same way – hooray!

    Would love to attend the show, in fact if be so excited I’d have to bake a cake to calm me down!! 🙂

    Jess xxx

  163. Sandra says:

    Congratulations Ruth! You are my baking Queen! Would LOVE to meet you at the show! Keep up the fantastic are so inspiring!

  164. Wendy says:

    Congratulations on your fabulous book. Would love to see you at the show. Hope all goes well.

  165. Elaine says:

    Can’t wait to get my signed copy of your fabulous book! And would love to come an meet you at Cake International. Fingers crossed xx

  166. Janice says:

    Congratulations on the new book! Mine arrived at the weekend and I love it. Hope to see you at the show 🙂

  167. samantha fearn says:

    hi ruth bet you really cant believe it can you your own book? you really do deserve it you know , you are an inspiration to us all that enjoy baking for our families and friends. keep this fantastic blog going i check in on it every day i think i am a bit of a stalker ha ha .all the best ruth love sam xxx

  168. Leanne says:

    Congratulations on your success! It is lovely to see so many Ladies going back to the kitchen to try their hand. I love baking and cake decorating and with the colourful illustrations/photos, I can’t wait to get started. See you at the show. thanks

  169. Sonia spurio says:

    Well done on the book, am sure it will fly off the shelves. Both you and Jo (Jo’s Blue Aga) are inspirational, you have really given me the baking bug! My partner is saying I’m fattening him up as he is my guinea pig! I now aspire to be a contestant on the GBBO – one day 😛 xx

  170. Denise Burnett says:

    Book looks amazing, cant wait for my copy to arrive! Xx

  171. Amy Brauner says:

    Hi Ruth can’t wait for the book, I can finally have a go at more complicated decorations rather than always covering a cake in buttercream!

  172. Catherine says:

    The book looks wonderful. Thanks Ruth you are an inspiration to us all…especially creating all your magic in your little kitchen. Good on you. x

  173. Beverley says:

    Very excited about the new book and learning new skills from you , I don’t think that will have to go on a decorating course now.

    Many Congratulations and continued success


  174. Nee says:

    Wish you loads of success with the book Ruth – just fab ;o)

  175. Looking forward to getting the book, hope you sell loads

  176. Jane Faulkner says:

    Ruth, your book is brilliant! Loads of really inspiring ideas without being pretentious. My daughters 3rd birthday this weekend and you have given me all I need!

  177. Claire says:

    Very much looking forward to getting a copy of your new book!

  178. Debbie Nolan says:

    Have really been bitten by the baking bug in the last year – hasn’t everyone! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. Well done you!

  179. Lella Nouri says:

    Love the website for inspiration and looking forward to the book. Have always loved cooking but been a bit scared of baking. Since watching you on British Bake off however this has all changed! Hope to get the tickets but if not will follow your blog while you are there 🙂

  180. marina says:

    Hi Ruth, I am a great fan of your work. I have followed your site since the ‘Bake Off’ show. Will definately be buying your book and would love to be lucky enough to win the tickets. Love Marina x

  181. Jodi says:

    Your book looks fab!!! Well done, I think its a must for my baking books bookshelf!!!! x

  182. marina says:

    Also meant to say thank you so much for all the effort you put into your blog, it is so inspiring and your tutorials are great. And congratulations on being a published author, you certainly deserve it. M x

  183. Debbie Rodriguez says:

    How exciting for you Ruth, you’ve worked very hard towards the book so I hope it’s a huge success and I’ll be dropping huge hints to the family for my copy!! Although I love your cakes and look forward to seeing all the great tips, your meat pie still remains my ultimate favourite of your recipes. In fact I’m going to make one for the weekend!! x

  184. Madison Skipworth says:

    Look forward to seeing your new book which i am sure will be wonderful!

  185. Kelly says:

    Hello Ruth
    I’ve just had a baby so would love to venture out and come and meet you at the show xx

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