Cake Decorating – Top Tips #3

Storing your left over Sugarpaste – Seal it Up!

If you’re like me you’ll always end up with some left over coloured sugarpaste at the end of a project.  It needs storing well so that when you next go looking for the green you know you had it’s not completely dried out or welded itself together with a random ball of purple!

Save yourself a fortune and store your sugarpaste easily.

The answer…. a vacuum sealer!

April 108 (Copy)

Pop it in a bag, in the machine, press the button and it’s done!

April 111 (Copy)

Perfect, organised, fresh as a daisy, excess sugarpaste collection.  Ready to be used up when you need it.  It’s been one of the best bits of kit I ever bought, I have this one by JML – vacuum seal system.

Here’s the full run down on what it can do!

Keeps food fresh and reduce waste with this vacuum seal system from JML. It seals food in compact bags and sucks out the air to keep edibles fresher for longer. Save money by buying in bulk, then seal and save for later. It has all kinds of uses – you can reseal crisp bags, seal toiletries to prevent spills in your luggage and much more.

    • Keeps food fresher for longer
    • Bags are perfect for home freezing
    • Seal and save food
    • Less waste – save money

What’s even better?  I’ve got 2 to giveaway, hurrah!

To enter:  Leave a comment on this post telling me what else you’d vacuum seal and you’ll be in with a chance (facebook and comments emailed to me do not count – you have to come to the website to leave a comment).  Giveaway closes at 5pm Wednesday 8th May 2013.  Open to UK residents only.  Only one valid entry per person. 2 winners will be chosen at random from all the valid comments received shortly after closing and will be contacted directly.



 The two winners of the Vacuum Sealer are

Megan from  Surrey and Fiona from Buxton who  have been contacted directly and will be receiving their prizes shortly!

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

Meet me down the aisles of The Pink Whisk Shop – for all sorts of cake decorating and baking delights!

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264 Responses to Cake Decorating – Top Tips #3

  1. Natalie ecuyer says:

    Id use it on anything and everything! I always have left overs as I worry I don’t have enough!

  2. Shanna Gray says:

    Cookies!!! I would make big batches of cookie mix, vacuum seal and freeze for those times when I just want a quick snack (or for putting in to cupcakes when they bake… Yum)

  3. Kathryn M says:

    I’d use on of these to seal packets of ham, as I find my ham goes crunchy very quickly in the fridge once opened!

  4. Laura says:

    I’d vacuum seal all little crispy bits like Nachos or Poppadoms, and a naan bread. I’m the only one who eats them so it’d be nice to properly reseal instead of using an elastic band!

  5. Jess bleeze says:

    I would use it to vac seal then freeze my meat and then cook it! Cooking in a bag makes it taste so much better! Cook veg in it too saves all the nutrients x

  6. Oooh I would def use it for sugarpaste – great idea. And for the million ingredients my OH buys for his sandwiches (he likes variety, which means a lot of opened packets of meat, chicken etc in the fridge!) 🙂 x

  7. Medbh says:

    I would reseal packets of biscuits to avoid those soggy biscuits!

  8. Rachael Payne says:

    I’d buy meat in bigger pack and then portion them up and vacuum seal them to save money, bigger packs of any kind of food are normally cheaper. great money saving gadget 🙂

  9. Lynne Lee-Diep says:

    We use big vacuum seal bags for storing outgrown baby/children’s clothes but I think these small ones would be great for marinating foods like steaks/chops/chicken portions I think the absence of air helps the flavours of the marinade get into the meat. You could marinate fish with herbs, lemon juice and seal this way and if the bags were strong enough, cook gently in simmering water (in a water bath – very cheffy!) and it would be very healthy and low-fat too!

  10. Catriona says:

    I’d vacuum seal marshmallows to watch them go flat (and so they’d take up less space) – I think it would be really funny to watch them shrink!

  11. Caroline Kerridge says:

    Hi Ruth I would vacuum seal my purse to stop me buying more sugarcraft items!! Lol xx

  12. Oh what a fantastic idea! Never thought of that before. What else would I vac pack? Possibly easier to say what I wouldn’t! I would seal up butter cream for the freezer and my baby daughter’s meals!!!! Becky x

  13. Hannah Wigglesworth says:

    Do you think you could vaccume seal Icing sugar and flour?! Those are the two products that end up all over the shelf in my baking cupboard, then when I next use flour, some how it all spreads all over the floor.

  14. louise says:

    I’d use it for storing/freezing homemade puff pastry partly rolled out so I’d always be ready with a batch of sausage or cheese & onion rolls in a hurry. Loving the tips, I’ll be trying them all as soon as I have my kitchen back.

  15. Louise Hopkins says:

    Inspiring idea! Would never have thought of that. No more hard rocks of sugarpaste 🙂

  16. Hayley says:

    We buy our meat in bulk from Costco, so I would use this to seal all of my portioned sized meat and fish! Saving money and time x

  17. Vikki R says:

    I would vacuum seal cheese! Especially things like feta, which I struggle to get through in time, being a singleton. It would mean I could have a wider variety of cheese on hand all the time without fear of it going off – hurrah!

  18. Kat Bicknell says:

    I would love a vacuum sealer to make my kids homemade playdoh last longer. Nothing worse than the sad face of a 3 year old when they have new cutters to try out and their playdoh is crusty and hard.

  19. Lisa Spencer says:

    I would definitely use the vacuum sealer to seal my toiletries. I spent 6 weeks travelling around Oz a couple of years ago, and had spent ages tediously pouring my shampoo etc into little bottles, only to find more than half of them had leaked by the time I got there! x

  20. Tara (aka Craftilicious) says:

    I used to have a vacuum sealer and used it lots to play at sous vide style cooking. It was a rubbish one off QVC though and broke. If I had one now I’d use it not only in the kitchen but in the craft room to keep all my air dry clays from drying out after opening.

  21. Debbie Graham says:

    I’d love one of these ! I love home cooking and could use these all day.. portioning out my bulk buys of meat or fish.. leftover pieces of pie (not that that happens too often).. excellent idea Ruth.

  22. Christine says:

    Thank you for this top tip! I’d have never of thought of that. And thank you for the chance to win a vacuum seal system 🙂

  23. I love this tip and would make great use of one of these, I’ve always got tons of (hard) left over sugarpaste! I’d also use it for cooked meats and cheese and basically anything I could vacuum pack as it looks fun! xx

  24. Helen Cosby says:

    This would be perfect for making dinners in advance and popping them in the freezer which is the easiest way to do things juggling work and a young baby!!

  25. This is an amazing tip! I was looking at one of these recently as I would use it for sealing up bags of pre-weighed ingredients for friends/family as a set for them to bake their own cakes.

