Ulster Weavers Giveaway

Not only do I have S’Mores Cupcakes for you today but I’ve teamed up with Ulster Weavers to celebrate National Cupcake Week with a great giveaway and you could be in with a chance of winning some fab kitchen goodies from their lovely range!



If you missed the recipe earlier you’ll find it just here – S’Mores Cupcakes  and spot their dotty sheep in the background!

Now to the giveaway, three lucky winners will have the chance to win a luxury Ulster Weavers gift set worth £178.50.

Each prize set includes a cake stand, Teapot, 4 Cups & Saucers, Milk & Sugar pots, 1 pk Napkins, 2 Tea Towels and an Apron from either the pretty Amelia, Rooster or Vintage Kitchen ranges.

Amelia Cup and Saucer

Amelia Cup and Saucer

It’s the perfect excuse to bake some lovely treats and host an Afternoon Tea party for your friends. Ulster Weavers have been designing quality home linens and accessories for over 135 years. Check out their full range on www.ulsterweavers.com

Rooster Cake Stand

Rooster Cake Stand

So to be in with a chance of winning either the Amelia, Rooster or Vintage Kitchen Set worth £178.50 all you have to do is comment on this post telling me your favourite design or range from the vast selection at Ulster Weavers.

Vintage Kitchen - group lifestyle

Vintage Kitchen

The giveaway closes at midnight on Sunday 20th October.  Three winners will be chosen at random from all the valid entries received shortly after and contacted directly.  Prizes will be sent directly from Ulster Weavers.  Giveaway open to UK residents only.

Good Luck!

Ruth x


Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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386 Responses to Ulster Weavers Giveaway

  1. Ahila says:

    Jimmy fav design is the tetowel and bag withbrosescas this reminds me of summer

  2. rebecca wingar says:

    This is wonderful prize! I’ve just looked at the Ulster Weavers website and had no idea they made so many nice things.

    I love the arts and crafts kitchen range, it is very different from my normal taste, but so pretty and vintage. It’s so nice to see our weaving tradition continuing.

  3. Ann-Marie Mitchell says:

    I would love to win x

  4. Clare Revell says:

    Aside from the Christmas ones, as I’m Christmas crazy, is the vintage one. It just reminds me of going to Nanna’s house, the colours and the memories of cooking in her kitchen, helping her make Welsh Cakes on the griddle always make me smile.

  5. Danielle Dobinson says:

    Hi! I love the Amelia range from Ulster Weavers, just so pretty and girly! Would love to win!

  6. Carol Robinson says:

    My favourite range is the Vintage Kitchen range

  7. Ann-Marie Mitchell says:

    I would love to win the Vintage Range please xx

  8. Debbie Graham says:

    love anything with dogs, so dogs galore and dogs arrived tea towels are perfect !

  9. Julie says:

    I love the Amelia x

  10. Ben says:

    The Vintage Kitchen range is the best, my wife would absolutely love it!

  11. kate ward says:

    Fantastic prize! Vintage kitchen is my favourite xx

  12. Bethan Parsons says:

    Loving the Vintage kitchen range

  13. Barb Herbert says:

    I would love to win the rooster set as I was born in the year of the rooster.

  14. Alex peacock says:

    I like the dotty sheep design!

  15. I adore the vintage range, i have 2 daughters who love helping out in the kitchen & baking as a family. They would find this design amazing! X

  16. Deann Rooke says:

    I love the rustic-ness (if that’s even a word!) of the ROOSTER set – it would look fabulous in our kitchen! I may even be inclined to share my cakes & invite friends round if I had these to present afternoon tea on! 😛

  17. Julie Cain says:

    The Vintage collection is my absolute favourite….but I do like the Amelia collection too x

  18. I love those hot dogs, and know a few people who would love those cozy cats too!

  19. Natalie says:

    The Amelia pattern is gorgeous, love duck egg in the kitchen!

  20. Ruth Stirling says:

    Just love the vintage design items!

  21. Francesca says:

    Uh oh Ruth, I think I have found a new favourite website/shop :s what a lovely collection! I think my favourite is either SeaSalt or Alice Rose, but I had a hard time choosing as it is all so wonderful. I love the Amelia collection too. Thank you for hosting a beautiful giveaway. Hope you and the family are well xx

  22. Louise Matthews says:

    love the roosters range, would look great in my kitchen

  23. Gina says:

    All beautiful but I absolutely love the Amelia range. So pretty!

  24. Anna M says:

    They all look fab but I’d love the Vintage kitchen range please, it would really cheer up this rainy Monday x

  25. Nicola Smith says:

    I love the country life design. Some of my favourite animals are on there.

  26. Joanne Rodenhurst says:

    Everything is gorgeous but I think my favourite would have to be the rooster collection. X

  27. Susan says:

    I love the Arts & Crafts pattern, it’s great!! Of the three in the giveaway though, it’d have to be Roosters.

  28. Gillian Greathead says:

    All of them are lovely but my favourite is the vintage range x

  29. Philippa says:

    I LOVE the snow globes Christmas design. Mind you there are loads of lovely things on their website!!

