A Sneak Peek into The Pink Whisk Kitchen

Happy New Year Pink Whiskers!  Hope you all had a lovely break?  I’ve certainly enjoyed spending time with my boys and is why I’ve not been back until now!

Whilst lots of you are cutting out the excess and having a ‘be good’ January you don’t really need me tempting you with treats and things you’re going to want to bake now do you?

In our house the only one on the D-word is the cat (she’s not impressed) and whilst I’m definitely on a January go slow I do miss chatting with you lot so instead of a recipe I’ll show you round my kitchen, come for the tour, I love a good nosy….


Unfortunately that’s not my kitchen, it’s one on the Fired Earth website,  in reality…




 it makes me wince seeing it so big!

This pic is taken stood in the dining room, yes of course I tidied up before you lot came round and no I’m not going to show you the inside of the cupboards or the fridge!

On closer inspection…

These wires aren’t live, at least I don’t think they are.  If you call round for a brew don’t touch them just in case.

This is actual sum of working and baking space, shared with the tea, coffee, sugar and kettle – brew essentials.  Excuse the onions they’re for tea, sausage and onion casserole if you were wondering.  Pink kettle = happy brews.

Here is the extractor fan, it doesn’t work (which is why it’s buried under all that stuff) but provides the perfect place for receipts and other important things.  To get in this cupboard you have to…. move the radio (which I don’t listen to, I like it quiet), move the loaf tin and the stock cube container (which should actually be in the cupboard).  The loaf tin is a whole ‘nother story of my baking history and one I’ll share with you another time.  It’s also compulsory to knock off all the receipts and stuff unless you only open the cupboard an inch and then blindly feel around with your hand for the right thing. You could ask why I keep the salt in there?

Two timers, only one that has batteries that work.   The other was my ‘Bake Off’ timer snaffled home with me and is kept there for posterity (and to knock off with the receipts).

Everyone knows that the top of cupboard units are just cupboards with the doors missing right?

You can never have enough….

cupcake cases

miscellaneous ingredients that won’t fit in the cupboards, you have to stand on a stool to get them down.

Four doors into a 3 metre square doesn’t leave much left to actually put the kitchen.

One trick door to the hallway, it doesn’t open that’s the trick, one pantry door, okay it’s a piece of MDF not really a door.  The door is upstairs in the little boys room waiting patiently (if I said 12 months then that’s being generous) to be fitted.

Trick door and Dining room door have no handles, they could be in the little boys room too, or they could be in the loft….

Behind the big white door (it’s no bigger than the others it just makes it sound more interesting) is the garage, domain of Mr C but I have a plan!

This Pink Whisk dreams of extending little piddly brown annoying kitchen into the garage resulting in a super duper kitchen and ousting said husband from his man space.  I reckon on ten years if the doors tale might be anything to go by.

You can’t see the fourth door, I’m stood in it.

A view out to the garden, no you can’t see out clearly the window is shot.  Instead to improve the view there’s a string of strawberries, bunting and two little bird houses, for any passing birdies of course, a giant spatula, teapot and cosy, scales, eggs, a multitude of scissors for playing find the scissors that actually cut.

Ah the utensils, a girl can never have enough silicone spatulas.  The cutlery is in a plant pot because the previous owner of my kitchen decided it would be a good idea not to have any drawers.  Plenty of jugs, not that you could use them of course.

I have lovely brown swirly lino – that doesn’t quite meet at the edges, flowery 80’s (that’s probably optimistic) wallpaper half of which I have painted over with blackboard paint – this forms my control centre, I love standing on the stool and planning on it.  One of these days I’ll break my neck.

One strip light – the cover is leaning up against the trick hall door, it’s a dodgy one and won’t turn on just with the flick of the switch, oh no this is a special one requiring a prod with a wooden spatula to illuminate the darkness (refer to multitude of utensils above). A reason why it’s good to have your utensils close at hand and not in unnecessary, time zapping drawers.