  26. Laura says:

    I’d use the vacuum sealer for leftover wine, lol, as if that ever happens! I’d also use it for sealing leftover cooked roast beef in gravy so that it can be easily heated for speedy dinners 🙂

  27. Debbie Blerkom says:

    I really wish this had been Top Tip #2 as i threw a ball away yesterday (very begrudgingly) as i knew it would be dry before i needed it again!! Great tip for the future though, thanks :O) I would use the vacuum sealer for meat and fish as i buy in bulk and freeze in smaller portions to use later XX

  28. Patricia Burke says:

    I would vacuum pack silver jewellery to stop it tarnishing

  29. Amy says:

    Amongst all the normal things I would use it in our home school to help teach how mould needs air to grow.

  30. Kerri Brennan says:

    I’d love one of these to seal everything.

    I live by myself so there’s always lots of leftovers and clingfilm just doesn’t work well.

    It would be so much easier to seal wool up also to save from the moths.

  31. Susan Spratt says:

    I’ve been looking at these – although it hadn’t crossed my mind to vacuum seal left over sugar paste. Food aside, I’d particularly like to seal away the letter my late mum wrote just before she died and then all the old family letters and pictures I’ve inherited.

  32. Dawn says:

    OH’s favourite spicy smelly chorizo so that it doesn’t contaminate my lovely veg! He has his own meat shelf but once opened the chorizo takes over!

  33. Catherine says:

    Definitely sugar paste! I normally end up having to throw it away, or else eat it all!

  34. Katie Ward says:

    Would quite like to vacuum seal my hubby and kids so I can do some baking in peace! Lol. Seriously though this looks like a really useful piece of kit x

  35. Sarah says:

    I have ALWAYS wanted one of those! I would not only use it to seal up fondant and gumpaste to keep it fresh, but I could use it to seal meats with marinades too! One of my friends used to have one and used it to seal her craft supplies (beads, glue gun sticks, buttons, etc) to keep them together. It’s pretty much usable all over the house!

  36. Maria says:

    Brilliant! I would mostly use for sugarpaste, but I would also use for meat – I like to try and be a bit thrifty by divvying it all up into portions and bunging it in the freezer. M

  37. Kieren says:

    My wife has a small cake business and would die for one of those. She gets so frustrated when she has to throw out sugarpaste! Not only would I get off without hearing her whine about money goin down the bog but I could use it for my manly grilling too.

  38. Sarah says:

    I’d love one of those!

    Dear Ruth,
    I have just finished slicing up a big tray of your Chocolate Frosted Traybake for some work friends – scrummy!
    Last week your Golden Syrup cake recipe saved me in a “Mother in Laws birthday and no eggs in the house” emergency.
    My vegetarian family members were very impressed by the Tomato Chutney and Cheese tart I made for Boxing Day lunch.
    And your Carrot Cake with Perffect Cream Cheese Frosting really is just that ……Perfect!
    Then to top it all off your free e-book dropped into my inbox yesterday.
    So, here is a heartfelt thank you for all the baking inspiration you give us all here on your blog – and just in case you wonder some days whether your hard work is worth it – you’re a treasure!

  39. Clemmie G says:

    I would love one of these clever gadgets. I think I’d have lots of uses for it, but as we rear our own pigs and produce bacon (for our own consumption) we’d use it a lot for portioning bacon before freezing! x

  40. Gillian Greathead says:

    My initial idea was to vacuum pack my kids, but I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed. So I’d use it for fondant and soft fruit that I’ve not had a chance to use. X

  41. Michelle Kirby says:

    Great giveaway, I always find my sugarpaste dries out no matter how well I wrap it. I would love to win this. I would also use it to vacuum seal the half onions I always have left over that I hate to put in the fridge!

  42. Simon says:

    What a fab tip – thanks for the opportunity to win one of the machines!

    I would be sealing so much – but the first thought I had would be make up spice packs to take on holiday! I love cooking with spices – but when I go to France, I don’t want to take jars and jars of stuff. So I would make small packets of different spices to pop in my suitcase!

  43. Frances West says:

    Oohh, how very useful that would be, there is no end to the things that I could use it for, always seem to have bits of leftovers in the fridge! In fact I have a half pack of marzipan lurking in my fridge drawer which I keep looking at and thinking I ought to do something with!!

  44. Jen Evans says:

    This is amazing – i would like to win this because my sugarpaste always go dry and manky – especially if i’m using random colours! It would also be very good for all other cooking efforts!

    jen x

  45. Rebecca Fox says:

    I love that vaccum sealer. I’d be freezing all my leftover portions of tea, it would save so much room in my freezer! And of course i’d be using it on all my leftover sugarpaste! I hate wasting it!

  46. Amanda eason says:

    I would vacuum seal pieces of meat for the freezer. Definitely use a vacuum seal for my sugar paste as I always end up throwing it away despite wrapping it up.

  47. Cynthia Veenstra says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I was thinking of vacuum sealing my other half! Do you think I can get bags that big? Hihi!
    All joking aside. I love the idea of vacuum sealing my left over sugarpaste, since I always have leftovers… Maybe nuts could be vacuum sealed as well? After you open the packaging of those, they never seem to last that long.

  48. Silke says:

    How nifty for storing sugarpaste! I would also use it for storing fruit and veg that I have dried in my dehydrator, and also for storing my home-made (oven) slow-roasted tomatoes. Mmmmm. 🙂

  49. Ann says:

    Oooh thank you for a chance to go in the draw for such a great prize. Let me think…………. Urmmmm if you were going away on holiday you could put underwear in one bag and seal it, socks in another and so on with different small items, seal them and pop them into your case and at your destination instead of rummaging about in the case looking for these small items they would be first at hand in their bags.

  50. Samantha Leliuga says:

    First thing that came to mind to vacuum pack is MY CHILDREN.. I know.. bad right.. ;O)

  51. Alison Booth says:

    I’d use one of these vacuum sealers to split bulk packs of meat to freeze. It’s oftn much cheaper to buy the larger packs of meat from the butchers but there’s a limit to how much you can eat while it’s still fresh. This would be perfect for freezing portions!

  52. Deon van Schalkwyk says:

    I would use the vacum sealer to seal chicken pieces so that I could poach chicken in them to a succulent juicy dish!

  53. Sally Down says:

    I’d vacuum seal everything! Having a tiny freezer, a vacuum sealer would save loads of space and would make everything visible and easy to see what’s inside!

  54. mrs ghislaine bedford says:

    I love the idea of the vacuum sealer and as much as I would love one for myself I think this would be ideal for my daughter who’s expecting a baby in June so she can batch cook baby food and vacuum seal baby sized portions or use up any small portions from their own meals. Bung them in the freezer for quick baby meals.

