Minced Beef Pie with Cheesy Crust

This is such a great family pie and was also a hit on The Great British Bake Off – no soggy bottoms here!
Pastry225g plain flour75g butter, cold diced75g Lancashire cheese1 egg yolk4-6tbsp cold water
Filling250g minced beef2 carrots, diced1 stick of celery, diced1 onion, dicedSplash of ale2tbsp tomato puree2tbsp Worcestershire sauce

1 egg beaten for egg wash
Pastry first!  Here are the ingredients.

It looks like this post is sponsored by Waitrose, it isn’t but one opened in our village last week – hence all the Waitrose stuff.  I won’t be shopping there all the time otherwise I might go bankrupt!
I make pastry in the food processor, it’s easy, that’s why!  It can be made by hand just as easily but it takes a bit longer and when the boys are asking for this and that I need all the time I can get my hands on.
So, into the food processor goes the flour.
Dice the butter into small cubes, you need to be using it directly out of the fridge so that it is cold.

Add the butter to the food processor and blitz it for 30 seconds so that it resembles fine breadcrumbs.

Crumble in the cheese and give it a quick whizz to combine.

Now add in the egg yolk and another quick pulse.

Then using the chute to add the water, add it a tablespoon at a time pausing after the fourth,  usually I need to add another tablespoon but depending on your mixture you may need six in total.  You will see that the pastry starts to come together and the sound that the food processor makes changes.  (I am thinking I am a bit sad to know that!)
As soon as it comes together stop the food processor.

Tip out the pastry onto your work surface,  press it together lightly, you don’t need to knead it together just press lightly.

Cut it into two dividing it into 2/3rds and 1/3rd.

Wrap them in clingfilm and then chill them in the fridge for an hour.
Preheat the oven to 200c/180c Fan/ Gas Mark 6.
In the meantime we can get on with the filling.  Fry the diced onion in a pan until nicely softened.
Add the minced beef and cook until browned.

Once browned add the diced celery and carrot and stir to combine.  Season with salt and pepper, add a splash of ale.  I measured my ‘splash’ – it was about 100ml.

I am using a chocolate stout but any kind of real type ale will work.

Add in the tomato puree and Worcestershire sauce.  Give it a good stir to combine it all and then let it simmer for about 15 minutes.  This will cook through the diced veg and also reduce the liquid.
If after this time it is still fairly liquid you can stir through a tablespoon of plain flour to help the juice thicken.
Filling is now complete so back to the pastry.
Take the pastry from the fridge and on a lightly floured surface roll out the larger piece of pastry to fit your pie dish.  I like a deep pie and use an enamel pie dish (Lakeland to the rescue again – seriously I should have shares in that shop!) measuring 25 x 15cm.

A nifty trick is to flip the pastry over your rolling pin and then place it over the dish.  Press it gently into the tin allowing the excess to hang over the edges.

Fill the pie with your filling.

Roll out the remaining 1/3rd of pastry, slightly wet the edge of the pie pastry and place this piece on the top of your pie.  Use your fingers to gently press the edges together.

Using a sharp knife trim off the excess pastry.  To crimp the edge of the pie press down with the back of a fork.

Brush the top of the pie with egg wash

and then bake in the oven for 25 minutes until golden brown and delicious!

Minced Beef and Onion Pie with Cheesy Crust

Ruth Clemens Baker
Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

Finalist on BBC2 The Great British Bake Off

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40 Responses to Minced Beef Pie with Cheesy Crust

  1. Leah says:

    That looks delish! I can't wait to try it. The wife is not a fan of a lot of veg or spicy food (while I am) so I'm always on the lookout for simple but tasty fayre for dinner. I love the addition of cheese, adds extra flavour.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks amazing – I have a pastry addiction – this looks like it would def hit the spot! – thanks for all your hard work.

  3. Louise says:

    Goodness thats wonderful. I love your blog and very much enjoyed your participation in TGBBO. I picked you as my winner from day one. I wish you all the very best going forward with whatever you do. You are just what this country needs cooking wise. A straight talking talented woman with no other agenda other than home cooked food, oh yes and not a male chef!!! All the best,

  4. Andy says:

    I am making this tomorrow- despite what him in doors says!! Thanks Ruth.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This pie looks so good. After seeing your pie on the TV show, I made a pie and wondered why I hadn't made one for years! I'm glad that you gave your recipe as I just used plain shortcrust and the cheesy crust sounds so delicious. Thanks…

  6. vickscakes says:

    Wow the pie looks really tasty, I'm amazed by the Chocolate Stout, sounds fantastic!! Better than guinness, maybe it could be a new flavour variant Guinness & Cadbury link up!! We can't get that over in Ireland sadly. Vick xx

  7. Lilibet says:

    Mmmmmm Delish!!!
    I am sure the pie dish makes a big difference.My MIL always used a plate which was kept for pies.Her Corned beef pies were legendary & when my boys were off their food sometimes it was all they would eat,with a bit of brown sauce.This recipe for pastry would be great with any filling.I bet the ale made it smell good.

  8. Gloria says:

    I can't wait to try this and many of your other wonderful recipes. I love your blog and I think it's great that you and Edd have got your own blog sites. Have to say, I would have picked you over Edd but he is clearly very talented too! I am actually really missing TGBBO – I got completely hooked but have no idea how you all managed to cope with cooking such tricky things under those circumstances – you all deserve medals just to have gone through it! I think you have a great future in the world of baking/TV or maybe writing a book? You have a great style that really appeals to a lot of people. Good luck with wherever this journey takes you.