A view back the other way, a nifty butchers block – idea was that it was a good length of worksurface, but with nowhere to put the casserole dishes it’s now too heavy to actually maneouvre anywhere.

Stand mixer – moves over into tea/coffee/kettle space to be put into action.  Spot the extra tea pot and myriad of stand mixer attachments.

I think we have three actual plug sockets so it’s a labyrinth of temporary *cough* extensions, don’t trip over the wires.

Here’s the stool – it waits on standby in the dining room – to get things off the tops of the cupboard, turn on the light, write on the blackboard and for the shortest of boys to stand on to interfere help with the baking.

So there you have it The Pink Whisk kitchen in a nutshell, or the size of a nutshell if you prefer.  Now I’ve written this it seems a veritable health and safety hazard (and I’m feeling embarrassed) but it’s the kitchen I bake in and it works (sort of), a family kitchen and where I spend the majority of my day. Sorry if I’ve shattered your illusions.

One day this Pink Whisk will have a beautiful kitchen to be proud of with space to drink tea and chat but most likely not until I see my 50’s!

Oh, and if you’re not on a ‘no baking’ rule there’s lots of recipes in the archives to tempt you!

Ruth xx

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire


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104 Responses to A Sneak Peek into The Pink Whisk Kitchen

  1. Kezia says:

    When I saw the first photo I was so jealous! Your real kitchen is much more realistic! I like the chalkboard above the door, and the strawberries over the window!

  2. my honest says:

    You have to reclaim the garage! You’re running a business now… you can’t possibly be denied such an essential tool of your trade!

    Good luck talking the husband into it.

  3. Lorraine says:

    Love your ideas and recepies they keep me going, made most of your 12 days of christmas and me and my daughter had a laugh trying to play around with marzipan and chocolate before xmas to make the lollies but ended up making chocolate shapes and eating them as soon as they was dipped in chocolate xx Keep them coming xx

  4. medw21 says:

    This just demonstrates that you don’t need a perfect kitchen to come up with such beautiful recipes and creations like you make.
    Thanks Ruth for sharing these pictures; I love them. My kitchen is actually much smaller (I can only dream of a dishwasher in mine; if only they could invent a dishwasher which can be installed on top of a tiny cupboard…) *keeps daydreaming

    Greetings from The Netherlands!

  5. Janine says:

    I love the fact you are so normal; working surrounded by clutter like most of us 🙂

  6. Cath says:

    Goodness me! I’ve never seen so much stuff packed into a space lol! Build an extention lol xx

  7. Corinna Mazzotta says:

    Blimey Ruth, I thought my workspace in the kitchen was small. How on earth did you practice for Bake Off in here???? LOL
    I will never complain about my kitchen again!
    (Having moved house, I left behind one that we had extended & I designed, that was about the size of the Fired Earth one and boy do I miss it!)
    And yes, all my stuff is on the top of the cupboards too! 🙂

  8. katy says:

    Hi Ruth,
    You are the most sincere person 🙂 and the best within the other bakers ladies in facebook, thank u for inspiring me and helping us believe that we dont need great things to believe that we can start our baking there is no need for such a huge kitchen we can all manage with what we have…….. by the way your kitchen is lovely iam sure youll have the one u dream before u are 50:))

  9. I think your kitchen is wonderful!
    Crammed full of life and interesting things!
    Of course we’d all love one like that in the one at the top of the page, but its nice to know that the reality for most people is something a lot more humble x

  10. Julie says:

    Hahaha – I love this post! I was getting all ready to hate you when I saw that 1st photograph and now I feel sisterly sympathy. My hubby says he will do jobs ‘after Christmas’ – he just never says which Christmas. You’ll have to get a man in 😀

    • Hehe! I’m still very embarrassed and can’t believe I’ve shared it! You wouldn’t believe my Dad is a joiner/builder, Brother is a plumber and Father in Law an Electrician but I have no chance of things being done still, one day I might just tackle it myself!

  11. Helen says:

    My parents had that exact flooring in the 1980’s!

    Agree with the dilemma of wanting to shift the extra weight from Christmas warring with the desire to bake a cake!

