Join Me Live!

 On Friday 2nd May at 1pm (UK) you will be able to join me for a live online chat for a look through my newest book Creative Eclairs.  Not only that you’ll be able to join in too asking any baking questions you need answering!

- only you won’t have to worry about the state of your hair ;)

On Friday if you just want to watch, all you need to do is come to The Pink Whisk and watch live from the homepage.  If you want to participate in the Q&A then this is the link you’ll need:


Join the Creative Eclairs Online Broadcast Q&A


And don’t worry if you’re off out elsewhere on Friday and miss it, the whole lot will be recorded for YouTube and you can watch it back after the event just here: Continue reading

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Easter Bake & Make Competition!

Win £500 in John Lewis Vouchers in my Blogger Competition with TwoLittleFleas!

Feeling lucky? I’ve teamed up with bingo review portal TwoLittleFleas to run a super fun and creative Easter baking challenge.

easter2 014

Hot Cross Bun Loaf

Make an Easter Inspired Bake

We’re looking for baking & foodie bloggers to create and share your Easter-inspired bakes and makes – from chocolate eggs to cake-based Easter baskets it’s time to get creative!

It doesn’t need to be complex nor do you need to be an expert in baking, just have fun and see what you come up with!

cookies 188


Creme Egg Lambs

How to Enter

You need to create a blog post that features your edible Easter make. You can be as Continue reading

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Creative Eclairs – Blog Hop!

We’re off on a blog hop!  You’ll be forgiven for not knowing quite what one of those is.  I had to admit I didn’t have a clue when it was first mentioned so let me explain…

blog hop

To celebrate the very imminent launch of my new book, Creative Eclairs we have rounded up a great bunch of people with really lovely blogs to take a look at the book.  They’ll be giving you their honest opinions, some featuring recipes and their own crack at creative eclair making, some with interviews and giveaways and others with…well who knows? You and I will find out together! Continue reading

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Scotch Pancakes

Pancakes 017

Ooh hoo hoo!  Tomorrow is Pancake Day!  Always an event in our house, everyone wants a turn at flipping, tossing, pouring the batter, everyone ends up with a burn from the frying pan, tears as they’re not as good as flipping pancakes as they imagined in their head and arguments break out randomly in the frustration of having to wait in a queue of 5 for actually getting a pancake on their plate!

Last year was topped by the teen squirting this nifty lemon gadget in his eye rather than the pancake.  Yes I laughed, a lot.  It’s okay, I know I’m mean. Continue reading

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Creative Éclairs

Can I interest you in an Éclair or two?


I am sure a plateful would be gone in a flash round here!


The official launch date of my new book, Creative Éclairs  - is the 25th April 2014 but I’ve heard that they’ll be arriving in the UK early – hurrah!

So here I am with news that preorder for a signed copy is now open.

The books covers all you need to know about making, piping and baking choux pastry and of course plenty more besides…  Continue reading

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Baked Camembert

Valentines 096

Just a little dose of Valentines inspiration for this quick and easy starter or treat to share with a loved one (or indeed if they don’t like cheese aka Mr C, just to eat on your own!)

Valentines Heart Baked Camembert, and no you don’t need to go hunting for a heart shaped cheese, add a regular round Camembert to your shopping list and I’ll show you how it’s done…

You will need:

1 x Camembert cheese, either small or large.

1/2 pkt ready made puff pastry or make your own –  recipe is just here

1 egg, beaten for egg wash

Take the Camembert from the fridge and allow to stand at room temp for 20 minutes to soften just slightly. Continue reading

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Renshaw Baking Giveaway

Just kicking off the week with something a little bit lovely…. a great rainbow giveaway for you from the kind folks at Renshaw

Competition-PinkWhisk_900x800px_V2 (2) First prize is a £50 voucher to spend online at and one runners up prize of a selection pack of each of Renshaw’s coloured and flavoured icings (26 packs in total) Continue reading

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Chocolate & Salted Caramel Bundt Cake

Feb14 043

See this cake?  I blame you lot….entirely!

I asked you your favourite flavour combinations over on Facebook and this came up time and time again.  It had mind altering effects and before I knew it you had brainwashed me and I was baking you this cake.

The cake is my regular chocolate cake mix, but a bit bigger for the Bundt tin.  I love this tin too, it’s by Nordicware and you can buy the same design from Selfridges (I know someone will ask!) It’s a 12-cup bundt but don’t worry if yours is smaller, I’m not filling the cake tin fully, as long as your tin will hold 1500ml water it will be fine for this cake.  Its about the equivalent of a 9″ round cake.


Bundt’s seem all the rage at the moment, popping up right left and centre and with good reason too.  You get a great cake the perfect size for sharing and because of the shape the cake cooks through quickly and evenly.  And don’t worry about getting it out of the tin either – I’ve got those instructions covered too. Continue reading

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Lurpak Bake Club February Challenge

Just popping in to let you know that I’m hosting the Lurpak Bake Club February Challenge!

This month’s challenge is loaves.  I know you love to share your baking so head over to Bake Club and get involved.  There’s all in the info you need on how to enter and how to upload your own loaves to Bake Club just here.  Whilst you’re there don’t forget to have a look through what everyone else is baking – it’s enough to make your tummy rumble.

At the end of the month there’s prizes to be won, 5 sets of my Baking books, including a signed copy of Creative Eclairs which isn’t even in the shops yet

Plus you’ll find my recipe for Malt Loaf there too. See you there!

Malt Loaf Lurpak 024

Ruth x

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire Continue reading

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How to Make Dumplings

…and a Horseradish Dumplings version too

Feb14 042

It gets to the depths of winter and I’m always in real need of a good something to cheer me up.  A hearty beef stew and dumplings is just the thing!  I’m guilty of not putting recipes on the blog because they seem to easy for anyone to be interested in but maybe you need some cheering up too,  if so get yourself a batch of dumplings on the go….

Dumplings will go nicely with any sort of stew and casserole and can be made with vegetarian suet too so don’t let that stop you.  Just perfect with a beef stew are horseradish dumplings and I’ve included the recipe for those too.


Ingredients: Continue reading

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