  55. Fiona McQueen says:

    I would seal left over buttercream….to stop me eating it

  56. Caroline says:

    I’d definitely use it for leftover sugarpaste, but also for meat and fish – I live alone so whenever I buy food most of it ends up going in the freezer for another time!

  57. Gail Adams says:

    I’d probably seal everything to keep it fresh, sugarpaste, icing, buttercream, salad, chicken, the dog….. perhaps not- but I am sure I could find a lot of use for one of these! 🙂

  58. Julie says:

    I’d use it to freeze the extra portions when I batch cook so sometimes I can just bake and not have to worry about cooking dinner!

  59. Sarah O'Donnell says:

    This would be ideal for me as I cook for six of us in the family everyday. Oh how much easier my life could be.

  60. Great giveaway Ruth! I’d use this to pack things in to portion sizes for the fridge and freezer 🙂

  61. Lee says:

    What a fab idea, I end up throwing loads away!
    – I vacuum seal chocolate – sounds bizarre but then I have to really want some before I go raiding the fridge!

  62. Sue Roylance says:

    Sounds like a brilliant bit of kit, would love one!
    Think it would be great to store fresh yeast in manageable portions either in fridge of freezer. I am a bread making obsessive and love to use fresh yeast.
    Thought you’d also like to know I have started baking and selling cakes at my local WI Country Market and your golden syrup cake is a winner, thank you for sharing recipe. X

  63. Jo says:

    I would also use it to seal small bits of cheese that I always seem to have left over from my pie making. I use a wonderful local cheese seller at our local farmers market and always love to try the new varieties that they source from our area in Sussex. I use them to make vegetarian pies and tarts which I sell at the markets. I often have small pieces of a few varieties and a sealer would be perfect for keeping them fresh and tasty for the next time!

  64. Kirsten Ginesi says:

    Other than leftover fondant, left over food for the freeer … erm, would vacuum packing the kids on one of *those* days be a bad idea.* I could settle for vacuum packing those noisy toys though, right?!?! Just for some peace 😉

    (* Note: of course I wouldn’t ever, never do this …)

  65. Micheline Stockton says:

    I’d use it when I bulk buy chicken – cook it then divide into meal-size portions and seal, avoiding freezer burn. I’d also use it when we make batches of play-doh – I’d divide into smaller amounts and seal. I’d also seal it between play sessions to stop it drying out.

  66. Matt says:

    Vacuum sealers are brilliant! They are so usefull for just about anything in the kitchen and for craft ideas! Brilliant for portion control and freezing part cooked portions! I even saw at a friends wedding they had vacuum packed portions of sweets to had out!
    Still love the site Ruth
    Matt xx

  67. Eileen Pashute says:

    I would seal my extra meals from batch cooking for my husband to enjoy while I am away half of every week looking after my delightful grandchildren xx

  68. Terry Dowson says:

    Hi great idea would vac seal all cakes and biscuits into small portions to stop me eating full packs x

  69. L A Young says:

    I would use it to wrap left over fresh herbs – then freeze – just thinking of the tiny beautiful blue flowers of the borage plant – think they would freeze lovely

  70. ANN SEDDON says:

    I would give the vacuum seal to my daughter, a busy mum of three who loves to bake.

  71. Thank you for your lovely tips I am moving Back to South Africa but will always enjoy your website . Your recipies have iinspired me a d enjoyed watching your win the Best British Baker thank you regards Patricia Royds

  72. Dee Roberts says:

    I’d vacuum seal the damsons after I had made damson gin to use at a later date in boozy cakes and crumbles, yum:)

  73. Lorraine says:

    That sounds like a great tip. I’m about to start practicing my cake decorating skills for my own wedding cake so something like this will come in really handy!

    Thanks for sharing, I’m really enjoying all your tips and look forward to the rest.

  74. Maria says:

    I’d bag up and freeze leftovers, not that there are many in my house.. Ingredients for slow cooker dinners and cookie dough to make cookies when I’m in a hurry.

  75. Ann Crabb says:

    Would it work with my two gorgeous girls to keep them fresh and little for longer? On second thoughts I think it’s mummy that needs it more than them….. In extra large!!!

    Thanks Ruth, loving your posts xx

  76. Andrea Lowe says:

    If I owned a JML vacuum pack system I would see if it’s possible to seal sponge layers or cupcakes so I have a batch to decorate instantly.
    I’m curious to know if this has been done before.

  77. Caroline Longdon says:

    Hi Ruth
    If I won the vacuum sealer I would use it for sealing meat before freezing, left over egg yolks, royal icing & buttercream, cheese, flower paste(to freeze) and possibly the hubbies socks just to stop the smell!

  78. fiona taylor says:

    I would love one, going to live in the Shetlands, I think saving bits and keeping things fresh will be essential.

  79. Lee says:

    I’d seal left over marzipan from covering fruit cakes 🙂

  80. Anne Marigold says:

    Naughty I know but I’d use it to seal used fish bones and other smelly waste that can’t be composted so it doesn’t make my bin nasty!

    Thanks for the tip on black sugar paste. Useful for my grandson!

  81. Dawne says:

    Besides vacuum packing leftover sugarpaste (excellent by the way!) and homemade sauces I’d vacuum pack my fresh herbs from the garden. lavender cakes year round!!!

  82. ruth macadam says:

    I would use it to seal all those strange items you need when taking the grandchildren out for a treat – spare bottles of baby milk – ideal as it would be sterile too, can see it as a useful way to carry a wee meal for them of pureed fruit or similar, and when they are a bit bigger, for sandwich snacks which would be ideal as they would be able to see what the different ones were when choosing before unwrapping them all.

  83. David Vickers says:

    I would like to vacuum pack my dog as he gets covered in flour, icing sugar, or paste e erytime I cook

  84. Diane says:

    Can i vaccum seal my husband so he lasts forever!! Seriously i would use it for batch freezing, would make life so much easier.

  85. Caroline Horne says:

    Hi Ruth

    I have a similar machine that is such a good idea, next time I will try. Do you know if you can freeze it too?

  86. Oooh, these look great! I fancy having a go at cooking fish. Imagine being able to do it without the smell and I bet the results would be terrific too!

  87. Loving all your Top Tips – but especially this one. I would never have thought of vacuum sealing my left over fondant (and I have loads). What else would I seal? Well – what WOULDN’T I seal? All the things that I pop into the freezer would also be better vacuum packed beforehand. Left over buttercream? Fresh mint (I love it in my tea). Apparently it’s also very good if you have cashmere knitwear (vacuum pack and then store in the freezer to stop the moth’s getting at them).

    Looking forward to your next Top Tip xx

  88. kate jauffur says:

    Brilliant! Will it keep my darling teenagers mouth sealed? ;0)

  89. Sue Pollock says:

    I’d vacuum seal my husbands smelly trainers. Them my hall would start to smell a little more delicious!!

