The Ones to Treat Yourself!

Here are the ones that I would be tempted to make and hide – the less people know you’ve made them the better otherwise they’re gone in no time at all!

Vanilla Slices – yes please!  My Nanna taught me to make these when I was 12,  boy am I glad she did.

Black Forest Berry Brownies – I once dropped my phone into a tray of this whilst taking a snap before baking,  I can completely understand why it did, I’d dive in head first too!

Chocolate Orange Panettone – I first made these for the bread round of The Great British Bake Off, Paul Hollywood requested the recipe 😉



Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire

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2 Responses to The Ones to Treat Yourself!

  1. Alexandra McGlynn says:

    Hi, my daughter Madison is 4 (5 in December), she has said for a long time that she wants to be a pastry chef when she is older, she loves any shows on telly that are anything to do with it. I knew she would love “the great British bake off” so we started watching your series a few weeks ago, we just finished watching the final and she turns to me and says “Mum, I’m going to be just like that pretty lady on telly when I’m older, I can’t wait”.
    Your inspiring a new generation of bakers 🙂

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