Day 2 – Elf Cookie Lollies

Day 2 of The Pink Whisk 12 Days of Christmas and this year, Father Christmas is being joined by some little helpers – Elf Cookie Lollies!

You will need: 

1 x batch of Vanilla Sugar Cookie Dough recipe here rolled out to a depth of 4-5mm between 2 sheets of baking paper and chilled until firm.

 Large heart cutter (4″ approx)

Lolly sticks

Sugarpaste; flesh, green, red

(Ready coloured, or coloured yourself with gel paste colours – Set of Wilton pastes, green paste, red paste)

Pink Lustre Dust

Gold dragees (balls!)

Black icing pen

(Equipment links to Amazon)

From the chilled cookie dough cut out shapes with the large heart cutter, using a sharp knife split them in half down the middle.

Round off the sharp edge with the knife

Cut out all the cookies you need, and they should be starting to soften off a little.

Gently insert a lolly stick into the cookie, through the bottom of the face.

With your fingers gently bend the tip of the hat to the left or the right, leaving some pointing straight upwards and set onto a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Bob the tray back in the fridge for 10 minutes to firm up again.

Preheat the oven to 170c (fan)/190c/ Gas Mark 5 and bake them in the oven for 8 minutes until they’re lightly golden brown around the edges.

Leave them to cool fully on the tray as they’ll be soft when they come out of the oven.

Once they’re fully cooled it’s on with the decorating!

When working with sugarpaste I work on a Non-stick mat which means there’s virtually no need to dust the surface with icing sugar – it does help to keep colours free from the dratted white dust!  Of course you’re not all going to have one of those so will need a very light dusting of icing sugar to stop the pieces from sticking to your worktop.

Each of the pieces is glued in place with a tiny dab of water using a paintbrush – again, because I do a lot of this sort of stuff I use a Waterbrush which holds a small amount of water in the reservoir and you can just use it like you would a normal brush but without the need for dipping in a pot of water.

For the face cut out a circle of flesh coloured paste.

Brush the surface of the cookie with a little water and position the circle in place.

Lightly roll over it with a rolling pin to get the face to fill the cookie.  It just eases it out to the right shape.

For the hat you’ll need some green, cut out a piece using the pointy part of the heart cutter.

Split in in half with a sharp knife.  Now using a  round cutter, cut away the base of his hat.

And then into position.

For the hat trim, cut out a large circle and cut away the centre using a smaller circle.

With the knife, cut into the loop and gently ease it out into a strip.

Using the pointed part of the heart cutter create the spikes of the hat trim.

Trim a piece to fit the Elf’s hat and using the wrong end of  a paintbrush indent the tops of the spikes.

And fit it over where the face meets the hat.

Add a tiny dot of water to each indent and gently press in a gold dragee.

Using the wrong end of piping nozzle imprint a cheeky Elf smile.


Stick on a ball of flesh sugarpaste for his nose.

Bit of blusher!  Give him a rosy cheeked glow with some pink lustre dust brushed on lightly with a paintbrush.

Two eyes with the black edible pen (the pen’s not edible of course, just the ink!)

A ball of red sugarpaste for the tip of his hat – if you grease your hands with a tiny bit of trex, or white vegetable fat, balls of sugarpaste will roll shiny and without a crack in sight.

Lastly are the Elfish ears.  Two balls of flesh coloured paste, pinch one side of each ball to create the pointy shape and indent the centres with the wrong end of a paintbrush.

Stick them in place and Santa’s little helper is good to go – he just needs a full team!

These are off to the school Christmas Fair.

Have fun!

Ruth x

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Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire


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    One to make with my daughter 🙂

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    Wow Ruth these are amazing! Not sure quite how good mine will look tho :0)

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  123. David Wilson says:

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    can you clarify what sort of lolly sticks are required – do these need to be cookie sticks or can they me normal lolly sticks. In your other receipes for cookies lollies there are links to your store’s Wilton’s lolly sticks – but these specify that these are not to be used for the oven.


    • This batch I’ve made on wooden lolly sticks (from Lakeland) I do make them on the compressed paper sticks (by Wilton) as well as they are food safe, it now says on the pack not for oven use. I still make them on those but I don’t bake commercially so not risking anyones life! Obviously the plastic lolly sticks are a no go! x

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    I think the faces are soooooo cute, do you think they’d work on cupcakes or would the cookies/larger cake be more appropriate?
    Amy x

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  492. Clare adkins says:


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  502. Cenders says:


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    Great instructions – look easy to follow – thank you!

  506. Niamh Lewis says:

    Literally making me broody. Want to have kids just so I can make these for them!

  507. Sarah says:

    If I have time amongst all my other Christmas baking I’m sure my little girl would love these!!

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  510. These are adorable, I don’t know if mine would turn out as good though

  511. Liz says:

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  512. Jemma Cripps says:

    hopefully posting in the right place now as had posted via Facebook every day so glad I saw your Facebook message in time Ruth.

  513. Anna Marie says:

    These are too

  514. Lyn B says:

    One to try with my daughter and nephew at the start of the school holidays – its becoming a tradition, last year we made mince pies and at Easter we made your Cream egg Chicks!!

  515. Julie says:

    Love these! You just make everything look so easy Ruth and it gives me confidence that I could actually try and make them!

  516. Jayne says:

    I would love to win!

  517. Jayne says:

    Yes please!

  518. Amanda Whitmarsh says:

    Omg, how cute are these?? But could you leave them out for Santa… not sure he would want to eat himself of his helpers??!! 😀

  519. Lisa Armes says:

    I think these would look brilliant sticking out the top of a stocking on Christmas morning!

  520. Rachel F says:

    How sweet (excuse the pun!) What a lovely way to spend a festive afternoon making these happy treats.xx

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  524. Aidrienne Branagan says:

    Another lovely idea

  525. sue p says:

    You have such patience x

  526. Michelle says:

    Will have a go at these for my kids xmas parties…soooo cute!

  527. Michelle says:

    aw these are sooo cute!

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    Wow. I’m going to have to give these a try

  529. Sarah Blom says:

    Too cute 🙂

  530. Fay Chapman says:

    They are great, my neices and nephew would love them, as do I

  531. Kim deCoteau says:

    I caught the cookie lolly bug from The Pink Whisk. They’re such fun to make. Everyone loves them!

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