Giant Gingerbread Man

So how about a Giant Gingerbread Man?  These seem to be everywhere this Christmas and with a price tag of £5-6.00 I thought for Day 4 of The Pink Whisk Christmas we’d make our own!

To make 2 Giant Gingerbread Men, you will need:

1 x Quantity of Gingerbread Dough recipe here

Royal icing

Red gel paste colouring

Piping bag and no. 3 piping nozzle

Mini silver or pearl dragees (sprinkles!)

Squeezy bottle

Black edible pen

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Print off the giant gingerbread man template here and cut it out.

Split the gingerbread dough in half and roll out each between two sheets of baking paper, use the template to guide you to the right size, it should be around 5mm thick.

Chill the rolled out dough, still in the baking paper in the fridge for 30 minutes or until firm.

Peel off the top piece of baking paper and lay the template down on the top.

With a sharp knife cut around the template.

Remove the extra dough from around the man and transfer the whole lot, lifting the baking paper sheet to a baking tray.

Preheat the oven to 170c(fan)/190c/Gas Mark 5.

Bake Mr Gingerbread in the oven for 12 minutes until lightly golden around the edges.  Keep an eye on him, we don’t want any sad burnt men!

Once baked let him cool fully on the tray.

Now to decorate him,  keep him on a flat board or a baking tray so you can move him around easily.  Mix up some royal icing according to the instructions on the packet.

Fill a piping bag fitted with a no.3 piping nozzle.

Pipe around the outside edge of Mr Ginger and add the details to his arms and legs.

Pipe two white bulbs for eyes, a smiley mouth and two bulbs for buttons on his tummy.

Colour some of the royal bright red using a gel paste colour.  Pipe a red bulb for a button, two bulbs for rosy cheeks and carefully pipe the outline of his scarf. 

For the scarf outline make sure the piped sections form a complete closed box, otherwise the flooding will run everywhere!

Squeeze the red royal icing out of the piping bag into a small bowl.  Add a couple of drops of water, slowly does it, to turn the icing into a runny consistency.

Add this to a squeezy bottle and carefully fill in the scarf with the flooding icing.

Poke out any airbubbles in the icing with a cocktail stick and encourage the icing right into the corners.

Before it sets of completely sprinkle over some tiny pearl sprinkles.  Don’t try and remove the excess pearls for now, leave it overnight to dry off completely.  To begin with the royal icing softens the gingerbread slightly but don’t worry as the icing dries out the gingerbread does too.  Just make sure you keep it on a flat board or baking tray so that you can move him around without disturbing any of your hard work.

Once dry gently brush off the rogue pearls, draw on two black pupils with the edible icing pen, wrap him in cellophane and tie it up with a bow!

Giant Gingerbread Man – Done!

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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107 Responses to Giant Gingerbread Man

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  2. Sue says:

    Just off to spend the day with my grandchildren. This will be perfect for this afternoon. Thanks. X

  3. Nicki Thomas says:

    Wow these look amazing, looks like i’m going to be busy with the kids today.x

  4. Joanne says:

    These are great, I know what i’ll be doing with my kids this weekend, giant gingerbread mean and salted caramels. Damn you Ruth, I am supposed to be on a pre christmas diet!!

  5. Jodi says:

    Am definitely going to make this with my little boy, thanks!!!

  6. What a great Christmas present ideas…

  7. Kathryn says:

    My daughter would love making this

  8. Nicola Pigden says:

    These look fab, I hope I find the time to recreate these beauties….. My 3 month old is very good at eeking into ‘mummy’s baking time’ ;-)…… I will endeavour though x

  9. Nicola Smaller says:

    Think that’s my teacher presents sorted!

  10. Sian Loxston-Beed says:

    These are fantastic, Ruth. Thank you so much for the template- there’s no end to your genius!

  11. Sally Campbell says:

    Something fab again Ruth! Am off to the supermarket to get the ingrediants shortly!!x

  12. Hannah Wigglesworth says:

    I want one! I think these may be added into my Christmas hampers for the children.

  13. Marie Belfort says:

    Such a cheeky faced Gingerbread Man too! Love it.

