Day 11 – Cheese Oatcake Crackers

A lovely little addition to the Christmas Cheeseboard for Day 11 of TPW 12 Days of Christmas


120g oatbran (cereal aisle in the supermarket)

160g porridge oats

salt and black pepper

85g flavoursome Cheshire cheese

50ml olive oil

100ml hot water


Preheat the oven to 160c (fan)/180c/Gas Mark 4 and line two trays with baking paper.

Put the oatbran and porridge oats into a large bowl.

Season well with salt and pepper and crumble in the cheese.

Give it all a good mix up and then add the olive oil.

Stir it round before adding the hot water.  Using a wooden spoon or spatula to begin with start to work the mixture into a firm dough.

You will need to get your hands in just to finish it off.

If it’s not holding together add some more hot water just a tablespoon at a time.

Now, take 1/3rd of the dough and roll it out to approx. 3mm thick on your surface lightly dusted with flour.


It does have a tendency to crack as you roll, but just using a third of the dough at a time will help with this – also be firm with your rolling pin, a good pressure helps to keep it together.

Cut out your biscuits – whatever shape you fancy – and transfer them carefully to the baking tray.

Gather up the excess that’s been left behind and pop them back in the bowl.

Roll out the remaining thirds of the dough, ignoring all the excess bits for now.

Once you’re all cut out, turn your attention back to the bits in the bowl.  These will be dry and crumbly, they’ve absorbed some of the flour used in dusting/rolling out.  To get them to come back to a usable dough again add in an extra 2 tablespoons of hot water, knead and roll out again, magic!

Now the trays go into the oven for 20 minutes.  Take them out and carefully turn all the oatcakes over.  They need to go back into the oven for a further 10 minutes to dry them out.

And that’s the Cheese Oatcake Crackers done!  In an airtight container these will last for 2 weeks – plenty of time to see you through Christmas x

Cheese Oatcakes

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire


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522 Responses to Day 11 – Cheese Oatcake Crackers

  1. Kirstie phillipson says:

    I’m going to have put 10 stone on by the end of the 12 days although I’m loving it so many new ideas and suggestions again this ones getting made too 🙂

  2. Dominique Lapointe says:

    No big fans of cheese in my household, but still and interesting idea!

  3. Ooo yum I have a feeling they won’t last two weeks in my house! Definitely will be trying this, for some reason I always thought oatcakes would be more complicated!

  4. Catherine says:

    Awesome! I have some leftover oatbran so this is handy! Xx

  5. Emma H says:

    They’d be great spread with blackcurrent jam, too.

  6. Marie Therese Hayes says:

    These look fab….will be making them this weekend! My daughter will love them!

  7. Tracy Nixon says:

    They looks so easy to make – I usually buy them but I may have a go at making them myself! Thank you x

  8. Heidi Lee says:

    I will definately give these a try. They do not seem too difficult to make and my kids are oatcake mad! We also love cheese in our house and these sound like they will accompany cheese a treat. Thanks so much for this recipe.

  9. Rose says:

    I do like oatcakes and these look really good

  10. hannah says:

    Homemade crackers will be a lovely addition to the cheeseboard. They look impressive, but not too tricky to make. I like the mix of sweet & savoury recipes you have given, thank you Pink Whisk!

  11. Jess Bleeze says:

    Was just looking for a recipe like this for my own hampers x

  12. Lucy says:

    These look great, & not too difficult either! 🙂 I have some oatbran in the cupboard…know what I’m going to do with it now!

  13. Marie Belfort says:

    I’m putting a hamper together and these will be perfect to include. They look delicious.

  14. Martine says:

    they look fantastic but I’m guessing easily breakable if you don’t get the mixture exactly right.

  15. Sandi says:

    My daughter loves cheese so these will go down well!

  16. Laura Allport says:

    I think they look very satisfying and moreish.

  17. Claire says:

    What a great idea, no more shop bought crackers for me this christmas :0)

  18. Phil Bass says:

    Could be interesting for the Scottish side of the family

  19. Judith Tomkinson says:

    These look great. He likes cheese, i like oatcakes! Perfect.

  20. Maggie says:

    easy and cheesy

  21. Leanda Saunders says:

    These will be good for the childrens lunch box. They will like having a go at making them too 🙂

  22. Beth says:

    Mmm, I think these would go really well with the giant dip selection that I always get in at Christmas 😉 And they don’t look too tricky either! 🙂

  23. Hannah Oneill says:


  24. Claire says:

    These are just “the biscuit” – cheesy! Ha ha ha – sorry it just tickeled me this morning! Will def make these with my children.

  25. tamara says:

    looks yummy and easy…

  26. Caroline kerridge says:

    Great idea. Not noticed oatbran before but guessing Mr. Sainsbury has some lol xx

  27. caroline says:


  28. Lauren says:

    I love cheese more than Wallace and gromit!
    Do you think I could use other cheeses aswell like a one with cranberry in? 🙂 x

  29. Karen Button says:

    They look lovely. Can’t wait to try them.