  30. Emma Conway says:

    I love Amelia, it’s so pretty. I’m disabled and cannot work any longer, so rely upon my husband, so this would be a lovely treat.

  31. Susan Fillbrook says:

    I like the Vintage collection :)x

  32. Barbara Fynn says:

    This was a tricky one – I’d never heard of Ulster Weavers and have had a lovely browse! For me it has to be Amelia as I have just changed my kitchen colours to a pale blue after reading somewhere it brings luck. If I was buying a gift it would be Robins for my Nan who is in her eighties. If I was being loyal and using my old kitchen colours of red and white it would be Alice Rose as it is beautiful just like my daughter who has the same name!

  33. AmyW says:

    I love the Hot Dogs range – they’re just so cute! 😀

  34. Karen Bryant says:

    I love the vintage kitchen! Pretty pretty pretty!!!!! X

  35. Anna says:

    I am impressed with the Rugby World Cup aprons. I would love the England apron.

  36. Claire Daly says:

    love the rugby World Cup range…the little Jersey apron and tea towel too cute:) might even encourage male members of the household with the wash up!!!

  37. Wendy Kitchin says:

    The vintage collection is my favourite 🙂

  38. Heather Bassett-Jones says:

    The Vintage one ! Have just set up my own pop up vintage teas offering afternoon tea – would be perfect!

  39. Sue Easterbrook says:

    I have not heard of this company before, everything looks so good. But my favourite must be the Vintage look.

  40. Michelle Robertson says:

    Am really loving that vintage kitchen range. I have a few pink things in my kitchen and this range would compliment it so well and make my kitchen how it should be 🙂 what a fantastic prize 🙂 xxx

  41. Susan McLean says:

    I love them all, but particularly the ‘Salmon’ teatowel from their range. If I was lucky enough to sin I’d love the Rooster range! 😀

  42. Harry Sutton says:

    I love the vintage collection.

  43. Sara says:

    Definitely love the Christmas range especially as it’s not far away now!! I am Christmas CRAZY haha

  44. Jennifer says:

    I love the Amelia range!

  45. Sue Boldero says:

    I would love the Amelia range, they are so pretty!

  46. midge says:

    I love all their stuff, its sooo pretty! Although if I have to choose it would either have to be the Amelia range (littlest Peachick’s name) Or the rooster range as my kitchen is full of chickens (not real ones!)

  47. Christina Bell says:

    I love the rooster cake stand most! But all of it is lovely and I would really love to have it! Fingers crossed!! xxx

  48. Helen Milligan says:

    So many pretty things, so hard to choose, but I think it would have to be Amelia.

  49. Elise says:

    I love the dotty sheep ,although the Amelia is really pretty too.

  50. Laura Bailey says:

    I love the Amelia, so pretty and delicate . . .

  51. Claire Watson says:

    I love the iconic Britain tea towel but my favourite is the vintage kitchen range!

  52. Shellie Perry says:

    Love the entire range tbh! But amber rose is so pretty

  53. Lauren Robins says:

    Love the vintage set.

  54. Zoe says:

    Got to be the baking range of course!

  55. Lesley Matthews says:

    The vintage range is beautiful

  56. Claire Allen says:

    The Vintage range is gorgeous!

  57. Helen Bowman says:

    i adore the vintage kitchen range. So colourful! I think I already have some Ulster Weaver canisters but didn’t realise that’s where they were from!!

  58. Jules says:

    I would love to win the vintage range please

  59. olivia Kirby says:

    I love the Alice Rose and also Amelia designs

  60. Anii Y says:

    I like the butterfly collection…they’re ALL gorgeous!

  61. Sarah says:

    <3 Catwalk. I'm clearly destined to be a crazy cat lady…

  62. Jaynealicia says:

    Mackintosh Lilac Linen Tea Towel is really lovely

  63. Laura C. Martin says:

    Some beautiful designs to choose from but I think my favourite is Arts & Crafts

  64. Claire Cardoo says:

    Gingham Geese!!!

  65. Ann says:

    I love all vintage style of china, and I would love to be in with a chance, so my favourite is Vintage Kitchen Ruth.
    Thank you for the chance to enter,

  66. Suzanne Doe says:

    So many beautiful designs but if I had to choose a favourite it would have to be Amelia. So pretty.
    Good luck everyone.

  67. Stefanie Price says:

    The vintage range is just perfectly lovely. I’m entering with every intention of passing them on to my fabulous baker mum, but fear they may be too appealing to part with!

  68. I love the teacosies, in particular the knitted chicken – it takes me back to my grannie making tea and always putting a knitted cosy on the teapot – when I was tiny in the 60’s!

  69. lez Stevenson says:

    I really would love to win the Catwalk Range please.

  70. Louise Gilpin says:

    I love the amelia range, also the knitted chicken tea cosy is amazing 🙂

  71. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    There are so many nice designs but I think my favourite of all is The Cats in Waiting design – with 9 cats of my own, fairly obvious choice really. Of the three designs on offer in the competition, it is a hard choice, but I think the Rooster collection is my favourite.

