9 – Cinnamon Breakfast Buns


Cinnamon Breakfast Buns – make them up now and bob them in the freezer ready to bake on Christmas Day morning – delicious squidgy cinnamon loveliness, what could be better?

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Bread Baking at Seasoned Courses

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Caraway Rye Rolls & Red Pepper Ciabatta

What a cracker of an episode on The Great British Bake Off for Bread Week!

If it’s given you the nudge to get a loaf on then try my #GBBO inspired bakes with a #StorkTwist this week

Caraway and Gruyere Rye Rolls

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Flour Tortillas

tortillas 002

At last!  It appears to be BBQ weather,  and whilst I’m stuck for Father’s Day ideas I figured a BBQ might be just the thing to treat your Dad.  Now BBQ’s don’t naturally lend themselves to baking but a batch of these flour tortillas will certainly go down a treat.

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Tiger Bread or should that be Giraffe Bread?

Tiger Bread
Tiger bread is delicious, there’s no doubt about it.  Lovely soft white bread with a crispy crunchy crust.

But did you know that it’s really easy to make it at home too?

Here’s how


1 x Quantity of Basic White Bread Dough (recipe here)

Tiger Paste

35ml warm water

1/2 tsp dried fast action yeast

1/2 tsp caster sugar

1/2 tsp vegetable or sunflower oil

15g rice flour (rice flour also makes really great crunchy shortbread if you were wondering what else you could use it for!)

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How to Bake a Basic White Loaf

How to make a basic White Loaf

Taking it back to basics, baking is a simple as loaf of bread.  But it’s only simple if you have a recipe that works.  You know I’m not keen on the whole bread making thingy and that’s down to multiple failures – dough that finally springs into action after being in the bin for a day and a half!  

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Homemade Teacakes

Homemade Teacakes

Homemade Teacakes – none of this shout ‘whip’ if you find a piece of fruit, lovely toasted slathering with butter is of course essential!

Makes 8 Teacakes

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Sunkissed Tomato & Parmesan Rolls

Sunkissed Tomato & Parmesan Rolls
Sunkissed Tomato & Parmesan Rolls – a little taste of sunshine!

Makes 6 Rolls
450g strong plain white flour1 tsp salt1 tsp caster sugar1 tsp dried yeast280ml water, tepid1tbsp oil from the jar of tomatoes100g sunkissed tomatoes40g grated parmesan
In a large bowl combine the flour, salt, sugar.

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