Golden Syrup Loaf Cake

Golden Syrup Loaf Cake

Whilst playing around with egg-free recipes I made this cake, quite by accident.  It wasn’t what I was intending it to be but it’s fast become a firm family favourite here, it’s egg-free too!
(If you’re looking for egg-free recipes be sure to try my best ever ginger cake)
You may well be wondering why I’m giving you quantities for two loaf cakes here but trust me, even two isn’t enough.  Wrapped well in clingfilm this loaf cake can be frozen – that’s if you can snaffle it there before anyone spots it.


150g butter, softened
150g caster sugar
400g plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp baking powder
250g golden syrup
320ml boiling water

Makes 2 x loaf cakes in 1lb tins.

Preheat the oven to 160c Fan/180c/Gas Mark 4.

Line two loaf tins with a baking parchment liner or greaseproof paper.

In a large bowl place all the ingredients and mix it all up well with an electric mixer. Carefully its a fairly liquid mixture and prone to splashing to begin with – slowly does it.

Its the easiest cake in the world.

Split the mixture between the two loaf pans and bake in the oven for 45 minutes. Cover with foil after half an hour of the baking time if the tops look like they’re browning too much.

Once baked remove from the tins and allow to cool on a wire rack.

Golden Syrup Loaf Cake

This cake keeps for ages and just gets better and better.  If you wrap well in clingfilm the crust will start to soften and go extra syrupy – trouble is not eating it before that happens.

Golden Syrup Loaf Cake

Golden Syrup Loaf Cake

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

Finalist on BBC2 The Great British Bake Off

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64 Responses to Golden Syrup Loaf Cake

  1. Nic's Notebook says:

    Oooh sounds amazing – I love syrupy things! Def a must-try!!

  2. Kate@katescakesandbakes says:

    This looks delicious and an easy bake- no wonder its become a firm family favourite Ruth! I'm sure it would convert happily to a sort-of cake dessert, with a spoonful of creme fraiche and a summery selection of berries alongside!

  3. icklepeach says:

    Oh wow – egg free – and if you make it with vitalite (other dairy free margerines are available) then you make it dairy free too which is what I need (and that makes it vegan too)

    You've made my day (and no doubt my dairy free egg free toddler's too!)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Would it work with honey instead of golden syrup?

  5. Rachel K says:

    Thank you! My cousin's little boy has a severe egg allergy and is coming over from Kenya for a visit. I shall rustle up a few and pop them in the freezer for them :)If you "accidentally" create any more delicious egg-free treats, please be sure to post them! x

  6. Allie says:

    Am just going to go and bake them now…. Will report back later! You gotta love syrup 🙂

  7. Ruth says:

    Thanks folks! xx
    Rachel K – will do!
    Allie – look forward to hearing your results x
    I haven't tried it with honey but I don't see why not x

  8. Kate says:

    Just wondering what the difference is with/without egg?? Presumably some of the water volume could be swapped for egg. We have chickens and lots of eggs so I try and pack them into everything 8)

  9. Morwenna Hill says:

    Ooh this looks and sounds delish! I cannot wait to try the recipe, thank you!

  10. Abi says:

    Definitely my next bake! Have been really busy with exams recently, but my last one is on thursday, so something as quick and easy as this is sure to get me back into the rhythm. Thanks!

  11. Dom at Belleau Kitchen says:

    looks so light and that's amazing without the eggs… brilliant as usual… oh and just so you know that cake was a huge hit, so thank you once again!

  12. nuvofelt says:


  13. nuvofelt says:


  14. Helen T says:

    Sounds very tasty, and perfect to knock up for the rounds of school and village fetes coming up!

  15. Ruth says:

    Hi Kate – you could add egg however I think it would firm up the structure of the cake which is really doesnt need – I think this ones best without them xx

  16. smilernpb says:

    Wow, this sounds yummy! I am going to make a couple later on in the week. xx

  17. Cristina says:

    Do you really need the parchment paper lining? IA greasing and flouring not enough? I've recently moved somewhere in Asia where parchment paper is impossible to find. thanks.

  18. Lucy Taylor says:

    mmm this sounds heavenly!