  30. Lucy Birks says:

    Will go with my Christmas Chutney i have made 🙂

  31. michelle moloney says:

    this is one I won’t attempt, mine would be too thick or too thin lol

  32. Susan Cameron says:

    Being a good Scottish girl I love oatcakes.I also love cheese.I’ve never combined the cheese inside though so I’m definitely going to try.I’ve made a fair few of your Advent recipes so far and,even for me,they’ve been failsafe!

  33. Sharon says:

    I Will have to cook these while no ones around otherwise they be eaten like some of the gingerbread men! Thanks again Ruth for another great recipe.x

  34. Karen says:

    Another yummy idea!x

  35. Rebecca says:

    Look yummy. I have never made savoury biscuits before will be looking out for oat bran in my weekly shop.


  36. mary rigby says:

    Great cheese lovers here, good to have another savoury recipe.

  37. Sharon Carleton says:

    mmmm…..they look gorgeous !! As does the hamper – oh that my luck would be “in” this christmas !!!

  38. Sandy says:

    Yet another fab recipe, so sad tomorrow is gonna be the last day as I am so gonna miss this!!

  39. Sarah smith says:

    These look yum! Will have to give these a go.

  40. Mairi says:

    I’ve made oatcakes quite a lot (they always have an off-putting slight green tinge?!) but cheese and oat crackers, yum, yes please!

  41. Audrey Watson says:

    I love cheese and I’m sure I have all the ingredients, yay!

  42. diane hibble says:

    I can do these… I’ve been looking for a cracker recipe.
    Do you think seeds would go in them too ok ?

  43. Sue Tylcoat says:

    I love cheese! These are going to go down a treat!

  44. Karen Cole says:

    These appeal to me because I have a savory tooth, but occasionally I stuff my face with cake!! 😀

  45. Emma Lodge says:

    Great that these keep so long. Gives yout plenty of time to use upa ll the leftover cheeses and chutneys

  46. Lucy says:

    Mmmmmmmmmmm. I’m trying to lose weight for my wedding next spring, I can see it’s a useless endeavour…

  47. Cenders says:

    Looks yummy!

  48. Barbara Millard says:

    Ah! Now I can use that packet of oat bran I found at the back of the cupboard! How did you know? Thanks!

  49. Sally Campbell says:

    Mmm delicious,especially alongside a steaming bowl of tomato soup! 🙂

  50. Jen Schofield says:

    These look great!

  51. Nikki Clark says:

    What a great idea – they look delicious and so easy to make

  52. Fran says:

    I have a total cheese addict in my household – these look fab! :o)

  53. david says:

    well I have got to try these, looks a lovely receipe

  54. Michelle says:

    I’m gonna be so sad when this 12 days is over! Maybe winning will cheer me up?! Worth a shot Ruth? haha xx

  55. Jodi says:

    These look great!!!!

  56. Lin Young says:

    great money saving recipe – lovely tasting by the looks as well

    I do think the price of cheese biscuits is astronomical and havent been buying many

    wont have to now!!

  57. Clare adkins says:

    Making these today!

  58. Lisa James says:

    No way they’ll last until xmas in this house : )

  59. I’d have to make them at midnight the day before because they wouldn’t last!

  60. Alana Walker says:

    I love biscuits and cheese as an alternative to dessert.x

  61. Kelly Ellison says:

    oh these look so easy, gunna have to try these x

  62. Claire says:

    Ooh they look very tasty, and I could probably manage to make them (not sure they’d last til Christmas here though!)

  63. Lee says:

    Another one I really need to try – we are all going to put at least a stone on over Christmas at this rate with these lovely ideas

  64. Gemma samanta says:

    I’m going to have so much food in the house if I keep cooking at this rate :0) well stocked for Xmas definitely

  65. Leanne says:

    My hubby would love these, and relatively straightforward to make! These will be on our buffet table on Boxing Day morning 🙂 x

  66. Claire Shurrock says:

    My mum and sister love oatcakes!! Another recipe I’m going to try this Christmas! Thank you Ruth for your great recipes 🙂 x

  67. Katherine says:

    The range of recipes you’re having this year is great – I wouldn’t have thought of making my own cheeseboard crackers, but it’s so simple!

  68. Harriet Cannon says:

    I love oatcakes, but have never made them, so will definitely give this a try!

  69. jamila says:

    OOh something yummy for my 15 month old!

  70. Jocelyn griffin says:

    These would be great in the kids lunch boxes, definitely try this recipe too! So happy I’ve found this site, so many yummy recipes!

  71. Kerrie Taylor says:

    I will have to give these a try! Cheese biscuits are a favourite in our house x

  72. Karen Mottram says:

    Hi Ruth, I,m betting mine wont look as neat as yours, but they will taste good!
    Sorry, I,ve got a bit carried away with putting comments…then read the rules! In my defence I,ve just worked out how to do this whole posting a comment thing!
    From severely challenged at IT.

  73. Leigh-Anne says:

    May just give these a try! Look easy to make. Loving the 12 days of Christmas recipes. Thanks Ruth.x

  74. Louise Turner says:

    I’ve had these before and they are delicious!