  14. Marie Belfort says:

    Such a cheeky faced Gingerbread ‘Man too!

  15. Marie Belfort says:

    Oops. Sorry for the duplication in comments Ruth. I thought it hadn’t posted.

  16. Karen Mottram says:

    Even comes with a template for the artistically challenged, now if I can just get the face right so that he doesn’t scare anyone!

    Karen x

  17. Jodie says:

    I’m making these to give as an extra present for my niece & nephews

  18. Brilliant, yet again! Think my Weight Watchers leader will be wanting a word with you though… >.<

  19. Carol Coles says:

    I am sure my “big” girls will still enjoy making these!

  20. Caroline says:

    My little girl will love this as gingerbread are her favourite

  21. Fran says:

    Aww he’s kinda cute – definitely a good christmas bake option!

  22. traceyh says:

    i adore these ruth !
    my nephews will love them.
    love your 12 days of christmas
    thanks again for all your hard work and sharing it all with us pink whiskers xx

  23. Emma says:

    These look so special and perfect for christmas!

  24. Hannah says:

    He is so cute! I know my icing will not turn out that way… 🙂

  25. Ruth says:

    Darn it, I’m going to have to cook some more yummy things now!

  26. Gemma samanta says:

    Rhis one is definitely going to best testing the artistic skills!

  27. Stephanie says:

    How about a ‘Giant Gingerbread Teacher’ which will solve the issue of whether or not to get a seasonal present for the teacher, teaching assistant, learning support lady….’! Fab. Problem solved.

  28. Lucy Spencer-Watkins says:

    the family and me are going to make gingerbread men at the weekend yours looks great 😀

  29. So cute! I love that gingerbread recipe – yum!

  30. Karen Hepburn says:

    They Look fab never made gingerbread men before cant wait to try

  31. Deborah Manson says:

    This looks like a great fun activity for the kids to do. Great ideas thank you.

  32. Anna says:

    Absolutely love these!

  33. mary says:

    my children will be surprised to see these on the tree when i do them. thanks

  34. Lisa says:

    Another great recipe that will make a fantastic gift – thank you!

  35. Sue says:

    Fantastic – I have a giant cutter so I’ll be making giant boys & girls x

  36. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    You make it look easy, will give it a go though, grandchildren would love them

  37. Fiona Dobson says:

    Cool what a lovely idea xx

  38. Juliet says:

    I’m going to attempt a gingerbread house so these men will be a great with it.

  39. Hayley scales says:

    My little boy can help decorate these x

  40. Alison Damant says:

    Gingerbread – yum yum yum yum yum!

  41. Janet Williams says:

    These look great, but I can’t see that I’ll make the sleigh!

  42. patsy says:

    these look wonderful. must give them a try

  43. Caroline says:

    You are providing me with so much inspiration – these are lovely. Thank you.

  44. Izzy Christmas says:

    that’s all the presents sorted now! Great idea 😀

  45. Corrinne Roach says:

    Oh goodness! Another gorgeous recipe. Do you want us all to look like barrels BEFORE xmas? Lol. : ) x

  46. Judy says:

    What a happy chap, must make some.

  47. Ceri Bee says:

    Wow, you’re so clever, that looks amazing ad totally beyond my capabilities icing-wise. Maybe it’s time to get some practice in 🙂

  48. Deborah Lawe says:

    Fabulous!! Going to give these a go

  49. TracieB says:

    Not the gum drop buttons!!! (sorry bit of a shrek fan over here :P) x

  50. Julie Shaw says:

    I really love these, particuarly the sleighs!

  51. Allison Mitchell says:

    These are so cute!!!

  52. Kirsten Ginesi says:

    OOO I think I’ll have to make this with my girls – the eldest has a thing for anything over-sized … of course, she is 3!

  53. Julie Gibson says:

    Fab for teacher’s prezzies 🙂

  54. Jennifer says:

    What a cute gift idea – thanks x

  55. Grainne Redmond says:

    Doubly excited. Blue and white stripes are my favourite pattern and I ADORE gingerbread. This giant man is mine!!

  56. Sarah Morris says:

    Great ideas here.

