Bonfire Night

Bonfire Banger Rolls

Bonfire 13 488

A saucy sausage baked inside a bread roll? 

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Chocolate Oreo Pears

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Not so much a recipe, more a gathering together of things!

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How to Make Treacle Toffee

Another Bonfire Night How To – Treacle Toffee this time

What I can’t tell you is how to eat it without ending up at the dentist!


450g demerara sugar

450g black treacle

150g butter

Makes: Approx 70 pieces – feel free to halve the quantities for a smaller batch but you’ll also need a smaller tin to set it in.

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How to Make Honeycomb

It’s called lots of things – honeycomb, hokey-pokey, sponge candy – whatever you call it it’s the stuff that’s inside a Crunchie, and I often get requests for this recipe.  Very quick and easy to make and a perfect bonfire night treat.

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Toffee Apples

Toffee ApplesHow to make your own toffee apples – great for this time of year, making your own is easy and brilliant fun!  Plus who doesn’t love a toffee apple?

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