  75. They look good. will be giving these a go. x

  76. Jenny Cook says:

    These look yummy – I may try experimenting with different cheeses

  77. Emma Head says:

    I’m making 40 hampers for Christmas and was looking for a good cheese biscuit recipe, so I will definitely give these a try! Thanks 🙂

  78. Jen Snaith says:

    Children will be very excited about these! x

  79. Victoria says:

    How easy, will try soon! Yesterday I tried the filo pastry rolls with hummus and carrots, delicious!

  80. Oh I must try these they look fab!

  81. Lesley says:

    Gosh, those look really nice. And moreish!

  82. lesley-anne burnett says:

    my hubby is oin to luv these 🙂

  83. Stella says:

    Love cheesy biccies

  84. traceyh says:

    never tried these before,but will now.
    i bought a bag of oatbran a few weeks ago,
    so will give these a try.
    thanks ruth xx

  85. Susan Crosswaite says:

    Cheesy nibbles always go down well in our house

  86. Mo Silverman says:

    Hmmmmm YUMMO!

  87. Fiona says:

    In all my years of baking I’ve never made crackers to go with cheese….and I’ve never made cheese either. Maybe time to have a crack at both…excuse the pun 😉

  88. Jennie says:

    I love shop bought oatcakes so I think I am going to have to have a go at making these xx

  89. Andrea Burke says:

    I looove good old cheese & crackers & grapes…

  90. Emeline says:

    I’ve got all the ingredients for this, so I think I’ll give it a go.

  91. Beverley says:

    who knew that they would be so straight forward to make…another yummy recipe, thank you xoxo

  92. Gillian Greathead says:

    I don’t like cheese but the rest of my family would love these.

  93. Loops says:

    Sounds yummy! I have some rice bran though, would that work instead of oat bran, or would it ruin the crakers?

    I’m afraid to try it as things usually go wrong when I don’t follow recipes…

  94. tracy s says:

    I think this is another recipe i will have to try, let’s hope the kids like them.

  95. Elaine says:

    Oh my life, I can seriously see myself scaring the lot and trying to do the “I have no idea where they went” face. Super scrummy looking.

  96. Caroline says:

    Love the idea of something savoury!

  97. Janet Dring says:

    They look lovely

  98. Claire says:

    super, thinking about the xmas cheeseboard already!

  99. Geegee says:

    Definately one to try.

  100. Aly Makin says:

    Mmmm I might try these for our Christmas Eve visitors!

  101. Sez says:

    They would make a really nice gift

  102. Carolyn says:

    yum! hubbie will love these x

  103. Richard says:

    Buying ingredients at lunchtime. They look great.

  104. shirley says:

    These look nice and easy peasy! Yum, just got to find the oatbran.

  105. Clemmie G says:

    The cheeseboard is one of my favourite things about Christmas and these will definitely be making an appearance! Thanks Ruth 🙂

  106. Kathryn says:

    Will get the little one helping with these

  107. Dawne says:

    Ooooooo now I might have to make christmas tree crackers now. My diet is not thanking you! 😉

  108. Sue Harte says:

    An excellent way of getting the husband to eat oats!

  109. Clare Conlon says:

    This is something I have never thought of making but you have made it look so quick and easy I will have to try them at some point.

  110. sheikha says:

    Yammy cheesy crackers..A very healthy snack.

  111. Sam says:

    They look delicious!

  112. Charley Foulds says:

    looks so yummy!!!! would LOVE to try these!!!!

  113. Lorraine Johnson says:

    Very tasty looking

  114. Vicki says:

    These look great and so easy! Will be trying these out for Christmas day! 🙂

  115. Rebecca Drake says:

    Brilliant – I’m wheat intollerant so these will be perfect, thank you!

  116. Natty says:

    Mmm loving the look of these

  117. tasmina says:

    another one for the recipe book…thank you.x

  118. Helen B says:

    These look delicious! X

  119. Sarah Roy says:

    Mr Roy will LOVE these!

  120. Louise says:

    I’ll try and make these, nice clear instructions. Oddly enough we only seem to have oatcakes at Christmas

  121. Vikki R says:

    These would go great in a hamper I’m making for my grandad

  122. Janet says:

    Good Lord, and they’re gluten-free (if you’re sure the oats and oatbran you buy are gluten-free) and potentially vegan as well, if you switch it to a dairy-free cheese of some kind. Those of us who sometimes cook for people with special dietary needs thank you!

  123. Niamh Lewis says:

    Wow – look easy and tasty. Will definitely give these a try!

  124. Jeannette Austen says:

    Another great idea for Christmas. Oh there will be a feast at my house yeh <3

  125. Carrol West says:

    mine will have to be made without the cheese!!! still nice thou xx

  126. Nicola Thomas says:

    Oatcake crackers, cheese and sweet chilli/tomato chutney-heaven. Not going to last in my house till xmas, lol x

  127. Alice Hassett says:

    iv always wanted to make crackers yummy

  128. Lynne Donnelly says:

    I think these would definitely satisfy my pregnancy cravings!

