Review: Lidl SilverCrest Food Processor (Stand Mixer)

I get asked to work with all sorts of companies to review all sorts of gadgets and kitchenalia,  mostly I don’t take up the offer but I thought this review was one you would be interested in.

Lidl have a stand mixer coming up for sale on 13th November in store and priced at a very reasonable £79.99 it would appear to be a good buy if it does what it claims to!

Full spec and more details on the Lidl website here

With the cost of a KitchenAid or a fancy K-Mix Kenwood stand mixer running into hundreds of pounds then bagging a mixer for less than £80 seems like a bargain, but what did I make of it?

lidl mixer 2

The mixer is a SilverCrest Professional Food Processor SKMP 1200 A2. With a 1200w motor and a 3 year warranty.

First impressions are okay, obviously it’s not as glamourous and seductively good looking as a KitchenAid or the Kenwood version but it’s not a bad looking piece of kit.

It’s lightweight, the body being plastic instead of metal, much easier to move around than my stand mixer but it’s bigger too so takes up more room on the worktop or in a cupboard.

lidl mixer 1

It has a wider base than a regular stand mixer which appears a little odd but once I put it into use it’s actually hugely stabilising,  it can knead bread at a fair old whack without walking across the worktop.

It has 3 attachments – a beater blade for cake mixes, cookie doughs etc, a whisk for egg whites and cream and a dough hook, plus a splash guard.


The beater blade doesn’t have silicone wings (one of the reasons I love a k-Mix) so you do have to stop and scrape down the bowl to make sure everything is being mixed in properly from time to time.  Not a huge issue to discount it.

It makes good cake mixes, comparable with my other mixers.

IMG_1441 IMG_1445

The dough hook – kneads bread exceptionally well, something I have to admit I was surprised at and had expected it to fall down here but it didn’t.  It made me a great loaf and was kneaded in less time than my other mixers would do.


The whisk – well it was beaten when trying to whisk 2 egg whites, it just couldn’t reach them enough to whip them up.  More than 2 and it’s game on, the power needs to be well up to get it going.  Whips up cream in no time at all without any issues.


The bowl is big in size (6.5litre) and good if you’re making plenty of mixture.  It doesn’t have a handle though which I find a little inconvenient for manouvering after mixing.


The splash guard has a good fit and an opening spout to make additions whilst in operation.

It seems a little noisy to me, all stand mixers are if you’re stood next to them for prolonged periods of time.

The head lift mechanism seems a bit clunky you have to hold it in release until the head lifts to the top rather than just a flick to release.  A minor issue in the scheme of things, it’s sturdy and doesn’t feel like it would break.


It has a good power, the 1200w motor certainly seems cut out for it, with a wide range of speeds plus a pulse button which I actually found very useful for folding in (better than the fold function on a k-Mix as I had more control)


There’s also a glass blender attachment included with a 1.5l capacity, it made light work of quickly blitzing homemade soup.  There are no further attachments available (pasta maker, mincer etc) and no way of attaching alternatives to the machine.  Something to bear in mind if you can see yourself wanting to go down that road in the future.


The power cable length is an adequate size and caused no issues being too long or too short.

It’s available in red and cream from Lidl, in store, from the 13th November priced at £79.99.  My feelings are its a good starter mixer for a good price.  It’s not as glamourous in the looks department when you compare it to the likes of Kitchenaid and Kenwood but at a quarter of the price then I’d say that was allowed.  It works well, as it should and would be a big bonus in the kitchen if you don’t already have a stand mixer.  The glass blender attachment is a helpful extra.  With a 3 year warranty I don’t think you can go far wrong with this mixer if you want the help in the kitchen but are mindful of budget – all that’s left for you to decide is the red or the cream!

You can see more on the full spec and details on the Lidl website here including a video of it in action.

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Reviews will always be my honest opinion following testing and using in my own home kitchen.

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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42 Responses to Review: Lidl SilverCrest Food Processor (Stand Mixer)

  1. This is such a helpful review Holly! I am SO happy that Lidl have started selling these. My stand mixer seems like its going to give up the ghost soon so this is perfect timing. There may be one or two things not quite at the Kitchenaid level, but at that bargain price I can’t complain! And the motor on this is MORE powerful than the K-mix!

  2. You sound like you’ve desvribed my Andrew James mixer – same features, pros and cons and it is the same price!

  3. camz says:

    Looks interesting, is the splash guard detachable?? Thanks.

  4. Lynda Goy says:

    It would be lovely if I could get this in Spain as I live hear
    Looks a good buy
    Lynda goy

  5. Tina Tsourtsoulas says:

    Thank you so much for your review. Would kitchenaid attachments fit this Mixer?

  6. Murray Forsyth says:

    Thanks for writing a review, or preview! I was undecided until I read this, but now I will go out and get one on Thursday! Thanks again!

  7. Sinead says:

    Thanks for the heads up about these, Ruth. I bought mine on the way in to work this morning and am looking forward to putting it to use this weekend.
    I had been losting over a Kitchen Aid but couldn’t really justify the price as I only bake for fun not as a business. This silvercrest one suits me perfectly. I got their sewing machine last year and I love it. Again, I am only doing projects around for around the house or gifts but so far so good. Thanks again.

  8. Liz Oakley says:

    I’ve just bought one, I’m pleased to red such a favourable review, good old Lidl! Thanks for taking the time to review tihis item.