  57. Kathy Akroyd says:

    I can picture these in my Goddaughters’ stockings on Christmas morning. They adore homemade gingerbread people!!

  58. kerry s says:

    a nice gift and easy to make

  59. Aron says:

    These look amazing. Can’t wait to give them a try.

  60. Helen McIntosh says:

    We always make gingerbread men, but never giant ones! Such a good idea…

  61. Sarah Caley says:

    My hubby will love these! Thanks Ruth.

  62. Elaine Davies says:

    Love these!

  63. Sarah Lynch says:

    My group of mummy friends are having a Christmas cookie exchange next week…..I think that I will give these a go!

  64. Helen says:

    What a lovely idea, thank you!

  65. Jennie says:

    I have to make these, so cute!

  66. Maggi says:

    Oh my diet, Ruth. 🙁
    But oh go on it is Christmas!!! 🙂
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s goodies, thank you x

  67. Deb says:

    This look lots of fun 🙂

  68. Elizabeth Buttle says:

    My twins love to make gingerbread men, and I can just imagine how much they’d love to make a giant one, like in the Shrek films!

  69. Jayne says:

    These will look great on the tree or as a gift. Ruth you have done it again!

  70. Megan Heffer says:

    Ahh cute don’t normally like gingerbread but they look really tasty !

  71. Kathy Sirl says:

    Loving these! I wish mine looked as good!

  72. jaynealicia says:

    Daren’t show my 2year old grand-daughter or she will have the mixing bowl out in a jiff.

  73. Emma says:

    What a fantastic looking gift. My kids, and nephews would love these

  74. Lisa Cann says:

    Yum yum yum yum

  75. Angela Cairns says:

    My children would love these x

  76. TraceyB says:

    guess whats gonna be hanging from my tree this year x

  77. kirsty says:

    Hi Ruth,
    if i made these at the weekend would they be ok until christmas or should i hold fire on making them till nearer the time? thanks x

  78. Jennie says:

    I am definitely going to attempt this for Christmas. He looks lovely. xx

  79. Sam Jenkins says:

    My nephew would live one of these I’m sure- you’re keeping us busy!

  80. Jane Adams says:

    Aww, how cute!

  81. Helen Craig says:

    These are great!

  82. Laura Waring says:

    Happy xmas!

  83. Adam says:

    Ginger bread — why not use balsa wood?

  84. Stella Bailey says:

    Love the whole effect

  85. Sharon Carleton says:

    gorgeous !!

  86. Abi Wood says:

    Ruth – I’ve never used Royal Icing before – what is the difference/is it better than normal icing sugar? I bought a pack of Royal Icing but the instructions for making it up were to cover an 8 inch cake! I am going to try and make these gingerbread men this weekend.

  87. Lynn says:

    Love gingerbread x

  88. Kate Cook says:

    MORE gingerbread?!

  89. Aly Makin says:

    Now he looks too lovely to eat!

  90. Claire Humphreys says:

    Beautifully decorated!!

  91. caroline says:

    Gingerbread means Christmas is here! x x

  92. Lucy says:

    Im learning so much. Thanks for sharing

  93. Joanna says:

    will be making these with my son, he is going to love it!

  94. Cenders says:

    Granddaughters will love baking these….Granny’s gonna be busy! Love it!

  95. heather mooney says:

    i love these might try them with my son who would love decorating them

  96. Anna Marie says:

    one of my christmas faves

  97. Jayne says:

    Hamper is getting better and better

  98. Rachel F says:

    A happy little gift that will bring a smile!

  99. Elspeth Woods says:

    Mmmmmm! Yummy!

  100. Polly says:

    I cooked this gingerbread today and it was lovely. I have to say that I was dubious whilst preparing it. The dough had been in the fridge overnight so was rock hard and some of the butter had separated out which didn’t look pretty but it softened up with a lot of kneading. Also the raw dough (naughty I know!) had a very strong taste of cloves but once cooked the flavour was much more mellow and warming. Final problem is how long to bake for, I like them crunchy, husband prefers a softer bite – just going to have to make 2 batches I guess!

    Top notch recipe and method.

  101. Frances says:

    How long do these last Ruth, once wrapped in cellophane?

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