  19. Ruth says:

    Hi Cristina – the cake is so soft and lovely it can be tricky to handle once baked which is why the paper lining helps, it must be a nightmare not being able to get hold of parchment paper! Give it a try with a good grease and flouring and then be careful taking out of the tin and handling. xx

  20. Eponine says:

    I had a go with half the quantities, it smelled lovely, and has a very light texture, the crumb is more like a sponge pud, and a lot darker than in your pictures. But something odd happened somewhere! There's a gradual shading in each slice, dark at the bottom and then to a lighter colour at the top. I suspect my tin was not quite big enough. Once this one is all gone I will try again and make a few muffins with the extra mix.
    Wonderful site Ruth, Thanks!

  21. Hannah Lonsdale says:

    Hiya Ruth. I just added some Ginger to your recipe. Delicious!

  22. Nichola says:

    Hi Ruth, my mum needs egg free, dairy free (I use soya spread) and wheat free. Will it work with wheat free flour? It's her birthday soon and she misses cake! Nichola

  23. Archies Mum says:

    Thanks for sharing another lovely recipe. Have baked 2 of the loaves last night (Thursday), and am taking them on hols with us tomorrow (Saturday) to sunny Northumberland (I hope). Am really looking forward to tasting, have resisted so far:) thanks Ruth

  24. Jill says:

    Looks lovely, would it make a difference if i was to half the recipe?xx

  25. the princess says:

    that looks great, i can't wait to try it!

  26. Richard says:

    Hi Ruth, I had a go at this cake over the weekend and it is absolutely delicious! After a day or two the top went really squidgy and syrupy. Every time I walked into the kitchen for something I ended up walking back out with another slice! Thanks for another great recipe.

    Cristina – I didn't use baking paper in the tin, I just greased and floured it (and me, and the counter, and the floor…) and it popped out no problem. It was a wee bit sticky to hold but as long as you're quick it should be okay.

  27. Joanna says:

    I tried this recipe yesterday with a half quantity and as soon as i popped it out of the oven i mixed up another half quantity to make another loaf for my mum. It has a lovely golden syrup smell to it, beauifully soft texture and very moreish 🙂

  28. Florence and Mary says:

    Oooh I'm really interested in egg free recipes as often I have baking ingredients aside from eggs so I will bei investigating thoroughly!

    Victoria xx

  29. s4rah says:

    this might be the nicest cake I have ever had – since you posted the recipe I've made it twice – I don't have any loaf tins so I made it once in a big round tin and the second time in cupcake cases, the cupcakes especially were totally gorgeous. (I made them into a posh dessert by making a hole in the top, adding some extra syrup, microwaving for 10s and adding vanilla ice cream). Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'll be trying the ginger cake next!

  30. erasercarver says:

    Tried this recipe today ready for taking away camping this weekend – not sure it's going to last that long! Absolutely delicious. I added a teaspoon of ginger to mine. Thanks so much for the recipe, I can see it will become a regular bake here.

  31. Sam says:

    Just tried this recipe – I wasn't sure how it would taste as I halved the recipe and also added only 75g of golden syrup (all that was left in the tin. It tastes wonderful – I'm going to buy another tin of golden syrup and make two cakes – can't wait.

  32. Jane says:

    After seeing your posting for this cake, I felt as I had the ingredients in the cupboard I just had to make it. I only have a 2 pound loaf tin so made it in that and left it slightly longer to cook. Well what a joy, great recipe, great cake and a winner in our house too as either a snack with a cuppa or with custard as a dessert.
    Since making 2 people have asked me for the recipe and they have gone on and made it themselves and loved it:-)
    Thanks Ruth.

  33. julie h says:

    Thanks Ruth for a lovely recipe
    my mother in law cant have eggs so
    i baked this cake for her and well
    i got thumbs up all round!!;)
    well there was two cakes so my little piglets had their portion aswell!

  34. gemma says:

    Hi ruth, can you freeze this cake??

  35. Ruth says:

    Hi Gemma – yes freeze away – wrap in clingfilm and then freeze, as good as new when defrosted x

  36. Anonymous says:

    THis has become a favourite bake for me and the hubby…………not really good for him as he is diabetic but on tablets not insulin so has been told he can eat sweet stuff in moderation…….trouble is, there's no such thing as moderation where this cake is concerned! It gets stickier and tastier the longer you keep it! I might have a go at freezing one…..but will have to be quick and pop it in the freezer before he spots me! Your site is great for ideas….I haven't baked so much in years!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Can I put all the mixture into a 2Lb loaf tin?
    If so how long for.
    It really looks a great recipe

  38. von says:

    I made this cake earlier in the week. It turned out beautifully–very yummy and not too sweet. It's the ideal tea cake. Works really well with a lovely cup of Assam tea. Will definitely make it again–just have to get some more golden syrup first!