  12. Steph says:

    Thank you so much! I’m so pleased to see that no everyone has the fired earth kitchen of my dreams, but in fact even the pro’s have a normal, quirky and slightly impractical kitchen too! I’m inspired if you can, then I can definately fit a free standing mixer in (maybe in the last few inches of space on top of my cupboards) or I can continue to wait for the kitchen to be redone… I won’t be holding my breath though!!

  13. Keeley says:

    I think that’s one of the most honest kitchens I’ve seen – a proper everyday, family kitchen. (But why did the previous owner not want drawers?!)

    Good luck with your kitchen extension plans – I think you deserve it!

  14. I love it! I have a really tiny kitchen/dining room. I have the smallest work area to do all of my baking on so it’s practically impossible to roll out dough or do anything that requires space but somehow I manage it. I love my little kitchen and spend most of my time in there but dream of the day that I have all of the space that I need and want. I hope that you get that extension soon. Happy baking. 🙂

  15. Kerry says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing Ruth! When I saw the picture at the top I was like OMG I’m so jealous! So its kinda nice to see your actual kitchen is more normal – we even have the same cupboards! I do have two drawers though!

  16. Katherine says:

    I am in awe of how you manage to create such wonderful recipes and baked goods in such a petite kitchen! The fired earth one looks lovely and plush I’ll admit, but yours is far more realistic with regards to the kitchens that a lot of your readers will be using. Plus, you’ll have a good idea what you really need and want in your new kitchen extension when you get it. Sending good ‘new kitchen’ thoughts your way! Although seriously, you should get some small business advice re financing the extension and your other business ideas (I’m sure you have loads), if you haven’t already.
    Also, I love the black board paint idea – I might try this somewhere in my kitchen…

  17. Katherine says:

    Whoops, forgot to end my italic HTML…

  18. Lauren says:

    Bless you Ruth for being so honest and sharing your kitchen with us, a proper family kitchen. You can feel the love coming off the page. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and think you’re amazing coming up with such interesting posts, not just recipes. We’re lucky you share so nicely! Thank you.

  19. Tara says:

    I love that you shared this with us. I have the “door” issue in mine too but I have “just” a tiny bit more working space than you. I have a triangular kitchen going from 2ft6 to 6ft6 wide with 4 doors and a big window so only 6 cupboards – most of my baking stuff is in the attic……. I too dream of a bigger kitchen but we haven’t even got a garage I can expand into – I’m waiting for total global warming so I can just build a kitchen in the garden 😉

  20. Catherine says:

    Loved this post Ruth. What a lovely down to earth lady you are. X

  21. Ita says:

    Love it!! 🙂 You have made me smile!!

  22. Aliedits says:


    You are a star! I have been bemoaning my kitchen and feeling like a total kitchen failure for having stuff on top of cupboards and using my butcher’s block to store big dishes. Yours is a normal kitchen belonging to someone who has lots of stuff going on, children to care for a blog to write. My kitchen if even smaller, the lights do funny things, my extractor doesn’t work either, cats stalk my every move, the hot tap is cold and the cold tap hot etc. But it is where I like to cook and bake – I too like a nice array of spatulas and spoons!

  23. Sara says:

    definitely a kitchen with character! And I thought my kitchen was small…

  24. Dominic says:

    its such a mess!… how can you live like that?… you should be so ashamed… these are three phrases you wont be hearing from me… xx

  25. John says:

    I was very jealous when I looked at the first photo. Stage a coup and take over the garage. I promise not complain (for a bit) about my small but perfectly formed kitchen!

  26. Jean says:

    Brilliant !! It just proves that you don’t need a show-kitchen to be able to cook and it’s great to see that you are so normal. Our kitchen is bigger than yours but it still silts up with the clutter of life, which is more to do with the people in the house than the size of the house. Clutter expands to fill space available. I have to tidy it up before I start baking !!

  27. Goodness, and I thought that my kitchen was quite tiny. I am amazed that you manage in that space.

    Maybe I’ll do a kitchen tour soon?