  72. Helen says:

    i absolutely love the Amelia range, it’s just so beautiful and crying out to have gorgeous cakes piled on top of that cake stand!

  73. Angela says:

    Dotty sheep is my favourite. It is super cute and colourful.

  74. Jo Rattrie says:

    Being a Basset Hound owner it has to be the hot dog range, closely followed by the Emily range

  75. Annelies says:

    I love the Amelia and the arts&crafts range. I just moved to the UK so I can really use a new set of kitchen goodies!

  76. Sri says:

    Love love the vintage collection x

  77. Martha tanswell says:

    I love the chicken and egg range, but I’m chicken crazy x

  78. Susan Lynch says:

    I love the Alice Rose Collection

  79. Julia.dyas says:

    Amelia is so pretty that it just makes you what to host an afternoon tea for friends.

  80. Lin Young says:

    Love the Amelia range

  81. Sally Hall says:

    I love the quirky Hound Dog range but who could resist the vintage prettiness of the Amelia range. Not me! I’d love to win this (please)!

  82. Donna Prout says:

    I think the Amelia range is beautiful.

  83. Nita says:

    We’ve just moved house. The “baking” range looks perfect. X

  84. David Powell says:

    The Rooster collection for me!

  85. Kirsty Dickson says:

    What a lot of lovely things! Has to be the Vintage design though, gorgeous x

  86. Georgia Davey says:

    I like the Roderick Fields Tea and Coffee dedigns that look like Snellen charts!

  87. Jade Prior says:

    I love the cozy cats tea cozy 🙂 very cute, I love cats.

  88. Claire Packman says:

    Love the vintage kitchen range. And looking forward to trying out the S’mores cupcakes too. Yum.

  89. Michelle Gentry says:

    The Amelia collection looksjust divine!!!!!

  90. Kate Bailey says:

    Lush website, I love the ‘Made in the UK’ option. Love the Arts&Craft design, also the novelty tea cosies!

  91. Linda Rumsey says:

    I love the Arts and Craft range!

  92. Carol Rooke says:

    They have a wide range of excellent patterns and colours, i love the RHS Strawberry range, the colours and pattern would go great in anyones kitchen. From the three that you have picked as prizes i would be torn between the Amelia range and the Vintage Kitchen as they are both as beautful as each other.

  93. lindsay roberts says:

    Love the arts and crafts range.

  94. Daniela says:

    Oooh pick me, pick me! I love the Amelia range, so pretty. X

  95. iain maciver says:

    My favourite range is the Vintage Kitchen range

  96. melanie stirling says:

    I love the Chalkboard Chickens range.


    Rooster please!

  98. ann goody says:

    Amelia is my fav

  99. Naomi says:

    The Amelia range is so beautiful with the floral pattern! Just looked at the website I love the betty styled cotton apron! 🙂

  100. Katie skeoch says:

    So much to choose from! I love the woodland mugs!

  101. pete c says:

    Cats in Waiting in the “Warm and Cosy” range

  102. Corinna Mazzotta says:

    It has to be the Madeline Floyd chicken & egg range. I love chickens (we have 2 in our town garden) and with the red edges this is perfect for my kitchen!

    I treated myself to an Ulster Weavers plain dye waffle teatowel from The Foodie Bugle a year or so ago & it’s the best teatowel I’ve ever bought 🙂

  103. Sam Taylor says:

    Must try this recipe this weekend, and I love the Amelia Range, it’s just so girlie!

  104. amy fidler says:

    i love the vintage kitchen range just brings a kitchen feel together,and the colours are well matched x

  105. Fiona says:

    My sister and I are dotty about sheep and exchange sheep-themed gifts, so I just love the Dotty Sheep range – the colours are great and I’ve got Christmas sorted!

  106. Andrew Lo says:

    My favourite is the Amelia range. Thanks for linking to this site, great products! Will be ordering something from there in the future

  107. Anouk Rosenboom says:

    Oh it’s all so lovely, would be a great birthday gift!

  108. Leanne Lunn says:

    Love the Amelia range it’s so pretty 🙂

  109. Michael Rattray says:

    I like the Seasalt range

  110. Nicola says:

    I love all the items but especially like the tea towels and the cockerel cake stand!

  111. lynne locke says:

    I love these designs, but I especially love the hen party’s tea towel. Its so happy. All the designs are lovely, and the brightly coloured ones are great.

  112. Louise M says:

    I adore the Vintage kitchen look and hopefully I’ll be getting a new kitchen early next year. This is a look I’d really like to acheive.

  113. Eleanor Tregaskis says:

    Wow, some quirky collections, fab! Catwalk has caught my eye. Thanks for the opportunity Ruth.

  114. Moira Jones says:

    Love the Rooster!

  115. Lydia Houghton says:

    I absolutely love the Hound Dog range. So cute! x

  116. Karen Smith says:

    It has to be the Vintage Kitchen range as that’s the name of my mobile afternoon tea business: Vintage Kitchen Teas :-). I love the colours and the whole feel of the range. It would certainly be put to good use!