  9. bex powell says:

    After reading your review my mind was set and off I popped to purchase one!!! Now I can’t wait to try it! I picked the red as it looked a lot better in person than the cream.
    Thanks again for your very helpful review xx

  10. Maria says:

    I am so gutted today. They came on sale in Cyprus today and by the time I got there they sold out. Called Lidl helpline and apparently this is the same all over the island. Lets hope they bring some more soon.

  11. Vicky says:

    Thank you for the very helpful review. I have now brought one and am looking forward to using it.
    Just one thing….. Do you unscrew the base of the blender, to seperate the blades, for washing? It doesn’t say you do in the instructions.
    Kind regards

  12. Coral Harrow says:

    Have you also tested the Sllver Crest 5in1 Cook & Mix Soup maker? Lidl is due to sell it within the next 10 days! I would love to know how it performs!

  13. Its mine…!! super excited too

  14. Sandra says:

    Thank you for the review!
    I’ve read in the manual that this robot can only work non-stop for 10 min with the wisker, then you have to let it cool down.
    Have you tryed to make a flufy cake with it?
    Do you think this 10 min is enough?

    • Hi Sandra, I would say 10 minutes is enough working time, I can’t think of when I’ve ever had it on for longer than that – these machines are very efficient in whisking and beating and it’s unlikely that your mixture wouldn’t be where it needs to be within the 10 minutes x

  15. katie avery says:

    Hiya, i have just bought this mixer, but the pulse button doesn’t seem to work…should this turn the mixer on when the button is pushed and then stop when i let go (like on a magimix) As a pose to continuously on when you turn the dial to select a speed. Or am i just being silly? I press “pulse” but nothing happens. Any advice would be great, thanks

  16. VIVI says:

    I am from Greece…i want to buy silvercrest professional mixer. Where can i find it?

  17. Amino says:

    Was hesitant until I read your review. Many thanks for a very helpful and comprehensive review.

  18. Grace says:

    Hej! just bought this machine yesterday. Had my first bread making now but the machine is making terrible noise when it is kneading a dough. Probably it is my first time using a professional food processor, so I don’t know if the big noise is right. So can you help?or give some ideas of the level of noise of your machine please!

    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Grace,

      It definitely shouldn’t make a terrible noise but it’s important with bread dough for it to be not too tough – any machine will struggle to knead a dough that isn’t elastic enough – try adding more liquid to your bread dough recipe and the machine should be fine to knead it. If there is something wrong with the machine then Lidl have a really good returns policy and I’m sure they will sort it out for you x

  19. lala says:

    I have this mixer and have made some sour dough bread. Pretty good wee machine. The down side is that when I make a hard dough it’s overheating and the safety switch turns the machine completely off for 15-30 mins. Very annoying feature as it happens before the dough is ready. It is for save the engine I know…but still annoys me. No other probs found so far

  20. Z razaq says:

    Hi can anyone tell me does the mixing bowl lock on the silvercrest mixer

  21. Pat Dyson says:

    I think I saw in your Cromer shop a short while ago a mixer/food processor, looking at it was a triangular shape. Can you give me any details such as maker and what it is as I have seen it on TV and never a close up to see what it does. I would be interested if at a reasonable price.

    Thank you

  22. kathryn says:

    hiya my partner bought me it i have used it today for blending my soups and the glass has cracked down side of the jug .

  23. Mary says:

    Hi Holly sorry to bother I just bought this years version of this food processor. Its my first ever! I was wondering if its normal that when the blender is turned on, the mixer also turns on? Is that normal or am i doing it wrong? I would much appreciate an answer since the manual doesnt say anything and the videos dont show me the mixing area when blending. Thank you so much!

  24. Tanja says:

    I bought one as well. Does great job at kneading, but makes terrible noise while doing it. Sometimes I won’t use it because it makes such a noise. As far as amount goes I follow instructions for recipes which were attached in the box. Dough is not tough, however noise is terrible. Has anyone else had or is having the same problem? Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks in advance. Bye!

  25. Linda Hughes says:

    We have just bought one of these and your instructions state “never use the mixing bowl 6 and the blender 15 simultaneously.
    However they both run at the same time?
    Am i missing something?

    • Linda Hughes says:

      i have spoken with the customer service team and this is ok as long as the mixer is not under load… mixing that is,
      odd but it works that way

  26. Dawn Mckimm says:

    I just bought mine two months ago almost to the day and it’s stopped working and only used it three times

    Will be taking it back tomorrow so not happy
    Good job we kept the receipt and box

  27. Briana says:

    I have just got this mixer. When I turn on the blender, the mixer arm also moves. Is that supposed to happen? I’m afraid to run it like that because I dont want to burn out the motor.

    Let me know, Thanks!

  28. Wendy Ames says:

    I just received one for Christmas, can’t wait to get going

  29. Wendy Ames says:

    I just received mine for Christmas, looking forward to using it x

  30. France's Sherwin says:

    When will, pink whisk food processor be on sale,and cost please.

    Caister on sea Great Yarmouth norfolk

  31. Eileen Tait says:

    I have just treated myself to a Stand Silvercrest mixer, but I don’t know what is the maximum quantity I can ask it to mix.
    I already own a food processor but I would like to do major mixing in the new one.

    What is the maximum quantity I can use in a stand Silver Crest mixer please. E.Tait

  32. Joan Thompson says:

    My food mixer didn’t include a manual where can I get one please?

  33. Can you buy the whisk attachment on it’s own

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