  90. Anne Marigold says:

    Useful for my grandson being a boy and thus needing black paste for footballs and so on. Realised my first post sounded odd as so often when trying to precis right down!

  91. Patsi Pope says:

    I have heard they are very good specialy for the summer.I would love one for summer picnics!

  92. Debbie McCrory says:

    Ruth, I would the vacuum sealer to seal fresh cupcakes in bags before I freeze them! I usually put them in food bags, almost seal them and then insert a drinking straw to suck out the last of the air! I find the vacuum helps to stop the paper cases coming away from the cakes when they defrost. A vacuum sealer would make it much easier, and I would probably not look as silly as I must look sucking a straw stuck inside a bag of cakes!

  93. I’d use it to vacuum seal biscuit and cookie dough – I’ve only just realised that you can freeze this so I’m making double batches at the moment!

  94. Christine says:

    Hi Ruth
    I’d use it to vacuum seal things for the kids lunches. The kids empty their lunch boxes of rubbish at school – unfortunately this means throwing away plastic containers on some occasions too!

  95. Karen Railton says:

    i would love this as always make extra meals in one go and could seal all the extras looks a really good idea 🙂

  96. Elizabeth Buttle says:

    I would vacuum lemons, as I use the zest and often find I waste the rest, so vacuuming them and popping them in the freezer would save a whole lot of wastage for me. I use lemon zest a lot, particularly in stir fry meals and it really gives a fabulous zing to the flavour 🙂

  97. Sue says:

    I need this to keep ants out of my cupboards, aghh , that time of year again.
    Sugar paste, flower paste, marzipan all stored, and labelled! Brilliant.

  98. Kate Leonard says:

    This would be great. I have lots of little bits of coloured sugar paste just waiting to be vac packed after making my son’s birthday cake!

  99. Corinna Mazzotta says:

    I’d vacuum seal my biscuit doughs. Instant gratification when the boys come home from school demanding a snack and I’ve not had chance to bake!
    Thanks for another great giveaway Ruth!

  100. Pamela Benn says:

    I have recently bought myself a dehydrator & I have read that the vacuum sealers are a great way of storing food that has been dried, so it would be great to give it a try.
    Love the tips, especially the one on heating sugar paste in the microwave, going to see if it works for my polymer clay too.

  101. Nicola Mitchell says:

    I’d use the JML vacuum seal system to portion up meals that we take camping with us. Would save on room as well as keeping meals refresh in the cool box.

  102. Michelle Gentry says:

    you could also use the vacum sealer for left over marzipan!!!!

  103. Shazza says:

    I’d be tempted to vacuum seal my boys and hubby when I wanted some peace and quiet 🙂

  104. Kate Roche says:

    If I had a Vacuum Seal System I would probably go mad and vac seal nearly everything I got my hands on ;0) But seriously, would be great to use for leftover buttercream, cake samples, fruit purees and more for freezing. Great for leftover meals too. Fingers crossed…

  105. jocelyn b says:

    I would vaccuum pack the fresh smell of my baby grandson after his bath…bless him x

  106. Fiona Stokes says:

    I would definitely vacuum pack my soups. I make them in bulk as I take them to work and its a nightmare storing it in the freezer, so this would be the ideal gadget to win. Fingers crossed….

  107. Christine Waters says:

    Hi, I would use a vaccum sealer to keep my edible flowers fresh until i needed them, i use edible flowers sometimes to decorate my finished masterpieces.x

  108. Nicola Smaller says:

    I would vaccuum pack chopped onions. I hate doing them so could do them in bulk and freeze them…

  109. Gill Baxter says:

    Wow, so many uses for this. Leftovers, fish that can go a bit funny in the freezer, bread so it doesn’t go too dry. Anything and everything!

  110. Angela - Garden Tea Cakes and Me says:

    I would use it to seal plant seeds I’ve collected in the garden to protect them for the following 12 months ready for sowing.



  111. Vicky says:

    Hi Ruth
    I have to say I would vacuum pack my children…. only joking, as I have not had an oven since xmas I would prepare food at my mums so I would be able to cook it later (boil in the bag style)on the hob at home, as I have now cooked everything you possibly can using a hob.
    Loved the meringues by the way, your right I couldn’t see them due to 2 small heads peering through the microwave door..

  112. Jemma says:

    What an excellent idea for keeping those extra bits of fondant fresh, thanks!!!

  113. Sandra Paananen says:

    I love your tips and recipes. You’re very inspiring. I could use the vacuum sealer and would be a brilliant addition to my kitchen.

  114. Ruthie says:

    I just love this idea!! I could control my naughty eating so much better if I could reseal big bags of crisps vs eating them all incase the go soft!!! I would save a fortune in sugarpaste too just genius!!

    I also think this will really help with crafting if I can reseal my sorted buttons, ribbons and glitter instead of having a huge bundle of madness in my craft box when bags are open 🙂

    Great suggestion dear Ruth- keep them coming!!!

  115. Lucy robinson says:

    I think I would seal my sugar paste too. What a fab idea. Usually throw it away.

  116. Tracy says:

    I have been looking for one of these, after a recent disaster. I would use it for putting sun cream in my suitcase when we go on holiday.

  117. Kathryn says:

    Left over butter cream maybe would that work? I always have left over butter cream that I end up having to eat, not good for the hips.

  118. Diane says:

    I would use a vacuum sealer for my youngest sons packed lunch….he’s nearly finished his exams to become a qualified accountant and he has a lot of books in his messenger bag he uses for work so there’s not a lot of room for lunch boxes or for any spillages to spoil his books.

  119. Bex says:

    Ooh what a good idea! Any excuse for a cool gadget as well 🙂 I could use it for leftover pastry, all those odd bits of dried fruit lurking in my cupboard… I’m wondering about suncream bottles when we’re away camping.. and.. and..

  120. Sarah Hutton says:

    That looks just the job! Better than the sugarpaste leftovers just ‘disappearing’ ………. for the wallet and the waistline!! Ill keep my fingers crossed or if not, ask Santa!

  121. Kerry Lightfoot says:

    Hi Ruth, I’d Vacuum seal my husband to stop him from eating all the things I bake before anyone else!!! On a serious note we don’t throw away any food in our house so everything gets put in the freezer, the vacuum sealer would come in very handy. Thanks for sharing your posts Kerry x

  122. Durre says:

    I would use this for my cake slices and chocolate brownies!

  123. Kate Dyball says:

    My children lol to keep them babies for longer!

  124. Syma says:

    I’ve just had a baby so I would use it to store breast milk. Such a great invention & so handy for this purpose as well as food portions when we wean out little girl.