  117. Ann Eggington says:

    So many lovely things. Love the Roosters. I also really like the coloured glass birds may have to start my Christmas shopping early

  118. My favourite range is the Vintage Kitchen range

  119. Tracey Vage says:

    Love the Amelia range.

  120. Lynne OConnor says:

    I love the Cats in Waiting range

  121. Warren Jacobs says:

    Cats in waiting for me.

  122. Rebecca Hawkins says:

    Choose only one favourite???? Too many nice prints to choose from and I had no idea! Amelia, Bloomsbury, Arts and Crafts….should I go on?

  123. Jennie moore says:

    I love the vintage range! Thanks Ruth.

  124. They are all very pretty but I do like the vintage range. Delicate and detailed.

  125. Jane Berrow says:

    I love the Store Me range. I need a well organised kitchen.

  126. traceyh says:

    What a great prize ! I love the vintage kitchen design x

  127. I do love the Strawberry set and the Susie set, the baking set from the protect me section would match my new kitchen decorating idea. The Scottie dog and fox tea cosy would keep my hedgehog one in company.

  128. Claire Davies says:

    I love the owl range called Twitter. Love anything to do with Owls! Twit Twoo! 🙂

  129. sarah jeffrey says:

    Rosy dot is lovely xx

  130. Paula Readings says:

    They are great designs, love the vintage kitchen set.

  131. Pat Stubbs says:

    Love the Robins christmas range – great gifts

  132. Susan Joerning says:

    I would love to win The Vintage Kitchen Design, but I would be more than happy with any.

  133. Debbie Creasey says:

    I love the Amelia range it is so adorable.

  134. Claire Bayliss says:

    I love the Amelia range, it’s beautiful xx

  135. Elizabeth Lee says:

    I really like the Amelia range as it has an oriental look to it

  136. Jackie Bee says:

    Wow. I’ve just looked through their website. I didn’t realise they had so much! There’s lots I like throughout the ranges whether it’s the cute cat cosy, knitted or sewn ones, both are great or the woodland rabbit and owl. The Amelia range is so pretty but as I’m in the process or redoing my kitchen and I haven’t thought of a particular style it would have to be the rooster range. It has a contemporary feel with the black edging but also countrified enough. I miss my ex battery chickens having moved to a smaller place but they could still be in my memories each morning with this range, well the cockerel would!

  137. Kate says:

    I would like to win but can’t choose between the vintage and the Amelia ones as they are both so lovely!!!

  138. Jane Barrett says:

    I really like the vintage design is my absolute favourite.

  139. kirstie phillipson says:

    if I were to win this fabulous set I would choose the vintage pattern.
    Its perfect for afternoon tea with friends or even better for a charity coffee morning 🙂
    Everyone should should feel the special vintage feeling at elevenses 🙂

  140. Claire Hoe says:

    The arts and crafts range is beautiful – not seen it in the shops yet, but will be looking out for it now!

  141. liz denial says:

    I love the pheasant design as I have a family of 10 pheasant who visit my garden each day

  142. S Edwards says:

    We would love the vintage design items x

  143. Shirley Giles says:

    Love the Amelia cup and Saucer and the Rooster Cake stand

  144. caroline walliss says:

    The Vintage kitchen range is amazing!x

  145. Marycarol says:

    Love the vintage kitchen range

  146. darren harrower says:

    The Christmas range

  147. I live the Enamel Mussel Pot.

  148. Tracy Nixon says:

    Lots to choose from but my favourite is the Hound Dog collection x

  149. Zoe G says:

    I like the Amelia linen design

  150. Suzanne says:

    The Vintage kitchen design is stunning.

  151. jane says:

    vintage kitchen design is my favourite

  152. Lauren Pilkington says:

    woodland is so nice!

  153. Donna L says:

    Carrot Linen Tea towel is the pick for me

  154. jayne robson says:

    I love Dotty Sheep 🙂

  155. tracey ryder says:

    love the vintage range

  156. J Watts says:

    There is such a lot to choose from, but my favourite has to be the Arts and Crafts range – I really like that look.

  157. Lindsey Smith says:

    I like Vintage Kitchen best – I could go bankrupt getting everything in that range!

  158. Penny H says:

    I love Amelia the best but there are lots of gorgeous kitchen things!

  159. sharon mead says:

    i love the seasalt range

  160. barbara shaw says:

    I love the Amelia range from Ulster Weavers, just so pretty! Would love to win! Thank-you so much for the opportunity to enter.

  161. Julie Feathers says:

    Arts and crafts is lovely

  162. Fiona Dawborne says:

    My favourite is the Amelia range

  163. Sheila Fox says:

    Wow! What lovely happy memories this beautiful crockery has invoked! I’m a lady of a ‘certain age’ from the ‘Province of Ulster’ ~ and I love using china tableware. My six grandchildren love the afternoon tea and home baking. What a joy to be a winner and be able to pass them onto my grandchildren! They are beautiful! Thank you!

  164. Ronan McGoldrick says:

    I like the Massif Red Chalet Throw

  165. sarah west says:

    both the vintage and the amelia collection are so pretty. Our kitchen is blue so they both match perfect! Love the pattern on the amelia tea-towel. Would love it as a bedspread.

