The Life and Times of This Manic Mummy…

When I started the blog it was only to bring you my baking tales but I’m finding that there’s so much of this mixer girl’s life that you don’t get to hear about and so begins ‘The Life and Times of This Manic Mummy…‘ (Bakers can switch off at this point!)

In my house there is….

  • Caster sugar, dark brown sugar, nibbed sugar, 10kg icing sugar but no granulated for our brews.
  • Greaseproof paper, baking parchment, paper icing cones, rice paper but no paper for the children to draw on.
  • After Eight mints, turkish delight and posh expensive, high cocoa solid, bars of chocolates all earmarked for baking but no Milky Ways in the Sweetie tin.
  • Bottles of rosewater, raspberry syrup, orange flower water, rosehip syrup but no squash for drinks.
  • Baking powder by the truck load but no washing powder. (No clean clothes either but that’s another story!)
  • In the freezer are bags of cherries, blackberries, raspberries, excess frostings kept for another time no room left for the pizzas I could have bought.
  • Bags of Strong white flour, rye flour, wholemeal flour, dried yeast, loaf tins galore but no bread for sandwiches.
  • Blocks of butter, salted and unsalted, lard and a bit of trex but no Utterly Butterly for the no bread sandwiches I was going to make for lunch.
  • I could make you a grand sweet treat feast with the contents of my cupboards but ask me to make tea and we have nothing!

Time this Mummy re-prioritised her shopping list and got herself to the shops before the children decide they’ve had enough and up sticks and leave!

Ruth Clemens Baker
Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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