Cake Decorating – Top Tips #4

Make your own Modelling Paste

April 121 (Copy)

This will save you a fortune.  Using a modelling paste for most cake decorations, flowers and bits and pieces is much much easier than using sugarpaste (fondant).  It dries out quicker so will hold the shape you want it to with ease.  You can also roll it much thinner than sugarpaste making decorations look much more refined.  The downside is it’s expensive 🙁

Make your own instead by adding 1 teaspoon of Tylo powder to 500g sugarpaste and knead well.

April 117 (Copy)

April 119 (Copy)

Wrap it well in clingfilm and allow it to develop overnight before using.

500g of modelling paste, ready to go, without the expensive price tag.

April 121 (Copy)


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