  125. Sam Jenkins says:

    Ooh this would be great for sealing the mini portions of food I have in the freezer ready for quick meals for my 2 year old- among the many other endless uses of course!!
    If I don’t win will be checking out where to buy!!

  126. Sarah Jones says:

    I am really loving these tips Ruth, you are inspiring me! This machine looks really great, I never knew it existed but I can see it would fast become essential. I’d love it for sealing up meat ready for the freezer or sealing up half opened chocolate bars…the recipe never seems to need the whole bar and if I leave it open in the cupboard, it either takes up all the fragrances so it doesn’t taste as good, or it mysteriously disappears….

  127. Sarah Docherty says:

    This would be brilliant for storing food in the freezer, with a one year old freezing meals in advance is a must! I could have his homemade fishfingers and chickenbites nicely stored. Oh and fresh herbs from my garden!

  128. Great idea! I would use it for keeping my cookies fresh and my handbag crumb free!

  129. Laura says:

    I would love one of these! I think I would get best use out of it for left over icings and bits and pieces in my freezer. I hate waste.

    x Laura

  130. Joanne Bungay says:

    Knowing how I get over excited with new gadgets- you’ll probably find me sealing everything including the hamster (if I still had one!)
    One of these would be incredibly useful and my drawer of rainbow sugar paste would last much longer 🙂

  131. Polly says:

    Some days I’d like to vac pack the kids!…probably not one to be recommended 😉

  132. Nicole Gill says:

    What a brilliant idea! Have never seen this tip before and think it is great. Thanks!!

  133. Nici Lighton says:

    vacuum packing machine giveaway: I have only been baking for just over a year and have tried working with sugarpaste but it always dries up before ive finished practising with it this would be such an important piece of equipment to have to help us beginners!
    I always take a cake with me everytime i visit family and friends as cakes always cheer people up and would be interested to discover if you can vacuum whole cakes or ingredients so i can always have a cake to hand to brighten peoples day!! x

  134. Natalie says:

    Been lovin’ the tips this wk! Also made a giant cupcake from the post last wk! I only make cakes for fun & defo mix way too much….so this is a fab idea….however I generally make way too much food….but as a mummy who works full time my freezer stocks are a good thing…..with this little machine I could fit more in!

  135. Sally barnett says:

    Well I would Try and Seal leftover Cake but the problem is we never have any Leftover cake lol 😉

  136. Siobhan James says:

    What a great idea, mine is always drying out! What else would I vacuum seal? All my chicken and fish goujons that i make fresh and then freeze!

  137. Twila says:

    oh la la la! This will be on my list for my next Lakeland Shop (unless I am lucky to win!) 🙂 will def use for sugar paste and also probably opened bags of nuts and dried fruits (use lot but in small amounts so will help to keep fresh fresh!)

    🙂 happy baking miss! 🙂

  138. jagdip bal says:

    Hi there, well i suppose apart from the obvious cake paste and such, as i love to experiment with novelity type cakes for my children i would certainly vacuum pack ( VP) all the cake trimmings before they all get eaten. I would VP kids school snacks, i would definatley VP all the 100s of soft cuddly teddys we have taking over our house, socks in the very messy sock draw, if i had a VP machine big enough i would love to VP all my clothes which seem to fall out at me when i open the doors. VP all the clutter so it would not take up so much room, VP a packed suit case , that would be amazing as then i could pack more shoes!!!!. VP food in suitcases too, at least we wouldnt starve, VP the clothes in the laundry basket so ut would not always look full. VP noise when everybody wants !!! mummy mummy mummy!!! all at the same time, esp when i have an headache. Now that would be great to VP your headache or infact any ache or pain away !!!! The list just seems to be endless!!!

  139. Sam says:

    Great idea to seal food. Love the cake tips you are posting Pink Whisk. They will make cake making so much easier.

  140. lisa Irwin says:

    I would vaccum pack my 6 year old Godson’s giggle to release whenever i needed to be cheered up along with a glass of Pimms, new book and a Toblerone ready for some ‘me time-ahhhh…..perfect!

  141. Laura Benz says:

    I would use a vacuum sealer for sealing up bits for our camping trips away. I normally just freeze things (stuff for the kids really) in plastic bags and then re-heat in a saucepan of warm water. Makes it easier when making teas with only a bbq and a single ring gas cooker xxx

  142. Laura Benz says:

    I would use a vacuum sealer for sealing up bits for our camping trips away. I normally just freeze things (stuff for the kids really) in plastic bags and then re-heat in a saucepan of warm water. Makes it easier when making teas with only a bbq and a single ring gas cooker xxx

  143. Jane says:

    I’d make a large batch of school sarnies and vacuum seal them. Kids can sort their lunch easily and it avoids the morning panic. Great way to spend a family day making interesting sarnies together.

  144. LizWhite says:

    Hi Ruth
    I have been following your tips and ideas since first seeing you on The Great British Bake Off. Your website and shop are a real feast for the eyes and your blog posts are always inspiring and cheery.
    I would love to win one of the Vacuum Seal Systems. Apart from its food uses, I do a lot of crafting and I think this may be the perfect way to seal polymer clay to prevent it from drying out! I always seem to end up with bits of clay in bits of bags/foil or film….
    Anyway, I think what you do is amazing and I take my hat off to you, you are a definitely a Baker Extraordinaire!

  145. Sharon says:

    Hi Ruth,when my first grandchild is having her hair cut i would seal some and keep it forever! x

  146. Susie says:

    I would use it for portioning raw meat for the freezer.

  147. Jennie Moore says:

    I would seal as many meals as I possibly could at the weekend to make life in the week a lot less frenetic!

  148. Pat says:

    I would vacuum pack my crispbreads to put in pairs to pop in my lunchbag ….no more crumbs everywhere!

  149. Loulou W says:

    I would seal up leftover cheese to stop my husband picking at it!

  150. Megan Heffer says:

    You make cake decorating look so easy !! I should really attempt to decorate something soon and that vacuum packer would really help me start out 🙂 I love your cake making book especially as I got it signed !! thankyou for so many great ideas xx

  151. Beverley Iball says:

    The vacuum sealer looks fabulous, I would also use it to help my holiday packing dilemmas – by vacuum sealing bikinis/knickers and all those small items. This would save space in my case!!

  152. Katy Fleckney says:

    Hi Ruth! I think it might be handy to seal biscuit dough before freezing. My husband would probably try to convince me that his oily bike bits are best stored this way too!

  153. Janice Magee says:

    JML Vacuum Seal: I would Definitely us this for storing fondant but I think I could also use it to temporarily store paintbrushes when decorating. Also my favourite soap when going on holiday.