  166. Michaela Jennings says:

    The baking design is my fave ❤️

  167. Sallyanne Gooch says:

    Love the rooster design

  168. Kelly Glen says:

    Vintage kitchen design.

  169. tracy steer says:

    the vintage range looks fab

  170. Simone says:

    Well so many to love! The owl tea cosy is fab! The teatime patterns of Amelia, Vintage Kitchen, Catwalk and Arts & Craft are all lovely. I feel Christmas presents coming on. 🙂

  171. Stephanie Tsang says:

    My favourite is the double rose design.

  172. Ellie Bromilow says:

    oooh I had a browse (and after feeling our kitchen stuff seems a bit drab after looking at all those lovely ranges) I would pick out Rooster as my favourite – its a kind of timeless but lovely design with a hint of cheekyness (because we all know roosters are just like us – a bit nosey and cheeky)! haha

  173. Rhia Page says:

    Am I the only one struggling to pick their favourite. I love the Arts & Craft design, but also the ‘Baking’ print is so cool… I just love kitchen stuff, so for me their website is DANGEROUS- just so much I want in my life!!
    Cheers 😉

  174. Angela Walker says:

    the Vintage Kitchen range

  175. Iris Waldburger says:

    I love the vintage kitchen range and the romertopf

  176. barbara daniels says:

    the vintage is absolutley lovely and quaint

  177. Alan Howe says:

    Vintage Kitchen is my favourite range

  178. Louise Dray says:

    The Vintage range is gorgeous!

  179. Jean T says:

    I like the Arts and Crafts design

  180. Coleen Allison says:

    The Vintage Kitchen range is wonderful

  181. Lauren says:

    The vintage kitchen items are so pretty, elegant & girly!! Beautiful <3

  182. Emily Knight says:

    I love the Alice Rose range – so beautiful!

  183. Nicola Biven says:

    The Dotty Sheep collection is ace it would look amazeballs in my kitchen !!

  184. Lisa Parker says:

    I absolutely love the penguin doorstop

  185. Anne says:

    Hard to choose but loving the Amelia range 🙂

  186. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    My favourite design is “Amelia”

  187. Sarah Wray says:

    I love the knitted cottage tea cosy (and the knitted chicken one too!)

  188. Marie R says:

    I love the Amelia.

  189. rhianne davies says:

    I would love to win this range, it’s beautiful.

  190. kerry charlesworth says:

    I love the vintage kitchen design. Lovely.

  191. Fiona Salmon says:

    Definitely Hound Dog range 🙂


    I love the Amelia range!

  193. Sarah H says:

    I love the Amelia set, soo pretty also my student daughter sitting with me loves the cozy cats ones! 😀

  194. Lorraine Crawford says:

    What a great range of products. The rooster range is one of my favourites, as the colours suit my kitchen. I also like the rugby world cup tea towels. Too much choice!

  195. Lisa Cotton says:

    The vintage kitchen range is stunning

  196. Penny Walton says:

    I love the Hound Dog muff cosy! So cute.

  197. Andy Wedge says:

    Love the Dotty Sheep range

  198. Ju Hill says:

    Arts & crafts range – always wins for me! Love the tea towel in it.

  199. Lindsey macneill says:

    Your Arts & Crafts range is beautiful

  200. Lesley Hayes says:

    The vintage kitchen is my fave xxx

  201. caroline lyons says:

    I absolutely love the Vintage range, very on trend right now and these products look really good quality. I have bookmarked your site! Thanks for the competition too! Good luck everyone 🙂

  202. Alice LA says:

    The rooster range is lovely and extensive but I am drawn to the Block Print Rabbits

  203. Tamsin w says:

    The Amelia collection is gorgeous and super girly!

  204. Alice Matthews says:

    I love the Arts & Crafts range.

  205. Adele says:

    I love the Alice Rose design as roses are my favourite flower and my kettle and toaster are red.

  206. Kat Lucas says:

    I love the Ann Edwards Yummy Mummy Cat design range

  207. Claudine says:

    I love the Amelia range, so pretty.

  208. Julie Bissett says:

    The Vintage range. I love it:-)

  209. Amy Wright says:

    I love Hound dog 🙂

  210. Susan Rogers says:

    Definitely the Rooster design as we are a chicken-mad family!!

  211. Jennie Kaufman says:

    I just adore the range of beautiful colors in the mixing bowl collection but I especially love the Amelia pattern! Just so lovely.

  212. Lindsey Stuart says:

    I absolutely love everything on the website! What an amazing selection to choose from,
    I am loving the clay storage collection especially the big bread bin! Love it! It is modern but also traditional

  213. sian hallewell says:

    Loving the Cozy cats Tea Cosy, that would put a smile on my face every time i had a pot of tea

  214. Laura Harris says:

    Just one?! I have to CHOOSE?! But I love it ALL! Okay, okay, it would have to be the Vintage range. The colours would work in most kitchens, vintage or otherwise!