  129. These biscuits look wonderful. Bet they taste great.

  130. Claire says:

    I’ll def try these this year

  131. liz denial says:

    cheese & biscuits, my favourite

  132. Sally Tattersfield says:


  133. Fiona McQueen says:

    OOHH must try these, they look lovely

  134. Sinead says:

    Not so much a cheese fan unfortunately! Everyone else is though

  135. Rachel Hancock says:

    lovely with some brie!

  136. clara cort says:

    my husband would really like this!

  137. Ceri Jackson says:

    Another fabulous recipe that makes my mouth water!

  138. Andrene says:

    Lovely. My husband will be made up with homemade oatcakes. Thanks. Love the website xx

  139. Sarah Knapton says:

    I’m really tempted to try making these…also wondering what there is left to add to this hamper!! 🙂

  140. Alexandra says:

    Looks yummy, my husband is a cheese and crackers addict at Christmas, definitely make these for him!

  141. Andrew Petrie says:

    Mouth-watering,and so easy!!

  142. Georgina Edwards says:

    Perfect for cheese after Christmas Dinner!

  143. Rachel says:

    They look nice! x

  144. Michelle kelly says:

    can’t beat cheese and crackers!

  145. Jo Hughes says:

    These look great, will have to make them

  146. Fay says:

    Will go lovely with the cheese and port present I have bought for a relative 🙂

  147. Katie says:

    I love a good cheese board, and these are perfect!

  148. Catherine Atherton says:

    They sound lovely

  149. Kirsty Common says:

    love oatcakes and cheese

  150. Sue Hunt says:

    My Husband doesn’t have a sweet tooth, so he’ll love these savoury crackers

  151. Julia Straw says:

    These look delicious

  152. Sally McIntyre says:

    Oh my I know what I’ll be doing over the Christmas period – BAKING!!
    Some fab receipes can’t wait to try them 🙂 Keep them coming x

  153. Janet Powell says:

    how neat are your biscuits! mmmm, hubby (aka “the cheese beast”) will lurve these.

  154. Vicky says:

    These look very moreish – wouldn’t last long in my house. Another fab recipe.

  155. Laura Birkin says:

    Never made my own cheese biscuits before, they would go down a treat! x

  156. Clare F Wood says:

    my girls would love these

  157. Mary says:

    These look surprisingly easy (and delicious), will have to give them a try.

  158. Laura Bull says:

    I am literally eating cheese and crackers as I type, but your crackers look amazinggggg!

  159. Louise says:

    Bit like a savoury flapjack.

  160. Suzy Humphries says:

    Brilliant just what I need to smarten up my cheeseboard, thanks Ruth x

  161. Hollie says:

    Got to have some cheese at christmas!

  162. My dad would love these x

  163. Cheryll H says:

    Love cheese and biscuits, especially at Christmas time 🙂

  164. Stephanie says:

    Woo, I have loads of this Oatbran at home that I didn’t know what to do with! Will be giving these ago when I finish work for Christmas 🙂

  165. Judi Delaney says:

    I can’t believe that you manage to find something inspiring each day – genius x

  166. Janet Burns says:

    Will make a nice change

  167. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    These look delicious and perfect for my toddler too!

  168. Juliet Flower says:

    I am SO going to miss this competition when it finishes. I love the recipes, the ideas it brings and the temptations to do some serious kitchen stuff shopping!

  169. Linda B says:

    Ooh, checks cupboard… I have all those things in stock. 🙂

  170. patsy says:

    these look lovely and will keep

  171. Loretta Cerioli says:

    These biscuits look much more substantial and flavoursome than the supermarket variety.
    A few ingredients and imagination transports to wholesome deliciousness!

  172. Emily Fraser says:

    These look great, will def. be trying them out! : )

  173. Angharad says:

    They look tasty

  174. Samia says:

    I should imagine these are delicious with a bit of port & stilton

  175. Nicola Richardson (@nicolacupcake) says:

    Great idea for a homemade Cheeseboard
    Very clever x

  176. Jayne says:

    My diet is planned for January. I don’t think I will have finished eating all these lovely treats by then!

  177. donna clarke says:

    lets try these with my cheese phobic daughter (who eats pizza! lol!) x

  178. Tricia Morrison says:

    I’ve never made my own biscuits for cheese – yet these are so easy!! Will make them for my cheeseboard!

  179. Kirstan says:

    Another great receipe for me to try – thanks Ruth! xx

  180. Donna says:

    Oh I would just love these, going to have to add them to my list of baking

  181. I don’t even like cheese, but I know I would like these!

  182. Donna says:

    With correct email address this time lol

  183. Claire Allen says:

    These look fab! Perfect for the after dinner cheese board!

  184. abigail edkins says:

    dont think these are something Id make for myself, but Id give them a go with the kids : )

  185. Elizabeth Kent says:

    What great prizes!