  28. Lesley Gill says:

    I will never complain about my lack of worktop space again! Ruth, you are a star for managing to work in that tiny kitchen!

  29. Angie Johnson says:

    If a real domestic goddess can produce miracle’s from that kitchen, who am I to moan! I have been trying for a new kitchen every since I got my Kitchen Aid mixer, last year. Good luck, show us the end result when it is complete.

  30. Sandie says:

    FABULOUS!! We make use of what we have, and girlfriend, you are WORKIN’ IT!!! I have a tiny kitchen, too, and work it, too.

    Love you…

  31. Rose says:

    You must get the garage converted. My neighbour did and runs her cake business from it.

  32. kerry says:

    can’t say how pleased I am that your kitchen looks just like mine!!!!!

  33. Tracy says:

    How funny that from tiny places beautiful things are created. Thank you for all your inspiration. I love to bake. Bring on 2012. x

  34. colleen keyes says:

    Not only a great baker but a great magician to boot! HOW ON EARTH can you manage in such a small space? You must be sooooooo organised! I´d raise my hat to you if I wore one…

  35. Jill says:

    Ruth, I had so much admiration for your baking skills but now I admire you even more for the fact that you are not ashamed to show that you are just like the rest of us – baking in a kitchen that will never be big enough!! xx

  36. Bernice Mitchell says:

    Ruth, it is so reassuring to know that I am not the only one with more stuff on top of the cupboards than in them!
    You are a magician to work in such a small space.
    We can all dream of these ‘fancy’ kitchens you see on escape to the county!!!!!!

  37. Bronya @ Daisy Cakes says:

    Thanks for letting us have a nosey. It’s great to see you have a proper working kitchen, not s show kitchen which looks like its never used!

    Love the chalk wall…….off to B&Q tomorrow for a pot of blackboard paint!!


  38. Mieke says:

    Hi Ruth, So glad to hear from you again, ‘we’ missed you! But then when ‘bloglovin’ announced you posted another entry again I never would have thought it would be so much fun reading it. Very reassuring to know all that wonderful stuff you come up with, could actually also have been made in my tiny/scruffy kitchen as well. Maybe there’s hope for me after all…… All the best, Mieke from Holland!

  39. Amy says:

    I don’t have draws either! When I viewed my flat I didn’t even notice or look for them! You expect draws right? I remember moving in and opening the utensil box and having a massive panic on where do they live if not in draws? xxx

  40. dharma says:

    I’ve always dreamed of having a kitchen these broad and wonderful, but I think with my 60 years of age, with the economic situation we have in Spain that is disastrous and a retirement due to illness, will not get in this life, not is if the next incarnation will succeed. I love your kitchen, is so similar to mine, I have no where to put more things and I have all over everywhere. A kiss and happy 2012

  41. bakingaddict says:

    thanks for sharing! I love a good nosy too 🙂 My kitchen is quite similar – i have lots of things on top of the cupboards and have a stool on standby. I also have a lot of whisks and spatulas in pots and mountains of cupcake cases and other cupcake related items! I wish I had a BIG kitchen like the one on Fired Earth 🙂

  42. Bex says:

    Ruth you’re so brave to share your inner sanctum with everyone! I LOVE it, you’re keeping it real…and I can stop whinging about the lack of space in my kitchen as well (I have an under-stair cupboard that you need to be an Olympic-grade gymnast to be able to reach into, let alone get anything out, of course all my baking stuff lives in here). Here’s hoping you do get your new kitchen.. but then you won’t be One of Us any more! 😉

  43. Feeling quite bad about my lovely kitchen. But it just goes to show that you don’t need a ‘fired earth’ kitchen to make show stopping food!

  44. Andrea says:

    Seeing these pictures of your kitchen has made me develop a bit of a girl crush on you Ruth. Because although it’s far tidier than mine is, it is still real enough that I think you could come to mine for a cup of tea or something stronger and not have your jaw fall off your face in aghast at the state of it! Thanks do much for sharing pictures of it, I am very impressed for your organisation, creativity and bravery to show us!