  215. lucy camilla says:

    I love the protect me range! So many lovely products.

  216. nikki Halkerston says:

    I love the Rooster design, it is very rustic and great design x

  217. Helen Hodgson says:

    Love the Harch Cake Display Board with Glass Cloche.Just what I need for my homemade apple pies

  218. marion morgan says:

    Amelia Range, is just scrummy

  219. S Bufton says:

    I like the Alice Rose collection.

  220. Jen English says:

    I love the Free Range range

  221. Ann Paterson says:

    Vintage Kitchen range

  222. I like the Hound Dog range! So cute!

  223. Maggi Dignam says:

    Love to win and love the design

  224. C Kennedy says:

    I love so many of them! I think block Print Rabbit is my favourite design though


    I love the Hound Dog range

  226. Jo Young says:

    I love the Cats in Waiting – especially the apron!

  227. Hayley Lyddiatt says:

    Has to be the vintage design for me 🙂

  228. Holly Gibson says:

    I really love the baking cotton range

  229. David Prince says:

    I do like the vintage range

  230. John Tingay says:

    My favourite is the Catwalk range

  231. Helen Adams says:

    I love the vintage collection x

  232. Emma says:

    Oooh, I like the rugby world cup and Amelia ranges, very nice!

  233. Siobhan Davis says:

    I love the Amelia range a classic design and one that would look perfect in any kitchen c

  234. laura banks says:

    the cats in waiting design

  235. Hanna says:

    I love the Arts and Crafts design, especially the mugs. I love the intricate design – it’s completely my taste. Cute and fun! Fingers crossed to win one of your collections!!

  236. Clare H says:

    I love the Amelia range

  237. Laura Pritchard says:

    The Le Parfait range.

  238. Sandra snowdon says:

    The Amelia range hasvto make the tea taste better its sooo pretty x

  239. Julie Booth says:

    I love the Amelia range

  240. Lisa Hilton says:

    Too many nice things! I think the child’s robot apron is particularly excellent though.

  241. kirsty lowde says:

    I love the vintage collection!

  242. Gill Thomas says:

    I love the cats in wIting range best….. Maybe be is I’m a crazy cat lady

  243. Anne Thompson says:

    The Rooster design is fab.

  244. Sam Booth-Malone says:

    Definitely the vintage one!

  245. Tina Hewitt says:

    There is so much to choose from I’m totally spoilt for choice …The Alice Rose Collection is stunning though

  246. fozia Akhtar says:

    I adore the vintage kitchen range

  247. Kendra Florence says:

    The vintage kitchen range is my favourite

  248. Jill James says:

    My favourite is the Vintage Range

  249. Katherine Teff says:

    I love the Pheasants- what a fabulous design.

  250. Lisa Evans says:

    The vintage kitchen range is stunning

  251. kellyjo walters says:

    I absolutely love the tea cosy range esp this one http://www.ulsterweavers.com/chicken-knitted-tea-cosy.html

  252. Sarah Mackay says:

    Like be the vintage range.

  253. Joanne Sparkes says:

    all look amazing but I love the dotty sheep!!!

  254. Kay Adams says:

    My favourite is the vintage kitchen range, but everything is beautiful.

  255. Claire Scott says:

    Oooh I love the vintage it’s gorgeous!!

  256. mel crumpton says:

    Loving the Rooster

  257. Georgina Ball says:

    I love the Baa-Baa tea towel – would go great in my kitchen!

  258. Jill Webb says:

    love Hot Dog looks fab

  259. leigh boyle says:

    love love love the vintage range x

  260. Renee Ralph says:

    All of the designs are lovely but my favourite design is Birdsong. It reminds me of waking up in the countryside to the sound of birds singing!

  261. Hannah S says:

    I love the Alice Rose range – so pretty

  262. Christine AbdyA says:

    I like the Rooster cake stand

  263. Sarah Morris says:

    Love the Catwalk textile range but my absolute fave (because I have the real fluffy thing) is the Ginger Cat tea cosy, although my cat would be horrified at this new addition!!

  264. Carolanne says:

    I love the ellen pattern in the tea cosy and tea towel. I love the amelia set too, it would match perfectly with my newly painted chimney brace in our sitting room!

  265. Angie Poulding says:

    I would like to win the Amelia range. Many thanks for an amazing give-away x

  266. Lisa T says:

    Vintage Cake Stand

  267. Michele says:

    I love the blue and the red color combination of the entire line. However, I think I like the oven mittens the most. Lovely!

  268. leanne weir says:

    I would love to win x

  269. Michele says:

    I love the red and blue oven mits

  270. k dunn says:

    the vintage kitchen design

  271. Susie M says:

    I love so many of the prints but really love the rabbits. I’d love to see them on everything!

  272. Debbie Sheridan-Wood says:

    My favourite is the vintage kitchen range

  273. Daria Morgan says:

    The Vintage range just looms fab! The kids would love it to have a proper tea party!

  274. Sandra Clarke says:

    I love The Cats in Waiting. So many lovely designs on the website.