  186. Emma says:

    These look wonderful. I’m going to make some to go with your sweet chilli chutney I made a few weeks ago. I might even try a batch with dried cranberries which I think would go great with many cheeses.

    Lovely recipe xx

  187. Sonia says:

    mmm just the thing to go with all the yummy cheese I bought at Bath Christmas Market 😀

  188. Lisa Fuller says:

    Anything with cheese in it gets my vote 🙂

  189. dirtgirl says:

    Beautiful recipe Ruth. You always get your bscuits looking so precise and neat!

  190. Claudine Kelly says:

    Love cheese! They look delicious! Will be baking these…and probably eating them all too!

  191. Cookie K says:

    These look too easy!!! Will definitely be trying these for the cheese board.

  192. Helen says:

    These look delicious and so straightforward to make – my daughter will love them in her lunchbox with some cubes of cheese.

  193. Sinead says:

    yummy. I can’t wait to try these.

  194. Zoe Hope says:

    These sound lovely and would go really well with the wendesley dale cheese with the cranberries in x

  195. sram says:

    My dad loves cheese, i am going to try and make these for him

  196. Those look great – I love homemade savoury biscuits.

  197. Chloe Hocking says:

    They look tempting shame I don’t like Cheese though 🙁

  198. kayleigh Dawn says:

    Merry Christmas!

  199. mary says:

    these are a definate yum yum

  200. rosie says:

    They look really tasty!

  201. Caroline says:

    I like that you always give us a helpful hand in finding ingredients Ruth x x

  202. Sarah Arnold says:

    Might try with soya cheese for my dairy and wheat allergic son. Worth a try!!!

  203. Karen Chaudhry says:

    Yum look delicious thank you

  204. Sylvia Turnbull says:

    These look de-lish!!!

  205. Maria says:

    Look delicious

  206. Heather Orford says:

    im going to love these.

  207. Janet Williams says:

    Definitely going to make these asap.

  208. Lisa Williams says:

    YUM again I will have some serious making and baking to do this year 🙂 thank you

  209. Anna Marie says:

    Delish! Cheese is one of my fave foods. Deffo making this recipe this Christmas..but might experiment by adding dried cranberries to the crackers..Do you think that would work Ruth? Do you think it would it affect how long it keeps?

    • Sounds lovely! It might affect keeping time because of the moisture kept in the cranberries may soften the cracker. I’d dice them fairly finely and then see how you go on (and do let me know!) x

  210. Gail Bedford says:

    Yum Yum in my tum x

  211. Jan Fisher says:

    Wow, another scrum my recipe, will be baking, taking and sharing these this Christmas

  212. Abi Wood says:

    wow, these will be great for christmas

  213. Dawn Lightwood says:

    These, Wensleydale and Port….perfect winter supper!

  214. lucy says:

    Ooooh, yummy!

  215. emma says:

    these would go down a storm with my mum! she loves a good cheese board with exciting crackers and biscuits like these, oh and not forgetting the port! thank you for all these great recipes!

  216. Laura H says:

    Another amazing idea, I can’t wait to make these!!! One word for today’s prize amazing!!!

  217. Stefanie Price says:

    These are making me mourn my broken oven more than ever – I wonder whether I can invite myself over to friends houses under the guise of ‘catching up’ (but really to use their ovens). Bake-dates!

  218. Danielle says:

    It’s not Christmas without a good cheese board, and these will be a welcome addition.

  219. Jo says:

    Love cheese biscuits – will definitely give these a go!

  220. Barbara Legg says:

    Love cheese, love oats perfect combo!!!

  221. Mel Webb says:

    Look yummy

  222. Laura says:

    Yum yum! I’ll be making some of those for Christmas day cheese & biscuits.

  223. Ursula says:

    Another great recipe Ruth, and so simple. Mega diet will have to start after all this I reckon! x

  224. joanne says:

    Yummy!!! I’m making these tomorrow!!!

  225. Juliet says:

    Mmm can taste them already. Definitely on my to do list

  226. Kim Window says:

    yummy *-*

  227. Sue McGrath says:

    Another great idea 🙂

  228. Wendy Devlin says:

    Yummy… another tasty recipe to try!!!

  229. Sarah says:

    My husband LOVES oatcakes so I will give these a go for him. They look lovely. Thanks Ruth

  230. Diana Tucker says:

    I’ve never attempted crackers. I will give these a go! Thank you.

  231. Lizz williams says:

    These will make a lovely treat to go in my in laws Christmas hamper :0)

  232. christine potter says:

    Must definitely give these a go

  233. Anne Marigold says:

    I’m having to lower cholesterol but with oats, oat bran and oil, no butter I reckon I can allow myself the cheese. Well I’m going to anyway!!

    You are clever!

  234. Alison Damant says:

    These will be great with tomato soup!

  235. Rhonda says:

    My partner would love these.

  236. Nicola Smaller says:

    Nice idea for teacher presents…

  237. Natanya says:

    Now these I need to bake! Where am I going to find the time to make all these wonderful goodies

  238. Rosie says:

    I don’t want the 12 days to end!!