  154. Laura says:

    I’d use it on my kids snacks- theynever seem to completely finish off the flapjacks! Sounds good for sealing up toiletries in holiday packing or drinks for a picnic so they don’t leak in your bag. Fingers crossed I win and thanks for the top tips.

  155. Annie says:

    Awesome – The things I could seal away!! – espcially my stinky cheese in the fridge!!

  156. Clare Cluer says:

    Currently my husband would get more use of it using it to store and seal left over chocolate ‘insides’! Things like left over salted caramel, ganaches, praline mixes, etc! Then he can make more yummy chocolate much easier for me to eat!!

  157. Stefanie says:

    I’d definitely use it to seal cheese. Once cheese has been opened in its packet or wrapper, some part of it always seems to get dried out and go hard and crusty. I’ve tried keeping cheese in a tupperware box, which works but takes up lots of space in the fridge. Also, keeping all your different cheeses in one box can lead to commingling of flavours. Your cheddar ends up tasting of your brie!

  158. I’d vac pack the dog so she wouldn’t shed hair all over my house! Think that would work?? (If only!) 😉 xx

  159. jenny says:

    All the ideas here are great, I would use one for keeping my chopped up sugar or maple syrup grilled bacon ready for my next batch of chocolate and bacon cupcakes.

  160. Shirley Graham says:

    What a great product !!. Apart from the sugarpaste, gumpaste items, I would use the sealer for plant cuttings and seeds which I send through the post to my parents and also for the grapes that I freeze as a treat for the children. They would be good for Ice cubes

  161. Chris says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Great idea!

    Do you know if the bags are suitable for cooking things “sous vide”? I don’t want to buy an expensive water bath, but a couple of these bags in a pan of water might just come close!

  162. Elaine says:

    Marzipan! It drives me crazy when, no matter how much cling film I wrap it in, it’s still hard and crusty.

  163. Jayne says:

    I just love gadgets !!!

  164. Chrissy says:

    I would use one to seal meat along with a marinade – that way when it comes out it will be all ready to cook – perfect!

  165. Charlotte Graves says:

    It would be awesome to seal up my icing leftovers, my meal leftovers, ALL MY LEFTOVERS!
    Exciting to dream of winning one!

  166. Christine Ravenscroft says:

    This is my dream come true. I am gluten intolerant and allergic to dairy products so this would be very handy in my kitchen – my freefrom foods are very expensive and mostly come in large packs so this would dramatically reduce my wastage.

  167. Carrie says:

    I’ve got some of the large bags that you use a hoover on, and we put a cuddly toy in that – it was hilarious. So I think I’d put a small cuddly toy in first, but I’m also loving the idea about sealing toiletries for travelling – genius idea!

  168. Jan woolf says:

    Brilliant gadget! I love my gadgets. I would vacuum herbs. They wilt far too quickly and it would be great to have them to hand when needed to rustle up a quick Thai curry or even a pimms with fresh mint now we have the good weather. Great site, keep up the good work!

  169. Frances says:

    I’m sure I’d get addicted to using this and seal up all sorts of things!

  170. Eeeeek – I would SOUS VIDE THINGS 🙂

  171. Richard says:

    I wish I could vac pack my entire house to keep it fresher for longer so I could take a break from the housework once in a while. (I may have daydreamed about laminators for the same purpose) Food wise though I’d prob use it to seal meats and fish with some pesto or herbs or something to infuse with flavour. Nothing nicer than salmon with a generous dollop of pesto baked in the oven. mmm…

  172. Carl y Fordham says:

    Basically everything – have been trying to stock up on meats to save a bit of cash but our frezzer just isn’t big enough. However if I could portion the meat into small packages I’m pretty sure I’d find loads more space. Also like the idea about VP herbs, woukd love a good Pimms now the sun is coimg out – reminds me i need some lemonade 🙂

  173. Angela smith says:

    I would buy big packs of meat or ham and vacuum pack them as it would work out much cheaper. I don’t eat the stuff myself, being a veggie but those are the sacrifices I make to feed my family who are carnivores!

  174. Sarah Pitt says:

    I would use it for storing individual portions of marinaded food in the freezer, so when you want them you can defrost and marinade in one!

  175. michelle warren says:

    I’d vacuum big batches of cookie dough. Perfect for midnight snacks or creating a beautiful smelling home when you have a date you want to impress. xxx

  176. Paula Smalley says:

    I’d use it to seal meat or fish in a marinade for later cooking. Also, I would use it to seal up leftover food that has a strong aroma (such as tandoori chicken pieces for subsequent use. I would also use it to seal fresh melon for later eating after cutting open a whole melon to save it drying out or tainting other items in the fridge. It would also be useful for sealing slices of bread for freezing – I can never finish a whole loaf in good time, so sealing and freezing a few slices at a time, which can then be taken out and defrosted without drying out, would be really helpful.

  177. Helen Huxley says:

    I would give the leftover marzipan the same treatment as the icing!

  178. Sue says:

    If it’s not sacriligious I would not only use it for food (and save pounds on wasted sugarpaste and marzipan) but also my crafting obsession – it would work really well for sealing up stuffing for soft toys into slim flat packs for posting!!

  179. Nicki Cattell says:

    Oh I’d definitely use it for storing left over sugarpaste, goes hard all the time it’s such a waste.

  180. Sue says:

    That’s a fantastic idea, I make cakes and always have sugar paste and fondant left over, so I would use it for that and I could use it on marzipan as I always have a bit left over (that goes hard and crusty).

  181. Alice Jones-Evans says:

    This is a fabulous idea. I think i’d vacuum pack food for my children. I NEVER seem to find a tupperware box the right size .. despite having a cupboard full of tupperware!

  182. Rachel says:

    Wow, what a fantastic tip. I’ve just thrown away 4 lots of dried out fondant tonight so would be lovely not to have that happen again. I would also use one to seal pitta breads as I find however I wrap them to take to work, they always sweat. Thanks for the amazing tips as always x

  183. Liz says:

    Ooh, I’d love one of these to seal my biscuits in before selling them. Also, to reseal the packets of spices that are not so often used, and are held with clothes pegs at the moment!

  184. Glynis Rowntree says:

    My Mother-in-Law is 93 and unable to cook any longer. Each week I take her home cooked food and bakes. The bag sealer would be a fantastic way to ensure her food stays fresh all week.

  185. Fruit, I’d cut it up, seal it and open when we are out with the children. A much healthier snack than sweets

  186. Emma says:

    This looks amazing, I would use it on chicken, in fact any meat and fish. Although I have to say I think I’d just have to have a go at vacuuming in a bag anything in reach (watch out Kitty…)

  187. Laura Birkin says:

    If I wont I think at first I would go mad like I always do with a new kitchen toy and vac pac everything in sight! But when I calmed down, meat & fish would be a definate! x

  188. Rachel says:

    Fabulous idea to store sugar paste – and I could squeeze twice as much into my permanently over flowing freezer

  189. Sarah says:

    OMG what wouldn’t I seal with one of these 🙂 I think I’d use it mainly on Meat (sandwich meat especially as my son never wraps it back up and it always goes hard after a couple of days), cheese (again always goes hard from not being wrapped up properly) vegetables, fruits, half eaten lollipops and anything else the kids eat half of and then say can i have the rest later 🙂

  190. Joyce says:

    I’m always left with spare fondant icing so this would be so useful.