  45. melinda says:

    now I have another reason to love you, I’d feel right at home in your kitchen. I have a theory that the bigger and flasher the kitchen is the less food actually gets cooked in it. You just proved my theory. You don’t need a flash kitchen to make fabulous food.
    Love you work.
    Looking forward to another year learning from you

  46. Good for you. I’m fed up of blogs which make life look perfect all the time. Bravo for producing such wonderful creations from such a challenging environment. I agree with earlier comment though – reclaim the garage! 🙂

  47. PS – Won’t a kitchen manufacturer sponsor you (your before and after pics would sell kitchens I’m sure!)

  48. Amy matthews says:

    Your kitchen has inspired me. My kitchen is small and I always complain about not having enough space but having seen how you make best use of space I definatly will make more use of the tos of cupboards and get myself a stool 🙂

  49. OMG! You come up with all those fantastic creations in this tiny space. You are a never ending inspiration. I am happy to see that someone else also has the same amount of utensils , cupcake papers and ‘Stuff’ as i do ….. I must be normal after all!.

  50. Joy says:

    Oh Domestic Goddess Ruth! Please don’t be ashamed! I too was amazed by the Fired Earth kitchen, we can all dream! I bet most of us would clutter up THAT in reality, with all our gadgets and ‘stuff’!
    My kitchen is romantically known as a galley kitchen, no door, leading off the sitting/dining room, no room to swing a cat, tatty, unfinished, untidy, but it does have two small drawers for some cutlery etc. We have no chance of extending, so we have to put up with it! But like yours, it is filled with love! Thanks for your inspiration, wit and being true!

  51. Jill Tritton says:

    thanks for sharing these pics with us, I feel happier knowing I’m not the only person using the top of my cupboards for storage!! Might have to steal the idea of the blackboard paint too xx

  52. Rita says:

    Loverly Ruth thats what i call a normal kitchen.

  53. Veronica Phillips says:

    Thank you for cheering me up this morning. If I admired you before then I am in awe now! How you create all these wonderful things in a smaller kitchen than mine, I don’t know! You are amazing. I couldn’t fill my kitchen like yours as my husband thinks of everything as ‘clutter’ and likes to have ‘space’ to ‘walk around’, so most things have to be in a cupboard or drawers! The only thing that bothers me is the stool! I would have broken my neck by now! Happy New Year Ruth x

  54. Anne says:

    Thank you for sharing this. It is so nice to see a kitchen that is not “perfect”. You have identical units to my Vicarage ones – fortunately I have a few more. Hopefully some generous kitchen manufacturer will see this x

  55. Tracy says:

    Ruth, don’t ever feel ashamed, embarrased over your kitchen, from the heart of your home comes wonderfull ideas for food. Free style filing is what you have in your kitchen and i bet you know where everything is straight away. I agree with you, the tops of cupboards are cupboards without doors, lol

  56. ursula connelly says:

    Thanks for posting this Ruth, I sigh having to clear a 2 foot space to be able to bake or roll a bit of pastry, and moan when I take one plastic tub down from on top of my cupboards only to have another 8 land on my head. I look in despair as my cupboard doors don’t shut properly, my handles are wonky as the kids have used them as step ladders at times to reach the hidden biscuit tins! My floor tiles are cracked by falling pots, dishes jumping to their deaths from squint piles jam packed into over stuffed cupboards. I have to turn my grill on with a pair of pliers as the knob broke off months ago, never to be repaired again.
    I have decided to embrace my imperfect kitchen, as still manage to feed my friends and family, and they enjoy it, so thats all that matters.

  57. Sheila says:

    Ruth thank you for a tour of your kitchen, I now realise how lucky I am with working surfaces :). You sure cook up some beautiful dishes in your small kitchen…..well done you. I also have a tall stool to clamber on for tops of cupboards ha ha.