  239. Julia says:

    A tasty recipe without too many ingredients, like it!

  240. Naomi says:

    Great recipe – must give them a go!

  241. Nicole Plunkett says:

    Yummy, just what I need for my New Years cheese board.

  242. maureen moss says:

    I usually buy my oat cakes but this looks so easy that I think I will give it a try

  243. jenny lambert says:

    Lovely receipe…shame i cant eat cheese!!

  244. Clare says:

    I love oatcakes and it’s good to have home-made to ensure they are not too high in salt too. Oatbran is such a healthy ingredient especially in the fight against high cholestrol. Thanks for the recipe.

  245. shelley says:

    these are perfect to give my little niece and far better than buying them from the supermarket

  246. Rach Woodcock says:

    I’m really looking forward to trying this!

  247. Emma Manley says:

    Nom nom nom!! Extra cheese for the Christmas cheeseboard!! Lovely!!

  248. Lynette Duxbury says:

    I am having a trial run of these tomorrow in preparation for Christmas. They sound delicious !!

  249. Sue Kershaw says:

    I’ll definitely be making them. The ones I’ve bought look and taste like cardboard!

  250. Katie says:

    These look great, and i happen to have everything i need to make them! Guess what i’ll be making for christmas day 🙂

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    Love the Bosch Tassimo that you’ve added to the hamper. Oh no, i can feel a song coming on – ‘I love coffee, i love tea…’!

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    Obsessed with cheese so will definitely be having a go at these 🙂

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    Great to have something Christmassy my diabetic dad can enjoy too. Thanks for recipe.

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    Yum, yum, yum. Changing subject slightly, have bought Christmas pudding to make fudge. x

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    Love the look of these, bet they taste delicious!

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    Thanks Ruth, so many lovely recipes from you, you really are a girls best friend in the kitchen! You and my kitchen Aid !!!

  264. Trish says:

    Ooh, they actually look quite doable, I’ve never done crackers. I’m thinking they’d be good for my son’s post-swim snack (I think he’s fed up of flapjacks!)

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    Love oatcakes, especially the cheesy ones, but never tried making my own. Getting the ingredients tomorrow.

  271. june livingstone says:

    keep drooling over all the lovely things in the hamper…..if only

  272. Claire Carter says:

    I love you ! I have been looking for a decent recipe for oatcakes AND I have a bag of oat bran that I didn’t know what to do with – winner!

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    Never made crackers before but will give these a go – goota love some cheese and crackers at Christmas!!

  280. Linda Illingworth says:

    golly,looking at these i may just have to tweak this receipe a little as cheese doesn’t like me toomuch, i’m thinking dried fruit, apple juice instead of water and a dollop of honey – i’ll let you know!

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    This is a new one for me – homemade crackers on the cheeseboard – can’t wait to try them out on the family. They look gorgeous.

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    Another superb idea. Ruth, have you thought of giving us some “slimming” recipes for post-christmas! Thanks. X

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  307. Deborah Lawe says:


  308. Jatinder Matharu says:

    These look so yummy and straight forward-I’m Defo not going to buy any this year

  309. Careen says:

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    Yet another baking effort to be made before Christmas, thank you again. Good job the gift buying is all done, more time for baking!

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  322. Jemma Cripps says:

    hopefully posting in the right place now

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    Just made theae – truly divine when topped with a slice of smooth mature cheddar & a blob of balsamic jelly. Yum!

  330. Choclette says:

    Another brilliant recipe Ruth. I’ve bookmarked these and might even get around to making some for Christmas.

  331. Donna says:

    These will be very popular in my home…thanks!

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    Oooo these look delicious. I already have oatmeal and porridge so now only need the cheshire 🙂

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  334. Great – will give these a try for Christmas xxxx

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  336. Mary says:

    wow- i would love these to arrive under the tree. looks like they would keep fairly well too. xxx

  337. Kelly Dougherty says:

    Alot easier to make than I thought. Not sure they’ll survive past supper this evening though!

  338. suzysunshine7 says:

    Is it just me or did Christmas come around much quicker this year?!! – LOL!!!

    Yet another yummy idea – thanks Ruth!…x

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  340. Anna-Lisa Moxon says:

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    I love oatcakes, will definitely give these go. Please don’t let tomorrow be the last day,have been enjoying the recipes and the prospect of being in with a chance of winning all the goodies!

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    Lots of cheese lovers in my family, myself included! So will def be giving these a try 🙂 x x

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  351. Sheila Reeves says:

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  362. Elaine Tickell says:

    Simple, savoury and yummy”

  363. Sarah Tomlinson says:

    Deffo try

  364. Stephanie Green says:

    I love the fact you can make them well before hand and they last 2 weeks.