  275. Jen Schofield says:

    My favourite design is the Dotty Sheep

  276. Julie Pollard says:

    How lovely! First time I’ve heard of ulsterweavers. they are all so pretty would love any of them!x

  277. Julie Pollard says:

    How lovely! First time I’ve heard of ulsterweavers. they are all so pretty would love any of them! X

  278. helen tovell says:

    I like the bumble bees on the Bejewelled Cotton Tea Towel

  279. Fiona Henderson says:

    The Vintage Kitchen range is so beautiful.

  280. kelly slater says:

    Wow so many pretty prints to choose from, I love the vintage kitchen, Twitter, cozy cats oh the list goes on and on! With my birthday coming up the end of October I now have loads of ideas to give people for gifts, the knitted tea cozys are AMAZING!! Thanks for introducing me to this great range Ruth.
    Ps your smore cupcakes look like the perfect addition to my Macmillan coffee morning next Friday xx

  281. Jackie Newark says:

    Now this competition sounds like a good one
    It’s informative, practical and also great fun.
    So I’ve studied Weavers’ range and I have to say
    It’s my kind of website so you’ve just made my day!
    I have a great weakness for fancy aprons
    Whether made from oilskin, linen or cottons.
    I sat there for ages, gazing enthralled
    And came to the conclusion I wanted them all!
    But back to the comp – a vintage set would be divine
    So I’m hoping you pick me and make one mine!

  282. Rob Gibson says:

    I like the Hound Dog Range

  283. Bridget Heather says:

    I just LOVE the Block Print Rabbit range!

  284. claire woods says:

    Butterfly Collection Cotton Tea Towel

  285. IRENE BOLTON says:

    I adore the Amelia range, i also love the cheeky car door stop!

  286. Sarah Griffiths says:

    Definitely the dotty sheep range, such fab colours

  287. sonya s says:

    Loving the vintage range and anything catty 🙂

  288. Felicity Smith says:

    the rugby world cup range – love the idea of bringing it into the kitchen xx

  289. Milly Y says:

    Vintage Kitchen is definitely my fave – just the right aesthetic to fit in with my kitchen decor!

  290. Jane Oholleran says:

    I love the tea cosys, my fave is the Elephant Shaped Tea Cosy

  291. Brigitte Leprince says:

    Amelia range is adorable and delightful and is definitely my favourite!

  292. Cait says:

    The Vintage Kitchen range makes me so happy, it’s so pretty!

  293. Bex says:

    Lovely things on their site! Adore the Madeline Floyd range of linens and the My True Love tea towel for Christmas.

  294. lyn Burgess says:

    I love the vintage kitchen range

  295. Jen says:

    I love the two rhs designs- strawberries & sweet peas and both stunning… And the arts & crafts and the vintage range, basically I think they are all lovely!

  296. Rachel Frazer says:

    The Ulster Weavers Vintage Collection is simply lovely! Perfect excuse to bake up a tasty treat with the help of the Pink Whisk to enjoy the range with – even the washing up would be a pleasure!

  297. Lisa Buckley says:

    Love the ‘baking’ range with the black and white old fashioned utensils. That would go well in our kitchen!

  298. Bernice says:

    I think it would have to be the Amelia range for me, but they are all beautiful. Fingers crossed!

  299. richard scholfield says:

    I like those joined together plates with the chickens on

  300. Maureen findley says:


  301. Tammy westrup says:

    I love the vintage kitchen design

  302. mandy eakins says:

    I love the ‘baking’ design

  303. Claire Ross says:

    I love the Alice rose design x

  304. Sheila Sloan says:

    I love the Christmas range

  305. Ruth Harwood says:

    The Cats in Waiting is lovely!!

  306. Ruth Worthington says:

    Amelia cup and saucer is so pretty and would look perfect at one of my vintage afternoon tea gatherings

  307. Rebecca Collins says:

    The Rooster range is super cute and would be the perfect addition to my already growing collection of chicken patterned accessories taking over my kitchen. Also, being a crazy cat lady in the making ( I have six cats, just working on the ‘crazy’ bit now) I loved all the pieces with kitties on.

  308. jayne voisey says:

    I would love to adorn my kitchen with the Rooster range. Great prize.

  309. amy bondoc says:

    iMy favourite range is the Vintage Kitchen although was hrd choice as ost are very nice !

  310. Kate says:

    Love the vintage kitchen range

  311. claire griffiths says:

    i like the vintage range

  312. Rich Tyler says:

    The Amelia 4 Me 🙂

  313. jodie yorke says:

    I like the dotty sheep design!

  314. vanessa taylor says:

    i love the Amelia range.

  315. takethatfan1978 says:

    They are all beautiful and hard to choose but the Vintage pips it to the post for me. It makes me smile and reminds me of lovely afternoon teas with family 🙂

  316. Lynda Dawson says:

    The Amelia range is my favourite.

  317. Maxine G says:

    I love the ‘baking’ range – the ovengloves and apron are gorgeous!

