Spiderweb Millionaires Shortbread

Halloween 13 049

Individual Millionaires Shortbread with a hint of Halloween – Yes please!



80g butter

40g caster sugar

140g plain flour


90g light muscovado sugar

90g butter

315g condensed milk  –  use a squeezy bottle for no waste, if you use a tin and have some left over try it drizzled over icecream, add it to tea/coffee/hot choc for a creamy sweetener or indeed eat it with a spoon 😉 – Thank you Hevz Tasty Treats for the top tips Xx


200g milk chocolate

50g white chocolate

Makes: 12.

To make them individually I’m using silicone cupcake cases in a metal tin.  Paper cases will work too but they need to be in a proper cupcake tin that the cases fit into completely.  Making them directly in silicone muffin trays will work too.

Preheat the oven to 160c (fan)/180c/Gas Mark 4.

Shortbread layer first.  Cream together the butter and sugar until nice and light and fluffy.

Halloween 13 086

Add the plain flour and work together to a moist crumbly dough.

Halloween 13 087

Add a spoonful to the base of each case (20g in each if you’re being precise) and flatten down with the back of teaspoon.  .

Halloween 13 088

If you find the mixture sticks to the spoon as you flatten it, dipping the spoon in a little flour will stop it. 

Halloween 13 089

Bake the shortbread bases in the oven for 12 minutes and then set them aside to cool.

Time for the caramel layer – in a non-stick pan gently melt together the condensed milk, butter and light muscovado sugar stirring frequently.

Halloween 13 090

Once the butter and sugar have melted turn the heat up a little and bring the mixture to a low boil.

Halloween 13 091

Now stir continuously (to stop the bottom from catching and burning) on the heat for a full five minutes.

Halloween 13 093

Caramel ready to go – divide it between the cases adding it to the top of the shortbread layer with a spoon.  Take care because it’s super hot.  It should level out by itself in the case but if it starts to thicken and set too soon for you, heat it up a little in the pan again or if it’s already in the cases pop the tray back in the oven for a couple of minutes at a time until it softens and levels out again.

Halloween 13 097

Now you need to cool them completely and let the caramel layer set.

Once set it’s time for the spiderwebs.  Melt the milk chocolate in a small bowl.  Melt the white chocolate and add it to a small piping bag.

Halloween 13 101

A good spoonful of milk chocolate to the top of the caramel.  A couple of taps on the worksurface and the chocolate will level out and pop any air bubbles.  Just work with a few at a time, not the whole lot.  You need the milk chocolate to still be liquid for the feathering to work.

Halloween 13 111 Halloween 13 112

Snip a small amount from the end of the piping bag  of white chocolate and pipe 3 rough circles onto the milk chocolate.

Halloween 13 103

Using the tip of a cocktail stick draw it from the middle of the chocolate out towards the edge and repeat around the top to form the spiderweb.

Halloween 13 108 Halloween 13 109

Halloween 13 113 Halloween 13 114

Try to keep the tip of the cocktail stick fairly clean, wiping it off onto a sheet of kitchen paper if necessary.

Now all that’s left to do is leave them be whilst the chocolate sets!

Halloween 13 115

Simply turn them out of the silicone liners and serve them up.  If I could have found any, then jelly spiders would be just right for sitting on the tops of these – hope you have some more luck than me in finding them!

Halloween 13 030

Spiderweb Millionaires Shortbread

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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23 Responses to Spiderweb Millionaires Shortbread

  1. Richard says:

    Wow! These look amazing! Rowntrees Randoms have got a ‘Phantom Mix’ out for Halloween which does have some little jelly spiders in. It does have a few other shapes though so you’d probably need a couple of bags to get enough for this recipe. On the plus side dealing with the leftover sweets isn’t too much of a problem!

  2. Emma says:

    Could you use the salted caramel recipe from this site instead of the condensed milk?

  3. Izzy says:

    Those look so tasty and the spiderweb effect is great!

  4. Jeanette says:

    Thank goodness you could not find any sort of spider I could not have even looked at the recipe
    I am terrified of them and so are lots of people, not likely to change as now 80years old!

  5. HELEN says:

    these look amazing! I have never thought of using silicone cases for individual millionaires shortbread….no risk of over eating it then! 😉

  6. Gillian Greathead says:

    Thank you, my kids are going to love these x

  7. They look amazing! Something I will be trying next week I think!

  8. Syma says:

    Yum. I’ll be doing a trial run in the morning!! Thanks Ruth.

  9. Syma says:

    Can I use light brown sugar instead of light muscovado? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

  10. Pingback: Spiderweb millionaires shortbread | Ellie Bakes

  11. Kjo_83@hotmail.com says:

    Hi Ruth, these look fab! I was just wondering how long they will last for? Thanks,x.

  12. Stacey says:

    Hi Ruth, these are fab! What chocolate do I need to use? Should it be a cooking chocolate for the topping or can I use normal eating chocolate (like dairy milk / galaxy)

    Thanks! Stacey x

  13. Carrot cake cath says:

    Had a go and the recipe made 14. They were a real hit at the Halloween party and tasted as good as they looked – very professional

  14. Emily says:

    I’m making these tonight for our Halloween office bake off! I’ll let you know how I get on! Thanks for the brill recipe and idea xx

  15. These look great! The spiders web is so effective, such a good idea.

  16. Amanda scott says:

    Hi Ruth made these for Halloween for my boys !! Cheated a wee bit and used ready made caramel ( condensed milk ) as I had opened the night before to make caramel filled cupcakes for my sons youth club ( delish )I am so impressed with myself ( and you of course) as yours looked gorgeous and I thought ‘No way will mine look like that ‘. The problem with the ready made caramel is it is a wee but runny, so I just take out case before serving , my kids loved them, got high five and big hugs from them (14&12) so thanks again xx

  17. Emma says:

    with paper cases the caramel wont stick to it and be hard to get off will it?

  18. Louisa says:

    I finally got around to making these yesterday. I didn’t bother with the spider’s web decoration as it wasn’t exactly seasonal anymore, but it does look very pretty. My 2-year-old helped with the shortbread bit – and the eating of course!

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