  9. Steph Robbins says:

    I can't wait to make this pie, it looks very tasty. Thanks Ruth.

  10. Daniela says:

    Dear Ruth
    Thank you so much for posting your recipe. Your pie looked on yummy on TV and the children asked me to make it. Will try it out today.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Def going to try this one!
    Love your website and your baking – thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  12. sue says:

    thanks for the receipe cant wait to try the cheesy pastry.a tip mum-in-law also told me to try cheese in herb dumplings yummy.

  13. Janice says:

    Your pastry looks lovely. Do you let the filling cool before putting it into the pastry?

  14. elaine says:

    If I leave the cheese out, will it affect the texture??

  15. amylane says:

    Mmmm… that looks delicious. Haven't made a savoury pie for ages but I think this would go down very well in our house.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Just off the Lakeland website where i have ordered the enamel dish (went for the 18ch one as there are just two of us). It should be waiting for me when I get back off holiday – can't wait to make it! Thanks for sharing!

  17. wendy says:

    Another great recipe – when's the book coming out?!

  18. Ruth says:

    Elaine – if you're leaving the cheese out you will need to add an extra 50g of butter.

    Janice – I put the filling in hot but you can leave it to cool it will need an extra 15mins in the oven if you do.

  19. Mrs Sweetie says:

    I so love this blog! I love that we can ask questions and you take the time to answer Ruth, thank you. I have been making mince pie since before you were born 🙁 lol, it's a family fave but I shall definitely be trying this variation. Making your mint and blackberry cakes this week.

  20. Rachel says:

    Am looking to buy myself a food processor/mixer. Have you got any suggestions or tips? Thank you

  21. Janice says:

    Thank you X

  22. Katy says:

    Do you think a soggy bottom would be dependant on the type of dish you use? I used an earthen wear dish and got the dreaded 'soggy bottom' :s

  23. Charli says:

    Made this tonight – never baked a pie before but Great British Bake Off inspired me. Went down an absolute treat with the whole family! x

  24. Julie Lisle says:

    Cooked this yesterday, could not find the chocolate ale so used bishop's finger instead. Family said it tased incredible !!!

  25. jules says:

    tried this with quorn mince as oldest boy a vegetarian. Few adjustments for that and it worked beautifully with older son looking delighted when he discovered there was more leftover later in evening :o) Thanks for a wonderful recipe and I love your site Ruth

  26. bgtfielding says:

    Dear Ruth, I followed the GBBO and watch all cooking shows. I just loved your style and baking, going to make the cheesy pie next week. Keep on with your site and your delicious recipes.
    All the best.
    Bessie Fielding

  27. HJC says:

    You really are my kind of cook! Minced beef pie big fave in our house as left over bolognese usually used as filling but never done cheesy pastry before. Sounds utterly delish and will be making it for tea tomorrow. Love your blog, especially as you take the time to read responses and answer questions (though how you find the time I really don't know!!) Thanks Ruth! Regards, Helen

  28. Anonymous says:

    I just made the pie – never made a minced pie before and my pastry was absolutely delicious! No soggy bottom for me – I used a round enamel tin. It didn't take ages to prepare from scratch either, it went down well tonight with mash and gravy – thank you.

  29. Rachel says:

    Just made this pie tonight – big hit and no soggy bottom here either. It's a do again in our house…

  30. Anonymous says:

    Just had this for lunch. Adapted the filling as I have one son who is "allergic" to veg so I cooked and then pureed them before adding to the mince. The whole family loved it, (even the dog). The pastry is to die for. Thank you for another recipe that I can sneak veg into!

  31. Kieren says:

    I've literally just made a small batch of these, and they're fantastic! It was in fact my first ever attempt at baking anything with pastry, and I ended up making a double quantity to fill my pie dishes, with a couple of small tweaks I figured worth mentioning for others:
    1) Rather than a good (expensive) stout, I used my normal "cooking beer" of a can of Sainsbury's basics bitter (which I've used for a while now in various beer cooking based experiments, it's an excellent option if you need to keep to a tight budget)
    2) Instead of water when making the pastry, I used the rest of the can of beer (1 can was almost exactly the right amount for the filling AND the pastry combined!)
    3) I reduced the amount of worcester sauce to about 1/3rd the original, in deference to my wife's sensitivity to spicy and semi spicy foods, but it doesn't seem to have harmed the taste at all 🙂

    The pie dishes were also a Lakeland purchase 😉 I got a set of the 4 smaller metal ones with the lip. They've turned out absolutely perfect, crusty top and bottom – I'm never buying shop bought pies again!

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  33. sue says:

    The minced beef is really tasty -I’ve made the pie before and we all love it – I’ve just made it using the minced beef recipe and a cheese scone cobbler on the top and that was beautiful too!!

  34. Tabby says:

    Another success 🙂 Think it’s safe to say that I’m addicted to The Pink Whisk! I even went as far as making savoury palmiers with the pastry offcuts, having already read the puff pastry palmier recipe – just chucked in a thin covering of pesto from the fridge and the remains of the caerphilly cheese from the pastry ingredients, bit of egg wash and hey presto!

    I am converted, next stop Lakeland… 😉 x

  35. bruna says:

    brilliant pastry recipe
    i used parmesan cheese instead
    worked easy by hand
    rolled beautifully

    used my own meat filling recipe
    the boyz loved it thankyou

  36. Carol says:

    What a fantastic recipe instruction. I WILL make this pie! Pictures are great and informative and instructions are so easy to follow……thank you

  37. Jo says:

    I used gluten free flour and gf beer and I must say the pastry was the best since going gluten free. A dish which pleased the whole family.

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