Black Forest Fruits Puff Pies

Buttery, Puffety Pastry mini fruit pies (yes I know that’s not a real word….)

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Wedding Baking – Sweet Treat Kebabs

Biscuit, marshmallow and meringue – all in one go!  These sweet treat kebabs are perfect wedding treats with brilliant wow factor – ideal for dipping in a chocolate fountain.  This idea came from a Martha Stewart project and of course has the Pink Whisk twist with Raspberry Sherbet Marshmallows.  

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Raspberry Sherbert Marshmallows

Raspberry Sherbet Marshmallows

Marshmallows with a twist – Raspberry Sherbet!
Ingredients:450g caster sugar1 tbsp glucose200ml water
2 large egg whites
150ml raspberry puree (from approx 225g raspberries)
2 x sachet Dr Oetker gelatine powder½ tsp citric acid
To coat:50g icing sugar50g cornflour½ tsp citric acid

Citric acid seems like a strange ingredient but it’s what gives the marshmallows their sherbety kick!  

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Wedding Baking – White Chocolate and Raspberry Cakes

White Chocolate and Raspberry Cakes
Little White Chocolate and Raspberry Cakes – another perfect little wedding treat – bag them up and tie with ribbon or place them in teeny tiny presentation boxes as cute little favours a little bit different!
These are baked in a silicone flower mould by Pampered Chef Silicone Flower Mould –

Pampered Chef.

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Raspberry & White Chocolate Macaroons

As promised here’s an ultimately delicious Macaroon – Raspberry and White Chocolate.

You will need:

1 batch of Macaroons coloured a deep raspberry pink (recipe here)

White Chocolate Buttercream
75g butter, softened
150g icing sugar
50g good quality white chocolate
1 tbsp double cream

Raspberry Filling
300g raspberries (fresh or frozen)
100g caster sugar
2 tbsp water
1tbsp cornflour

Make up the white chocolate buttercream.  

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