  191. Joyce says:

    I’m always left with spare fondant icing so this would be so useful.

  192. Stef says:

    Is use it for everything, probably bagels and tea bags the most :)x

  193. Samantha says:

    Oh my gosh no more dried out sugarpaste or marzipan or the pecan-marzipan I made last year…. would have survived the fridge!! Brilliant! I’d also do things like my sister’s stuff everytime her pesky fingers get into my cake mix….. !

  194. Angela says:

    Does this work for liquids? I’d love to make big batches of my hot chocolate sauce or caramel sauce and be able to store it with out it taking up lots of space!

  195. Andrew says:

    I’d vacuum seal fresh loaves and “plastic bread” past their use by date and put it into the freezer ready for breadcrumbs, bread and butter puddings and even toast.

  196. Mary MU says:

    Hi I am a big fan of yours. If I had a food sealer I will use it for everything, but mainly to preserve my home grown produce. Especially my raspberries and coriander, when they are in season I get tons of them, more than we can use at the time, but they perish so fast after they are harvested, sealing them would be a great way to preserve them for longer.

  197. Maria says:

    I would use this on veg, then boil them in the bag so they will keep more of their flavour.

  198. spleenyone says:

    I am always freezing biscuit dough and it always comes unwrapped so I would definitely use this instead if I had one!

  199. Jay says:

    I would vacuum my chocolate – that way I’d always know if someone had meddled with it and tried to pinch some!!

  200. Alex says:

    I would definitely use it for cookie dough it would stop my housemates eating it before I got round to cooking it!

  201. Helen says:

    Why have I never thought of this before? What a fab idea! I would definitely use this for sugarpaste (I already have 3 lots left from this weekends bakes!). And cookie dough. And maybe buttercream too….?

  202. Gill Bland says:

    I’d seal rhubarb in it, cook it sous vide and use it in a tart

  203. Jo Perry says:

    What a fab thing ! Can think of soooooo many uses would love one

  204. Mandy Padfield says:

    How fabulous. Want one now!!

  205. Karen Button says:

    I would use it on the cooked meat.No one knowa how to wrap it in clingfilm when it has been opened,so when i go to make a sandwich it has gone hard and dry.

  206. Mandy Padfield says:

    How fabulous. Want one now!I’d go round the house in a vacuum packing frenzy.!

  207. Emma says:

    Fab idea, would def use it for freezing batches of cookie biscuit dough, or buttercream. Also would be great for freezing meat for using another day. x

  208. Amanda Maycock says:

    I’d split packets of chicken breasts and sausages into portions and freeze them to avoid wastage. Could save so many pennies!

  209. Nel says:

    Nos this is a superdeeeeeeeduperdeeeeeeee tip and if I am not the lucky winner of this….I will definitely be running down to the shops to go get one. Thanks Ruth, brilliant 🙂

  210. Barbara Millard says:

    All of the above! But if I had one today I would use it to pack up slices of weddingcake from my daughter’s wedding on Saturday to send to friends. So many of your Ideas and tips went into the making and icing of the cake and everyone thought it was lovely. Sadly sugarpaste tip too late for me…….

  211. Helenmarie Looker says:

    What an amazing idea !
    This would be so useful in my kitchen, I always have left over fondant and flower paste and it’s so difficult to keep it fresh and pliable. It always gets a little hard and you end up wasting so much. I think it would also be fantastic for buttercream and cake remnants, seal them and pop them in the freezer, you never know when you might need to whip up a few cake pops. Oh and cookie dough too. Also if your like me you buy bulk meat and divide it into portions for freezing, this machine would make that so much easier and no more ripped freezer bags ! Apples, I have apple trees and always make preserves and pie fillings. Endless possibilities, I never knew I wanted a vacuum sealer so much ! 🙂 x

  212. Michelle Leonard says:

    Ooh the options are endless. Definitely marinades with fish/meat, cookie dough, play dough, sugar paste…..

  213. Rebecca says:

    I’d vacuum pack let over chocolate from cooking so that its sealed away and I couldn’t pick at it! But would be amazing for my sugarpaste!

  214. Laura says:

    Hi! I think I would vacuum seal packets of sweets so that I cannot get into them and eat the lot I have such a terrible sweet tooth and no willpower whatsoever xxx

  215. Lisa says:

    I love the idea of vacuum sealing sugar paste as I always have left over that ends up getting wasted. I would also use it on my meats as they too get wasted x

  216. Emma says:

    I would vacuum fish and other item which can cause an unpleasant smell in the fridge.

  217. Rachael Springford says:

    Ooo what a great idea there is so much you could do ! I’d vacuum pack all my fresh smelly cheeses like parmesan and blue cheese ! I’d also vacuum pack marshmallows so they stay super fresh !

  218. Sal says:

    Well I’d LIKE to say my puppies to keep them ultra cute but obviously that would be cruel and they’d be, ERM, dead so not so cute anymore. Instead I’d use it for just about anything – we all like different things in our house so if I cook a full batch of something there’s generally some waste – not with THIS little beauty though!!!

  219. julie watson says:

    I tend to use left over fondant to make rose buds then store them for later use.doesnt matter about the colour as you cover the bud anyways.however would love this gadget would save a lot of wastage and if it helps save my pennies its good for me.x

  220. lyn brown says:

    such a good idea i have wasted so much sugar paste i wish i had known about these vacuum sealers it would be so handy in other areas of the kitchen to love it

  221. Audrey Watson says:

    i’d vacuum pack my kids, and other people’s if they asked! If thats not legal then i’d vacuum pack fresh herbs, that might give me a few extra days worth of freshness:-) Audrey x

  222. traceyh says:

    think i would use it for almost everything, meat, cheese, bread, veg, fish, ooh i would love to own one! xx

  223. Claire Humphreys says:

    Ahhh Ruth, ever seeing your post about vacu-storing sugarpaste I’ve been on a rampage looking for one of these….I’ve had enough of finding a that small piece of coloured sugarpaste in the right colour, only to find it is rock hard, rolling it between warm hands to no avail – to kep it soft would bring a smile to my face! (Sad I know, but it’s the small things in life, eh!)…..and the list is endless of other things to vacu-seal – I would put individual portions of cake and desserts in the freezer to stop me over-indulging on 2 or 3 slices or cakes at a time!!! xx

  224. Alison McGowan says:

    This would save me a fortune, I am always throwing bits of dried out coloured icing away.