  58. TicklishLiquorice says:

    Absolutely loved this post Ruth! My husband and I, with our two pink princesses, have been living in a static caravan for 16 months whilst doing major alterations to our new home. We finally moved in on 22nd December (yes, still holes in the floor and no walls but we’re in!!). In the caravan, the kitchen was about 4ft x 5ft and there was a place for everything……now i’m in the house with a ‘Real’ kitchen (although not the kitchen of my dreams, as its a 30year old inherited one!) which has lots of cupboards and 5 drawers, I can’t fit ANYTHING in! Love the jumble….its a family home and looks like a well used and well loved kitchen! Keep up the fab work! hugs from sunny shropshire xxx

  59. Sheila says:

    PS Ruth, I meant to add after reading above posts, don’t be ashamed of your kitchen it is your work horse, when your children are older and there is more money to spare I am sure you will get your dream kitchen as I did last year and I am retired. Bless you.

  60. clairetweet says:

    Hi Ruth. I know I am repeating everyone else but I cannot believe that you turn out such wonderful baking from that tiny kitchen! I moan about my lack of workspace but the space of one cutting board is just remarkable!
    You are a genius.
    I think taking over the garage as a newly enlarged kitchen sounds like a great idea. You’ll have to show Mr Whisk all these comments :o) Good luck with your plans and thank you for being so honest about your kitchen.

  61. sue says:

    Brilliant!! My kitchen is small and well used too. A home that looks used is a home full of character and love.

  62. Karen says:

    You have such a small space and it belies the amazing creations that come out of your kitchen! I DO love the cosy feel though…..

  63. Lisa Shannon says:

    I have a kitchen the size of a postage stamp too Ruth and often muse about what I could create in a bigger kitchen. I have spilled over into the garage. keeping the slow cooker, rice cooker etc in there. I dream too!! Thanks as always for sharing xxx

  64. Alison says:

    Hi Ruth, don’t be embarrassed by your kitchen, it’s homely and I bet you know where everything is!! The one thing that made me smile is the stool it looks like one from the science labs at P. High! Hahaha

  65. Ruth Ellis says:

    Read this post last thing last night, then the internet died when I tried to comment! So back again this morning…
    It made me smile so many times – very witty and striking many true notes with my own kitchen chaos! My husband read it over my shoulder and said “That is an amazing post. Everyone should do one like that!”. Seriously, it is inspirational to see what you can create from a small space. And a encouraging to discover that even famous bloggers don’t have perfect kitchens! Rx

  66. wendy marshall says:

    I am so impressed that you manage to create all your wonderful creations in this space. My kitchen is actually smaller and I have tended to use it as an excuse for not doing as much baking as I would like to but you have now inspired me. Keep the recipes coming, please.

  67. Susan says:

    Thanks for sharing (I love a good nose round other people’s houses) and thanks for being ‘real’.
    So refreshing to see a blog with something normal instead of those perfect-mummy bloggers.

  68. Janice says:

    Hi Ruth, you have my total admiration for your dedication to baking and cooking in such a limited space. I am chanting you can move into the garage well before you are in your 50’s.

  69. anna holder says:

    Hi Ruth, Thank you for sharing your kitchen. Once again showing us all that you really are a normal girl. With all the frustrations of family life but with that lovely humour and grace. Thank you once again for sharing a snippet of your life and keeping us all inspired 🙂

  70. Barbara Liu says:

    ARE YOU LISTENING, Fired Earth – this girl needs that kitchen. Somebody out there needs to schedule another baking programme presented byRuth Clements in a Fired Earth kitchen. Simple………………………!!!!!

  71. Sneha says:

    I have a rather large kitchen and now I feel bad I don’t use it enough. *Hangs head in shame*

  72. Sarah says:

    What makes your kitchen so wonderful is that it’s a real kitchen. Too often when you look at homes On blogs, magazines or Tv is that it doesn’t actually look like anyone actually lives there. It’s comforting to look at a real kitchen in a real house with a real family living there. Keep up the good work.