  365. Liz Warner says:

    Yummy! Cheese & biccies r a big hit in our hse & not just at Christmas 🙂

  366. Jay Scales says:

    These look fairly easy, and I love the idea of making my own instead of shop bought x

  367. Lynne Hodgkins says:

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    perfect for cheese and crackers after all those heavy christmas meals 🙂

  372. Sue M says:

    Yum, definatly going to give these a try but with with Soya cheese as I have a dairy allergy. Thanks for all the scrummy recipes 🙂

  373. Joanna Blofeld says:

    Great contribution to the Christmas food – and will last 2 weeks. Thank you yet again!

  374. Kelsey Harkness-Jones says:

    My favourite part of Christmas Day is the cheeseboard, so this is a definite winner for me! Xxx

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  379. spleenyone says:

    these look so much nicer than any you can buy!

  380. Diane Tomlinson says:

    Thanks Ruth, as a busy mum, I rate recipes by the number of steps and list of ingredients, this passes the test 🙂 if only I had a nice tray to bake them on ( don’t get me started about rubbish non stick trays!!)

  381. Kirsty Cluett says:

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  383. look like would be fun for kids

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    Another excellent recipe


    I love oatcakes but never made my own – might have to give it a try! xxx

  386. Helen Huxley says:

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  387. Emily Mills says:

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  391. Petra Curtis says:

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  392. Jenny says:

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  393. Linda thompson says:

    Another great idea, these look more ish! I am going to print all 12 days recipes and make a little Christmas book to use every year.

  394. Helen Oliver says:

    Loved the ‘crispbread/flatbread’ round in GBBO3 but was disappointed only 1 recipe in the book… so this is a great starting point for a new obsession. They’d also make fab addition to a ‘homemade’ hamper – with cookies in a jar, giant gingerbread man etc.

  395. Lani Nash says:

    A yummy recipe to try!

  396. Judith says:

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  397. Julie says:

    You make everything look so easy Ruth!

  398. Eleanor says:

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  404. Mark Palmer says:

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    Really want this hamper now!!

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  421. Liz says:

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  422. cathy says:

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  423. Jennifer Turnbull says:

    Surprisingly I have all of the ingredients for these in the cupboard so I might just have a try at making them. I’ll pop back and let you know how they turn out….should be interesting! lol.

  424. Anna Clark says:

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  428. Sue Slade says:

    I love the shape Ruth, and what a lovely addition to the cheese board. x

  429. Gemma Lizemore says:

    Scrummy, yummy! These will go great with my cheese board this Christmas 🙂

  430. Mary-Ellen says:

    Fab. Will be very tasty with cheddar & a dollop of cranberry chutney. Yum!

  431. Val Gilchrist says:

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  432. Belinda says:

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  435. kerry s says:

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  436. maggie pearson says:


  437. Kathy says:

    I like the sound of these. Am baking so much sweet stuff at the moment (peanut butter bars and salted caramels as a treat for hubby tomorrow), it would be good to have some savoury contrast!

  438. Anne-Marie says:

    Will be trying this recipe too! Always like to have cheese and crackers on Christmas night and these look great!

  439. Fiona says:

    So simple, my little boy (2 and a half) could make these with me or grandma, he loves baking!

  440. Raelene Jones says:

    How gorgeous – they look so scrummy – and perfect after all the other rich and decadent Christmas goodies. Thank you for sharing xxxxx

  441. Jules H says:

    love them! Hubby and FIL will be fighting over them! Fabulous recipe. So straightforward and simple to follow. Fab!!!!!!!!!

  442. Mirrelle says:

    I’m actually going to try these they look so yummy x

  443. Julie Mitchell says:

    Oh wow, now I know what I can make with the leftover oatbran from the Bonfire night parkin I made! These look really easy and I bet they’ll be delicious. Going to friends’ for dinner on Friday so may just take some along with me …

  444. sairz eastham says:

    cheese straws disappear before they are cooled!

    Will definitely try these too

  445. becky says:

    these look fab…some fabulous recipes thanku

  446. Susan Peart says:

    They look good, nice idea to have something homemade on the cheese board and very tasty too xx

  447. sarisha says:

    Fab! So much simpler than i thought they’d be

  448. Ali says:

    Yes definitely an addition to the Christmas night cheese board!

  449. Emma Cunningham says:

    It looks delicious.

  450. Emma says:

    Who doesn’t like a cracker!!

  451. Jennifer says:

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    These will go lovely with my homemade chutney.

  453. Louise Brimelow says:

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  454. Joanna says:

    delicious 🙂

  455. Jen Turner says:

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  456. Jayne says:

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    Going to make these for the Boxing Day buffet!

  458. Jane says:

    Sure my kids would love this too.

  459. Claire Starling says:

    My son would love these in his pack up

  460. Lisa says:

    Oh they look lovely! I love cheese and so do the kids I am going to make these today. But there may be none left for when the kids get home from school!

  461. Megan Heffer says:

    I love oatcakes and it would be interesting to compare shop and homemade ones … although I think I might know who will win !!

  462. Donna Allgrove says:

    Another delicious recipe Ruth. I am going to be as fat as a fool by the time I have tried them all.

  463. PaulS says:

    They look like something my 15 month old would enjoy

  464. Jen Webster says:

    These look easy peasy and yummy! They will be cleared eaten unlike the selection boxes of crackers – one of which I still have unopened from last Christmas! Oops!