  318. Melanie Southey-Hill says:

    Love the Vintage range….love bright colours in my kitchen so this would be fab :)…love the dogs arrived and galore tea towels too 🙂

  319. Difficult to choose just one design but I love the Up and Away stuff!

  320. Susan Hall says:

    Vintage kitchen

  321. Debbie Skerten says:

    I love the Rooster Cake Stand. The whole range of Rooster products are lovely x

  322. Beky Austerberry says:

    love the woodland range

  323. Fanny Tran says:

    I love the Vintage Kitchen Set range. So bright and colourful

  324. ANNE BAXTER says:

    Amelia is my favourite

  325. laura hand says:

    I love the “cats” design

  326. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    Cats in waiting

  327. Cerys John says:

    I love the vintage kitchen range!

  328. Kim Manson says:

    I love the Twitter range its so cute, but the vintage kitchen range is stunning also.

  329. Keshia Esgate says:

    Love the block print rabbits

  330. Suzanne sendell says:

    Love the CHristmas range

  331. Grace Tyler says:

    The Vintage Kitchen range is definitely my favourite! xx

  332. Fiona Lowe says:

    Dotty Sheep is my favourite

  333. Jo C says:

    I love the Vintage Kitchen patterned stuff – would go fantastically in my kitchen! 🙂 Thanks!

  334. Kate Adams says:

    My favourite is the vintage range

  335. Heather Jenkinson says:

    The Amelia range is so cute, I just love it.

  336. Emma says:

    The Amelia range

  337. karim khimji says:

    block print rabbits are my fav

  338. Daniel P says:

    vintahe kitchen design

  339. amy bondoc says:

    i like the butterfly collection. x

  340. Georgia Worman says:

    Fab prize!! My favourite of them all is the Amelia range, love the design and would go perfect in my new kitchen! X

  341. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    Loving the Coffee Break Knitted Cafetiere Jacket
    for its happy design

  342. kimberley ryan says:

    I really love the Baking Range, the old time equipment design looks great

  343. Tammy Tudor says:

    I love the Vintage range

  344. Mrs S W Lee says:

    I really like the Amelia Range

  345. Kathleen Bywaters says:

    I am mad about cats, and I love their catwalk range! 🙂

  346. Hannah Rickett says:

    My favourite is the Amelia range, I love most things involving the colour blue! It’s very pretty and has a Cath Kidston vibe 🙂

  347. Bob Clark says:

    I love the vintage collection.

  348. Hazel Lemar says:

    I adore the 1066 design on the 1066 tea towel!


    Love the Roosters range

  350. Kelly Littlewood says:

    The Ellen Shaped Cotton Apron

  351. Simon tutthill says:

    The country life apron looks lovely

  352. Jean Bolsover says:

    I love this design, it would go so well in my kitchen http://www.ulsterweavers.com/baking-double-glove.html

  353. jessica solomon says:

    my fav is the vintage kitchen range, stunning

  354. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely love the Rooster design

  355. Kathleen Bell says:

    My favourite design is the AE cat tea towels!

  356. Esma Blackwell says:

    The vintage range looks amazing

  357. JODIE BEAUMONT says:

    love the vintage kitchen set!

  358. Ane S says:

    I love the Amelia range!

  359. Carly Cook says:

    I would have to toss a coin between the Amelia and Vintage designs-fingers crossed I win and have a decision to make, such lovely designs.

  360. barbara daniels says:

    warm and cosy

  361. Andrea Miles says:

    love AE Yummy Mummy even though I’m a bit old to be called mummy

  362. Kerry says:

    Rooster Cake Stand is my fav

  363. Kayleigh Gauld says:

    I love the birdie shaped tea cosy, so cute.

  364. Rachel Eades says:

    Vintage kitchen is for favourite

  365. Jim Milligan says:

    Alice Rose Cotton Tea Towel

  366. Sarah Lee says:

    The Amelia range

  367. Katy C Johnston says:

    The Vintage Kitchen range is so lovely! <3

  368. Janice Taylor says:

    Look the Vintage range

  369. Jen Schofield says:

    The butterfly collection is really nice

  370. Katie Kingsbury says:

    Cats in Waiting

  371. Mary Chez says:

    I like the designs with cats on

  372. Laura Baker says:

    Everything on the website is gorgeous but the vintage range is my favourite 🙂

  373. Jo Carroll says:

    The Rooster cake stand is lovely…reminds me of one nan used to have when I was a wee girl.

  374. janine atkin says:

    i lov the country life cotton tea towel

  375. liane m says:

    I love, love, love the vintage range <3

  376. Alvina says:

    I love the cats in waiting tea cosy

  377. Vicky S says:

    I love the knitted chicken cosy – how cute is that?!

  378. Ally Webb says:

    Rooster set looks great x

  379. Nicola McC says:

    I love the Block Rabbit stuff.

  380. Kayleigh White says:

    The Vintage Range

  381. Helen Gilbert says:

    The Vintage Range is my favourite

  382. Andrew Hindley says:

    Love the Alice Rose range

  383. kate andrews says:

    I like the baking design range

  384. Natalie Crossan says:

    would love to win the Vintage Range please xx

  385. antonia richardson says:

    Vintage Kitchen range

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