  225. Polly says:

    I pre-bake my pizza bases and would find this vacuum sealer really suitable 🙂 also, great for poaching meat & fish isn’t it?

  226. Jay says:

    Breadcrumbs! I’d whizz up any bits of stale bread and vacuum seal the crumbs to stop them getting wet in the freezer 🙂

  227. Alison Jones says:

    WOW. What a brilliant idea. It would also be great for my kids pack lunches for school.
    I’m for ever throwing fondant away because its dried out. Hope I win!!!!

  228. Gina McIlwraith says:

    Brilliant ideas love your website and all your little tricks 🙂

  229. Kimberley Rackstraw says:

    The list is endless I am a real hygeine freak so I would use it on everything foodie. Freezing left overs so I could batch cook more, cookies, sugarpaste, breadcrumbs for homemade chicken nuggets, oh my good ness you could probably use it for ganache and buttercream so my fridge wouldn’t be taken up with bulky pots, although I cover them I always worry about chocolate taking on other smells so tend to throw it way after a few days. I would totally love one but would probably be a nightmare uploading lots of pictures after I find each and every new use for it x

  230. Heather P says:

    I’d vacum seal so much, cookie dough, popcorn etc
    At the moment it’s biggest use would be to store the other half of “2 portions” of chicken/salmon/meat etc.
    Hubby is in the Army & away frequently and cooking for one isn’t very easy when so much comes in packs of 2 or more!!

  231. Karen says:

    I’d use it on the cake crumbs I’ve just created by accident! Made my first chocolate giant cupcake using your recipe Ruth, but the top didn’t want to come out of the mould in one piece. I’ve got a silicon mould, so I’m not sure if I should have done anything different? So I’d seal and save the cake crumbs until I’ve found the best way to make use of them, rather than just eating them before the boys come home lol!!!

  232. Sarah says:

    This is a great idea! I’d deffo use it for my sugarpaste but also for any leftovers – this would save so much food/waste/money!

  233. Laura Thomson says:


    I’d vacuum pack packets of seeds/cous cous and the like that I wasn’t going to use again soon. Hate finding rogue bits of cous cous in my drawers!

  234. Julie says:

    Camping foods, I cook for a large number of people when we go camping and this would be an ideal way to save space and cut down on rubbish. I would also use it to seal my dog treat dough when I make up large batches.

  235. Beth Orum says:

    I’d use this to save all my left overs, so less waste. Would also save all my leftover icing bits to keep them fresh for future use

  236. Beth says:

    Oh wow, what a fab giveaway! I’m an absolute freezer fiend so would be vacuum packing loads to put away – bread mainly, plus I love making my own bagels and pittas which I tend to take to work during the week.

    Saying that though, I’m going on holiday next month and having one of these would give me a valid excuse to pack more…

  237. Natalie Elliott says:

    I’d vacuum seal the old man so he stops moaning for 2 mins 😉 lol
    If that works ill start offering my vacuum sealing services to others. Who knows we could bring the divorce rate down.

  238. Rebecca Drake says:

    Is there anything you can’t vacuum seal? I can think of so many things – too many to list here – but sugarpaste is a brilliant one because I always end up with some left over and then have to throw away a beautifully coloured rock next time I go to use it!

  239. Deborah Timlick says:

    Fabulous for the fondant. I’d seal all those little bits of Lego I have collected by treading on them at least id know where they are 🙂

  240. Nicola says:

    I would vacuum seal a basic cookie dough as I am always making different flavours so it would be handy to have a basic dough so I can I can add fresh ingredients (e.g. raspberries) as and when I want!

  241. Brenda Greaves says:

    For freezing leftovers and for fresh yeast bread dough and chunks of Parmesan when I buy in bulk from Italy
    Thanks for the chance

  242. Karen Knight says:

    Oh would love one, I live on my own most off the time but still cook for 2 or 4 so this would help storage in the freezer as well as in the fridge fingers crossed x

  243. Anne Jones says:

    I could save a fortune if I could vacuum pack all the different coloured icing I have when making sugar flowers. As it is I have to start with the lightest shade I need and keep adding more colours. Its hard being so organised and disastrous if I break a light flower at the end. It would also be great to measure out small quantities of fiddly ingredients (eg ginger, sifted cocoa powder) ready to go into favourite bakes and I’d like to try it for making vanilla/lavender sugar.

  244. Jo-Anne Edwards says:

    Dear Ruth,

    How would I use the JML Vacuum Seal – the list is potentially endless!
    • As I tend to bake for myself and my daughter, instead of halving the mixture for cupcakes/sponges/biscuits/muffins etc I could just bake a full batch and seal & freeze the rest!! Perfectly fresh baking ready to be de-frosted when needed
    • Frosting – always end up making too much, again any surplus could be sealed and frozen
    • Dough – either bread, cookies or biscuits could be frozen to be used when needed. In particular bread dough could be defrosted overnight and is ready to be baked on a weekend morning – fantastic start to the day with the benefit of fresh baking bread wafting through the house!
    • Pastry – either blind baked tart cases or sweet pastry ready to be used for last minute apple pies, or short crust pastry for meat pies or sausage rolls
    • Crumble – again always make too much!
    • Baked goods such as sausage rolls, pasty’s, cheese straws could all be sealed and popped in the freezer
    And then there’s the obvious:
    Crisps, sandwiches etc could all be sealed ahead of time and then opened to ensure perfectly fresh party food!
    • I tend to buy meat in bulk – the JML Vacuum Seal would be ideal when splitting packs of chicken etc, sealing then putting in the freezer
    • Salad could also be sealed and would hopefully last that bit longer!

  245. Stacey Woods says:

    It’d be easier to tell you what I wouldn’t use it for! Leftovers, sugar paste, cold meat – you name it!

  246. VICTORIA LOWE says:

    It would be brilliant for left over fondant, save it ending up in the bin!! The list would be endless i’d vac pack everything 🙂

  247. Alison Southward says:

    I’d use it to halve everything I buy that is too much, now our children have left home and there are just the two of us. Eg Loaves of bread, cakes, anything which comes in a pack of more than two … and of course that marzipan and fondant icing!

  248. Lia Winchester says:

    I’d use it to seal the hundreds of colours of sugar paste I have. I try to includes the children in the decorating and they never want to colours we actually have, always a new weird and wonderful concoction. Maybe I should learn some quantity control and not colour up so much instead???

  249. Lyn de Jesus says:

    This is a great idea, now I can store and then reuse my leftover gum paste. Before I use to end up making a bunch of decorating I thought I might be able to use on the next project.

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