  465. I’ve been wanting to make some sort of crackers for cheese for ages. With your step by step instructions ill be making a batch soon.

    Thanks Ruth.

  466. Louise Allen says:

    Great recipe, will be trying this one out…

  467. Jane Walters says:

    Thank you for the recipe 🙂

  468. Rosie says:

    Ruth, what did you use to cut them to get such an even shape and size and the edging on them?

    • It was a rectangular shaped cutter with a fluted edge, the edging was a bit lost on them to be honest because of the coarse texture of the dough. It was a cutter I picked up from the garden centre a while ago, neater than cutting it with a knife x

  469. Sabrina Smith says:

    Love the idea of making a hamper pressie with these. I’ve got some cellophane bags and pretty ribbon… Just add cheese!

  470. Kim deCoteau says:

    My little one loves oatcakes and cheese, so these would be the perfect combo for him.

  471. Rachel F says:

    Perfect Ruth, you never seem to run out of ideas. How do you do it? 🙂

  472. Amanda Whitmarsh says:

    Perfect to add to the crimbo cheese board and if they last long enough without being scoffed, for the same cheese in the New Year!! 😀

  473. Sarah Gardiner says:

    Another good recipe to try with my girls, looks yummy xx

  474. Lisa Armes says:

    These look delicious – will have to wait a while before I try them, broke a tooth a couple of days ago and now have a hamster cheek (and earache) from the infection. Feeling very sorry for myself.

  475. Debbie Morris says:

    These look yum, my youngest loves cheese!

  476. zoe leask says:

    i guess we should have soemthing healthy amongst all the sugar hahahaha

  477. Deborah Gaunt says:

    Can’t wait to give these a try – they look yummy!

  478. Viki Seward says:

    Lots of cheese fans in my house never baked crackers before so will give them a go

  479. Victoria says:

    these look yummy!

  480. Faye says:

    Pretty controversial, but I would hands down give up chocolate for cheese (some of my friends think I’m mad!). These will definitely be featuring on my cheeseboard this Christmas x

  481. Naomi Taylor says:

    I’m going to give these a try! My husband will love them!!

  482. Aidrienne Branagan says:

    Have never made biscuits but will try these

  483. Megan Henderson says:

    I love oats, love crackers, love cheese! What’s not to love!?

  484. Sam Maher says:

    These look delicious and while I’m not a big fan of cheese and crackers, I think they’ll taste delicious with some veggie pate on top.

  485. Lisa says:

    I bet these are much nice than shop bought I’ve saved the recipe for Boxing Day

  486. michelle says:

    Ooh they look lovely!

  487. sue p says:

    I’m definitely going to try these 🙂

  488. These will go perfectly with my homemade onion chutney! I usually have Staffordshire oatcakes with melted cheese (a totally different thing!)

  489. Michael Long says:

    Tried this – brilliant. excellent accompaniment to cheese pate

  490. Michelle says:

    these look scrummy, thanks for the chance to take part x

  491. shirley mclaurin says:

    just scrummy with a christmas cheesboard, thanks for the idea

  492. Sarah says:

    fabulous recipe x

  493. A. Harrington says:

    these look lovely! have bookmarked for future reference.

  494. Mathilde Prénas says:

    These are for my British brother-in-law! – as a French woman, I’ve got to have bread with my cheese.

  495. Carrie says:

    Made these with the kids today (2 and 4) we all love them. Thankyou for a great recipe x

  496. Elspeth Woods says:

    I think my husband might want to marry you! 😉

  497. Hannah says:

    These look surprisingly good!

  498. Diane says:

    More yummyness !

  499. Sarah Blom says:

    I love oatcakes: very traditional here in Scotland & a great addition to a bowl of Stovies!

  500. Jill Ridley says:

    Cheese and crackers …. mmmm delicious …. cheese and homemade crackers …… irresistible 🙂

  501. What a change to the usual “crackers”.

  502. Claire says:

    They look great – something to try soon!

  503. katherine says:

    Ruth, you’ve outdone yourself with the 12 days this year. thank you for all the great recipies

  504. Angela Cairns says:

    I’d never have thought of making my own crackers and I’m sure the coffee will be much needed after all the cooking x

  505. Laura Finlayson says:

    Bit of cheese on top chutney and red wine lovely

  506. Jo Kelly says:

    I absolutely LOVE cheese & crackers. I could eat it all day. This will be made tomorrow! Thanks x

  507. Michelle says:

    Made these this morning, we can only get the anaemic-looking white cheshire cheese down ‘ere but they were still deeeelish, will try using a mature ched or blue cheese next time…yum!

  508. Dawn says:

    Another yummy, easy recipe, look forward to trying with different cheeses.

  509. Just made a batch of these in heart shapes for out baking club Valentines meet tomorrow night. Will link back to here when I blog about them.

  510. plasterers bristol says:

    fantastic recipe, these turned out perfect. Thanks for shjaring.


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