  39. Ruth says:

    If you only have a 2lb loaf tin just bake half the mixture at a time otherwise the bake time is too long and the crust browns too much before the inside is cooked. xx

  40. Denise says:

    Hi Ruth
    First time I am commentating on your blog, love it!
    Could you make this cake vegan by using Vitalite instead of butter?

  41. Ruth says:

    Hi Denise – yes, vitalite is great for baking and will work a treat x

  42. Catherine says:

    Worked a treat!! Highly recommend.
    Would be a great pudding too with custard/cream.
    Dense texture (bit like a sponge pudding really), and slightly darker at the bottom than the top.

    Could I use it for cupcakes?

  43. Laura says:

    Fantastic recipe! Definitely the easiest cake I have ever made and it tasted delicious, very moist and yummy!

  44. Rachel says:

    Lovely!! Went down a storm with my family, I am adding Ginger next time…mmm yummy!

  45. Hannah says:

    I came across this recipe while googling for ‘loaf cakes’ and WOW it’s now my favourite thing to bake – so easy and so gooood! Going to be working through the rest of your recipes now I think, gonna start with your 12 days of Christmas ones 🙂

    • Linda says:

      Just made these two, one for my granddaughter’s Christmas School Fayre and of course one for me! Look delicious, I’ll let you know.

  46. Rachel says:

    I always make cakes and biscuits to take into college but one of my friends is allergic to egg so can’t have any!! Thanks to having too much syrup in the house, I found your cake and it’s currently in the oven now to give some to him tomorrow. It’ll be the first time he’s ever had cake and he’s 21!! Thanks 😀 xx

  47. Helen says:

    Made this for hubbie yesterday – one loaf and about 10 cupcakes (don’t have two loaf tins i realised having made the full amount). Have gone down very well to the point he’s eating a two person sized portion. Thanks Ruth!

  48. Nicola says:

    Ruth – help!! I have followed this recipe to the letter, twice, and get the same problem. My cake is stodgy and feels uncooked in the middle. The only difference is that I have used a dairy free spread of a very moist consistency. What am I doing wrong, it’s more like a stodgy malt loaf, albeit very yummy. Thanks x

    • It sounds like it’s undercooked if you have an oven thermometer test the temperature of the oven and see if it’s running low. If not, either increase the temp by 10 degrees or bake for an extra ten minutes. If it’s underbaked the consistency is quite like glue, which I think is how you’re describing yours, they dairy free spread shouldn’t make too much of a difference. Also just check your baking powder and bicarbonate of soda are still in date and haven’t lost their power! x

  49. Helen says:

    Another winner Ruth! It was so quick to make I couldn’t quite believe it! Seriously doubt there’s going to be any left of the 1st cake by time hubby gets home! Taking the 2nd into work tomorrow. I’m going to be good & let them know I got recipe from you…honest I will ;0)

  50. Chris M says:

    Can’t wait to give this a try 🙂

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  52. Sri says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I have got this bottle of treacle left over from Xmas (yes, your lovely Xmas cake) and just cant seem to find a way to use it you think I can replace it for the syrup here or if you have any other suggestions as well, would be great..take care & keep up the great work, love every post of yours xx

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  54. sarah says:

    Hi Ruth. Ive just made these cakes and both have come out baked all round but really stodgy and uncooked looking on the inside. What went wrong? x

  55. Becky says:

    Made this yesterday-my little boy wolfed it down, as did my hub after saying ‘it’ll be too sweet for me’ am now going to make it for Macmillan coffee morning along with your choc frosted traybake-2 of the easiest and yummiest cakes ever!

  56. Debbie says:

    Just tried this in a double batch, with good teaspoon of mixed spice too.. lovely, really surprised how light the cake is without eggs.. Great recipe to have on standby when I’ve forgotten the eggs (which happens a lot here !) Thanks Ruth for another great recipe !

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