  73. narf77 says:

    Hi Ruth,
    It looks like I am not the only one with a New Years resolution to have a “Year of living honestly”. It hurts, but once you get it out in the open it feels a whole lot better. Your kitchen is luxury central to the most spacious rental kitchen that I had last. It had a single cupboard, 1 drawer for everything, heaps of space but nothing to store anything in, 1 power point for the whole kitchen and not very much else. Thankyou for your honesty, to be perfectly honest, most of us are sick to death of seeing our blogging heroines amazing kitchens. How are we supposed to create magnificent meals when we don’t have anything like they do? You have fantastic recipes, presented amazingly well AND you have a kitchen like ours! My hubby just said “Deja-vu!” looks just like our place! Cheers Ruth, I am off with renewed enthusiasm for my lot to make something splendiferous for tea :o)

  74. Thank you all for your lovely encouraging comments on my shabby falling apart kitchen – they are very much appreciated! Mr C. is still taking no notice, I may just publish his mobile number here and you can all get on the phone! xx

  75. Tracey says:

    Aargh I love it, your an inspiration to us all with your lovely recipes, tips and ideas and to top it all…..YOUR NORMAL 🙂 not like some really famous person who would be unapproachable…..
    Thankyou Ruth
    ps I agree your an artist running a business reclaim the garage lol do it for us all xx

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  77. LOVE this post!! Your kitchen looks SO real, warm and welcoming, and I love the chalkboard – looks fab! XX

  78. SheWhisks says:

    Wow, I’m not the only one with no drawers!! I totally feel for you, girlfriend! Mine is similar in size and slightly worse off…. badly damp 🙁 So I cant leave any dry goods in my kitchen. I have to put the flours and sugars in my understairs cupboard, right next to the vacuum cleaner and ironing board. Such is life. Mr. Whisks is currently deaf to my cries!

  79. Sophie Paul says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I know lots of people have already commented but just wanted to add my thanks.

    I live in a rented cottage with a tiny, old fashioned kitchen with many many faults. Recently I’ve been feeling really fed up about it and complaining a lot. Reading your article has made me feel loads better and I’m going to stop complaining and carry on cooking and baking knowing that if you can do, I can too!

    Thanks again 🙂


    (PS – might still print off a pic of the Fired Earth kitchen for my noticeboard though – a girl can still dream!)

  80. Alex says:

    Wow – you are amazing to create such wonderful goodies in that kitchen! Do you spill out into the garage or dining room for storage/ workspace at all – I just don’t think I could store all of my stuff in a kitchen that size!

  81. Natty says:

    Ruth – this post is amazing. Love your kitchen, much more homely and down to earth than the Fired Earth one! You are an inspiration to all us normal girls who dont have showroom like kitchens but can STILL be a baking goddess :)Keep up the good work xx
    ps. You had some recommended books on here a while back, one of them about the science of cooking (cant remember the exact title) – could you please post the name of it? Ta!

  82. Vanessa says:

    You are truly wonderful to share your personal space with us. What a genuine inspiration you are Ruth. My Mum always used to say, the best cooks have the smallest kitchens. So true. Most good cooks have things in top if cupboards. I have a small kitchen and when I get baking tins out the cupboard, everything has to come out first.

  83. Anne Greenwood says:

    A true cook cooks with passion not a pristine up to date kitchen !!

  84. Rachel says:

    Wow – I am so pleased that you have a kitchen like mine!!! We put the kitchen into our flat before we moved and it was beautiful and large and very very functional. Now I am in a beautiful house with the most frustrating kitchen. No drawers here either… we can both dream of that fired earth kitchen eh? *sigh*

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  86. Kitty M says:

    I am dreaming away with you Ruth!

    I have a growing collection of Country Homes and Interiors magazines and literally drool over the pictures of those lucky people’s gorgeous homes and kitchens 🙂

    One day …. x

    • Diana says:

      …in which they never cook and this why they stay so gorgeous….!!!

      Your kitchen looks like mine….! I am such a messy person and really force myself into keeping things at the right place. I wil never complain again, I will never complain again, …. 😉

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