GEFU Exact Rolling Pin – Review

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So tell me what sort of rolling pin you use?  I shall confess to having a love hate relationship with rolling pins, I’ve found they’re a baker specific item and we all have a favourite, even if we don’t realise.

For me they can’t have rotating ends otherwise I roll out like a woman deranged, I like a wooden one but it has to be glazed, I’m not keen on pins with turned ends as they mark the pastry, and pins with tapered ends – supposedly to roll a perfect circle, well you need 100 different rolling out techniques!  Don’t even get me started on cookie slats and cookie dough rolling frames (and yes I have all of the above!).  The absolute best of pins are wooden, well used and years old, they have their own magic non-stick capabilities, unfortunately an item I don’t possess.

I was recently sent a GEFU Exact Rolling Pin to try out, read on to see what I made of it…  Continue reading

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4 – Crispy Bacon and Tomato Scrolls


Time to break up this sweet sweet fest with something for the savoury lovers!  These crispy bacon and tomato scrolls are perfect for nibbling on whilst you put the finishing touches to the Christmas tree, wrap the presents or indeed sharing with guests.

You can make them now up to the slicing stage and freeze until you need them, then just bake them off when you’re ready to serve.


1 x block of Puff Pastry – make your own using the recipe here or a shop bought pack if you’re looking to save time.

1/3rd of a 325g jar of good tomato chutney

1 x 240g pack of streaky bacon

1 egg for egg wash

First you will need to crisp the bacon, lay it out on a baking tray lined with foil and preheat the oven to 180c (fan)/-200c/Gas Mark 6.


Bake it in the oven for 8-10 minutes until just crisp.  Lay the rashers on kitchen paper to drain and cool. Continue reading

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3 – Chocolate Penguins


I have to admit I love making these little chocolate models, this year I’ve come up with these cutie pie little chocolate penguins, I’m sure you know someone who’d love one of these!


You will need:

Round christmas tree chocolates

Lindt Lindor chocolates

Chocolate ready to roll icing (Renshaws – Amazon) or sugarpaste coloured dark brown

Modelling or flower paste (available in Sainsburys or Tesco)

Gel paste colouring in orange plus another colour for the scarves

Edible ink pen in black (Amazon)

A little pink petal dust (Amazon)

Small cake cards, a square of card covered in foil or a square of baking paper.

A circle pastry cutter plus a small heart or petal/blossom shaped cutter.


These are the sorts of chocolates you need for this project, the christmas tree chocolates are round balls in shape – I picked mine up in B&M bargains for next to nothing but all sorts of places sell them.

DSC02667 Continue reading

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2 – Quilted Christmas Cake


If you’re short of time it’s good to have a quick and easy idea up your sleeve for your Christmas cake.  This quilted version is more a technique than a design and although I’ve just used almond paste (marzipan) you can do it in just the same way with a Christmas cake covered in both almond paste and ready to roll icing.

If you’re looking for something different I have loads of Christmas cake decorating ideas just take a look here – there’s lots to choose from.

You will need:

Apricot jam

500g almond paste (marzipan)

Gold of silver dragees (ball sprinkles)

Cake board

Let’s start! Set your cake (right way up) onto a cake board or card, it can be the same size as your cake if you want to put it onto a serving plate or a larger board that will act like a plate. Continue reading

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1 – Lebkuchen Pud Lollies

So it’s here!  1st of December is not only Advent Calendar day it’s the start of The Pink Whisk 12 Days of Christmas Recipes!

For day number 1 I’m bringing you these lovely Lebkuchen Christmas Pudding Biscuit Lollies, lovely little gifts or just because it’s Christmas!


You will need:

1 x quantity Lebkuchen dough, recipe here

Oven safe lolly sticks (Cookie Sticks)

25g icing sugar and water to glaze

200g dark chocolate melted

A little green sugarpaste and holly cutter, or ready made holly leaf decorations

Red ball sprinkles.

Makes: 10 Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Baked Cheesecake


Last of my recipes to share with you before I go into full on Christmas mode with The Pink Whisk 12 Days of Christmas Recipes – and this one’s a corker!

Peanut Butter Baked Cheesecake for the Bake with Stork Baking Academy!

My full recipe, step by step pics and instructions right here, and I’ll see you back here on Tuesday for the first recipe in my Christmas line up – until then, help yourself to a peanut buttery slice!

Ruth x Continue reading

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Spiced Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

Fancy making your own pumpkin cake? – my chocolate cake with a spiced pumpkin frosting filling is just the thing!

(and not to mention easy to do too!)

You can find my recipe and step by step instructions in the Bake with Stork Baking Academy.

And as a special Halloween treat I’ve got a great competition too! – I’ll make this very cake for a person you nominate and you’ll win yourself some gorgeous Orla Keily kitchen essentials too.

The prize is one Halloween Pumpkin cake, baked by me, and a tea party set from Orla Kiely (including two mugs, five cake tins, one cake stand and one pair of oven gloves). The tea party set will be sent to the winner of the competition and the Halloween Pumpkin cake will be sent to the winner’s nominee from their winning tweet/FB reply.

To enter you’ll need to watch for my competition tweets on twitter or posts on facebook.

Reply to the posts tagging the person (@handle)  who you think deserves to win the Halloween Pumpkin cake, made by me including the hashtag #TreatNotTrick before midnight on the 3rd November 2015.   Continue reading

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Pumpkin and Choc Chip Bundt


This has to be my new all time favourite cake, and believe me it takes a good deal to get to that top spot!  Delicious pumpkin and chocolate chip cake, with a cream cheese maple icing and caramelised pecans what’s not to love?!


 This cake is absolutely worth going out and getting a tin of pumpkin puree (I picked mine up in Waitrose and they have it all year round but plenty of supermarkets will stock it at this time of year too).  This is the tin you’re looking for – Libbys Pumpkin Puree.  The recipe doesn’t use the full tin but you can easily use up the leftover adding it to a homemade soup or casserole.

 pumpkin puree


Cake Continue reading

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#GBBO and Bake with Stork

Wednesday nights just won’t be the same!  As the Great British Bake Off crowns it’s 2015 winner it’s all over for another year :(

Here’s a look at the #GBBO inspired recipes I put together for Bake with Stork – lots of lovely things for you to bake your way through on a Wednesday evening xx

Sticky Toffee Baked Alaska

Tear & Share Garlic Mozzarella Bread

Mediterranean Vegetable Tart

Apple Rose Custard Tart

Spiced Carrot Cake Showstopper


Follow the links to find the recipes and step by step photos

Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire Continue reading

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Spiced Carrot Cake Showstopper


Today’s recipe is a #GBBO final inspired Great British classic – a Spiced Carrot Cake! Complete with lacy white chocolate collar and carrot roses for decoration, full steps instructions and photos can be found here on Bake with Stork.


Ruth Clemens, Baker Extraordinaire Continue reading

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